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 check out a company before applying there

( in life, money, employment from 2011)

GlassDoor Search company reviews and ratings ... read more

 stop buying paper towels

( in life, health, environment from 2010)

Save the rain forests and add a little style back to your dinner table. Use dinner napkins. You know, actual cloth napkins. Remember those? Your mother used to use them. Maybe your grandmother. Anyway, stop buying paper towels! It& ... read more

 at 5,000 years old, ancient cypress in chile may be world's oldest tree

( in life, health, environment, trees from 2022)

In 1993, a cypress tree stump in Chile was confirmed by tree-ring-counting as 3,622 years old, showing the capacity of these slow-growing relatives of sequoia to endure through centuries. However, another scientist recently found that ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 2 no 6

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1990)

the NEWS Vol. 2, No. 6, April 16, 1990[Back in spite of popular demand.] WORLD NEWS Mike is back from Germany and looking very European. (Fancy haircut, pale complexion, but otherwise healthy.) He's having trouble gettin ... read more

 doormats with a difference

( in culture, humor, jokes from 2010)

All joke images ... read more

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china wants five more years of covid lockdowns

^ Thus proving it's an insane, totalitarian regime

"i'm done with the left-right divide... now it's humans vs the robotic corporate state!"

^ Yep

how would you change the constitution?

^ Disallow consecutive terms of office. No more career politicians.

the biggest temper tantrum in u.s. history has begun

^ The tantrum began in 2016 when Trump won

onlyfans star claims she was fired from teaching for having a porn account

^ Only gay and trans porn is allowed

biden's massive failures would not have occurred under trump presidency

^ ...which is why the election was thrown in Biden's favor

biden job approval hits new low

^ A more honest poll would show 10% approval, at best

vanderbilt agrees to heart transplant for baby following negative press, petitions

^ Good!

gab extends disappearing posts to all users

^ Nice feature!

imperial college professor claims covid is still wreaking havoc

^ Imperial College has lost all credibility

biden claims americans must pay more at the pump until russian war ends

^ Bush falsely linked 9/11 to the Iraq war, now Biden is falsely linking the Ukraine war and U.S. fuel prices.

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CULTURE (refresh page for new list)

 advice for writing

( in culture, writing, advice from 2014)

A writers narrative perspective (their "voice," or, how they come across to their reader) must be: This is me talking to you. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. Its not: This is me 100 years ago speaking in a &qu ... read more

 portfolio manager from stockholm, sweden

( in culture, humor, internet, spam from 2022)

My name is [doesnt matter], a portfolio manager from Stockholm, Sweden and a custodian of the Late David Holmes certificate of deposit (CD) valued fortune. [here we go] I sent you an initial email without a reply, Just curious ... read more

electric bicycle supplier from china

( in culture, humor, internet, spam from 2021)

How did they know we sell bicycles!? Its not mentioned anywhere on the site. Sure, we can sell you a bike by creating a link to a local bike shop and let them do the rest, if you want? Anyway, heres the latest very import ... read more

 best fiction of 2019

( in culture, writing, books, novels from 2020)

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood... wins this years Best Fiction award for her long-anticipated sequel to the dystopian classic The Handmaids Tale. The book picks up the story 15 years after handmaid Offreds ambiguous fate ... read more

 leo tolstoy quote

( in culture, quotes, people from 2020)

People try to do all sorts of clever and difficult things to improve life instead of doing the simplest, easiest thing -- refusing to participate in activities that make life bad. -- Leo Tolstoy ... read more

FAMILY (refresh page for new list)

 a few words about my dad

( in family, holmes, lionel from 2017)

I tried to come up with the best word to fill in the blank in the following sentence: He was the most ----- man I have ever known. He was certainly the finest, hands-down, bar none. Most fair-minded, too. With seven kids ready to c ... read more

 down by the creek

( in family, holmes, elizabeth from 2009)

