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Diesel engine oil shortage

KIR Ammo

Antivirus SCAM

When is Arbor Day

There, I Fixed It

"180 misdemeanors," Judge Joe Brown on Jan 6 show trial

Prepper recipes: How to make delicious acorn pancakes

Don't Miss Celestial Show as 5 Planets Align With the Moon for All to See

Reduce Food Waste By Storing Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Properly

Download old (I mean REALLY old) software here

At 5,000 Years Old, Ancient Cypress in Chile May be World's Oldest Tree

FBI operation in Texas

News from Australia

Dennis Gabor Quote

Backyard Weed That Might Replace ALL Your Medications

Remove Addresses From Windows 10

Finding Sources of Fresh Food

What are those solitary, black utility poles

First Doctor's Visit in Years

Kentucky Derby 2022

Bill Gates thinks he can stop nature but couldn't even stop hackers

Original Antigenic Sin

Elon Musk Flooded with Requests to Buy Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to Return Free Speech to Those Platforms

Stephen Lendman Quote

Do You Dare Fly

Dr. Ardis - Testing The Venom Theory, Part 2

Dr. Otto Warburg Discovered The Cause Of Cancer And Prescribed A Natural Cure

Psyop Alert! There's Definitely Something Very Wrong With The "Watch The Water" Video!

Sepsis, And How Your Local Hospital Scores

Is 5G Wi-Fi The Same As 5G Cellular

Dry Cookies (Portuguese)

Another Way: Beyond The Status Quo

Thinking Of Leaving The Country (USA), Even Temporarily

Some Provocative Words By Lorraine Day, M.D.

Biden's Handlers Just Gave Us Their 'Final Warning'

Aldo Leopold Quote

BNA to SMF (2022)

Further Evidence Masks Are Worthless

Inspiration For My Novels And Novellas

You Have A Donation From Clay Tousey

A Couple Of Freebies Here

It's Irrational To Trust The Medical Community With Covid Shots

Putin Orders Military To Destroy Bio-Labs In Ukraine As Usscrubs Evidence Of Their Existence

The Problem With The World

Useful Russia-Ukraine Background Info (Since 1990)

World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders

Portfolio Manager From Stockholm, Sweden

What Constitutes A Jew, Anyway

The U.S. Bill Of Rights

Tyranny Is A Sign Of Weakness

Not Anti-Vax

Happy 2/22/22 Tuesday!

Canada-Wide Walk-Out

I Got The 'Rona... Here's How I Survived

Paris Police Join Protestors Against Vaccine Mandates

Tennessee Legislative Priorities For 2022

Get Over It

Zinc Is The Bullet... It Kills The Virus

Countries Ending Covid Restrictions

Canadian Truckers Come Through For Us

Global Genocide By Israel Abraham Burla

Magnesium May Prime Immune System To Fight Cancer And Infections

Mindy Robinson Refuses To Give Up On Truth About Las Vegas Massacre

Free Download Exposes Fauci And Government Technocrats

Thomas Paine Quote

Hannah Arendt Quote

Lenin Quote

How To Associate A File Extension In Windows 10

"Scientists" Paid To Lie For Government

Soldiers Discuss Various Aliens They've Seen

Study Reveals Which Alcoholic Drink Is Best At Preventing Covid

Covid-19: Your Life Insurance

Mike Tyson Speaks With Robert F Kennedy Jr About Big Pharma

American Man Walks Through Most Dangerous Neighborhood In Rosario

There Is No Covid Medical Emergency, Only Psychological Engineering, Says Senior Immunologist

Nearly 4/10 Illegal Border Crossers Refusing Coronavirus Vaccine

Why I Stand For Our National Anthem

Fascism: A Bipartisan Affliction

How Bad Is My Batch

Boosters Are Over

NIH Hides Emails Of Moderna Vaccine Developer At NIAID

Twitter Suspends mRNA Vaccine Inventor's Account Over Pfizer Shot Concerns

Aaron Rodgers Quote

Jung's Four Stages Of Character Transformation

More Proof That It's Never Been About Protecting Anyone's Health

Red Wine Molecule Aborts Covid-19 Infection Before Symptoms Or Antibodies Arise

There Is No New Virus, The Flu Was Renamed Covid

CDC Director Admits It Was Untrue When They Said "Over 99% Of In-Hospital Covid Deaths Were Among Unvaccinated People"

FDA Wants To Hide Pre-Licensure Data And Now CDC Wants To Hide Post-Licensure Safety Data

Dostoyevsky Quote

Q-Anon Bears Striking Resemblance To Bolshevik Psy-Op From 1920s

Noam Chomsky Endorses Holodomor 2.0 Strategy To Starve The Unvaccinated Into Submission

The CDC Falsely Counts Covid Shot-Induced Deaths As Unvaccinated Deaths

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Question Authority

Gotcha Day And Merry Christmas

Benadryl And Cow's Milk Said To Effectively Treat Covid

A Premeditated Plan To Promote Vaccines

One Conspiracy Theory Can Be Believed But Not Another Basically Similar Theory

6uild 6ack 6etter

Let's Talk About Global Cooling

Radioactivity Around Chernobyl Reduced By 47% Using Only Processes Of Earth

Places You Can Work Where The Jab Is Not Required

Giving Machines Are All The Rage

Marian Turski Quote

Vernon Coleman MD Quotes

Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 167 Dead After Covid Shot

Sell Your Albums And CDs

New Anthem: "Stick Your Vaccine Mandate Up Your ***"

John Wayne Quote

Authoritarian Politicians Over-Stepping Their Bounds Must Be Stopped

Bruce Pardy Quote

Well Said

Dr. Stella Immanuel On Covid

Thanksgiving Week Trip To The Gulf Coast

Purging Humanity

Poland Tells EU To "Get F***Ed"

Force-Vaxing People In Australia

Fake Alien Invasion And More

Check Out A Suspicious IP Address Here

Thomas Merton Quote

Joe Tippens Protocol (Original Version) Complimentary Cancer Treatment

Jupiter, I Think

We Can't Vaccinate This "Pandemic" Away

How To Disarm Propaganda - Mark Crispin Miller On #Solutionswatch

How To Attract Ground Nesting Bees

Some Useful, Free Windows 10 Apps

Biden's Vaccine Mandate" Lie

Gustave Le Bon Quote

Supply Chain Down

Mike Tyson Quote

New Horse Arrives At Harmony Haven

People Everywhere Confuse What They Read In Newspapers With News

I Now Better Understand The "Good German"

It's A Myth That Adults Can't Learn Languages As Easily As Kids

Elements Of A Story

From Hill To Valley, A Long-Winded Postcard From The Road

Biowarfare: CDC, DoD Running Black Ops Missions To Release Pathogens, Targeting Health Freedom Advocates

Walt Whitman Quote

Sharyl Attkisson's Long List Of Reasons To Not Get The Covid Shot

The Delta Strain Is The Vaccine

Covid Resources: Medical, Legal, Forms, Jobs & Other Critical Information

There Is No Emergency. No "Pandemic". Just The Flu, Rebranded And Weaponized.

