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March 30, 2023

'It's About Power': Conservatives Torch 'Political' Trump Indictment

Peter Roff: Will Trump Take the High Road?

'It's Not Appropriate': Parents Call Out School Board for Refusing to Let Students Opt-Out of Gender Identity Lessons

'A Dark Moment in American History': GOP Presidential Candidates Sound Off on Trump Indictment

Ronna McDaniel Issues Weak Statement in Response to Trump Indictment

Trump Expected to Surrender to Manhattan Da's Office Early Next Week

"The Only Crime that Donald Trump Committed Was Beating Hillary Clinton" -- Kari Lake Speaks Out Against Sham Trump Indictment

"The US Is Now a Third World Nation" -- Trump Unleashes on "Thugs and Radical Left Monsters" and Communist Left in Second Statement Following Political Indictment

Mike Lindell Draws Sword, Cuts Off Ear of Officer Attempting to Arrest Trump

Top House, Senate Republicans Outraged About Trump Indictment: 'A Dark Day in American History'

AUKUS Exists to Manage the Risks Created by Its Existence

Sparks Fly Over Witnesses at House Weaponization Hearing: 'This Is a Mockery and a Disgrace'

Trump Issues Statement After Being Indicted

Democrats React After Manhattan Grand Jury Votes to Indict Trump

Restrict Act Is Orwellian Censorship Grab Disguised as Anti-TikTok Legislation

Donald Trump Indicted Over 2016 Hush Money Payment to Stormy Daniels

These Economic Numbers are Staggering

From Bill Gates to "The Great Refusal": Farmers on the Frontline

All the Many Ways Big Tech Is Selling Your Data to the Government Who Is Spying on Americans Without Warrants

US Woke Diplomacy: The Case of Hungary, by Jordan Steiner

'restoration of Faith': Liberals Celebrate News of Trump Indictment

Judicial Watch Statement on Indictment of FMr. Donald Trump

Second Wave of Bank Runs Start...Demise of the U.S. Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency Accelerates

Karine Jean-Pierre Refuses to Say If Biden Supports Armed Security at Schools

Cyber Soul...Angels and Devils on Your Petrochemical Shoulders w/ Jeremy Scott

Soros' Puppet Marxist Alvin Bragg's Grand Jury Votes to Indict President Donald J. Trump

Trump's Support for Primary Surges Past 50%

Tools to Save the Republic

Standing Firm Legal Options to Covid Lies

Narrative Driven Swiss Study Has Huge Holes, But Fear Not

The Information Equilibrium & the Chinese Threat

Guns Don't Kill People; Mentally Ill People Kill People

Law Enforcement's Addiction Crisis and the Way Forward

How Pro-Lifers Can Fight the Climate Scare Threatening Their Movement

Self-Care Reminders in Uncertain Times

A Cabal of Crooks Runs America's Political Leadership

The Left Is Making Trump a Hero in Their Efforts to Jail Him

White Privilege, Boys Can Be Girls, DOJ Protects You, Money in the Sky... All Lies

Anime Is More Popular than Ever, Despite Controversies

Musk and Other Tech Leaders Call for AI Development "Moratorium"

Male Powerlifter Enters Women's Event, Breaks Record in Front of Trans Powerlifting Who Held It

Manhattan Grand Jury Votes to Indict Trump

Who Claims Cases of Marburg Virus are Going Unreported in Equatorial Guinea

Conservatives & Liberals Aligned with Greedy Developers & Multinationals Against the Homeless

Biden Education SEC'Y Will Not "Sit Idly" and Let Parents "Privatize" Education

Conservatives & Liberals Aligned with Greedy Developers & Multinationals Against the Homeless, by Ilana Mercer

Pentagon Reveals More Casualties from Syrian Airstrikes

SATIRE: 10 Safer Places for Your Money than Banks

Moonbats Gone Wild in Kentucky and Tennessee

Chaos Unravels as Anti-Gun Activists Swarm Inside Tennessee Capitol

Pastor Corrects Claim Audrey Hale Was Undergoing Counseling with the Father of One Victim

SATIRE: Study Shows Number One Cause of Depression in Men Is Not Being Allowed to Dress as a Ship's Captain from the Napoleonic Era

Police Violence. Has France Become a Police State? Bastille 2.0? 3.5 Million People Mobilize Against Macron

Minnesota Town Evacuated After Train Carrying Ethanol Derails, Bursts Into Flames

A Theory Correlating Racial Evolution with Intellectual Development, by A.J. Smuskiewicz

Biden Gutting America's Navy While China Prepares for War

Big Banks Raking in Billions Following Federal Bailouts as Smaller Banks Suffer

Steve Scalise Blasts Biden Energy Policy: 'He's Not Against Oil, He's Just Against American Oil'

McCarthy Trolls Biden and Blasts Lefty Reporters During Presser After Republicans Pass Bill to Lower Energy Prices

Recently Arrived Ukrainians in Minneapolis Head to Mississippi to Help Tornado Victims

CNN Viewership Declines Further in March...From Awful to Abysmal

Contract Shows How the FBI Purchases Massive Amounts of Online Data

Open-Source AI Is Needed More than Ever. Here's an Early Contender.

Canadian Lawmaker Says It's Worth Violating Free Speech to Promote Quebec Content in Algorithms

From Trans Supremacy to AI, How Wokeness Seeks to Replace God

Robertkennedyjr : Pfizer Knew Their Vaccines Would Cause Heart Attacks and "They Did It Anyway"

5G Harms....A Great Video and a Second One from the Former President of Microsoft Canada....So Many Harms..

India to Increase Crude Oil Purchases from Russia Under New Deal

Bob Kudla...Climate Change Agenda Is Dead, the Economic Pivot Has Begun, Watch Gold & Bitcoin

Fyi...You're Being Monitored 24/7

Toronto, Vancouver Transition to Minority Anglophone-Canadian Cities,

Bombshell Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion in Economic Damage, Tens of Millions Injured or Disabled

Judicial Watch Sues Biden Regime for Extradition Records of Illegal Alien Who Ran Over and Killed Brother of Judicial Watch Client in Chicago

SATIRE: Disney Punches Back at Ron Desantis by Changing Height Requirements for All Rides to 6 Feet

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Avi Silverberg

Trans School Shooter's Manifesto to Be Released After FBI Review, Nashville Official Says

'Become a Champion of Change': Justice Sotomayor Tells Law Students They Can Fight 'Wrong' SCOTUS Opinions as Lawyers

Xi Jinping Says China Is Preparing for War

Jesse Watters Asks Sen. Lindsey Graham If He Even Read a Key Bill He Co-Sponsored

'Libs of TikTok' Bumps Into Ocasio-Cortez Minutes After Filing Ethics Complaint Against Her

Doctors Warn Against Viral 2010s Trend Gaining Spotlight Again on TikTok: 'You're Asking for Trouble'

County Settles with Pro-Life Groups After Arresting Them for Praying Outside Abortion Clinic

Digital Euro to Have Built-In Limitations, as Central Bank President Says It Will Never Be as Private as Cash

Moonbats Demand Mets Rename Citi Field

Sovereignty at Stake: Jimmy Evans & Michele Bachmann Share Urgent Matter and Time-Sensitive Response

Martin Luther King: Was He Good Enough for the Jews?, by Laurent Guynot

U.S. Sees 300,000 Excess Deaths in 2022 Alone, West Sees 2 Million in 2 Years

Nasty Pesticide Broken Down by Probiotic Used in Culturing Food

SATIRE: Buffalo Guy Tagged and Released Back Into Wild

Judicial Watch Victory: Colorado Agrees to Settle Lawsuit Over Ineligible Voters; Agrees to Extensive Reporting and Review of Voter Roll Clean Up Efforts

Open Border Groups Call Proposed Rule to Curb Illegal Immigration Unlawful Asylum Ban

Biden's FBI Set to Go Scorched Earth and Arrest a Thousand More J6 Demonstrators

All the World Is a Stage: The Mass Hypnosis of the Population

Ron Desantis Is Courting Donors in Trump's Old Stomping Grounds

Border "Authorities" Detail Smuggling Routes, Warn of Greater Surge in Chinese Illegally Crossing Into US

Two Arrested After Campus Protest Against Pro-Life Speakers Turns Violent

Top Biden Adviser Anita Dunn Promoted TikTok After It Hired Her Old Lobbying Firm

Police Union Director Charged with Smuggling Fentanyl to the US

Holdout Georgia Republicans Kill School Choice Legislation

According to U.N. Spokesperson, There are No U.S. Armed Forces Inside Syria

Southern Nationalism and White Nationalism, by Neil Kumar

One Stem Cell Injection to Target Inflammation Slashed Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke by 58%

Cop's Life Ruined After Fellow Cop Shot Him and the Dept. Covered It Up

Rumble to Offer Creators 100% of Supporter Revenue, Taking No Cut Throughout 2023

Going Cashless: EU Is Pushing to Criminalize Use of Physical Cash

Estonia and EU Clash Over Bumper Refund for Military Aid to Ukraine

Linda Goudsmit: Objective Reality Is Required for a Free Society

China and Brazil Ditch the Dollar

Another Scamdemic: Human Bird Flu Drug Has an Interesting Side Effect

Government Foments Mass Hysteria for State of Never-Ending Crisis

Restrict Act Is a Huge Orwellian Censorship Grab

Don't Want to Get in the Way: Buttigieg Declines to Visit Site of Fiery Train Derailment

^At least he admits all he does is get in the way!

Americans Continue to Flee Crime-Ridden Blue Cities for the Burbs and Red States, New Census Data Shows

Ej Antoni and Peter St Onge: This Could Be the Final Nail in the Dollar's Coffin

Fisherman, Landowners Hope to Stymie Biden Regime's Pursuit of Offshore Wind with Lawsuits

'Political Malpractice': Joe Manchin Tears Into Biden Over Climate Spending Law in Fiery Op-Ed

The Shady Past of Keir Starmer, with Oliver Eagleton

UK 'Unaware' of Russia Firing Depleted Uranium in Ukraine

Israeli Protesters Fixated on Themselves and Israel's Flawed Democracy

'The Dwindling Band of Iraq Obsessives'...Endless War and Media Complicity

RFK, Jr. and CHD Sue Biden, Fauci for Alleged Censorship

Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter

Does America Have a Future?

Teachers Union President Calls Private, Religious and Home Schools "Extremist Scheme"

Driving Home the Point After Nashville

Caravan of More than 1,000 Migrants Crosses Into El Paso Illegally as Chaos Erupts in Mexico

Air Force Cans Purchase of Hypersonic Missile After Latest Failed Test

Most Americans are Willing to Give Up Made-In-China Products: Poll

Diana Furchtgott-Roth: Beijing Biden's Energy Policies Will Lose the New Cold War

Shifting Sands of the Arab Gulf Herald a New Middle East. Rapprochement Between Saudi Arabia and Iran

The WMD Pretext, the Senate Voted "To Approve a Fabricated War". the AUMF Against Iraq (Hj Res. 114).

"Microwaving Our Planet": The Disappearance of Amphibians Worldwide?

How the Empire of Lies Operates

Off-Duty Firefighter Rescues Deputy from Burning Vehicle: 'It's Who I Am, It's What We All Do'

Sen. Kennedy Surprises Mayorkas by Interrupting Testimony for Shoulder Pat, Handshake After Tense Exchange

Where's the Outrage?

Fauci 'sells His Memoir to Penguin Random for $5 Million' by Claudia Aoraha

Fiery Train Derailment Forces Small Town to Evacuate

Canada Auditor General Finds a 'minimum' of $27.4 Billion in Suspicious Covid Benefit Payments

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): The Weaponization of Money? Who's Health Tyranny: Towards a Totalitarian World Government? No Way

Estimated 2022 US Vaccine Damage Report Shows $148 Billion in Economic Damage, Over 26 Million Injured

The Digital Iron Curtain: The Restrict Act Threatens to Crush Free Speech & Privacy Online

Gender-Affirming Clothes Swap at Usf

USA Is the Central Battlefield in the Global Total War

BNSF Train Carrying Ethanol in Minnesota Derails and Catches Fire, Forcing Evacuations in Small Town

Wall Street Journal Defends Reporter After He's Arrested by Russia on Suspicion of Espionage

Lawmakers Get Into Hallway Shouting Match Over Gun Violence as Democrat Calls Republicans 'Cowards'

Amateur Gold Digger Finds Huge Nugget Worth $160,000 in Australia

Fires in the Streets of France Illustrates Anger Over Pension Reforms

Dr. McCullough US Senate: To Save Lives Pull the Covid Shots Off the Market

Good News in History, March 30

The Devastating Environmental Side Effects of the Electric Car Boom

The Truth About Electric Cars and the Dangers of Large Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Geniuses Who Believe Ownership of Private Property and Wealth are Crimes

Time to End the Veil of Secrecy Inside D.C. Kangaroo Court

High Stakes as Uncle Sam's Days of Impunity are Finally Over

How the Virality Project Threatens Our Freedom

'something Very Dramatic Has Changed': Matt Taibbi Says Democrats Ditched Free Speech

The 'Checkpoint' You Drive

Imagine If All Officials Were Interrogated by Reporters Like This

The Great Food Reset Has Begun

The Friendly Face of American Terrorism

New Conservatives a Cause for Optimism: An Interview with Daniel McAdams

Reparations for Slavery in the 1800's? Who Decides?

Confessions of a Blindfolded Newsman

The Devil Is Real

Quale Ucraina S.O.S.teniamo?

Europe Abandons All-Electric Car Mandate. Stupidity of the CO2 Transition

Why the Main Players Behind the Israeli Protest Movement are Bringing the Confrontation to a Head

Senate Votes 68-23 to End Covid Emergency

Mayorkas Scrambles as Sen. Kennedy Asks Him to Define 'Assault Weapons': 'I Am Not an Expert'

Candace Owens Spars with Professor on Affirmative Action in Feisty 'Dr. Phil' Appearance: 'I'm Giving You Actual Facts'

Update on 5G Aviation Risks: "Many Operators Will Not Make the Proposed July 2023 (And in Some Cases the March 2023) Retrofit Deadline"

RFK, Jr. Sues Biden and Fauci Over Covid Censorship Pressure

Tucker Carlson Says Merrick Garland Is 'Lying' About Nashville Shooter's Motive

Linda McMahon: It's Time to Give Small Businesses a Real Seat at the Rulemaking Table

'Garbage': Jesse Watters Asks Sen. Lindsey Graham If He Actually 'read' a Key Bill He Co-Sponsored

Left-Wing Climate Activists Targeted in Massive Email Hacking Campaign

Police Chief Reveals Nashville Shooter Audrey Hale Had Another Target in Mind

Tucker Carlson Responds After Headlines Claim He Called Trans People 'The Enemy' of Christianity

'We Got No Return': Sen. Rick Scott Rips Commerce SEC'Y for 'social Engineering' in Chips Act

Dem Senators' Call to Investigate Whale Deaths Omits Any Mention of Offshore Wind

Will CBDC Fednow Put Regional and Smaller Banks Out of Business This Summer?

National Catastrophe California Farmers Suffering Record Losses from Flooding as "Worst Is Yet to Come"

'They Started Calling Me Bidenopoulos... I'm Not Joking'...Biden During Greek Independence Day Reception

Its Time for Common Sense Gun Laws...Abolish Gun Free Zones ; 2A for Today

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon to Be Deposed Over Bank's Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Pope Francis Hospitalized in Rome, Will Stay a 'Few Days,' Vatican Says

'I Am Not an Expert': Mayorkas Scrambles as Sen. John Kennedy Asks Him to Define 'Assault Weapons'

Sherri Tenpenny Is Guest on the Empower Hour...Action4canada

Karine Jean-Pierre Won't Say If Biden Supports Mandatory Gun Confiscation

European Union Reaches Deal to Ban Gasoline/Diesel Powered Cars by 2035

Republican Bill Pushes Back Against Green Energy Agenda

Apt Pupils...Teacher's Pet Peeve

SATIRE: Putin Immediately Surrenders After U.S. Airdrops Nashville Police Officers Into Battlefield

SATIRE: Promising Report Reveals He Is Making All Things New

Accused Serial Child Abuser David Hamblin Granted 100K Bail

Nicholas Wade on Lab Leak

Biden: Rulers Response to the Banking Crisis Is 'Not Over Yet'

Vietnam Chart of the Day March 29th, 2023

House Investigators Follow Trail of Treasury Red Flags on Biden Clan's Lucrative Foreign Deals

TikTok's Chinese Parent Company Pushes New App

'That's Pathetic': GOP Rep Shreds Defense SEC'Y for Letting NATO Allies Skimp on Defense Spending

Senate Votes to Overturn Expansive Biden Water Regulation

The Importance of the West's Classical Music Heritage

Why the Left Hates Patriarchy...And Why It Must Be Restored

Kari Lake Election Fraud Case Back Inplay, Leftist Wisconsin Judicial Candidate Accused of Racism

SATIRE: Rookie Woman Wears Actual Clothing to Gym

SATIRE: FBI Vows to Get to the Bottom of What Christians Did to Provoke Attack

Anglophone Canadians to Transition to Minority Community by 2041,

Tennessee Congressman: America "Needs a Revival"

AG Garland 'Never' Saw Training Material Instructing US Marshals Not to Arrest Protestors at SCOTUS Justices' Homes

'my Wife and Kids Come First': Matt Walsh Postpones Campus Speech After Unassociated Threats

'I Couldn't Believe It': Classmate Remembers Nashville Shooter as 'Quiet' Girl Who 'Looked So Innocent'

Police Violence in France: 3.5 Million People Mobilize Against Macron. Bastille 2.0?