Elizabeth and I went down to the creek this cold fall morning. With all the recent rain, Indian and Mill Creeks both had a lot of rushing water. We walked along the edge of Mill Creek. Usually, we stick to the closer Indian Creek. ... read more

 update to the update's update

( in family, adoption, holmes, travel from 2007)

I went ahead and paid for the 24-hour internet connection from the room. It wasnt even double the cost of one hour. I also swapped out the flaky cable and that seems to have fixed the connection problem. [Wrong. I had to call ... read more

 tara's favorites

( in family, holmes, tara from 2008)

Taras got a new blog! Its called Taras Favorites, available at or Check it out! Information and Thoughts on My Favorite Activities: Adoption, Animal Welfare, and Bargain Hunting! ... read more

 dad's 94th birthday, part 3

( in family, holmes, lionel, birthdays from 2013)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Old Sacramento Once Bijou and her people hooked up with Elizabeth an ... read more

LIFE (refresh page for new list)

 old age discrimination suit vs google

( in life, money, employment from 2010)

The California Supreme Court unanimously agreed that a trial court erred in dismissing a complaint by Brian Reid, who was hired in 2002 as a director of operations and engineering, and fired less than two years later at age 54 aft ... read more

 this year's (2013) vegetable garden

( in life, health, food, plants from 2013)

My checklist for this years vegetable garden:Soil tilled? Check! Top soil added? Check! Plants bought? Check! Seeds for plants not available for purchase? Check! Plants planted? Check! Now the watering ... ... read more

 major food companies consider lobbying for gmo labeling

( in life, health, food, politics from 2013)

Maybe there is hope for mankind, after all? Thanks to the boycotts, and more people refusing to remain ignorant? Whatever the reason, this looks promising. Activist Post. ... there is talk of Walmart, Pepsi, ConAgra and at least ... read more

 why the rich don't give to charity

( in life, help, charity from 2013)

I thought this was quote-worthy, why-the-rich-dont-give Last year, Paul Piff, a psychologist at UC Berkeley, publ ... read more

 free lunch, or is it?

( in life, money, employment from 2013)

Ive been chosen (with 5-6 others) to "Have Lunch With ****!" (one of the VPs at work) tomorrow. Ive been instructed to "come prepared to discuss real issues and solutions" regarding my job. Not looking fo ... read more

NEWSLETTER (refresh page for new list)

 holmes family newsletter vol 1 no 10

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1989)

Vol. 1, No. 10 - Worldwide Circulation - December 6, 1989 Newsletter sold! was involved in a hostile takeover. A group of Japanese investors have taken control of the Newsletter by means of a leveraged buy-out. Luckily, theyre ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 2 no 8

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1990)

Vol. 2, No. 8 Anniversary Issue May 25, 1990 [Editors Note: This is the big one! The big enchilada. The killer tomato. Its the anniversary issue! (Arent you excited?) It was one year ago today that a young ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 6 no 6

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1994)

Coyote BreathVol. 6 No. 6, October 26, 1994 Don rides to Denver In August, Don rode his motorcycle from Nashville to Denver. He wouldnt say why or what he did while in Denver. All we know is that he returned to Nashville a we ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 5 no 4

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1993)

Not Just Another NewsletterMONDAY, JULY 19, 1993CIRCULATION: From 8 to 15 (depending on our mood and how many stamps we have)Copyright 1993 / Bill Holmes Enterprises / 2 pages BILL ARRESTED Thats right. Bill, this newslet ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 1 no 7

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1989)

Vol. 1, No. 7, October 5, 1989 [Lets face it, these things are going to just keep coming.] Steve arrested Steve received his first-ever speeding ticket recently. Of course, this is the first car hes ever had that could ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 6 no 4

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1994)

Fish Stories Best when lightly buttered, with just a pinch of lemon. Vol. 6 No. 4June 28, 1994 Tiffany wins awards Tiffany and her horse, Rocky, of Tracy, CA, competed in a local horse show a couple of months ago. [See how cu ... read more

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