Todd Wagner Quote

Interesting Comment Regarding Forced/Coerced Vaccination

Lambast vs. Lambaste

DA Says Armed Citizen Saved Several Lives In NY Shooting

How To Determine If You Need To Go To The Hospital For Covid

Anonymous Quote Of The Day

William Casey Quote

Keep Your Dog Safe From Dognapping

More People Standing Up Against Forced Vaccination

At Least One Major World Leader, Putin, Is Not Being An A--Hole About Vaccination

Great Video (Not Long) Explaining How Covid Shots Are Bad And Masks Don't Work

Very Encouraging Developments Around Vaccine Tyranny

Children Are Our Future

Rare Comparison Drawn

A Letter To My Congressman Re H.R. 4980

Is Your Job Worth More Than Your Life

Conservative Radio Host Phil Valentine Dies After Battling Covid

More On Masks And Chlorine Dioxide

EPA Bans All Food Uses Of Neurotoxic Pesticide Chlorpyrifos

Covid Shot Religious Exemption Documents

A List Of Requirements For Those Mandating Vaccination Against Covid

Cliff High Says Biden Regime Desperate As Vax Narrative Falls Apart

Dr. Cole On Covid Shots: This Is A Poisonous Attack On Our Population And It Needs To Stop Now

John Lennon Quote

Turning Flu Cases Into Covid Through Manipulation--Easy As Pie

Companies To Boycott (For Their Vaccine Mandates)

Vince Coyner Quote

Favorite Lines From Songs/Lyrics

The Nuremberg Code

Life, The Universe, God Provides

Judge To Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Not Wearing Mask: When Did You Go To Medical School

For Those Whose Employers Require Covid Injections

Bayer To End US Residential Sales Of Glyphosate-Based Herbicides

Daniel Horowitz Quote

15,000-Year-Old Viruses Never Before Seen By Humans Discovered In Glacier Ice

Desantis Just Lost My 2024 Vote With This

Dandelion Leaf Extract Blocks Spike Proteins From Binding To The Ace2 Cell Surface Receptor

White House, CDC And W.H.O. Are Hereby Banned

Mercola: Moderna Had Specific Covid mRNA Shot Ready In 2019 Before "Pandemic" Was Announced

Australia Officially Announced Today Is 1st Day Of New World Order

Totally Big Brother

Moderna Rep Admits Everyone Is Part Of Huge Experiment

Word Of The Day: Fascism

Korean Research Team May Have Found The Secret To Water Desalinization

Water: Making The Most Of It In A Drought

So-Called Experts

Stephen Covey Quote

A Novel Location Of Pack Worker, Etc.

Everything You Need To Know About The Covid Body Hack

H.L. Mencken Quotes

The Problem With Assigning Blame To Any One Group

Lisbon Court Finds Only 0.9% Of 'Verified Cases' Attributed To Covid Actually Died Of It

Master Diabolitician Calls The Shots On The Extermination Of Human Populations

The Delta Variant

Order An Angel Shot

Flynn Warning About AZ Audit

Proverbs 1:22-21

A Couple More Humorous Junk Emails

The Faded Page

The Need For Evidence-Based Public Health Emergency Response

Cows Escape California Slaughterhouse, Stampede Through Neighborhood

Hitler Quote

Unraveling The Lies And Dropping The Masks

Wallpaper Backgrounds

Dr. Mikovits's Vaccine Antidote

Joseph Goebbels Quote

Horoscope/Astrology Signs

Deagel Forecasting Population Of USA To Drop From 327 To Only 100 Million In 2025

How To Contact Elected Officials

The Shower Cure

Difference Between Coronavirus And Rhinovirus

Why We Have Usury

Russia Has Its Own, Very Russian, Way Of Dealing With Covid

Not All Bad: How "Good" Viruses Boost Your Well-Being

How "Asymptomatic Covid Spread" Used To Lockdown The World Was Based On A Lie

Bees Have A New, Lifesaving Vaccine To Make Them Immune To Pesti-Side Effects

International Criminals Buying Up American Homes

My Email Signature Line

Tom Mullen Quote

What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Covid Shots

Bruce Lee Quote

CDC Caught Cooking The Books On Covid Shots

Follow The Science Or Follow The Herd (Immunity)

Good News Re Gov't Overreach

No Point Vaccinating Those Who've Had Covid

Possibly Useful 'Strip Tags' Tool

Knights Templar And Zionism

Call To Action: Our Kids Need You To Take A Stand

Doctor Administered Covid Shots, Then Learned The Truth

Matthew Ehret Interview By Patrick Timpone

This Vaccine

Culling The Population To Balance The Books

Netanyahu Ousted After 12 Year Reign Of Terror

I Donated To Follow The Science: On Lockdowns And Liberty

Fauci Says Masks Do Not Protect Wearer Against Covid

Cancel My Appointment

Vacancies Available

Breakthrough Tech To Store Food Unrefrigerated For Weeks

The Vaccine Disinformation War

I Just Donated To America's Frontline Doctors

This Is Good To See

Blue Ashes Music

A Dilemma We All Now Face

Ireland 2020 Death Rate Stats

Nicholas Klein Quote

To Those Who Comply

OSHA Frequently Asked Questions

Voltaire Quotes

Vaccines And The Law

Just To Demonstrate How Tiny Electronics Have Gotten

Gas Buddy Finds Stations That Have Gasoline, Diesel Or Both

A Guide To UTF-8 Encoding In Php And MySQL

Death By A Thousand Cuts

Cool New Covid Shot Side-Effect Discovered

Activist Recorded American TV 24 Hours A Day For 30+ Years To Protect The Truth (Documentary)

World's Most Dangerous Cities (2020)

Germs Are Not Your Enemies & Over Sanitization Will Weaken Your Immune System

Sitting Bull Quote

Sharyl Attkisson On The Origins Of Covid

Excellent Interview Of Dr. Lee Merritt By The Health Ranger

Azure: Good, Wholesome Food... Delivered

Business Proposal, File No 180/86

Rare Mineral Can Remove Harmful Toxins & Heavy Metals With Just 30 Seconds A Day

Donate Your Excess Clutter

Home Recipe For Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

Kentucky Derby 2021

No Jab For Me

The "Cases" We're Not Hearing About

"The Lord," Translated Into Hebrew, Is "Ba'Al"

Federal Appeals Court Orders EPA To Ban All Food Uses Of Toxic Pesticide Chlorpyrifos

Electric Bicycle Supplier From China

Israeli Spin On Vax Deaths

Hackers Have Access To Your Device

The Latest Creative Safety Shoes

Coenzymeq10 Elderberry Extract Anthocyanidins

Sumptuous Opportunity Is Promptly Uncovered

Why Have Lumber Prices Skyrocketed

This Sort Of Thing Is Why I Quit Facebook And Twitter

Answer To Covid-Lockdown Nazis

Vaxed People "Shed" Their Poison To Unvaccinated

What An Energy Worker Says About Vax Contagion

Jury Intimidation: 'I Did Not Want To Go Through Rioting, Destruction Again' Says Chauvin Juror

Coronavirus "Cases" Are, More Often Than Not, Just Plain Old Cold Or Flu

Bill Maher Slams Fellow Liberals For Covid Ignorance

CDC Being Sued For Fraud

It Won't Change Opinions But...

