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October 3, 2023

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Senator Mike Morrell: Is Today's Political Climate Too Divisive... or Not Enough?

Turley Lays Out One 'Interesting' Move Hunter Biden's Legal Team Might Try that Could End Up Opposing Joe's Agenda

Court Rules Against School District that Allowed Students to Change Pronouns Without Parental Consent

CBS Reporter Notes Hunter Biden's 'Nervous Energy' During Plea on Gun Charges

Zuckerberg-Backed Nonprofit Launches Campaign on AI Misinformation in 2024 Election, Targeting Key Dem Voters

Mass Airborne mRNA Bioweapon Administration for the Proletariat: An Atrocity

SATIRE: After California Passes New Fast Food Minimum Wage, Jack-In-The-Box Announces 2 Tacos for $20

SATIRE: 'This' Shouts Matt Gaetz, Handing Stock Photo of Douchebag to His Stylist

UK Bans Sex Offenders Changing Gender to Hide Identities

They Accidentally Bought a RUN-Down 120-YO House in Scotland--But Decided to Restore It with Love After Whoopsie Auction (Look)

RNC Threatens to Ban Christie and Ramaswamy from Third GOP Primary Debate Over Planned Joint Appearance

Here are the Five Republicans Trying to Oust Kevin McCarthy

One-Year-Old Dies Just Days After Judge Returned Her to Abusive Family

Army Plans to Overhaul Recruiting After Missing Goal Again

At a Total Loss: Justices Search for Historical Precedent for Key Financial Regulator

Conservatives Face Tighter Restrictions on Speech on College Campuses, Poll Reveals

Protect Pregnancy and Breastfeeding from Vaccine Risks

Eco-Activists Go on Tire-Deflating Spree to Dissuade SUV Use

Convention of States: Congress, Not States, to Blame for Big Government

Dr. Kary B. Mullis. "The Other Nobel Prize". No Infection or Illness Can Be Accurately Diagnosed with the PCR "Test&quo...

SATIRE: Congress Warns that Gaetz and McCarthy are Distracting from Important Work of Voting Themselves Raises

Mysterious "Alaska Triangle" Linked to 20,000 Disappearances and UFO Sightings

Pope Francis Opens Door to Catholics Blessing Gay Relationships

DoD Official Ran Dogfighting Ring, Electrocuted Losers to Death

Ukraine Was Always the UK's War First

Australia: Independent Senator David Pocock Pushes Back Against Government's "Misinformation" Law

EU Rep Says Fighting "Disinformation" About Ukraine Is "High Priority"

UK Government Monitored the Social Media Activity of Education Critics

The People Who Lied and Brainwashed Americans to Poison Themselves

House to Vote on Speakership; Dems Won't Save McCarthy

Sam Altman Is Creating Himself in the Image of Robert Oppenheimer or Bill Gates?

Alarming Covid Jab Contamination Shocks Scientists

Air Force Sued Over Free Speech Rights of Airman Who Called Out Cancel Culture While in Uniform

'A Red Line for Me': GOP Rep Lays Out Why He Backs Matt Gaetz's Move to Oust Kevin McCarthy

Natural Defenses in Plants May Be Successful in Humans Against Neurodegenerative Diseases: New Study

Key Hunter Biden Business Partner Eyed as Witness for Next Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

The #plasmidgate Scandal, Plasmid DNA: "DNA Lasts for Ever and If It Integrates Into Your Genome, You Will Produce Its Product Fo...

The Passing of the Father of India's Green Revolution. the Devastating Impacts of "Hybrid High Yielding Varieties" and T...

British Soldiers in Ukraine Would Be Legitimate Target for Russia

Americans Slowly Start to Figure Out the Myth of "Authority"

Federal Debt Increased by $2.2 Trillion in Fiscal Year 2023

Erick Erickson: There's Got to Be a Better Way to Pick the President

Multiple Eric Adams Donors Say They Had No Idea They Chipped in Max Contributions to His Campaign

Automakers Lay Off More Workers as Strike Takes Its Toll

Machete-Wielding Prof Who Threatened Reporter Gets Six Months of Therapy in Plea Deal

Eyeball Scanning Global Digital ID System Worldcoin Suggests Using It for Social Welfare

WEF Digital Safety Partner Calls for Online Crackdown on "Harmful" Content

Matt Gaetz Filed a Motion to Vacate Against Speaker McCarthy -- Now What?

Fox News Congressional Reporter Is Board Member of UN Refugee Charity

Hunter Biden Pleads Not Guilty to Gun Charges

NYC College Student Sentenced to Year in Dubai Prison After Touching Airport Security Guard's Arm

Special Needs Students Radiate Joy While Being Honored at Texas Homecoming Game: 'Touches My Heart'

Zelensky Should Have Stayed Home. Visit to Attend the United Nations General Assembly and Meet Biden Turns Out Badly

The Key to Peace in Ukraine? The Other Broken NATO Promise

Canada-Ukraine: Are All Nazis War Criminals? Stupidity and Depravity Can Be Mutually Exclusive

Court Moves to End Government Censorship by Proxy in Social Media

The War... for Your Mind "Vindication of the Alternative Journalist"

Liberators vs. Triumvirs: The Battle of Philippi Begins Today in 42 B.C

Hunter Reported to Rely on 2A Case President Said Should "Deeply Trouble Us All"

DNC Officials are Freaking Out Because They Can't Get Enough Minorities to Represent Them

Untenable Situation: Dem Gov Slams Biden Over Lack of Intervention in Border Crisis

Nobel mRNA Persists and Loads Body with Disease Promoting and Lethal Spike Protein. Three Natural Substances Will Help in Getting Rid ...

Consulting Firms Linked to Blinken & Nuland are Advising Ukraine on How to Spend US Foreign Aid

Agustn Carstens, General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements--Which Is the Central Bank of Central Banks--Admits that CB...

Lviv, Ukraine: March to Honor 14th Waffen SS Nazis in Ukraine

Putin Orders First-Ever Nationwide Nuclear Drill, Prepares Bomb-Test at Arctic Circle

Former Democrat Congressman Turned Lobbyist Jim Moran Just Added the Ukrainian Government as a Client for $25,000/Month

Pentagon Official Arrested for Running Pit Bull Dog Fighting Ring

Pentagon Warns Congress More Money Is Needed to Replace Weapons Sent to Ukraine: DoD Comptroller

Politico Runs Holocaust Revisionist Op-Ed to Contextualize Canadian Nazi Debacle

Trump Shares Court Sketch of Him Sitting Next to Jesus at Fraud Trial

Ex-Chief of Staff John Kelly Says Stories About Trump Hating on Veterans, POWs are True

3 Cooks in Prison Honed Creativity with Drab Ingredients--Now Out, Award-Winning Chef and Businessmen

White Rage: General Mark Milley Leaves Behind a Checkered Legacy

Republicans Achieve Highest Marks on the Economy in Over 30 Years: Poll

Federal Judge Schedules Menendez Bribery Trial for May

The One Quadrillion Dollars Derivatives Bubble: "The Great Taking": How They Plan to Own It All

Canada and the NATO Alliance Hunker Down to Defend Race War Against Russia

Secret Jab Exemptions for Healthcare Workers in New Zealand Come to Light

Bernie Sanders: Are You Really in Support of Another Endless War?

Nobel Prize 2023 for Inventors of mRNA Vaccine. Propaganda for a Fake "Vaccine". Reward for Triggering a Worldwide Trend in ...

Mark Meckler: Convention of States Could Take 10-25 Years to Accomplish

This Proxy War Can't Be Both 'Unprovoked' and a Great Strategic Investment

NY Judge Caught Smiling During Trump Trial Is Lifelong Democrat Donor

Cities Should Act Now to Ban Predictive Policing...And Stop Using Shotspotter, Too

Former Vice President at Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon: The So-Called "Pandemic" Was Planned and Co-Ordinated in Advance, by Unele...

Holly Tree Presumed Extinct for 200 Years Discovered After Placement on Most Wanted List: Nature Surprises US

Gaetz Files Motion to Oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Covidian Madness Infects Alberta's Criminal Justice System. the Truckers Movement and the Case of the "Coutts Four"

History of Nazism in Ukraine: 1944-1963

Ukraine War: Not About NATO...Until Now?

Discriminatory and Offensive

Michigan Sheriff Warns that South American Gangs are Breaking Into Homes

Last Friday a Homeless Man Set a Bay Area Mini Mart Worker on Fire After Being Confronted About Shoplifting for the Third Time that Da...

