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SATIRE: Man Who Claims to Like Fishing Actually Just Likes Sitting Alone in Boat for 5 Hours

Mom Throws a Fun-Eral for Late Husband with Bouncy Castle and Goodie Bags--Making Positive Memories for Their Kids

Al-Qaeda Affiliate Claims Responsibility for June Attack in Burkina Faso

House Intelligence Chair Says US at 'Highest Level' of Potential Terrorist Threat

Several Injured After 'Possible' Chemical Agent Released During Baltimore Pride Event

Light Therapy Can Help People Recover from Major Brain Injuries, Shows Study

SATIRE: Man Who Transitioned to Woman Just to Avoid the Draft Feeling Pretty Foolish About Now

At Least 14 Jordanian Pilgrims Have Reportedly Died from Sunstroke During the Hajj Pilgrimage

House Oversight Committee Targets Newsguard's Media Influence

Biden Team Calls for Social Media "Disinformation" Censorship Action After G7 Mishap Goes Viral

England, Serbia Fans Clash Ahead of Euro 2024 Football Game

What Millennial Parents Do to Make Their Days More Joyful

Inside Out 2 Hits $155 Million Domestic Debut, Second-Highest Animation Opening Ever

Broken Promises: Canada's Censorship Law Targets User-Generated Content Despite Assurances

minnie-mickey-balloons.webpDisney Superfan Lost 230-Lbs So He Could Play Prince Charming and Go on Rides

Cocoa Prices are Soaring. Candy Makers Will Need to Get Creative

Diddy Returns Key to NYC After Request from Mayor Eric Adams

China Views Taiwan's 'Elimination' as National Cause, Taiwan President Says

"Maladaptive Traits": AI Systems are Learning to Lie and Deceive

Prepare for the Repricing of Risk Globally

Biometric ID for IRS FOIA Requests Trigger Privacy and Access Concerns

marina-bay-singapore.webpWeek in Pictures: From Protests in Argentina to an Oil Spill in Singapore

Renaissance Painting Once Stolen and Found at Bus Stop Could Sell for $32 Million at Art Auction

corbett-report.webpTrust the (Computer-Generated Gobbledygook) Science.

A TikTok Love Triangle Has Fans Captivated

klaus-schwab.webpThe Next Crisis "Bigger than Covid": Paralysis of Power Supply, Communications, Transportation. The WEF "Cyber Attack"...

Israel Agrees to a Ceasefire... as Long as It Can Keep Fighting

Nigerian Labor Unions Stage Strike to Raise Minimum Wage

cash-bribe-ukraine.webpThe US "Security Pact" with Kiev Regime: Ukraine NATO Membership No Longer Contemplated. WWIII "Could Break Out Through Mis...

What Gantz's Exit Reveals About Israel's Failed Gaza Strategy

Israel Lobby's Control Over America Grows Ever Stronger

Less than 3% of G7 Military Spending Could Help End Global Hunger and Solve Global South Debt Crisis

US, UK, France Promised USSR Not to Expand NATO East of Germany, Newly Discovered Document Proves

chemtrails.webpThe Abstract Episode 34 "Chemtrails: A Bush Family Business?"

Going Camping Off the Grid Is Getting Harder. But Admit It: You Don't Mind

War, Terrorism and the Global Economic Crisis. Ninety-Nine Interrelated Concepts

U.S. Collapse Triggers End of 500-Year Financier Conspiracy. Richard C. Cook

Acting as If It Weren't Really So. "Ignorance of What Is Really Going On..." "The Nightmare Which Is Approaching". ...

missile-launch.webpCuban Missile Crisis Revisited. Escalations... The U.S., Canada and NATO Provoking World War III

EU "Playing a Dark Game" and Serves "Sinister" Interests of US

Tajik FM: Melting Glaciers, Human Rights and Geopolitical Strife

Breaking--Cops Shoot Man with Pickaxe, Molotov Cocktail Outside Euro 2024 Tournament

