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November 29, 2023

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'Hidden Tax': Biden Clocks in Biggest Regulatory Burden in Recent Memory, Report Says

All 41 Workers Rescued from Collapsed Tunnel in India Himalayas After 17 Days Trapped

Good News in History, November 29

Here Is the Jeffrey Epstein Video that Vh1 and Paramount Global Removed from My Profile

"Ex-Mossad Agent Ari Ben-Menashe Stated Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for the Government of Israel to Blackmail American Politicians wit...

Bill Gates Praises China's Brutal and Authoritarian Response to "Covid":

House Speaker Johnson Says Israel, Ukraine Funding Is a Priority

World Economic Forum Founder, Klaus Schwab, Applauds the Chinese Communist Party's Brutal and Authoritarian "Covid Control Measures", Which In...

UN to Ask Americans to Reduce Meat Eating to Fight Climate Change in New Global Food Systems Instructions

A Look at Unprecedented Surges in Cardiac Arrest Cases in Victoria, Australia

Sen. Schumer Vows to Bring Bill for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan Funding to Floor for Vote Soon

Acclaimed Novelist Criticizes Liberal Arts Community for Selling Their Souls to the Covid Agenda

Deepfakes, Ato Now Entrenched as Top ID Fraud Trends

Biden's Infrastructure Bill Set Aside Billions for EV Chargers, But Not a Single One Has Come Online Yet

'There Is No Consensus': Chris Christie Reveals Why He Wouldn't Sign Heartbeat Bill If President

Biden Regime Weighing EV Subsidy Tweaks that Could Benefit China

Cover-Up? Arizona Border Sector that Saw 15,300 Crossings in a Week Halts Updates

WaPo Threatens More Layoffs While 120 Employees Take Voluntary Buyouts

SATIRE: To Encourage Biden to Rescue Hostages, Posters Will Now Feature Photos of WNBA Players

Trump Currently Has the Largest Lead He's Ever Had

'Taking Away Local Control': Whitmer Signs Massive Green Energy Mandate Into Law

Tommy Tuberville Tells GOP Behind Closed Doors He Will End His Hold on Military Promotions

Cop28 Agenda Extends to Your Dinner Table

Vice Contributor Sentenced for Distributing Child-Rape Porn, Attempted Rape of Nine-Year-Old

Slovenia Refunds Covid Lockdown and Mask Fines, Expunges Records

Scary Monsters for the Safety Cult w/ Nan Su

SATIRE: Chick-Fil-A, Buc-Ee's, Hobby Lobby Merge to Form Most Popular Store of All Time

SATIRE: 8 Better Uses of Your Time and Money than Going to College

Gov't Sponsored Bank Judges Applicants' 'Diversity' Before Handing Out Key Housing Grant Money

Desantis-Supporting Key Early State Lawmakers Blast Haley Endorsement by Koch-Backed Group

'Wow': John Kennedy Visibly Taken Aback After Witness Says Rapists Shouldn't Be Judged 'For the Rest of Their Lives'

Redefining Representation: Bianca GraCIA's Vision for TX-Hd128

Investment Legend and Warren Buffett Partner Charlie Munger Dies at 99

Judge Chutkan Blocks Trumps Attempts to Subpoena Missing Jan. 6th Committee Records

Previous Republican Campaigns Say Iowa 'Faith CEO' Bob Vander Plaats Solicited Cash for Endorsements

Gov't Surveillance Program Gives Law Enforcement Access to Trillions of Phone Records Without Suspicion of Criminality

Even Democrats are Souring on Bidenomics

Arkansas AG Rejects Proposed Ballot Language Enshrining Abortion in State Constitution

Social Justice Has Birthed a New Demon Child: "Language Justice" Is Its Name

We the People are the Solution...The Candidates & Politicians are the Problem

It's Always Been All About the Children... Sacrificing of Their Minds, Bodies & Souls!

