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FDIC Chair Martin Gruenberg to Resign After Damning Workplace Harassment Probe

SATIRE: Harrison Butker Late for Practice Again After Spending Morning Enslaving Women and Forcing Them to Wear Handmaid's Tale Uniform...

Nevada Abortion Rights Groups Submit Signatures to Advance Ballot Measure

New Hampshire Day Care Owner Charged with Secretly Sprinkling Melatonin on Kids' Food

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Signals Retirement Is Closer than Ever

Wendy's Will Offer $3 Breakfast Deal, as Rivals Such as McDonald's Test Value Meals to Drive Sales

fluoride-burk-quote-2.webpTcr Live 127: Here Comes the Fluoride Propaganda + Bethany Christian Services

Commemorating Nakba, 76 Years Ago: Palestine Apartheid, Stolen Lives and Land, History Erased, United Nations Deaf Mute

Data: Guess Where Gavin Newsom's California Ranks on the 'Opportunity' Scale

Cartels are Operating in All 50 States

SATIRE: Iranian President Asks Manager of Paradise Where All the Virgins are and If It'D Be Possible to Turn the Heat Down a Tad

SATIRE: Mike Tyson Upset to Discover Jake Paul Fight Contract Includes 'No Punching Jake Paul' Clause

D.C. Police Captain Shot 5 Blocks from His Station

The U.S. Was Set to Move 11 Detainees Out of Guantanamo. Then Politics Got in the Way, Some Officials Say

AI Deepfakes are Wreaking Havoc on an Unprepared Financial Industry

Here's a Summer Dream Job: Get Paid $100K to Swim in Pools in All 50 States in the U.S

SATIRE: Catholic Church Distances Self from Pope Francis

Haiti's Main International Airport Reopens Nearly Three Months After Gang Violence Forced It Closed

supreme-court.webpSupreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Sold Bud Light Owner's Stock Amid Boycott

frontier-airlines.webpSpirit Airlines Gets Rid of Change and Cancellation Fees, Joining Frontier

Hims & Hers Health Says It Will Offer Compounded Glp-1 Injections

Microsoft Highlights 'Copilot+' Pcs Ahead of Developer Conference

leo-hohmann-book.webpNATO Has Become the Military Wing of a Globalist Power Structure that Promotes the Self-Destruction of All Nations and a Depopulated World

Putin's Strategic Blunder

google.webpGoogle's AI-First Ambitions Sideline Publishers, Boost Its Ability to Filter and Control Information

Undp: Why Legal Identity Is Crucial to Tackling the Climate and Energy Crisis

fluoride-burk-quote-2.webpHigh Fluoride Levels in Water Risk to the Developing Brain

israeli-mascot.webpInternational Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Karim A.A. Khan Kc Accuses Palestine of Waging War Against Israel

Fighting Back Against a Historical Racist Genocide. Mike Whitney

Michele Swinick Reveals Explosive Evidence of an Administrative Insurrection by Magical Manufactured Vote Totals

trump-being-especially-stupid.webpAre the World Powers Going to Install Trump for a Global Market Crash?

This Exercise Protects Against Knee Pain or Arthritis, According to New Study

fluoride-burk-quote-2.webpCould Fluoride in Pregnancy Affect Kids Development? A Study Suggests a Link

OpenAI Pauses Use of Voice that Many Compared to Scarlett Johannson's

chocolate-vanilla-pastries.webpSolution Found for Lack of Natural Vanilla: A Way to Create It from Plant Waste in One Step

UK Report Finds Decades-Long Infected Blood Scandal Was Covered Up

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Wins Bid to Appeal Extradition to US

rumble.webpPopular Podcast "Breaking Points" Joins Rumble

As Their Customers Age, Department Stores Chase Younger Shoppers

Fearing AI 'Take Over', 'Godfather of Ai' Advises UK Gov't to Start Ubi

julian-assange-speaking.webpAssange Wins High Court Victory in Temporary Reprieve from Extradition to US

US Military's Covid Coup Against America

UK High Court Allows Assange to Challenge US Extradition

map-palestine-vs-israel.webpPalestine 1920: The Other Side of the Palestinian Story

University Professors are Losing Their Jobs Over "New McCarthyism" on Gaza

Assange Wins in U.S. Extradition Appeal

boss-arrows.gifWhat's the Point of the Administrative Class?