Adidas Probes Alleged Large-Scale Bribery by Staff in China

Fire Used as Weapon of War in Sudan as Entire Towns and Villages Burned to the Ground

mt-everest-line-of-climbers.webpA Father's Everest Legacy Inspires Mountaineer from Nepal

'Elimination' of Taiwan Is China's Great National Cause, lai Says

faucet-pouring-water-into-can.webpWar on Food Supply: Idaho Limits Water

That should stop the Greater Idaho movement

Good News in History, June 16

panda-bear-ken-bohn-ap.webpChina Promises Pair of Pandas to Australia as Relations Warm

The Hiroshima-Nagasaki Dress Rehearsal

Double Attack: The Curse of Natural Gas and Armed Groups in Mozambique


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forest-fire.webpWildfire Burning North of L.A. Spreads as Evacuation Orders Issued

grocery-store-meat-aisle.webpDon't Be Surprised When Real Beef Is Completely Replaced by Lab-Grown Abominations

two-divers-underwater.webpDivers Find Remains of Finnish WWII Plane Shot Down by Soviets

Military Draft Coming? House Passes Measure to Automatically Register Men for Selective Service

G7: Il Declino Dell'Impero Americano D'Occidente

haiti.webpHaiti to Replace National Police Chief in Effort to Counter Gang Violence

Search Continues for Former L.A. Deputy Missing in Greece

SATIRE: All Bump Stocks Lost in Boating Accidents Back in 2017 Miraculously Wash Up on Shore

Michael Cohen Is Planning a Run for Congress... Seriously

texas-weather-forecast.webpTemperatures Expected to Soar in the South Over Sizzling Father's Day Weekend

The Founders on Power: 8 Essential Principles for a Free Society

Incredible 'Walking Tree' Is Named New Zealand's 2024 Tree of the Year

SATIRE: G7 Officially Changed to G6 After Biden Wanders Off Again

News Station Fires Black Lady for Posting "Straight Pride" Meme on Her Personal Facebook Account

Nearly 30 People Left Suspended Upside Down After Portland Amusement Park Ride Malfunctions

Inside Out 2 Launches to $13 Million in Previews, the Most of Any 2024 Film

woman-first-bionic-hand-ai.webpMan Injured in Work Accident Gets 3D-Printed Fingers -- a Glove that Gives His Life Back

NATO/EU Aggression Plunges Germany Into Crisis. "Deindustrialization"

gavel-1.webpJudge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Federal Rules to Accommodate Abortions for Workers

SATIRE: Half-Hearted Jog Turns Into All-Out Sprint Whenever Car Drives By

pope-francis.webpSATIRE: President Pretending to Be Catholic Meets Pope Pretending to Be Catholic

corbett-report.webpHow to Boycott Big Food (2013)

Their Strategy in the War on Food

Muslim Pilgrims Converge on Mount Arafat for Holiest Day of Hajj

The Dissolution of Tiger Moms and the New Face of Asian American Parenting

In Canada, a Pattern of Police Intimidation of Journalists Is Emerging

four-young-adults.webpGen Z Shifts: Farage's Reform Party Surpasses Conservatives with Young Voters

A Father's Day Ode to Papi and What I Never Asked

China Premier Li Says Australia Ties Back on Track as He Embarks on Visit

dancers-on-ship.webpMy Crew are My Brothers: Inside Tunisia's Dance Revolution

G7 Leaders Put on Good Show of Unity, But Look Fragile at Home

China Seeks Detention of Foreigners in Disputed South China Sea

signs-lodging-prison.webpHonduras to Build 20,000-Inmate Megaprison as Part of Gang Crackdown

Good News in History, June 15

king-charles.webpPrincess Kate Makes Her Public Return at King Charles Birthday Parade

South Africa's President Ramaphosa Reelected After Dramatic Late Coalition Deal


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Working in 'Hellfire': Gig Workers Bear the Brunt of India's Heatwave

RNC Recruits Poll Workers in Michigan as Part of Vote Monitoring Efforts

wildlife-bison-yellowstone.webpYellowstone Visitors Hope to Catch a Glimpse of Rare White Buffalo Calf

Southern Baptist Convention's Rejection of IVF Leaves Some Women at Odds with Their Family Planning