Following The Science

Three Deaths -- 1 Supervisor And 2 Drivers -- After They Got Vaxed

Foreign Words We Use In English

Winston Churchill Quotes

The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting A Covid Shot

World War 3 Started In 2020, But Did You Even Notice

Now, This Is A True Sports Hero

Desantis Sues CDC Over Their Power Grab

The Dangers Of Masks

The Chart Of Coercion

Rand's Quotations

John Cleese Quotes

A Goat And A Papaya Test "Positive" For Covid

Gun Laws Are Changing

Dr. Karladine Graves Delivers Detailed Explanation About What Makes Covid Shots Dangerous

Very Few Countries Not Requiring Ridiculous Health Precautions

Worse Diseases On The Way

John Lear's Questions About The 2020 Election

Theodore Roosevelt Quote

Permaculture & Decentralization With Penny Livingston

Supreme Court Is Owned By The Same Group That Owns Hillary. That's Why They Protect Her

All You Need To Know About The Covid Shot And Who Is Responsible

Excellent Interview Of Sidney Powell By Dinesh D'Souza

Dr. Ryan: Vitamin D Deficiency

Internet Searching 101

Rudolf Steiner Quote

Row-N-Go Bicycle

MD Testifies How Successful Home Treatments For Covid Make Experimental Vaccines Unnecessary

Two Scientists Explain The Odd Similarities Between The Human Brain And The Entire Universe

Several Covid-Skeptic African Presidents Now Conveniently Dead

Vernon Coleman: We Are Fighting For Our Lives... We Must Unite

Employees Sue LAUSD For Mandating Experimental Covid Shot

A Warning To Students About Being Pressured Into Taking The Experimental Covid Shot

One Indonesian Man Manages To Stop Drought, Bring Fortune To Village By Planting 11,000 Trees

A Volcano In Iceland Furiously Erupted After Thousands Of Small Earthquakes In The Area

Transhumanism Is The Ultimate Goal

Scientists May Have Detected New Unknown Structure Deep In The Earth's Core

Physicists Discover New Subatomic Particles That May Bring In New Ideas For The Laws Of Nature

Covid Cases Plummet Without Lockdown Or Mass Vaccination Program In South Africa

Humanity Is In Control Of Majority Of The Earth's Freshwater, And It's A Daunting Thought

Ingredients Of A Novel

Is Patriot Streetfighter Legit

Adorable Echidnas Are Doing Their Part To Fight Climate Change Without Realizing It

Lawyers To Sue W.H.O. For 'Misleading World Over Covid Outbreak'

Culling The Human Population With The Poison (Fake) Vax

ER Doctor And Advanced Trauma Professor: "I Have Never Seen A Patient Sick With Covid. We Are Being Deceived"

Experts: "This Is Not A Real Medical Pandemic, Demand Public Debate"

To Understand Biden Regime's "I Need You To Get Vaccinated" Message, Follow The Money

Canadian Doctors Speak Out

Meteorite That Could Hold Secrets of Solar System Hits Family Driveway. They Thought it was Charcoal From Grill.

Russia Offers Europe Win-Win Vaccine Solution

To The Moon Genetic Material From 6.7 Million Earth Species

Dr. Judy Mikovtis Assaulted, Injured For Not Wearing "Proper Facemask" On Flight

Covid Swab Test Burst Woman's Brain Membrane Resulting In Leaked Spinal Fluid

The PCR Deception Continues To Crumble

How You Can Tell They're Lying About Covid

Laurence J. Peter Quote

Covid Panic Porn Freaks Need To Be Shamed And Silenced

Here's Why mRNA Injections Do Not Meet The Legal Definition Of 'Vaccine'

Struggling Fisherman Finds Rare Pearl Worth $330,000 While Searching For Food

VAERS - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

Those Who Tell The Stories Rule Society

A New 'Super Earth' Has Been Discovered Near One Of Our Galaxy's Oldest Stars

Proper Disposal Of Disposable Masks

Initial Research Finds That Eating Chili Peppers Could Lengthen Your Life

Wind Power At Its Finest -- Empire State And Other Buildings Are Now Powered By Wind

Rapid Virus Recovery

Scientists Are Rethinking Animal Cognition As More Evolutionary Behaviors Emerge

Random Book Reviews

Dave Ramsey Gives Public Support To The Medical Non-Discrimination Business And Consumer Act

American-English Words That Seem To Be Universal

Cowboy Poetry

Counterfeit Seresto Collars Linked To Pet Deaths And Injuries

Massive Numbers Of Flu Cases Are Re-Labeled Covid Cases

New Lancet Article Suggests 50-75% Of "Positive" PCR Tests Are Not Infectious People

Researchers Report Deaths From Covid Shot For Israel's Elderly Is 40 Times Greater Than From Covid Itself

Carl Jung Quote

30 Reasons Not To Take The Experimental Treatment Being Marketed As A Vaccine

Federal Law Prohibits Covid Shot Mandates

Whoops, Humans Made A Space Barrier Around Earth

Vaccine Bill Of Rights

Support The Vaccine Bill Of Rights

Does This Concern Anyone

Balfour Declaration Declared Invalid

Good Website For The Latest Vaccine Horror Stories

The Healthy Human Microbiome

NIH Human Microbiome Project Defines Normal Bacterial Makeup Of The Body

The Nasal Cavity Microbiota Of Healthy Adults

New Documentary Exploring The Origin And Purpose Behind The Covid Narrative

Ever Wonder How Bill Gates Spends His Free Time

Andrew Torba: Time To Build Our Own Economy

Artificial Intelligence... Isn't

Buckminster Fuller Quote

A Friend's Experience With Covid

Simone Gold MD/JD Advises Against mRNA (Covid) Vaccines

In Support Of Turtles

One Man's Opinion On Protecting Yourself From Covid (Or Any Coronavirus)

Wicklow Mountain Golden Retriever Rescue

Stalin Quote

Coronavirus: No Vaccine Is Needed

About That 'Peruvian Court Convicts Gates, Soros... ' Article. It's Fake.

Good News Re Mask Mandates And Over-Reaching Governors, Etc.

A Couple Of Good Comments

mRNA Vax Causing Rare Blood Disorder

Vaccine-Free Flying (Coming Soon)

On The Subject Of "Pandemic"S And Mask Mandates

Various Political Quotes

The Total Number Of Deaths In 2020 Was No Higher Than Normal

Harry Truman Quote

George Washington Quote

A Conversation/Debate On Religion

Executive Orders Are Not Laws

Who Wanted Lockdowns

No Service

21st Century Nikola Tesla: Maxwell Chikumbutso

Thomas Sowell Quotes

Useful Quotes In Defense Of Vaccine Skepticism

Nietzsche Quote

German Investigative Journalists Still Searching For Proof That Sars-Cov-2 Exists

Why Covid Cases Will Drop

20 Profound Quotes By Carl Jung That Will Help You To Better Understand Yourself

Stand Against Tyranny

Thomas Jefferson Quotes

In Animal Studies, After Being Injected With mRNA Technology, All Animals Died Upon Reinfection

Leonardo Davinci Quote

The CDC Keeps Overstepping Its Charter

Only 23 Americans Tested Positive For Flu Last Week Compared To 14,657 Last Year At Same Time

Deep Insider Says Trump's Advisors Deliberately 'Ran Out The Clock' To Cover Up Election Theft

"Safer" Covid Shots Coming

Sucks To Be Canadian Right Now

They Want You Dumb And Dependent

As Gov't Demands Our Trust, Here Are Multiple Examples Of The State Endangering Public Health

Various Beginnings To The Twilight Zone

Merck To Stop Making Covid Shots After Failed Trials

Informed Consent. What A Concept

Dutch Hypnotherapists Expose Techniques Used On Us Daily

On The Subject Of Mandatory Retirement

German Court Rules Covid Lockdowns Unconstitutional

Do You Love Oxygen Support Our Bill Just Filed, SB 0320.