New Drag University Program at Princeton to Fund Students Budding Drag Careers

WEF Running U.S Border Crisis from Military Bases in Panama

Understand What Is Happening in Poland

Dianne Feinstein Is Leaving Behind a Massive $100m+ Portfolio to Her Four Daughters

First Grade Teacher Encourages Fellow Teachers to Read Banned Books that Teach Kids that They Can Be Born in the Wrong Body

When Trudeau's Liberal Party Leaders Said They Would Only Regulate Big Tech Social Media Platforms, They Lied. They are Now Demand...

S. Matthew Liao, a "Bioethicist" with Ties to the WEF: Humans Should Be Genetically Modified to Induce an Intolerance to Mea...

New Paper in Nature Journal Vaccines Shows Vaccine mRNA in the Heart of People Who Got Myocarditis and Died After Covid Vaccination

This Is Absolutely Horrific. a Group of Young Minor Girls Were Chained Up, Abused and Raped. 11 Illegals Were at the Scene When Police...

Germany and France Tried to Interfere in the Election of Hungary to Get Rid of Viktor Orban, But They Failed. Now Germany, France and ...

Jamaal Bowman Trolled with Fake FBI Wanted Poster in Bathroom After Fire Alarm Incident

Watch Matt Orfalea Bitch Slap Those Who Said the Ukraine Invasion Was "Not About NATO"

In the Middle of a Revolution: Tucker Sits Down with Victor Davis Hanson

'Nuclear Option': Jonathan Turley Warns of GOP's 'Insatiable Appetite' for Jamaal Bowman's Expulsion

Supervisor in Crime-Plagued Blue City Using Family's Foundation to Bankroll Anti-Cop Groups

Ibn Rushd/Averroes: Grandfather of European Enlightenment

Update on the Hague Project

Hungary's Orban Pours Cold Water on Ukraine Joining the European Union

Supreme Court to Hear Case that Could Be the Undoing of Major Financial Regulator

Matt Gaetz Files Motion to Remove Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker

On This Day in History: Congress Sends Proposed Bill of Rights to the States for Consideration

Judge Rules on Tesla Lawsuit Allegations that "Self-Driving" Claims Were Misleading

134 UN Members Led by Cuba Demand Global Control, NWO & Your Money

Here's Where Conservative House GOP Members Stand on Removing Kevin McCarthy

SATIRE: Here are the Only 20 Times It's Acceptable for a Man to Cry

Emergence -- This Is a Test... You are the Enemy w/ James Ponder

Propaganda and The US Government: Is This the End of the American Dream?

Biden's Economic Approval Dives to Lowest Point of His Presidency: Poll

'scorched-Earth': Major Union Files for Bankruptcy After Losing Decade-Long Legal Battle

Pro-Abortion Group Spent Millions Helping Dems Before Their Leader Was Handed a Senate Seat

Clay Clark and Aaron Antis Answer the Age-Old Question: Are We in the Beginning of the End?

Ai, Transhumanism, Demonic Sorcery & How It's All Connected to the Ultimate Spiritual Battle Currently in Full Force

The Spiritual Battle Is Bigger than We Realize and We're Not Winning It

Chad Hawley: Purpose Will Save Your Life

The Decline of American Culture

The US Air Force Failed to Hit a Single Recruitment Goal This Year

Gavin Newsom Signs Repeal of California's Covid Medical Censorship Law

EV Mandate Shaping Up to Be Key Election Issue in Virginia: Poll

'He Should Be Disbarred': Trump Rips Judge in Fraud Case, Calls Ruling 'Election Interference'

SATIRE: Incredible Vegas Sphere Experience Ruined by Presence of U2

Supreme Court Rules on Effort to Keep Trump Off Election Ballot

Daughter of School Athletic Director Dies After Collapsing in Homecoming Event

SCOTUS Begins Session with GUN-Rights and Free-Speech Cases

Jamaal Bowman Pulls Fire Alarm: Accident or Stunt to Delay Vote on Stopgap Spending Bill?

Russia Halts Further Troop Mobilization as West Pays for 70% of Ukraine's Expenses

SATIRE: Gavin Newsom Throws Dart at Board Covered in Black Lesbians to Select Next Senator

SATIRE: Wife Dies Instantly After Drinking Water that Wasn't Filtered, Remineralized, and Served in Oversize Tumbler

Jonathan Turley Details How Uncommon NY Law Could Spell Trouble for Trump in Civil Suit

Here's What Democrats Reportedly Want in Return for Helping McCarthy Remain Speaker

Newt Gingrich Ratioed for Defending McCarthy, RiNOs Against Matt Gaetz

Left-Wing Group Linked to Dark Money Network Wants to Scan Americans iPhone Photos

And This Year's Nobel Prize Goes To... the mRNA Vaccine Creators?

Roomba of the Sea Looks Like a Manta Ray and Will Sink Seaweed to Help Absorb Carbon

Ukrainian Nazis Celebrated and Admired by the West

Landowners Rally for CO2-Pipeline Round 2

North Korea Enshrines Nukes in Constitution, Poland Signs Deal to Go Nuclear

Busted -- But "Jussie Smollett 2.0" Calls His Lies "Emotional Truths"

SATIRE: Rep. Bowman Pulls Fire Alarm Again While Trying to Flush Urinal

SATIRE: New 2024 Poll Shows Trump and Biden Trailing Behind Kevin James Meme

Jamaal Bowman Begs Fellow Dems for Support After Fire Alarm Fiasco, Shifts Blame to Nazi Republicans

Biden Regime Cracks Down on Pool Pump Motors with New Multi-Billion Dollar Regulation

Chuck Devore: Gavin Newsom's Calculated Senate Appointment Is a Masterstroke in Political Chess

Pentagon Begs Congress for More Ukraine Cash as Biden Warns of Urgency

UK Health Service Will Give a Year of Paid Leave for Male Menopause

Letitia James Stares Trump Down as He Sits in Courtroom

PlUS-Size Influencer Who Demanded Free, Extra Plane Seats Now Asks Hotels Should Enlarge Their Hallways

'sinful Situations': Cardinals Ask Pope Francis to Clarify Position on Same-Sex Marriage

Did Gavin Newsom's Senate Appointment Just Crush Adam Schiff's 2024 Dreams?

Biden's Support Among Minority Voters Is Plummeting as Trump Gains Ground: Poll

Supreme Court Won't Hear John Eastman's Bid to Vacate Rulings that Forced Him to Hand Over Emails to Jan. 6 Committee

New Book Claims that Alleged Fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried Wanted to Pay Trump $5 Billion Not to Run for President

'Don't I Have a Right to My Safety?': Blue State Residents Sound Off on Homelessness Crisis

'Threat to Public Safety': Blue County Expands Zero-Bail Policy Despite Opposition

Sarah Rehberg: Wall Street Is in Bed with Crazy Climate Activists

Supreme Court Deals Blow to Effort to Keep Trump Off the Ballot

'Beholden to the Abortion Lobby': Pro-Life Groups Blast Gavin Newsom's Activist Appointee to Replace Dianne Feinstein

Green Energy Stocks Have Had a Brutal Few Months While Oil and Gas Tick Up

GOP Congresswoman Vows to Resign If Key Debt Reduction Demand Isn't Met

Sam Altman Wants to Replace Normal People with Ai

I Read Yuval Noah Harari's Book (So You Don't Have To) -- James Corbett

The "Air Vaccine" Is Here, No Needle Necessary to Get mRNA Technology Into Humans

Feds Considered Sex Trafficking Charge for Hunter Biden

Reddit to Block Users from Opting Out of Personalized Ads

Newsletter Company Aweber Deplatforms Libs of TikTok

Spanish Author Is Sued Over Tweet "Misgendering" a Self-Described "Non Binary" Person

Canada Issues Further Blow to Free Speech, Forces Even Podcast Platforms to Register with the Government

The Canadian Government, Armed with One of the World's Most Repressive Online Censorship Schemes, Announces that All "Online ...

Big Pharma Vaccine Salesman, Ex-Terrorist and Director-General of The W.H.O., Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Is Desperate to Keep the Cov...

Klaus Schwab Says the World Will No Longer Be Run by Superpowers Like America... It Will Be Run by the World Economic Forum Stakeholde...

Eagle Pass, TX: This Group of Venezuelans Crossed Into Eagle Pass. After Crossing, They Didn't Know What to Do. "We Were Told...

