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Inspector Government

Is the Die Cast for Dei? and are We to Die Because of It?

NATO and Turkey: An Expulsion or a Warning?..

Federal Gov't Will 'Probably' Force Americans to Eat Insects, Tucker Carlson Says

Gm to Make $650 Million Investment in Key Nevada Lithium Mine. But There's a Problem

'I Am Not a Socialist': Maxine Waters Spars with Chip Roy During Rules Committee Hearing

Former Desantis Education Commissioner Appointed as Interim College President

Vem Miller Breaks Down What's Going on Behind the Scenes Between Dr Simone Gold and AFLDS

SEC Settles Lbry Case in Landmark Decision for Cryptocurrencies

Australian State of New South Wales to Get Digital ID Within Weeks

Firearms Channels Embrace Rumble as YouTube Starts Censoring Videos Showing Suppressors Being Attached to Guns

Secret Service Arrests Man Near Capitol Building for Allegedly Impersonating a Police Officer, Carrying Knives

Dem Lawmaker Proposes Banning Kids from Attending Bible Camp

ATF Slapped with Multiple Lawsuits After New Pistol Rule Takes Effect

Education Group Files Civil Rights Complaint Against Pennsylvania School District for Alleged Racial Segregation

Doomsday's Doorstep...Blueprint of the Unthinkable

California Lone Holdout in Colorado River Water-Use Proposal

Pro-Lifer Mark Houck Acquitted by Federal Jury in Politically Motivated Trial

The Real Disinformation Was the "Russia Disinformation" Hoax

SATIRE: Everyone Ordered to Pay Everyone Reparations as Every Race Owned Every Race at Some Point

SATIRE: 12 Life Hacks to Avoid Looking at Women in the Gym

Worldwide Phenomenon of Sudden Deaths: The Level of Denial and Deception Is Mindboggling

Is Trans Movement the Prelude to a Peculiar Vaccine Side Effect?

Corporate Media Give All Faithful Christians the Tony Dungy Treatment

SATIRE: Mom Confident Family Has What It Needs to Survive WWIII Now that the Tomato Plant Has Sprouted

SATIRE: 'Hey, What Happened to All the Dinosaurs?' Asks Noah's Wife as He Grills Up a 37-Foot-Long Rack of Ribs

Who Extends Covid Health Emergency Warning, Says "Misinformation" Needs to Be Tackled

'she Would Make Nero Jealous': Chicago Alderman Blasts Lightfoot for 'Dancing and Celebrating' While Crime Skyrockets

GOP Rep Demands Answers on Chinese Communist Party Links to Junior Military Programs at American Schools

Biden Regime Blocks Mining of 'World's Largest Undeveloped' Ore Deposit as It Pushes Copper-Heavy EVs, Wind Turbines

Temple University Graduate Students Go on Strike, Demand 'Living Wage'

U.S. Has Highest Rates of Infant and Maternal Deaths with Lowest Life Expectancy While Spending More on Medical Care than Other Affluent Countries

Dem Senator Defends Biden Judicial Nominee Who Couldn't Answer Basic Questions About The US Constitution

Major News Outlets Say They're Ditching Objectivity in the Name of 'Diversity'

^They've been doing that for years, which is why most intelligent people are ditching them.

Jeffrey Lord: House Republicans Must Get to the Bottom of DirecTV's Deplatforming of Newsmax

SATIRE: Miracle: Biden Ends Same Covid Pandemic for the Third Time

Ukraine: The War that Went Wrong

Pfizer's Happy Bath in the Brussels Swamp

The United States Expects to Exit the Crisis by Destroying Its Competitors

Mit Climate Researcher Links Global Warming to Colder Februaries

Explanation? Biden Said He Discussed How to "Increase ... Food Shortages"...Now They're Reality

Watchdog Group Finds Billions in Fraud with Covid Relief Programs

Zelensky Claims Ukraine Needs More Weapons, Faster

How Police Failed to Stop J6 Breach at Capitol's West Side

UK Government Used an Army Unit to Spy on Citizens So It Knew "How Scared People Were" During Covid

The Global South Rising (Up)

Biden's New Border Admission Policy Allows Haitian, Cuban Migrants to Receive Public Benefits

Biden Regime May Cut Off Chinese Telecom Giant Over National Security Concerns

Michigan Man Convicted of Joining ISIS, Training in Terrorist Tactics

Chinese Police Station in NY Closes After FBI Raid

UK Government Pressured News Outlets that Published Articles that Could "Affect Compliance" with Covid Measures

Turkey's Erdoan May Consider Finland's NATO Bid, Excluding Sweden

Pfizer Owns Blood Thinner Patent and Their Vax Causes Blood Clots, Creating Billions in Revenue

CNN Suffers Worst Viewership Week in Nine Years

BRICS in Global Integration Processes

SATIRE: Gay Couple Shops for a Designer Baby to Match Their Shoes

Chinese Province to Let Unmarried People Have Children to Tackle Falling Birth Rate

Biden Usurps Power to Escalate U.S. Participation in Ukraine War

Coincidence Theory

Time for Accountability

6,000 Gallons to Extinguish Spontaneously-Igniting Tesla

Desantis Pledges to Defund Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Public Universities

Biden Poses in Electric Car that Has a Higher Carbon Footprint than a Gas-Powered SUV