So, What Can We Each Do To Take Back Our Country

Amazon Admits In-Person Voting Is The Only Way To Go

Edgar Allan Poe Quote

Time To Switch From Firefox To Another Browser

Gotta Hand It To Them

It Was A War On Populism And Independent Thinking

You Cannot Simply Build Your Own Free-Speech Version Of Twitter

Why No One Trusts The "Virus Experts" Anymore

DTP Vaccine From Bill Gates Killed 10x More African Girls Than Disease Itself

Covid Shot A "Biological Weapon Of Mass Destruction" Says WYoming Health Dept

Gandhi Quotes

One Man's Response To The Incident At The Capitol

Van Morrison Quote

Infographic: Anaphylaxis Symptoms

Bob Marley Quote

Bike Trail Coast-To-Coast Across America

Stop Wearing Masks

Made In The USA

Now It (NFL) Gets Good

Schools Will Be Remote For Start Of Second Semester

When In Doubt, Call It Covid

So You Want To Know How They Can Say Hospitals Are At Capacity

Allan Stevo Quote

Alex Pannas Quotes (From Operation Detour)

Benny Reed Quotes (From Lottery President)

Colonel Charonne Quotes (From Another Way: Beyond The Status Quo)

Dobie Pokorny Quotes (From Another Way: Beyond The Status Quo)

Riva Petkovic Quotes (From Operation Detour)

Semmy Quotes (From Another Way: Beyond The Status Quo)

Ol' Lightnin' Quotes (From The Lazy Pug Cafe)

NYC Restaurants To Ban Cuomo From Dining

According To This Guy, Covid Is Not Even A Coronavirus

Covid Un-Explained

Further Proof There Is No "Pandemic"

Murder By Injection. You Have Been Warned.

Laurie Halse Anderson Quote

In Stunning Rebuke, LA Judge Strikes Down "Abusive" Outdoor Dining Ban As Lacking "Science, Evidence Or Logic"

Feeding Horses In The Rain

Three Biggest Lies About Covid

Looking To Get Away From It All, Permanent-Like Here Are Some Suggestions.

Costs Must Be Weighed Against Benefits

Great Barrington Declaration

I Trust My Immune System, Thanks

Four Reasons Why Belief In Authority Is The Most Dangerous Superstition

Solzhenitsyn Quotes

John Ioannidis Quote

Aldous Huxley Quotes

Physicist Explains Why Face Masks May Stop Spitballs But Can't Stop Covid

100 Small Business Owners Defy Covid Closure Demands

Useful MySQL Queries

This Is For Those In Favor Of Lockdowns

All News/Info Sites Linked On This Site

The 'World's Loneliest Elephant' Moving To Sanctuary With Other Elephants, Thanks To Cher

Running A Webserver On A Thumb/Flash Drive

On The Subject Of Bidets

Christian Josi (PJ Media Columnist) Quote

Adlai Stevenson Quote

It's Working! Video Shows Deer, Bears And More Using Utah's First Wildlife Overpass

Mask Policies, State By State

Good News For Church-Goers

Fix Those Facebook-Mangled Links To Your Site

WV Governor Forced To Back Down On Draconian Rules

Deer Steals Hunter's Gun, Flees Into Woods

D.B. Cooper -- Name To The Face

Myers-Briggs Test Completely Meaningless

Here Is The Evidence (Of 2020 Vote Fraud)

What We Must Believe To Believe Biden Won

Our External News Sources/Feeds

Throwing Sidney Powell Under The Bus

The British Hand Behind The US Election Coup Attempt

Hilarious Memes About Lockdowns

Bible Talk And Auras (Not Such Polar Opposites, After All)

Supposed FEMA Interview

When To Use "Who" Instead Of "Whom"

What Is Title Case

Obama Attacks Jewish Money, Power In New Memoir

The Steal Was Massive. Expert Reveals How Thousands Of Trump Votes Were Shifted To Biden

Pathologist Says Coronavirus Greatest Hoax, Ever

Governors Have Way Too Much Power

Greater Idaho

Does Science Justify Closing Bars And Restaurants No.

Dog Owners Supposedly More At Risk For Covid

Map Of House Of Representatives Voting

Corporate Franchises Enforcing Rules On Behalf Of Gov't Weasels

What Trump Has Accomplished

Arthur C. Clarke Quote

No Massive Fraud 1994 Precedent: Vote-Fraud Ruling Shifts PA Senate

Fun Facts About Redheads

Ms Gov Not Going To Participate In Biden Regime Lockdown Scheme

Xi Jinping Declares War On Genghis Khan

These Zeba Sneakers Look Cool

After Legalizing Cannabis, Arizona Begins Dismissing Weed Charges Immediately

Deslide That Website

All Categories And Sub-Categories

Pancakes By Greg

Biden Uses The Hammer And Scorecard To "Win"

Breeders Cup 2020

Art Should Comfort The Disturbed And Disturb The Comfortable

The USA Is Now Truly A Banana Republic

Further Proof That The Covid Numbers Are Bogus

The Quest For A Facebook Replacement Continues

Coronavirus What-Ifs

HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) Info

Are You Still Voting For Biden

Altcensored Video Streaming

This Is Why I Never Wanted To Host This Site On Wordpress.Com

Trump Rewards Army Of Fans After They Defy Governor's Order Limiting Outdoor Rally To 250

New Diamond Process


William Arthur Holmes Quotes

Lee Child Quote

Hydrogel Biosensor: Implantable Nanotech To Be Used In Covid Shots

Since Covid, Global Flu Cases Mysteriously Down By 98 Percent

Ordering A Pizza In The Near Future (Like, Maybe Next Month)

My Brother's Cat, Hobo

Bangladeshis Particularly Susceptible To Covid

Cloth Masks Don't Help

As Gov't Puts Kids In Bubbles, Study Suggests Playing In The Dirt Boosts Immune Systems

More Praise For South Dakota For Not Panicking

Psychopaths Among Us

Norwegian Official Apologizes For Making 2020 An Hour Longer

Alternatives To YouTube

About Us

About FriendsNews


Physicists Build Circuit That Generates Clean, Limitless Power From Graphene

One Of My Favorite Twain Quotes

After Chinese Scientists Steal Billions In American Research, U.S. Finally Bans Communists