Canada Has Given Roughly $9 Billion Dollars to Ukraine as Justin Trudeau Said in This Speech

Excess Deaths from Cardiovascular Diseases Up 44% Last Year Among UK Citizens Aged 15-44

SATIRE: Democrats Propose $12 Billion Study to Determine What This Strange Red Handle Thingy Does

Starbucks Workers Raise Over $40K for Beloved Barista After Her Car Was Burglarized

Researchers Have Developed an Airborne mRNA Vaccine Gov Data Shows Triple Vaccinated Have Developed "Aids"

Ukrainian Grain Blackmail Is About the Profits of Multinational Corporations

Canada's Proclivity to Whitewash Its Nazi Affiliations

Ukraine's Assassination Program Has Gotten So Out of Control that Some of Its Members are Starting to Speak Out

Republicans Win, Biden and Ukraine Lose

Ivermectin Has at Least 15 Anti-Cancer Mechanisms of Action. Can It Treat Covid mRNA Vaccine-Induced Turbo Cancers?

National Identities of the People Living in Ukraine. Historical Background

Scammers Use AI to Beg NYC Parents for $15K by Mimicking Their Child's Voice

Biden Regime Believes Corruption in Ukraine Is Biggest Threat to War Support

U.K. Minister of Defense Proposes Sending Military Troops to Ukraine

Researchers at Yale University Have Created a New Airborne Method of Delivery for mRNA Vaccines. They Claim that Their Tests Were Able...

Near 50% of Black Britons Want to Leave UK

Call for an Immediate Ceasefire and Peace Negotiations to End the War in Ukraine. Joseph Gerson

And the Winner Is... Covid Shots Nobel Prize for Medicine Goes to Us Scientist and Hungarian Peer Who Helped Create Game-Changing mRNA...

Russian-Latin American Parliamentarians Share Thoughts on Geopolitical Situation and Economic Cooperation

How Soviet-Era Doctrine and Weapons Trump American Warfighting

The Delusional Climate Countdown -- a Holistic Appraisal of Real Climate Change

Caribbean Island Designated a Huge Nature Reserve After Complete Eradication of Rats Brought Nature Back in Balance

5G? Marburg Virus? Lipid Nanoparticles? Zombies? What in the World Is Coming on October 4?

Thousands of Schools Drop to Four-Day Week

Ron Desantis Insists He Won't Serve as Donald Trump's Vice Presidential Pick If Asked

Former Democrat Offers Advice for Texas Mayor Under Fire for Ditching Party to Join GOP

Georgia Man Who Thrives on Laughter Celebrates 102nd Birthday

Judge Orders NY to Give Nearly Half a Million in Legal Fees to NRA After Supreme Court Victory

Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse When Moon and Sun Form Perfect Line with Earth in a Ring of Fire

Here's What Democrats Reportedly Want in Exchange for Helping Kevin McCarthy Keep His Job

GOP Lawmakers Say Marine Corps Diversity-Focused Officer Program May Discriminate Based on Race, Gender

White House Prohibiting Official Travel to Fossil Fuel Conferences, Internal Memo Shows

Saudi-Israel Normalisation: The Grand Illusion

How a CBDC Created Chaos and Poverty in Nigeria

There Is a Large Group of Officials at the Pentagon that Believes Aliens are Demonic Entities

Which New World Order are We Talking About?

Get Ready for the Flu/Covid Season by Avoiding Vaccines and Using God-Created Natural Remedies

Climate Change: Our Absolute Stupidity and Absurdity of Trying to Save Ourselves

Texas Republicans Call for Speaker Dade Phelan's Resignation

TX AG Ken Paxton: Plyler v. Doe, 457 U.S. 202 Must Be Overturned

2 Very Ominous Events that are Going to Happen This Week

In Support of the Policy of Deterrence

Rep. Bowman Claims He Thought the Fire Alarm Would Open the Door. But Here's What the Signs Next to It Said

Bill Maher Doesn't Mince Words About Biden's 2024 Plans: 'Voters Think He's Too Old'

Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk by Keeping Cell Phones and Other Wireless Sources Away from Your Breasts

US Signs Deal that Will Allow Military Deployments to Ecuador

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Spray-Painted by Climate Activists

The Hegemonic UN-WEF-NATO Triad: U.N. "Sustainable Development" (Sdg 2030) = Endless Wars, Poverty and Famine Worldwide

Beer Company Hits 'record-Breaking' Sales on Limited-Edition Beer Can with Trump's Mugshot on It

Crouere: Kennedy Is Leaving the Party of Corruption

Michigan High School Student Charged After Viral Video of Her Hitting Teacher with Metal Chair

Dean Phillips to Step Down from Democratic Leadership Role Amid 2024 Rumors

Americans Cell Phones to Receive Emergency Alert Test This Week

The Supreme Court Term Begins This Week. Here are the Cases You Need to Watch

Kevin McCarthy Directly Responds After Rep. Gaetz Announces Plan to Oust Him as Speaker

Meghan Markle Reportedly Eyeing Late Dianne Feinstein's Seat After Her Passing

Ex-Secdef Esper Worries Trump Will Retaliate Against Deep State If Elected

Police Chief Who Led Raid on Small Kansas Newspaper Suspended: Reports

UK Intel Orgs Ban White People from Internships

SATIRE: Church Elder Pulls Fire Alarm to Delay Vote on New Carpet

5 Abuses of Science for Power, Profit and Political Gains

A Tale of Two Men: Dr. Peter Hotez & RFK, Jr

Terminator-Inspired Electrodes Grown in Living Brains Pave Way for Neurological Disorder Treatments

Soros Groups Demand No Elections Be Held in Ukraine... to Preserve Democracy?

Protecting "Safe and Effective" Narrative: Over 277,000 Covid Cases in 2021 Among the "Vaccinated" Hidden by CDC

The Supreme Court Could Weigh in on Whether Colleges Speech Police are Legal

SATIRE: Buffalo Guy Kicking Himself for Not Just Pulling Fire Alarm to Evacuate Congress

The Supreme Court Will Hear the Case on Florida and Texas Banning Big Tech from Censoring Citizens

The CDC Awards $260 Million Contract for Disease Surveillance

Radical NY Democrat Pulls Fire Alarm, Leading to Evacuation of Congress

Sallust: The Roman Historian Who Taught the Founders to Believe in Conspiracies

Red Top Dem Warns Party Is 'sleepwalking Into 2016 Repeat'

Trump Predicts Biden Border Crossings to Exceed 15 Million by Year End

Increasing Steps by 3,000 Per Day Can Lower Blood Pressure in Older Adults

China Ramps Up Crackdown on American Tech

Deroy Murdock: Donald Trump Looks More Electable by the Day

Suzanne Downing: Tell Me Government Is Too Big Without Telling Me It's Too Big

Never Mind Those Hordes of Military-Aged Chinese Men with the Same Clothing, Haircuts and Tattoos Swarming Our Southern Border

Another Random Cold Blooded Execution of a White Man in Philadelphia, US

Trudeau Government Moves to Regulate Podcasts

"If the American People Ever Allow Private Banks to Control the Issue of Their Currency, First by Inflation, Then by Deflation, t...

Schumer: "McConnell and I Have Agreed to Continue Fighting for More Economic and Security Aid for Ukraine."

Mariana Mazzucato a Panelist at the WEF Describes that Their Plan to Vaccinate the World Has Failed and that Climate Change Is Too Har...

Dr David Bell, a Former W.H.O. Senior Medical Officer Warns that the W.H.O. Is No Longer Operating as Originally Intended to Provide G...