Hegemon USA and Apartheid Israel: Unparalleled Rogue States

Addicted to Fake News Over the Real Thing

SATIRE: Sad: YouTuber Mrbeast Spends Millions Curing Blind People When He Could've Sent Another Tank to Ukraine

Nation's Highest-Paid Teachers are Shutting Down Schools to Demand Higher Pay

The Real Reason Our Government Is So Desperate About Ukraine

Texas Bill Would Block Enforcement of Federal Tyranny

Thomas Sowell Quote

Steven Fishman Quote

Robert A. Heinlein Quote

Tyre Nichols Killing Was Caused by Erosion

Russia Now Biggest Foreign Investor in Iran

Trials and Tribulations of the Collective West

The West Is Running Both Out of Time and Excuses in Ukraine

Three Memphis EMTs Fired, Seventh Officer Relieved of Duty After Tyre Nichols' Death

University's Ban on Cheating, Plagiarism 'Unfairly Targets' Minority Students, Ivy Leaguer Claims

US to Boost Military Presence on Island Nation to Counter China Threat: Report

Biden Regime Could End Trump-Era Border Expulsion Order in May

Amid Spate of Sex Assaults, University Pledges Sensitivity Training for Campus Police

How the IRS Enables the Border Invasion

Pro-Trans Protesters Disrupt Rally Against Child Sex Changes in Tennessee

Kim Taehyung...South Korean Singer

Notti Osama...The Untold Story

Follow the Science: MIT Brainiac Calls for Immediate End to Covid Jabs

Xi Jinping Lures Celac Summit to Embrace Belt and Road Initiative

Josh Hammer: Leftists Consolidate Power While Clutching Their Pearls Over the Next 'Emergency'

Georgia Cop: I Was Forced to Resign for Defending Biblical Marriage

Tyre Nichols and the Black Elephant in the Room

Patrick Mahomes Thanks God After AFC Championship Win: 'He Healed My Body'

Eugenics, Then and Now

Russia Accuses U.S. of Moving Bioweapons Labs Out of Ukraine

What If the Strategy Is to Leave Russia Holding a Gas Bag?

The Totalitarian Schemes of Global Genocidal Maniacs, Part 1

A Message to the Parasites

"North American Union" Back on Deep State Agenda

Utah Doctor Charged with Conspiracy for Issuing Fake Covid Shot Cards

What Is Behind Recent Ukrainian Government Resignations?

Holding Children for Ransom: Parents Losing Children Because They Cannot Pay Foster Care Bills for Other People to Take Care of Their Children

'They're Ignoring What Really Matters': Tucker Carlson Rips Biden Over Food Supply Shortages

Thieves are Stealing Millions in California Food Stamp Dollars Every Month. Here's How

Navy Seals Still Face 'religious Discrimination' Even After Vaccine Mandate Overturned, Complaint Alleges

How to Resist CBDCs--5 Ways You Can Opt Out of This Dystopian Future

What Is Covered by the "Pictures of the Russian Train"?

February 3rd Is "Nationalfour Chaplains Day"-- Why?

SATIRE: The 9 Types of People You Meet in a Church Prayer Circle

Veteran Army Tanker: Sending Tanks to Ukraine Pointless, Could Provoke Nuclear War

Federal Judge Partially Restrains New Jersey's 'Unconstitutional' Concealed Carry Law for Second Time

Senate Dems to Take 'Hard Look' at 'Weaponized' Durham Probe

SATIRE: 'The Refs Totally Cost Us the Game,' Says Guy Whose Team Lost by Four Touchdowns

Australian States Ban AI App ChatGPT in Schools

Veritas...Reinforcing the Narrative w/ Dr. Kevin McCairn

'1619 Project' Documentary Is Laced with Inaccuracies, Historians Say

Group Founded by Gavin Newsom's Wife Teaches Kids About Gender Roles with Images from Pornhub

Memphis Police Removed Another Officer from Duty Following Tyre Nichols Beating

The World War Is Already Here

UK Government Asked Facebook to Remove a Post that Was Restricted to Be Seen by "Friends Only"

Mark Houck, Pro-Life Dad Targeted by Biden Regime, Acquitted of Trumped-Up Charges

Hilarious Video of Vegans Vowing to Stop Livestock Truck, Learning a Hard Lesson

CBS Downplays Palestinian Terrorist Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue

Ex-Marco Rubio Aide Censored Conservatives According to Bombshell Elon Musk Report

Anarchy, American-Style

Daca Illegal Alien Convicted of a Triple Homicide

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Appoints State's First 'Border Czar'

What Another Fed Interest Rate Hike Means for You

Law Professor Claims Cops 'Do Not Need' to Make Traffic Stops

SATIRE: Jay Leno Slips on Banana Peel While Pogo-Sticking, Bounces Down 175 Stair Steps and Lands on Cactus

SATIRE: Rookie Trans Woman Picks the One Sport Where Biological Women Actually Have an Advantage

The Fall and Fall of the European Empire

Who Determines U.S. Foreignpolicy?

The Mass Media Used to Publish Perspectives on Ukraine that They Would Never Publish Today

Chinese Company Reportedly Linked to Genocide Is Sponsoring Washington's Most Influential Newsletters

Bill Gates Says He Alerted Tech Companies About Online 'misinformation'

DOJ Fraud Probe Into Drug Testing Company Whose Drug Tests Were Used to Medically Kidnap Children

Pentagon Officials Want to Send Ukraine F-16s

UK Government Monitored Tweets from High Profile Journalists and Politicians that Criticized Covid Policy

9-Year-Old Boy Dies 2 Weeks After Being Medically Kidnapped and Put Into Foster Care

This Week's FOMC: What Does Jay Powell Really Care About?

