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farm.jpg farm of the future?

( in life, health, food from 2017)

Cool! But I also like one of the commenters' idea about forest gardens. Via forest gardens ... read more

cold-flu-meds.jpg avoid the pharmacy, fight the flu (and "the corona") with remedies from the kitchen

( in life, health, treatment from 2013)

A gargle made from salt water can relieve a sore throat. As well, it can stop a budding infection in its tracks. Mix 1 tablespoon of salt with a cup of water and gargle. ... read more

safety.jpg safety first

( in life, health, safety, home-garden from 2010)

Always wear your safety glasses when mowing the lawn or weed-eating. I didn't today (though I do half the time), and I got hit in the eye with a rock that was launched by the mower blade, bounced off the side of the house, and hit me in the left eye. My first thought after I let ... read more

caution-biohazard.png do not take the paxlovid pill from pfizer

( in life, health, advice from 2023)

click here ... read more

harmony-haven.jpg harmony haven (2008)

( in life, animals, charity, rescue from 2008)

My sister and her daughter have started a therapeutic riding and horse rescue! Don't forget to donate by clicking on the DONATE button. Please donate ... read more

elderberries.jpg 52 plants in the wild you can eat

( in life, health, food, plants from 2014)

You should NEVER eat unripe elderberries. That caution aside, this is good to know if you're ever starving or just have the munchies while wandering through your back yard! :) We all know our market vegetables and fruits are trusted edi ... read more

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they're not worried about 'russian influence', they're worried about dissent


we are victims of medical and environmental terrorism

We are not victims, but we are under attack.

major news outlets say they're ditching objectivity in the name of 'diversity'

They've been doing that for years, which is why most intelligent people are ditching them.

china proposes making "dissemination of false information" a crime in u.n. treaty

That would put them, Big Pharma and the U.S. gov't 1-2-3 on the Most Wanted list.

new zealand's jacinda ardern quits as leader, citing burnout

Ding, dong, the witch is... gone!

world economic forum declares a "planetary" and "justice" crisis.

... of their own making.

billing codes used by gov't and private insurance track your covid shot status

No big deal. I'm proud to say I never fell for this scam and never got the shot.

severe savior complex

He admits he and his fellow "elites" are delusional and manipulated by aliens?

judge strikes down ny vaccine mandate, rules state overstepped its authority

Good news! Governments from national to local have been overstepping their authority.

soros and bezos back initiative to raise $3 trillion annually to fight climate change

But their recommendations will only apply to those without a private jet.

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culture.png CULTURE (refresh page for new list)

 a girl named lucy

( in culture, writing, poetry from 1998)

[from 1990]This is a story bout a girl named LucyOtherwise known as "The Rappin Watusi"She lays down a beat that gets your toes tappinIf your toes get tired, let your fingers do the snappinShe says "Hey bu ... read more

 quote of the day (7/14/2012)

( in culture, quotes from 2012)

The War on Terror(TM) is a product. It doesnt exist to keep us safe; on the contrary, it exists to keep us in a state of fear. - Liberty Underground News Service ... read more

 greed is not a virtue

( in culture, people, money from 2011)

Great article. By capitalisms perverse moral logic, if a person sells toxic assets by knowingly misrepresenting them as sound, the fault lies not with the misrepresentation of the seller, but rather with the lack of due diligence on ... read more

 laurence j. peter quote

( in culture, quotes from 2021)

Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it. -- Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Principle ... read more

 our thoughts

( in culture, quotes, philosophy, religion from 2019)

All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world. -- Buddha ... read more

family.jpg FAMILY (refresh page for new list)

 holiday world (2009)

( in family, holmes, elizabeth from 2009)

Tara just brought me back from the pharmacy where Im having a prescription filled. We used CVS because Tara had a coupon. She is the coupon queen. Doesnt buy anything without a coupon these days. Its a hobby. You should check ... read more

 just another week to go

( in family, adoption, holmes, travel from 2007)

... maybe less! That cheers me up. Thats assuming everything goes as planned ... and it WILL. I believe in positive thinking (when Im desperate, anyway, because it leads to positive actions, which lead to positive results, or at l ... read more

 comments welcome

( in family, adoption, holmes, travel from 2007)

I set this blog so that you can now add your comments anonymously without logging in. So, comment away! I was afraid that the requirement for a login was keeping people from participating. Now you can go crazy because youre anonymous. ... read more

 eleanor and lionel

( in family, holmes, lionel from 2001)

Eleanors back surgery a success! Everyone warned me against back surgery, she says. But, Id be in a wheelchair now if I hadnt had surgery! ... read more

 watch tara the hero cat attempt to throw a ceremonial first pitch

( in family, pets, cats from 2014)

Watch Tara the Hero Cat attempt to throw a ceremonial first pitch. The video is now missing from the Times, so theres now a link to the original incident, although YouTube has marked it "offensive to some viewers." Who are th ... read more

 elizabeth's house

( in family, holmes, elizabeth from 2009)

The other day at the house, we had this conversation:Elizabeth: This is my house.Bill: Your house? I thought it was my and moms house.Elizabeth: No. Its mine. Im sharing it with you. Tara and I cracked up. ... read more

life.jpg LIFE (refresh page for new list)

 chlorine dioxide breaks down glyphosate in body (allegedly)

( in life, health, alternative, treatment from 2019)

I should say something about bleach, as a number of critics insist MMS (chlorine dioxide) is a bleach and, thus, a poison. Chlorine dioxide, the chemical that is MMS, has never been used domestically as a bleach for cleaning toilets. It is ... read more

 i lost my tomato plants

( in life, health, food, home-garden from 2013)

We had a freeze Tuesday night, so I lost my tomato plants and probably my cucumbers. :( I replaced those original tomato plants, adding cherry tomatoes, and might have lost those too because, even though I hadn t planted them yet, I ... read more

when coyotes (try to) attack

( in life, animals, pets, wildlife from 2019)

Well, I had an exciting morning. Who needs coffee to wake up? It was around 5:30 when I let our pug Joey out in the backyard. Im standing there keeping an eye out for critters (there is no fence) when, sure enough, a couple of coyotes ... read more

 avoid the pharmacy, fight the flu (and "the corona") with remedies from the kitchen

( in life, health, treatment from 2013)

A gargle made from salt water can relieve a sore throat. As well, it can stop a budding infection in its tracks. Mix 1 tablespoon of salt with a cup of water and gargle. ... read more

 a new search engine

( in life, help, charity, internet from 2009) (pronounced "cool"). And heres a good reason to use it (or StartPage) instead of Google: ... read more

newspaper.gif NEWSLETTER (refresh page for new list)

 family newsletter

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 2008)

Old stuff, but some of its still funny ... Its basically the precursor to this website. Click the links in the table of contents, above. Otherwise, just do a search in the home pages ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 2 no 8

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1990)

The Holmes Family Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 8 "Anniversary Issue"May 25, 1990[Editors Note: This is the big one! The big enchi ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 2 no 12

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1990)

The Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 12, September 17, 1990"Your Only News Source" Its a gir ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 4 no 7

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1992)

The Belching Frog Vol. 4, No. 7, September 16, 1992"Thomas should like this name." Doug returns again On August ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 1 no 10

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1989)

The Holmes Family Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 10 - Worldwide Circulation - December 6, 1989 Newsletter sold! The Holmes Family ... read more

 holmes family newsletter vol 3 no 6

( in family, holmes, newsletter from 1991)

The Leaky Faucet"Irritating, yet soothing. Obnoxious, yet hypnotic"Vol. 3, No. 6, July 30, 1991Sapphire dispute settled out of courtSteve ... read more


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