Exchange Your Guns for Gift Cards. No Questions Asked

Federal Prosecutors Considered Charging Hunter Biden with Sex Trafficking But DOJ Failed to File Charges: IRS Whistleblower

Florida Is Using Digital ID Facial Recognition on Hurricane Relief Applicants

Analysis of Warrants Reveal Investigators are Using Google Data to Try and Solve Non-Violent Crimes

Biden Criticizes Online "Misinformation," Compares the Internet to the Unregulated Printing Press

"A National the Canadian Government and the Residential School Systems". John S. Malloy

No Jab. No Education? Lockdowns and QR Codes Worldwide. Big Pharma's Stranglehold on Schools

Passionate Horror Fan Now Earns Thousands Teaching Creepy Make-Up Looks on Social Media

Betsy McCaughey: Biden Is the King of Censorship

Nagorno-Karabakh Separatist Republic Ceases to Exist

"A National Crime" (A Balanced Look at the Residential School Systems)

Matt Gaetz Will Attempt McCarthy Ouster This Week

Biden DOJ's Response to Pregnancy Center Attacks Shows 'Double Standard,' Pro-Life Advocates and Legal Experts Say

Daniel McCarthy: Biden's a Loser, But Dems are Stuck with Him

We're in the Middle of a Global Coup -- Here's How We Stop It

Zoos Welcome Paddington Bears for Breeding Programs to Help Save Species from Extinction

Pope Francis Appoints 21 New Cardinals, Including an American, to Help Reform Catholic Church

Vivek Ramaswamy Speaks on Term Limits for in Fiery California Speech He Says Staff Advised Him Against

NY Boy's Kind Gesture Supports Best Friend with Alopecia: 'I Love You, Bro'

Louisiana Tech Linebacker Brevin Randle Suspended After Stomping on Opposing Player's Head

Biden Signs Short-Term Funding Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown

Senate Passes Temporary Funding Bill to Prevent Government Shutdown

2009 Gathering of "The Good Club", Sponsored by Bill Gates, Wants to Shrink World Population

The Mad Propaganda Push to Normalize War Profiteering in Ukraine

Appeals Court Blocks Iowa School District Rule Punishing Students Who Ignore Gender Pronoun Preferences

Trump Drops F-Bomb at Campaign Event

Rand Paul Has Three Theories About Fauci's Alleged Secret Visit to CIA Headquarters: '3 Possibilities Exist'

Democrat Draws Loud Reaction from House Republicans After Claiming They Tried to Provide Themselves with a Pay Raise

Doctrine of Imminence

The Light of Reality

Either You're Serious, or You're Not

Dem Rep Who Pulled Fire Alarm Before House Vote Previously Warned Catastrophic Shutdown Would Put Lives at Risk

Elon Musk Fires '50 Cal' Gun in Video, Says He Has 'An Arsenal of Weapons'

Evacuation Underway and Multiple Deaths Reported After Chemical Incident

Expert Claims King Charles' 'Terrible Mistake' Could Spell Ruin for the Royals

Squad Democrat Accused of Pulling Fire Alarm Amid Tense Shutdown Talks

Here's How a Government Shutdown Can Impact Your Life

Russell Brand's Demonetization Is Not a Bug of the Emerging Financial Order, But a Feature

'I Don't Want to Be Part of that Team': McCarthy Reacts to Republicans Who Opposed His Efforts to Avoid Gov Shutdown

Dem Candidate Challenging Ted Cruz Called to 'Tear Down' the 'Racist' Border Wall, Video Shows

Josh Hammer: The Second Debate Was a Giant Missed Opportunity

House Passes Short-Term Government Funding Bill Seeking to Avoid Shutdown

SATIRE: Congress Passes Trillion Dollar Stopgap Bill that Will Fund Government Until About 2 PM Tomorrow

Dem Congressman Caught on Camera Pulling Capitol Fire Alarm in Bid to Disrupt Proceedings

History: Hitler Was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England

Profits Ber Alles American Corporations and Hitler

Trump Mocks Biden's Inability to Navigate a Stage with Remarkably Accurate Impression

Sidney Powell Paid for Georgia Election Machine Examination Upon 'Threat,' Her Lawyer Says

San Francisco Drug Users Rail Against Proposed Drug Tests for Welfare

Survey Reveals Continuing Marxist Infiltration of Mainline Protestant Denominations

Group Funded by Left-Wing Megadonors Files Second Lawsuit in Blue State to Keep Trump Off the Ballot

SATIRE: Dad Hovers Finger Over Mute Button Like Western Gunslinger, Daring Actor to Say Bad Word

Survey: 33% of Democrats to Vote for RFK Jr. as an Independent -- DNC Headed for Panic

The White House's 'misinformation' Pressure Campaign Was Unconstitutional

Jason Lewis: There's Only One Way to Tame the Runaway Federal Debt

Biden to Allow Three Times More Refugees from Latin America, Caribbean

History: US Business Operations with Nazi Germany

History: The Conviction of the "Bookkeeper of Auschwitz". "Complicity in the Deaths of 300,000 Holocaust Victims"

The Nuremberg Doctors Trial and Modern Medicine's Panic Promotion of the FDA's Experimental and Unapproved Covid mRNA Vaccines

The CIA's "Information War" Is Now Globalized?

The History of Nazism in Ukraine: The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (Oun), 1917-1941

Delta Flight Dl-291 (Cdg-Lax): Pilot Became Incapacitated, Was Taken to Cabin for Care

SATIRE: Pedestrian Pushes Crosswalk Button 17 Times Just to Be Safe

Katie Hopkins: If Unelected Globalists Like Klaus Schwab Have Their Way, by 2030, Private Vehicle Ownership Will Be Outlawed, People W...

This Is Unbelievable. This Is Treason

Outrageous Approval of New Moderna Shots for Kids Could Spark School Mandates, Doctor Warns

US Donations to Ukraine in 2023:

GOP Megadonors Pray Youngkin Will Be Their Anti-Trump Savior

The US Is Starting to Feel the Pain of Years of Massive Deficit Spending

Kansas EV Battery Plant Will Extend the Life of a Coal Plant, Delay Switch to Natural Gas

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: The US Government Is Punishing Thoughts Now

Biden Regime Issues New Rule Targeting Gas Furnaces in Latest Crackdown on Appliances

'simple Econ 101': Here's How California's E-Truck Push Could Hamstring the American Economy

U.S. Supreme Court to Weigh in on State Laws to Prevent Tech Giants from Censoring Social Media Content

UN Urges Governments and Platforms to Implement Its Guidelines for Censoring "Misinformation," and "Hate"

New -- OSHA Head, Doug Parker, Now Says 'We Didn't Demand that Anyone Be Fired' Despite Issuing a Vaccine Mandate for 84 Million A...

Senator Dianne Feinstein, an Icon for Women in Politics, Dies at 90

23yo Male Arrested for Gun Possession, Leading FBI to a Global Satanic Cult

^But the FBI let it go because they were already members?

Biden's Brother Abruptly Stopped Meetings to Take Calls from 'The Big Guy'

Every American Should Watch This Video Before @gavinnewsom Runs for President

Oakland County, Michigan Sheriff Says Gangs from South America Targeting Homes in High End Burglaries

Terminally Sick in the Final Moments of Her Life, Sen. Dianne Feinstein Was Not Peacefully Embracing Her Children & Grandchildren. Ins...

The Nazi-Ukrainian Reich of Canada

The 1982 "Coup De Force" of the Federal Government Against Quebec Has Made Quebec a De Facto Domestic Colony

Balcony Tickets to the Night of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination Smash Auction Estimates--Only One Other Known to Survive

Trump May Have Violated Release Terms with Gun Purchase Spokesperson Said Didn't Happen, Prosecutors Argue

After 6 Months Searching for New Doctor, Small Town's Viral Video Was 'Just What the Doctor Ordered'

Playing Spoiler: Multiple Third-Party Candidates Could Spell Bad News for Biden in 2024

Northern Lights Activity Is Sky-High and Space Conditions Could Lead to Greatest Displays in 20 Years

What's Actually in the Covid "Vaccines"?

Dianne Feinstein Leaves Stunning Properties to Her and Husband's Feuding Daughters

Fani Willis Gets Her First Guilty Plea in 2020 Election Case. Here's Who It Is

Tennessee Teacher Charged with Raping Student, 12, Rearrested for Telling Victim He'll 'regret Doing This'

Hot Mic Catches Surprised Reaction During Buttigieg Interview on 'The View'

Biden Regime Issues Restrictions on Gas Furnaces in Latest War on Appliances

Beyond Our Expectations: Disabled Veteran and Wife Receive Mortgage-Free North Carolina Home

The War Is Ending and Canada Lauds a Nazi as a Ukrainian Hero. Scott Ritter

List of Politicians Who Could Possibly Take Late Dianne Feinstein's Vacant Seat

Modern Empire Apologia Is Mostly Just Westerners Arguing with Reality

In Memory of Dianne Feinstein's Corrupt Life

Reparations: A Repugnant, Malignant Rip-Off and a Crazed, Catastrophic Capitulation

Are UAW and Auto Companies Ignorant or Corrupt for Refusing Tariff Protection?

The Acquittal, Motives and Retribution of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Charges Pending Against Trans-Identified Male Student After Video of Violent Assault Against Female Student at Oregon Middle School

A Teacher in Flint, Michigan Is Knocked Unconscious After a Student Threw a Chair at Her Head. This Happened in Flint Community School...

