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The Lazy Pug Cafe -- The Lazy Pug Cafe was a dilapidated old two-story farmhouse abandoned years ago, lately serving as a sad but charming reminder of days gone by. With its beautiful old weeping willow in front and a massive ancient oak tree, Ol' Lightnin', out back, locals were grateful someone was finally bringing the      breaking news! image of the day

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vaccination.jpg it won't change opinions but...

( in life, health, covid )

via Why You Shouldn't Take Any Of The Experimental mRNA Treatments And, this is an excellent interview by the former VP of research for Pfizer: bitchute.com Dr Michael Yeadon Speaks Out On The Dangers Of mRNA Vaccines & The Illusion Of Covid19. COMMON LAW: Learn Common Law With Knowledge I ... read more

hydroxychloroquine.jpg home recipe for hydroxychloroquine (hcq)

( in life, health, covid )

The following is for informational purposes ONLY. If you are sick, see your doctor. This is one person's opinion and is not suggested as a cure or treatment for anything. It is just a point of information from the net. I don't know who provided this formula but if you click on the URL ... read more

cartoon-bug-virus.jpg dr. ryan: vitamin d deficiency

( in life, health, covid )

Average covid age of death 78.6 Average historical US age of death 78.6 Go figure! Fragile virus can't survive outside. It's insane to wear a mask outside. No such thing as cold/flu season, there's only low vitamin D season. bitchute.com/embed/hfzL5gUeQvxr/ DISCLAIMER: We are ... read more

tv.png activist recorded american tv 24 hours a day for 30+ years because she wanted to protect the truth (documentary)

( in culture, movies-tv-video, research, documentaries )

By B.N. Frank Activist Marion Stokes was so concerned about American broadcast networks disposing archives, as well as the influence that television was having on... full article here ... read more

yeehaw.jpg gun laws are changing

( in education, news, politics, guns )

Yippee! This will really piss off the Dems. newsmax.com/newsfront/guns-tennessee/2021/04/08/id/1016890/ On 4/8/21, Bill wrote: So, according to the article, there are already 30 states that don't require a gun permit, and 20 of those allow permitless concealed carry? I'm surprised it& ... read more

featured book

Another Way: Beyond the Status Quo

Anti-corporate crusader Dobie Pokorny wants to save the world. His old boss Colonel Charonne wants to stop him. On his "speaking truth to power" tour Dobie meets and falls in love with Kaylie while enduring attacks at every turn. Can they outrun Charonne and his minions? Will Major Watson steal Kaylie away? Is she too good to be true? And, what's up with the little blue alien?

first paragraph or so...

It was in Las Cruces that things got weird. Dobromir "Dobie" Pokorny was well into his anti-corporate "speaking truth to power" tour in support of his latest book -- his manifesto -- Another Way: Beyond the Status Quo. After Kentucky and Indiana, he took a detour and headed southwest. He would soon wish he had kept heading north, but eventually made it to ...

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You're being misled. Yes, a mask might help if it's N-95 and you are actively sneezing, coughing and infected but, otherwise, no. See W.H.O. Recommends against wearing a mask, or this, this, this or this for more on the subject.

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giant killers tackle google, by israel shamir ( in education, news, rss )

2021-05-03 -- The digital giants have taken over the world. Nobody has ever amassed this much power. Hitler would die of envy if shown the greatness of Google. Huxley and Orwells protagonists could only dream of what Bezos and Gates do. The latter overthrew the US President and installed one they ... read more

'wokening' military justice ( in education, news, rss )

2021-05-03 -- Emboldened by President Bidens social experimentation on our military, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) may soon succeed in her years-long quest... The American Spectator USA News and ... read more

federal judge overturns cdc's eviction moratorium ( in education, news, rss )

2021-05-05 -- Yahoo News A federal judge on Wednesday vacated the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's temporary federal eviction moratorium, which had been extended multiple times... Federal judge overturns CDC's eviction moratorium appeared first on From the Trenches World ... read more

brace for impact: about to get much worse. ( in education, news, rss )

2021-05-08 -- Ice Age Farmer May 7, 2021 We are staring down the barrel of a confluence of several scenarios--each of which individually is a significant, life-changing... BRACE FOR IMPACT: About to get much worse. appeared first on From the Trenches World ... read more

and now rents are soaring too ( in education, news, rss )

2021-05-09 -- By Tyler Durden With BofA predicting that the US is facing a period of transitory hyperinflation as a result of soaring commodity prices in everything... And Now Rents Are Soaring ... read more


activist recorded american tv 24 hours a day for 30+ years because she wanted to protect the truth (documentary) ( in culture, movies-tv-video, research, documentaries )

By B.N. Frank Activist Marion Stokes was so concerned about American broadcast networks disposing archives, as well as the influence that television was having on... ... read more

feeding horses in the rain ( in culture, writing, poetry )

Feeding horses in the rain is such a pain The horses trot by and splash mud in my eye I toss all the flakes missing puddles and small lakes The wind picks up fast as blankets go on last I make my way back Put away random tack Take off my muddy clothes Warm up my cold toe ... read more

all-time best movie lines ( in culture, movies-tv-video )