Colorado Baker Targeted Again by Anti-Christian Left

Dr. Naomi Wolf: The Vaccine Is Genocidal

Steve Hanke and Caleb Hofmann: The Fed Is Asleep at the Wheel and Americans are Feeling the Consequences

National Organization Condemns University for Firing Prof Who Allegedly Said Killing White People Would End Racism

Eventbrite Is Threatened with Lawsuit for Canceling Show with Cardiologist Peter McCullough

Anti-War Russian Teen Faces Jail for Social Media Posts Criticizing Ukraine War

Russian Commander Imposes Restrictions on Military Bloggers

The Sycophantic Behavior of the America First Movement May Become Its Downfall

Japan Says Russian Sanctions and Ukraine Support Will Be Priority for G-7

SATIRE: Payday Loan Center Sets Up Shop in Egg Aisle

SATIRE: Andy Stanley Gets Into Heated Debate with Bible

Americans in Turkey Warned of Possible 'retaliatory' Terror Attacks After Koran Burning

'Dangerous': Parent Advocate Raises Concerns Over Assistant Principal Who Solicited Cash for Student's 'Coyote' Fees

James Pinkerton: Want to Restore Election Integrity? End the Secret Ballot

Ivan Provorov's Courage Appears to Be Contagious

Here's How Elon Musk Started an Electric Vehicle Price War

Warplanes to Ukrainian Nazis, Attacking Iran, WW III Underway

Ukrainian Nazis Belong in NATO?

We Have Horrendous Politicians

We are Living in the Era of Nanotechnology, Science Beyond Our Control

Apple's Censorship for China Is Starting to Leak Into Hong Kong

The Censors are Already Beginning to Target AI Technology

Will the NATOizaton of the Ukrainian Army Give the West a Victory?

SATIRE: New Netflix Series on Tyre Nichols Beating to Feature White Officers

China Warns McCarthy Against Planned Taiwan Visit

'Cut Her Time Short:' Pro-Abortion Protesters Marched Outside Amy Coney Barrett's House

Boris Johnson Says Putin Threatened to Kill Him with Missile Strike

Gavin Newsom's Wife Made Millions After Charging Public Schools to Watch 'Gender Justice' Films

Let Them Eat Seaweed

The RNC's Betrayal of Their Own Base with Ian Jaeger

Major City Mandates 'Racial Equity' Training for City Employees

US Defense Employees in Japan Struggle for Health Care After DoD Scaled Down Services, Failed to Tell Tokyo

Soros-Funded Courier Newsroom Fighting to Keep Trump Off Facebook

TikTok CEO to Testify in Front of Congress

Alzheimer's Org Frantically Cuts Ties with Assisted Suicide Group

Second Weakest Hurricane Season of Satellite Era

Steve Pavlick: 2024 Is Going to Be Close

Iran-Lebanon: Have There Been Any Changes to Their Inter-State Relations?

Is Pfizer's "Jordon Trishton Walker" a Boston Consulting Group Operative Put in Place to Push the Government's Vaccine and Outbreak Quotas?

Playing with Nuclear Fire

To Fight White Supremacy, San Francisco Eyes Paying Each Qualifying Black Resident $5 Million

Undoing Zero-Covid Reveals the CCP's Greatest Fear

Radical Activists Illegally Protest Outside Amy Coney Barrett's Home

IBM Announces 3,900 Layoffs as Big Tech Financial Struggles Continue

Kash Patel: 'Government Gangsters' Trying to 'Cover Up' Biden Classified Document Scandal

China's New Foreign Minister Tours Africa

Ancient Technology: Mystery Ingredient Helped Roman Architectural Gems to Weather Time, Study Shows

Celebrities Protect the Interests of the Empire: Notes from the Edge of the Narrative Matrix

Rumors of War: Experts Warn that Israel Is 'Preparing to Go to War' with Iran This Summer

Second Hunter Biden Email from Laptop with Classified Information Uncovered...And More are Coming

Seattle Surgeon Brags on TikTok About Removing Breasts of 15-Year-Old Trans-Identified Patient

There Is Far More Going on Behind the Scenes than Most People Ever Imagined

Presto Change-O, the ATF Turns Gun Owners Into Felons

More Proof that the Reparations Hustle Is All About Greed and Inciting Race War

McCarthy and Biden to Meet About Spending Cuts and Debt Ceiling

Ukraine Forcing Ethnic Hungarians to Fight Russia, Violently Kidnapping Men from Their Homes and Work

Why Many Americans Will Rollover Their Retirement to a Self-Directed Precious Metals Ira in 2023

U.S. Founding Fathers and Early Presidents in Shock After Touring D.C

Size Matters

Americans Not Aware of China's Onslaught of the Usa

The Ukraine War Will End with a Big Bang...And Soon

Rebuttal: Nullification Is a Fake Solution

Turkey Is Developing 21st Century Weapons

The Technocrats Almost 70,000 Layoffs in Big Tech So Far in 2023 as Techno-Prophecies Fail

