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Stop the abuse of emergency powers!

Welcome to Mixed Reality: A Fake Place Where Fake People are Trapped Forever

As Belarusians Vote in 'sham' Polls, Lukashenko Reveals Re-Election Plan

We Must 'rehumanise Ourselves': Palestinian Artist Sliman Mansour

With All Eyes on Gaza, Israel Steps Up Demolitions of Palestinian Homes

Five Moments from Trump's CPAC Speech

Democrats React to Trump GOP Primary Victory in South Carolina: 'He's in a Weak Position'

India's Assam State Repeals British-Era Muslim Marriage Law

How Trump Won South Carolina Primary and Why Nikki Haley Isn't Quitting Yet

Nikki Haley Bets It All on Super Tuesday After Dismal Primary Night Down South

Volunteer Divers Found Human Remains in Car from 42-Year-Old Mystery: 'We Passed that Pond Everyday'

California Priest Stresses that Second Sunday of Lent Is a Reminder of Why We're Here on Earth

Fox News Voter Trump Bests Haley in Her Home State

Good News in History, February 25

CPAC -- Szantho Calls for Immediate Ceasefire at Brink of Third World War

Finance Minister Calls for Change in Brussels

Mayor: Budapest Won't Compromise on Its Own, Others' Freedom

Gyurcsany: Democrats Obliged to Cooperate


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Trump Breezes by Haley in South Carolina Primary with Eyes on Biden Rematch

Diplomats Walk Out During Israeli Ambassador UNSC Speech:

Protestors Interrupt AOC During a Town Hall in Astoria, Queens on "Environmental Justice" Developments. One Man Shouts "All...

Bret Weinstein: "I'm Sad to Report that the 'West' Has Actually Collapsed. a Powerful Set of Forces [The Elite Globalists Who Con...

Millionaire Preacher on Why He Had to Buy a Private Jet

US Tax Payer Funded Human Trafficking Via NGOs Exposed

Biden's FCC to Force Broadcasters to Report Employees' Race and Gender

Pfizer, FDA Documents Show that Covid Shot Shedding Is Real

Google AI Says Calling Communism "Evil" Is "Harmful and Misleading"

Biden Regime Wants to Spend Around $1 Million on University "Disinformation" Monitoring Program

Israeli Airstrike Hits Rafah, Claiming Lives and Sparking Outrage

NATO Gives Ukraine Permission to Use F-16 Jets to Attack Targets Inside Russia

This New Mud Home Built of Hemp and Earth Demonstrates Super Energy Efficiency in the UK

Trump Beats Nikki Haley in South Carolina GOP Primary

The Key Exit Poll Numbers that Explain Trump's Commanding South Carolina Victory

Pope Francis Cancels Meeting with Rome Deacons Due to Mild Flu, Vatican Says

Nikki Haley Is Staying in Against the Odds. It May Hurt Her in the Long-Run

Fewer Grievances, More Policy: Trump Aides and Allies Push for a Post-South Carolina 'Pivot'

Trump Wins South Carolina, Humiliating Haley

New Study Debunks "Trans" Theory: "Transitioning" Kids Does Not Save Lives

Conservatives Take Aim at Haley After Trump Wins South Carolina Primary: 'No Pathway to Victory'

Virginia Man Who Stole Ambulance in Hospital Gown and IV on Arm Arrested: Police

Alabama Fisherman Finds Human Remains Inside Truck in Lake Registered to Man Reported Missing 11 Years Ago

Top Republicans Showered with Boos from Trump Victory Crowd, Prompting Jokes from Former President

Remains of Oregon Teenager Identified After 54 Years Using Advanced Genetic Genealogy

Trump 'really Not Thinking About' Haley After South Carolina Victory, Says He's Focused on Beating Biden

To Combat Nursing Shortage, Universities Create Accelerated 12-Month Training Programs: 'A Win-Win'

Burning Down the House: February Has Been an Unmitigated Disaster for Republicans

Trump Says South Carolina Is a 'Bigger Win than We Anticipated,' Looks Forward to Saying 'Joe, You're Fired'

Upset Brewing in NY: Trump Looks Poised to End GOP's 40-Year Dry Spell in Empire State

Chad Wolf: Governors Must Stand Up to Biden Breaking the Border

Trump Wins South Carolina Primary Against Haley in Her Home State, Moves Closer to Clinching GOP Nomination

World's Largest Covid Shot Study Confirms Links to Serious Health Problems

South Carolina Presidential Primary Election Live Results

Steve Kornacki Breaks Down First South Carolina Exit Poll Results

Trump Expected to Move Closer to Clinching GOP Presidential Nomination with Likely Big Win Over Haley in Sc

Haley Courts Independents, Democrats as She Aims to Avoid a Blowout to Trump on Her Home Turf

Hogan Gidley: Are the 2024 Elections Secure?

U.S. and U.K. Forces Carry Out Retaliatory Strikes in Yemen

Draft RNC Resolution Would Slow the Party's Embrace of Trump as the Nominee

Gov. Gavin Newsom: Alabama Embryo Decision Is Part of a War on Women

Nikki Haley Hopes for a Comeback as She Faces Trump in Her Home State of South Carolina

Dahomey Doc on Europe's Looted African Art Wins Berlin Film Festival

Fundraising Drive 2024 -- Pledge to the Global Research News Hour

the US-NATO War of Aggression Against Yugoslavia

Untreated Sleep Apnea Presents 'Disruptive' Dangers to People's Lives, Including Heart Issues, Says Expert

Carla Sands. Netzero: Suicidal Deindustrialization of the West

SATIRE: 'You May Have Heard of A.I., But Did You Know There's Another Wise, All-Knowing Friend You Can Talk to Day or Night?' - Op-Ed b...

