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Today is Michael's birthday!

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quitting education/technology/computers/

I am removing ad code from this site. I find it disturbing how it takes an existing hyperlink and redirects it to a completely different site. This strikes me as dishonest, basically, especially when you can hover your mouse over the link and see one ... read more

 diary, 2008/11/10 culture/writing/blog/

Parents all worry about how well they're raising their kids; how they will behave; what kind of people they will grow up to be. Well, tonight I discovered a sad truth about our youngest daughter, Sunny. She likes to hang out in gutters. You heard me. Gutters! Oh, ... read more

 best thrillers of all time culture/writing/books/

New book out!Best thrillers of all time. According to the Telegraph, anyway. An interesting list. Several if not most of these were that author's first novel (first published novel, anyway). I've actually read half of these, though it's been years. I should rea ... read more

 couch potato culture/writing/blog/

I've been a couch potato all day. Well, most of the day. I did finally pull up the dead crops in the vegetable garden at one point. And I did do some recycling, taking the paper, bottles, cans and plastic bags out of the trash cans and putting it into the approp ... read more

 cold day in november culture/writing/blog/

It was cold today in Nashville! The high for the day was only about 45. I guess that'll feel warm if we get that in January, but still.... It's supposed to get down to the mid-20s tonight. I know, I know. You all in Chicago and Moscow are saying pfftt!But that' ... read more

 52 plants in the wild you can eat life/health/food/plants

FIRST, an important note: NEVER eat unripe elderberries. That caution aside, this is good to know if you're ever starving or just have the munchies while wandering through your back yard!:) via 52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat My Family Survival Plan. ... read more

 new rules for writers culture/writing//

Anis Shivani: New Rules For Writers: Ignore Publicity, Shun Crowds, Refuse Recognition And More. ... read more

 salt water filter invented education/technology//

Salt water filter invented ... read more

 sunny came home! family/pets//

I spent all day today wondering how I was going to tell our 5-year-old that our cat, Sunny, was no longer with us.Literally.After being awakened last night at 2:30 a.m. by the sound of a VERY close coyote, and then not finding Sunny asleep somewhere in the house l ... read more

 tried to mow the lawn culture/writing/blog/

Well, I tried to mow the lawn, but the lawnmower wouldn't start. I swear. :) It's probably all clogged up from sitting there unused all winter. It was a hand-me-down mower, anyway, probably in need of replacing, but that's just not in the budget right now. Actu ... read more

 stupid online chat with sprint support education/technology/phones/

12:32:39 PM : Bill: Initial Question/Comment: Your online form won't let me change my contact info. It keeps saying Oops, something's broken or whatever, never telling me what I've done wrong. I filled out all the required fields. 12:34:14 PM : Vicki: Hi Bill ... read more
lime green puppy born in north carolina
A North Carolina family said they were stunned when their white German shepherd gave birth to a lime green puppy. ... read more

 make your own toothpaste life/health//

Make your own (healthy) toothpaste here: make-your-own-safe-natural-and-healthy-tooth-pastes-and-tooth-cleansers-1955 Virtually all commercial toothpastes contain one or both of two problematic ingredients: fluoride and glycerin. ... read more

 action films on netflix culture/movies-tv/blog/

Almost half of all action films on Netflix have a variation of this description: He thought he was retired, but has to do one last job! ... read more

 guest posting culture/writing/blog/

I've been following and listening to Jeff Goins's TribeWriters program, and he says an important aspect to successful blogging (at least as far as getting noticed) is to guest post on other people's blogs. Jeff is a great resource, by the way. So, if you want t ... read more

 hiking with elizabeth family/Holmes/Elizabeth/

Went hiking with my daughter, Elizabeth, yesterday evening. There's a nice little park in Thompson's Station with fairly extensive walking trails on the south end of the park, near the water tower. We saw an owl, so, with her new birthday-gift SLR camera in hand ... read more

 anti-inflammatory smoothie to heal you from the inside out life/health/food/

I think I'll try this. If you are battling an aliment or just want to feel good - this smoothie rocks. The addition of cranberries helps reduce water weight too - a little aesthetically pleasing benefit that makes you look good too. ... read more

 this week's literacy rant education/language//

OK, people, the word is led (when pronounced led) not lead unless you're referring to the metal. I'm not surprised to see this in social media where it's acceptable (cool, even) to be completely illiterate, but I keep seeing it in news articles written by su ... read more

 you saying i'm ugly? culture/writing/blog/

I was explaining to my 9 year old daughter what networking is, and that I'm not very good at it. She said, That's because a lot of people judge you by your looks. And you're not ... You trying to say I'm ugly? I don't think so, she said, but other peopl ... read more

 quote on tolerance culture/quotes//

Total tolerance is not a virtue, it is a total lack of principles. -- Plainsman 2016 ... read more

 first full week family/holmes/elizabeth/

... of kindergarten! Tara's getting Elizabeth ready now. Elizabeth has been ready to go, already jumping into bed with us, then jumping out almost immediately, I guess because she couldn't sleep. Tara will usually be taking her in the morning and I'll be picking ... read more