Lucas Gage: The Purpose of the ADL Is to Stir Up Social Animosities and Violence Across the Country

California Court: Gun Owners Personal Information May Be Given to Researchers on Gun Violence

Bill Gates-Backed Startup Seeks Taxpayer Subsidies to Solve Climate Change with Sawdust

'Is This Like a Real Interview?': The DCNF Asked RFK Jr. America's Most Burning Questions About His Candidacy

Birth of Rare Eastern Black Rhino Is Cause for Celebration--Watch the Amazing Birth Caught on Camera

SATIRE: Disney Awarded Defense Contract After Producing More Bombs than Lockheed Martin

Let's Bring Back Confrontations of Politicians & Intellectuals!

Republican Reps Take Challenge to Nancy Pelosi's Mask Mandate to Supreme Court

SATIRE: Man Instantly Promoted to Manager After Scheduling 3 Unnecessary Meetings in One Day

20 Additional Hostages Expected to Be Released in Gaza Ceasefire Extension

Meat Consumption Will Be a Target of UN at Cop28

FBI and CDC Coverup of the Chinese Bioweapons Lab Found in California

Hunter Biden Requests to Testify Publicly Before House Oversight Committee

CBDC Is the Ultimate Tool of Control

Joe Rogan on the Dangers of CBDCs

Justin Trudeau Claims "Canadians are Afraid of Climate Change"

Prince Harry, in a Brazen Display of Climate Hypocrisy

RFK Jr: CBDCs Will Lead to "Feudal Serfdom"

Concentration Quarantine Camps are Now Legal in NYC... and There's Nothing You Can Do About It

Health Vaccine Concerns

Why Is the CDC Is Harvesting Your Electronic Medical Data from Hospitals?

For the GOP, Everything Depends on This One Critical Question

SATIRE: Journalists Condemn Little Leaguer for Wearing 12% Blackface

Kiev's Military Official Believes Conflict Will Go Beyond Ukraine

Vijay Jayaraj: Jet-Set Hypocrites Want to Keep Billions in Poverty Around the World

Country's Proposed 'Hate Speech' Law Targets Memes, Online Speech with Possible Prison Time

Dem Lawmakers Have Extremely Frank Conversation with IDF Over Its Counteroffensive in Gaza

An Iv Bag for Disasters that Doesn't Need Gravity Scoops Up 2023 James Dyson Award for International Effort

Shortage of Weapons: Germany's Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr: "Would Only Last Two Days in a Battle" Due to Excessive Weapons Deliveries to Kie...

Germany's 'military Schengen' Proposal: To Ease the Movement of NATO Troops Across the European Union"

NYT Reports Gaza Civilians are Being Killed at Historic Pace

Bah, Humbug! Americans are Donating Less to Charity as Inflation Takes Its Toll

Senate GOP Super PAC on Track to Raise Over $400 Million for 2024

Business Leaders Make Progress on Lucrative Deals with Beijing After Shelling Out Thousands for Dinner with Xi

Trump Requests Biden Regime Communications About His 2020 Election Case, Evidence About Undercover Informants on Jan. 6

New Zealand Is Reversing Its Controversial Smoking Ban, Because It Needs the Tax Revenue

Jobs, Not Jail: A Judge Was Sick of Sending Kids to Prison, So He Found a Better Way

Education's "Media Literacy": The Left's Latest Brainwashing Effort?

Gaza: More than 20,000 Civilians Killed, Drone Footage of Destruction

The History of US-NATO Led Wars: "Exporting Democracy" Through Acts of Subversion and Infiltration

From a Released Hamas Captive: "I Will Forever Be a Prisoner of Gratitude Because She Did Not Leave Here with a Lifelong Psychological Trauma."...

Israel Leaves Trail of Destruction in Gaza After 48 Days of Bombing

Zelensky Paranoid About the Military and Warns Commanders to Stay Out of Politics

The Myth that Putin Was Bent on Conquering Ukraine and Creating a Greater Russia

UNESCO's Insidious Plan to "Regulate Social Media" and "Control Speech Online"

"Lucifer's Banker: The Untold Story of How I Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy"

"Early in 2023, Genomics Scientist Kevin McKernan Made an Accidental Discovery. While Running an Experiment in His Boston Lab, McKernan Used Some Vials...