I thought it'd be fun to come up with a list of the all-time best movie lines. Use the comments section below comments closed for your suggestions. Try and do it from memory. Don't worry about getting it exactly right. Here's what comes to my mind: We'll always have Paris ... read more

devastating earthquake rocks southland ( in culture, writing, stories )

from 1993 © copyright 1993 A powerful earthquake measuring 8.3 on the Richter Scale brought Southern California to its knees just before dawn yesterday. Hundreds of buildings in the greater Los Angeles area were completely destroyed, dozens more rendered uninhabitable. L.A.'s ... read more

a saga of seven ( in culture, writing, poetry )

This is a story in the style called rap that'll surely encourage an afternoon nap of a family of seven, their kids and their wives and something regarding their travels and lives.Now first there was Greg, a Brooklyn-born lad; and then it was Lucy that Mom and Dad had. She was bo ... read more


world's most dangerous cities (2020) ( in education, news, crime )

2021-05-08 -- Wow. I once considered moving to St. Louis (a couple decades ago) before choosing Nashville when I emigrated from California. I never even considered Baltimore or Detroit, of course. Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil are the worst, though. It's interesting/disturbing that all but tw ... read more

what an energy worker says about vax contagion ( in education, research, conspiracies )

2021-04-23 -- Here's what an energy worker says about vax contagion: In my experience and that of others that also work with the energy fields of the body the 1x vaxxed have their energy fields only from the ears up approx. The 2x vaxxed have lost their energy field from the body and it floats ab ... read more

jury intimidation: 'i did not want to go through rioting and destruction again' says chauvin juror ( in education, news, politics, legal )

2021-04-23 -- An alternate juror on the Derek Chauvin trial told a local news that she did not want to go through rioting and destruction again and was concerned about people coming to her house if they were not happy with the verdict. The juror, Lisa... ... read more

"the lord," translated into hebrew, is "ba'al" ( in education, research, religion, christianity )

2021-04-30 -- Interesting! God is not called "The Lord." ...in Hebrew it is actually called Ba'al, the name of one of the idols that scripture actually speaks against. See quora.com/The-letter-J-was-created-in-1524-How-is-Jesus-a-real-person ... read more

vaxxed people "shed" their poison to unvaxxed ( in education, news, conspiracies, covid )

2021-04-23 -- This video mentions breast-feeding mothers, which is bad enough what happens to them after the vax. But near the end mentions how 2 people living under one roof has a vaxxed person spreading the toxic poison to the other one. bitchute.com/video/BzpqJqFuUVv2/ Watch out for this. I t ... read more


success! ( in family, adoption, holmes )

As you probably read below in Tara's post, our court appearance went very well. Ten days from now we will officially be the proud parents of Elizabeth! And now Vika tells us that we get to visit her not just a few times, but every day except Sunday. I don't know what Elizabeth has on ... read more

pictures of our life in astrakhan ( in family, adoption, holmes )

Tonight is our last night in Astrakhan. So, I thought I'd post some pictures of where we've been living for the past 19 days.We've had many battles over clothing. She thinks I put too much clothes on her. In the hotel room, she wears her thermals. But, she loves her boots. So, she of ... read more

dad's 94th birthday, part 1 ( in family, holmes, lionel, birthdays )

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Going to CaliforniaA couple weeks ago for my Dad's 94th birthday, I brought my (almost) 8-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. A couple of family members would finally get to meet her. Her mom, Tara, had no vacation days available and so stayed behind. She was probab ... read more

skora mweh tam boojum ( in family, adoption, holmes )

Translation: We'll be there soon. This time next week, actually. I really want to be able to communicate with our daughter Elizabeth when we get there. I've been playing those language MP3's (other ones here and/or here) relentlessly for the past several weeks. Sometimes those p ... read more

taking elizabeth to skating party ( in family, holmes, elizabeth )

Preparing to take Elizabeth to a skating party, I said, Here, take some money. Go ask your mom for more. I thought I had at least a $10, but only had $6. When she returned I asked how much she had now. Forty-six dollars. What?! Yeah, I'll need most of that back. ... read more


good search ( in life, help, charity, internet )

Use them as your search engine, and they give to charity: goodsearch.com/ "You shop. You save. We give." UPDATE: Here is a list of alternative search engines/sites: Qwant Presearch GovTrack ... and many more ... read more

why have lumber prices skyrocketed? ( in life, money, economy )

Here's a video showing huge quantities of lumber just stacked up and waiting. The current lumber shortage is apparently just another scam to artificially raise the price of wood (and further damage the economy). The first three minutes of the video are probably all you need to ... read more

take this quiz ( in life, people )

From somewhere on the Internet ... Name the five wealthiest people in the world. Name the last five Heisman Trophy winners. Name the last five winners of the Miss America pageant. Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize. Name the last half dozen Academy Award ... read more

the pcr deception continues to crumble ( in life, health, covid )

Derrick Broze reports on a new Lancet article which calls attention to the flaws in the PCR method for determining positive COVID19 cases. Source: The Lancet Journals thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(21)00425-6/fulltext Watch on... DISCLAIMER: We are n ... read more

if your brakes go out ( in life, help, advice )

If your brakes ever go out, just shift into Park. Better to ruin the transmission than to die! You're welcome!.Don't ask. :) ... read more

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The Lazy Pug Cafe -- The Lazy Pug Cafe was a dilapidated old two-story farmhouse abandoned years ago, lately serving as a sad but charming reminder of days gone by. With its beautiful old weeping willow in front and a massive ancient oak tree, Ol' Lightnin', out back, locals were grateful someone was finally bringing the