The Dangers of Ukrainian Revanchism

Mossad and CIA are Training Christian Extremist Militia in Lebanon

'Doomsday Clock': 90 Seconds to Midnight

Former Japanese PM Lambastes Support for Ukraine

Top Chinese Nuclear Research Lab Bought Us Chips Despite Export Ban

The Other America (Or the Three Missed Chances to Avoid World War III)

Teaching Is an Activist Profession

Mike McKenna: Here's What Biden's Classified Doc Debacle Reveals About the DOJ

Suzanne Downing: Biden's Crude Oil Supply Raid Has Plunged America Into Crisis

Wolf and Law: Biden Could Secure the Border Today. Here's How

Here's What Happened When I Attemped to Confront Mike Pompeo

In the Post-Roe Landscape, Here's Where Republicans and Democrats Stand on Abortion

Abortion Is Infiltrating College Campuses...With the Help of Democratic Lawmakers

Bribed to Lie and Mass Deceive

Truth v. State-Sponsored Fiction on Ukraine

Jane Fonda Blames Racism for Imaginary Climate Crisis

Deroy Murdock: House GOP Exposes Democrats' Abortion Extremism

Department of Health and Human Services Is Sued After Ignoring Freedom of Information Request Over Censorship Demands

Exit from the Matrix: Unlimited Power of Imagination

SATIRE: Scholars Now Believe Pharaoh Had His Head Baker Hanged for Putting Walnuts in Brownies

SATIRE: Church Installs Trap Doors to Get Praise Band Off Stage More Efficiently

Dea Mexico Director Had Cozy Relationship with Cartel Lawyers

Pro-Prostitution Bills Might Worsen Human Trafficking, Advocates Say, But One Argues It May Be Part of the Solution

Plumbing ChatGPT's Left-Liberal Biases

New House Intel Panel Member Calls for Probe Into Adversaries' Control of Us Supply Chain

Have You Heard of the "Tradwife Movement"?

Survey of Embalmers Reveals Massive Increase in White Blood Clots Since Covid 'Vaccine' Rollout

Biden Regime's New Border Policy USing Parole 'Loophole' to Fastrack Migrants Into the US

Working on Our Whiteness

Based: Jason Whitlock Says Tyre Nichols Beating "Looked Like What Young Black Men Do When They're Supervised by a Single Black Woman"

Arizona GOP Takes on New Leaders Ahead of 2024 Election

Whistleblower Ivory Hecker: Fox News Is "Hiding Some Dirty Secrets About How Corrupt Elections Are"

Deep Triggered: The CIA and Intelligence Community are Very Worried About the House Subcommittee on Federal Government Weaponization

Elon Musk Holds Secretive Meeting with Kevin McCarthy in D.C

Dems Struggle with the Cognitive Dissonance of Tyre Nichols' Death

It's Not Just the Southern Border: Illegal Crossings Up 743%... in Vermont

Trump Launches Campaign in South Carolina with a Bang: "God Created Two Genders Called Men and Women"

It Took CNN Nearly 3,000-Words to Fact-Check Benedict Biden's Economic Whoppers in One Speech

South Dakota Strips State Senator of Power Following Exchange Over 'Vaccines and Breastfeeding'

Tucker Carlson: Media Ignoring Project Veritas' 'Bombshell' Story Reveals Big Pharma's Bizarre Grip on America

Biden Regime Releases Over 1,300 Criminal Illegal Immigrants in 1 Month

GDP Showing Ominous Warning Sign Not Seen Since the Great Depression

Omnibus Bill Grants TSA $400 Million for Pay Raises Across the Board

IRS Says Millions of Americans Don't Realize They are Eligible for Tax Credit

A Prepper's Guide to SHTF Dental Care

Modern Scottish Warrior Goes 'Braveheart' on Elites

Neil Oliver: Nothing Less than Our Way of Life Is Under Threat Now

Evolving Toward Godhood?

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: How Local Cops Get Your Bank Records

The Great Pushback Conference

Controlling Forces Determined to Rule America, Part 3

America Is Abandoning God

The Truth and Lies About Ukraine: Lessons for Africa

25 States Sue Biden Regime Over ESG Investment Rule

The Sovietization of Medical Care

Damar Hamlin Makes First Video Appearance Without Hoodie, Glasses and Face Mask

White House Says It Is Has Approved 16 Million Borrowers for Student Debt Relief

Australian Government Grants Itself More Powers to Stop 'Online Misinformation and Disinformation'

More Info on What Was Seized by the FBI at Biden's Home and It May Help Do Him In

Lab-Grown Meat Moves Forward

Team Desantis Exposes CNN's Media Malpractice as Gov Accused of 'Echoing Decisions Made by Fascist Dictators'

2 More Tennessee Deputies Fired, Elite Scorpion Unit May Be Disbanded After Beating Death of Tyre Nichols

California County Cancels Contract with Dominion Voting Systems Due to Major Concerns

Educrat Raises Money at High School to Pay Coyotes

"Reprehensible" FDA Sued for Withholding Covid Vax Safety Analyses: "The Courts Will Command the FDA to Do Its Job"

Search Is Underway for a Radioactive Capsule that Has Gone Missing in Australia

Come and Behold the Insanity that Is America's National Debt

Covid + Flu Shots Injected Together: A Deadly Combo with 147 Already Dead and Over 6000 Injured