Navy Medical Officer Reveals Covax Vaccine Related Heart Issues. These Numbers are Astounding. "Myocarditis Up 151%, Ischemic Heart Disease Up 69%, Pul...

WEF: All Travel Will Soon Be Restricted by Personal Carbon Allowances

Homicides in Muriel Bowser's D.C. Up 35 Percent, Deadliest Year in 20 Years

Biden & Co. Bow to Chicom's New World Order

War Is Not Abstracted Anymore

First Fully-Electric MLS Soccer Stadium Being Built in NYC Could Transform The Whole Neighborhood

Climate Hysteria Debunked by New Studies, Previous Lies

"There Will Be Control" -- European Central Bank Head, on CBDCs

Trudeau Supports Partnership with EU for Digital ID Push, Suggests It Will Help Curb Online "Disinformation"

Why First Nations People Regard America's Thanksgiving Day as a National Day of Mourning

Good News in History, November 28

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): The Weaponization of Money? Who's Health Tyranny: Towards a Totalitarian World Government? No Way!

Pa Dem Admits No Way to 'restore Trust' with Voting Machines

Im Disappointed in Myself -- Biden Issues Groveling Apology to Muslims in Private Meeting

The Humanoid Invasion Is Coming, Like It or Not!

Former UK Principal, Investigated Over Covid Social Media Posts, Takes His Employer to Tribunal

Moderna Is Caught Monitoring Online Speech

Gates Foundation Doubles Down on Push for Digital ID and Payments in Nigeria

Proton Drive Arrives on Mac

SATIRE: 10 Ways Disney Plans to Save Their Box-Office Numbers This Year

Weekly the Israeli Perspective -- on Genocide-- Dominates Our Airwaves

30 Shot in Chicago Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Humanity Under Assault by the Elites -- When Will We Have Had Enough?

UN Accuses Israel of Attacking Peacekeeping Patrol During Truce

Israeli Tank Gunner Reveals Orders to Fire Indiscriminately Into Kibbutz -- Report

Systematic Review Finds 74% of Covid Shot Autopsy Deaths Were Caused by the Vaccine

New Study: Natural CO2 Emissions Nearly Six Times Higher than Man-Made Sources

Say Goodbye to the Middle Class: Half of All American Workers Made Less than $40,847.18 Last Year

Ukrainian Official Confirms Russia Was Ready to End War in March 2022 If Kyiv Agreed to Neutrality

Israeli October 7 Posterchild Was Killed by Israeli Tank, Eyewitnesses Reveal

Chicago-Area High School Provides Segregated Classes for Black and Hispanic Students

Exposing the Christian Zionism Cult

Globalists USing CBDCs, DNA, Climate Change and ESG Against US

SATIRE: Cyber Monday: Your Last Chance to Save 50% on a Babylon Bee Subscription!

SATIRE: Hamas Awarded Nobel Peace Prize for Releasing a Few of the Children They Kidnapped

GOP Rep Demands Air Force Justify Threatening Troops Careers for Attending Conservative Rally

North Korean Diplomat Takes Pot Shots at US Ambassador During Rare UN Appearance

US Intel Officials Worry Little-Known Tech Firm Could Hand Americans Genetic Data to China

Skyborg -- I Think Therefore I Kill w/ Sean Patrick Hazlett

The Deep State: Ivan Raiklin Exposes Who's Really Calling the Shots

Bring Home the J6 Political Prisoners -- Form a County Grand Jury

Unraveling J6 & Putting the DoD on Notice

Clouded Secrets: Nicole Nogrady Reveals the Dark Side of Chemtrails

Activists, You Must Shame and Pressure the Palestinian Authority for Its Sins as Much as You Pressure Israel for Its Crimes

Leaked Docs Show Arab Petrostate Wanted to Use Climate Summit to Strike Fossil Fuel Deals

White House Reporter Chews Up 69 Seconds Letting Everyone Know She Is Friends with Stevie Wonder

