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4th-flags-150x150.png made in the usa

( in life, money, shopping, American )

Spread the word about this awesome website for American Made. And here is the video that launches it: on Facebook I just emailed them to include a couple companies I have recently purchased from that are 100% USA made. This is EXACTLY what we need. Here is one site not yet liste ... read more

 informed consent. what a concept!

( in life, health, covid )

ICAN's legal team, led by Aaron Siri, has taken legal action to challenge employers/schools that require their employees/students to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Employers and schools that previously required the COVID-19 vaccine have dropped those requirements! This includes an empl ... read more

bob-marley.jfif bob marley quote

( in culture, quotes )

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. -- Bob Marley ... read more

4th-flags-150x150.png so, what can we each do to take back our country?

( in education, news, solutions, American )

Barring a miracle, maybe from the declassifications including Obamagate and 9/11 (if that is even true), we have to do more and spread the word to the American patriots to make positive changes. So here is a list I may revise from time to time: Take off your F---ing mask, or don't ... read more

anaphylaxis-symptoms.png infographic: anaphylaxis symptoms

( in life, health )

See image ... read more

featured book

Another Way: Beyond the Status Quo

A politically-incorrect manifesto. Anti-corporate crusader Dobie Pokorny wants to save the world. His old boss, Colonel Charonne, wants to stop him. On his "speaking truth to power" tour, Dobie meets and falls in love with Kaylie while enduring attacks at every turn. Can they outrun Charonne and his minions? Will Major Watson steal her away? Is she too good to be true? And, what's up with the little blue alien?

first paragraph or so...

It was in Las Cruces that things got weird. Dobromir "Dobie" Pokorny was well into his anti-corporate "speaking truth to power" tour in support of his latest book – his manifesto – Another Way: Beyond the Status Quo. After Kentucky and Indiana, he took a detour and headed southwest. He would soon wish he had kept heading north, but eventually made it to ...

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You're being misled. Yes, a mask might help if it's N-95 and you are actively sneezing, coughing and infected but, otherwise, no. See W.H.O. Recommends against wearing a mask, or this, this or this for more on the subject.

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soaring inflation & supply-chain disruptions spark 'surge' in us pmis ( in education, news, rss )

2021-01-22 -- ... read more ... read more

iran doesn't want nuclear watchdog to publish 'unnecessary details' of nuke ( in education, news, rss )

2021-01-17 -- ... read more

a witness captures on camera footage of a cop punching his crying police canine ( in education, news, rss )

2021-01-18 -- Sometimes we just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, or in reverse, at the right place at the right time. However you look at it,... A Witness Captures On Camera Footage Of A Cop Punching His Crying Police Canine Companion appeared first ... read more

it begins: trump to declassify 'foot-high stack' of obamagate documents ( in education, news, rss )

2021-01-15 -- ... read more

biden's national guard scandal won't go away with a photo op and cookies from jill ( in education, news, rss )

2021-01-22 -- ... read more ... read more


a saga of seven ( in culture, writing, poetry )

This is a story in the style called rap that'll surely encourage an afternoon nap of a family of seven, their kids and their wives and something regarding their travels and lives.Now first there was Greg, a Brooklyn-born lad; and then it was Lucy that Mom and Dad had. She was bo ... read more

transportation ( in culture, humor, jokes )

NEW LOS ANGELES DRIVER'S EXAM For those of you who are not fortunate enough to live in Los Angeles, here is a copy of the Los Angeles Driver's Exam. For those of you who are, study real hard. This is a new exam. Since driving conditions (and culture) are unique in Los Angeles, you ... read more

history of friendsnews.com ( in culture, writing, blog, friendsnews )

FYI for those researching insignificant corners of the web: Wayback MachinePlease support this website... should you be so inclined: Buy one of my books at Amazon or SmashWords, or Buy me a (virtual) cup of coffee, or Click on one of the ads sprinkled throughout the site. Thanks! ... read more

 diary, 11/7/2008 ( in culture, writing, blog, diary )

Well, I had a hell of a day. It started off normally enough, though it was raining, which is increasingly rare around here. I dropped Elizabeth off at school on my way to work, and from there my day took a wrong turn. I took side streets the rest of the way to work instead of the ma ... read more

no more tv ( in culture, movies-tv-video )

Weve turned off, unplugged and hidden the TVs from ourselves! The plan is to keep it that way throughout the summer. Well see how long it lasts. :) Something tells me well be cheating by watching more stuff on our computers. Still, I expect us all to be just a little ... read more


do you love oxygen? support our bill just filed, sb 0320. ( in education, news, solutions, American )

