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this is serious.

( in education, research from 2023)

Share as widely as possible. // ... read more

facebook.webp this sort of thing is why i quit facebook and twitter

( in culture, tech, internet, social from 2021)

The tech giant continues to police discussions about the coronavirus. Facebook removes covid 19 vaccine victims group ... read more

harmony-haven-2010.webp house the horses

( in life, help, charity, animals from 2010)

Please donate by clicking here. Thank you. We are always trying to raise money so we can build a barn for our wonderful horses. Some of the horses are older and need more shade or storm protection to be comfortable. ... read more

twycross-adoptions.webp magnificent animals face culling

( in life, help, charity, animals from 2020)

See here, here, and/or here We will not allow o ... read more

record.webp good album

( in culture, music, pop from 2019)

Dido's latest (here) is pretty good, FYI, if you generally like her music.You might also like ... read more

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malaysia airlines flight 370 captured by unknown forces
Interesting. Who knows?

kennedy assassination: the greatest conspiracy ever conceived
... until 9/11, then covid

ben shapiro blasts "disgraceful, faux sophistication" of candace owens
Shapiro supports Israel, right or wrong.

wef says climate change is causing sudden heart attack surge
Such b.s. The WEF knows nothing about climate or health.

four men charged after $6m solid gold toilet stolen from churchill birthplace
Anyone who owns a $6 million toilet needs to go to jail

saying a bun in the oven is now offensive, claims historian
Everything's offensive to someone.

we are ruled by sociopaths and morons
So true, especially the latter

putin might have cancelled armageddon
Interesting analysis of things over there...

mcdonald's offering free fries made from potatoes grown on bill-gates-owned land
That's not suspicious at all!

candidate paid rent to company linked to one of her donors
Friends support friends, and everyone is "linked to" everyone else.

fbi warns of terror threats against americans, copy-cat attacks on u.s. soil
Stirring up the fear, never letting a tragedy go to waste.

support for corporate activism wanes
Maybe people are realizing corporations are part of the problem?

wales revolts against 20mph speed limit, locals destroy road signs
My neighborhood's the same, which even my driver-safety sister finds ridiculous.

30 wineries sign up to refillable wine bottle service in oregon
That is good news. The current system is such a waste.

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culture.webp CULTURE (Refresh for new list)

 support this site

( in culture, writing, blog, friendsnews from 2019)

...should you be so inclined:Buy one of my books at Amazon or ... read more

 tom mullen quote

( in culture, quotes, politics from 2021)

We even have an organization that styles itself, "AntiFa," its chief means for fighting fascism being to dress all in black and beat its political opponents with clubs. -- Tom Mullen ... read more

 arthur c. clarke quote

( in culture, quotes, science from 2020)

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -- Arthur C. Clarke ... read more

 cinco de mayo

( in culture, food, restaurants, holidays from 2013)

It was Cinco De Mayo, so we tried Moes Southwest Grill. After ten minutes with very little movement (the line was so long), we left. Next we tried ... read more

 sumptuous opportunity is promptly uncovered

( in culture, humor, internet, spam from 2021)

I am so excited! Sounds sumptuous!Received this email the other day from Iris Holets at Im sure that is an actual person and address. People dont lie about these things, but Im concerned. Theyre askin ... read more

family5.webp FAMILY (Refresh for new list)

 watch tara the hero cat attempt to throw a ceremonial first pitch

( in family, pets, cats from 2014)

Watch Tara the Hero Cat attempt to throw a ceremonial first pitch. The video is now missing from the Times, so theres now a link to the original incident, although YouTube has marked it "offensive to some viewers." Who are th ... read more

 she's ours

( in family, adoption, holmes, travel from 2007)

We have her in the hotel now. I tried typing that sentence earlier but she shut the computer down as I was typing! I dont know how. But just a few keystrokes and it was shutting down. Now she keeps trying to run ... read more

russian bureaucracy

( in family, adoption, holmes, travel from 2007)

Oh... my... God. Do not EVER lose that document they have you fill out on the plane before you land! Stapling it to your forehead would be less painful than what Galina, Liena and I went through today. Vika was tending to the other couple, ... read more

she's warming up to us

( in family, adoption, holmes, travel from 2007)

We had her laughing, smiling and giggling today. I pushed her around on the three-wheeler, then "flew" her around the room. She even let us chase her around, and it didnt scare her when I chased her!She seeme ... read more

 my youtube videos

( in family, holmes, bill, movies-tv-video from 2019)

Most videos have been moved to Vimeo. Contact us here for the password.Cracking up over Lottery President (Jun 28, 2013). ... read more

 round two

( in family, adoption, holmes, travel from 2007)

Weve received our court date. Were haggling with the airlines now. One round-trip ticket for one adult costs a little over $800. One one-way ticket for our daughters flight home with us costs $1,600!! I suggested just buying ... read more

life.webp LIFE (Refresh for new list)

 happy spring

( in life, health, environment, weather from 2010)

I am sooooo glad winter is over ... here in Nashville, anyway. Im also glad were not getting any flooding like North Dakota. Now, I need to make up for last year in my vegetable garden. Last year was a wash-out because of the late ... read more

 the world's loneliest elephant moving to sanctuary with other elephants, thanks to cher

( in life, animals, wildlife, elephants from 2020)

A lonely elephant at a zoo in Pakistan is finally moving to an animal sanctuary where he will be able to socialize with other elephants. ... read more

 advice to high school graduates

( in life, help, advice, schools from 2011)

To anyone teaching or raising kids, of any age, heres some advice dished out at a high school speech about 11 things they did not learn in school. He talked about how feel-good, politically correct teaching has created a full generatio ... read more

 alternative search engines

( in life, help, charity, internet from 2009)

Alternative search engines/sites:QwantPresearchGoodShop/SearchGovTrack ... read more

 avoid the pharmacy, fight the flu (now called covid) with remedies from the kitchen

( in life, health, treatment from 2013)

A gargle made from salt water can relieve a sore throat. As well, it can stop a budding infection in its tracks. Mix 1 tablespoon of salt with a cup of water and gargle. ... read more

newspaper.webp NEWSLETTER (Refresh for new list)

 holmes family newsletter vol 5 no 1

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1993)

The Stupid Kangaroo Vol. 5, No. 1, February 1, 1993 Editors Note: This newsletter welcomes the New Year (kicking and screami ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 3 no 2

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1991)

the NEWSLETTER Vol. 3, No. 2 February 10, 1991 Its a girl... and a boy and a girl and a boy... Chance, a dog, has given birth to ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 4 no 5

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1992)

The Broken Record Vol. 4, No. 5, June 25, 1992"Predictable, irritating. Really, no redeeming qualities whatsoever."L.A. riots: T ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 6 no 3

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1994)

The Obtuse Moose Vol. 6, No. 3, April 21, 1994 Jeannie finds dog Jeannie and John have a ranch in Tracy, California. To help pay the bills, they boar ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 2 no 11

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1990)

the NEWSLETTER Vol. 2, No. 11, August 13, 1990 Doug makes pilgrimageDoug, aka "Sluggo", made a pilgrima ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 1 no 2

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1989)

The Holmes Family newsletter June 23, 1989 - Vol. 1, No. 2 - Since 1989[Editors Note: This may be the last issue.] NEWSJeannies dog, Chance ... read more



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