Why Competition in the Housing Market Is Cooling Off

meme-nsa-crash.webpEx-NSA Chief Joins OpenAI Board

EU Slaps Hungary with Outrageous €200m Fine Because It Refuses Open Borders

SATIRE: God Confirms Heaven Will Bring All Nations, Tribes, and Tongues Together in Hatred of the NY Yankees

SATIRE: Southern Baptist Convention Votes to Allow Women to Lead, But Only the Sandwich Ministry

UK PM Sunak Hits Record-High Unfavorability

USA's Biggest Cricket Star Kept His Full-Time Tech Job While Leading His Team to Triumphs

US Top Court Rejects Federal Ban on Gun Bump Stocks

kamala-harris.webpUS Vice Presidential Candidates: Everything You Need to Know

Russian Doctrine of Peaceful Coexistence a Solution to Avoiding WWIII?

pomegranate-vs-cancer.webpPomegranate and Cancer: Recent Research on Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) and Ellagic Acid

SATIRE: Christian Dad Assures Children the Ghost in the Closet Isn't Real But It Might Be a Demon

SATIRE: What Dads Get for Father's Day vs. What They Actually Want

astronaut-floating-free.webpBoeing and NASA Delay Starliner Astronaut Return to June 22, Nearly Doubling Mission Length to Test Spacecraft

cop-in-mirror.webpNashville Officer Fired and Arrested After Allegedly Appearing in OnlyFans Traffic Stop Skit Video

marine-le-pen.webpMarine Le Pen Calls for Islamist Dual Nationals to Be Stripped of Citizenship and Deported

Maybe the Kids are Alright

SATIRE: Waffle House Reveals This Weekend's Fight Card, Hank the Hobo vs. Crackhead Steve

The G7 Summit and the Need for a Fairer World

facial-distancing.webpIndiana Cop Used Facial Recognition Scans to Perform Non-Work-Related Searches

The Hidden Threat to Your Privacy: Unmasking the Third-Party Doctrine

google.webpRumble Finds Video of Google Exec Admitting to Search Engine Bias

Fossilized Bones Found in Australia Identified as New Species of Flying Dinosaur

Non-Citizens Accounted for 64% of Federal Arrests in 2018

ron-desantis.webpDesantis & Disney are Buddies Again After Performative Primary Cat & Mouse Game

Why the Petrodollar Is Finished Now.

Fast-Tracked EU Vote Threatens Online Privacy with New "Chat Control" Law

ring.webpKansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Ring Bling Has a Typo

Princess Kate to Make First Public Appearance Since Sharing News of Her Cancer Diagnosis

pope-francis.webpSATIRE: Biden Disappointed After Huge Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream Turns Out to Be Pope Francis

SATIRE: "Authorities" Warn of Con Artist Scamming Dementia Patients Out of Billions of Dollars

Thar Be a Kraken. First Video Footage of a Possible Colossal Squid in Its Own Habitat Captured

SATIRE: Inside Out 2 Introduces New Emotion White Guilt

OpenAI Adds Former NSA Director to Its Board

roboto.webpPrivacy Advocates Push Back Against Meta's Data Usage for AI Development

supreme-court.webp"ATF Exceeded Its Statutory Authority": Supreme Court Rules Bump Stock Ban Is Unconstitutional

Fleccas Talks Bonusland: No More Taxes

pope-francis.webpPope Calls for Ban on Lethal AutonomoUS Weapons at G7

Puerto Ricans Struggle to Grasp Economic Impact of Recurrent Power Outages

surveillance-cameras.webpThe UN Cybercrime Draft Convention Is a Blank Check for Unchecked Surveillance Abuses

supreme-court.webpAbortion Pill Access Could Still Face Challenges After Supreme Court Decision

Stellantis Aims to Correct Arrogant Mistakes in U.S. Market, CEO Says

Summer Fridays are on the Decline -- Companies May Be Replacing Them with Work-From-Home Days