SATIRE: Woman in Express Checkout Lane Only Has 2,387 Items Over Limit

Dershowitz: Criminal Justice Has Become Weaponized and Partisan. It Wasn't Always This Way

Florida Cops to Upgrade Biometric Tech for Potential Future Facial Recognition

Police Body-Cam Footage, Audio of 911 Call, Show Strange Events Before Attack on Paul Pelosi

Brazil Plots Law Against "Anti-Democratic" Online Speech

SATIRE: Ford Releases New Safety Feature Where Car Shuts Off If a Woman Gets in Driver's Seat

NY Investigates Madison Square Garden CompaNY Over Facial Recognition Scan for Entry

Biden Regime Blocks Major Mining Project Days After Signing Deal with Child Labor Hotbeds for Rare Metals

SATIRE: AOC Accuses This ChatGPT Fellow of Wanting to Date Her

While Republicans Push Back, Democrats Double Down on Woke Investing

Jared Whitley: Ron Desantis Is More Popular than Any Other National Political Figure

Going for the Kill in Kosovo

Scotland's War on Women

U.S. Africa Leaders Summit Promises More Exploitation for Africa, Record Profits for U.S. Mining Firms

Facebook's Jordana Cutler Appointed Head of Controversial Israeli Ministry, Sparking Censorship Fears

Now Treating Kids Equally=discriminating Against Blacks and Girls

Utah Bans Child Trans Mutilations

Elon Musk Gives Alarming Update on 'Flaming Dumpster' at Twitter: 'Entire Code May Have Be Torn Down, Start from Scratch'

Protest Forms Outside Balenciaga UK Location as Pedophilia Scandal Continues

Americans Fall Behind on Car Payments at Highest Rate Since 2009

Fake It Till You Make It... It's Time to Question Artificial Intelligence

'News Management' Is a Fact of Media Life

The Nuclear War that We Have Been Relentlessly Warned About Is Now Right on Our Doorstep

Pilots are Dying at Southwest Airlines at Over 6x the Normal Rate After the Covid Shots Rolled Out

US/NATO Aggression Against Russia: Prelude to WW III

Fallout from Project Veritas Expose of Pfizer Kill Shots

Podcast Episode #129...Mel K and the Real Crime of Hollywood

Tyre Nichols Arrest Video Released

Jason Snead: The Left's New Scheme that Threatens Free Elections

Failed Senate Candidate Tells Bill Maher the Democrats' Brand Is 'Toxic'

Liberal "Authorities" Make Progress Toward Erasing Women

'Teachers are Confused': Nearly 1 in 4 Educators Adjusted Lessons Despite Not Knowing What CRT Laws Were in Place

Psyop? David Depape Calls Reporter to "Apologize" for "Not Doing More"

Former CIA Moscow Station Chief Calls Out Biden for Failing to Explain Ukraine Strategy

Socialism: A Grab-Bag of Superstitions

Sebastian Gorka: United States' Reliance on China for 90 Percent of Its Medicine Could Prove Disastrous

Cop Car Smashed, Arrest Made in NY, Bridge Blocked in Memphis as Tyre Nichols Riots Rage On

Thai Rice Prices Jump as Global Food Crisis Reignites

Why Preserve a 'World Order' Without Freedom?

Against Cricket Cakes

US Treasury Sanctions Chinese Firm Supplying Intelligence to Russia

Power Outside the Matrix: The Guts of a Writer

"Why Don't You Ever Criticize Russia's Warmongering??"

AP Strikes the Word "The" from Newspeak Dictionary

Riots Break Out in Memphis, Other Cities as Police Release Tyre Nichols Video

Pfizer Responds to Project Veritas' 'Bombshell' Undercover Video Showing Exec's Remarks on 'mutating' Viruses

Sands: Banning Gas Stoves? That's Too Many Government Cooks in Your Kitchen

Demonstrations Begin Across the Country as Memphis Releases Footage of Tyre Nichols Beating

'I Take Full Responsibility': Mike Pence Says Classified Docs 'should Not Have Been' at His Home

Weapons Government Traitors Use: Big Lies, False Flags and Projection

A Look Behind the GOP's "Dark Path"...It's Just Anti-Globalism, Absent Good Messaging

Elite Deceit

YouTube Censors and Punishes Project Veritas Over Undercover Pfizer Video

The 600 Influential Russian Twitter Bots Narrative Was Pushed by Mainstream Media. Twitter Executives Knew It Was False.

America Unhinged: Members of Globalist WEF are Pretending to Be Gods

Terror Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue Leaves Seven Dead

Three Arrested in Iranian Plot to Kill U.S. Journalist

George Soros Is Funding Global 'Fact-Checking' Network, Investigation Finds

5-Year-Old Preaches Jesus on Jennifer Hudson Show

Rising Female Soccer Star Dies Suddenly at 14

Fascist YouTube Censors and Punishes Project Veritas Over Undercover Pfizer Video

Jaw Dropping: Rhode Island High School Soliciting Funds to Illegally Pay "Coyote" Who Trafficked Student to U.S.

Twitter Files No. 15: 'I Think We Need to Just Call This Out on the BS that It Is.'