SATIRE: Man Walking Through Mall Ends Up in 17 TikTok Videos

Republican Senator Calls Out Socialist Sanders for 'Hypocrisy' Over Personal Wealth

Suspended Professor Who Said It's 'Admirable' to Kill Campus Speakers Made Six-Figure Salary

Biden Interior SEC'Y Won't Say If She Prefers Oil from American Over Venezuela

Dem Rep Whose Trans Child Was Charged with Assaulting a Cop Denounces 'Cruelty' Against Trans People

Australian Senators Refuse to Investigate the W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty

RFK, Jr. Calls on Dot SEC'Y Buttigieg to Investigate Spike in Airline Near-Misses Caused by Pilot Health Emergencies

April Stargazing: Paschal Moon, Close Approaches of Saturn and Mars and the Lyrid Meteor Shower

Marshals Instructed to Not Arrest Fanatics Who Threatened Justices at Their Homes; Garland's Testimony Contradicted

Gov. Hobbs' Press Sec'Y Resigns After Tweet Appearing to Suggest Gun Violence Against 'Transphobes'

Autopsy Results Revealed for Death of Georgia Dad Found Rolled in Carpet

The Restrict Act (TikTok Bill): Another Trojan Horse of Governmental Surveillance

North Korea Unveils New Nukes as U.S. Argues About 'misgendering'

Biden Orders Federal Reserve to 'Explore' Digital Cash

California Legislature Considers Bills Prohibiting Expulsions, Suspensions of Drunk or High K-12 Students

Xi Jinping's Visit to Moscow and the Neo-Cold War

Like ChatGPT, Google's 'Bard' Chatbot Peddles Left Bias

Global Governance by Artificial Intelligence: The Ultimate Unaccountable Tyranny

SATIRE: Media Calls for Moment of Silence for Shooter Who Was Misgendered

"How mRNA Vaccines Could Target Everything from Cancer to the Plague": They Will Never Stop, Even If Pfizer & Moderna Covid mRNA Vaccines Were a Complete Failure

Nancy Pelosi Speaks on How Americans Should Vote, Says Religion Should Not Impact Their Decision

General Milley Weighs in on Possible US Military Intervention at the Southern Border

Florida School Board Votes to Remove 'This Book Is Gay' from Middle School Libraries

Stanford Student Claims Freshmen are Taught About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, But Not Free Speech

Indonesian Health Ministry Issued a Marburg Virus Warning

Senate Votes to Overturn Presidential War Authorizations Against Iraq

Christian School Sues State for Trying to Sidestep SCOTUS Decision on Religious Discrimination

Why the Dollar-Based International System Is Breaking Up

Canadians Protest Outside US Embassy Against Biden's Visit

Best Garden Plants: Top 5 Backyard Blooms Most Recommended by Experts

Musk, Wozniak Call for Pause in Developing "More Powerful" AI than Gpt-4

Finding Mental Health ..."Solutions Watch" with James Corbett

Coronavirus: Toxic Drugs, No Liability for Pharma,

Germany Uses AI to Target Online Content for Removal, Send Data to Police

Canada's Conservative Leader Promises to Repeal Censorship Bill If Elected

Washington Post: AR-15 Is "Instrument of Domestic Terror" and Symbol of "Extremists"

A Lesson from Ancient Sparta for Living in an AI World

Chinese Kindergartners' Parents Forced to Sign Atheism Pledge

Wyoming Legislator Exposes "Convention of States" Fraudulent Tactics and Lies

Hospitals See 25% Increase in Youth Admissions for Attempted Suicide, Self-Harm, Report Finds

Thousands of Elderly Women Sue for Human Rights Violations Over Climate Change

Mayorkas Doubles Down on Previous Statements that the Southern Border Is 'secure' Despite Record Migrant Surge

Biden Official Says She's Not Making 'social Policy' with Woke Requirements for Tech-Bill Subsidies

Congress Has Been Captured by the Arms Industry

US-NATO Proxy War in Ukraine Utilizes Space Technology

Former Wall Street Analyst Counts the True Cost of Covid Shots

China Has Reported a Third Case of H3n8 Bird Flu in Humans

Londoners Push Back Against Invasive Traffic CCTV Designed to Enforce "Low Emission Zones"

Chris Hedges: The Donald Trump Problem

Exit the Slavery Systems, Build the Parallel Society...Derrick Broze (Tribalize 2023)

The Biden Effect: South African Minister Says Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria and Others Want to Join BRICS Alliance

Ray Kurzweil: Immortality Just Eight Years Away?

King Charles Enthusiastically Embraces Genetic Editing

Serbia and Hungary Form Strategic Council Despite EU Opposition

US and Taiwan Plan to Equip Kiev Regime Forces with 'swarms-Of-Swarms' Drones

China: Democracy and Development

What Is "American Exceptionalism"? Ray McGovern and Judge Napolitano

A State of Never-Ending Crisis: The Government Is Fomenting Mass Hysteria

Why Most of the World Isn't on Board with the NATO-Russia War

Inside the Backchannel Communications Keeping Donald Trump in the Loop on Republican Investigations

Katie Hobbs Spokeswoman's Alarming Tweet After Nashville

Federal Agency Warns Users to Upgrade iPhones as Soon as Possible

Taiwan President Vows Not to Cave Under 'External Pressure' from China Over Trip to US

Toronto Councillor Brad Bradford Confirms Intention to Run for Mayor as Council Meets

America First Legal Accuses Hershey of Racial and Sex Discrimination While Hiring

"President" Biden Has Cancerous Lesions Removed, 5 Warning Signs of Skin Cancer

Get Away to Darien for History and Small-Town Charm on the Georgia Coast

House Oversight Committee Holds First Hearing on Washington DC

Michigan Professor Suspended After Suggesting Conservative Campus Speakers Should Be Killed

Home Office in Crisis Mode Over Spiralling Asylum Hotel Costs: Watchdog

Should You Tap Your 401(K) When Urgent Financial Needs Arise?

US Sanctions 5 Chinese Firms Allegedly Involved in Uyghur Repression

Senators Ask Powell If the Fed Had Been Lax in Supervising Failed SVB Bank

Record Share of Americans Relocating to New Metro--Here's Where They're Going

George C. Marshall: A Man of Duty, Honor and Humility

Starbucks CEO Testifies to Senate Hearing

The Decline in Patriotism

Texas Senate Committee Passes Bills Banning Drag Performances in Front of Children

House Education Subcommittee Holds Hearing on 'Protecting Free Speech on College Campuses'

A Nation Committing Suicide

Inflation Continues to Plague Small Businesses for Fifth Consecutive Quarter

Gop, Dems Have Entered the AI Arms Race Ahead of the 2024 Election

Biden's World Bank Pick Calls for 'Trillions' in Climate Spending

University Reimburses Students After Professor Forced Class to Purchase Woke Subscription

19 Red State AGs Back Christian College's Lawsuit Against Biden Regime Ban on Single-Sex Dorms

Ivy League University Ditches Merit Award for Exceptional Students

Parental Rights in Education Bill Becomes Law After Dem Governor Declines to Veto

Laid Off in Lockdown, Construction Worker Starts Crafting Radiator Covers--And Earns First Million

Bombshell Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion in Economic Damage, Tens of Millions Injured or Disabled by Tyler Durden

Governance by Artificial Intelligence By: By Brandon Smith

Vax Damage: 26.6 Million Injured, 1.36 Million Disabled, 300K Excess Deaths, $150 Billion Economic Loss

Joe Rogan on Biden: "How About the Fact that the Guy Who's the President Right Now Can't Form a F-cking Sentence"

Reparations for Black Californians Could Cost $800b, Economists Warn

Photos Reveal Inside of Nashville Shooter Audrey Hale's House

JK Rowling Confronted by Critics Over Past Trans Comments, Asks Her Opponents: 'What If You're Wrong?'

The Guns Fault

Recently Adopted Dog Saves Owner Who Fell Into Ditch: 'Our Hero'

UK Oncologist Warns Cancers are Rapidly Developing Post-Covid Vaccination..."I Am Experienced Enough to Know This Is Not Coincidental" by the Expos

Pentagon Doctors Say 7-Year-olds Can Consent to Sex-Change Treatment by Liz Lawrence

Newly Released Documents Reveal Secret FBI Investigation of Ivana Trump

Volunteers Rejuvenate Port Jervis with Top-Line Recreation

First Citizens Shares Soar After Announcing Deal to Buy Failed Silicon Valley Bank

Europe to Ban Sale of New Gasoline Cars from 2035

Ottawa Amends Foreign Home Buyers Ban to Increase Exceptions

Innovative Drug Delivery System Holds Promise for Treating Obesity and Its Complications

Elon Musk Leads Joins Over 1,000 Experts Calling for Pause on Advanced AI Development

Senate Armed Services Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Enterprise Cybersecurity

Some Coursework Should Be Done in Class to Counter AI Cheats: Exam Boards

Wall Street Opens Higher as Banking Crisis Fears Ebb

'This Is the Heart of China': Shen Yun Theatergoer

Monet's Water Lilies Masterpiece Is Recreated Using 650,000 Lego Pieces

University Teaches Art Students How to Be Activists Against 'Racial Injustice,' 'Climate Change'

FDA Approves Over-The-Counter Opioid Antidote as Fentanyl Deaths Surge

DC Attorney Refused to Prosecute 67% of Cases

US Launches Retaliatory Strikes Against Iranian Proxy Forces in Syria

Daniel McCarthy: Climate Science Makes a Bad Religion

Where Did the Claim that "97% of Scientists" Believe Climate Change Is a Man-Made, Urgent Problem Come From? Is It True?

Radical Protests in France, a Province of the Global Orwellian Empire. Can Fascism Be Overcome?

"Facing Clear Evidence of Peril" in a Country of Lies. "Money Is the Dirty Secret of All News"

Romanian Tarom Flight Ro-7673 Diverted. 30-Year Old Pilot Had Chest Pain and Collapsed In-Flight. Seventh Pilot Incident This Month

Hate Needles? Future Vaccines Could Be Delivered by a Gentle Puff of Air

Raw Asparagus Makes a Lasting Impression in This Spring Salad

US Mortgage Refinancings Hit 6-Month High on Rates Drop, Mba Says

UK to Step Up Regulation of Video Streaming Giants to 'Level the Playing Field'

People Showing Nazi Symbols in Two Australian States to Face Jail

Top 3 Worst Sitting Postures that Harm Your Spine

Sergio Ermotti Returns as UBS CEO to Steer Credit Suisse Takeover

IRS Announces Tax Relief for Mississippi Storm Victims

Mechanic Buys Rusted '79 Ranchero Gt That's Been Sitting for 20 Years--Now She Runs, Looks ... Wow

Arkansas Bathroom Bill Revamped After Being Criticized as Too Extreme

Ted Cruz Hammers Biden DHS SEC'Y Mayorkas: 'If You Had Integrity, You Would Resign'

[Premiering at 10am Et] More Divided than Ever, Time for National Divorce?

Rhino, 4, Who Was Rescued as a Calf After His Mom Died Remains Very Attached to the Keepers that Have Cared for Him

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs Vetoes GOP Bill Eliminating Food Tax Amid Skyrocketing Inflation

Nashville School Shooter Planned to Hit Other Targets, Police Believe

Brown Sugar Cornmeal Waffles Transport Me Back to My Grandmother's Kitchen

Major Acquisitions & Changes in Booming Dietary Supplement Industry: Do You Know Who Is Behind Your Vitamins?

Oil Gains for 3rd Day on Kurdish Supply Concern, Easing Banking Fears

Expulsion or Suspension: A Distinction Without a Difference

US Halts Nuclear Arsenal Information Exchange with Russia

Shares Rise as Bank Support Emboldens Investors

Dollar Steadies in Uneasy Market Calm

Shen Yun Performers 'Are Born to Be on Stage and Inspire Everyone,' Says Canadian Choreographer

3 Men Buy Abandoned High School and Turn It Into Luxury Apartments--Here's How It Looks Now

Hong Kong Retains Fourth Place as Finance Centre, Falls Out of Top Ten Fintech Hubs

Study: One Bacteria May Trigger Fatty Liver Disease

If Your Home Smells Funny, Check These 7 Problem Areas

Punjab: Democracy Under Siege?

Build the Movement to Oppose AUKUS Nuclear Submarines

Arkansas Sues Meta, TikTok for Designing 'Addictive' Platforms, Exposing Personal Data

War Crimes Investigator to Head New Integrity Body

High Healthcare Costs Driven by Opaque Prices, Market Consolidation: Hearing

Strength of New Multipolar World Alliances. Future of Taiwan & NATO Mission in Asia

Mayorkas Says He's 'Not Aware' Cartels Using Illegal Immigrants to Distract Border Agents

Good News in History, March 29

Israel Protests: "Democracy" in an Apartheid Regime?

Reforms to Start Fixing 'Confusing' Family Law System

Philippines' Marcos Cuts Off Contact with ICC Over Probe Into Drug-War Killings

Calculated Exonerations: Command Responsibility and War Crimes in Afghanistan

Detroit Remains Mired in Poverty as City Council Approves $800 Million Tax Giveaway to the Rich

Markstrom Reigns Over Kings as Flames Win 2--1

Budget 2023: Liberals Add Foreign Interference Office, New Money-Laundering Rules

Greens Senator Calls Out Climate Group During Emissions Reduction Negotiations

The Guardian Newspaper Apologises for Slavery Links

Company Chairwoman Sees Divine Message in Shen Yun

DOJ Memos Dissuaded Marshals from Arresting Protestors at SCOTUS Justices' Homes: Republican Senator

Crossbench Under Pressure to Agree to Labor's $10 Billion Social Housing Fund

Study Shows Evening Exercises Can Lower Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

Worldwide Protests Against Involvement in Ukraine: Will Governments Listen?

No Mandatory Adult Vaccine Database in NY...Act Now

Doug Casey on How Governments Use Global Crises to Take More Control

The Hidden, Embarrassing Strength Behind China's Hopelessly Miserable Anti-American Propaganda

The Truth About "Free" Silver Being Offered by Most Precious Metals Companies

Seriously, Should You Buy a Freeze Dryer?

No School in America Will Ever Be 100 Percent Safe Again

Artificial Stupidity

Politicians, Journalists are Locked Out of Twitter for Tweets About Trans Shooter Targeting Nashville Christian School

Student Was Landing When 2 Small Planes Collided

Capitol 40 Migrants Dead in Fire at Border Detention Facility; Federal Reserve Opens Investigation Into SVB

Newsom Signs Price-Gouging Penalty Bill for Oil Companies

Critics Want Bill 36 Recalled for Debate as BC Health-Care Professionals' Anxiety Mounts

'Proud' to Exclude? The NHL's "Pride" Problem

House Bill to Strip China's 'Developing Nation' Status

NY's Grand Central Terminal Evacuated Over Hazmat Investigation

Social Media Prank at Tustin Target Leads to Hospitalization of New Mother

Cory Morgan: Canada Can't Afford Ottawa's 2023 Budget

AI May Impact 300 Million Jobs Globally: Goldman Sachs

Top Court Rules Police Cannot Conduct Random Tests for Alcohol Intoxication on Private Property

Uncrewed Russian Spacecraft that Leaked Coolant Lands Safely

Twitter Restricts Marjorie Taylor Greene's Account After 'Trans Day of Vengeance' Post

China Spent $240 Billion Bailing Out 'Belt and Road' Countries, Study Shows

South Carolina Senate Approves Bill to Restrict Land Sales to 'Foreign Adversaries'

CVS Expects to Close $8 Billion Signify Deal This Week

EU Regulators Clear Google's Maths App Deal

Infineon Raises 2023 Outlook on Automotive and Industrial Strength

Barclays Calls Allegations Against Former CEO Staley 'serious and New'

US Supreme Court Skeptical of Overturning Federal Ban on Encouraging Illegal Immigration

Alberta Government Says Feds' Budget Lacks Fiscal Responsibility

Prime Minister Calls Out Greens Political Games

New Zealand Intelligence Chiefs Warn State-Backed Foreign Interference Increasing

Family of US Couple Kidnapped in Haiti Pleads for Release

3 Dead, 13 Missing in Caribbean Sinking; 14 Africans Saved

Sam Bankman-Fried, Prosecutors Reach New Bail Agreement

Japanese Lawmakers Eye Ban on TikTok, Others If Used Improperly

Luxury Tax on Cars, Planes, Boats Will Eliminate Hundreds of Jobs: Federal Finance Report

Bank Bailouts Will Devalue the Dollar

L'Entente Is a Bitter Pill for the West

It's Immoral to Serve in an Immoral Military

Fat, Stupid and Diverse

Europe Abandons All-Electric Car Mandate

German Health Minister Admits Covid Jabs Can Cause 'Permanent Disabilities,' Contradicting Past Statements

To Fight the State, We Must Build Nonstate Institutions

Italy Coronavirus: New Explosive Information

An Eastertime Carol

Finding Mental Health - #solutionswatch

March 29: National Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day

Guerrilla Warfare in the United States

How It All Works...It's All a Controlled Narrative

The DNC Is the CCP of the Usa

Rep. Byron Donalds Pushes Back on CNN Reporter's AR-15 Question: 'Let's Not Get Into Emotion'

Sen. Rand Paul Breaks Ranks with GOP on TikTok Ban: 'Goes Against the First Amendment'

Imagine If All Officials Were Interrogated by Reporters Likethis

The Zealous Efforts to "Get Trump" Continue Unabated, by Boyd D. Cathey

America Must Opt Out of the W.H.O.'s Global Medical Tyranny

EVs are the Yugo of the 21st Century

Russia Could Seek Compensation Over Nord Stream Sabotage

At Least 39 People Killed in Fire at Migrant Center in Mexico Near U.S. Border

Black Commentator: Media Is "Inventing New Forms of Racism to Cover Up the Fact that Anti-White Racism Is Out of Control"

Fox Panel on Trump, Desantis Devolves Into Feisty Shouting Match

Mike Pence Responds to Court Ruling Compelling Him to Testify on Trump: 'Nothing to Hide'

In Defense of Hollywood's Old Code: Debunking the Common Myths

Father Arrested on Suspicion of Killing 7-Week-Old Daughter in University City

Conservatives Plan to Vote Against Federal Budget, While Ndp Will Support It

California State University Intends to End Covid Shot Mandates

Mission Viejo Approves Plans for New Facility Building, Event Space

Biden Gets Lost Again After Speech at Semiconductor Plant

Why We Need a New Constitutional Government

Maryland HB 699 Vaccination by Choice Act Spearheads Push for Freedom

One for the Money, Two for the Show... Now Where Do We Go?

Assault on Freedom Escalating: Citizen Legal Action Steps to Take Now

Want to End Gun Violence? Change Society, Not Ban Guns

Healthy Young People are Suddenly Dying Unexpectedly; Mature Minors Given Covid mRNA Shots

The Blind Trust of Government Is Causing the Failure of the Republic

Can You Name the Enemy?

Chinese Ministry of State & Mexican Cartels Running an Army Via Biden's Open Borders

Stop Bullying the Raccoon Dogs, CCP's Cognitive Intervention in the Origin of Covid

"There Have Always Been Times Like These," Could Paul Harvey Still Be Right?