2021-01-25 -- Let's get some support going for our latest bill, SB 0320. It's about liberty, contrary to what some might say. What will this bill do functionally? Well, if passed, it would prohibit business owners from forcing consumers to wear masks, or perhaps even take a vaccine to enter the ... read more

so, what can we each do to take back our country? ( in education, news, solutions, American )

2021-01-25 -- Barring a miracle, maybe from the declassifications including Obamagate and 9/11 (if that is even true), we have to do more and spread the word to the American patriots to make positive changes. So here is a list I may revise from time to time: Take off your F---ing mask, or don't ... read more

incitement timeline debunked as ex-capitol police chief says pelosi, ( in education, news, politics )

2021-01-11 -- In addition to the fact that Trump openly called for the cheering on of Congressman, and peaceful protests, the timeline as established from numerous, establishment media reports simply doesnt stack up. via Incitement Timeline Debunked ... read more

dutch hypnotherapists expose techniques used on us daily ( in education, research, people, covid )

2021-01-25 -- A friend of mine is a general practitioner and her husband works in a bank. She, of course, tells him all about the virus and that some measures, such as the mouth mask, do not make sense. Yet, he walks around all day with a mouth mask that doesn't work and he doesn't believe his w ... read more

 it was a war on populism and independent thinking ( in education, news, politics )

2021-01-20 -- The deep state pulled out all the stops to get rid of Trump. They immediately named him a racist because he wanted a real border; the Russia hoax and impeachment; 100% anti-Trump news every night; the massive Q psy-op; and, finally, the vote rigging that Trump foresaw but was un ... read more


holmes family newsletter vol 2 no 15 ( in family, holmes, newsletter )

NEWS, ETC. Vol. 2, No. 15, December 18, 1990 "Christmas Issue" Lucy to Host Christmas Lucy will be having Christmas at her house this year. It0s a potluck affair. Only those with food will be allowed in. Says Lucy, "It0ll be very informal. No dinner table. I ... read more

 happy father's day ( in family, holmes, elizabeth, holidays )

My daughter just made my day. Here's her card to me. This article/post is copyrighted. Please do not reprint, reproduce or distribute it (or its images) in whole or in part (other than to share a brief excerpt with a link to the original) in any form without our consent. Thanks! ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 5 no 4 ( in family, holmes, newsletter )

Not Just Another NewsletterMONDAY, JULY 19, 1993CIRCULATION: From 8 to 15 (depending on our mood and how many stamps we have)Copyright 1993 / Bill Holmes Enterprises / 2 pages BILL ARRESTED That0s right. Bill, this newsletter0s editor, was arrested - twice! - last month and ... read more

 dad's 94th birthday, part 3 ( in family, holmes, lionel, birthdays )

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Old SacramentoOnce Bijou and her people hooked up with Elizabeth and her people, our first stop was a candy store called Candy Heaven (do not go to candyheaven.com!). As Michael noticed, there's almost nothing but candy stores there. And they were making mon ... read more

 round two ( in family, adoption, holmes )

Weve received our court date. Were haggling with the airlines now. One round-trip ticket for one adult costs a little over $800. One one-way ticket for our daughters flight home with us costs $1,600!! I suggested just buying our daughter a round-trip ticket (which woul ... read more


 dog owners supposedly more at risk for covid ( in life, animals, pets )

via dog owners SUPPOSEDLY more at risk If this was Denmark, the government would want to kill everyone's dogs. Thank God I'm not Danish. They love killing animals over there. Who can forget this? And then, of course, they killed again. There is something seriously wrong with th ... read more

 wisconsin judge reinstates collective bargaining for state employees ( in life, money, employment )

Wisconsin judge reinstates collective bargaining for state employees The union-busting law that pushed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker into the national spotlight last year has been declared unconstitutional by a state judge, pushing the controversy over the law one step closer to a ... read more

 forestry technique to avoid cutting down trees ( in life, health, environment, trees )

See themindunleashed.com Japans Ancient Forestry Technique Produces High-Grade Lumber With No Need to Chop Down Trees. The daisugi technique, like bonsai, is a forestry technique that involves heavily pruning the mother tree which allows narrow saplings to shoot upwards. Pi ... read more

can your cat drive you to suicide? ( in life, health, pets )

dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2190086/Cat-parasite-worms-humans-brains-drive-victims-suicide.html From: diankat The answer is yes, but not through parasite worms. Mostly through bringing live animals into the house and letting them loose so you can encounter them whilst sit ... read more

 our assumptions are wrong ( in life, health, covid )

This is an amazing biological discussion that will affect the health of all people - MUST SEE Zach Bush MD is a physician specialising in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is an internationally recognised educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it r ... read more

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