Advocates Welcome Passage of Bill to Tackle Environmental Racism in Canada

Stock Splits are Back in Fashion. Here's Why and Which Companies Could Be Next

supreme-court.webpSupreme Court Rules Gun Bump Stocks Ban Is Unlawful

anthony-fauci.webpSATIRE: Dr. Science Fiction Himself: Part One of My Exclusive Interview with Fauci

roboto.webpAI Will Always Lie, Admits Apple's Tim Cook

supreme-court.webpSupreme Court Overturns Bump Stock Ban

thumbs-up-clipart.webpDelegations Visit 45 MP Offices Across Canada to Demand a Full Arms Embargo on Israel

South Africa's Ramaphosa Secures Ruling Coalition, But Allies Hold Veto

Florida Braces for More Rain After Week of Devastating Flash Flooding

boeing-737-max.webpBoeing and Airbus Accused of Using Counterfeit Titanium in Planes, FAA Investigating

Karl Polanyi's "Great Transformation": The Liberal World Order Is Collapsing Once Again

Saudi Arabia Breaks US Global Power?

Douglas MacGregor Reveals Russia Just Sent Dangerous Signal, EU Panic, Americans are Afraid

Ukrainian Mobilization Law Allows Prisoners to Join the Army, Contributes to Deeper Corruption

Israel Uses Medieval Trebuchet Weapon to Ignite Lebanese Bushes

israeli-bulldozer.webpBiden Regime Continues Unwavering Support for Israel

Real-Time Data Show the Air in Louisiana's 'Cancer Alley' Is Even Worse than Expected

putin-at-desk.webpRussia Still Opposes the Swiss Peace Talks on Ukraine. Putin and Xi Agree on China's Peace Process Conference in Beijing

Catastrophic Risks -- UNRWA Warns of 330,000 Tons of Accumulated Waste in Gaza

vaccination-clipart.webpWhat Makes All Vaccines So Dangerous?

"Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran Unite to Refuse a Kurdish State in Syria." Interview with Dr. Nidal Kabalan

How Indigenous Voices are Using Social Media to Reclaim Their Identity

What's Happening in Sudan's El-Fasher as UN Demands End to Fighting

All 4 Daughters Named Valedictorian of Their High School--Outsmarting the Odds of 1 in 11 Billion

rfk-jr.webpRFK Jr. Vows to Slash U.S. Defense by 50% -- Military Spending Is a Constant Drain

An Injection of Truth: The Politicization of Science. an Interview with Mike Holmes

Millions in Drug Money Has Made Its Way Into the South Florida Commercial Real Estate Market

caitlin-johnstone.webpBehold the Worldgently

Niger Court Scraps Immunity of Deposed President Bazoum

Visualizing America's Shift to a Cashless Society

Biden, Zelensky Sign 10-Year Bilateral Military Deal

In the Old Days We Had "Slumlords", But in 2024 We Have "Vanlords"

How Glowing Dye that Clings to Cancer Cells Gives Doctors 'second Pair of Eyes'

The Narrative War

UN Warns Clandestine Cross-Border FGM Undermines Bans

Photos: State of Catastrophe as Downpours Hit Chile

tiananmen-square-tank-man.webpA Chinese Military Buff Inadvertently Bought 4 Books of Military Secrets for Under $1

boeing-737-max.webpFAA Investigating Substantial Damage to Boeing 737 Max in 'Dutch Roll' Incident

A Philadelphia Arts School Gave 7 Days Notice It Was Closing. Students and Faculty Want Answers

South Africa's Parliament Choosing President Amid Uncertainty

China Metoo Activist Is Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison

Hajj Proves Religion Can Inspire Peace

roboto.webpSaudi Robots Join Millions for the Hajj

R.E.M. Reunite at Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony Also Honoring Timbaland and Steely Dan

Tony Bennett's Daughters Sue Brother Over Handling of Late Singer's Assets

signs-fu-king-chinese-restaurant.webpChinese Metoo Activist Jailed for Five Years for Subversion

For China's Booming EV Industry, US and EU Markets a Tough Nut to Crack

Good News in History, June 14


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wildlife-przewalskis-horses.webpWild Przewalski's Horses Return to Kazakhstan After 200 Years

