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 my writer's platform (culture / writing / books) is my writer's platform, with a page showing where you can buy, preview and/or review all of my books. Or, just look below... Where to buy, preview or review my books ANOTHER WA ... read more

 one too many cats (culture / writing / blog)

I was up a little earlier than usual this morning, which apparently surprised one of the cats in our house. The thing is, we only have one cat. Any more than that is too many. This one -- either a stray or just one of the neighbor's cats, I don't know; either way, ... read more

 candwich, sandwich in a can goes on sale (life / health / food)

Not a bad idea! Candwich: Sandwich in a can goes on sale The American makers of the Candwich, a sandwich in a can which can be dispensed by vending machines and is opened like a can of Coke, say it's the best thing since sliced bread. ... read more

 leave the trees, please (life / health / environment)

Another reason for short-sighted land developers to leave as many trees as possible when destroying/preparing the site for the next new neighborhood. See Watching birds near your home is good for your mental health People living in neighborhoods with more bird ... read more
wheel dropped by helicopter crashes through roof of illinois home
An Illinois family said they returned home to find a wheel that had been dropped by a helicopter in midair crashed through the roof of their home. ... read more
devonshire, uk halts the installation of 5g over serious health concerns
Seeking real information and gaining critical awareness is now more important than ever. In a day and age where mainstream media promotes only corporate agendas and our federal health regulatory agencies are completely ignoring a number of real concerns that peopl ... read more

 chicago (life / travel / )

Tara and I left Nashville for Chicago on a Thursday morning. At the last minute I decided to let my cat Myca out. I figured he would return shortly after doing his business in the neighbor's bushes, as usual, and I could then lock him in the house for the durat ... read more

 sit up straight (life / health / )

... like my father always said. Apparently, there's more than just a physical benefit. via The Science Behind Posture and How It Affects Your Brain Body language is closely related to posture -- the way we move our bodies affects how others see us as well as ou ... read more

 list of common meds which destroy your brain (life / health / )

List of Culprit Drugs (according to them): Excedrin PM, Tylenol PM, Nytol, Sominex, Unisom, Benadryl, Dramamine, Paxil, Detrol, Demerol, Elavil You wouldn't think that taking a little pain pill would cause long term cognitive impairment, but that's just one of t ... read more

 latest scams (life / money / )

NOT ALL THIEVES ARE STUPID (from somewhere on the Internet) 1. LONG-TERM PARKING: Some people left their car in the long-term parking at San Jose while away, and someone broke into the car. Using the information on the car's registration in the glove compartment, ... read more

 wordnik (education / language / )

. Cool website for those who like words. I love how they provide samples from actual articles on the internet.And they actually provide an answer to links like the one above. claims to be the most comprehensive English dictionary in the world. .com/. I don't kno ... read more

 private school comparison site (education / / )

I've used this and liked it, FYI: This link shows an actual comparison. ... read more

 ford's hemp-powered, hemp-made car (life / health / environment)

I just thought this was interesting: And here's another article on the same subject: 10 X Stronger Than Steel In The 1940s And another: henry-ford-made-a-hemp-car-in-1941 What if cars didn't have to be the way they are today? If ... read more

 a warning to pet owners with kids (family / pets / )

I had to take our dog Chandler (my best puppy, the big man) to the vet Thursday after I discovered, while giving him a bath, what looked like a bloody gash on his throat. I was horrified. I literally gasped in shock (I'm such a girl sometimes, I know) :) as d ... read more

 taking elizabeth to skating party (family / holmes / elizabeth)

Preparing to take Elizabeth to a skating party, I said, Here, take some money. Go ask your mom for more. I thought I had at least a $10, but only had $6. When she returned I asked how much she had now. Forty-six dollars. What?! Yeah, I'll need most of th ... read more

 food stamp corporate welfare (life / health / food)

Millions of Americans are angry because food stamp recipients can use their benefits to buy junk food but don't realize that they are able to do so because corporate America wouldn't have it any other way. via Freedom Rider: Food Stamp Corporate Welfare. If y ... read more

 will graphene supercapacitors make batteries obsolete? (education / technology / )

Cool! ... someday. From Will Graphene Supercapacitors Make Batteries Obsolete? Researchers with the California NanoSystems Institute recently developed a new battery-like supercapacitor, a device that stores charge, which may rival conventional energy storage te ... read more