Maybe We're Closer to "You'll Own Nothing" than We Realize

Teen Resuscitated from Cardiac Arrest After Drinking Panera Charged Lemonade, Lawsuit Alleges

Drake Bell Reflects on the Aftermath of Quiet on Set

He Saved One of the Largest Forests in India from Coal Mining, Wins 2024 Goldman Prize

justice-alito.webpLike Many Americans, Justice Alito Divested from Bud Light. Now Big Trans Is Big Mad

Mortgage Brokers Leak Sensitive Data to Facebook

food-prices-skyrocketing.webpInflation Is a Policy -- Gold Does Not Reflect Monetary Destruction, Yet

Are Consumers Pulling Back on Spending? It Depends Which CEO You Ask

supreme-court.webpSupreme Court Rejects Challenge to Maryland Assault Weapon Ban

Who Was Behind the Drc's Attempted Coup and Were Americans Involved?

Target Lowering Prices on 5,000 Frequently Bought Items

julian-assange-speaking.webpWikileaks' Julian Assange's Wins Right to Appeal U.S. Extradition

Drake Bell's Son Inspired Him to Open Up About Abuse: 'These Decisions are No Longer for Myself'

mushroom-cloud.webpUN Watchdog Warns on Nuclear Trafficking

US Set to Evacuate 'Illegal' Troops from Niger

Panic in Bishkek: Why Were Pakistani Students Attacked in Kyrgyzstan?

Russia's Evolving Africa Agenda, Post-Soviet Players. Prof. Alexey Vasilyev

Spain Recalls Ambassador as Spat with Argentina's Milei Extends

South African Court Rules Zuma Not Eligible to Run for Parliament

astronaut-floating-free.webpEd Dwight, America's First Black Astronaut Candidate, Becomes Oldest Person to Reach Space

Red Lobster Files for Bankruptcy

91-Year-Old Surprises Tiny Fire Department with $500,000 for Updating Their Archaic Equipment

dali-key-bridge-julia-nikhinson-reuters.webpContainer Ship Set to Be Removed 8 Weeks After Catastrophic Francis Scott Key Bridge Crash in Baltimore

Transcending the Simplistic Binaries: Pros-And-Cons, Risks-And-Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ecological Disruption and Militarization of Antarctica Will Push the Planet Closer to Tipping Points

Dominican Republic President Abinader Wins Second Term

orban-viktor-miniszterelnok.webpOrban: Patriotic Fighters Needed in Europe

First World War and Imperialism. Dr. Jacques Pauwels

Good News in History, May 20

michel-chussodovsky.jpgBehold the Real "Axis of Evil". Option C of Israel's "Secret Intelligence Memorandum."

The Blood-Red Sunset of the West. Strengthening of the Sino-Russian Relations

Will the Sinai Peninsula See an Influx of Palestinians? What Will Be Its Impact?

Two Economic and Financial Periods with Similarities, But with Different International Monetary Systems: 1920-1929 and 2008-2024

corbett-report.webpDid Fink Save the Dollar? -- Questions for Corbett

julian-assange.webpUK Court to Rule on Julian Assange Extradition Appeal: What Could Happen?


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William lai Ching-Te Urges Peace as He Becomes Taiwan's New President

'Why Should We Vote?' India's Jute Workers Blame Politicians for Woes

pancreatic-cancer-cells.webpOxford Breakthrough Could Allow Cancer to Be Detected 7 Years Earlier than Current Methods

Man Steals, Crashes Police SUV with Officer Inside in Downtown L.A

Taiwan's New President Calls on China to Cease 'Intimidation'

SATIRE: Husband Puzzled by Strange Device Found Near Bread Loaf

julian-assange-speaking.webpBring Julian Home: The Australian Campaign to Free Assange

'Troublemaker' William lai Ching-Te to Take Oath as Taiwan's New President

map-new-caledonia-wikipedia.webpFrench Forces Clear New Caledonia Roadblocks as Official Vows to End Unrest

wad-of-cash-various-denominations.webpVirginia Teacher Retired After 67 Years and Just Left $1 Million to Her School Family

'Portal' Installation Linking Dublin and NY Reopens After 'Inappropriate Behavior'

Researchers Develop a 'Game-Changing' Blood Test for Stroke Detection in the Field: 'Truly Transformative'

map-palestine-vs-israel.webp"Greater Israel": The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

Dad Literally Lends a Hand to Daughter Who Broke Wrist Before a Violin Performance

Sean 'Diddy' Combs 'Truly Sorry' After Video Appears to Show Him Beating Ex-Girlfriend

helicopter-white.webpIran Prez in Copter Crash -- Search & Rescue Underway

The Abstract Episode 30 "Why Is Nobody Else Talking About the Mitre Corporation?"

dali-key-bridge-julia-nikhinson-reuters.webpContainer Ship that Struck Baltimore Bridge Will Be Removed from the Site Within Days, Maryland Governor Says

Dominican Republic Voters Head to the Polls with Eyes on Haiti Crisis

california.webpSATIRE: God Baffled that Democrats Managed to Ruin California

The New Cycle of Atrocities in Darfur Must Be Stopped

Aboriginal and Treaty Rights: "Grave Error" on Alleged Mass Graves Adjacent to Indian Residential Schools in Canada