Current Favorite Songs

Harness Racing Legend, Billy Direct

Some Actual Numbers

"Don't Be Afraid Of Covid, Don't Let It Dominate Your Life"

Celebrities Born In Sacramento

Just Know That So-Called Authorities Routinely Lie To Us

Always Read Articles From The Bottom Up

Tell Your Pet You Love Them

HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) Scrips Here

Sheriffs, Police Officers, Pastors, And Attorneys Are Fighting Covid Orders

Common Cold And Flu Give "Positive" Coronavirus Test Result

The Covid Numbers Game

We Cannot Trust "Experts" Anymore

George Orwell Quotes

Leaked Documents Expose Massive Anti-Syria Propaganda Operation Waged By Western Gov'ts And Media

What Is That Port On My PC

More Good News About Masks

Bill Hicks Quote

Cluttered Web Pages

How EMFs Disturb Your Immune System

Charles Bukowski Quotes

Watch Deepfake Donald Trump On His First Day Working At RT

California Under Quarantine

California County Votes To End Covid State Of Emergency

Leo Tolstoy Quote

Hurray For South Dakota

Aussie Lawyer Suing Her Gov't

This Monetization Service Looks Promising

Spaniards Standing Up Against Tyranny

My YouTube Channel

Conservation: At Least 28 Bird And Mammal Species Have Been Saved From Extinction Since 1993

Freewrite, The Device For Distraction-Free Writing

How To Read The News

This Clever & Controversial Artwork Will Help You Think Deeper About Society

Airlines Gate Agent

Overblown Health Threats

The Covid Contradiction: Why Only 6% Are Covid Deaths

Alternatives To GoFundMe

Einstein Quotes

Giving Matters

Help Stop Gov't Overreach

Just 3.7% Infected By "Close Contact" With Those Already Infected

The Purpose Of Communist Propaganda

Building Your Own Website

Sunlight Can Turn Seawater Into Clean Drinking Water In Minutes

MLB Stadium Cameras Will Detect Fans Not Wearing Masks

Earth's Nearest Dwarf Planet Ceres Is A 'Waterworld' That Harbours A Salty Ocean

Organic Diets Drastically Lower Glyphosate Levels In Body

Eagle Sends Drone To 'Watery Grave' In 'Brazen Attack' Over Lake Michigan

This So-Called "Pandemic" Is Not Even An Epidemic

It's Not About "Our Health," It's About Control

The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

Ex-NYT Reporter Publishes New Anti-Lockdown Book, Calls Out '90% Of Media' On Covid Responses

Earbud-Like Device Claims To Boost Linguistic Skills By Zapping Ear With Electrical Currents To Kickstart Nerve In Brain

Stellar Explosions Created Calcium Found In Our Teeth And Bones

Kentucky Derby (2020)

Forestry Technique To Avoid Cutting Down Trees

There Is No Law Requiring Face Masks

Covid Panic Debunked

Two-Tiered Medicine: Why Is Hydroxychloroquine Being Censored And Politicized

Professor Brandon Garrett On Corporate Criminal Immigration Prosecutions

The Science And Law Of Refusing To Wear Masks: Arguments In Support Of Civil Rights

Employees Surprise Hardworking 13-Year-Old With New Lawnmower

Company Providing $100 Million In Bonuses To Employees During "Pandemic"

Small Trees Could Form The Basis Of More Drought-Resistant Rainforests

Exercising With Mask Induces A "Hypercapnic Hypoxia Environment"

The 'Urban Forests' Of NY Revealed: New Study Finds The City Has Five Million Trees

A Lesson On Astrology

Coleman Susses Out The "Pandemic"

How To Be A Tyrant

Texas Allegedly Lowered Its Diagnostic Standards To Inflate Covid Numbers

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Brand Suicide Or Savvy PR Move CEO Of Food Giant Goya Praises Trump

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US & Russia Not Enemies Despite Existing Disagreements -- Russian Ambassador

Two Best Friends Are Making Homemade Dog Treats To Raise Money For A Food Pantry

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The PPP Is Letting Our Small Restaurants And Businesses Die

Computer Users Create World's Fastest Supercomputer By Donating Processing Power

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These New Solar-Pavement Driveways Made Of Plastic Bottles Can Power The Average Household

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Engineer Makes A DIY Cell Phone With Rotary Dial So She Doesn't Have To Use A Smartphone

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National Weather Service Warns Of Falling Iguanas On Cold Night In Miami

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US Department Of Transportation To Ban Dog Breed Discrimination On Airlines

Bees Absolutely Love Cannabis It Could Help Restore Their Populations

Elephant Climbs 5-Foot Wall To Steal Mangoes From Lodge

After Losing Hope of Ever Finding Their Dog, Pup is Finally Found Living Like King Among Doting Prison Inmates

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Extra Recess Time Alleviates ADHD

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Confirmed, Multiple ET Bases On Earth Stargate Program

Steroid Level So High In Beef It's Causing Players To Fail Drug Tests

Horse Versus Google Street View

Alternatives To Amazon And Etsy

Antibiotics Can Have Severe Lasting Effects

Never Combine These Over-The-Counter Drugs

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Possible Cure For Hair Loss

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Russia Completely Bans GMOs In Food Production

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American Racehorse, Cigar, Dies At Age 24

Alzheimer's Reversal

One Fifth Of US Workers Were Laid Off In Past Five Years

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List Of Common Meds Which Destroy Your Brain

Mighty Broccoli Sprouts Rapidly Detox Pollutants

We're Better Than We Think We Are

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The Whys Behind The (U.S. Puppet) Ukraine Crisis

Police Arrest Politician For Distributing Voting Rights Leaflets

Just 'Cuz You Cut Off Its Head


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Farmers Use Social Media To Stop Food Waste

Parents Code Of Ethics

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World Cup 2014

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California Chrome, A Horse Of A Uniting Color

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Let Us Vote Whether Money Is Speech

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10 Ways To Survive Skyrocketing Food Prices

Watch Tara The Hero Cat Attempt To Throw A Ceremonial First Pitch

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The World According To Time Magazine

52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat

US Is An Oligarchy Not A Democracy, Says Scientific Study

SC State Senate Nullifies Hemp Ban

Why I Am Burning My Last Bridge With Obama

Subsidizing The Corporate One Percent

The Architects Of Free Trade Really Did Want A World Gov't

Bee-Friendly Plants Think Again.

Advice For Writing

Putin-Style Politics Could Be What Saves U.S.

We Stopped Sopa, Let's Stop The Tpp

Don't Calm Down

Hollywood Park, What A Run It Had


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Icelanders Overthrow Gov't And Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud

Contributing Factors To Happiness

The Fallacy Of Lesser Evil Choice

Switzerland Shows Us How To Handle CEOs

Crowd-Sourced Outpouring Lifts Struggling Mom

How Amazon Works Staff 'To The Bone'

Chris Hedges Imploding The Myth Of Israel

RFK Jr. On JFK's Attempts To End The Cold War

Why Your Brain Craves Junk Food And What You Can Do About It

Sit Up Straight

Mucho Macho Man Grooves To His Song

9/11 Explained In 5 Minutes

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie To Heal You From The Inside Out

Food Stamp Corporate Welfare

Simple Reform Could Save America From Wall Street

Benjamin Franklin Called Traitor For Informing People About Actions Of Gov't

Kids Hate Broccoli

This Is Deep

Israel Threatens To Go It Alone Against Iran

Corporate Welfare vs. Social Welfare Spending

Why War With Russia Is Unavoidable, Unless...