Less than Nothing to Show for Failed Biden-Xi Summit

Global War-Ning! Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity

The One Quadrillion Dollars Derivatives Bubble: "The Great Taking": How They Plan to Own It All

Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons: Remote Control of the Human Nervous System

The Covid Rt-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a "Test" to Lock Down Society

Bill Gates Is Funding a Scheme to Cut Down 70 Million Acres of Forests in North America

Women's Rights in Afghanistan: "Before" and "After" America's Destructive Wars

Crane Operator Is Hero for Saving Man from Top of Burning Building After Seeing Him Wave His Coat

Facial Recognition by Police Could Come to Ireland Faster After Dublin Riots

Michael Cohen Panics, Claims Trump Will Send Opponents 'To Guantanamo Bay'

John Eastman Asks for Trump to Be Tried Apart from Other Co-Defendants in Georgia Case

Biden's Flagship Climate Bill Is Making It More Expensive to Conserve Water

SATIRE: San Francisco Residents Gather Downtown for Annual Lighting of Giant Crack Pipe

SATIRE: Derek Chauvin Charged with Assaulting Inmate's Shiv

Faith in the Human Race and Its Governments: What a Confused State of Mind Is This?

Biden Regime Rolled Out a Massive Highway Emissions Rule on Thanksgiving Eve

House Speaker Mike Johnson Calls "Separation of Church and State" a "Misnomer"

Former HHS Official Who Worked with Fauci to Downplay Lab Leak Reveals Theory on Covid Origins

The Dems Have Betrayed the Kennedy Legacy

Federal Judge to Decide Whether Amtrak Can Take Over Union Station for a Third of Its Value

General Milley Admits to Treason Violating the Constitution for the NWO

Separate Tech and State

Eat Less Meat: The UN's Net Zero Plan for Agriculture at Cop28

'son of Concorde' that Could Fly from NY to London in 1.5 Hours Is a Step Closer to Take-Off

UK Records First Human Case of Swine Flu

Emergency Response Needed to Save Rohingya Lives

Businesses Ditch Diversity Initiatives in Droves Amid Economic Uncertainty

Election Officials in Democrat-Run State Rarely Investigate Campaign Finance Violations

Chinese Government Sent Millions in Payments to Biolab in California

America's Military Deployment in the Asia-Pacific Region. "Deter China from Invading Taiwan"

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (Crps) After Covid mRNA Vaccination -- a Disabling Illness

'A Revenue Problem': Worries Mount Over GOP's Finances Ahead of 2024

Pirates Surrender to US Navy After Failed Hijacking Attempt

Pope Francis Forced to Cancel Meetings Over Breathing Difficulties

Caught in the Crossfire: Border Town Residents Flee in Droves as Warring Cartels Burn Houses, Battle in the Streets

Abandoned Wells Turned Into Whimsical Sculptures to Irrigate Villages with a Smile in India

Ready for the Chinese NWO?

Dying Suddenly While Driving: Firefighter Stops Ambulance Going Over Cliff After mRNA-Injected Partner Collapses at the Wheel

Betsy McCaughey: The Left Conspires to Keep Election Fraud Quiet. Wonder Why?

A Stanley Thermos Survives a Car Fire, So Stanley Replaces Both the Mug and the Car

Good News in History, November 27

Arabic Becoming 'second Language' in France

There Never Was a Virus, There Never Was a Pandemic

SATIRE: Musk to Put Cybertruck's Bulletproof Armor to Ultimate Test with Trip Through Downtown Chicago

SATIRE: Sad: The New Napoleon Movie Appears to Be About Some French Guy and Not a High School Kid with Awesome Bo Staff Skills and Friggin Sweet Dance Moves...

Moderna Pauses New Vaccine Trials Over Myocarditis Fears

Texas County Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Civil Asset Forfeiture Program

Trent England and Jason Snead: Who Is Driving Ranked-Choice Voting Initiatives?

How Blackrock Investment Fund Triggered the Global Energy Crisis

4 Precautions to Take in Anticipation of the Next Fake Disease

Even the Tunnels are Coming to Light...!