Attempts to Convict Trump are Taken Straight from Stalin's Secret Police Playbook

DC Judge Orders Mike Pence to Testify Before Jan. 6 Grand Jury: Reports

HHS SEC'Y Announces Major Directional Shift in Federal Health Policy

China, Iran Recruiting 'Pawns' to Target Critics in US, Intelligence Agencies Warn

[Premiering 3/29 at 1pm Et] Dr. Robert Malone: Dangers of the Spike Protein and How to Detoxify Yourself from It ; Facts Matter

Trump More Resolute as Support Rises, Fans in Crowd of 25,000 Say

Chelsea Post 121.3 Million Pounds Loss, Blame Sanctions on Former Owner Abramovich

TikTok Harvests Your Location, Contacts, Passwords: Cyber Firm Reveals

Afghanistan Harm from Unexploded Ordnance Results in Death of Children: Unicef

Singapore's Position on Ukraine, "Business as Usual with Russia", Realigns with ASEAN

"Facing Clear Evidence of Peril" in a Country of Lies, by Edward Curtin

Bipartisanship Is Not a Substitute for Voluntary Exchange

"That Red Line...Are Dead Bodies"...Fireworks Ted Cruz Explodes During Testmony from Sec. Mayorkas on Biden's Open Border

"Patriot Act for the Internet"- Tucker Carlson Warns Americans Could Face Prison Under TikTok Bill If Biden Regime Deems Them a "National Security Risk"

The Cops Work for Ziocorp - Not You, by Richard Solomon

Saudi Arabia's Biggest Oil Producer Will Build $10bn Petrochemical Complex in China...Are the Days of Ishmael Upon Us?

Should You Buy a Freeze Dryer?

McConnell Says Repeal of Iraq War Authorizations Would Benefit Iran

Condolences Pour in for Quebec Police Officer Killed on Duty

North Carolina Expands Medicaid to 600,000 Individuals

DHS SEC'Y Mayorkas in Fiery Exchanges with GOP Lawmakers at Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

Westminster School District Appoints Superintendent Previously Fired from Orange Unified

John Durham Expected to Finish His Report 'relatively Soon:' Attorney General

Who's Driving the Train?

Orange County: Most Competitive California Rental Market in 2022

The 'sheepdog' Analogy Is Deeply Flawed

[Premiering 3/31 at 7:30 PM Et] Afterlife ; Documentary

Amazon Executive to Replace Lyft CEO, President

With Untested Cases Challenging Trump, Legal Experts Weigh in on His Greatest Vulnerabilities

Shen Yun 'makes You Want to Be a Better Person' Says Vancouver Business Owner

Statement on Former Employee

SATIRE: Kid Sadly Realizes He's Too Intelligent to Ever Become President One Day

SATIRE: 17 Wrong Opinions that Can Keep You Out of Heaven

Biden in North Carolina: "I Sent Flowers to Your Wife. I Don't Know About You. You Better Damn Well Be on Time for that Dinner. He Has Dinner Later Tonight, I'm Not Gonna Tell You the Time&qu

U.S. Ruling Class Received $400 Million in Royalties from Moderna

Dear Next Generation: Wisdom to Contemplate

Federal Reserve 'Asleep at the Wheel' in Banking Crisis: Senate Republicans

Samsung's Operating Losses Impact South Korean Economy, Aims to Build New Chip Center

The End of Education as We Know It? (Part 1 of 2)

US Banks Raising Savings Rates to Keep Customers from Running Due to SVB Collapse Jitters

Texas Bill that Would Ban DEI in Higher Education Inches Toward Approval

Deadly Game: Seconds from Disaster

Scientists Warn that Baby Formula Shortage Could Happen Again

Nearly 30% of Canada's Leopard 2 Tank Fleet Will Be Out of Commission Between 2023 and 2026: Federal Records

W.H.O. Revises Covid Shot Recommendations

Budget 2023: Canada Firmly Back in the Red

California Public Safety Committee Declines to Hear Fentanyl Bill Ab 1058

Biden Regime Retaliated 4 Times Against 83 Attacks by Iran and Proxies: Defense SEC'Y

China's Low-Price Car Promotion Fails to Spur Sales as Consumer Confidence Declines

FTX Founder Bankman-Fried Bribed Chinese Officials with $40 Million in Crypto: DOJ

Senate Armed Services Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Regional Nuclear Deterrence

TikTok Matches Definition of Foreign Agent

The Reliable Horses of Genghis Khan

Trudeau, Poilievre Spar in House Over Rising Violent Crime Rates

NTD Business (March 28): IRS Visits Journalist, Lawmaker Wants Answers; More Bank Danger After SVB's Fall?

Autism Skyrockets in American Kids. Especially in California.

Mike Pence Must Testify in Jan. 6 Special Counsel Investigation, Judge Rules

Stephen Moore: Honey, Biden Just Shrunk Our Pension

Is the Collapse of NATO Imminent? a Non-Western Dire Warning

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Congressional Twitter Account Censored Twice for Exposing "Trans Day of Vengeance"

"It's a Trap" Bringing Homeschools and Christian Education Under Control

Mainstream Media Goes Into Overdrive Trying to Politicize Nashville Tragedy

Why the Derivatives Time Bomb Is a Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction the Fed Cannot Fix

If the Mentally Ill 'mustn't Own Guns,' What About 'Trans' People?

The Moral Hazard Emerging from the Fed's Response to the Failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank

Alexander Dugin and the Origins of the 'red-Brown Alliance' Myth, by Max Parry

Nashville Police Chief Says He 'Can't Confirm' Whether Shooter Targeted Christian School for Religious Reasons

'Follow the Money': Steve Scalise Vows to Investigate 'Radical Environmental Groups'

Feds Charge Man with Firebombing Pro-Life Group's Office After Dobbs Decision Leak

Soros, Pelosi and Other Top Dems Pour Money Into State Party Ahead of 'Nonpartisan' Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

'Enough Is Enough': Campus Dems Protest 'Bigot' GOP Governor Ahead of Commencement Speech

Uncle of Rand Paul Staffer Says Victim Suffered 'Deep Knife Wound' to Head, Required Surgery

Hot Mic Catches Handler Telling Biden How to Walk and Where to Stand: "Yes... Down the Ramp...Your Mark Is Gonna Be the Blue One"

House Republicans Challenge Democrats to Support Domestic Energy Package

Orange County Partnership Gears Up to Attract Semiconductor Businesses

J. Ph. Rameau (1683--1764): Les Sauvages from Opera 'Les Indes Galantes'

AirBnB: 79 Percent of Quebec Rentals in February Not Certified, Housing Group Says

Massive House GOP Energy Bill Praised, Pilloried in Marathon First Hearing

GOP Lawmakers Propose 500 Bills to Cut Spending, Avoid Debt Ceiling Increase

Theater Review: 'The Coast Starlight':Hidden Stories and Secrets

Near-Death Experiencers Come Back with the Same Message, Researchers Say It's One the World Needs

US in 'Civilizational Struggle' with Communist China: Rubio

How to Shelter in the Financial Storm

10 Truths About Trauma

Intense Bodycam Footage Shows Police Sprinting to Stop Shooter at Christian School

Dutch Farmers Revolt Against Globalist Food Control that Leaves People Poorer and Hungrier

Biden's HHS SEC'Y Xavier Becerra Admits His Department Has Been Illegally Spending Unauthorized Funds for the Past Two Years

Biden: "The Majority of the American People Think Having Assault Weapons Is Bizarre. It's a Crazy Idea"

'squad' Democrats Revive Push for 'Equal Rights Amendment' to Constitution

Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Canada of Wanting 'To Participate in Mexico's Invasion' of the US

'Disgraceful': Ted Cruz Rips Into Biden's DHS SEC'Y for Refusing to Say There's a Border Crisis

UN Security Council Won't Probe Nord Stream Bombing

A Private Instagram Alternative You Can Host Yourself

Bishop Robert E. Smith: The Bible Is the Only Way

Participating in Group Sports Can Offset High Stress and Contribute to Academic Competence During Challenges

China Seeking to Dominate Fourth Industrial Revolution: Expert

Massive Uptick in Tic Disorders During the Pandemic, 1 Unexpected Remedy

Nashville Police Chief: Christian School Shooter Being Treated for 'Emotional Disorder'

Experience Modern Germany in Frankfurt

Biden Visits North Carolina to Promote Investing in America

SCOTUS Issues 'major Victory for Property Rights' in Forest Service Dispute: Attorney

10 Entrepreneur Success Stories that Will Inspire You ; the Larry Elder Show ; Ep. 143

Heading Out? Avoid Foreign Exchange Gouges

McCarthy Sees 'Dire Ramifications' for US If Biden Won't Negotiate on Debt Ceiling

Children Groomed for Trans Lifestyle by Gender Ideology in Schools: Experts

Anglophone Political Organization a Necessity in Trudeau's Canada,

Flynn/Clark...The People are Waking Up, They See the Evil, Now Is the Time to Take Back the Country

When Patriotism and Religion Fall Whither Goes the Society? by Brian Peckford

SATIRE: Newly Planted Baptist Church Forced to Go with '13,487th Baptist' Name

5 Top Foods to Fight Cancer

Charlyce Bozzello: Congress Ignores Union Hypocrisy While Harassing the Starbucks CEO

'Hemorrhaging Personnel': Border Patrol Union Chief Warns of Staffing Crisis as Migrants Flood in from Canada

Elementary School Hosts 'Gender Resource Fair' Featuring a 'Drag Story Hour' for Kids

FDA Admits to Knowing About Deadly Bacteria Found in Baby Formula Months Before It Was Recalled

Nashville School Shooter Audrey Hale's Chilling Final Messages to Pal Revealed

This Class Action Lawsuit Targets the Biden Regime for Social Media Censorship Collusion

SATIRE: Couple Looking for Smaller Church But Also One Large Enough that No One Notices When They Aren't There

Italy Coronavirus: New Explosive Information,

A Lincoln Highway Icon Dies

Supreme Court to Consider Case of Litigious Disability Activist

House GOP Subpoenas Blinken for Key Documents on Afghanistan Withdrawal

Honey, Biden Just Shrunk Our Pension

Risk of Cardiac Death Tripled for Young Women Following Astrazeneca Covid Vaccination: Study

Stephen Woodworth: 2016 Change to Liberal Party Membership Rules Further Opened the Door to Foreign Interference

The Cares Act: A Three-Year Retrospective

Squats Keep You Healthy and Beautiful: Michelle Yeoh

House GOP Energy Action Team Holds Press Conference on 'The Lower Energy Costs Act'

NY Republican Slams State's Plan to Phase Out Gas Stoves

Canada Heading Into 'mild Recession' as Tight Monetary Policy Squeezes Gro Report

War on the 'Village Yokel': An Ancient Gimmick of the Elites

Trump Returns to Fox News, Responds to 'Death and Destruction' Controversy

Korean Pastor Says 'How Humankind Came to Be' Can Guide the Path to Heaven

Senate Leaders Hold Weekly Press Conference (March 28)

What Happened When the Georgia Governor Tried to Open the State?

How China Harnesses Private Tech Giants for Overseas Intelligence Use

The CDC Is Overestimating Covid-Vaccinated People in the U.S.

3 Young Sjtu Professors Die of Illness

New Zealand 'Worst Place for Women I've Ever Visited': Posie Parker

Four Options to Correct Seller Being Caught in a Lie

Dramatic Bodycam Footage Shows Nashville Officers Rushing to Stop Christian School Shooter

Investigation Launched Into Alvin Bragg's 'Abusive and Partisan' Pursuit of Trump

Two Tory Riding Executives Quit Over 'Troubling' Nomination Race

Insider's Guide to Athens, Greece

Russian Call for Nord Stream Sabotage Probe Fails at UN Security Council

Corbyn Blocked from Standing as Labour Candidate at Next General Election

US Consumer Confidence Ticks Up in March

Researchers Show Risk of ChatGPT Academic Plagiarism in New Paper

Witness Intimidation? IRS Descends on Journalist Matt Taibbi After He Testified on FBI-Backed Twitter Censorship

Republicans Accuse WEF-Backed Anti-"Misinformation" Group of Violating Antitrust Laws

Majority of Planned Parenthood Facilities are Located Within 5 Miles of a College Campus, Report Finds

'I Don't Believe You': Tom Cotton Calls Out Biden's Defense SEC Over Handling of Syrian Airstrikes

'Those are Just Words': Tennessee Dem Hammers GOP Colleagues for Offering 'sympathy' But Not Backing Gun Control

The US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Disappeared...But Is It Really Gone?

Dutch Farmers and Government Can Reach a Better Solution

Biden's Interior SEC'Y Completely DUMBstruck Over Simple Questions on China and Production of Critical Minerals

The Litany of White Wrongdoing, by Richard Knight

SATIRE: After Massive Disney Layoffs, Snow White Down to Just 3 Dwarfs

"The Crisis of American National Power Has Begun". Col. Douglas MacGregor

Deep State Comes for Matt Taibbi

New Study Confirms: CDC Lied to Panic the Masses About Covid

White House Urged Meta to Censor Whatsapp Messages to Combat Vaccine Hesitancy

The 3 Tiers of Doctors Forum: How to Heal the Country

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy More Effective Treatment for Fibromyalgia than Drugs: Study

Ontario Man Denied Ei Benefits Over Covid Shot Launches Appeal

US Opens Investigation Into Tesla Seat Belts Coming Loose

Biden Activates Defense Production Act to Boost Circuit Board Manufacturing

County Homeless Population Up to 380, Raw Point-In-Time Data Says

Police in Belgium Arrest 8 People in Counterterrorism Raids

Nicolas Batum Hits 8 3-Pointers, Clippers Beat Bulls 124--112

House Energy Subcommittee Holds Hearing on 'Government Response to East Palestine'

Wrexham to Play Man United in Friendly in San Diego

'Character Is Destiny': James Rosen's 'scalia: Rise to Greatness, 1936--1986

Montreal Single-Use Plastics Ban Comes Into Effect, Covering Range of Products

France Sees New Pension Protests, Police Brace for Violence

What You Need to Know About the 1099-K

Russia Says It Test-Fired Anti-Ship Missiles in Sea of Japan

What Parents Need to Know About Screen Time

House Energy Subcommittee Holds Hearing on 'Preserving Free Speech and Reining in Big Tech Censorship'

Wuhan's Elderly Expose Chinese "Authorities"' Retaliation Against Health Reform Protests

Exercise Can Help Get Rid of Dangerous Liver Fat

Marcus Aurelius: How to Lead Responsibly

Shadow of Colonial Past Hinders France in Limiting Growing Chinese and Russian Influence in Africa

Four Out of Five Canadians Against MP Pay Raise: Poll

UK Banking System Faces 'very Heightened Tension': Boe Governor

This Brown Sugar Honey Glaze for Easter Ham Is Easy to Make and Delicious to Devour

Jan. 6 Defense Ditches Witness After Judge Forbids Bringing Up Her Work as an FBI Informant: Reports

'I Will Not Yield': Republican Rep Spars with Democrat Rep Over Blaming Biden for Northern Border Crisis

Desantis-Aligned Super PAC Taps Another Former Trump Aide

Former Crypto CEO and Major Dem Donor Charged with Attempting to Bribe Chinese Gov't Officials

Nashville Police Refuse to Release Trans School Shooter's Manifesto

Trudeau Invokes "Flat-Earthers" and "Anti-Vaxers" as He Calls for Social Platforms to Be Liable for "Disinformation"

Twitter to Face "Hateful Content" Complaint in Australia

International Criminal Court to Open Ukraine Office Following Putin Arrest Warrant

Art as Propaganda: The Message Embedded in Star Trek

Women's Rights in Modern Iran. a Study in Contrasts

Ukraine Receives Deliveries of German, British Tanks

West's False Atrocity Stories Were Key to Justifying Iraq Invasion. Interviewing Scholar A. B. Abrams on New War Propaganda Research

Misplaced Attacks on MP Andrew Bridgen's Speech on the Covid Shot to the UK Parliament

Anti-War Protests in Deutschland and the Need to Change Course on Kiev

The Digital Iron Curtain: How the Restrict Act Threatens to Devastate Privacy and Crush Free Speech Online

U.S. Funds Million-Dollar Race, Ethnicity, Social Inclusion Project in Latin America

Trans Shooter's Preferred Target Had Too Much Security, Official Says

Female Athlete Who Competed Against Trans Swimmer Decries Attempted 'Censorship' of Her Speech

Ron Desantis to Headline 'Tolerance' Event in Jerusalem

North Korea Unveils New Nuclear Warheads as U.S. Air Carrier Arrives in South Korea by Reuters

Hairdressers to Indoctrinate Clients on Global Warming

The Mythical "Population Explosion" Is Actually Headed in the Opposite Direction

AI Will Massively Affect White Collar Jobs: Study

Fico Changes that Could Impact Credit Availability

Our Political Magicians

Honda Recalls More than 330,000 Vehicles Due to Mirror Issue

Philadelphia Officials Say Water Is Safe to Drink After Chemical Spill in Delaware River

Coffee Versus Tea: Which Is Better for Your Hydration?

Senate Advances Repeals of Gulf and Iraq War Authorizations

Some Young Canadians are Downsizing Their Homes to Cut Back on Their Expenses

Ottawa Announces Plan to Fill Labour Shortages with Refugees

US Envoy Says 'Anti-Coercion Coalition' Needed to Tackle China's Economic Coercion

Political Fantasies Versus Economic Reality

Biden's EPA Is Lowering the 'Environmental Justice' Boom on Louisiana's Disputed 'Cancer Alley'

Silicon Valley Bank a 'Textbook Case of Mismanagement,' Fed's Barr Tells Senate

UK Consumers Dealing with Record High Inflation at the Grocery Store

Almost Every Cat in Viral Tik Tok Video Is Adopted from the Kansas City Animal Shelter

Governance by Artificial Intelligence: The Ultimate Unaccountable Tyranny

Over 3,000lbs of Beef Recalled Over Possible E. Coli Contamination

Roger Waters v. the Machine: Inside the Pink Floyd Frontman's Battle for Free Speech in Germany

Mass Psychosis: When Will We Free Ourselves from Toxic Propaganda, If Not Now?

Covid Shot Injury to the Liver, 22-Year Old in Army National Guard Develops Liver Disease

Xi's 'Chilling' Remarks: What the New Multipolar World Means for the Middle East and Africa

House Covid Committee Demands Info on Input Biden Allies Gave CDC on School Closure Guidelines by Victor Nava

'I'm Planning to Die Today': Nashville School Shooter's Final Messages Revealed

GOP Senator Blocking Pentagon Promotions Over Abortion Policy

The Quota Hire Pretending to Be a SEC'Y of Defense Is Terminating The US Army

US Politicians Urge Biden to Send Cluster Bombs to Kiev

UN Complicity in Terrorism...The Case of Nicaragua

Klaus Schwab: "...Who Masters Those Technologies, in Some Way, Will Be the Master of the World."