Lessons In The Art Of Living

America's Re-Shoring Of Jobs Is Accelerating

Constitution Banned On Constitution Day

45 percent of American jobs will be done by computers in 20 years

Sunday Ride

Free Lunch, Or Is It

Good Start

Sights Around The World

Feral Cats Find A New Use

Aesop Quote

Movie Night

Ruling "Elite" Destroying Our Economies

Travers Stakes (2013)

Minimum Wage Adjusted For Inflation

How Does Writing Affect Your Brain

If Called To Jury Duty, Be Informed

Retarded People Running Things

Court To Feds: Explain Marine's Facebook Postings Arrest

Lost A Friend

Musical Sign Language Interpreters

Feds Give Laid-Off Boeing Workers A Helping Hand

The 1% And What Do They Do For A Living

Dinner and a Show

Lawmakers Who Allowed NSA Phone Spying Received Double The Cash

Alan Shore's "Stick It!" Speech

Some Non-Organic Foods Contain Upwards Of 180 Times Fluoride Level Of Tap Water

Wouldn't It Just Be Easier To Change Our Foreign Policy

The Jobs Number Is B.S. Says Former Head Of BLS

Just Another Sunday

How To Know If Your Co-Worker Is A Threat To National Security

Conspiracy Theorists Sane, Gov't Dupes Hostile

Lies Lies Lies

Cool, Not Cool

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Started A New Story Today

12 Real Patriots Brave Enough To Fight For Truth And Justice

About My Books

Cracking Up Over Lottery President

What Happens In Your Brain When You Get Mad And How To Control It

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Gardasil And Cervarix Don't Work, Are Dangerous And Weren't Tested Properly

Think Tank Community Doing Its Best To Control The World

Best Smartphone (2013)

New Vaccine Scandal

Father's Day

Revealing NSA Spying Program Doesn't Harm National Security

Lottery President

Has The US War On Terror Just Had Its Cronkite Moment

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I Am Now A Published Author

Sprint Now Allows Editing How You Appear In Caller Id

Patent Claims Solar Energy 'Breakthrough'

Cinco De Mayo

Derby Results (2013)

Saved A Life Today

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Kentucky Derby-Related Pages (2013)

Birthday Card From Grandpa

Great Suction

Why Is Boston 'Terrorism' But Not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson And Columbine

Dad's 94th Birthday, Part 3

Dad's 94th Birthday, Part 2

Dad's 94th Birthday, Part 1

Shaking While Braking

Gore Vidal Quote

Denied Again

Garden Improvements

Insurance Companies

In Honor Of Labor Day

Economic Inequality Is Not Sustainable

Immelt Moving Jobs And Economic Infrastructure To China

Happy May Day

These Two Phrases On Your Resume Are Why It Just Hit The Trash Can

Verizon To Lay Off 1,700 Workers After Paying CEO $22 Million Last Year

Why Faking Enthusiasm Is The Latest Job Requirement

Girl Quits Job

Anger Builds In Illinois At Bain's Latest Outsourcing Plan

Bitcoin vs. Big Gov't

Employee Engagement, Why It's Important

Three Ways To Put America Back To Work

Screw Economies Of Scale

Whirlpool Threatens Pensions

US Corporate Profits vs Employee Wages

Tried To Mow The Lawn

Job Hunting

Freelancers Union A Federation Of The Unaffiliated

For All Bosses Who Dislike Directness

Note To Recruiters

The Minimum Wage Popular With The Public But Not The Donor Class

The Psychology Of The Powerful

Micro Gigs

Romney's Bain Capital Sending Many Jobs To China

Wisconsin Judge Reinstates Collective Bargaining For State Employees

Why Is Socialism Doing So Darn Well In Deep Red North Dakota

Road To The Triple Crown (2013)

Good News For Bad References

Virtual Gym Helps Weight Loss

Selfish CEOs

The Digital Story Of The Nativity

5 Ways Your Boss Is Killing Your Company Culture

Cleanliness Counts

Name Generator

Kentucky Oaks & Derby (2013)

Why The Rich Don't Give To Charity

I Lost My Tomato Plants

No Deal On Backs Of Elderly, Children, Sick And Poor

This Year's (2013) Vegetable Garden

So God Made A Dog

Liberty Versus Security

Do We Really Need Industrial Agriculture To Feed The World

Layoffs Are For Lazy Corporate Overseers

Bob Woodward Criticizes Obama

We Need A New Sherman Antitrust Act

The Case For A 25 Hour Work Week

Ekaterina Dzhugashvili, Stalin's Mother

Chris Hedges Quote

Major Food Companies Consider Lobbying For GMO Labeling

Avoid The Pharmacy, Fight The Flu (And "The Corona") With Remedies From The Kitchen

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces IQ

Your Novel Blueprint

Avocados Poisonous To Most Pets

Best Places To Go (2013)

Contentment is...

Which Website Would You Choose

Cincinnati Passes Resolution Requiring GE Food Labeling

My Writer's Platform

The Gravitylight: Lighting For Developing Countries

Fooling Themselves

Russia Ousts US NGOs, Fake Protests Peter Out

Franklin has been adopted!

Lit Motors Builds A Car That Breaks The Rules

Ford's Hemp-Powered, Hemp-Made Car

A Couple Of Books/Novellas On Kindle

You Are The Solution You've Been Looking For

Strike Debt Debt Resistance For The 99%

Rolling Jubilee

Mystery Solved

Cold Day In November

Some Facebook Users Dislike Being Used In Online Advertising

Monsanto Funded Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign

Free And Equal Fighting For A More Equal Election Process

The Virtual Recovery

Romney's Lax Regulation May Have Fueled Meningitis Outbreak

Texas Threatens To Arrest International Monitors

Here's Your Sign, Mr. Ryan

Free And Equal Presidential Debate

On The Subject Of Tyrants

Closing My BofA Account

Hacking Democracy On YouTube

Positive Attitude Equals More Control Over Your Life, Better Health

Time To Include Third Party

Exposing Kids To 10 Hours Of Science A Year Makes Them Smarter

This Guy Is A Joke

Exercise Primally, Move, Lift, And Sprint

Putin Thanks Romney For Reckless Remarks

Quantitative Easing Explained

Mitt Romney, Monsanto Man

People Can Be Fat And Fit

Eat Your Tomato Harvest All Year

Greed And Debt, The True Story Of Mitt Romney And Bain Capital

How Hubbard And Rand Got Their Ideas

Can Your Cat Drive You To Suicide

The Bain Legacy

300,000 Miles, And Not One Accident

Honey, I Killed The Superbug

Quote Of The Day (7/14/2012)

Walmart, 50 Years Of Gutting America's Middle Class

Whatever Happened To Wordstar

The Two Party System Summed Up Nicely

34 Lawmakers Including Speaker Boehner Got Inside Information

Lawmakers Got Inside Information During (2008) Financial Crisis

Quote Of The Day (6/25/2012)