3 Top Palestinian College Students Shot in Vermont in Alleged Bias Attack: Another Example of Hate Turning Violent

Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager Explains Why Every Last Remnant of Your Freedom Depends on Widespread Rejection of CBDC

Bombshell Biolab Owner in California Revealed as an Illegal from China

Stanley Johnson--The Elitist, Depopulation Obsessed Father of Boris Johnson--Admits It's "Part of the National Plan" that the Peasants Will No...

Videos of @revwutruth Getting Kicked Out of a School Board for Reading Their Own Material Is Viral Everywhere

The Russia-Ukraine War Is Just About Over

Doctors Warn Millions of Patients Experiencing Lifetime of Bone Loss One Year After Jab

Settler Violence, Dispossession and Displacement Accelerate in Hebron, Amid Gaza War

mRNA Inventor: WEF Orchestrating Pandemics to Usher in a New World Order

Ten New Species of Trilobites Discovered in Ancient Ash Reveal Missing Pieces of World Puzzle

Police Launch Investigation Into Conor McGregor for Hate Speech

Artist Decorates Underwater Sculpture Park with 25 Figures of Local Island People in the Caribbean

I, a Headteacher, Was Investigated by Counter-Terrorism Agencies

Pro-Abortion Groups Seek to Trigger Referendums in Another 9 States

Joy Returning to Maui: Walmart and Salvation Army Bring Holiday Cheer, Surprising Thousands of Kids with Toys

Ireland's Leader Leo Varadkar Pushes for New "Hate Speech" Laws

Open, Drm Free Alternatives to Audible

Conor McGregor Is Being Investigated for "Hate Speech" Over Social Media Comments

Farm Attacks Up 21 Percent in Anti-White South Africa

Free Speech Groups Call on Congress to Block Newsguard Funding

The World Is on Fire and Biden's Spineless Foreign Policy Isn't Helping

The Comedy Wildlife Photo Winners are Here--And They're Absolutely Adorable

As Millions Invade U.S., Mayorkas Orders Agents to Not "Misgender" Illegals

Long Covid Propaganda and Fraud: It's Time to Push Back on Lies and Help Those Suffering from Spikeopathy

Israel Admits It Killed Its Own at Nova Music Festival

Ireland and the Fury of the Cancelled

The W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty and Amendments to the International Health Regulations: Enabling a Global Health Dictatorship

NATO's Proposed "Military Schengen" Is a Thinly Disguised German Power Play Over Poland

In This Truce, the Star of David Is Akin to a Swastika

Unspoken Objective: Israel Wants to Confiscate Gaza's Offshore Gas Reserves Which Belong to Palestine

Three Presidents Who Made Thanksgiving a National Holiday -- and What They Were Thankful For

How to Take Down the Billionaires. Form Independent Communities

OpenAI Is Falling Apart: The Dilemma of Ilya Sutskever

Is the US's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System Broken?

Hamas Winning Battle for Gaza. Scott Ritter

Israel Bombed Civilians on October 7, Deliberately Created Destruction in Order to Justify Its Aggression Against Gaza

Israeli Ministry of Intelligence: Let's Deport Palestinians to the Sinai Desert. "Erase the Palestinian Territories"

Are Covid Jab Deaths Being Covered Up?

Good News in History, November 26

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

We are Being Smashed Politically, Economically, Medically and Technologically by the Elite's 'Great Reset': Why? How Do We Fight Back Effectively?...

Marching for Israel? American and Israeli War Criminals Celebrate Together

The Brain Is the Battlefield of the Future. the WEF's Stated Objective Is "Altering the Human Being"

The FDA Has Not Banned Trans Fats! Traditional Saturated Fats Like Coconut Oil Continue to Shine for Alzheimer's Disease But are Condemned by U.S. Dieta...