CBDC: Technology and Tyranny Worse than Prison

Scientists Find Methane Actually Helps Cool the Planet, Offsetting 30% of the Heating Effect

Idaho Cat with Only One Eye Wins National 'Cadbury Bunny' Contest for Rescue Animals

Fire at Mexico Migrant Facility Near US Border Leaves 39 Dead, Officials Say

The Nightmare Scenario

Fed's Jefferson: Stress Among Small, Regional Banks, Could Hit Small Businesses Hardest

Provincial Police Officer Killed During Attempted Arrest Northeast of Montreal

Mi5 Raises Northern Ireland Terror Threat Level to 'severe'

Chinese, Vietnamese Ships Have Close Encounter in South China Sea

Trump Says He Would Not Have Supported SVB Bailout, Brands Fed Chair 'Too Interest Rate Happy'

Dollar Slips as Banking Sector Fears Ease, Yen Climbs

Terri Schiavo Case Was a Culture-Of-Death Tipping Point

Bring Title Insurers Under Anti-Money Laundering Rules, Former Executive Says

Rep. Biggs and Other GOP Lawmakers Propose Solutions to Address Debt Ceiling

Delegation of Canadian MPs from All Parties to Visit Taiwan as Solidarity Gesture Amid Chinese Interference

Police Failings Not 'Arguments Against Authority', Says Gove

Wall Street Muted at Open After Recent Bounce; Banks in Focus

Unprecedented Construction Needed in BC to Offset Record Immigration

San Luis Obispo County Supervisors Praise Shen Yun

Parents Home Schooling Children to Avoid 'Inappropriate Sex Education': MP

Donald Trump's First Wife Was Under FBI Counterintelligence Investigation

Legacy Media Scramble to Recover, Claim Police 'misidentified' Gender of Nashville Shooter

Biden Criticized for Joking About Ice Cream in First Statement Since Attack

Sen. Eric Schmitt: It's Time to Dismantle the Deep State

Radiofrequency Radiation Linked to Brain Damage and Alzheimer's, Experts Warn

Thomas Massie Pushes Back Against the Biden Regime's Massive Gun Grab

Trump Says GOP Has 'No Choice' But to Embrace Ballot Harvesting

Do White Leftists Really Hate Themselves?

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Announces Run for Mayor of Houston

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau: The Master of Lied

At Least 39 Migrants Die in Fire at Mexico Facility Near US Border

Musk Announces Shakeup for Twitter Verified Users

Oil Extends Gains on Kurdish Supply Risks, Banking Relief

CDC Found Covid Shot Safety Signals Months Earlier than Previously Known, Files Show

The Culprit Behind the Cruise Ship Outbreaks: Norovirus

What They Don't Tell You About Hel

Jim Jordan Presses IRS to Explain Unannounced Visit to Matt Taibbi's Home

Couple Brings Baby Sparrow Home Just to Keep Her Alive--3 Years Later, They're Inseparable

The Last Lie Government Will Ever Tell

Galactic Jellyfish with 'Dangling Tentacles' of Star-Forming Gas Spotted 800 Million Light-Years Away

UK Street Preacher's 'misgendering' Conviction Overturned

Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark Strike Deal to Operate Unified Nordic Air Defense Force

Gambling Firm William Hill to Pay Record £19.2 Million Penalty for 'Alarming' Failures

North American Energy Group $18.7 Billion Bid for Australia's Origin Energy

Install a Pull-Down Closet Rod

Explorers Uncover Cave in Spain with Over 100 Prehistoric Engravings Depicting Copper Age Pastoral Life

Chinese Immigrant Wants Her Daughter to Learn of Chinese Culture from Shen Yun

Police Identify Officers Who Took Out Nashville Shooter, Release Dramatic Video

Shen Yun's Message Is Very Valuable, Says Award-Winning Brazilian Choreographer

Little Gentleman Learns to Treat Women Respectfully by Being an Amazing Big Brother to His 3 Sisters

Tooth Loss and Diabetes Increase Dementia Risk, Expert Explains Why

Systemic Risk in European Banks

Hearty Breakfast Skillet Comes Together in One Pan

St. Louis Sues Kia, Hyundai Over Rash of Car Thefts

China's Industrial Profits Slump Deepens on Soft Demand, High Costs

John Kerry Says New Climate Change Executive Orders are Coming

Polish Council Recommends Banning TikTok on Public Administration Phones: Media

Amid Strained US Ties, China Finds Unlikely Friend in Utah

Most Stocks Tick Up, Including a Jump for Beaten-Down Banks

Tennessee Rep. Burchett Calls for Release of Nashville School Shooter's Manifesto

Another Powerful 'Bomb Cyclone' Set to Hit California This Week

Amazon Loses Bid to Toss Consumer Antitrust Lawsuit

Why Have Western Investors Turned Their Attention to India and Vietnam?

Turns Out Ebola Likely Leaked from a Lab as Well

Man Fired, Arrested After Video Captures Him Allegedly Urinating Into City's Drinking Water Supply

Hundreds of Businesses, Non-Profits Call on Congress to Expedite Federal Infrastructure Permits

Dispute that Led to Mexico Seizing American-Owned Port 'Not Unprecedented': Expert

Bob Iger Memo Outlines Sacking of 7,000 Disney Staff

Good News in History, March 28

You Will Be Shocked by How Much Money Is Being Pulled Out of U.S. Banks, and Now the Biggest Bank in Germany Is in Trouble

Das Geht Mich Nichts An." Politische Verbrechen Konnten Ohne Widerspruch Geschehen

Air Transat Flight Ts739 Fdf-Yul Service from Fort-De-France to Montreal, Airbus A321-200: Pilot Incapacitated In-Flight on March 18th, 2023, Sixth Incident This Month

American Library Association Reports Record Number of Demands to Censor Library Books and Materials in 2022

Every Christian in America Is a Target Now

US Carrier Strike Group Arrives in South Korea in Show of Support as North Korea Tests Missiles

Inflows to Money Market Funds Top $280 Billion as Investors Pull Bank Deposits

Climate Safeguard Mechanism Will 'stifle' Gas Industry, Warned Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister

Desantis Signs Florida's Universal School Choice Bill

Selling a Home? Survey Reveals Ideal Time to Get the Best Deal

A Look at Some of the Seven Victims Who Perished in Old Montreal Fire

Harris Announces $100 Million in Aid to Ghana During Meeting with Akufo-Addo

Kansas Supreme Court Unlikely to Shift on Abortion-Friendly Stance

Joint Venture Brands Amid Price Reduction Frenzy in China's Auto Market

Vucic: International Law Died 24 Years Ago, But Serbian Spirit Was Not Broken

The Spring Madness Continues

The Banality of Biden's 'Exceptional' Elite Advisers

Inside a Secret Government Warehouse Prepping for Societal Collapse

This Is a Sequel to 2008 and Like All Sequels It Will Be Worse than the Original

Are Supply Chains and Oil Shocks Driving Zimbabwe's Inflation?

The Highest (Political) Value

The Everything Bubble and Global Bankruptcy

The Best Way to Protect US Troops in Syria

The Leo Frank Case and the Origins of the Adl

Waco Texas...A Botched FBI Siege: Cleanup in Aisle 47

Tucker Says Anti-TikTok Bill Would 'make America Much More Like China'

'Part of the Danger': Dem Rep Says GOP Colleagues are 'so Attached to Guns,' There's 'No Hope'

House Passes Bipartisan Bill to Fight Chinese 'state-Sponsored Forced Organ Harvesting'

It's Immoral to Serve in an Immoral Military: Notes from the Edge of the Narrative Matrix

The European Union, Part of America's Hegemonic Project

Rise of the Petroyuan: The End of the Petrodollar's Reign and the Impact on Global Markets

Several Cases Have Already Been Documented of Smart Meter Hacking and Disconnection

Another Dead Whale: Federal, State and Local Lawmakers Lambast New Jersey Governor for Not Pausing Offshore Wind Power Activities

Trilateral Commission Declares 2023 'Year One' of the New World Order

Stupid and Devoid of Knowledge

Capitol Grand Jury Hearing Trump Case Reportedly Back to Work; House Votes on CCP Organ Harvesting Bill

Union Files Complaint Against LAPD for Releasing Sensitive Information to Watchdog Group

Toxic Heavy Metal 'Forever Chemicals' Found in Major Brand Name Spices ; Facts Matter

San Diego County Supervisor to Check Into Rehab, End Senate Bid

Thousands Flock to 63rd Annual Swallows Day Parade

How Orange County Avoided Another Bankruptcy from Toll Road Bond Deal

The Famous 'G--R' Matters in Banking Crisis

Economists Expect US Recession, Inflation Above Fed Target This Year

4 Tips to Prevent Your Products from Pilling

Millions in Ads: China Runs Propaganda in Major US Newspapers

Long Beach Neighborhood Group Pushes Back Against La Metro's Plan to Create Local Homeless Hub

Philadelphia Officials Say Water Will 'remain Safe' to Drink Until Tuesday Afternoon

Ocean Pacific Founder Dies After Decades of Shaping California Surf Culture

Nsw Election a Brittle Victory for Labor

California Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Head of China-Controlled US Newspaper

Top 5 Drawings So Lifelike that ... ; Marcello Barenghi

Greens Deal Paves Way to Legislate Climate Safeguard Mechanism

Chris Christie Lands in NH with His Potential Bid for the Presidency

Queensland to Cap Rent Increases to Once a Year

Canadian Climate Conference Delegates Spend Over $782,000 for Luxury Hotel with Low Eco-Friendly Rating: Docs

Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Improving Productivity?

Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Enters Houston Mayoral Race

Canada's Supreme Court to Decide Provincial Challenge to Environmental Impact Law

UN Envoy Concerned with Recent Violence Towards Women's Rights Rallies

US, Japan Strike Trade Deal on Electric Vehicle Battery Minerals

House Advances Bill Calling for Strategy to Defend, Retain Control of Subsea Cables

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Says He Requested Trade

Investigation Reveals 'revolving Door' of DOJ, Big Tech Employees

Celine Boutier Wins LPGA Drive on Championship

Canada Extends, Shrinks Anti-Isil 'Operation Impact' Mission in the Middle East

Ottawa Eyeing US-Made Surveillance Planes for Canadian Armed Forces

Walmart Canada CEO Says Retailer Not Trying to Profit from Inflation

Ukraine War Enters 2024 US Presidential Election - Stage Right, by John v. Walsh

California's Sex Trafficking Bill Blocked in Committee

Oakland Zoo Recovers 5 of 6 Birds that Escaped Storm-Damaged Aviary

House Unanimously Passes Bill Stripping China of 'Developing Nation' Status

Was the Covid Jab Developed Under the Guise of Cancer Research?

ChatGPT Can Access the Internet and Run the Code It Writes

Fulton County Judge Orders DA to Respond to Trump's Petition to Quash Grand Jury Probe

Race to Shore Up Support Before $15b Manufacturing Fund Stalls

Cold Pacific Storm Bears Down on California This Week

'Harsh Reminder of the Risks Our Heroes in Uniform Face': Regimental Funeral for 2 Slain Edmonton Officers

California Losing Software Dominance to Communist China

The Scourge of Hegemon USA: Part II

Crypto Takedown Accelerates as World's Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Sued by U.S. Government

SATIRE: Mary Asks Joseph If They Can Stop by Magnolia Silos on Way to Bethlehem

SATIRE: California Passes $5 Million in Reparations for Black People Whose Gifs Have Ever Been Used by a White Person

New Details Emerge on Nashville School Shooter Audrey Hale

Russia Says It Will "Respond Accordingly" If UK Supplies Ukraine with Depleted Uranium Tank Rounds

Ahead of Budget Announcement, Poilievre Criticizes Trudeau for 'War on Work'

White House Vows to Veto House Republican's Pro-Fossil Fuel Energy Package

Diverse Coalition of Groups Backs Infrastructure Permitting Reforms

Premiering 3/28 at 7:30pm Et: David Matas on Exposing China's Illicit Organ Trade: 'The Problem Isn't Too Little Evidence. It's Too Much'

Michael Taube: How the Trudeau Liberals Lost the Plot with Chinese Election Interference

Trade Minister Confronted on Lack of Forced Labour Products Intercepted at Borders

John Robson: There's Nothing Remotely Conservative About Ford's Ontario Budget

MP Han Dong Suing Global News Over Report Alleging He Told Chinese Diplomat to Delay Releasing 2 Michaels

California City Caught in National Controversy Over Critical Race Theory

Liberal Leader Backs Down as Moira Deeming Suspended, Not Expelled

Middletown Police Make 2 Drug Arrests Following Month-Long Investigation

Former Sheriff Explains L.A.'s 'Deputy Gangs' ; Alex Villanueva

Rewind, Review and Re-Rate: 'Broken Lance': A Rousing Tale of Revenge in the Old West

House Passes First Ever US Bill to Punish CCP's Forced Organ Harvesting

Can a Hotel Be Sued Over Disability Accommodations by Someone Who's Never Been There? SCOTUS to Decide

SATIRE: Man Who Shared Trump Meme Accused of Digital Orangeface

Air Force Academy Pushes Critical Race Theory

At Least 10 Injured After Explosion Destroys Calgary Home: Fire Department

Good Things Come in Slow-Cooked Packages

Liberal MP Discussing 2 Michaels with Chinese Consulate Directly Amounts to 'monumental Government Negligence': Former Envoy to China

No Change to US Nuclear Posture Following Russia's Pledge to Arm Belarus: State Department

Biden Executive Order Prohibits Government Use of Commercial Spyware

Woman Who Felt Abandoned by God Dies in Hospital Room, Receives Answer from Jesus

[Premiering at 7:30 PM Et] Johannes Brahms: String Sextet G Major No.2 Op.36

Schumer Warns of 'skin-Rotting Zombie Drug' Gaining Popularity in NY

Dems Divided on Who Should Be the Next Mayor of Crime-Ridden Chicago

Med School Revamps 'Anti-Racism Curriculum' to Teach Students About 'Intersectional Identities'

'People Have to Know What They Can Talk About': SCOTUS Case Pits Free Speech Against Immigration Enforcement

'Texans Deserve ... Better': GOP Rep Already Drawing 2024primarychallengers After Being Censured by State Party

Pope Francis Urges 'Ethically' Responsible Use of AI After Altered Image Goes Viral

NATO Says Putin Is Stating "Dangerous Nuclear Rhetoric"

Wechat: The CCP's Ultimate Tool to Control Chinese Americans

Brain-Healthy Foods to Fight Aging

Jollof Rice (Recipe)

Anti-Social Behaviour Crackdown Targets Include Bad Tenants and 'Harmful' Beggars

NTD Business (March 27): Binance, CEO Sued by U.S. Regulators; SVB Deal Offers Banking Sector Relief

Biden Regime Hit with Class-Action Lawsuit Over Pressuring Big Tech to Censor Users

Loose Regulations Could Triple Biden's Green Energy Agenda Costs to $1.2 Trillion: Analysts

Sam Burns Completes Undefeated Week to Win Wgc-Match Play

Two Final Bodies Pulled from Rubble After Old Montreal Fire, Five Bodies Identified

Musk vs. Schwab at World Government Summit...Two Competing Visions for the Future

King Charles III and the World Economic Forum's Great Reset Agenda

Republican State Lawmaker Arrested Over Public Intoxication

SATIRE: Doctors Report Startling Rise in Testicular Injuries Among Woman Athletes

Pierre Kory: The Covid Misinformation Peddlers Get a Shot of Reality

Nearly One Out of Every $10 Sent in Remittance Payments from US to Mexico Is Linked to Report

Professor Suspended After Writing Online that Killing 'Right-Wing' Speakers Is 'Admirable'

The Chinese Leader's New "Global Security Initiative" and the Latest AUKUS Summit

UK Football Presenter Succeeds Where "Politicians Have Failed"

Japan and Mongolia: How Economic Giants are Strengthening Small States

Syria on the Way to a Possible Settlement of the Conflict

Turkey Continues to Be a Tool of NATO

Dueling US-China Economies

Why You Should Address Your Oral Health First When Battling Cancer

GOP Senators Introduce Resolution to Reverse Biden's Student Debt Cancellation Program

Health Canada Considers Cutting Marijuana Regulations After Numerous Bankruptcies in Industry

Cornyn, Padilla Disagree on Need to Change US Refugee Policy in Senate Hearing

Feds Reject Proposal to Allow Coal Workers Early Access to Pension Benefits

Bragg Says 'Unprecedented' House GOP Probe 'serves Only to Hinder' Prosecutors

Housing Market in Tech Hubs Cooling Faster than Other Parts of Us

Amtrak Offering Reduced Fare for 'Night Owl' Trains Between NYC and DC

Unknown Outcome for Billions Spent on Canada's Feminist Foreign Policy, Says Auditor General

Major Media Fall for Fake Wuhan Raccoon Dog Story

The Mystery of the Magic Anti-Trump Puzzle

House Meets to Discuss 'PRC Is Not a Developing Country Act' and 'stop Forced Organ Harvesting Act'

It's Easier to Match Paint Colors than You Think

Tories Raise Bill C-11 Censorship Concerns as It Comes Back to House After Senate Deliberations

US Travelers' Spending Abroad Reaches All-Time High

Newsham Explains When Communist China Attacks

China, Russia Aligning in 'Joint Struggle' Against the Us: Expert

DEI Director Ousted for Questioning Woke Policies

Chinese Chicken Salad

'Grandpa Xi': Utah Lawmakers, Schools Reportedly Cozied Up to Chinese Communist Party

Americans are Increasingly Hooked on Chinese-Tied Apps, Not Just TikTok

Five Herbs and Spices to Turn Ordinary Meals Into "Supermeals"

The Restrict Act Aims to Tackle TikTok. But It's Overly-Broad and Has Major Privacy and Free Speech Implications.

The One-World Beast System Is Roaring Into Reality, But Is Anyone Listening?

