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The Lazy Pug Cafe -- The Lazy Pug Cafe was a dilapidated old two-story farmhouse abandoned years ago, lately serving as a sad but charming reminder of days gone by. With its beautiful old weeping willow in front and a massive ancient oak tree, Ol' Lightnin', out back, locals were grateful someone was finally bringing the      this just in! image of the day

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rudolf-steiner.jpg rudolf steiner quote

( in culture, quotes, philosophy )

Does this remind you of anything happening RIGHT NOW? Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, esotericist, and claimed clairvoyant. Steiner gained initial recognition at the end of the nineteenth century as a literary critic and publishe ... read more

cdc-logo.jpg cdc being sued for fraud

( in life, health, covid )

CDC sued for massive fraud: Tests at 7 universities of ALL people examined showed that they did not have Covid, but just Influenza A or B -- EU statistics: 'Corona' virtually disappeared, even under mortality. via Laboratories in US can't find Covid-19 in one of 1,500 positive tests ... read more

spaz.gif hackers have access to your device. check details asap!

( in culture, humor, internet, spam )

One of our favorite scams! Our comments are interspersed in brackets and look like this. From: aam726@abocol.com Hello there. Let me introduce myself first - Seems very polite! I am a professional programmer, who specializes in hacking during my free time. as most of us ... read more

vaccination.jpg three deaths -- 1 supervisor and 2 drivers -- after they got vaxxed

( in life, health, covid )

Of all the threats we're facing right now, the mRNA vaccine is the most pressing and immediate. via GreatReject.org Also, my son is good friends with several people who drive public buses in Sacramento. This week there have been 3 deaths -- 1 supervisor and 2 drivers -- afte ... read more

farm.jpg permaculture & decentralization with penny livingston

( in life, health, food, garden )

The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Activation Episode 3: Permaculture & Decentralization with Penny Livingston In the 3rd episode of The Activation, Derrick Broze talks with Penny Livingston, a permaculture teacher, activist, and public speaker. Derrick and Penny... ... read more

featured book

Temporary Insanity

Long before winning the lottery and running for president, Benny was living in L.A. working as a temporary word processor (glorified typist). For his latest assignment, he thought he was taking just another temp job. He didn't anticipate Venelia and the Dynamos. The what?

first paragraph or so...

Benny Reed was riding the elevator in a building he had never been in before. It was climbing surprisingly fast. Too fast, he thought. "It didn't stop on those floors," he said, half to himself, as it sped upward. When no one replied, he glanced around to see if anyone heard him. Apparently not. To his right stood a smartly dressed thirtyish blonde woman in a blue blazer, matching skirt and white silk blouse. ...
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You're being misled. Yes, a mask might help if it's N-95 and you are actively sneezing, coughing and infected but, otherwise, no. See W.H.O. Recommends against wearing a mask, or this, this, this or this for more on the subject.

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most vaccinated country on earth closes schools and sports as covid cases surge 35% of new cases are fully vaccinated r ( in education, news, rss )

2021-05-05 -- Seychelles, the most vaccinated country in the world, is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases. The island country shut down schools and sporting events this week due to the outbreak. 35% of the cases are people who were already vaccinated. Bloomberg reported: Seychelles, which has ... read more

ariz. audit charges ahead, expected to be completed by deadline ( in education, news, rss )

2021-04-30 -- The election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona is charging full-steam ahead despite outside attempts to stop it. The chair of the Arizona Republican Party has asserted the recount will expose dishonesty in the 2020 ... read more

the manufacturing of a mass psychosis -- can sanity return to an insane world? ( in education, news, rss )

2021-05-05 -- By Academy of Ideas The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify... The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis Can Sanity Return to an Insane ... read more

canadian athletes to have vaccine access before tokyo games ( in education, news, rss )

2021-04-30 -- April 30, 2021 By Frank Pingue TORONTO (Reuters) - All Canadian athletes competing at this year's Tokyo Olympics will have access to COVID-19 vaccines ... read more

trump's former director of trade nails the doj: we've gone from treasonous bill barr to fascist merrick garland&qu ( in education, news, rss )

2021-05-08 -- In the video below, Dr. Peter Navarro, President Trump's former Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, explains the difference between the Trump and Biden Justice Departments, saying it went from traitors to fascists. This isn't the first time Dr. Navarro has been brutally ... read more


buckminster fuller quote ( in culture, quotes )

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -- Buckminster Fuller ... read more

arthur c. clarke quote ( in culture, quotes, science )

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Arthur C. Clarke ... read more

coenzyme q10 99% elderberry extract 5% anthocyanidins ( in culture, humor, internet, spam )

Hi Sir , We have been caring about your esteemed company for a long time. Awww!!! They've been 'caring about us!' Attached our star products. We sincerely hope can help with your business if any requirements. Product Name Marigold extract Lutein/lutein ester/zeaxanthin 10% ... read more

holding the sun ( in culture, photography )

"Browse 59,249 holding the sun stock photos and images available, or search for hands holding the sun to find more great stock photos and pictures." Cool pictures ... read more

my most recent ebooks ( in culture, writing, books, novels )

