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monopoly-man.webp the 1% and what do they do for a living

(in life, money, employment from 2013)

A lot of emphasis is on the 99% versus the 1% in these protests. But who are the 1% and what do they do for a living? Are they all Wilt Chamberlains and Oprahs and other people taking part in the dynamism of the new economy? Nope. It ... read more

animated-gunslinger-clipart.webp kir ammo

(in life, health, self-defense, firearms from 2022)

Our Mission is to provide Freedom-Loving Americans with high quality ammunition at competitive prices and SAME-DAY shipping. Orders must be placed before 3pm CST Monday-Friday to qualify for SAME-DAY shipping. If you have any questions, ... read more

turtle-clipart.webp saved a life today

(in life, animals, wildlife, reptiles from 2013)

Probably. You never know about these things. Anyway, I had forgotten to buy cat food and that is what allowed me to be there in time to save a life. Taking my daughter to school this morning, I had to turn south on Nolensville Rd because ... read more

chandler-on-couch.webp a warning to pet owners with kids

(in family, holmes, pets, dogs from 2010)

I had to take our dog Chandler (my best puppy, the big man, or Chanva as our daughter Elizabeth used to call him) to the vet Thursday. I had discovered while giving him a bath what looked like a blood ... read more

digital-coins.webp central bank digital currency (cbdc)

(in culture, writing from 2023)

People in denial about the various aspects of the scamdemic are also inclined to ignore these warnings of their approaching enslavement. Little do they realize this part is one of the biggest reasons for the scamdemic roll out. Sent: Tuesda ... read more

bucket-of-mac-cheese.webp 27 pound bucket of mac and cheese

(in life, health, food from 2019)

We should just go ahead and get this for our 13yo daughter. ... read more

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the national pulse survey shows nearly ninety percent of voters think government lies at least some of the time
Only 90 percent, and only sometimes?

adam schiff: biden put country first by dropping out of race
Biden put the country first... for the first time in his career.

trump issues warning to hamas to release the hostages
How about demanding that Israel stop bombing civilians, too, you hypocrite?

top republican says his goal is to keep the gop's tucker carlson-wing out of power
It's time, way past time, to vote for third-party candidates.

trump's vp pick vance says iran needs to be punched hard
Maybe this jackass needs to be punched hard.

melting ice is slowing earth's spin, shifting its axis and even influencing its inner core, research shows
Earth is constantly in flux, and always has been.

obscene amounts spent at indian billionaire ambani's son's wedding
I have no problem with it. He's spreading the wealth among all those vendors and planners.

british military chief warns third world war probable in the next five years
That's the hope of the war profiteers, anyway.

russophobia: prime minister keir starmer supports unrestricted use of long-range weapons against moscow
This is what happens when a prime minister's spouse is also their Mossad handler.

french left says it is ready to govern as country faces hung parliament
The only good parliament is a hung parliament.

klaus "barbie" schwab says humanity must be forced into collaboration with globalist "elites"
Spoken like a true Nazi, hiding his lust for power behind a false "greater good".

pope says democracy not in good health as he warns against populists
It's the populists who most favor democracy, silly pope.

the corporate capture of america is the root problem we must fix if we want to save america

un aims to combat misinformation, hate speech, recommends censorship and demonetization
"Misinformation" and "hate speech" are defined as anything disagreeing with the approved narrative.

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culture.webp CULTURE

 stage page

(in culture, dance-stage, plays from 2008)

A couple of places in middle Tennessee where you might catch a stage playThe Thomas HouseCh ... read more

 california state fair tacos

(in culture, food, recipes from 2020)

1 potato (about 4 inches long)frac14 head lettuce3 cloves garlic6 green onions1 pound lean ground beef1 cup waterfrac12 small can green chiliesSalt and pepper12 -- 14 white corn tortillasVegetable oil ... read more

 various beginnings to the twilight zone

(in culture, movies-tv-video from 2021)

In honor of the year 2020 -- the year of unprecedented I never thought I'd see the day... sort of stuff -- we bring you... Somebody's collection of the various beginnings to t ... read more

 public health

(in culture, writing from 2023)

It's all to protect us. Can't you see that? If you haven't already so, subscribe to her Substack. Here's a quote from the article I've forwarded below:In violation of all principles of well-ordered government, the American people have b ... read more

 hilarious memes about lockdowns

(in culture, humor, covid, politics from 2020)

Look folks, there's an easy way around the government ban on having a traditional Thanksgiving feast with friends and family. Hold a protest against colonialist oppression instead! As we know, protests are exempt from the rules, and are ... read more

family5.webp FAMILY

 an entire week with elizabeth

(in family, holmes, elizabeth from 2010)