Supreme Court Leaves Trump's Steel Import Tariffs Intact

Reducing Police Strip-Search Powers Could Lead to Higher Risk of Child Exploitation, Says Expert

Democrats Ask Pentagon to 'Protect Abortion' for Service Members, Citing National Security

House Republicans Say SVB Rescue Should Not Benefit China: Letter

Are Pandemic-Related Excess Deaths Due to Covid or Vaccines? Depends on Who's Counting (Part 2)

Nashville School Shooter Identified as 28-Year-Old Woman

3-Alarm Fire Hits Commercial Building in Santa Ana

Lemon Curd Pudding Brightens Your Easter Brunch

Closing the Retirement Income Gap

Quebec Girl, 9, Dies After Snow Fort Collapses Behind Residence

Usher in Spring with Roasted Asparagus

'more Dangerous than Ever': Experts Warn Americans Against Going to Mexico to Buy Cheap Pharmacy Drugs

Mps to Vote on Questioning Special Rapporteur Johnston on Foreign Interference Investigation

US in 'Competition of Coalitions' Against China and Russia, as It Seeks to Counter Threats in Africa and Middle East

SATIRE: Man with Satchel Must Be Planning Expedition to Rob Cursed Idols from Ancient Mayan Temple

Desantis Once Called Bush '41 the 'most Inspirational' Person He Ever Met

2 Cuban Immigrants Make Hang Glider to Escape Communism for America's 'Late Stage Capitalist Hellscape'

The Biden Regime Prepares to End America's Republic

Check Out This Big List of "Woke" Companies to Boycott

J6 Political Prisoner Matthew Webler: The FBI Raided His Home After He Walked Into The US Capitol with a Flag...Then Feds Came Back and Took His Son

70-Car Train Derails in North Dakota Causing Another Hazardous Materials Leak

Justin Trudeau Silent Attack on English Canada,

Former Dem Mayor Guilty of Lewd Conduct with Child Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

SATIRE: Moses Breaks Another Set of Stone Tablets After Walking in on Israelites' Drag Queen Story Hour

67% Hongkong University Subjects Plunge in Global Rankings; Foreign Schools Put Off Cooperation Amid National Security Law

Rich Chinese Face Dwindling Immigration Choices as Europe's Golden Visa Era Ends

Europol Warns of 'Grim Outlook' Regarding ChatGPT

House Committee Members Question Va's Proposed Use of $20 Billion from Toxic Exposure Fund

At Least 29 African Migrants Die When 2 Boats Sink Off Tunisia

The Manufacturing of Bone Diseases: The Story of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

Centre Block Construction Within Cost, But Ottawa Needs to Make Faster Decisions: Ag

Health SEC'Y Urges NHS Bodies to Review Diversity and Inclusion Memberships

Biden's FAA Nominee Withdraws After Debate Over His Qualifications

Crypto Platform Binance Sued by CFTC Over 'secret Plot' to Evade US Laws

'Wind Power Fails on Every Count': Oxford Scientist Explains the Math

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Kansas Congressional Map

Data Gathered Through TikTok Might Enable CCP to Undermine US Economy: Former Diplomat Official

Moscow-Backed Talks Between Turkey, Syria Set to Resume Following Pause

Denying Shamima Begum of Citizenship 'A Form of Capital Punishment,' Parliament Told

University Quietly Scrubs Website of Anti-Racism Code of Conduct After Alleged Free Speech Violation

World's Largest Crypto Exchange Sued by US Regulators

Chaos Erupts at Texas Capitol Over Trans Activist's Viral Speech Comparing Lawmakers to Hitler

Kellyanne Conway Says Delay in Trump Indictment Decision Shows Charges are 'Weak'

Judge Orders Fulton District Attorney to Respond to Trump's Motion to Quash Grand Jury

China Influenced Utah Legislation During Long-Running Campaign

Israelis Rally Against Fascist Tyranny

Anthem for Justice: Don't Let Them Get Away with It

Court Rules in Favor of Releasing Info on Funding, Qatar's Influence Over Texas A&M Campus

German Transport Crippled by Inflation-Sparked "Mega Strike"

A New "Urgent Threat" to Human Health: Candida Auris Fungal Infection

Teens Say They Have New Proof for 2,000-Year-Old Mathematical Theorem, a Method Scholars Thought Impossible

65-Year-Old Baby Girl Steals Diapers from Daycare Center

Biden Regime Won't Offer EV Tax Breaks to European Firms...Yet

Train Derails in North Dakota, Spills Toxic Materials

Kari Lake Says She's Seriously Considering Another Run for Office After Looking at Polls

Train Carrying Hazardous Materials Falls Off Tracks, Sends Dozens of Cars Toppling: Officials

SATIRE: Zelensky Disappointed to Learn Orlando Bloom Not Actually a Fearsome Elf Warrior

Kudos to West Vancouver and Mayor Mark Sager for Practicing Equality Harvey Oberfeld

Texas Introduces Two Bills Aimed at Forcing Online Age Verification Checks

Russia Deploys Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Belarus: Escalation or Deterrence?

US Energy SEC'Y Jennifer Granholm: It Will Take Years to Replenish Strategic Petroleum Reserve

"It's None of My Business". Political Crimes Could Happen Without Opposition

"The Great Reset" and the Post-Capitalist Revolution

Czech Republic Sends Large Delegation to Taiwan to Deepen Relations

Border Crossings Returning to Pre-Pandemic Opening Hours

Denis Bouanga Lifts Lafc Over Fc Dallas

Mississippi Governor Warns More Severe Weather Could Hit State After Deadly Tornadoes

Canada Sanctions More Iran Guard Corps Members, Police After Toronto Rally Criticism

Humza YoUSAF to Succeed Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister of Scotland

Is Elon Musk's Growing Global Influence a Dilemma for the White House?

Kings Defeat Blues, Set Point-Streak Record

Ethics Committee Approves New Lobbying Rules that Will 'Legalize Bribery,' Say Canadian Citizen Groups

NTD News Today (March 27): Executive Orders on Climate Coming: John Kerry; US, Canada Strengthen Immigration Law

Empty Shipping Containers Pile Up in Chinese Ports as China's Exports Continue to Decline

Canada and US Signed Deal to Close Roxham Road a Year Before Announcement: Document

Just a Little Kindness: Laura E. Richards's Short Children's Story, 'The Coming of the King'

White House Karine Jean-Pierre Holds Press Briefing (March 27)

North Korea Fires Missiles as Provocation Continues Over Military Drills

Class Action Lawsuit Against Biden Regime Et Al. Alleging Collusion to Suppress Free Speech

'Business as Usual': Biden Regime Still Fighting for Executions After Campaign Promises to End Death Penalty

SCOTUS Declines to Hear Case of Trial Lawyer Who Bribed Judge to Bilk US Oil Company for Billions

Americans Care a Whole Lot Less About Religion, Patriotism, Having Kids Since Before Poll

Desantis Signs Universal School Choice Program Into Law

China Cozies Up to American Ally with Huge New Oil Deals

Dietician Reveals 8 Tasty Steps to Add Years to Your Life

US Tensions with Iran Reignite as Dollar's Petro-Currency StatUS Under Threat

BRICS Surpasses G7 in PPP-Adjusted Global GDP. Scott Ritter

Pakistan: Is Washington Now Imran Khan's Buddy?

40 Facts You Need to Know: The Real Story of "Covid"

US Is Stirring Up the Syrian Cauldron

Was Watergate a CIA Scheme to Remove President Nixon from Office?

Pacific Forces Wish List Seeks $3.5 Billion More than Biden Budget

Ecological Data Point to Covid Shots as a Determinant of Increased All-Cause Mortality

How Transhumanism Is at At Odds with Christianity

Chatkjv: When ChatGPT Meets the King James Bible

Two Decades and $90 Billion US Dollars Later: Dissecting the Afghan Military's Total Collapse

Chemical Spill in Delaware River: Ruling Class Says the Water Is "Safe" to Drink

Democrat Schumer Warns NYC 'skin-Rotting Zombie Drug' Trafficked from Mexico Could Make Fentanyl 'seem Tame'

Following China: JP Morgan Chase Wants People to Pay for Goods with Face Scans

Mounting Research Points to Health Harms from Cannabis

Film Composer Impressed with Shen Yun's Storytelling

Wall Street Opens Higher as SVB Deal Eases Bank Crisis Worries

Shen Yun Leaves the Audience 'Thinking About Faith and Being a Better Human' Says Producer

Former Vancouver Mayor Says He Was Informed of Chinese Consulate Interference in City's Election

Conrad Black: A Tale of Two Countries: The Trajectory of Conservatism in Canada and US

Pilot Snaps 'Once-In-Lifetime' Photos of Rare Albino Humpback Whale Calf Swimming with Its Mother

Contract Confirms US Government Received $400 Million from Major Covid Shot Manufacturer

Is There Really a Labor Shortage?

Friends Who Had a Life-Changing Experience Traveling 40,000 Miles Around the World Reunite 50 Years Later

Monetary Gold: Five-Part Informational Series

Anz CEO: Banking Turmoil Has Potential to Trigger Financial Crisis

House Democrat Ro Khanna Announces He Won't Seek Senate Seat

Virginia Governor's New Education Appointees Walking Into Controversy

Reports About Closed Covid Mass Quarantine Centers Attract International Attention

London Metals Exchange Hit by Another Nickel Scam

Diversifying Into Multiple Precious Metals

Indonesia's Pertamina Says 2 Crew Killed After Fire on Tanker

Deutsche Bank Shares Rebound as Stress on Banking Sector Eases

Minnesota Bill Would Restore the Doctor-Patient Relationship Corroded by Socialized Medicine

The Cup of Coffee You Drink Every Morning May Contain Thousands of Microplastics: Studies

The Iraq War: A Geopolitical Catastrophe for American Power and Prestige

More than 94,000 Prepayment Meters Forcibly Installed in UK Homes Last Year

Why a Trump/Desantis Ticket Doesn't Make Sense

Sex, Drugs and Politics

Oh-Oh: ChatGPT Can Access the Internet and Run the Code It Writes

Hollywood Producer Heather Rae Is Fake Indian

Investigative Journalist Janet Phelan...On Getting Too Close to the Mark

Biden Regime to Cut Deal with Mexico to Crack Down on Fentanyl

First Citizens to Acquire Collapsed Silicon Valley Bank in Major Deal

We Asked 2024 GOP Presidential Contenders How They'D Solve the Border Crisis. Here's What They Said

Author Cancels Campus Speech on Identity Politics to Avoid 'Angry Mob'

NYC Teachers Union Hosts Workshop Detailing the 'Harmful Effects of Whiteness'

Striking 3D-Printed Hotel Will Turn Heads with Its Design Ideas for Texas Location

Native Activists Accuse Hollywood Producer of Faking Cherokee Background

Woke Corporations Want More than Your Wallet

Texas State Troopers Fill in for Injured Colleague at Daddy-Daughter Dance

Disbelief as 'Green King' Gives Royal Assent to New Gene Breeding Technology

Russia-China Front Against US-NATO Escalation. Manlio Dinucci

Contradictions in Russia-Africa Relations

Deliberately Engineered Confusion: The Hallmark of the Greatest Biopsychosocial Operation in History

Ammo Maker Says It Can't Expand Because TikTok Videos are Hogging All the Power

Most Voters Think Trump Indictment Wouldn't Hurt, Could Even Help Win the Presidency

After Escalation, White House Says US Troops in Syria are There to Stay

New Zealand Teetering Between China and Western Allies

Wall Street, Banks Rise After SVB Sale to First-Citizens

The Decades of Lead-Up to Iraq Invasion

For Decades I Have Explained that Watergate Was a CIA Scheme to Remove President Nixon from Office

The Scourge of Hegemon Usa

Shoshana Bryen: Biden Just Pushed This 'Pariah' Into Putin's Arms

Reexamined Gold Pendant Contains Oldest Reference to Norse God Odin: 'A Huge Discovery'

Trump 'Hush Money' Grand Jury Scheduled to Reconvene

NPR Issues Correction After Claiming There's 'Limited Scientific Evidence' Men Have Physical Advantages in Sports

NATO Responds to Putin's Latest Nuclear Announcement

Senator Mark Warner Criticizes Biden Regime for Withholding Info on Classified Documents

Cuban Migrants Fly Into Key West Airport on Motorized Hang Glider by Paradise Afshar, Melissa Alonso and Zoe SOTTile

Denver Suburb Caps Number of Gas Stations to 'Promote Electric Vehicles' by Tyler Durden

Fauci Lied & Children Died: Documents Confirm 120K Children, Teens & Young Adults Died by Oct. 2022 After Authorization of Covid Shots

Lesson of 1999 Bombing of Serbia Ignored in the West

A Hazardous Decision: Supplying Ukraine with Depleted Uranium Shells

The NY Times Is a Disgusting Militarist Smutrag

When You Need a Good Pilot: 'Love Steering the Boat of Humanity'

Taiwan Accuses China of Interfering in Relations with Argentina

The 'Crinkle Crankle' Walls: The Historic Wavy Walls that Use Fewer Bricks and Protect Plants

Recent Banking Turmoil Brings America Closer to Recession: Fed's Kashkari

Can You Spot the Snow Leopard in This Himalayan Mountain Landscape Photo Within 30 Seconds?

Hong Kong Remains the World's Most Unaffordable City for Housing

North Korea Just Tested a Weapon that Can Create a "Radioactive Tsunami" that Could Kill Millions

Yeonmi Park Offers Progress Report for Progressives

Newborn Calf with Smiley-Face Markings Is Named 'Happy' and Will Graze on a Farm for Rest of His Life

Preemie Who Looked Like a Tiny Doll at Birth Turns 2--Here's How This Little Miracle Is Doing Now

Dollar Steady as Banking Worries Keep Investors on Edge

Delays to Hs2's Euston Leg May Lead to Higher Spending, Watchdog Warns

Public Urged to Avoid Poole Harbour After Oil Leak Causes Major Incident

Twitter Source Code Leaked Online, Prompting Lawsuit to Identify Leaker

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Have Lower Autism Rates--Is It Because They CircuMcIse Their Boys Differently?

EU Threatens More Sanctions If Russia Stations Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Belarus

Trump 'Didn't Make Up' Claim He Was Going to Be Arrested Last Week: Attorney

Global Financial Risks Have Risen Amid Bank Turmoil, IMF Chief Warns

Toxic Wastewater from East Palestine Train Derailment to Be Taken to Baltimore

Oil Gains Some Ground as Investors Assess Banks, Russia

Rebellion on Illegal Migration Bill Seen Off for Now

The 5-Step Guide to Applying Agorism to Your Life.

The Reading Divide

First Citizens Buys Failed Lender Silicon Valley Bank

Artistic Director Says Shen Yun Is What American Culture Needs Right Now

Good News in History, March 27

Coming to Grips with the Two Americas

FDA Seeks to Allow Salt Substitutes in Everyday Foods

Towards W.H.O. Totalitarianism? Dr. Reiner Fuellmich with Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, James Roguski and Matthew Ehret

Bolsonaro to Return to Brazil on March 30, His Party Says

Russians, American Delayed in Space to Return in September

FDIC Disguises Bailout as "Purchase" as First Citizens Bank "Buys" Silicon Valley Bank

Media Reports that Over 100,000 Ukrainian Troops Have Been Killed in This Conflict

U.S. Banks are Sitting on $1.7 Trillion in Unrealized Losses, Research Says

North Korea Just Tested Their Version of the Poseidon Doomsday Weapon that Can Create a "Radioactive Tsunami" that Could Kill Millions

The Woke Movement Is Assassinating MLK All Over Again

Culture of Corruption Exposed in Trial Centering on Ex-Illinois House Speaker

The Iraq War: No Refunds

How Planned Parenthood Peddles Porn in Red States

Andy Stanley Suggests Defending 'Gay Rights' Is a 'moral Value' the Gospel Set Loose

Economic Collapse: Where Do You Go in a Hurricane?

Man Who Identifies as 'Baby Danielle' Accused of Repeatedly Breaking Into Day Care, Stealing Diapers

US Bank Trouble Heralds End of Dollar Reserve System

Bankster Bust Bomb Ready to Explode

How to Turn 'Less' Into Everything You Need

The UN Is Obsolete...The Cabal & Their NGOs are Mental Cavemen

The Great Credit Unwind and Powell's Hidden Pivot

Wheels of Justice: Jury Duty

Cardinal Roche on the Vatican II Rupture

It's Pancaking All the Way Down, Folks

U.S. Act of War Against the European Union

The Plot to Control America

Mattresses, Social Media, Smart Phones and Failure of the Fed

CNN's "Digital Blackface" Commentary Takes Fake News to New Levels of Lunacy

Taiwan Says Unreasonable Aid Demands Behind Honduras Switching Ties to China

Today Serbia Marks 24 Years Since the Beginning of NATO Aggression

How They Convinced Trump to Lock Down

The Georgian Protests: Another Chapter in the Color Revolution Playbook?

Free Will Trumps Determinism in Gulf Politics

Saudi-Iran Deal: Towards the De-Americanisation of the Middle East?

New Eastern Monarch Butterfly Count Indicates Pollinator Still Threatened

Carbon Footprint of Army Forest Fire Revealed

John Kerry Says More Climate Mandates Coming from Biden Regime, Including Executive Orders and "Changes on Automobile, on Light Truck, Heavy Truck..."

American Pravda: The Leo Frank Case and the Origins of the ADL, by Ron Unz

In the Post-Ideological Age, It All Comes Down to Reality vs Idology(Idolatry-As-Ideology), by Jung-Freud

Wife of San Francisco Dj Jeffrey Vandergrift Shares HeartBreak After His Body Was Found

Crouere: Police Our Borders Not the Globe

Where Do You Go in a Hurricane?

Should American 2023 Taxpayers Pay for Reparations for Slavery in the 1800's?