US Sen. Ron Johnson Tells FAA: Answer Questions About Pilots' Health, Possible Effects of Covid Shots

The Paris Policy Is Becoming Increasingly Unpopular in Africa

SATIRE: Local Church Turns to Robo-Greeters to Combat Volunteer Shortage

Covid Jabs are Already Killing One Out of Every 874 Vaccine Recipients... and the Numbers Keep Growing

Graven Image...The Gods of Death and Judgement w/ Ryan Gable

Globalists Cheer: Only 16 Percent of Gen Z Is Proud to Live in U.S., Poll Shows

The Systemic Racism Reductio

UN Pushing New Age Spirituality on Schoolchildren with Sel, Neuroscience

'They Have Contempt for Their Voters': Conservatives React to Ronna McDaniel's Reelection to RNC

John Stossel: Have Kids, Live Free and Ignore the Population Panic

SATIRE: God Regrets Writing 'sing to the Lord a New Song' After Hearing the New Songs Christians are Singing

Taco Shop Armed Robber Gets Shot ; 2A for Today Modern Militiaman

Republicans Demand Spending Cuts Before Raising Debt Ceiling

Michigan Man Slapped with 10 Charges Over Capitol Riot Says Allegations are Trumped Up

Civil Rights Commissioner Presses Virginia School Board on Alleged Withholding of Merit Awards

Radical Muslim Cleric Convicted in NY of Supporting ISIS

Florida College Drops Diversity Training to Comply with State Law

Watch Video of Hammer Attack on Paul Pelosi

Ronna McDaniel Re-Elected RNC Chair at Meeting in Dana Point

SATIRE: Introducing the Babylon Bee AOC Article Generator

Russia Blocks Privacy Mail and Docs App Skiff

Former Student Appeals Trespass Conviction After Handing Out Us Constitution Copies on State Campus

Assistant Principal Asked School Staff to Help Pay Immigrant Student's 'Coyote' Fees, Email Shows

Major Cities Prepare for Weekend of Protests, Potential Riots Over Tyre Nichols' Death

David Bossie: The Questions Biden Doesn't Want to Answer About His Document Dilemma

SATIRE: 11 Other Problematic Disney Rides that Need to Be Closed Immediately

Why Biden Dietary Expert Is Clueless on Obesity

Exclusive Excerpt: When Biden Declared War on Half the Country.

Congressman Massie Tackles Federal Reserve and Suppression of Civil Liberties

Myanmar Junta Burns Down Historic Catholic Church and Convent, Faces Charges of War Crimes

America Is Starting World War 3

Brazilian Censorship Targets Remain on Rumble and Telegram as Us Big Tech Complies with Censorship Demands

Mexico Becomes First Nation to Admit Harms of Geoengineering, Halts Future Experiments

Manchin Says He's Baffled Why 'reasonable' Biden Won't Negotiate on Debt Ceiling

Pelosi Bodycam Footage Appears to Vindicate NBC Reporter Who Was Punished After Initial Coverage

War Is a Racket... Tanks a Lot, Now Give Us F-16s

Germany the Weakest Link in NATO's War Tracks

Tanks and Tragedy

The Limits of Number One

Elon Musk Confirms More Info on Twitter's Secret Blacklists

Federal Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction Blocking California Covid 'misinformation' Law

SATIRE: In Hilarious Prank, God Makes 1 Out of Every 20 PistachiOS Taste Like Flaming Rotten Garbage

SATIRE: U.S. Tanks in Ukraine Already Destroyed After Being Easily Recognized by Their Rainbow Camouflage

Brazilian President Suggests Mercosur Trade Deal with Communist China

Climate Extremists' Hideous Wind Farms are Coming to Your Backyard

Disney's Disenchanted Kingdom

Globalist...Depopulationist...Eugenicist...Now We Can Add Communist to the List of Words that Describe Bill Gates

Desantis Proposes Life in Prison as Minimum Sentence for Child Sex Criminals

Shocking Follow-Up to Shocking Pfizer Video

Pfizer's Kill Shot Cash Cow

Lurching Toward WW III

White Liberal Attitude Toward Blacks

SATIRE: Lucky Charms Unveils New Ukrainian Flag Marshmallow

It's Not Just You

EU Approves Use of 'Cricket Powder' in Food, Citing 'Environmental Pressures'

Mr. Rogers Tried to Warn US

Iran and Saudi Arabia...Rivalry or Partnership?

Another Medical School Is Being Investigated for a Discriminatory Scholarship

Trump Unveils Plan to 'save' Education from 'Radical Left Maniacs'

Marine Corps Opens First New Base in Decades to Counter Potential Chinese Invasion of Taiwan

Mexican "Authorities" Discover Truck Carrying Over 50 Unaccompanied Migrant Kids

Thousands Gather for "Invasion Day" Protests on Australia Day Holiday

Epstein Suit

Wilkie: Remembering the Holocaust, and the American Soldiers Who Helped End It

The Mass Media Used to Publish Perspectives on Ukraine that They Would Never Publishtoday

Scientists Pressuring FDA to Approve Use of Bioengineered Animal Organs in Human Transplants

Another Wave of Biden J-O-B-S Losses

L.A. Firefighters Battle Massive Blaze from Roof

The Debt Ceiling Debate, Explained

Capturing the Presidency Without a Vote

Biden's Proposed Federal Takeover of Rental Markets

Two Pastors Drop Major Bombshell Allegations Against Andy Stanley After Attending Private Q&A