Johnson & Johnson Pays $700 Million in Lawsuit Settlement

Malaysia Handed Back $156m in Stolen 1mdb Funds, US Embassy Says

elon-musk.webpI Love You Guys.: Elon Musk Lands $44.9bn Pay Deal After Tesla Vote

Texas Inmate with Knife Escapes After Trying to Take DA Employee's Car

supreme-court.webpWhat to Know About Mifepristone Access After the Supreme Court Ruling

Saudi Arabia Ends 80-Year-Old Petrodollar U.S. Agreement: Joins China-Led Central Bank Digital Currency Coalition

A Landslide in Wyoming Deepens the Disparities Between the Ultra-Wealthy and Local Workers

cuba-celebrates.webpMiss Universe Cuba Is Back and Hundreds of Women of Cuban Heritage Want the Title

microsoft-windows-8.webpMicrosoft Exec Vows to Fix Security Gaps that Let China-Linked Hackers Get Federal Emails

72 Hours of Absolute Political Chaos in Paris

Aj 360 Premieres Unflinching Film with Al-Shifa Hospital Siege Survivors

UN Security Council Demands End to Siege of El-Fasher in Sudan's Darfur

supreme-court.webpSCOTUS Clears Way for Expanded Access to Abortion Pill--For Now

Like Being Born Again: Family Starts Anew in the U.S. Through Refugee Sponsor Program

AI Candidate Running for Parliament in the U.K. Says AI Can Humanize Politics

ron-desantis.webpExtremes Collide in Florida: Summer Weather and Desantis Agenda

Major Veteran Organization Weighs in on Upside-Down American Flags

Former ICU Nurse Is Arrested on Suspicion of Replacing Fentanyl with Tap Water

elon-musk.webpElon Musk Wins Tesla Shareholder Vote for $56 Billion Pay Package

Farage Overtakes UK Conservative Party in Stunning Inflection Point

Women Increasingly Fear Being Prosecuted for Using Abortion Pills, Advocacy Groups Say

CEO of Telehealth Company Done Charged in Online Adderall Distribution Scheme

cia-seal.webpUS Journalist Files Restraining Order Against CIA

SATIRE: Local Church Hosting Fun Jan 6-Themed VBS This Summer

Tyson Foods Suspends CFO After Second Arrest

netflix.webpNetflix Hunts for a Production Partner for Its Christmas NFL Games

SATIRE: Bottle of 18-Year Single-Malt Baja Blast Sells at Auction for $145K

SATIRE: Attractive Female Saying 'Wokeness Is Gaytarded' Instantly Becomes World's Most Popular Conservative Influencer

SATIRE: Pfizer Assures Public They are Preparing for Next Pandemic by Developing an All-New Ineffective Vaccine with Fatal Side Effects

SATIRE: As Russian Warships Threaten Florida Coast, Biden Responds Decisively to Ensure Safety of All "Pride" Murals

Missouri Made Special Accommodations Before Executing David Hosier

DOJ Probe Finds Phoenix Police Discriminate Against Minorities, Uses Excessive Force

roboto.webpWaymo Recalls Software in All Its Cars After Its Robotaxi Crashes Into a Pole

President of Serbia: We Will Have World War Within 3 to 4 Months

Group Calls on Colorado Kids to Save the Bees This Summer--Giving Out 100,000 Free Packets of Wildflower Seeds

Violations Against Children in Conflict Reach Extreme Levels, UN Says

supreme-court.webpUS Supreme Court Upholds Access to Abortion Pill

Gates Foundation Awards $4m Grant to Fund Digital ID Initiative

italian-parliament.webpA Brawl Breaks Out in Italian Parliament Over Reforms

Shock Moment Fani Willis's Nathan Wade Is 'signaled' During Live CNN Interview

SATIRE: 'Hobby Horsing Isn't a Real Sport,' Says Man Who Golfs

Eua E Reino Unido Reabilitam O Nazismo E Armam Milcias Fascistas Na Ucrnia

Parts of Florida Hit with Nearly 2 Feet of Rain in a Single Day

boeing-737-max.webpBoeing Investigates Quality Problem on Undelivered 787s, Sources Say

joke-they-found-nemo.webpN.Y. Sushi Restaurant Owner Out of Coma After Dine-And-Dash Attack Over $425 Bill