America's Border Crisis Shows How Weak Leader Ship Truly Is

GOP-Controlled House Approves Security Assistance to Ukraine -- Here are the Republicans, Including McCarthy, Who Voted with Democrats

There are No Women, Children, Elderly People, or Disabled People. It's All Men. Military-Aged Men. They Used to Call This an Invas...

Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum, Openly Brags About Infiltrating the Governments of the World:

Covid Shot Found in the Hearts of Dead People: Study

Washington State Moves to Remove Community Notification, Restrictions for Sex Offenders

IRS Consultant Charged with Leaking Trump's Tax Returns to Media.

Judge Denies Jeffrey Clark's Attempt to Move Georgia Case to Federal Court

Here's Who Gavin Newsom Could Tap to Take Dianne Feinstein's Vacant Seat

'They're Going Electric Crazy': Trump Mocks Push for Electrified Tanks, Planes

Capitol Crib Notes: Is a Government Shutdown Happening? Maybe. But Probably Not for Long

The Gargling Death Knell of Gun Control, Smart Guns are Here and Quick Draw Memaw Perforates Two Petty Thieves

IRS Not Exempt from Impending Shutdown

School Board Appears to Cut Mic of Pastor After He Goes Off on Trans Ideology in Schools

IRS Consultant Charged with Leaking Trump's Tax Returns to Media

Trump Takes Legal Action Against Christopher Steele in UK Over Discredited Dossier

City of Illegal Aliens Created by a Wealthy Republican Texas Home Builder

IRS Issues Alert to Millions of Americans Over Deadline: Avoid a Possible Late Filing Penalty

Meet the 21 Republicans Who Voted Against McCarthy's Funding Bill

SATIRE: The Babylon Bee Writers are Going on Strike - Here are Our Demands

SATIRE: Biden Deploys Troops to Border to Stop Texas from Securing Border

Biden DOJ Finally Charges IRS Consultant for Allegedly Leaking Tax Info to Journalists

Former Loudoun County Superintendent Found Guilty of Unlawfully Firing Teacher After Grand Jury Testimony

Felled Statues are the Canary in the Coal Mine -- and that Bird Must Rise Again

Here's Who McCarthy's Republican Critics Want to Replace Him with as House Speaker

Spanish Court Rules Software Mogul John McAfee Died by Suicide

Blue City District Didn't Have a Single Cop Available After Officers Called Out Sick

Court Unanimously Rules to Halt District Policy that Forces Students to 'respect' Gender Identity

Forensic Accountant Says Hunter Biden Got Over Twice the Salary from Burisma that Us Oil Giant Paid Directors

SATIRE: Mike Pence Says He Refuses to Think About Ancient Rome Unless His Wife Is Present

"This Is Insane" -- Elon Musk Visits the Southern Border

Ibn Sina/Avicenna: Founder of Western Medicine

"Influencer" Called "Meatball" Collared for Looting in Philly, Charged with Six Felonies

SATIRE: Wife Frustrated that Husband Doesn't Realize She Wants Him to Be Quiet and Also Talk to Her and Also Leave Her Alone and A...

Artist Who Submitted Empty Canvases Appeals Court Order to Return Cash

Rt Surges in Popularity After Musk Removes Censorship on X

World's First Drug to Regrow Teeth Enters Clinical Trials

David Blackmon: How Energy Policy Is Fueling Congress Budget Wars

Navy to Begin Randomly Testing Special Operations Forces for Steroids

House Fails to Pass Stopgap Funding Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown

Not Michelle, But Probably Gavin --Trump Mulls Democrat Alternatives to Biden

On This Day in 1789: First U.S. Standing Army Created; Founders Had Warned of the Danger to Liberty

Ted Cruz Declare Ron Desantis Winner of Second Republican Presidential Primary Debate

Governor Hochul Declares State of Emergency Across NYC Amid Life-Threatening Floods

Here are the Republicans Who Joined Democrats to Defeat a Measure to Defund Taxpayer-Funded "Pride" Events

Biden Regime Shells Out Massive Loan to Develop Virtual Power Plants

Here's Who Kevin McCarthy's GOP Critics Want to Install as Speaker Instead

New Bill Would Put an End to DHS-Linked Agency's Censorship Practices

ECB Head: Digital Euro Won't Be Anonymous, Concerns About "Big Brother" Overreach are a "Conspiracy Theory"

SATIRE: Grma Wormtongue Says King Thoden Is Doing More than Any Other King to Stop Orc Border Crossings

GOP Debate RecAP: The Warmongers are Beating Their War Drums

Geofencing: How the Government Used Cell Phone Data to Try to Drive Calvary Chapel Out of Business

Total World Connections and Actions Expose the Evil Agenda of the One World Governance Plot

The Passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein

More Evidence the CIA Was the Major Player Behind Covid

France, Germany Want EU Expansion, Allegedly Promised Ukraine Fast-Track Membership If Kyiv Helps Topple Current Polish Government

Air Vax -- the Latest mRNA Delivered Into Lungs. No Jab Required

Bis Chief Backs Programmable CBDCs, Defends "Limits of Privacy"

Israel Pushes Facial Recognition Surveillance Bill to Operate in Public Spaces

Blue City, County to Drop Billions on Homeless Assistance in Lawsuit Settlement

Rep. Andy Biggs: Congress Can't Continue the Budget Insanity. We're Standing Against a Continuing Resolution

Car Dealership Opens in Blue City, Immediately Has Most of Inventory Stolen

Liz Warren Warns SCOTUS Could Blow Up Her Regulator

Tens of Thousands of Health Care Workers Could Walk Off the Job in Just Days

Dem Officials are Freaking Out Behind Closed Doors Over Potential Third Party Bid, Emails Show

SATIRE: Biden Regime Reports Dangerous African Immigrant at Border

A 'Concerned' World Stands by as Azerbaijan Encourages Ethnic Cleansing of Nagorno-Karabakh

For First Time, Water Produced by Sunlight to Be Even Cheaper than Tap Water

Data: Covid Shots Linked to Unexpected Vaginal Bleeding

US Company Exec Stuck in China After Country Told Him He's Not Allowed to Leave

Uaw Announces New Strike at GM and Ford Plants

The Horrifying Secret Agenda of the UN and W.H.O.: Total Enslavement of Humanity Through a "Global Health Dictatorship"

A Nazi on Parliament Hill Is an Antidote to Self-Righteousness

India Won't Be Bullied in Multipolar Setting

Iran Indicts Four US Presidents Over Their Support for Shady Royalist Group

Human-Like A.I. Is Deceptive and Dangerous

US-Backed Kurdish Militia Imposes Curfew in Eastern Syria, Following Clashes with Another US-Backed Militia

Gallbladder Cancer: Why are Covid mRNA Vaccinated Getting These Types of Turbo Cancers?

Vaccines Grown in Lettuce? Rep. Massie Asks House to Bar FDA, USDA from Funding Transgenic Edible Vaccines

Russia Might Call for Extradition of Ukrainian Nazi Honored in Canada, Trudeau Blames Parliament Speaker

Thanks to US Policy, CCP Controls Key Resources for US Weapons

Yuval Noah Harari ; "Potentially We are Talking About the End of Human History. Not the End of History, Just the End of that Part...

Scandal-Hit Justin Trudeau Furiously Denies Claim He Traveled to India on a Plane 'Full of Cocaine' and that He Didn't Come Out of...

Pilot Incapacitation -- Delta Flight Dl-291 (Cdg-Lax) Paris to L.A. (Sep.22, 2023) Pilot Became Incapacitated, Was Taken to Cabin for ...

The Firebombing of Maui ; Fires that Vaporize Houses and Melt Glass and Metal While Leaving Nearby Trees Standing Tall are Deliberatel...

Male Who Pretends to Be a Girl Assaults an Actual Girl at Hazlebrook Middle School in the Tigard Tualatin School District in Oregon. W...

The Same Student Attacking Two Other Girls at a Middle School in Oregon. the School Board Should Be Sued Into Oblivion for Failing to ...