"UFOs" Generate "Ballooney" from the Fedgov

Warning Before You Fly on a Commercial Airplane

Shen Yun Shows What Society Needs Right Now, Says Financial Specialist

Directive for Aussie Dating Apps Over Safety Concerns

Boy Wounded from Stray Round in Long Beach

Driver Killed When Vehicle Plunges Off Bridge onto I-5 in Boyle Heights

Firefighters Awaken Sleeping Plumber in Crawl Space of Northridge Home

Scuba Diver Reported Missing in Laguna Beach Dies in Hospital

A Red Wave Sweeps Australia

Daniel Andrews Announces Surprise Visit to China

Lights Out at the Pearl of the Orient

Passenger at Lax Detained for Allegedly Triggering Emergency Slide

Longer Scripts Will Make Gp Visits Cheaper: Doctors

Slain Officers' Families Issue Statements Thanking Public for Support

New Research Reveals Alarming Gambling Trend Among Australians

The CCP Consuming Russia in Its Desire for World Domination

No Advisory Body Is Going to Close the GAP: Lidia Thorpe

Data of 14 Million Customers Stolen in Cyber Attack

'We Need It More than Ever,' Says Theatre Patron of Shen Yun's Message

Shen Yun Celebrates the Art, Creativity and History of China, Says Company VP

Mark Simone Exposes that He Believes 'The Bushes' are Running Ron Desantis' Campaign

You Will Be Shocked by How Much Money Is Being Pulled Out of U.S. Banks and Now the Biggest Bank in Germany Is in Trouble

California Farmers Lose Billions as Atmospheric River Rain Storms Continue..."We've Lost Everything"

Benedict Biden's Border Tweet Is So Ludicrous It Must Be Satire... But It's Not

Shen Yun a 'Window Into Almost a Lost Culture,' Says Professional Golfer

Hongkongers Hold First Protest in Years Under Strict Rules

Electoral History Against Liberals in Nsw Loss

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Off East Coast: South Korea Military

Fighting Alberta to Spend $27.3 Million to Hire More Sheriffs, Create New Rural Crime Initiatives

Glimmer of Hope in Fight to Reverse Spinal Injuries

Believe What You See the Radical Left's Takedown of America

Spain Tells 'Fire Tourists' to Stay Away from Forest Blaze

Travel Disruption Hits Germany on Eve of Transport Strike

Downhill Skiing Riskiest Winter Sport, Snowboarding Safest: Public Health Agency of Canada Report

NY Close to Passing Statewide Gas Stove Ban on New Homes

Ns RCMP Warn Public of Dangerous Woman with Handgun in Sipekne'Katik First Nation

Family of Marine Killed During Afghanistan Withdrawal Stunned to Learn Snipers Could Have Taken Out Suicide Bomber

Suzanne Downing: We've Entered an Era When The US Gov't Won't Even Take Its Own Money

Biden Taunts Americans About Open Border...Blames Republicans for Fentanyl Crisis in America

Panic in Philly as Chemical Spill Sends Residents Scrambling for Bottled Water

Trump Suggests Manhattan DA Bragg 'Already Dropped the Case' Against Him

Film Review: 'Luther: The Fallen Sun': Big Screen Transition Is Successful

Philadelphia Residents Advised to Drink Bottled Water Sunday Afternoon Following Chemical Spill, Officials Say

NYC Squatter Threatens to Flush Remains of Former Tenant Down Toilet in Housing Spat with Daughter

State Legislation Could Strip Catholic Churches' Right to Protect Members 'sealed Confessions'

Americans Now Dying in Syria to Protect Syrian Oil Fields the U.S. Military Seized

24 Years Ago, NATO's War on Yugoslavia: Kosovo "Freedom Fighters" Financed by Organized Crime

Shen Yun 'really Something Special,' Says Mississauga Councillor

Shen Yun Is 'very Uplifting and Makes You Want to Be a Better Person,' Says Company Owner

Technical Issues at LufthaNSA Cause Delays in Frankfurt

US Needs to Support Blanket Deposit Insurance

Why's the West Paranoid About the Putin-Xi Summit?

Ford Motors Loses Billions on Electric Vehicles

SATIRE: Progressives Across Nation Locked Out of Accounts After Captcha Asks 'select All Squares that Contain a Woman'

Biden Regime Comes After Air Conditioners

More Canadians Filing for Insolvency, More Businesses Declaring Bankruptcy: New Report

For a Golfing Vacation, Branson Is a 'World-Class Destination'

Planets on Parade: 5 Will Be Lined Up in Night Sky This Week

New Brain Implant Device Could Restore Function in Paralyzed Limbs

Buried Fauci Admitted to Doing Gain-Of-Function Research and Media Yawned

Democrat Senator Mark Warner Says Biden Is Withholding Information from Congress on His Classified Documents Scandal

Yet Another Biden Pick Withdraws Nomination

Deroy Murdock: Anti-Trump Hush Money Case Has More Holes than Doral Golf Course

US-China Relations and the Contradictions of America's Hegemonic Project

Jagmeet Singh "Really, Really Proud" of Propping Up Justin Trudeau,

Rewind, Review and Re-Rate: 'Coal Miner's Daughter': Country Music's Original Honky Tonk Girl

House Speaker Says Lawmakers to Move Forward with TikTok Bill

Hong Kong 47 Trial: Former District Councilor Choose Good, Kindness and Justice Over a Reduced Sentence

Steak Chasseur (Steak with Mushrooms and Red Wine)

Miracles Abound for Boy with Rare, Devastating Diagnosis

Quebec Premier Declares 'Victory' for Province in Closing of Roxham Road Illegal US-Canada Border Crossing

Philadelphia Officials Issue Emergency Alert to Residents to Drink Bottled Water After Chemical Spill

A Guide to Decorating with Florals

SATIRE: Truth Social Developers Feverishly Working to Fix Bug that Makes Trump's Posts Appear in All Caps

Canada Distributed a Blacklist of Freedom Convoy Sympathizers

The Lullaby Project Connects Mothers Behind Bars with Their Babies, Helping Them Write Original Lullabies

Violent Protest Is a Death Knell to Freedom

How Bush and Blair Plotted War in Iraq: Read the Secret Memo in Full

The "Secret and Personal" 2002 Crawford-Iraq Memo to (Alleged War Criminal) Prime Minister Tony Blair

Church of Sweden No Longer Christian

Daunting Recovery Underway in Tornado-Devastated Mississippi

Possession of Laughing Gas to Be Banned as UK Steps Up Crackdown on Anti-Social Behaviour

Washington Is Abloom with Cherry Blossoms

Putin Says Russia Will Place Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Neighboring Country

Laguna's Pageant of the Masters Is 90 Years Old

Google Tries to Discredit Study Exposing Left-Wing Bias in Its News Results

Walmart Lays Off Hundred of Workers Across Five States

Anti-CCP Protesters File $10 Million Lawsuit Against University of Maryland Over Drone Harassment

Arctic Summer Ice Hasn't Declined in a Decade, Climate Scientists Covered It Up

Best Response to Global Warming Is to Do 'Nothing,' MIT Climate Scientist Says

Big Lies, Big Data and the Rise of Bigger Brother: 15-Minute Cities

NYC Teacher's Union to Hold Seminar on the 'Harmful Effects of Whiteness'

It's the Guilty Who Want the J6 Tapes Suppressed

Lazarus Resuscitated

Hospital Whistleblower... "The Killing Floor"

Bragg's Weak Charges Against Trump Will Fail, Says Atty Randy Street

The Reasoning About Evidence for Medical Care and Prevention

Hey Christians I'm Talking to You

The False Identity of the Ego

A Devolving Society of Consequences

UN Climate Report Is Latest in String of Cataclysmic Predictions Stretching Back Decades

Seymour Hersh: CIA Planted Nord Stream Cover-Up Story in the Media

Biden Regime Demanded Crackdown on "Vaccine-Skeptical" Whatsapp Chats

Law Professor Reveals Why Manhattan Da's Case Against Trump Is 'Falling Apart'

Large Asteroid, Capable of Destroying an Entire City, Passes Between Earth and Moon in Rare Event

Pelicans Ride 21 3-Pointers to 131--110 Win Over Clippers

Sanctuary of a Prussian King: Germany's Palace of Sanssouci

Exercising for 30 Minutes Every Day Improves "Richness, Diversity" of Gut Microbiome

SATIRE: New Call of Duty Game Comes Out While You're Still Trying to Download Last Call of Duty Game

Jonathan Majors Arrested on Assault Charge in NY

Federal, State and Local Officials Provide Update After a Powerful Storm Tore Across Mississippi

New Video Shows Police Officers Inciting Crowd on January 6th, Prosecutors Desperately Try to Hide Footage

Troy Nehls: 'Irresponsible' Desantis 'Not Ready' for Presidency After Trump 'mistake'

Matt Gaetz Calls on Ron Desantis, Ted Cruz to Endorse Donald Trump for President

Facebook to Block Access to News If 'Online News Act' Is Adopted

Rejection of Globalism: Hungary and Italy Pass Laws to Protect Citizens from Insect Use in Food

Zuckerbucks Minus Zuckerberg: States, Counties Clash Over New Sources of Private Election Funding

The Climate Cult Is Destroying International Shipping...And Global Supply Chains Along with It

Utah Introduces Age Verification Checks for Social Media Platforms, Following Digital ID Push

Canada's Youngest Athletes, Ages 6-13 are Dying Suddenly: Covid Shot Mandates for Children Playing Sports Were a Crime...

Covid Shots: Proof of Lethality. Over One Thousand Scientific Studies

Biden Blasted for Claiming GOP Would Slash Border Funding: 'must Be a Parody'

Is Joe Tippens Still Cancer Free?

Thousands of Native Plants Remain Unphotographed, But You Can Help Fill the Gaps for Scientists

Mike McKenna: The Toxic, Co-Dependent Relationship Between Trump and the Left

American Owners of TikTok Parent Silent on National Security, China Concerns

SATIRE: Wife Says Last Goodbyes After Self-Diagnosing Terminal Skin Cancer It Was a Sharpie

Gardens are Growing Due to Uncertain Times

Plagued by Depression, Considering Suicide Until a Miraculous Book Changed Everything

Millennials Dominate Insolvencies as Credit Card, Student Loan, Cerb Tax Debts Add Up

Rugby Player Feigns Injury During Match to Surprise Girlfriend with Marriage Proposal

Federal Regulator Acknowledges Danger to Wildlife Caused by Offshore Wind Farms

Book Review: How a Kid from Queens Became One of History's Most Influential Supreme Court Justices

"15-Minute Cities" and Penning You in for the Next Lockdown

What Can We Learn from the Stanford Pro-Pedophile Riot?

Panera Is Rolling Out Amazon's "Pay with Your Palm" Technology, Just in Case You Want Them Storing Your Biometric Data

Biden Downplays Russia-China Ties as 'Vastly Exaggerated'

Global War-Ning Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity

"Our Species Is Being Genetically Modified": Humanity's March Toward Extinction? Analysis of the Microbiome and Virome

The Most Undervalued Assets in Europe are Now in Eastern Ukraine. Who Is the First to Benefit?

Canada's Campaign to Demonize "All Things Chinese"

Video Interview with Singer Jessica Sutta (Former Pussycat Dolls Member): I Was Severely Injured by the Moderna Covid mRNA Vaccine

Romanian Senator Diana Iovanovici-Sosoaca Is Receiving Death Threats from Kiev

Towards W.H.O. Totalitarianism? Dr. Reiner Fuellmich with Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, James Roguski and Matthew Ehret

War and Crimes Against Humanity. Michel Chossudovsky

Biden's FAA Pick Phillip Washington Withdraws His Nomination After Senator Cruz Uncovers His Ongoing Criminal Investigation During Hearing

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: What Happens When the Firemen are the Arsonists?

Resistance to Offshore Wind Is Growing on US Coasts

Blues Finish Off Season Sweep of Ducks

Vietnam Seizes Opportunity for Rapid Rise as China at Odds with the West

South Australia Becomes First State to Pass Voice Legislation

The Controversial Link Between Chronic Infections and Heart Disease

Trump Suggests Manhattan Da's Office 'Dropped' Case Against Him

CCP on a Diplomatic Offensive

8 Rules of Business Etiquette for the Gentleman from a Manners Manual of the 1880s

'I Was in Your Belly?': Toddler Has an Adorable Reaction After Seeing Her Mom's Pregnancy Photos

The Natural, Benevolent State of Creativity

Here are the Key Seats that Helped Labor Claim Victory in the Nsw Election

Survey: Workplace Happiness Index Only 5.15 Out of 10, 40% Hongkongers Feel Overworked

Photos: Couple Spends 5 Years Restoring 19th-Century Rundown Farmhouse--It's Unrecognizable

Study Confirms Physical Exercise Should Be First Choice for Mental Health Treatment

Trump Campaign Blackballs Desantis Staffers

Biden Declares Emergency as Crews Dig Through Storm Wreckage

Onlooker Helps Oregon Grandmother Escape Fire After She Falls Down Stairs

Andrew Lloyd Webber Announces Death of Son Nicholas at 43: 'I Am Shattered'

AOC Takes to TikTok to Defend Chinese-Owned App from Possible Nationwide Ban

Trans Sex Ed

Pete Buttigieg Announces Biden's FAA Pick Has Withdrawn

Shocking Video Shows Smuggler Dump One-Year-Old at River's Edge. Border Patrol Comes to the Rescue.

Idaho Legalizes Firing Squads

Upside Down World

More than One Million Students Left District Schools. How Do We Know They're Learning?

Nullify Everything Nullification Movement News Ep 10

MSM's Abysmal State

Chicoms Colonize Argentina

Why the Hell Is The US Occupying Syria?

Scientific Paper on Children, Wireless Technology and Health Effects by Renowned Experts in Environmental Health

Good News in History, March 26

ChatGPT Users' Private Data Exposed Due to Open-Source Bug

'Gave You 3 Years to Deal with It': Australian Senator on Coalition's Inaction on China-Owned TikTok

Nicholas Lloyd Webber, Son of Famed Composer, Dies at 43

'His Only Son' Coming Soon to Theaters: A Conversation with Director David Helling

'Everything Has a Connection to the Communist Party': Stilwell on TikTok

Peru's Garcia Leon Breaks 35 Kilometers Race Walk World Record

Intel Co-Founder, Philanthropist Gordon Moore Dies at 94

Honduras's Castro Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Taiwan, Recognizes China

Hong Kong Government Demands to Take Down American Artwork

Putin Says Russia Will Station Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Belarus

McConnell Released from Inpatient Therapy Weeks After Concussion

Putin Likely to Conquer All of Ukraine: Trump

As Climate Experts Warn of Looming Catastrophe, Past Bad Predictions Hurt Their Message

US State Department Monitoring Reports of Kidnapped Couple in Haiti

UN Nuclear Watchdog Says Missing Libya Uranium Found

Mexican Kid's Comic Xavier Lpez, 'Chabelo,' Dies at 88

5 Killed in West Sudan Tribal Violence, Rights Group Says

Venezuela Arrests 21 in Corruption Crackdown, 11 More Wanted

2 Cuban Illegal Immigrants Fly Into Florida on Motorized Hang Glider

Questions Raised About Safety of Old Montreal Building Destroyed by Fatal Fire

Brazil's Lula Cancels Trip to China Due to Pneumonia: Press Sec'Y

Democrat Party Equals Totalitarian Dictatorship, Part 2

"Come Out of Her (The Apostate Churches) My People"

The Antichrist's Kingdom... Will Be the "New Normal"

Korea: A Brief History Explains Everything. Extensive U.S. War Crimes

Andrew Cuomo Blasts Manhattan DA Bragg's Trump Probe: 'I Think It's All Politics'

Meteorologist Prays for Mississippi Residents in Path of Tornado While on Air: 'Dear Jesus, Please Help Them'

Mitch McConnell Released from Rehab After Concussion, Will Work from Home

Trump Responds to Biden's China Gaffe, Says It Makes US a Global 'Laughing Stock'

Elon Musk Tells Employees to Get Back in Office with 2:30am Memo

TV News Anchor Taken Off Air After Quoting Snoop Dogg During Broadcast

Gaslighting: 'Crazy Conspiracy Theories' Proven to Be True This Year

Top Three Food Priorities Before Your Start Truly Prepping

J6 Trial Reveals FBI Had 'Complex Web' of at Least 20 Extremist Group Informants in Run-Up to Capitol Riot

World Bank Says Ukraine's Reconstruction Will Cost $411 Billion and Rising

Kentucky's Democrat Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Gender Transition Surgeries for Children

Barbara Honegger on NYT Conceding 1980 "October Surprise", by Kevin Barrett

Human Rights Lawyer Clive Stafford Smith on Guantanamo Prisoners, Aafia Siddiqui and More, by Kevin Barrett

I Was Right (Again), Ruling Class Wrong--Covid Did Discriminate by Race, by Lance Welton

CHD Responds to Significant Increase in Autism Prevalence: 1 in 36 Children

The Collapse of Antiquity: Greece and Rome as Civilization's Oligarchic Turning Point, by Michael Hudson

Kings Tie Franchise Mark with Point in 11th Straight Game

US Air Force Veteran Courageously Confronts Biden Pointing to U.S. War Crimes in Iraq

New South Wales Labor Prepares to Govern

'Tastes Like Chicken' Wins Annual Frog Jumping Contest in San Juan Capistrano

South Australia Parliament to Sit on Sunday for Voice Legislation

Scheffler, McIlroy at Their Best to Reach Match Play Semis

McConnell Released from Physical Therapy After Concussion, Broken Rib

CEO Says Shen Yun Absolutely Exceeded Her Expectations

House Republicans Insist on Information from Bragg's Office on Trump Indictment

Post Traumatic Stress Growth, How the Pain of Trauma Can Save Lives

Protecting Your Rights and the American Dream

Vaccination Must Be a Choice in Maryland

Trump Attorney 'Hopeful' DA Will Not Press Charges Against Former President

Why the Efforts to Advance the Human Condition are Not Leading to Heaven on Earth

Lowlights in the Woke Capture of Our Institutions

The Growing Power of the China-Iran Alliance Thanks to the Biden Regime

What Made Beethoven Sick? DNA from His Hair Offers Clues

Man Gets 7 Years to Life for Attack on Janitor in Irvine

Popcorn and Inspiration: 'Dark Victory': Learning to Live with Death

North Carolina Church Raises Thousands to Pay Off Cafeteria Lunch Debt for Every County School

SATIRE: 'This Is Just Like Nazi Germany' Cries Liberal as Parent Removes Porn from Elementary School

Deaths of Chinese Transplant Specialists Shine a Light on Forced Organ Harvesting

Spot the (Military) Poser

After Near-Death Experience, Woman Starts Noticing Gifts, Messages from the Other Side

Reyna Starts 1st Match for US Since Berhalter Flap, 7--1 Rout

Man Accused of Smashing and Killing Cat on Windshields in Huntington Beach

Our Inflationary Future Unfolds in Zimbabwe

Cory Morgan: Nothing Less than a Full, Independent Public Inquiry Into CCP Interference Will Satisfy Canadians

Autism Rates on the Rise: New CDC Data

Visiting Denmark Promises a Worthy Alternative to Bucket List Europe

Andrew Cuomo Rips Probes Into Trump as Feeding 'Cancer in Our Body Politic'

Stephen Moore: Democrat Stooges are Taking This State Back to Rust Belt Poverty

SATIRE: New Evidence Suggests Walls of Jericho Fell After Joshua Finished Sick Sax Solo

Chicken Parmesan

Cal State System to Launch Dual Enrollment Program for Community College Students

House Financial Services Chair Warns Against Quick Regulatory Fixes for Banking Crisis

Alberta Firearms Act to Oppose Feds' Gun Confiscation Passes Third Reading

Air Force Pilot Who Objects to All Vaccines Due to Religious Reasons Fears Punishment

Idaho Becomes 5th State to Allow Firing Squad Option as Execution Method

10 Tips for Maximizing Studio Space

Former Jeffrey Epstein Attorney Alan Dershowitz Asked If Epstein Killed Himself. Here's His Response.