Terrified of Memes: Pfizer, Moderna Close Comments on Twitter Accounts

Former Vax-Nanny Paul Offit Pens Letter to NEJM Calling for Immediate End to Covid "Boosters"

Inside the Nazi Whitewash of Ukraine

Propaganda and Censorship Dominate the Information War

Fascist Google Runs Cover for Pfizer After Project Veritas Bombshell Video

Arizona Universities Require Most Applicants Pledge Support to Dei

Gov. Brian Kemp Declares State of Emergency to Deal with Atlanta's Domestic Terrorists

Rumors Swirling that Progressive Wingnut Marianne Williamson Is Planning to Challenge Biden in 2024

Feds Prosecute Utah Doctor Who Dumped Out mRNA Shots and Worked with Parents to Free Kids from Vax Mandates

Dave Rubin's Jaw-Dropping Walk Through Twitter HQ: Bans, 'secret Labels' and What Elon Is Doing to Clean It Up

Senate Bill Would Repeal $600 IRS Reporting Threshold from 'American Rescue Plan Act'

Dr. Naomi Wolf Addresses the 'monsters' at Pfizer Putting Profits Before Humanity

IRS Alerts Taxpayers They Must Answer a New Question on Tax Forms or Face Consequences

Secret Code Hidden by Woke Programmers Discovered to Be Still 'shadowbanning' Twitter Users Under Elon Musk

Hunter Biden's Art Dealer Calls His Work 'One of the Most Consequential Artists in This Century'

US to Send Abrams Tanks to Ukraine: Will It Make Any Difference?

Meet the Biden Energy Official Who Fought to Shield China from Us Solar Tariffs

Given that Illegal Immigration Damages America, Why Does No One Stop It?

Bombshell Spike Proteins Invade All Major Organs, Induce Hyperaccelerated Cellular Aging Prompting Shorter Lifespan

The Real Differences Between the Biden and Trump Document Troves

Wisc. School District Forces Kindergarteners to Take Weeklong Gender Identity Lesson

America's Future Is BLeak When Only 27% of the Younger Generations are Proud to Be American

Biden's National Security Council Held Meetings with CDC on Covid Disinfo, Emails Show

Biden Regime Hobbles Its Own 'Green' Ambitions by Blocking Massive Mining Project

'Who Is DirecTV Protecting?': Newsmax Host Calls Out DirecTV Over End of Service

Tucker Carlson Says Big Pharma's Lobbying of 'Politicians' 'Pays Off'

Nightmare Valley...It's Just My Dark Archetype w/ Machiel Klerk

A Wonderful "Dirty" Rock... Here's Why There Will Be Increased Demand for Coal

Domestic Genocide in Iran

Time for the Pundits to Explain the Big Ruse

Are You an "Enemy of the State"? ; Beyond the Cover

Indiana Lawmakers Move to Protect Parental Rights & Children

Australia Aims at Strengthening Its Ties with Indonesia

SATIRE: 9 Warning Signs Your Child Is Cisgender

Speaker McCarthy Selects Members for Committee to Probe "Weaponization of the Federal Government"

Rep. Steve Scalise Blasts Biden for Veto Threat Against Bill to Boost Oil and Gas Drilling

Pennsylvania School District Violated Parents' Rights to Opt Students Out of Sel Curriculum, Lawsuit Alleges

SATIRE: Ukrainian, Russian Soldiers Snap Adorable Photo with Their Matching American Tanks

SATIRE: TikTokker Furious as No One Has Ogled Her at Gym All Morning

U.S. Sending Abrams Tanks to Defend Ukraine

Biden Federal Court Nominee Says Two Articles in Constitution Don't Ring a Bell

Indiana Bid to Protect Children from "Trans" Surgeries Draws Support

Callum Smiles: Rebel News' Coverage of the WEF's Annual Conference

Chinese Students Pledge Loyalty to CCP Before Heading Overseas to Study

Peter Roff: Here's What Harmeet Dhillon and Ronna McDaniel are Missing About the RNC Chair Race

Marine Corps Recruiters Trying to Get Members Booted Over the Covid Shot Mandate to Rejoin, Texts Show

25 States Sue Biden Department of Labor Over Woke Investing Rules

Blue State Government Spent More than Half a Million Bucks on Motorcade SUVs with Federal Covid Funds

Georgia Gov Declares State of Emergency Following Brutal Riots, Arsons

US Killed Top ISIS Leader in Somalia Counterterrorism Operation

Professor Says He Can't Give a 'Biological' Definition of a Woman

Desantis Pledges Mandatory Life Sentence for Targeting Children with Fentanyl Resembling Candy

A Message from Henry

Illinois Sheriffs Nullify Rifle Ban...Interview with Chad Caton of I'm Fired Up

Is Ron Desantis Banning "Black History" or Bringing Back History?