Bombshell 60% of Actblue Donations are Coming from China -- Amalgamated Bank & Divvy Involved Too -- FEC Lawsuit Pending

Manchin Holds Up Biden Nominee Over Abortion Policy

Appeals Court Reverses Previous Ruling that Halted Red State Abortion Ban

'They Find a Way to Rationalize': Republican Group's Anti-Trump Attack Ads 'Ineffective,' Memo Admits

Supreme Court to Hear Cases Challenging Red State Censorship Laws

The Border Crisis Is Crippling Us Companies Supply Chains

Biden Regime Releases Most Restrictive Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling Plan in US History

SATIRE: Senator Feinstein Death Not Expected to Affect Re-Election Campaign

Verizon Sues County for Denying Permits to Build 5G Towers Near Endangered Species Habitat; Opponents File Motion to Intervene

California Scientists Unveil Fire-Safe Liquid Fuel that Does Not React to Flame

Woman Sentenced for Setting Fire to Red State Abortion Clinic

Eating Yogurt Can Get Rid of Your Garlic Breath, Say Researchers

Under Biden, Bankruptcies are Rising for the First Time in Over 13 Years. Here's Why

Doctors Warn About Hidden Harms of Bioengineered (GMO) Food

Toby Keith Shares Update on Roller Coaster Cancer Battle as He Returns to Live Television

Former Buffalo Bills Quarterback Baptized, Wears Shirt Proclaiming 'God Is Real'

Lawmaker Who Called for the Defunding of Fani Willis Office Gets Suspended from Caucus

95-Year-Old Veteran Kicked Out of Nursing Home to Make Way for Illegal Aliens

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Tennessee, Kentucky's Bans on Cross-Sex Hormones, Puberty Blockers for Children

Wyoming College Student Sentenced to Five Years in Prison After Setting Fire to Full-Service Abortion Clinic

Air Vax -- the Latest mRNA Delivered Into Lungs

U.S. Claims to Central Pacific Flout International Law

Hungarian Patience with Ukraine Running Out

"It's Not Socialism": China Is a Capitalist Cheap Labour Economy, Based on Exceedingly Low Wages

Going Silent (For Just a Little While)

Cancel Culture Using the Pseudo-Ailment, to Cure Non-Existence of Manmade Global Warming/Climate Change

People are Dying for Inches in Ukraine, the "World's Largest Arms Fair"

Dems Call for Conservative Justice Recusals on Cases that Could Undermine Their Political Goals

Rep. Nancy Mace Reveals the One Witness in Biden Impeachment Inquiry She Wants to Question

Trump Is Suing British Spy Christopher Steele Over Fake Russia Dossier

SATIRE: Britney Spears Scores Lucrative New Gig at Benihana

Britney Spears Responds After Social Media Erupts Over Her Viral Knives Video

Pollster Reveals Democrats' 'shocking' Responses to GOP Debate Moments

Woman Wins Years-Long Battle Against Regulator, Dealing Blow to Administrative State

Michigan Supreme Court Approves Rule Requiring Judges to Use Preferred Pronouns

Get Real, Congress: Censoring Search Results or Recommendations Is Still Censorship

Who Is the Father of the Vaccine, Its Maker or Its Distributor?

'scared' Jonathan Van Ness Bursts Into Tears During Debate with Dax Shepard Defending Trans Rights

Trans Male Student Brutally Beats Defenseless Girl at Woke Oregon Middle School, Leaving Her in Tears While Fellow Students Film Incid...

Fauci and the CIA: A New Explanation Emerges

Our Society Is Melting Down Even Faster than Most People Thought It Would

Thin Ice -- the Mysterious Alaska Triangle w/ Steve Stockton

David Blackmon: Emmanuel Macron Politely Asks French Businesses to Self-Immolate in the Name of Climate

Desantis Tops 100 Endorsements from Faith Leaders in Key Early States Following Second GOP Debate

The 'standard of Care' Deception

Another Cassidy Hutchinson Lie Exposed as Facetime Image with Matt Gaetz Leaks

Biden Snaps at Climate Protester, Tells Him He Will Meet Him Immediately After Speech

Biden Pentagon Appointee Part of Iranian Influence Network

GOP Mega-Donors Beg Glenn Youngkin to Be Last Ditch Dump Trump Candidate

US Meat Supply May Soon Have mRNA "Vaccines"

Will Governor Greg Abbott Close the Border?

Ocasio-Cortez Goes Off During Impeachment Hearing Over 'Fabricated' Hunter Biden Text Messages

Government Sues Tesla Company Over Racial Discrimination

SATIRE: Democrats Criticize Republicans for Wasting Time Impeaching Biden When He's Probably Just Going to Be Dead in a Few Weeks ...

UN Lashes Out at France for Banning Islamic Headscarves at 2024 Paris Olympics

SATIRE: Gavin Newsom Says California Believes in Free Speech and If You Disagree You Will Be Arrested

Trump Tells Autoworkers Their Real Problem Is Biden's Green Policies

Draconian Climate Policies May Be Pushing New Zealand to the Right in Upcoming Election

Media Outlets Run with Jonathan Turley Comment They Described as 'Bombshell'--But They Leave Out One Thing

US Military Issues Statement After Iranian Navy Harasses American Aircraft

Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Mandating $20 Per Hour Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers

Legally Permissible Ways: Biden Regime Doubles Down on Higher Ed Diversity Despite Supreme Court Ruling

Gen Z Too Intolerant to Work with People with Different Views, Says Brit TV Head

FTC's Amazon Lawsuit Could Radically Shake Up Online Commerce

Chinese Hackers Steal 60,000 Emails from US State Department

CHD Intervenes on Behalf of Residents in Belmar, NJ to Fight Verizon 5G Towers on Jersey Shore

Texas AG Sues Tech Giant Over Its Misleading Warning Labels for Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Multiple Arrests Made as Second Night of Looting Erupts in Blue City

Nancy Mace Triggers Dems by Reminding Committee of Squad Member's Expletive-Filled Call to Impeach Trump

TikTok's Parent Company Blocked China Critics from Using the Popular App

Hawley Unloads on Biden Official for 'shutting Down Critical Mineral Production' In The US

Dem Rep's Attempt to Trap Impeachment Hearing Witness Blows Up in His Face

Police, Good Samaritans Team Up to Lift Two-Ton Car Off Crushed Teen Driver and Save His Life

Covid Turned the Medical Freedom Movement Into a Highly Funded Force

SATIRE: Experts Unsure Where President's Dog Learned to Bite

SATIRE: Liberal Parents Ground Kid from New Pronouns for a Month

Trump Responds to Judge Ruling on Property Value

Oversight Board Recommends Renewing Law that Allows Warrantless Surveillance

Bob Menendez's Approval Rating Drops to Single Digits Following Bribery Indictment: Poll

Mortgage Rates Spike to 22-Year High as Houses Become Increasingly Unaffordable

Canada Is Sitting on a Treasure Trove of Crucial Green Minerals -- There's Just One Catch

These Megalomaniac Technocrats are on Course to Wreck Earth and Outer Space

Study Finds Causal Link Between Covid Shots and Mortality, Confirming 1 Death for Every 800 Jabs

Arizona School Board Member Sues After Being Ordered to Stop Reciting Scripture Before Meetings

Michigan Supreme Court Orders Judges to Use Preferred Pronouns of Attorneys, Litigants

Trudeau Urged to 'resign' After House Speaker 'Took the Fall' Over Nazi Scandal

"Medical Gaslighting": Why are Vaccine-Injured Patients Silenced?

History of the Balkans: Greece and Macedonia (1913-1993)

Bombshell Documents Prove the Bidens Sold Out America to China for Money

EU Commissioner Vra Jourov Threatens X Over "Disinformation" and Tells Big Tech "We Expect More"

Anti-Deepfake Law Proposal Threatens Memes and Parody

Amicus Brief Supports the Babylon Bee Against NY's "Hateful Conduct" Law

CNN's Tapper Seems Taken Aback After Squad Member Pressley Repeatedly Insists the 'Border Is Secure'

AOC Claps Back at Elon Musk After He Says She's 'Just Not that Smart'

SATIRE: Trump Thanks GOP Candidates for Providing Such Strong Support for His Nomination

An Open Letter to World Leaders About Amendments to the International Health Regulations -- James Roguski

How the "Surveillance AI Pipeline" Literally Objectifies Human Beings

Kari Lake Will Run for Arizona Senate Seat

GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde Rips Republicans for Voting to Fund Censorship Agency

Terence P. Jeffrey: These Congressional Districts All Elected Democrats -- Call It the 10% Rule

Gop, Dem Reps Gang Up on Defense Officials Over Biden's 'Political' Space Command Headquarters Pick

Discovery of Electric Blue Tarantula Stuns Scientists Who Auction Naming Rights for Charity

St. George Tucker's Unsung Role in the Siege of Yorktown

Nikki Haley's Daughter Dances on TikTok, Despite Her Screaming at Vivek About It

Covid mRNA Injury Series: Vaginal Bleeding After Covid mRNA Vaccination

"It's Not Coming; It's Already Here." CBDCs Can Be Used to Freeze Your Bank Accounts

Trump's Second Presidency Would Be "Hell" for Europe and Kiev, Says Top French Newspaper

Canada's Honoring of Nazi Vet Exposes Ottawa's Longstanding Ukraine Policy

Border Crisis Poisoning the Blood of Our Country, Trump Tells the National Pulse

Are You Ready for the Invasion of the Drones?

