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yeehaw.jpg cowboy poetry

( in culture, humor, poetry from 2021)

I ain't much for shopping,Or for goin' into townExcept at cattle-shipping time,I ain't too easily found.But the day came when I had to go -I ... read more

operationdetour_cover.jpg operation detour

( in culture, writing, books, novels from 2019)

Riva is a beautiful young black ops agent on her first assign­ment. She tries to turn Alex into her own asset, just to prove she can. When he loses both his job and girl­friend, she thinks he's putty in her hands. When he decides t ... read more

dr. otto warburg discovered the cause of cancer and prescribed a natural cure

( in life, health, cancer from 2022)

Wow! And just more proof that you cannot (never have been able to) trust the healthcare industry to have your best interest at heart. The cause of cancer is a low oxygen environment. A low oxygen environment is caused by environmental t ... read more

derby.jpg kentucky derby 2022

( in culture, sports, horseracing, triplecrown from 2022)

Who You Got? The First Saturday in May is this weekend. Place your bets! I like 3, 12, 13, 6, in that order, but will probably hedge my bets (no pun intended) and play that as a four-way exacta box so it doesn't matter which order they fi ... read more

jets.png airlines gate agent

( in culture, humor, jokes, airlines from 2020)

An award should go to the gate agent in Denver for being smart and funny, while making her point, when confronted with a passenger who probably deserved to fly as cargo. A crowded United Airlines flight was canceled. A single agent was eboo ... read more

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scottish ruling class is investigating "mystery surge" in deaths of newborns

^ Look no further than the covid shots.

is google's deepmind ai close to 'human-level' intelligence?

^ Stupid human, maybe, like someone who can't define what a woman is.

all-time record high gas prices! price at pump hits $4.56 per gallon...fake news media silent!

^ It's bad, but the mainstream media are not silent.

pro-abortion leftists in phoenix scream at pro-lifers, hold signs saying "fetus = good snack"

^ Some of these people have lost touch with their own humanity

europe wants to replace russia with israel for natural gas

^ That must be one of the reasons behind the Russia-Ukraine war. There's always more than one.

did pfizer commit huge fraud in its covid shot research?

^ Probably. They have a history of it.

new jersey is "looking at" how to "respond" to covid surge

^ Remember, when 'covid' and 'surge' are mentioned together, they're referring only to 'cases,' which simply means people with a cold or flu.

missouri lawmakers pass bill prohibiting pharmacists from questioning effectiveness of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

^ Let them question it all they want, just don't let them deny its use.

here we go again: nyc enters 'high' covid alert level, health chief warns public to 'cover nose and mouth'

^ I may never visit NYC again with this never-ending insanity.

bio-engineered breast milk titans: gates, bezos, zuckerberg, branson

^ Nerds have always been obsessed with boobs.

fda relaxing import rules for baby formula

^ Don't buy any from China.

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culture (refresh page for new list)

laurence j. peter quote ( in culture, quotes from 2021)

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it." -- Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Principle ... read more

a couple of freebies here ( in culture, writing, books, novels from 2022)

My latest attempt at monetization on until they cancel me for being politically incorrect. To start things off, here's my first published work, and my most-recently published. Work sounds pretentious, I know. They're ... read more

quote of the day (7/14/2012) ( in culture, quotes from 2012)

"The War on Terror(TM) is a product. It doesn't exist 'to keep us safe'; on the contrary, it exists to keep us in a state of fear." - Liberty Underground News ServiceNEW! Random samples of dialogue from my novels! ... read more

bill and tara's excellent adventure ( in culture, movies-tv-video, transportation from 2000)

It started out as an innocent attempt at "dinner and a movie" on a Saturday night. It turned into... Tara's nightmare! We had dinner at Schlotzsky's, each of us ordering one of their 8 "personal" pizzas. Tara got her us ... read more

television ( in culture, movies-tv-video from 2010)

When I wasn't working on computers this weekend, I was trying to get the new used television working in the bedroom. Prior to even having a new used TV, I was thinking about finally breaking down and getting a digital converter box for ... read more

family (refresh page for new list)

california trip ( in family, holmes, elizabeth from 2008)

Tara, Elizabeth and I just returned from a trip to California. Ostensibly, we went for my nephew Thomas's wedding (to bride Heather at Lake Tahoe), but it was also a convenient excuse to let everyone on my side of the family, especially her ... read more

our adoption story ( in family, adoption, holmes from 2010)

My wife Tara has written up our adoption story in response to thatwoman (living not too far from here, unfortunately) who returned thatboy to Russia a couple weeks ago. Here's the local link (ourrussianadoptionstory), and here's the orig ... read more

saturday with elizabeth ( in family, holmes, elizabeth from 2010)

As Elizabeth likes to say, she and I were hanging out today while Tara had a girls' day out with Ronica. I think Tara's was a belated birthday thing. Hers was on the 10th. Anyway, once Ronica finally called - after Tara had started to wor ... read more

birthday party ( in family, holmes, elizabeth, birthdays from 2008)

Well, Elizabeth's birthday party is this Saturday. She'll be 3, and it'll be her first real party. It'll be outside at a covered table next to a playground in a nearby park. I can't tell you here on the Internet exactly where this park is ... read more

don ( in family, holmes from 2005)

Music by a brotherSee Music by a brotherConan Our cat Conan died of a kidney infection today (we had to have him put down). We had him 18-1/2 years. He seems to have known it was his last year because, unlike in the past, since Spring he ha ... read more

life (refresh page for new list)

harmony haven (10/24/2010) ( in life, help, charity, animals from 2010)

We spent the better part of Friday here at Harmony Haven Therapeutic Riding & Horse Rescue in Cottonwood, CA. My sister and her family run it. Feel free to make a donation! Here's a 4-minute amateur video. Please donate by clicking here ... read more

when coyotes (try to) attack ( in life, health, environment, wildlife from 2019)

Well, I had an exciting morning. Who needs coffee to wake up? It was around 5:30 when I let our pug Joey out in the backyard. I'm standing there keeping an eye out for critters (there is no fence) when, sure enough, a couple of coyotes star ... read more

looking to get away from it all? here are some top 10 (or 20) lists. ( in life, travel, advice from 2020)

If you're looking to get away from it all, here is some hopefully useful information. If you're primarily English-speaking (maybe looking to move permanently), here's a list of countries (whose primary language is NOT English) ranked by Eng ... read more

i lost my tomato plants ( in life, health, food, garden from 2013)

We had a freeze TUESDAY night, so I lost my tomato plants and probably my cucumbers. :( I replaced those original tomato plants, adding cherry tomatoes, and might have lost those too because even though I hadnt planted them yet I scre ... read more

newsletter (refresh page for new list)

holmes family newsletter vol 6 no 1 ( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1994)

Itchy Trigger FingerVol. 6, No. 1, February 6, 1994Earthquake in Southern California! We're sure you've heard all about it on the news, but we ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 3 no 2 ( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1991)

the NEWSLETTER Vol. 3, No. 2 February 10, 1991 Its a girl... and a boy and a girl and a boy... Chance, a dog, has ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 4 no 6 ( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1992)

The Barking Dog Vol. 4 No. 6, July 22, 1992 "Who names these newsletters, anyway?" earthquakes, earthqu ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 3 no 8 ( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1991)

The Leaky Faucet Vol. 3, No. 8, December 10, 1991 Steve & Denise host Thanksgiving Turkey was served and everybody ate it. What else is th ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 4 no 1 ( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1992)

The Leaky Faucet Vol. 4, No. 1, January 4, 1992 "Everything youve ever wanted to know about anything." Diane has surgery ... read more

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