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british problems (culture / humor / )

Stumbled upon this and thought I'd share. Here's a sample... Look, buddy, I get it . You have a Ferrari and you wanna go fast like Ricky Bobby but maybe central fcking London isn't the place for you.Phone doctors at 7.59 surgery is closed Phone doctors at 8 ... read more

 feeding the homeless (life / help / charity)

With wife feeding the homeless at Room In The Inn (36.15216, -86.77859) ... read more

 battery-free cell phone (education / technology / phones)

Cool! This would (eventually) remove the need for environment-destroying battery factories. We've built what we believe is the first functioning cellphone that consumes almost zero power, said co-author Shyam Gollakota, an associate professor in the Paul G. All ... read more

 walking the dogs (family / pets / )

It's something I do every night. I actually stopped for several months starting in May, I guess, when my back problems flared up. Then came my knee surgery, which kept me from walking much. Then I got to where I enjoyed not having to walk the dogs every freakin' n ... read more

upi (education / news / altmedia)

UPI ... read more

 taking the stairs (culture / humor / )

Don't you hate it when you're taking the stairs, looking down because it's a struggle, you think you've reached your floor only to look up and see you've got two more to go? Working on the third floor is rough! ... read more

 events at mpact sports (culture / sports / )

For those in middle Tennessee: Events at Mpact. Elizabeth used to go here for gymnastics. They are a great bunch of people. ... read more

 installed the new dishwasher (culture / writing / blog)

I finally got around to installing the new dishwasher that Tara's sister Stephanie mysteriously bought for us. Not sure why, but I never look a gift horse in the mouth. Seriously, if anyone ever feels like giving me something, feel free! :) Anyway, taking apart t ... read more

 possible cure for hair loss (education / science / )

There may be hope yet! See Inhibiting a family of enzymes inside hair follicles that are suspended in a resting state restores hair growth, a new study has found. In experiments with mouse and human hair follicles, researchers found that drugs ... read more

 lesson on taxes (culture / quotes / )

The best way to teach your kids about taxes is by eating 30% of their ice cream. -- Bill Murray ... read more

 contributing factors to happiness (life / health / )

What a great experiment ... and website!Scientists Discover One Of The Greatest Contributing Factors To Happiness -- You'll Thank Me Later. See also sixexercisesforhappiness ... read more

 exposing kids to 10 hours of science a year makes them smarter (education / science / )

via Refreshing News: Exposing Kids To 10 Hours Of Science A Year Makes Them Smarter. I didn't know science was fun ... read more

 parenting tip #426 (family / / )

Parenting tip #426: When taking out recycling/trash, check its contents. I almost threw out our daughter's purse and wallet! #parentingtips ... read more

 adopted! (family / pets / )

UPDATE: Franklin has been adopted! Our daughter was sad to see him go, but he's now in a good home. And they're close to us, so Elizabeth might get to visit sometimes. ... read more

 picture of us before court (family / adoption / holmes)

... from several days ago, the morning of our court appearance. Taken by the other adoptive family in town for their first trip, the Mees. We have one more visit today before we pick her up Monday. Our ten day wait is over tomorrow, but because that's Sunda ... read more

 doctors say she's normal (family / adoption / holmes)

Tara took Elizabeth to the international adoption specialist doctors today for a psychological evaluation and another physical exam. They say she is perfectly average/normal for a girl her age. Of course, that puts her well above average for a foreign orphan. ... read more

 petition in favor of russian adoption (family / adoption / )

Please sign the petition (at the bottom of this post) in favor of Russian adoption. I did. My wife and I adopted from Russia in 2007. You can watch the videos here and here. Of course it has been difficult at times -- she's a child, after all -- but it never once ... read more