Reporter Who Interviewed Epstein Attorney Says Someone Attempted to Break in Her Home

Trump's Got This, Do Not Take the Liberal Media Bait

Exposing the Complete Breakdown of Our Justice System

Ramadan Transitions to Religious Promotional Vehicle in Canada,

Shocking Video Shows Smuggler Dump One-Year-Old at River's Edge; Border Patrol Comes to the Rescue

Former CDC Director Warns: The Next Plandemic Will Be Worse than Covid

Rare Strain of Parasite that Killed California Sea Otters May Threaten Humans, Scientists Say

Small Banks See Record Drop in Deposits After SVB Collapse

Banking Crisis Is How It Starts, Recession Is How It Ends

French Police Clash with Protesters Opposed to Farm Reservoir

Is Being a Landlord Worth It?

Snowfall, Heavy Rain in Afghanistan Kill at Least 3

Doe Announces New Efficiency Standards for Air Conditioners and Air Cleaners

Sleep Cramps May Indicate Calcium Deficiency, 2 Tips for Getting More Calcium Besides Drinking Milk

Kuchar Ties Tiger's Match Play Record and Advances in Austin

Power Outside the Matrix: Why I Want More Writers in the World,

"Significant" Amount of Toxic Waste from Ohio Train Derailment Heads to Baltimore

Flashback: NGOs are the Deep State's Trojan Horses (2018)

SATIRE: Satan Testifies Before Congress in Defense of TikTok

Unintended Consequences of DEI Brainwashing

TikTok Hires Former Biden Aide to Lobby Congress...Over 30 Countries Have Banned or Limited TikTok

Americans are Taking More Small Steps to Create Positive Societal Change

Utah State Head Coach Says Player Hospitalized After On-Field Cardiac Arrest

Miscommunication Caused Washington State Train to Derail

TikTok Banned on London City Hall Devices

Richard Weinberg: Book Review: Life Lessons from a Common-Sense Billionaire

'Uncomfortable': Students Slam School that Threatened to Punish Those Who Protest Trans Kids in Bathrooms

The UK Parliament Speech About mRNA Covid Shots. Andrew Bridgen, M.P.

Democrat Protection of Violent Criminals Must End

New Study Shows Women Empowered by Home Birth

Rand, Roy Proposal Would Break Fauci's Former Domain Into Three Institutes with Senate-Confirmed Chiefs

We're Very Proud of Shen Yun in All of Canada, Says Renowned Television Presenter

Michael Zwaagstra: Government Monopoly on Curriculum Limits School Choice

Judge Kyle Duncan Gives Free Speech at Notre Dame After Being Shouted Down at Stanford

Commercial Real Estate Faces Perfect Storm: The Demise of Downtown Office Buildings

St. John's Airport Closed After Late Night Fire Forces Evacuation

Japan's Uno Retains World Title to Delight Home Crowd

Security Adviser Warned PM of Public Concerns on Foreign Agent Registry: Memo

Biden's Executive Order on Gun Control Makes No Difference, Say Gun Store Owners and Staff

Select Committee on the CCP Hears Abuse of Uyghurs in China's 're-Education' Camps

Floodgates Open on African Inventions

Older Gentleman Steals Dance Floor with Flawless Michael Jackson Moves: Age Is Just a Number

Short on Planes, American Will Suspend Some Flights to Spain

New Zealand Conveys Concerns to China Over 'Increasing Tensions' in Taiwan, South China Sea

Follow a Motionless Approach to Slow Cell Aging, Enhance Immunity

Investing: Buy Food Stocks? We All Gotta Eat

Fine Arts Painter Inspired by 'Passion and Effort' Displayed by Shen Yun Performers

FBI Causes Shutdown of Major Hacking Website, Arrests Alleged Founder

'Powerful Propaganda Tool': Maher Panelists React to TikTok Ban Proposals

Jack Brewer: This Biden Regime Policy Could Turn Millions of Regular Americans Into Criminals

"Global Hegemony": America's Grand Strategy in the Asia-Pacific

Narendra Modi's Cricket Coup

Abu Ghraib Survivor: Taking the Hood Off 20 Years After Iraq War

Biden's Absence on the Global Stage...The Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft Joins Legendary Host Lou Dobbs on the Great America Show

Nancy Pelosi Takes a Shot at San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone for Calling on Her to Repent for Being Pro-Abortion

Guilt by Association: AirBnB's Shadowy "Background Check" Bans Users If They've Closely Interacted with Any Other Banned Users

Tornadoes Kill at Least 23 in Mississippi

Ex-Vietnamese Intern Acquitted in Newborn Abandonment Case in Japan

Russia Presses Along Ukraine Front After Reports of Bakhmut Slowdown

Biden Economy: Federal Government Spending Up 40% Since 2019 as Inflation Soars and Recession Looms

In Case of Emergency Break Glass

Students Thwart Alleged Kidnapping Attempt at Bus Stop: 'Awesome and Brave Kids'

The High Price of Low Bond for Lowlifes

The Iraq War 20 Years Ago...No Shame. No Lessons Learned. No Arrest Order on NATO State Leaders. Jan Oberg

Richard T. Perle's 1996 "Clean Break" Report to Destroy Syria and Iraq

Twelve Years Ago: The US-Nato-Israel Sponsored Al Qaeda Insurgency in Syria. Who Was Behind the 2011 "Protest Movement"?

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker ; the Royal Ballet

Aerial Photographer Captures Beautiful Sea Predators Making Abstract Fish Art Seen from the Sky

US Expert Panel to Meet to Determine Which Adverse Events Covid Shots Cause

The Fed's Dilemma: Fight Inflation or Save Failing Banks

Meat Recall Due to Possible E. Coli Contamination Affects Over 3,000 Pounds of Beef Chuck

Beware of Toxic Spices: Heavy Metals Found in Major Brand Names

Swan Lake: Entre and Adage from the Black Swan Pas De Deux ; the Royal Ballet

AUKUS, the Australian Labor Party and Growing Dissent

Banking Crisis 3.0: Time to Change the Rules of the Game

Bellies of the Rich Swell Further on the Back of Hunger

Handyman Turns the Tables on Squatters Who Took Over His Mother's House

Biden Regime Unveils New Restrictions on Air Conditioners Despite Backlash Over Gas Stove Restrictions

Brazilian "Authorities" Accept Deal from George Santos in Fraud Case

Pennsylvania Police Respond to 'screaming' in House Known for 'Drama,' Find Child Locked in Dog Cage

Presidential Gift to Trump that Democrats Allege He Took After Leaving White House Found in Miami Hotel

The Collapse of U.S. Policy in the Middle East

Shen Yun Presents 'messages that We Should All Take to Heart': Company President

At Least 23 Killed in Mississippi Tornado and Storms

Classical Sculpture and American Myth: Hiawatha

'Life on a Thread': Pilot with 63 Percent Third-Degree Burns Survived His Cockpit Catching Fire

Erasure of Donald Trump Is Underway

Treasure Hunter Unearths 3.29-Carat Diamond as Large as an 'English Pea' at State Park, Plans on Selling It

Study Finds Silver Nanoparticles Can Supercharge Antibiotics

Nancy Pelosi Continues Attacks on Her Own So-Called Faith

How Communist China Does Your Thinking for You

Jack Dorsey Loses $562m After Report About His Company's Alleged Connection to Criminal Activity

Aclj Warns Government Not to Remove Religious Liberty from Campuses

Stanford Law Hides Identities of Students Who Shut Down Conservative Judge

Contrast These 2 Videos Showing What Putin and Xi Jinping Were Up to This Week Along with What Biden Was Focused On

US Bondholders Preparing to Sue Swiss Government Over Wipeout of $17 Billion Worth of Credit Suisse Bonds

The Fake 'Food as Medicine' Agenda

Why Would China Be an Enemy?

BP Extracted Iraqi Oil Worth £15bn After British Invasion

Unwelcome Spotlight Falls on NHL Team "Pride" Night Events

Michigan Gov. Whitmer Signs Bill to Repeal State's 'Right-To-Work' Law

Good News in History, March 25

Shen Yun Is a Way to 'Connect to Heaven,' Says Consul-General of Brazil

Rahul Gandhi Expelled from Indian Parliament After Being Convicted of Defaming Modi

US Needs Better Missile Interception Capabilities, Experts Say

Combating "Skepticism": Federal Grant Funds New Effort to Combat "Misinformation"

Stop the War, Stop Sending Arms to Ukraine. an Appeal from Brussels

South Dakota Bans Left-Favoring Ranked Choice Voting

German-Japanese Military Cooperation Does Little to Deter China at Sea

US to Relocate Its Warplanes to Intimidate Moscow and Beijing

Trump: Desantis Channeling McCain, Romney with Ukraine Flip-Flop

The Hierarchy of Money and the Case for $8,000 Gold

Exalting Man in Place of God: America's Suicidal Trajectory

Someone Asked ChatGPT How to Design a Death Camp and the Chatbot Was Frighteningly Helpful

Jan. 6 Attorney Straight Up Asked DOJ Lawyers If More Witnesses Were FBI Informants. They Said 'Nothing'

Dive Expedition to World War II Sub Wreck Off Australia Documented

California Lawmaker Proposes 'Ebony Alert' Notification for Black Youth

US Due Diligence Firm Raided in Beijing

How Will Australia Pay for Its $386 Billion Nuclear Sub Deal

LaUSD, Union Reach Tentative Agreement After 3-Day Strike that Shut Schools Down

Michigan Kidnapping Case Takes Shocking Turn: FBI Secretly Active in Other States ; Facts Matter

It's All Being Covered Up: Sen. Ron Johnson on Missing Batch of Fauci Emails, Covid Origins and Silencing of the Vaccine-Injured

Prosecutor Admits DC Police Officers Acted as Provocateurs at US Capitol on Jan. 6

Forbid Your Children to Have TikTok Now

Forced Adoptions Leave Countless Australians with Unanswered Questions

New Study Reveals Concerning Link Between Meat Contamination and Utis

Brian Giesbrecht: Xi's 'Clark Kent' Moment

Wall Street Ends Higher, Marking 2nd Winning Week in a Row

'Women's Bill of Rights,' Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Define a Person's Gender Based on Biology

Pennsylvania School District Seeks Damages from Norfolk Southern for Train Derailment

Angry Australian Outback Town Feels Abandoned After Mass Fish Kill

Trudeau Says He Accepts MP's Choice to Leave Liberal Caucus Amid Meddling Allegations

Biden and Trudeau Toast to Friendship, Hope and Family at Gala Dinner

Thousands Evacuated as Fire Hits Warehouse in Crowded Hong Kong District

Widespread Damage as Tornado Moves Through Mississippi

France to Ban TikTok on Work Phones of Civil Servant: Minister

1500 Evacuated as Spain's Fire Season Starts Early

Trevor Bauer, Shunned by MLB, Introduced by Japanese Team

Fed's Bullard Calls for Higher Rates as Balance Sheet Jumps $100 Billion, Depositors Pull Funds from Banks

Japan's Longest-Serving Iron Chef Kenichi Chen Dies at Age 67

Syrians Have Every Right to Attack US Occupiers: Notes from the Edge of the Narrative Matrix

Bailing Out Uninsured Deposits Encourages Bank Runs

Is It Too Late for Us?

Edward Dowd: Fed Raising Rates Would Be a Willful Demolition of the Banking System

The 'Junior Partner' Meme Gives No Insight to Real Changes

Hayek, Friedman, Mises and Rothbard on the Political Economy of Free Speech

'15-Minute Citie' and Penning You in for the Next Lockdown

The Season Is Here

Woe to the Bloody City

Abolish the Department of Education

Are These the 19 Most Important Supplements to Take?

Informants Everywhere

Odd Photo of John Fetterman Makes Its Rounds as Major Questions Still Unanswered

Republicans Blast Biden's Response to American Death in Syria as 'Weak,' 'Indefensible'

Fort Pickett Army Base Changes Name to Honor Native American WWII Hero Instead of Confederate General

Top 2020 Trump Campaign Official Flips to Pro-Desantis PAC Urging Governor to Run

Canadian Lawmakers Laugh After Biden Accidentally Applauds China in Latest Gaffe on Stage

Trump Says Alliance with Desantis 'very Unlikely'

Tennessee Governor Signs Bill to Protect State Funds with Gold and Silver

France Burns as Million Protesters Rage Against Pension Reforms

The Elibrary Is on Efire..."New World Next Week" with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato

OpenAI Reveals "Glitch" Exposed ChatGPT Plus Subscribers' Private Info

Can We Arrest, Prosecute and Jail Criminal Officials?

Banning TikTok Won't Save America

Jesus Revolution or Jesus Delusion?

Biden Energy SEC'Y Jennifer Granholm Bends Over Backwards to Defend China on Energy and Human Rights

The Freud Fraud Climbs Out of Coffin--Because Wokesters Need Its Lies, by John Derbyshire

Mh370 Mystery Solved; October Surprise Confirmed; and Other "True Conspiracy Theories", by Kevin Barrett

An Army of None?, by Gregory Hood

Locals Accuse Trans Activists of Triggering Brawl by Smashing Crucifix and Blocking Entry Into Church

'state-Sanctioned Kidnapping': California Bill Would Give Therapists Power to Take Children Over 12 from Parents 'Without Accusation, Evidence, or Trial'

Desantis Says He Hasn't 'made a Final Decision' on 2024 Presidential Run

St. Joseph's Hospital Encourages Screening During Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Eric Garcetti Sworn in as US Ambassador to India

Capitol Bipartisan Group Visits DC Jail Holding J6 Prisoners; House Passes 'Parents Bill of Rights'

Newsom Eases Water Restrictions After Storms Drench California

3 Ways to Rejuvenate the Ovaries, Prevent Premature Ovarian Failure by Quitting 5 Unhealthy Habits

1 in 36 Children in the U.S. Now Diagnosed with Autism But CDC Refuses to Look at Vaccines as Cause

Nancy Pelosi Responds to San Francisco Archbishop Who Barred Her from Communion

Poly Wanna Crisis

SATIRE: Hunter Wishing He'D Known About This 'Hush Money' Concept a Whole Lot Earlier

Veronique De Rugy: Here are the Major Downsides to Banning Chinese Products that Politicians Ignore

NTD Evening News (March 24): Manhattan DA Receives Threatening Letter with Suspicious White Powder; House GOP Passes Parents Bill

French President Macron Says Will Not Yield to Pension Protests

Nsw Voters Head to Polls in Tightly Contested Election

FBI Lawyer Hoped Justice Department Would 'reconsider' 2021 Memo on Alleged School Board Threats, Documents Reveal

Package with White Powder Delivered to Manhattan DA Investigating Trump

Florida Legislature Passes Universal School Choice

Former Australian PM Keating Issues Fresh Attack on AUKUS Deal

US, Canada Reach Deal on Limiting Illegal Immigration at Northern Border

How Did a 21-Year-Old Manage to Attract 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube? ; the Larry Elder Show ; Ep. 142

Deutsche Bank Bloodbath Reignites Global Bank Crisis Fears

Unease Over Banking Sector Turmoil Spurs Huge Demand for Precious Metals

Seriously, Why Is Hunter Biden Walking Free?

China and the Geopolitical Chessboard. Interview with Michel Chossudovsky

Military Under Attack...From Within

TikTok CEO Admits China Has Access to US User Data

Utah State Football Player Suddenly Collapses at Practice, Rushed to Hospital

Nobody Can Screw Things Up Like Government

The Biden Crime Family Cabal Did More than a Phone Call to Ukraine...

The Bigger Picture as to Why Governments Want to Raise Retirement Age

Thwarting Government Constitutional Neglect Is Critical to America's Survival

How to Stop the Invasion & the Cartels

Even the Airlines Tried to Stop Her; Senator Lora Reinbold Talks About Medical Freedom

Biden in Address to Canadian Parliament: "I Applaud China for Stepping Up. Excuse Me, Canada"

New Docs Catch Fauci in a Lie About Secret Covid Origins Call, House Committee Suggests

Here's What GOP Reps Will Discuss at the Upcoming Northern Border Crisis Hearing

Crisis as Bad as 2008: Democrats Spotlight Consequences of a US Default

Latino Voters Leaning Republican in California's Key Congressional Districts

Gascn Recall Group Criticizes Registrar Over Claims of Submitting Dead People's Signatures

Poilievre Meets with Biden, Raises Vaccine Requirement Issue for Canadians Visiting US

Biden, Cabinet Will Visit 20 States to Promote Economic, Clean Energy Agenda

Biden Regime's Silence on Middle East Invites China to Fill Power Vacuum: Sen. Lankford

Kovrig and Spavor Receive Standing Ovation Ahead of Biden's Speech to Parliament

Number of US Students Studying in China Drops to 20-Year Low; Chinese Students Remain Largest Group of International Students in US

Biden Praises Partnership, Friendship Between US and Canada in Parliament Address

Marriage Is Key to a Happy Life

SATIRE: Passenger Turns to God in Humble Prayer as He Sees Man with Huge Gut Hanging Out of Shirt Lumbering Down Airplane Aisle

'showing Their True Colors': Republicans Vote Against Dem Amendment to Allow Guns in State Capitol

Projected Cost to Scrub Army Bases of Confederate References Nearly Doubles as First of Nine Bases Is Renamed

Iraq 20 Years After "Shock and Awe." the Wealthy Prevail at the Expense of World Safety and Freedom

Five Republicans Break with McCarthy and Vote Against Parents Bill of Rights

Emocrats and Republicans Agree: Better to Lose than to Shut Up, by Ted Rall

James O'Keefe Suggests He Has Insiders on Trump Grand Jury

American Households to Dump $750 Billion in Stocks This Year: Goldman

Why Gallows Humor Is Essential in the Military

Film Review: 'John Wick: Chapter 4': Is This the Best of the Lot? That Depends on What You're Looking For

Tom Brady Acquires Ownership Stake in Las Vegas Aces

Poll Challengers Defended by Witnesses in House Election Hearing

TikTok Opponents, Activists Square Off Amid Efforts to Ban App Over Security Risks, CCP Ties

South Carolina School Offers Extra Reading Help, Just Not to White Students

From the Very Beginning, the Lab Leak Theory Was the Only Viable Theory (Part 2) ;

NTD Business (March 24): Deutsche Bank Hammered Amid Banking Fears; Appeals Court Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate

Cal State Fullerton Receives $1.4 Million to Broaden Career Pathways for Oc Students

Under Attack, US Forces in Syria Face Increasingly Volatile Region

Wife Seeks Help for Blogger Husband Secretly Sentenced to 7 Years in Chinese Jail

Lawsuit Alleges Biden Regime Enforcement Failure Triggered Skyrocketing Drug Prices

Gov't Spent Over $160K on Trudeau Family's Weeklong Trip to Jamaica: Federal Records

Senate Bill Forces Appliance Makers to Reveal Spy Devices in Fridges, Washing Machines

Democrats' Boycotts of Texas, Arizona Field Hearings on Illegal Immigration Inexcusible

4 Takeaways as Lawmakers Probe Pentagon's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Efforts that are Destroying Our Military

Bidenflation: American Hunger Soaring as Food Becomes Too Expensive for Many Families to Afford

Package with Suspicious Powder Delivered to Manhattan Da's Office Amid Trump Investigation

'He Won't Protect America': Gov. Noem Predicts Biden Won't Sign Ban on TikTok

Majority of Voters Believe Buttigieg's Response to Toxic Train Derailment Was 'Fair' or 'Poor': Poll

Education SEC'Y Calls for Schools to Stop 'spanking' Students

Ottawa Spent Over $130 Daily on Niagara Hotels for Illegal Immigrants: Federal Records

Felon Serving Life Prison Terms Gets Nearly 3 More Years for Orange County Jail Escape

Federal Agency Announces New Rules for Air Conditioners Amid Controversy Around Gas Stoves

Lawmaker Revives Push to Make English Official US Language

Quercetin--A Far Better Flu Remedy than Tamiflu

Touching the Afterlife: Near-Death Experiences Point to Expanded Reality

US, Canada First Ladies Discuss Youth Wellness at Historic Curling Club

Lawyers Declare They Will Refuse to Prosecute Climate Activists

What's Up with China's Nuclear Buildup?