Emir of Kuwait Dissolves the National Assembly and Takes Aim at the Muslim Brotherhood

ADHD Drug Shortage Shows Signs of Letting Up, But Some Patients Still Struggle

mushroom-cloud.webpAi, Cyber, Autonomous, Hypersonic Emerging Technologies for Military Use: Accentuate the Already Very Serious Threat of Nuclear Weapons

The Sitdown

'Grim Reminder': Sri Lanka's Tamils Mark 15 Years Since End of Civil War

How Do You Get Hypothermia in a Prison? Records Show Hospitalizations Among Virginia Inmates

julian-assange.webpWikileaks Julian Assange Faces U.S. Extradition Judgment Day

African Liberation Day and the Struggle for Freedom in Palestine

Estonia Preventing Russian Children from Learning Their Own Native Language

medical-team.webpWilful Evil. James Lyons-Weiler Exposes Harmful, Intentional Medical Fraud

Taiwan Ramps Up Security for New President's Inauguration Amid China Threat

minnie-mickey-balloons.webpDisneyland Character and Parade Performers in California Vote to Join Labor Union

gold-bars.webpThis Researcher Found Billions in 'Invisible' Gold in Jo'Burg's Mine Dumps

Promising the Impossible: Blinken's Out of Tune Performance in Kyiv


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Azbej: Christian Communities are Being Reborn in Iraq

gavel-1.webpMissouri Judge Allows Former 'Honorary' Member of KKK to Remain on State's GOP Primary Ballot

Abiogenic Deep Origin of Hydrocarbons Disputes the "Climate Change" Cult

jp-sears.webpJP Sears: "We Need to Stop Outsourcing Our Power"

SATIRE: 10 Real-Life Examples of Why American Measurements are Better than the Communist Metric System

Some Consumers are Punting Big Purchases Like Pools and Mattresses

L.A. County Investigating Reported Hepatitis a Case at Beverly Hills Whole Foods

movies-back-to-the-future.webpDirty Dancing, Back to the Future and E.T. Voted Best 80s Films: Poll Reveals Top 40 Movies from Big-Hair Days

distributing-water-bottles.webpHouston Distributes Water as More than 500,000 Remain Without Power After Devastating Storms

At Least 23 People Missing Off Tunisia Coast, Authorities Say

fluoride-burk-quote-2.webpWhy Is the MSM Suddenly Pushing Fluoride Propaganda?

facial-distancing.webpDHS and TSA Adjust Digital Strategies with Biometrics, Facial Recognition

middle-aged-woman-pexels.webpYoung Man Helps the Elderly Stay Fit by Giving Them Boxing Lessons--And the Results are Pure Gold

The Covid Endgame: Global Governance, "Digital Tyranny" and the Depopulation Agenda

food-prices-skyrocketing.webpPhoenix Is Beating the Rest of the Country on Inflation -- on Paper Anyway

Second Nakba: Peace in Palestine Is Not Only Peace in the Middle East But in the World

robert-fico.webpIs Ukraine Starting to Back Terrorism Around the World? Attempted Assassination of Slovak PM Robert Fico

russian-military-parade-red-square-yuri-kochetkov.webpKremlin Reshuffling of Power Structure. New Minister of Defense. Massive Increase in Russia's Military Spending

roboto.webpThe High Risks of AI and Robotic Weapons

Armenia Is "Sleeping with the Enemy": Prime Minister Pashinyan's Fantasies About Eu/NATO Membership

Vietnam Nominates Public Security Minister to Be New President

animated-power-co.gifUS Power Grid May Become Unreliable This Summer, Watchdog Warns

map-new-caledonia-wikipedia.webpViolent Protests Rage in New Caledonia Amid Growing Civil Unrest

drone-in-flight.webpAre Seed-Sowing Drones the Answer to Global Deforestation?

Study Links Talc Use to Ovarian Cancer -- a Potential Boon for Thousands Suing J&J

kamala-harris.webpKamala Harris to Speak at Seiu Convention Set to Elect the Union's First Black President

big-pharma.webpSix Vaccinology-Illiterate US Presidents Have Promoted Big Pharma's Fast-Tracked Experimental Vaccines

University Encampments and the Freedom Flotilla: Fighting Back Against Historical Racist Genocide

Lebanon's Economic Crisis Endures, as Does the EU's 'Fear' of Refugees

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We're lied to with headlines like "US counts record 4,000 COVID deaths in a day as virus continues to wreak havoc." These deaths, if accurate in number, were from seasonal flu/influenza -- perhaps pneumonia, and/or related illnesses -- not covid. Individuals succumbing are largely elderly, infirm, likely with other health issues, and weakened immune systems. -- Stephen Lendman

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