Research Shows Local Honey May Halt Allergies

Happy Father's Day

Our First Ever Ethiopian Restaurant




Artwork that we found interesting



Roseanne Barr: Two Major Parties Are Prostitutes For Big Money

Surfer Catches Biggest Wave, Ever, Off Portugal

Bush Found Guilty Of War Crimes

The Thrive Movement

Unplugging Americans From The Matrix

IBM's Internal Plan, Fire Most U.S. Employees

Millions Against Monsanto, The Food Fight Of Our Lives

Puttin' On The Ritz In Moscow

The Myth Of The Eight Hour Sleep

Cool Website: Wordnik

Auto Repair And Maintenance Estimates

Bureaucracy At Its Worst, Legal Argument At Its Best

Mitt Romney Is Goldman Sachs

Part 1 | Hungry For Change

Merrill Lynch Ira Finally Transfers

Virginia Declares Emperor Has No Clothes: Nullifies NDAA

All I Wanted To Do Was Vote

What If Democracy Is Bunk

Result Not Even Close To The Actual Vote

Judge Napolitano, How To Get Fired From Fox Business In Under 5 Mins

The 1930s Chicago Plan vs The American Monetary Act

Taxpayers Lose $1.3 Billion As Gov't Exits Chrysler

Tennessee Begins To Push Back Against NDAA Tyranny

MIT Creates Solar Cell From Grass Clippings

More Evidence Points To Pesticide As Cause Of Mass Bee Deaths

Voters' Idea: Replace Congress

Newt Gingrich Promises Palin A Presidential Appointment

Gov'track: Search Legislation In Congress

The 10 Most Hated Companies In America

Ron Paul 2nd In NH Democratic Primary

Who Are The Idiots Voting For Mitt Romney

Chandler's a Good Dog

Trap Doors In New Hampshire Elections

Could You Pass A U.S. Citizenship Test

Care2 Largest Online Community For Healthy And Green Living

British Town Grows All Of Its Own Vegetables, Improved Civic Life

Gingrich Tried To Prevent Ron Paul's 1996 Return To Congress

Congress Is Apparently Repealing The Constitution

Down The Path Of Increasingly Repressive Measures

Baum Law Firm To Close

Link Between Earthquakes And Hydraulic Fracturing

Naturally Reduce Your Risk Of Allergies

Paying Off A Credit Card

How The US Gov't Secretly Reads Your Email

Times Sues Gov't For Refusing To Reveal Its Interpretation Of Patriot Act

A Visit To Walmart

Thanks To The FDA, You Really Have No Idea What's In Your Food

Things To Do In Nashville

Things That Make You Say, You've Got To Be Kidding

Usurpation And The Corporation As Crime

Escape From Zip Ties

Foreign Policy Hypocrisy

Saving The Rich, Losing The Economy

Is This The Sanest Man Running For President

Brzezinski Opens Up

Rick Perry's Gardasil Problem

Super Committee Members Super Corrupt

Boycott Verizon If At All Possible

Goldman Sachs Exec Working For Issa

Congress Made Massive Profits Allowing Wall Street

Great Anti-Obama, Anti-Stupidity Article

My Brother's Math Website

Why Borrow When You Can Print Your Own Money

What Crickets Eat

Advice To High School Graduates

Welfare For The Rich

CEO Salaries

Technology That Could Save The World

Clean 15

Top 10 Corrupt Politicians Of (2010)

Mitt Romney And Citizens United

Candwich, Sandwich In A Can Goes On Sale

Battling The Corporate "Elite"

Emergency Preparedness Food Storage

Greed Is Not A Virtue

Florida Cuts Unemployment Benefits To Pay For Corporate Tax Cut

How To Replace A Headlight Bulb In A Honda Accord

Solar Power Without Solar Cells

Brisnet Top 10 Kentucky Derby Contenders (2011)

Supermarket Meat Tainted With Drug-Resistant Bacteria

New Job Starts Today

Corporatist America

New Job Starting Next Week

1 In 4 Supermarket Meat Samples Tainted With Drugs

Tour Of Nashville (2011)

Which Food Additives Make Children Behave Badly

Check Out A Company Before Applying There

Where To Donate Your Stuff

Ways To Save Water

Great Commercial

So That's What They Mean By The War On Poverty

US Foreclosures In New Legal Trouble

Don't Take Potassium Iodide Unless You Are Exposed To Radiation

Lesson Learned

Kentucky Oaks & Derby (2011)

Cool Solution To Clean Up Oil Disaster

US Officials Pushed Products Deemed Unsafe By China

What A Split Second Looks Like

Events At Mpact Sports

Higher Percentage Of Americans Believed In King George

Pick Your Own Fruit And Vegetable Farms

Free Monty Python Videos On YouTube Lead To 23,000% Sales Increase

How Simply Upper-Casing Your Password Can Frustrate A Hacker

Monkey Joe's Again

Homeland Security Claims The Right To Take Your Valuables

Professional House Cleaning Maid Services For Women With Cancer

Decision To Seize Control Of Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac

TSA Persecutes Critics, Ignores Security Threats

Feds Blow Off Recovering $643 Mil In Fraudulent Payments

Feds Take Over School Bake Sales

Gov Kills Immigration Laws In Name Of Economic Growth

TSA Misses Guns, Bombs In Tests

TSA Misses Luggage That Explodes After Flight

New House Watchdog Lets Obama Slide On Criminal Event

New Rules For Writers

Fox Shoots Hunter In Belarus

Happy New Year

Made In America No Longer

Diane's Icy Adventure

Harmony Haven (12/23/2010)

Winter Has Arrived

Dems Pull Fast One With Food Safety Bill

Fastest Trooper

Greeting Cards By Natalia Holmes

Hooking up the Television

City Creates Alternate Banking System For Illegal Aliens

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Which Airports Have Body Scanning Technology

Something To Ponder

Word of the Day: Dinkum

Stronger Magnifying Glass Needed

Doormats With A Difference

Plleeaassee Reeaadd It Was On Goodmorning America

Detection Dogs

Word of the Day: Parsimonious

Is This Not Treason

Yesterday at Home

Sunny Came Home

Preikestolen, One of Norway's Most Visited Attractions

We Are Ruled By Huge Corporate Monopolies

Zenyatta Lost

A Few More Good Quotes

TSA Sexual Assault

Voting For A Resident Of The Secretive C Street House

Giants Win

The sneakiest new shopping scams

4 Simple Ways to Minimize Household Chemicals

In New Orleans Debate, Sen. Vitter Admits To Serious Sins

Great Depression II

Election Guide For Election Haters

Elizabeth's First Play

Harmony Haven (10/24/2010)

