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culture.png dinner and a show

( in culture, food, restaurants from 2013)

After stopping at Tara's sister's house in Smyrna to pick up a newly-refurbished Kindle Fire her husband had put together for her, we had dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant, Mi Tierra. [Now Chago's] Elizabeth was "dying for refried beans!" Whatever. She's ... read more

cobra.jpg just "cuz you cut off its head

( in life, animals, wildlife, reptiles from 2014)

Just 'cuz you cut off its head... don't assume it's harmless. Chef dies after spitting cobra he was cooking bit him on the hand ... 20 minutes after he had cut its head off. See ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 6 no 6

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1994)

Coyote BreathVol. 6 No. 6, October 26, 1994 Don rides to DenverIn August, Don rode his motorcycle from Nashville to Denver. He wouldn't say wh ... read more

sports-ani2.gif sports jokes

( in culture, humor, jokes, sports from 2001)

BaseballAn Irishman moves to the USA and finally attends his first baseball game. The first batter approached the batters box, took a few swings and then hit a double. Everyone was on their feet screaming Run, Run. The next batter hit a single and the Irishman listened as the crowd a ... read more

e-at-airport.jpg more pictures of elizabeth in california

( in family, holmes, elizabeth from 2008)

Bill on Rosie, while Jeannie, Tara, even Shayden, fall for Elizabeth's attention-getting antics. ... read more

pug-dog-peeing-hydrant.webp get rid of dog urine smell

( in family, pets, dogs, advice from 2020)

Does your whole house smell like dog urine? If so, you've come to the right place! If a dog hasn't been trained correctly or is suffering from a health problem, it's likely that it won't be able to control itself in the house. If your dog is peeing in the house, make ... read more

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china proposes making "dissemination of false information" a crime in un treaty

^ That would put them, Big Pharma and the U.S. gov't 1-2-3 on the Most Wanted list.

new zealand's jacinda ardern quits as leader, citing burnout

^ Ding, dong, the witch is... gone!

world economic forum declares a "planetary" and "justice" crisis.

^ ... of their own making.

billing codes used by gov't and private insurance track your covid shot status

^ No big deal. I'm proud to say I never fell for this scam and never got the shot.

severe savior complex

^ He admits he and his fellow "elites" are delusional and manipulated by aliens?

judge strikes down ny vaccine mandate, rules state overstepped its authority

^ Good news! Governments from national to local have been overstepping their authority.

soros and bezos back initiative to raise $3 trillion annually to fight climate change

^ But their recommendations will only apply to those without a private jet.

lara trump: looks like somebody at top said 'we're done with biden'

^ Great, but they'll just find a younger idiot to take his place.

secret vatican plot to force pope francis to resign

^ The answer to "Is the Pope Catholic?" is no longer "Yes." He should be removed.

who planted the biden documents?

^ It was his butler, in the conservatory, with the candlestick!

fda no longer needs to require animal tests before human drug trials

^ The animals are happy. The humans, not so much.

robots with consciousness will eclipse humanity, warns experts

^ Um, no, they won't.

grad students push 'plantifa,' an 'eco-justice' plan to promote 'guerrilla gardening'

^ I actually like the idea of guerrilla gardening and subversion of power structures.

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culture.png CULTURE (refresh page for new list)

 all-time best movie lines

( in culture, movies-tv-video from 2010)

I thought itd be fun to come up with a list of the all-time best movie lines. Use the comments section below [comments open again] for your suggestions. Try and do it from memory. Dont worry about getting it exactly right. Here3 ... read more

 dinner and a show

( in culture, food, restaurants from 2013)

After stopping at Taras sisters house in Smyrna to pick up a newly-refurbished Kindle Fire her husband had put together for her, we had dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant, Mi Tierra. [Now Chagos] Elizabeth was "dying ... read more

 nicholas klein quote

( in culture, quotes, politics from 2021)

First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they attack you. And then, they build monuments to you. -- union leader Nicholas Klein. See ... read more

 humorous quotes, page 2

( in culture, quotes, humor from 2020)

Some Thoughts On Life Raising teenagers is like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree. There is always a lot to be thankful for if you take time to look for it. For example, I am sitting here thinking how nice it is that wrinkles dont hurt ... read more

 requiem for a pigeon

( in culture, writing, poetry from 2014)

by BillWe witnessed a pigeons demiseRight here on the dock o the BayThere was nothing we could doNothing we could sayIt just wasnt the pigeons dayWe tried mouth-to-beakAnd the Heimlich techniqueBut the pigeon had croaked ... read more

family5.jpg FAMILY (refresh page for new list)

 and the judge says...