John Stossel: The Government Has Labels for Everything But Common Sense

SATIRE: The Polar Express Voted Best Christmas Movie by Serial Killers

Cup Found in Garage Turns Out to Be Chinese Treasure Worth Thousands

Dem Presidential Candidate Dean Phillips Says 'It's Delusional' to Think Biden Can Beat Trump

W.H.O. Investigates Mysterious Pneumonia Cases in Children in China

How Dean Phillips Could Foil Anti-Trump Republicans in New Hampshire

Over 2,500 Cops Have Quit the Job in Blue City Just This Year

Police Give Motorists a Thanksgiving Surprise--Handing Out Free Turkeys Instead of Tickets

Corrupt Judge Engoron Is Upset About Being Called Mean Names

Pandemics as a Catalyst for a New World Order

Right Now: People are Out in Front of @AIPAC President Michael Tuchin's House in L.A. for a Holiday Wake Up Call!

3 Short Vids -- Trying to Kill Ireland

NYC: While You're Shopping, Bombs are Dropping

Converting Parking Lots to Homeless Encampments Brings Mixed Results

Newly Unclassified DARPA Docs Confirm Sars-Cov-2 Was Created by Ecohealth Alliance at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

In 2010, Oprah Winfrey Decided to Use All Her Influence and Fame to Promote John of God, Cult Leader Who "Ran Child Sex Slave Farm and Sold Babies to t...

Phillipines Launches Investigation Into Excess Deaths in the Country

Pfizer Sues Poland Because It Doesn't Want to Buy More Covid Shots

Bellevue Set to Increase City Property Tax by 1% as One-Time Covid Funds Run Out

Inside the UN Plan to Control Speech Online

US Northern Border Sector Sees 550% Increase in Illegal Crossings in 2023

The Pentagon Is on the Verge of Deploying AI Weapons that Autonomously Kill Humans

More Fake Fed Nazis Show Up in Wisconsin

World Economic Forum Backs UNESCO's Push to Regulate Speech on Social Media, Pushes Its Own Toolkit "Digital Safety" Which Will Tackle "H...

Demetra Demonte: Republicans Ignore This Issue at Their Peril

Charlyce Bozzello: Hypocrisy Runs Rampant at Well-Connected Union with Deep DC Ties

Energy Security or Tyranny? 2024 Provides a Stark Choice

Flip-Flop Fauci Flips Again, Changes Tune on "Vaccine" Mandates

Pipe Dreams Comes True for Top Tradesmen at the First National Plumbing Championship

Voter Fraud: Wife of Iowa Politician Convicted of Ballot Stuffing

Things are Going from Bad to Worse for Biden, Polls Show

Rumble Launches Playlists, Watch Later and Watch History

Fearing Pandemic, W.H.O. Urges China to Share Data on Rising Hospitalizations

Good News in History, November 25

Depopulationist Bill Gates Enhances Sales Pitch, Says AI Could Lead to 3-Day Work Week

None So Blind: NY Wants Children Masked at Schools Again

SATIRE: President Xi Confirms Chinese Ban on Bibles Does Not Apply to 'The Message'

Excess Deaths Among Children Continue to Soar Across Europe Following Push of Covid Jabs for Kids

Who Owns Your Children? The Government Keeps Acting Like It Does

Dylan Charles with Judith Kwoba on Nightflight

SATIRE: 'so, What's for Dinner?' Asks Teen Boy Immediately After Eating 50,000-Calorie Thanksgiving Meal at 3 PM

What are the Saudis Really Preparing For?

The Left's Outrageous Attacks on House Speaker Mike Johnson Could Backfire

Pro-Democrat Local News Operation Raked in Cash from Prolific Dark Money Network in Lead-Up to Elections

Garbage Man Saves Kitten from Being Crushed, Now Adopted and Healthy in Time for Christmas

Two More Second Amendment Wins, in Oregon and Maryland

First Hostages Released in Temporary Ceasefire

Another Scandal Hits Eric Adams. Is It Payback for Criticizing Biden?