You will not believe what I've been through! :) Okay, maybe it's not been that bad. You single parents out there are laughing at me, I'm sure. But I went an entire week taking care of Elizabeth, our 4-year-old, while Tara not only had to ... read more

 elizabeth skiing for the first time

(in family, holmes, elizabeth, skiing from 2015)

It was father-daughter day (for me, my brother, nephew and our daughters) at NorthStar ski resort in Lake Tahoe. See ... read more

 eleven rottweiler puppies

(in family, pets, dogs from 2010)

Help her come up with names starting with the letter B by leaving comments below! comments closed ... read more

 our portuguese table

(in family, genealogy, holmes from 2019)

My brother Doug talking about Portuguese genealogy on their January 22, 2019 podcast. In today's episode of Our Portuguese Tab ... read more

 mweh yeddum v aeroport eta ootra

(in family, adoption, holmes, travel from 2007)

You probably guessed what that means: We are going to the aiport this morning. It's probably not grammatically correct, but I ain't got no time for linguistic correctitude. :)Unlike last time when the cat kept waking me up, this time I wa ... read more

 had a scare

(in family, holmes, elizabeth from 2008)

We had a scare a couple of Wednesdays back with Elizabeth. She was at pre-school/daycare when she tripped and fell head-first onto the pavement outside as everyone was told to get in line to go back inside. We figure, being so competitive ... read more

life-clipart.webp LIFE

 initial research finds that eating chili peppers could lengthen your life

(in life, health, food, treatment from 2021)

Spice-lovers can celebrate! Early results from a study show some promising developments for people that enjoy eating hot and spicy chili peppers. A fairly recent study conducted by the American... Initial Research Finds That Eating Chili P ... read more

 old age discrimination suit vs google

(in life, money, employment from 2010)

The California Supreme Court unanimously agreed that a trial court erred in dismissing a complaint by Brian Reid, who was hired in 2002 as a director of operations and engineering, and fired less than two years later at age 54 after being ... read more

 animals rescued from wildfires

(in life, animals, wildlife, rescue from 2017)

UC Davis has been caring for dozens of animals that were displaced or injured in the California wildfires over the past two weeks. ... read more

 closing my bofa account

(in life, money from 2012)

Hallelujah! We have paid off our BofA credit card! It was bad enough when it was owned by the original company. But when I saw that Bank of America had bought that company and was now administering my account, I knew ... read more

 never combine these over-the-counter drugs

(in life, health, drugs, advice from 2016)

Never combine these over-the-counter drugs. Your life may be endangered. Good to know!Painkillers and anti-anxiety medications. The metabolic pathways inside the body that are affected by opioid painkillers like hydrocodone (Oxycontin) a ... read more

newspaper.webp NEWSLETTER

 holmes family newsletter vol 2 no 6

(in family, holmes, newsletter from 1990)

the NEWS Vol. 2, No. 6, April 16, 1990Back in spite of popular demand. WORLD NEWS Mike is back from Germany and looking very European. (Fancy haircut, pale complexion, but otherwise healthy. ) He's having trouble getting used to speakin ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 4 no 8

(in family, holmes, newsletter from 1992)

The Leaping Lizard Vol. 4, No. 8, October 20, 1992 EDITOR'S NOTE ... After Grandma's recent birthday party (see article b ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 2 no 15

(in family, holmes, newsletter from 1990)

NEWS, ETC. Vol. 2, No. 15, December 18, 1990Christmas Issue Lucy to Host ChristmasLucy will be having Christmas at her house this year. It's a potluck affair. Only those with food will be allowed in. Says Lucy, It'll be very inform ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 6 no 1

(in family, holmes, newsletter from 1994)

Itchy Trigger FingerVol. 6, No. 1, February 6, 1994Earthquake in Southern California!We're sure you've heard all about it on the news, but we just wanted to mention it in case you've just recently emerged from a cave. It happened at 4: ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 1 no 2

(in family, holmes, newsletter from 1989)

The Holmes Family newsletter June 23, 1989 -- Vol. 1, No. 2 -- Since 1989Editor's Note: This may be the last issue. NEWS ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 2 no 7

(in family, holmes, newsletter from 1990)

the NEWS Vol. 2, No. 7, May 1, 1990Editor's Note: We would like to apologize for that last issue, but we won't. We'd like to say it'll never happen again, but hey... Mike gets jobMike has taken a job as a process server f ... read more



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