Servers for Gamestop Annual Shareholder Meeting Crash Due to Overwhelming Interest

gavel-3.webpCourt Rules "Success Kid" Meme Use in Political Ad Does Not Qualify as Fair Use

Here's How GOP Leadership Can Keep Bannon Out of Jail... If They Want To

signs-chick-fil-a.webpChick-Fil-A's $35 Kids Summer Camp Sparks Controversy

What's in a Four Loko? A Viral Video About the Adult Beverage Is Causing Confusion

supreme-court.webpSupreme Court Sides with Starbucks in Anti-Labor Dispute

SATIRE: Disqualified Lia Thomas Asks If He Can Still Just Hang Out Naked in the Olympic Women's Locker Rooms

Outraged Puerto Rico Residents Express Frustration Over Widespread Power Outages

boeing-737-max.webpFAA Chief Says Boeing Oversight Was 'Too Hands Off' Before 737 Max 9 Incident

cop-in-mirror.webpWoman Faces 30 Years in Prison After Bong Water Is Found During Minnesota Traffic Stop

Ford Ends Controversial EV Dealership Program

Edinburgh Zoo Welcomes Adorable South American Deer Fawn the Size of a Bread Loaf--(Look)

The Next Generation of Cell-Site Simulators Is Here. Here's What We Know

U.S. Dept of Commerce to Digitize the Identities of All Americans Receiving Public Benefits

Indiana and Mississippi are Sued Over Online Age Verification Digital ID Laws

russia.webpRussia Overtakes Japan as World's Fourth Largest Economy

Shock Data: 2 in 3 Brexit Voters Refuse to Vote for UK Conservative Party

supreme-court.webpSupreme Court Rejects Bid to Restrict Access to Abortion Pill

A Foster Care System in Crisis: West Virginia Faces a Legal Reckoning

Surveys Show that the American People Absolutely Hate What Is Happening to the Economy, and This Is Why

'state of Shock': Kuwait Fire Leaves Many Families Bereft in India's Kerala

vaccination-clipart.webpIt's Clear the Covid Shots are Unsafe. Dr. Clare Craig's Testimony to UK's People's Vaccine Inquiry

weather-credit-noaa.webpFlorida Braces for More Rainfall After Days of Intense Downpour and Flash Flooding

U.S. State Department Rolls Out Updated Online Passport Renewal

Data Reveals NY Times Bestseller List Is Extremely Partisan

solar-farm-spain.webpThree Valencia Cemeteries to Play Host to Largest Urban Solar Farm in Spain

Southern Poverty Law Center Fires 25% of Staff, Closes Multiple Departments

The Link Between Nutrition and Native Immunity

missile-launch.webpThe Madness of War. Another Cuban Missile Crisis? USA and France Court Global War. Rodney Atkinson

Several Injured in Armenia Anti-Government Protests

instagram.webpInstagram Add Yours Templates are the New Chain Mail

ancient-bldgs-acropolis.webpGreece Closes Acropolis and Other Ancient Tourist Sites in Heatwave

N.J.'s Top Federal Prosecutor Testifies for Government at Sen. Bob Menendez's Bribery Trial

gavel-3.webpBangladesh Court Indicts Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus on Charges of Embezzlement

End of the EU Dream: Disengagement from Reality. America's War Against Europe

India's Chess Prodigies

Photos: Nomadic Muslims Throng Forest Shrine in Scenic Kashmir

Giant 7-Foot Sunfish Found on Oregon Beach Turns Out to Be Rarest Member of the Species

javier-milei.webp'Lives at Play': Argentina's Senate Passes Milei Reforms as Protests Rage

gavel-2.webpEU Court Slaps $216m Fine on Hungary for Not Following Asylum Laws

Photos: The World's Displaced Population Equivalent to 12th Largest Country

A Simple Guide to Hajj

map-new-caledonia-wikipedia.webpMacron Suspends Voting Reform in New Caledonia After Violence

riot-police.webpProtesters Clash with Police as Milei's Radical Overhaul Advances in Argentina's Senate