Members of Congress Retiring Over Frustration with "Broken" System

November 2023 Gold Goats N Guns Newsletter Released: A Return to Sovereignty

Vanity Fair Exposes Fauci Over Covid Origins

Federal Debt Increased $2.45 Trillion Since Thanksgiving 2022 -- $7,304 for Every Person in US

Thousands of Years Ago, a Woman Underwent Two Surgeries to Her Head--And Survived Both Procedures

Blue State Residents are Paying Way More for Energy than Red States, New Report Shows

Faith in the American Dream Plummets Under Biden

Ej Antoni: All I Want for Christmas Is a 2% Interest Rate

John F. Kennedy, 60 Years After His Death: Encounters with Evil

F-16 Fighter Jets Yet to Arrive. Kiev Regime Is Desperate. Ukraine Air Force in Shambles

Health Alert on mRNA Covid Shot Safety in Florida. "Serious Adverse Events" Reported in 2022

NY Gov Hochul Sends Warning to Social Media Execs About "Encoded Hate"

Did He Lie? Lawmakers Request Investigation on Elon Musk's Statements About Neuralink Brain Implant Monkey Testing Deaths

SATIRE: In Incredible Black Friday Sale, Lockheed Martin Offering 2 Wars for Price of 1

Pallywood Tactics: Al-Shifa Hospital and Israel's Propaganda Effort

Is Armenia Really Arming the Kiev Regime?

The 2023 Apec Conference: "Working Towards a Joint Future with Benefits for All". Strained US-China Relations, Biden Meets Xi

35 Zionist Media Lies, the Killing of Children, Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel

Retailers Brace for Slow Holiday Season as Inflation Bites

Upcoming UN Climate Confab Could Have Largest Carbon Footprint in Event's History

Swing State Judge Dismisses Misleading Bid to Make Abortion a Constitutional Right

Astonishing: DCNF Reporter Details How Rural America Is Being Overtaken by Chinese Illegal Marijuana Grows

Jonathan Turley Argues Rashida Tlaib Should Not Be Sanctioned by Bar Over Antisemetic Lies

Convicted Fraudster and Dem Megadonor Is Exchanging Fish for Services Behind Bars

Daniel Turner: Hold on to Your Wallet Whenever Politicians Say They are Using 'science' to Craft Policy

'Truly Excited': Big Donors Explain Why They're Eying Nikki Haley for 2024

Freedom First Coffee: The Most Patriotic, Pro-America and Pro-Freedom Coffee in America

How Office Buildings Will Be Converted to Smart Cities for the Cartels

Children Covid mRNA Vaccine-Injured: Encephalitis After Pfizer Covid mRNA Vaccine. Potentially Deadly Brain Inflammation

Greece Plays Both Sides: Delivers Weapons to Ukraine, Greek Shipping Companies in Lucrative Trade in Russian Oil

Wendy's Worker Saves Customer's Life: 'I Was Like, 'Girl, You Know How to Do CPR; Get Over Here'

SATIRE: Black Friday Only: Get 50% Off a Babylon Bee Subscription!

Supreme Court to Consider Whether Agency's In-House Trials Violate the Constitution

Good News in History, November 24

Crucial GOP Senate Primary: Liberty vs. the Swamp

The Trudeau Government Spent Millions in Grants for Developing Insect-Based Food

Agenda to Depopulate the Planet Through Covid Vaccination. Revealed by Government Reports and Pfizer Documents

The Solution to Gaza Is Simple

Trump to Visit Javier Milei in Argentina

Vacuum Up Its Cash: Why Is Nikki Haley Courting Wall Street Ahead of 2024?

Americans Have Much to Be Thankful For

Democrats Threaten to Leave X But Realize They Have Nowhere to Go

Abortion Bans Result in 32,000 More Babies Being Born Each Year

New Young People Dying of Cancer at Explosive Rates, UK Government Data Show

New Jersey Announces Total Ban on Gas Cars to Align with WEF's Agenda

Hero Truck Driver Saves Choking Woman Who Stopped Her Car on a Construction Site

Meanwhile, in Argentina

Emergency Declared as Two Kentucky Towns Evacuated After Hazardous Chemical Train Derails

Man Berates and Harasses Halal Cart Vendor, Ends with "If We Killed 4,000 Palestinian Kids? It Wasn't Enough"

Biden Regime Worries the Pause in Gaza Will Give Journalists More Access to Expose Israeli Atrocities

the NY Appellate Division Has Ruled in Favor of Governor Kathy Hochul in a Landmark Case for Government Overreach

Mysterious Pneumonia Ripping Through Chinese Schools Sparks Fears Among Scientists of a Covid Repeat

An Emergency Vaccine Was Pushed on the USA for an Imaginary Pandemic... in 1976

SATIRE: Atheists Wait at Table for Thanksgiving Meal to Evolve from Nothing

UFC's McGregor Blasts Globalist Irish Gov't for Giving Foreigners the Vote

Be Thankful You're Not a Liberal!