Rand Paul: I Wouldn't Vaccinate My Children for Covid Over Myocarditis Risks

FAA Lays Out Additional Steps for Air Traffic Control Safety After Close Calls

California Legislature Proposes a Wealth Tax

The 2023 Annual Intel Assessment Sends the Wrong Signals About China

Rep. Greene and Bipartisan Lawmakers Visit DC Jail that Holds January 6 Defendants

Biden Immediately Scrambles for His Pre-Approved Notes While Trudeau Welcomes Him to Canada

Rep. Tiffany at ATF Hearing: "Why Hasn't Hunter Biden Been Prosecuted for the Crime that He Committed?"

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid, Eat the Cheesecake

Chart of the Day for March 24th for Nova Scotia (Updated)

OpenAI Founder's Worldcoin Claims "Iris Recognition Technology Is Capable of Distinguishing Individuals on a Billion People Scale"

After Taking TikTok Cash, the Washington Post Defended China-Owned App as Its CEO Was Roasted on Capitol Hill

SATIRE: Putin Impressed with American System of Prosecuting Political Opponents

SATIRE: 11 Great Reasons to Stay in California

San Diego Residents Warned of Home-Burglary Series

Governor General Flew Nearly 3,000 Km for 6 Minutes' Work: Federal Records

UK and EU Sign Off New Northern Ireland Brexit Deal

Omb Director Young Defends Biden's Budget Plan at House Budget Committee Hearing

7 Facts to Know About Lake Mead

Vancouver Audience Loves the Expression of Freedom in Shen Yun

Shen Yun Gave US 'The Knowledge of How We May Do Better as People,' Says Florida Theatergoer

National Cybersecurity Strategy Tasks Software Developers with Protecting Cyberspace

Nearly 700,000 London Car Drivers Face Emission Charge After Ulez Expansion, Rac Says

The United Nations World Happiness Index Ranked the United States 15th and Hong Kong 82nd

A Tale of 2 Towns: Tradition Meets Innovation in the Austrian Alps

94-Year-Old Glad to Have Seen Shen Yun

Kash's Corner: Trump Grand Jury Delayed; New CCP-Brokered Saudi-Iran Deal Is Disaster for the US

House Committee Advances Resolution for Transparency of US Aid to Ukraine

Expert Calls on US to Further Facilitate Sales of Chips for Civilian and Commercial Uses in China

Here's the Real Best-Ever Beans Recipe. They're Dinner-Party Delicious

Coming Out of the Two Sessions, the CCP Only Cares for One Thing--Itself

J. S. Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor on Accordion ; Sergei Teleshev

Interview with Singer Jessica Sutta (Former Pussycat Doll Member): I Was Severely Injured by the Moderna Covid ...

Public Disgrace: 98% of Liberal MP's Vote Against China Election Probe,

A Parliamentary Inquiry Not a Government Led Inquiry on Foreign Interference in Our Federal Elections, by Brian Peckford

Manitoba Family Suing Astrazeneca After Son's Stroke Following Covid Vaccination

Trump Has Double Desantis' Support: Poll

'Largest Satanic Gathering in History' Will Require Masks and Vaccinations

Alzheimer's-Like Symptoms After Hip Replacement May Be from Cobalt Poisoning

Goodness Is Key to Spiritual Blessings: Reader Takeaways on 'How Humankind Came to Be'

Taxpayer Group Praises, Criticises Canada's Provincial Budgets

'Untold Economic Damage': Jordan Peterson Slams Governments for Copying CCP's Pandemic Response

Biden Addresses Canadian Parliament

Get Rid of that Kitchen Island with These Clever Alternatives

Rockets Target US Troops in Syria Day After US Strikes, No Casualties Reported

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Abortion Providers, Loosens 'medical Emergency' Restriction

China's Central Bank Cuts Rates to Boost Economy

What are the Most Common Plumbing Problems?

More than Enough Detail Provided on Voice: Albanese

Top 10 Places to See Cherry Blossoms Around the World

The UK Government-Funded Group that Assists Global Censorship

Why Hunter Biden Is Not in Prison

Pentagon: Chinese President Sent a "Very Troubling Message"

University Pays $26,250 for 2 Hours of Dylan Mulvaney

Did 'Woke' Banking Trigger America's Banking Crisis?

New Emails Reveal Earliest Efforts to Suppress Negative Biden Stories

You've Probably Never Been 'Woman of the Year,' But These 9 Men Have

Black Lives Matter Activists Executed a Shocking $83 Billion Shakedown of American Corporations

Wann Werden Wir Uns Zur Einheit Des Menschengeschlechtes Bekennen?

Who Funds the Fight Against Climate Change?

Washington Admits Exploiting China-India Border Disputes to Derail Their Rapprochement

Coming Tuesday on the Solution Series: Self Defense & Situational Awareness with Richard Merfert

SATIRE: Pilot Welcomes Passengers Aboard and Reassures Them He Was Not a Diversity Hire

SATIRE: Trump Exploits Little-Known Legal Loophole Where You Avoid Indictment by Not Committing a Crime

German Health Minister: Covid Shots Cause 'Permanent Severe Disabilities'

Kari Lake: "If People Saw How Bad These Signatures are Their Heads Would Explode"

How Trump Was Convinced to Lock Down Over Sars-Cov-2

OpenAI CEO Altman Sounds Alarm Over AI and ChatGPT

Now in Sixth Week, Incommunicado Fetterman to Remain in Psych Ward "At Least Over a Week": Spox

17-Year-Old Wins $150,000 in Science Talent Search for Remarkable Way to Diagnose Pediatric Heart Disease

Recall Automaker Warns Drivers to Park Vehicles Outside

House Passes Parents' Bill of Rights Act

Man Drives at Pedestrians Inside German Airport Garage

Police Say It's 'Improbable' There are More than Seven Victims of Old Montreal Fire

Astrazeneca Sued Over Covid Shot Injuries

Integration, More than Recognition, Ensures Success

Can the CBDC Be Stopped?

US Commerce Department Adds 14 Chinese Firms to Unverified List, Increasing Scrutiny

Number of Canadians Collecting Ei Lowest Since 1997: Statcan

Commercial Development of Gene-Edited Food Legalised in England Despite Public Opposition

Utility Shuts Down Minnesota Nuclear Plant Over Radioactive Leak

Mississippi Governor Signs Legislation Prohibiting Ballot Harvesting

Norfolk Southern Wiped Video Leading Up to Toxic Train Derailment, Official Says

'Wouldn't Change a Thing': Coach Fired for On-Field Prayer Reflects on Supreme Court Win, Return to the Sidelines

House Passes Legislation to Give Parents More Say in Their Kids' Education

Biden Regime Praises CBDCs, Says They "Have the Potential to Offer Significant Benefits"

Speaker McCarthy Holds Press Availability After Passage of Parents Bill of Rights

Deficits Forever and Ever

Russian Deputy Minister Says Threat of Nuclear War Is at Its Highest Point in Recent Decades

10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Beets

Vaccine Passport Unconstitutional, Say Ontario Residents Launching Appeal

NTD News Today (March 24): Parents Testify on 'Domestic Terrorist' Label; 'moms Against TikTok' Stage Protest Outside Congress

Twitter to Remove Legacy Blue Check Marks by April 1

Ozempic Helps Weight Loss by Making You Feel Full--But Certain Foods Can Do the Same Thing

Denmark Invites Nord Stream Operator to Help Salvage Unidentified Object

Export Boost Near After UK Trade Pact Clears Hurdle

How to Design Your Living Space to Reduce Anxiety

The Three Biggest Revelations from the TikTok Hearing that Explain Why the App Has Got to Go

100 Items You Need that Disappear First During War

Xi and Putin are Pushing to Create New China-Led 'International Totalitarian Order'

Huge Proportion of 'Trans' Adults Haven't Medically Transitioned, Survey Finds

Your Future Meals Could Come from a 3D Printer, Researchers Say

John Stossel: Diversity Training: Often Useless, Sometimes Racist

Grants Reveal Feds' Horrific Plans to Censor Americans' Speech

Changing Society: Nature, Life and Resistance in Culture Today

Bill Gates and the W.H.O. Want a "Global Health Emergency Corps"

President Xi Jinping's Epic Visit to Moscow and What It Means for the World. Peter Koenig

China's Peace Initiatives in the Middle East and Ukraine, US-NATO War Plans for the World

Are These the 19 Most Important Dietary Supplements to Take?

Record Excess Deaths in the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia...1:1000 Population Died in 2022

Boris Yeltsin Privately Supported NATO Expansion in 1990's

Credit Suisse Takeover in a Black Box...Untransparent Deal. Implications for the Failing Structures of Global Banking

Anti-War Views Criminalized in Germany. Diana Johnstone

Utah Becomes First to Limit Teens' Social Media Use with New Law

Ontario Budget Shows Lower Projections for New Home Construction

Meet Vegas' King of Fresh, Handmade Tortillas

Questions Without Answers About Ukraine

Labor Hits Winnable Seats as Liberals Sandbag Nsw Heartland

Tips to Improve Negative Health Impacts of Staying Up Late

The Disinformation-Industrial Complex vs. Domestic Terror

The Problematic Rise of Media Literacy Education

Sen. Lindsey Graham Admonished in Rare Move by Senate Ethics Panel

Don't Let Them Eat Cake

Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Case Filed by Republicans Dismissed by Democrat Judge

Wall Street Falls as Bank Contagion Fears Flare Up

The Vanishing: US Public Schools' Fast-Dissolving Education Standards

Lg Energy Solution to Invest Over $5.5 Billion to Build Battery Plant in US

Leading Economist: 'Net Zero Means Higher Interest Rates'

How to Know When You Should Update Your Estate Plan

Parents' Bill of Rights Is How Congress Can Help State School Reformers

Arresting Putin Abroad on ICC Warrant Would Be 'Declaration of War': Top Russian Official

Innocent After 'Proven' Guilty: Advocates Fight to Free Man They Say Was Wrongly Sentenced to Life Behind Bars

Group Exercise Gets Older Adults Moving Solo

Sylvain Charlebois: Canada Revenue Agency Raking in More Taxes Thanks to Shrinkflation

How to Tell Who's a Real Patriot vs a Deep State Operative

"It's Possible the FBI Has Been Working with Hunter Biden"...Tucker Carlson Discusses FBI Mole Named "One-Eye"

White House Corrects Biden's Gaffe Claiming Law Helps Keep Guns Away from 'Domestic Political Advisors'

Biden to Hit the Road on National Tour Touting Economic Agenda

Florida Mayor Rage Quits During Meeting Over 'reckless' Proposal

AOC Roasted Over Calling Republican Parents' Rights Bill 'Fascism:' 'Clown Show Every Time She Talks'

Parent Wants Bible Removed from Schools: 'It's Pornographic'

Look Who Wants War

79-Year-Old Vietnam Vet to Graduate 6 Decades After Leaving School

Dod Official Kelisa Wing Reassigned After GOP Highlights Anti-White Tweets

Musk Jabs Biden for Climate Change Fixation While 'Banks are Melting'

Owl Goes on an Accidental Caribbean Vacation After Stowing Away on World's Second-Largest Cruise Ship

Many CDC Blunders Exaggerated Severity of Study

Citigroup CEO Says, 'This Is Not a Credit Crisis,' After Three US Bank Failures

Carob Drink Recalled Because It Could Permit Growth of Botulism Bacteria

Japan's Consumer Inflation Off 41-Year High But Cost Pressure Persists

Find Relief from Long Covid with Prescription and Over-The-Counter Treatments: Doctor

Trump Fires Back at DOJ, Accuses Agency of Creating 'Unprecedented' Situation Over Jan. 6 Lawsuits

US Aims to Allocate Over $7 Billion in Aid for Pacific Islands to Counter China

Zellers Opens First 12 Stores in Ontario, Alberta--13 More to Come

Recent Lowlights in the Woke Capture of Our Once-Venerable Institutions

Epoch Booklist: Recommended Reading for March 24--30

Changing Salmon Hatchery Release Practices Can Improve Survival Rates: BC Study

Interest Rates Will Rise Further If Firms Raise Prices, Bank of England Boss Warns

Legislation Banning Wolf-Whistling Amended to Remove 'It Was Just a Joke' Defence

Minister Won't Disclose Number of Cra Employees Fired for Defrauding Pandemic Relief Program, Citing Privacy Risk

Meta Sued Over Youth Addiction to Social Media

How to Make the Best Croque Monsieur, France's Decadent Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Border Patrol Busts Stash House Full of Illegal Migrants in Northern Border State

Biden Regime Opens Slew of Investigations Into Multiple Universities for Allegedly Racist, Discriminatory Programs

Florida Lawmakers Sends Universal School Choice Program to Desantis' Desk

Why Public Schools Must Be Abolished

Global Happiness Has Been 'remarkably Resilient' Over the Past Three Years: World Happiness Report

Southwest Airlines 6013 Las-Cmh Departing Las Vegas Diverted as Pilot Collapsed Shortly After Takeoff Morning of March 22, 2023...Fifth Pilot Collapse in Past Three Weeks

U.S. Politics and the "Ugly Truth of 9/11". Richard Gage Interviews Emanuel Pastreich, Independent Candidate for President of the U.S. (2000)

UK to Send Nuclear Weapon to Zelenskyy Regime

Epoch Watchlist: What to Watch for March 24--30

7 Cardiovascular Threats of Sugar and 8 Ways to Reduce Our Intake

US Appeals Court Blocks Covid Shot Mandate for Federal Workers

'most Vulnerable' US Banks Lost $1 Trillion in Deposits in a Year: JP Morgan

Trade Representative Tai Testifies to House Committee on Biden's 2023 Trade Policy Agenda

Researchers Develop Water Treatment that Zaps 'Forever Chemicals' for Good

They're Rebooting "Axis of Evil" on the 20th Anniversary of the Iraqinvasion

Top 10 Health and Safety Problems People Will Have to Deal with After the Banking Collapse

EVs Make No Sense for Those Who Buy or Build Them

A 90-Year-Old Tortoise Becomes a Father for the First Time with His Wife of 29 Years

The Founders and the Constitution, Part 2: John Adams

[Premiering at 10am Et] Trump Versus Desantis: Jockeying for GOP Leadership

'I Would Like to See an Australian Fly with Us': NASA Administrator

Got Kilt? Remote Highland Cottages on Scottish Loch Looking to Hire Housesitter for 425 Pounds Per Week

Nervousness Over Banks Sends Euro 1 Percent Lower Despite PMi

Oil Falls as US Holds Off Refilling Strategic Reserve

[Premiering at 7:30pm] Can Our Brains Change? ; the Dr. Monti Show

World Shares Fall on Banking Turmoil, Recession Worries

Rare White Tiger Cub Found Abandoned, Emaciated in Garbage Bin Outside Athens Zoo in Serious Condition

Sleep Quality, Not Quantity, Could Be More Important: Study

NTD Good Morning (Mar. 24): U.S. Strikes Multiple Targets in Syria; N. Korea Tests Nuclear-Capable Underwater Attack Drone

Cost of Diesel Stubbornly High as War Ratchets Up Price

North Korea Says It Tested Underwater Drone Capable of Generating 'Radioactive Tsunami'

Former Lawmaker's Wife Sentenced in Theft of Covid Funds

Utah Becomes First State to Require Parental Consent for Minors to Use Social Media

Chip Plants in China Won't Be Forced to Shut If Firms Receive US Funding, Says South Korea

Xi and Putin are Pushing to Create New China-Led 'International Totalitarian Order': Analysts

TikTok in the Crosshairs of Congress

'scream as Loud as You Can': 5 Boys Rescued from NYC Tunnel

Physical Disruption the 'New Left Tactic': New South Wales MP

Slovakia Delivers First 4 Soviet-Era Mig-29 Jets to Ukraine

Surging Credit Card Spending Raises Concerns About Australia's Economy

US New-Vehicle Sales Expected to Rise in March on Strong Demand for Cars and Trucks

Court Overrules 'Rainbow' Appeal to Block Women's Rights Activist Posie Parker from Entering Nz

Magnesium May Reduce the Risk of Dementia

Moira Deeming Expulsion Push Based on Serious Errors

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We're lied to with headlines like "US counts record 4,000 COVID deaths in a day as virus continues to wreak havoc." These deaths, if accurate in number, were from seasonal flu/influenza -- perhaps pneumonia, and/or related illnesses -- not covid. Individuals succumbing are largely elderly, infirm, likely with other health issues, and weakened immune systems. -- Stephen Lendman

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