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Ways To Save Water

by bill - 2011-04-01 00:58:40 ( in life, health, environment, water) [php version] rebuild

Great site: Ways to save water

"Graywater is the water that goes down the drains from your washing machine, bathroom sinks and showers. When you stop to think about it, the average top-loading washing machine will use between 25 and 35 gallons of water per load. Just multipl[y] that out by how many loads you do a week, and then a month, which you can see will quickly add up to big numbers. Now imagine your shower and how many gallons that is. A lot of wasted water that is going down the drain."

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    I've connected a water hose to where my air conditioner drips excess water, so now that drip waters my berry bushes near the house.

- bill, 2023-07-19 14:31:22

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