A Community in Australia Turned a Crocodile from a Threat Into a Feast

Ukraine's "Neo-Nazi Summer Camp". Military Training for Young Children, Para-Military Recruits

Did You Donate to Send Food to Gaza? Think Again. Crisis of Relief Operations. Starvation

They're Arresting the Wrong People Inside U.S. Congress

Violent Protests in Argentina Over Sweeping Economic Reforms

giorgia-meloni.webpMeloni Wants to Present Italy as the New European Face in Africa

scott-ritter.webpScott Ritter and Freedom. Philip Giraldi with Judge Napolitano

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary

Biden's Ceasefire Fiasco

sheriff.webpEx-Officer in Mississippi Gets 1 Year in Prison for Forcing Man to Lick Urine Off Jail Floor

Rwanda Accuses UN Refugee Agency of Lying in British Asylum Policy Case

Battle to Contain Oil Refinery Fire in Iraq

Good News in History, June 13

Forcibly Displaced Population Doubles to 120 Million Over the Past 10 Years

X Starts Hiding Likes on Users Posts


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riot-police.webpClashes Erupt Between Police and Protesters as Argentina Debates Reform

netflix.webpJoey Chestnut to Face Rival Takeru Kobayashi in Labor Day Hot Dog Eating Contest on Netflix

caitlin-johnstone.webpWhen the Powerful Control Public Opinion, Elections Aren't Real

animated-angry-monkey.gifGeorgia Residents are Fighting Efforts to Build a Massive Monkey-Breeding Facility in Their City

cash-bribe-ukraine.webpSabotage of the Kiev-Moscow March 2022 Peace Agreement in Istanbul. The End Game Is the Destruction and Privatization of Ukraine

minnie-mickey-balloons.webpDisney Finds Its Next Moana for Live-Action Adaptation Also Starring Dwayne Johnson

food-prices-skyrocketing.webpS&P 500 Closes Above 5,400 for the First Time as Fed Notes Modest Inflation Progress

voting-machines.webpDominion Machines Under Scrutiny After Hundreds of Discrepancies Detected in Primary

horses-stampede-wild-racing-to-the-watering-hole-i.webpWild Horses Return to Kazakhstan Plains After Two Centuries of Absence

food-prices-skyrocketing.webpFederal Reserve Leaves Key Interest Rate Unchanged Amid Signs Inflation Is Starting to Slow Further

fbi.webpAttorney General Garland Targets "Conspiracy Theories" After Launching "Election Threats Task Force" with FBI, Sparking...

biden-signs-executive-orders.webpSATIRE: Biden Issues Executive Order Limiting Border Crossings to Just 5,000 ISIS Terrorists Per Day

castle-cinderella.webpExquisitely Preserved, These 1,000-YO Gaming Pieces Found in German Castle Offer Snapshot of Medieval Pastimes

North Dakota Voters Pass Measure to Impose Age Limits on Congressional Candidates

We need this nationwide.

fbi.webpHunter Biden's Conviction on Firearm Charges Is a Red Herring. "Obstruction of Justice by the FBI". Paul C. Roberts

map-palestine-vs-israel.webpNumbers Don't Remotely Reflect Gaza's Plight, Says Palestinian Minister of Relief

When It Comes to the Palestinians, What Does Israel Want?

wildlife-elephants-tanzania.webpElephants are the First Non-Human Animals Now Known to Use Names, AI Research Shows

clouds-downpour-open-field.webpSouthern Florida Receives Record Rainfall and Flash Flooding in a 500-To-1,000-Year Event

upcoming-election.webpThe EU Elections: The March of the Right

map-palestine-vs-israel.webpCanada's Special Envoy Must Be Replaced After Spreading Misinformation to Defame the Pro-Palestine Movement

caitlin-johnstone.webpGive NY to the Mormons

pope-francis.webpPope Francis Accused of Repeating Homophobic Slur that Prompted Vatican Apology