Missing Cat Returns

All-Time Best Movie Lines

Possibly Useful Site

Fall Is Definitely Here

Another Reason To Avoid Monsanto Products

House The Horses

Wine Review

We Did It

Saturday With Elizabeth


New Antenna

Vets And Doctors

First Full Week

Lucy's Birthday

Old Age Discrimination Suit vs Google

Burn Your Bra

Free Education

Never Re-Elect Anyone

Maybe Cashiers Need To Wear Gloves

Another Reason Not To Shop At Walmart

Diary, 7/25/2010

Blue Dog Democrats

Like A Cancer


Buy Local Food

Carl Levin, Warmonger

Help Randy Credico Oust Chuck Schumer

Stop Buying Paper Towels

It's The Jobs, Stupid

The Job Market

Genetically-Engineered Food Right To Know Act

It Has Long Been Time For Joe Lieberman To Go

Safety First

Quote Of The Day (6/21/2010)

Getting Organized

Time For Brad Sherman To Go

Make Your Own Toothpaste

Uncles' Obituaries

Another Interview

Saved A Blackberry Bush

Time For James Sensenbrenner To Go

Time For John Boehner To Go

Beauty Bias At Work

Lesson For Today

Who Voted To Go Easy On The Oil Industry

Vote Out Anyone Who Still Supports Israel

Rottweiler Tricks

Aetna Reverses Its Decision

Rep. Alan Grayson Introduces "The War Is Making You Poor" Act

Pesticides Causing ADHD

Letter To A Former Co-Worker

Installed The New Dishwasher

Leaked Reports Declare Obama's Unwritten Novel Wins

Obama's Sell Out

Identity Theft Protection

Bird In The House

Waxman Sneaks Anti Vitamin Amendment Into Wall Street Reform Bill

Stupid Online Chat With Sprint Support

How To Anonymize Your Browsing

E Waste (Computers, TVs, Other Electronics) Collection

Water Problem Solution Ideas

Good Search

Vegetable Garden 2010

How Companies Should Cut Back

Neighborly Confrontation

Decent Breakfast Place

How To Rob A Bank

Cool Feature Just Discovered On Google Translate

Selling Insurance

A Warning To Pet Owners With Kids

Our Adoption Story

Has The FDA Lost Its Mind... Again

Our Russian Adoption Story

Petition In Favor Of Russian Adoption


Quote Of The Day (4/6/2010)

Finnegan Walter Brouns Hatched Out

McDonalds Wi-Fi

Make Your Own Sports Drink

In the Waiting Room

New Cell Phone

Happy Spring

Cake Mixes And Toxins

Screenplay Submitted


GMO Foods

My Family Members' Books

Mark Twain Quotes

Gender Unknown

Happy Groundhog's Day

Thawing Out

New MP3 Player For My Car

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San Francisco In 1906

Eleven Rottweiler Puppies

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World

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A Day Without My Car

Mr. Happy's 18th Annual Unusual Christmas Music Podcast

Cool Site To Help Pets

Benefits Of Turmeric (2009)

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Elizabeth's First Halloween

Happy Halloween

An Entire Day With Elizabeth

Down By The Creek

Laid Off

What To Plant Now (Middle Of September)

Too Many Doctors Lately

Elizabeth Cut Off All Her Hair

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Got a Haircut

Epidural Steroid Injection

Holiday World (2009)

Christmas (2008)

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Amnesty Day At The Dump

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The Starch Solution

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Detroit Bank Robbery

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Save Yourself A Lot Of Trouble

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New German Laptop

Special Characters In Word Perfect For Dos

Transferring Itunes To New Computer

How To Make Outlook 2003 Open To Your Calendar By Default

How To Restore Contacts In Windows Live Mail

Watching The Watchers

Hackers Leak 6.5 Mln Linkedin Passwords

Fake Antivirus Makes Up 15 Percent Of All Malware

Environmentally-Responsible Ink

Install Multiple Apps At Once Without Toolbars, and Clicking Next, Next, Next

Open Dialog Default Sort Order

Removing Windows Desktop Search

A note about screensavers

Show Desktop Icon Missing

Ten More Ways To Detect Computer Malware

Loud "Beep" Sound

Can't Paste Anything Into Outlook

Can't See Sent Items In Outlook

Go Green & Save The Environment With 4 All Memory

Do Not Visit These Sites (Unprotected, Anyway)

CDs/Dvds Not What They're Cracked Up To Be

Hack Attack

GMail's Unsubscribe Feature

Video Download Sites

Man Loses $20 Million After Taking Laptop For Repair

Fix For "Ytimg" Browser Hang

Yes, That PC Cleanup App You Saw On TV At 3am Is A Waste

Hard Drive Manufacturers Slash Warranty Periods

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Mailbox Over The Limit

Missed Appointment

Online Backup

A Heads-Up on Ransomware

A New Search Engine

AOL Through Outlook Using IMAP Folders

Data Recovery

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Fixing Profile Problems In Outlook 2003

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Set Email To Forward To Someone Else

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Our First Outside Christmas Lights, Ever

Doug Sells Power Tools

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Had A Scare

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California Trip

Sleep-Over At Ronica's

Leaving Your Mark

Holding The Sun


Harmony Haven Therapeutic Riding And Horse Rescue

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Slovak art, Palickovanie

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Kentucky Derby (2008)

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Settling In

Summary Of Our Russian Adoption Experience

Stay Tuned

Airport Arrival

More Pics (12/28/2007)

A Few Pictures

We're Home! (For Good, This Time)

Riding The Metro, Part Deux

Riding The Metro

Still In Moscow

To The Embassy

Can't Leave Early

Moscow Update Continued

Update To The Update's Update

Just Another Week To Go

Pictures Of Our Life In Astrakhan

Back In Moscow (12/18/2007)

51-1/2 Hours

Here's Your Update

Sleep, What A Concept

Nothing Much To Update About

Bowel Movement

More Pictures (12-09-2007)

The First Hours Of Parenthood

She's Ours

Picture Of Us Before Court

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

She's Warming Up To Us

It's Going To Be A Good Week

Saturday Morning

Beet Salad

The Day After

Much Better Visit Today

Went For A Walk


And The Judge Says...

It's Showtime!

Russian Bureaucracy

Russian Adoption Consultant

Comments Welcome

Back In Astrakhan

In The Air Again

Mweh Yeddum V Aeroport Eta Ootra

Tuesday (11/27/2007)

Back In Moscow (11/26/2007)

Internet Access

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Skora Mweh Tam Boojum

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Round Two

Back in Atlanta

We're Home

Another Great Visit

Thursday in Astrakhan

Last Visit For A While

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Great Visit

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We're In Astrakhan

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It's Only Monday

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We're In Moscow

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Tuesday (10/2/2007)

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Preparation for Our First Trip to Russia

This Time Next Week

Our first (and best-ever) dog, Daisy

The Legend Of Conan

All About Don

Visiting Family in Guatemala

Visiting Family in Kansas

Trip to Roanoke

Cycling in Iowa

Trip to Vancouver

Doug and Family

Cruise Special

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Eleanor And Lionel

51 Years Ago (Now 70+ Years Ago)

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Snippets From A Political Discussion Re Election 2000

California's Energy Crisis

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The Richest Two Percent Of The World's Population Owns More Than Half Of The World's Household Wealth

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Bill And Tara's Excellent Adventure

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Alaska, A True Wilderness

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1996 Trip to Europe

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Holmes Family Newsletter Vol 2 No 8

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Holmes Family Newsletter Vol 2 No 2

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Eastern Canada

Holmes Family Newsletter Vol 1 No 4

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