Conservatives Feel Betrayed by Johnson Funding Bill, Fueling GOP Divisions

Shock Election Result: Geert Wilders Wins Big in the Netherlands

Carrie Sheffield: Give Thanks -- Even in the Most Troubling of Times

Is the Army Caught Up in a Push to Rewrite History?

No Ceasefire, No Votes: Biden Could Lose Key Swing States in 2024 Amid Left-Wing Backlash on Gaza

No, Humanity Doesn't Have to Zombie Walk Into a Dystopic Nightmare Future

Why Was Tesla Building a "Death Ray"?

French Politicians Vow Legal Action on Alleged Illegal Facial Recognition Use by Police

Terence P. Jeffrey: When Yale Crushed Notre Dame -- in Football

These States are Gearing Up for a School Choice Showdown in 2024

Seven Swimmers Owe Their Lives to Australian Teens on Boogie Boards--2 Rescues in One Week

Democrats Ignore the First Amendment with Censorship Demand Letter to X

In Praise of Whistleblowers. Biden Regime Accused of "Spreading Misinformation" Regarding Covid Pandemic and 9/11

Israel Is Assassinating Journalists in Gaza

Israeli Official Admits Not Even Trying to Get American Hostages Released

Young People Dying of Cancer at Explosive Rates, UK Government Data Show. Study

Former Rep. Jason Lewis: 60 Years Later, What the Hell are They Hiding?

JFK: From Mongoose to Gladio

New Hampshire Man Had No Car and No Furniture, But Died with a Big Secret, Leaving His Town Millions

Pretexts and False Flags? Towards a Broader Middle East War? Yemeni Navy Seizes Israeli-Linked Vessel

Secret Intelligence Documents Show Global Reach of India's Death Squads

Hackers Expose Personal Data of Foreign Legion of Ukrainian Army

Argentina on the Brink of Collapse: "Anarcho-Capitalist" Javier Milei Is Part of the WEF Agenda

The Climate Change Mental Asylum -- CO2 Fanatics Suffering from Ideological Insanity

Don't Cry for Argentina -- It Is Not Worthy of Your Tears

The Profound Health Benefits of Being Grateful

Eco-Camouflage and the Fossil Fuel Lobby: The War Against Wind Farms

These Four Key Economic Indicators Paint a Grim Picture for 2024

Dem-Aligned Dark Money Network Spent Almost $1 Billion on Liberal Causes in 2022

Reminder: Left-Wing Megadonors Have Poured Money Into Media Matters, the Org Trying to Starve Musk's X

Be Thankful: 1 in 4 Babies that Would've Been Aborted Have Been Born in a Post-Roe World

Palestinians File Emergency Motion to Block U.S. Aid for Israel's Genocide in Gaza

"Never Again Is Now!" Palestine's UN Rep. Nada Abu Tarbush Exposes Israel's War Crimes in Gaza

Scientists Discovered More than 100,000 Ancient Coins at an Excavation Site in Japan

Another Crisis "Much Worse than Covid", Paralysis of Power Supply, Communications, Transportation. the WEF "Cyber Attack" Scenario...

Good News in History, November 23

Thankful for God's Provision

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We're lied to with headlines like "US counts record 4,000 COVID deaths in a day as virus continues to wreak havoc." These deaths, if accurate in number, were from seasonal flu/influenza -- perhaps pneumonia, and/or related illnesses -- not covid. Individuals succumbing are largely elderly, infirm, likely with other health issues, and weakened immune systems. -- Stephen Lendman

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