In Case You're Still Confused About Agenda 2030- This Man Breaks It All Down in 8 Minutes. Well Done

The Amusement Park @knotts Has an Attraction Called "Knott's Scary Farm" Which Is Open to Kids. It Includes This Show Wh...

Biden FDA Vaccine Adviser Refuses Latest Covid Shot, Raises Concerns Over Heart Failure Spike

Justin Trudeau: "Im Announcing $650 Million in New Assistance Over the Next Three Years to Supply Ukraine"

Pfizer's RSV Vaccine Math: Kill 4,000 Newborns to Save 300 from RSV

Ukraine's Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov Just Bought This $7 Million Villa in Cannes, as a Small Wedding Gift for His Daughter

A Rough Diplomatic Week for Ukraine

Imran Who? The Risky Shift in UK Policy Towards Pakistan

How Canada Emerged as a Haven for Ukrainian SS "Galicia Division" Veterans and Other Nazi Accomplices and War Criminals

Republicans Debate Each Other and "Moderators"

Mark Meckler: If You Love the Constitution, You Support Cos

Biden's GDP Growth Numbers Signal More Pain on the Way

Machete-Wielding Professor Who Threatened Reporter Now Listed Instructor at Another School

Hunter Called Biden 'Brand' His Family's Only 'Asset', Message Shows

Jessica Anderson: The American Dream Is on Life Support. Republicans Need a Plan to Bring It Back

I Should Reevaluate: Asa Hutchinson Weighs Presidential Campaign After Not Making Second Debate Stage

'I Don't Think So': Trump Says It's Unlikely Any GOP Candidates Will Be His VP

Dad Ends Career by Recreating Adorable Photo with Son Who Is Now a Pilot at Same Airline--Look

Biden Creates White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, Promises to Ban 'Assault Weapons' If Congress Doesn't

A Vote for Kennedy Is a Vote for Peace with China

Which Nations Want to Cut Ties with the British Monarchy?

National Citizen's Inquiry -- Alberta Government Deleted Covid mRNA Vaccine Injury and Death Data. Dr. William Makis

Pilot Incapacitations and Deaths in August-September 2023

Global Misleaders Plead for Peace in Ukraine at Un

Unexpected Vaginal Bleeding and Covid Vaccination in Nonmenstruating Women

Jon Decker: The GOP Is Still Reagan's Party

The News Has Nothing to Do with Newsworthiness

Single Dad of Six Is Given a Car: 'This Is My Best Life Right Now'

Debate Goes Off the Rails as Nikki Haley and Tim Scott Get Into a Shouting Match: Bring It, Tim

Real World Test Shows All-Electric Big Rigs Can Go Farther and Charge Faster

Arizona Governor Mysteriously Steps Down for One Day

Texas Democratic Congressman's Recently-Departed Staffer Is Now His Republican Challenger

New Texts Show Hunter Biden Complaining His Money Is 'All Gone' and Seeking Dad's Help: 'Can't Pay Alimony'

GOP Candidates Fail to Make Breakthrough at Trump-Less Debate

Has the American Church Taken a Knee?

Why are These Kindergarten Children Still in Diapers?

You Ain't Gonna' Like What's Coming to America

Utah Republican Heavyweight Launches Senate Bid for Mitt Romney's Seat in 2024

Conservative Group Calls on Senate to Reject Promotions for Pentagon DEI Military Nominees

Bring It: Nikki Haley, Tim Scott Derail Debate by Getting Into Shouting Match Over Curtains

Biden Team Live-Tweets GOP Debate Even as Corporate Media Says He's Not Paying Attention to It

I Feel a Little Bit Dumber: Sparks Fly as Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy Feud Over National Security

A Hit Job on Michigan and on Detroit: Trump Calls Biden EV Push a Government Assassination of Auto Jobs

Huge Update in Biden's Classified Documents Probe; Investigation Is Now 'sprawling'

CIA Building Own ChatGPT-Style AI Bot in Shadow of China's Advances

Oncologist: Cancers are 'Growing Out of Control' in Covid-Vacclnated Individuals

This Is a Video of England, Circa 2023

Canada's PM's Father Pierre Trudeau Was Literally a Nazi Collaborator

Is This the Real Reason Why #chrystiafreeland and #trudeau are So Adamant They Will Support #ukraine?

You Want More Proof that Wokeness, CRT and DEI Garbage Is the Left's Official Religion?

McConnell Says #1 Priority for Americans Is for "The Ukrainians to Defeat the Russians"

Hungarian Tourists in San Francisco Had Rental Car Broken Into and All Belongings Stolen on Last Day of Trip

Hunter Biden Signed Burisma Memo to the Ukrainian Prosecutor Who Replaced Viktor Shokin

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown Calls for Media Crackdown in GB News Free Speech Controversy

Judge Denies Trump's Bid to Have Her Recuse Herself from His 2020 Election Case

Biden Regime Proposal Would Take Kids Out of Foster Homes that Don't Affirm Their 'Gender Identity'

Charlyce Bozzello: Auto Workers are Pawns in Their Union Leadership's Chess Match Against the Big Three

The Multi-National Push to Ban Facial Recognition in Public Spaces

89-Year-Old Leads Fight Against Cell Tower Blamed for Bee Colony Disappearance, Putting Community's Economy, Health and Safety at ...

The US Military Is Laying the Groundwork to Reinstitute the Draft

Antiwar.Com Home About Antiwar.Com Donate Blog Us Casualties Contact Latest News Senate Announces Stopgap Funding Bill that Includes $...

Humans, Bees and Wildlife in 2023 -- Smart Cities are Killing All Life

Join the Build Your Private Parallel Economy Through Cryptocurrency

Here's the Democrat at the Center of California's Bills Targeting Parental Rights, Promoting Gender Ideology

Rep. Steve Scalise Shares Some Good News on Cancer Battle

Major U.S. Automakers Duke It Out Over Biden Regime's EV Tax Credits

It Will Get Them Nowhere: Fox Business Host Warns GOP Candidates to Not Spend Whole Debate Attacking Trump

Energy Firms Unload on Biden's 'Attack' on Fossil Fuels in Anonymous Survey

SATIRE: Philadelphia Shoe Stores, Liquor Stores, Electronics Stores Looted by Starving People Desperately Looking for Bread

SATIRE: 8 Ways to Spot a Christian Kid in Public School

Trump Commits to Walking Away from Abortion Negotiations with Radical Dems, Blasts Those Raising Money Off the Issue

Cartoon: Nice Country You've Got There

Energy Sec'y Under Investigation for Sham Electric-Vehicle Tour

Biden, Staffers Spend Gov't Time & Public Money Trying to Stop Him Falling Over

'Wipe Us Out': Striking UAW Workers Rip Biden's Push to Force Americans Into EVs

Meet the Dem Lawmaker at the Center of California's War on Parental Rights

Will Thibeau: Senior US Military Leaders Shouldn't Be Free from Scrutiny

Hospital Made Patient to Look Fake Alive After He Died During Routine Surgery, Lawsuit Claims

Real Estate Insiders Caught Off Guard by Judge's $18m Valuation of Trump's Mar-A-Lago

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Announces Birth of His First Child, Names Daughter After His Mother

Desantis Press Director Accuses Kari Lake of Spreading Completely Insane Lies About His Covid Response

Tyranny in the UK: Rumble Executives Threatened with Arrest?? -- the Ron Paul Liberty Report

JP Morgan Pays $75m in Settlements Over Jeffrey Epstein Associations

Judge Refuses to Block DEI Venture Capital Program

SATIRE: Judge Rules Trump Grossly Overstated How Good His Performance Was in Home Alone 2

Menendez Blocked Stricter Foreign Influence Law Years Before Being Indicted on Bribery Charges

'That's on You': Sen. Katie Britt Blasts Reporters for Ignoring Border Crisis

SATIRE: FBI Arrests Air Force One Stairs for Plot to Assassinate Biden

SATIRE: Looters Completely Ignore Foot Locker Referee Blowing His Whistle

SATIRE: Menendez Pleads Not Guilty to All the Stuff He Did

State-Allowed Crime, Violence, Property Destruction and Theft as an Economic Weapon