food-prices-skyrocketing.webpInflation Is Stuck at 3%. Here's Why and What It Could Mean for November

epstein.webpEpstein Island, Satanism, Sra, MontaUK, SSp -- He Went Through It All -- Video 109

gavel-1.webpJohnson & Johnson to Pay $700m to Settle Claims It Misled Consumers

noam-chomsky.webpLinguist and Activist Noam Chomsky Hospitalized in Wife's Native Brazil After Stroke

elon-musk.webpElon Musk Drops Lawsuit Accusing OpenAI of Betraying Founding Mission

hong-kong-postmark.webpHong Kong Cancels Passports of Six Pro-Democracy Activists in Exile in UK

illegals-giving-finger.webpData: Majority Want All Illegals Deported.

wine-glass.webpFewer People May Need Statins to Prevent Heart Disease, New Study Suggests

julian-assange-speaking.webpAssange's Extradition Appeal Hearing to Be Held Next Month

elon-musk.webpElon Musk Drops Suit Against OpenAI and Sam Altman

signs-buc-ees.webpSATIRE: Buc-Ee's Announces First Gas Station in Space

justice-alito.webpSecret Recording Puts Spotlight on Alito's Strong Conservative Views on Religious Issues

rfk-jr.webpRFK Threatens CNN Staff with 'michael Cohen'-Style Prosecution If He's Kept Off the Debate Stage

ai-generated-danaerys-targaryan.webpMexico's Historic Chapultepec Castle Is Flying the Targaryen Flag and Officials Aren't Amused

pope-francis.webpPope Francis Is the Headliner at a Comedic Conclave that Includes Jimmy Fallon

meme-the-real-terrorists.webpNewsguard Co-Ceo: Lack of Internet Gatekeepers Allows Dangerous Opinions

wildlife-king-penguins-colony-st-andrew.webpChile's Humboldt Penguins Could Face Extinction as Population Plummets

Find Out Where in the U.S. Can You Afford a Home on Your Income

I find this interesting, but I'm a "best places" nerd.

styrofoam-containers.webpWashington State Bans Single-Use Foam that Breaks Up and Pollutes Waterways for Orcas and Salmon

It should be banned worldwide, except where absolutely necessary.

bidens.webpSATIRE: "President" Biden Says He Is Still Proud of His Son for Getting Away with Everything Else He Did

vaccination-clipart.webpA Court Victory Over Vaccine Mandates

roboto.webpApple Shares Pop to Record High After Company Unveils AI Software

minnie-mickey-balloons.webpAttraction Starring Disney's First Black Princess Replaces Ride Based on Film Many Viewed as Racist

bill-gates.webpBill Gates Caught Telling Inner Circle Global Famine Will Make "Elites" God-Like

vaccination-clipart.webpBombshell 9th Circuit Court Rules Covid mRNA Injections are Not "Vaccines"

fighter-jets-in-formation.webpKiev's Plan to Store F-16s in NATO States Raises the Risk of World War III

king-charles.webpKing Charles III Portrait Vandalized with Wallace and Gromit Image by Animal Rights Activists

gaza-starvation.webpGaza Is Filled with War Debris, Hazardous Waste, Rubble, Disease

flying-dogs.webpDog Runs Four Miles to Get Help for Owner Who Crashed Car Into Oregon Ravine

vaccination-clipart.webp"The Vaccine". They Set the Data; Prioritize Profits Over People: Official Trailer: Protocol 7

riot-police.webpPolice Arrest 25 Protesters at UCLA After New Encampment Declared Illegal

war-planes.webpDeclassified: BBC and Mi6 Kosovo War Propaganda Blitz

corbett-report.webpEpisode 460 -- the Future of Food

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It's called summertime.

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We're lied to with headlines like "US counts record 4,000 COVID deaths in a day as virus continues to wreak havoc." These deaths, if accurate in number, were from seasonal flu/influenza -- perhaps pneumonia, and/or related illnesses -- not covid. Individuals succumbing are largely elderly, infirm, likely with other health issues, and weakened immune systems. -- Stephen Lendman

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