Two of my ebooks are available free of charge all month (July) at Smashwords. The links are at the bottom of that page. I've already sold five copies since yesterday as opposed to five copies over the past year. I guess the price is finally right. :) Another Way: Beyond th ... read more


world's most dangerous cities (2020) ( in education, news, crime )

2021-05-08 -- Wow. I once considered moving to St. Louis (years ago) before choosing Nashville when I emigrated from California. I never even considered Baltimore or Detroit, of course. Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil are the worst, though. It's interesting/disturbing that all but two of these b ... read more

"the lord," translated into hebrew, is ba'al ( in education, research, religion, christianity )

2021-04-30 -- Interesting! God is not called "The Lord." ...in Hebrew it is actually called Ba'al, the name of one of the idols that scripture actually speaks against. See quora.com/The-letter-J-was-created-in-1524-How-is-Jesus-a-real-person ... read more

what an energy worker says about vax contagion ( in education, research, conspiracies )

2021-04-23 -- Here's what an energy worker says about vax contagion: In my experience and that of others that also work with the energy fields of the body the 1x vaxxed have their energy fields only from the ears up approx. The 2x vaxxed have lost their energy field from the body and it floats ab ... read more

jury intimidation: 'i did not want to go through rioting and destruction again' says chauvin juror ( in education, news, politics, legal )

2021-04-23 -- An alternate juror on the Derek Chauvin trial told a local news that she did not want to go through rioting and destruction again and was concerned about people coming to her house if they were not happy with the verdict. The juror, Lisa... ... read more

vaxxed people "shed" their poison to unvaxxed ( in education, news, conspiracies, covid )

2021-04-23 -- This video mentions breast-feeding mothers, which is bad enough what happens to them after the vax. But near the end mentions how 2 people living under one roof has a vaxxed person spreading the toxic poison to the other one. bitchute.com/video/BzpqJqFuUVv2/ Watch out for this. I t ... read more


holmes family newsletter vol 1 no 10 ( in family, holmes, newsletter )

The Holmes Family Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 10 - Worldwide Circulation - December 6, 1989 Newsletter sold! The Holmes Family Newsletter was involved in a hostile takeover. ... read more

pictures of our life in astrakhan ( in family, adoption, holmes )

Tonight is our last night in Astrakhan. So, I thought I'd post some pictures of where we've been living for the past 19 days.We've had many battles over clothing. She thinks I put too much clothes on her. In the hotel room, she wears her thermals. But, she loves her boots. So, she of ... read more

skora mweh tam boojum ( in family, adoption, holmes )

Translation: We'll be there soon. This time next week, actually. I really want to be able to communicate with our daughter Elizabeth when we get there. I've been playing those language MP3's (other ones here and/or here) relentlessly for the past several weeks. Sometimes those p ... read more

and the judge says... ( in family, adoption, holmes )

She's ours!It's official! Elizabeth is ours. The court hearing went very smooth. It took about an hour and a half. There was a judge, prosecutor, a rep from the Child protective services, and the Minister of Education. They had a lot of questions about our parenting style, our financ ... read more

bowel movement ( in family, adoption, holmes )

I like a headline that demands attention!It's official, I'm a parent. Elizabeth had her first bowel movement since we've had her, and it was on my watch! Tara was unable to put Elizabeth down for a nap while I was out walking around town looking for groceries and sundry items. Once I ... read more


so you want to know how they can say hospitals are at capacity ( in life, health, covid )

Posted by Keisha Ruan on January 2, 2021 at 12:34am It is a play on words, simple math, and the assumption that you are stupid. I'm just a lowly aid who changes beds and sterilizes equipment yet I could easily get laid off right now because, well...I am not needed. There are a n ... read more

looking to get away from it all? here are some top 10 (or 20) lists. ( in life, travel, advice )

If you're looking to get away from it all, here is some hopefully useful information. If you're primarily English-speaking (maybe looking to move permanently), here's a list of countries (whose primary language is NOT English) ranked by English Proficiency Index for their English sk ... read more

raw video of nashville tornado aftermath (2 mins) ( in life, health, environment )

See tornado video (156mb). It was taken March 11, the week after the tornado, on Eastgate Blvd. in Mt. Juliet where they have that big auto auction site you can see from I-40. If you're quick, you might notice the Garmin GPS screen in the first frame of the movie showing which stre ... read more

small trees could form the basis of more drought-resistant rainforests ( in life, health, environment, trees )

Read the rest of the article at Small-trees-form-basis-drought-resistant-rainforests.html "UK scientists found that small trees in a water-deprived area of the rainforest showed increased capacity for photosynthesis and leaf..."DISCLAIMER: We are not medical professionals ... read more

installed the new dishwasher ( in life, home, appliances )

I finally got around to installing the new dishwasher that Tara's sister Stephanie mysteriously bought for us. Not sure why, but I never look a gift horse in the mouth. Seriously, if anyone ever feels like giving me something, feel free! :) Anyway, taking apart the old one (and its h ... read more

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The Lazy Pug Cafe -- The Lazy Pug Cafe was a dilapidated old two-story farmhouse abandoned years ago, lately serving as a sad but charming reminder of days gone by. With its beautiful old weeping willow in front and a massive ancient oak tree, Ol' Lightnin', out back, locals were grateful someone was finally bringing the