Fox News Host Dana Perino Says Republicans Attending Debate Need to Break Out of the Pack

Junior High Football Coach Dies After Collapsing on Field Just Before Game

Today Is "See You at the Pole" Day -- Millions of Students Praying Around the World

House Pandemic Subcommittee: Fauci Influenced CIA's Covid Origin Inquiry

Retailers Lost Billions of Dollars to Shoplifters in 2022, Survey Shows

Morgan Murphy: America's Military Is Finally Getting Some Form of Congressional Oversight

Here's What Will Be Funded by the Senate's Continuing Resolution

Bob Menendez Signs Letter Warning of Corruption Amid Bribery Indictment Scandal

X CEO Linda Yaccarino Is "Successfully" Censoring "Lawful But Awful" Speech, Interview Reveals

Rumble Launches #supportfreespeech Campaign in Response to Media Pressure

The Rise of the Disposable Browser

Far Left Judge Claims Mar-A-Lago Worth $18 Million, Despite Nearby Patch of Trees Selling for $150m

Biden's Free Covid Tests are Expired. But Don't Worry, the FDA Says They're Fine

Gavin Newsom Wants Gender-Neutral Toilets in All Schools by 2026

Peanut and Food Allergies May Be Reversed with Compound Produced by Healthy Gut Bacteria

What Life Is Really Like in America's Hellish Inner Cities

Hungary Warns EU Against Abandoning Russian Energy, Gives Ethnic-Rights Ultimatum to Ukraine

Blue City Passes 200 Homicides at Earliest Date in More than 25 Years

E-Buses Bought from Now-Bankrupt Manufacturer by Blue Enclave are Now All Out of Commission

School Board Member Sues After Being Prohibited from Reciting Scripture During Meetings

Cities Turn to Supreme Court to Weigh in on Clearing Homeless Camps

'I Would've Gotten Fired': Lawmakers Grill Defense Officials on Decrepit Military Barracks

North Korea Will 'Expel' Travis King, Two Months After He Ran Over Border

Warning : Reality Is Escaping Out the Back Door

Montgomery County Public Schools Is Told to Stop Violating First Amendment by Blocking People on X

Judicial Watch Sues for Records on Possible FBI Obstruction of Hunter Biden Investigation

Australia's Aboriginal Peoples are Entitled to a "Special Voice" to Its Parliament

U.K. Kept Lobbying for Somaliland Amid Civil War. Role of British M.P. Gavin Williamson

France Recalls Diplomats from Niger Ahead of Troop Withdrawal

Slouching Towards "Beelzebub". the White House, Nih, CDC, Were Fully Aware that the "Miraculous" Pfizer mRNA Covid...

56-Year-Old Australian Dr. Richard Scolyer Was Diagnosed with Worst Possible Brain Turbo Cancer. He's Now Receiving World's Fi...

'republicans for Ukraine' Ad Says Ukraine War Is Good Because It 'Weakens Russia'

'A Mistake, Not Criminal' -- Feds Leak Biden Classified Docs Findings to ABC

Witness Ridicules Cassidy Hutchinson Book Claims -- I'm Not a Mormon

SATIRE: Wandering Israelites Getting Real Tired of Guy Who Keeps Saying, 'At Least We're Getting Our Steps In'

Kash Patel and Tina Peters Tell All

Unexpected Vaginal Bleeding Rises After Covid Vaccination. Study

China-Syria Strategic Partnership Faces the US-Imposed Stalemate

Here are the Lawmakers Who Say They'll Return or Donate Campaign Funds from Menendez-Tied Pac

Alan Dershowitz: The DOJ Is Railroading Bob Menendez Just Like It Did Donald Trump

Agenda 2030 Is Coming -- the JD Rucker Show

Patrick Byrne on Right Now with Ann Vandersteel

The EU Tells Apple to Open Up Its Stranglehold on the App Store

GOP Leaders Probe Doe for EV Convoy 911 Call

Fed Bureau to CO2 Pipeline Firms: Sorry, We Can't Help

South Korea Hosts Japan and China to Reassure Beijing Over Closer Ties with Washington

U.S. Government Tight on Cash for Ukraine Aid, Zelensky's Wife Doubts He Will Seek Reelection

Mobs of Looters Sack Philadelphia After Exonerated Cop Goes Free

Nurse Fired for Not Getting the Jab

Looters Who Hit Multiple Stores Also Targeted the Apple Store. They Were There for the iPhone 15 Pro Max and a Whole Lot More in Phila...

Welcome to Philadelphia:

This Is What Happens When You Have Poor Border Security

This Happened 5 Minutes from the Liberty Bell and Right Down the Street from Where the Founding Fathers Signed the Declaration of Inde...

People in Philadelphia Just Started Looting and Rioting

One Day After Mayo Clinic's Endorsement of Hydroxychloroquine Was Highlighted Here, They Scrubbed the Page, Deleted the URL and ar...

Half of the #trudeau Cabinet are World Economic Forum Supporters with the Descendant of Ukrainian Nazis Chrystia Freeland the Deputy P...

Anger in NYC Is Erupting Due to the Illegal Alien Crisis

Bombshell After the President Announced His Candidacy in 2019, the CCP Sent Hunter a Quarter of a Million Dollars to Joe's Delawa...

Biden Secretly Flew in More than 220,000 IIIegals to 43 Different Cities Across the Country

Fauci Was Smuggled Into CIA Headquarters, "Without a Record of Entry", Where He "Participated in the Analysis to Influe...

Why are Vaccine Injured Patients Silenced?

Post-Covid Vaccination Heart Inflammation: CDC Refuses to Release Updated Information

The US-Egypt Weapons to Ukraine Dispute. Menendez Indictment

Canadian Parliament Honours Man Who Fought for Nazis. Speaker Regrets Decision

Amnesty International Pushes Regime Change in Eritrea with Dubious, Unverifiable Report

Blinken's 'Variable Geometry' for a New Cold War

"The New Abnormal": Authoritarian Control Freaks Want to "Micromanage Our Lives"

A Year of Lying About Nord Stream. Seymour Hersh

UK Labour: Why Starmer's Growing Authoritarianism Should Be Ringing Alarm Bells

Bob Menendez Appears at Federal Court for Arraignment on Bribery Charges

TikTok Employees Raise Concern Over CCP Influence as China Execs Move In

Exquisite New Fossil Shows Scientists How Much More Ferocious Australia's Crocs Once Were

Michael Machera: The Stakes are Raised at the Second Republican Debate

Soldier Who Ran Across Border Into North Korea Is in US Custody

CIA Creates Its Own ChatGPT to Combat China in AI Arms Race

Saudi Arabia Sentences Teenager to 18 Years in Prison for Tweets

CIA Brought Fauci in Without a Record of Entry to Influence Review of Covid Origins, Subcommittee Alleges

Tip of the Swamp

'Youth-Led' Anti-Big Tech Movement Is Controlled by a Dem-Linked Dark Money Operation

'serial Squatter' Fresh Out Jail Up to Her Old Tricks as Former Residents Pay the Price: Owner

Kassam: Our Trump Interview Will 'show You Who He Really Is.'

Missing Toddler Found Sleeping in Woods with Dog as a Pillow After Walking 3 Miles Barefoot

As The US Military Goes Woke, China Could Surpass It Sooner than Expected

The USDA's War on Small Farms

Big Tech Beast System?: Technology Tycoons are More than Capable of Influencing Society on a Worldwide Scale

The Church and the Supernatural World

10 Things to Know About DNA and RNA Vaccines for Livestock

Wife of Dem Senator Who Called for Clarence Thomas to Resign Made Up to $1.75 Million from Stock Sales, Disclosure Shows

Florida Nonprofit Repairs U.S. Army Veteran's Home: 'may God Receive All the Credit'

Youngkin Dismisses Speculation of 2024 Presidential Run, Says He's Focused on Virginia's Elections

Fauci Secretly Went to CIA HQ to IInfluence Covid Origins Probe, House Republican Alleges

Michel Chossudovsky: Archive of Video Interviews and Presentations. Rumble

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We're lied to with headlines like "US counts record 4,000 COVID deaths in a day as virus continues to wreak havoc." These deaths, if accurate in number, were from seasonal flu/influenza -- perhaps pneumonia, and/or related illnesses -- not covid. Individuals succumbing are largely elderly, infirm, likely with other health issues, and weakened immune systems. -- Stephen Lendman

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