( in family, adoption, holmes, travel from 2007)

Shes ours!Its official! Elizabeth is ours. The court hearing went very smooth. It took about an hour and a half. There was a judge, prosecutor, a rep from the Child protective services, and the Minister of Education. They had a lo ... read more

 the day before

( in family, adoption, holmes from 2007)

Sounds like a movie title. Anyway, its Thursday morning. Greys Anatomy season premier tonight. Tara says woo- ... read more

 she's warming up to us

( in family, adoption, holmes, travel from 2007)

We had her laughing, smiling and giggling today. I pushed her around on the three-wheeler, then "flew" her around the room. She even let us chase her around, and it didnt scare her when I chased her!She seemed ... read more

 an entire week with elizabeth

( in family, holmes, elizabeth from 2010)

You will not believe what Ive been through! :) Okay, maybe its not been that bad. You single parents out there are laughing at me, Im sure. But I went an entire week taking care of Elizabeth, our 4 year old, while Tara not on ... read more

 elizabeth's house

( in family, holmes, elizabeth from 2009)

The other day at the house, we had this conversation:Elizabeth: This is my house.Bill: Your house? I thought it was my and moms house.Elizabeth: No. Its mine. Im sharing it with you. Tara and I cracked up. ... read more

 monkey joe's again

( in family, holmes, elizabeth from 2011)

This could get expensive coming here on a regular basis at $9-$10 every time, but Tara had a coupon that made it half price. Were at the new one in Brentwood/Cool Springs. Much better than the one north of town near Rivergate. Much mor ... read more

water-on-road-during-rain.jpg LIFE (refresh page for new list)

 don't take potassium iodide unless you are exposed to radiation

( in life, health, advice, treatment from 2011)

Click below: dont-take-potassium-iodide-unlessHeres a website all about nuclear energy, courtesy of my brother: all things nuclear/ ... read more

 wild lettuce to help pain

( in life, health, food, treatment from 2017)

This looks very familiar in my yard. Go here for more info: lettuce"Im surprised I havent come across wild lettuce as an alternative to toxic pain, migraine and ... read more

 essential oil uses

( in life, health, treatment from 2019)

Heres an interesting (and hopefully useful) article someone sent us. ... read more

 what happens in your brain when you get mad, and how to control it

( in life, health, mental from 2013)

I love this! Especially after my last post. By using one of his strategies, "projecting peace," you can "activate a different set of mirror neurons and begin to defuse the others anger." You can get them to mirror ... read more

 power of movement: swimming relieves stress, walking clears mental blocks, dancing calms anxiety

( in life, health, exercise from 2022)

Study finds moving our bodies in any way each day can uplift our moods and help increase our mobility and mental ... read more

newspaper.gif NEWSLETTER (refresh page for new list)

holmes family newsletter vol 3 no 7

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1991)

The Leaky Faucet Vol. 3, No. 7, October 14, 1991 Mike lands great job!Michael has been named Executive Producer of Cal State Stanislaus new bi-we ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 1 no 9

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1989)

The Holmes Family Newsletter A Newsletter With A Mission In Life! Vol. 1, No. 9 Worldwide Circulation November 21, 1989 The Environmental Issu ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 2 no 9

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1990)

WORLD NEWS "Award-Winning Journalism"Vol. 2, No. 9, June 14, 1990 Dad kills rattler! Special to ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 6 no 1

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1994)

Itchy Trigger FingerVol. 6, No. 1, February 6, 1994Earthquake in Southern California!Were sure youve heard all about it on the news, but we just ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 4 no 5

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1992)

The Broken Record Vol. 4, No. 5, June 25, 1992"Predictable, irritating. Really, no redeeming qualities whatsoever."L.A. riots: T ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 5 no 5

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1993)

the rabblerouser Vol. 5, No. 5, August 8, 1993 Bill moving to NashvilleBill is moving to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his boyhood dream of being a country singing star! Oh wait, thats Do ... read more


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