Pfizer Director Caught on Camera Admitting Pfizer Controls the U.S. Government

SATIRE: Pfizer Pleased to Announce Their New Vaccine 90% Effective Against New Virus They Created

'We Need New Blood': Desantis Rebukes Ronna McDaniel's RNC Leadership

Russia Laughs as NATO Decides to Send Tanks to Ukraine

Questions Linger as Apple Introduces End-To-End Encryption for iCloud

Another Win for the Second Amendment, This Time in Tennessee

Cult Problem? Former Xr Leader Admits She Saw People "Brainwashed"

Chaos Agents are in America First and Freedom Movements

'Hope You Get Gutted': Conservative Students Face Threats After Trying to Show Daily Wire Documentary on Campus

GOP Rep Doubles Down on Demands About Ice's Data Errors Exposed by DCNF

NY to Hire a "Chief Customer Experience Officer" to Oversee Digital ID Plans

German Government Secretly Met with Us Big Tech to Censor Speech

Adam Curry Plugs Grapheneos on Joe Rogan

SATIRE: Local Hen Surpasses Elon Musk in Net Worth

SATIRE: Schiff, Swalwell Demoted to House Party Planning Committee

SATIRE: Having Maxed Out Taxes on California Residents, Newsom Proposes New Tax on Florida Residents

Historic Win District Court Judge Blocks Doctors Censorship Law in California

The Nightmare of NATO Equipment Being Sent to Ukraine

'Chinese Aggression' Sure Looks an Awful Lot Like U.S. Aggression

Top Ukrainian Officials Get Sacked or Quit Amid Zelensky's Crackdown on Corruption

State Representative Hints at Digital ID Push

Georgia-Ukraine-Russia: "Rome vs. Orthodoxy?"

Echoes of the Itaewon Tragedy

Satanic Statue Atop NYC Courthouse

'We are Appalled': Congressional Dems Slam Biden Regime for Expanding Trump-Era Border Policy

Turner: Our Children Deserve the Best Opportunities. Let's Start with School Choice

Fraudsters Likely Stole at Least $60 Billion in Pandemic Unemployment Benefits, Gov't Report Says

Shocking Undercover Pfizer Interview

Court Rules Against Masterpiece Cakeshop Owner Who Refused to Bake Gender Transition Cake

Yale University President Pledges to Prioritize 'Diversity' When Filling High Ranking Roles

Biden Judicial Nominee Flunks Sen. Kennedy's Constitutional Test: 'Not Coming to Mind'

Project Veritas: Pfizer "Directing" Covid's Evolution to Make New Vaccines

Area 51

Hegemon US-Dominated NATO at War on Russia

MSM: A Ministry of Propaganda for Their Ruling Regimes

The WSJ on Bivalent Kill Shots

Google Ads to Lose Monopoly in Digital Advertising

Classified Documents Found at Mike Pence's House

ChatGPT Can Pass Medical Licensing Exam and Bar

German Terrorists Plotted to Create Civil War

How TikTok Decides What Goes Viral

Why Would Republicans Rule Out Social Security and Medicare Reform?

'Hate, Racism and Misogyny:' Dems, Liberal Activists Melt Down Over Meta's Decision to Allow Trump Back on Facebook

Cardinal Says Pope Francis Has No 'Contact with the Holy Spirit' in New Book

Whistleblower Alleges Twitter Employees Still Have Access to All Users' Accounts, Even After Major Hack

Kalifornia Liberals are So Racist (Actually, Anti-White)

Finland Indicates It May Consider NATO Entry Without Sweden

Saudi Central Bank Tests Digital Currency

'First Come the Tanks, Then Come the Nukes': Trump Calls for War in Ukraine to End

US GDP Ticks Up, But Recession Fears Remain

Ex-Army Reservist Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison After Spying for China

University Funds Vocal Training for 'Trans and Non-Binary Voices'

Former Teachers Union President Charged with Embezzling $400,000

Judge Orders Release of Paul Pelosi Bodycam Footage

Dem Rep Who Opposed New China Committee Serves on Non-Profit that Shares Staff with Alleged Chinese Intel Front Groups

Pritzker Clashes with Desantis Over AP African American Studies Course

Depleted US Military Promises Equipment to Enemies

Egyptian Economic Crisis Has Hit Syrian-Owned Businesses

Systemic Collapse Imminent as Evidenced by Power Outages, Wall Street 'Glitch,' and System Failures Around the Globe

Why the ATF's Pistol Brace Ban Is Unconstitutional

Judge Grants Temporary Injunction Against California Ab 2098, the Awful Doctor-Muzzling Law

Paul Pelosi Dumped 30,000 Shares of Google Stock One Month Before DOJ Antitrust Lawsuit Filed This Week

Rep. Ralph Norman Says the GOP Is Preparing a Plan to Trim the Size of the American Government

Tucker Carlson Asks Questions About Jeffrey Epstein's Death in Prison, Bill Barr's Explanations Don't Add Up

Florida Gov. Desantis Leads Predictit's 2024 General Presidential Election Market

Farewell to Z-Man Once More on the Question of Natural Right

Greta or Zelensky? Who Will Scoop This Year's Oscars?

NIH-Funded Study Claims Trans Hormones Improve Mental Health...Despite Patient Suicides

The West Is Incentivizing Russia to Hitback

UK Wind Farms Paid Not to Produce Electricity

Claudia Heffner Peltz...The Third Wife of Nelson Peltz

A Dollar Collapse Is Now in Motion...Saudi Arabia Signals the End of Petro Status

Pfizer Mutating Covid Virus to Discover New Vaccines

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We're lied to with headlines like "US counts record 4,000 COVID deaths in a day as virus continues to wreak havoc." These deaths, if accurate in number, were from seasonal flu/influenza -- perhaps pneumonia, and/or related illnesses -- not covid. Individuals succumbing are largely elderly, infirm, likely with other health issues, and weakened immune systems. -- Stephen Lendman

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