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groucho.jpg too funny

( in culture, humor, transportation, auto )

This is too funny not to share. See German man's car found 20 years after he lost it in parking garage. Almost every driver has been there - when parking in a large lot or garage, it can be easy to misplace a car.But while most drivers locate their cars after a frustrating few minutes, one Ger ... read more

hilarious memes about lockdowns

( in culture, humor, covid, politics )

Look folks, there's an easy way around the government ban on having a traditional Thanksgiving feast with friends and family. Hold a protest against colonialist oppression instead! As we know, protests are exempt from the rules, and are scientifically proven to pose lower risk of Covid sprea ... read more

pc-yellow-monitor.gif lost a friend

( in culture, humor, internet, social )

No, not that kind of lost (knock on wood). So get that lump out of your throat.Don't you hate it when you're walking along talking to someone, it's crowded, you hear a muffled scream but think nothing of it, only to realize several blocks down the street that your friend is no longer walking besid ... read more

flushingtoilet.jpg on the subject of bidets

( in culture, humor, home, household )

Hilarious conversation I came across on in the comment section of an article...No toilet paper for you!I have a bidet. Best investment eva!How do you dry your crack?It has a built in blow (heated) dryer.Holy moly! I'm slumming it with my basic bidet!And a heated seat... I know I ... read more

restroom difficulty

( in culture, humor, employment )

Don't you hate it when you're at work? The end. Wait, no, that's not the end. You're at work - on the bottom floor, because that's where the snack machine is - and you decide to use the restroom. The cleaning lady is in there, with her cart blocking the door. So, you take the stairs back to your flo ... read more

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buttigieg says higher prices and supply chain crisis will continue into next year ( in education, news )

2021-10-17 -- Small town mayor-turned-Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Sunday said higher prices and supply chain woes will continue into next year. Buttigieg has been on extended paid paternity leave since August, his office revealed Thursday night to Politico, finally answering the... ... read more

massive infiltration of feds on jan. 6 ( in education, news )

2021-10-16 -- ... ... read more

pablo escobar's hippos recognized as legal persons in the u.s. ( in education, news )

2021-10-22 -- A group of about 100 hippos, who are descendants of hippos that were owned by late drug lord Pablo Escobar, have been recognized as legal persons in the... ... read more

christian parents launch legal fight over school's extreme trans policy ( in education, news )

2021-10-23 -- Christian parents Nigel and Sally Rowe have launched a legal fight against the government in the United Kingdom over the way it has failed to protect their children from the school system's transgender agenda. Supported by the Christian Legal Center, Nigel, 48, and his wife Sally, ... read more

cops dying from toxic jabs, not flu/covid ( in education, news )

2021-10-19 -- Large-scale reports of flu/covid deaths by the Pharma-controlled CDC are fake news. Official numbers are artificially created to maintain a state of mass-hysteria. Whats been going on since last year is all about pushing maximum numbers of people to unwittingly self-inflict harm... ... read more


watch deepfake donald trump on his first day working at rt ( in culture, movies-tv-video, humor )

Making news not faking news: Watch Deepfake Donald Trump on his first day working at RT...Go to ... read more

movies-tv ( in culture, movies-tv-video )

Good quasi-clay-mation videoGreat first video from several years ago by my niece here or hereIndian flick with subtitlesSo, I'm selecting a movie to watch on Netflix. I see "Holiday A Soldier Is Never Off Duty". It's Indian, with subtitles, but it's in the category of Acti ... read more

harry truman quote ( in culture, quotes, politics )

"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in ... read more

california under quarantine ( in culture, humor, covid )

Hilariously sad. See What It's Like Living in California Now "We now have hundreds of thousands of so-called 'cases', 'infections' and 'positive tests' but hardly any sick people. Recall that four fifths (80%) of 'infections' are asymptomatic (1) Covid wards have been by ... read more

diary, 10/28/2008 ( in culture, writing, blog, bill )

We had a Fall Festival party at Elizabeth's daycare/preschool tonight (called that because some parents don't like Halloween). Elizabeth went dressed up in her Minnie Mouse costume. She was very cute. But then, she's cute no matter how she's dressed. :) They had a magic show that ... read more


holmes family newsletter vol 4 no 5 ( in family, holmes, newsletter )

The Broken Record Vol. 4, No. 5, June 25, 1992 "Predictable, irritating. Really, no redeeming qualities whatsoever." L.A. riots: The afterm ... read more

engaged ( in family, holmes, bill )

Engaged... finally!Tara and I are finally getting married. We've "felt married," but now we're making it official, just for the sake of making it official. :) The actual wedding will be August 22, which we've always celebrated as our "anniversary," anyway, beca ... read more

update to the update's update ( in family, adoption, holmes )

I went ahead and paid for the 24-hour internet connection from the room. It wasn't even double the cost of one hour. I also swapped out the flaky cable and that seems to have fixed the connection problem. Wrong. I had to call the techs back to fix it. The hotel sure did send up som ... read more

sleep, what a concept ( in family, adoption, holmes )

I slept on the floor most of last night. It's a little after 7 a.m. here. Elizabeth refuses to sleep in her crib, even though we're told that's what she slept in at the orphanage. So, she sleeps with us in our bed. That bed is barely big enough for just me and Tara. Anyway, Elizabeth ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 6 no 5 ( in family, holmes, newsletter )

Behind the Eight Ball Who is that behind the eight ball, anyway? Vol. 6 No. 5, August 21, 1994 Jeannie Bre ... read more


health ( in life, health )

This just in: turmeric and black pepper togetherNew Alternative Newsletter!Anti-required-vaccination testimony from MDCellphone over-use causing detached retinaGood and bad bugs in your gutBarefoot is best for childrenHow to stop attacking yourselfSingle Payer FAQGenetically-modified ... read more

azure: good, wholesome food... delivered ( in life, health, food )

"We specialize in delivering quality bulk and natural foods across the country.Get your food delivered by Parcel Carrier (UPS or USPS), or through our unique delivery system of Drop Points. (See maps.) Either way, you'll have access to the highest quality foods at affordable pri ... read more

on the subject of mandatory retirement ( in life, money, employment )

In response to my comment, Whatever the mandatory retirement age is these days -- 67? -- it needs to apply to politicians, too."There is no mandatory retirement age, but you legally have to file for retirement on your 70th birthday, which will give you the maximum social secur ... read more

if called to jury duty, be informed ( in life, help, advice )

Click below for more"FIJA works to inform potential jurors...of their traditional, legal authority to refuse to enforce unjust lawsthat they cannot be required to check their consciences at the courthouse doorthat they cannot be punished for their verdictsInform ev ... read more

preikestolen ( in life, travel )

"Preikestolen is one of Rogaland county, Norway's most visited attractions, and one of the country's most spectacular photo subjects. It has been named one of the world's most spectacular viewing points by both CNN Go and Lonely Planet. It rises 604 metres above the Lysefjord.& ... read more

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