UK Conservatives Suspend MP Who Said 'Islamists' Control London's Mayor

Dr. Ryan Cole: Is Blood Supply Compromised?

New Book: The Paleolibertarian Guide to Deep Tech, Deep Pharma & the Aberrant Economy

California Billy Club Ban Struck Down by Court on Second Amendment Grounds

Ecowas Lifts Sanctions on Niger Amid Tensions in West Africa Bloc

SATIRE: NY Prosecutes Couple for Fraud for Listing Their House for $499,000 When It Ultimately Sold for $485,000

Ken Paxton: Clean Up Texas Criminal Court of Appeals

How a Tradition During Lent Led to the Creation of the Filet-O-Fish

Matthew Hurtt: What the Heck Happened to CPAC?

Melania Going to Be Out a Lot on Campaign Trail, Trump Says

Navalny Spokesperson Says His Body Was Handed to His Mother

Is This How Skynet Begins? Bezos, Nvidia Join OpenAI in Funding Humanoid Robotics Firm

Berkshire Hathaway Cash Pile Surges to Record

U.S. Needs to Ratchet Up Natural Gas, Oil and Nuclear Energy Sectors: Frank Lasee

Nikki Haley Commits 7-Figure Ad-Buy to Underscore Fight for Super Tuesday: Get Our Country Back on Track

Tim Scott Rips 'Two-Tiered Standard' Between Treatment of Trump, Biden on Border Executive Action: Video

Curvy Influencers Post a Lot About Body Positivity. But What Happens When They Use Ozempic?

3-Legged Dog Cured of Cancer by Breakthrough FDA-Approved Treatment with 87% Success Rate

Nikki Haley Says No Chance of Being Trump VP, Says She 'Would've Gotten Out Already'

Heroic Firefighters Use Rare Rope Drill to Rescue 3 People from Burning NYC Building

Man on Reddit Is Stunned When His Wife Demands More Help Around the House: I Do the Best I Can

Dean Phillips Distances Himself from Campaign Operative Who Reportedly Paid $1 for AI-Generated Biden Deepfake

Reporter's NoteBook: Aboard the USS Dwight D Eisenhower in the Red Sea: 'Constant Self-Defense'

Putin Jokes Biden Should've Thanked Him for Endorsement Over Trump After 's.O.B.' Comment

AOC Heckled in Fiery Town Hall: All You Care About Is Illegal Aliens

Johnstone February Issue: Exposing the Ugly Reality of War Crimes

After Alabama IVF Ruling, Doctors Warn that Freezing Embryos Is Essential for in Vitro Fertilization

More than 100 New Species of Stunning Marine Life Found Near Underwater Mountains (Look)

Nevada Abortion-Rights Group Officially Kicks Off 2024 Ballot Measure Effort -- with a Focus on IVF Concerns

US and South Korea Fly Warplanes in Interception Drills After North Korea's Missile Test

We Knew: Abortion Rights Advocates Who Predicted the Alabama Ruling Warn About More Restrictions

Why Everyone Is Suddenly Talking About Nvidia, the Trillion-Dollar Company Fueling the AI Revolution

Here are the Areas Where Haley Could Put Up a Fight as Trump Looks to Sweep the South Carolina Primary

Mom Praises Viral Parenting Tactic as She Allows Her Kids to Play by Themselves: 'Whole New World'

Spring Arrives.

International Students

Zoomarine Renews Global Humane Certificate

Media Heroes and Traitors -- Assange vs Navalny

Delaware Police Investigating Possible Abuse of Special Needs Students at Elementary School

New Airport

Tackling Traffic Congestion

What's at Stake for Nikki Haley in the South Carolina Primary?

How Kagiso Lediga Became the Most Sought-After Filmmaker in South Africa

Laken Riley's Former Roommate Says Student Slain on Morning Run Rarely Missed a Workout, Yearned to Be a Nurse

Texas AG Ken Paxton Sues School District After Principals Accused of Violating Election Laws

Irish Gov Announce €800 Million for Shared Island

Etihad Airways Adds Abu Dhabi-Lisbon Route

Wall Discovery

Cost of Essential Foods in Portugal

Good News in History, February 24

Episode 359 - Swift Kick in the Bowls w/ Ryan Gable


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Agriculture Minister: Hungarian Winemakers Beyond Borders Can Count on Government Support

Szijjarto: Byd Plant Helping Hungary 'To Set Pace for a Global Technology Revolution'

Taking to the Streets of Budapest

Trump Says 'The Black People' Like Him Because He's Been 'Discriminated Against' in the Legal System

Trump's Legal Team Submits Cell Phone Analysis, Fani Willis Objects It Isn't 'relevant'

Moon Lander Tipped Sideways on Lunar Surface But 'Alive and Well'

Trump Allies to Launch an Effort to Win Over Black Voters

Flaco, Famous Central Park Zoo Owl Who Had Been Flying Free for a Year, Has Died

Speaker Mike Johnson Unveils Plan to Avert Shutdown Next Week

Where 'Love Transcends Language': Kashmir's Silent Village

Can a Muslin Lion, Hindu Lioness Live Together? An Indian Zoo Dilemma

Il Silenzio DEI Colpevoli

Fleccas Talks Podcast Ep 148: Girl Scout Robbery

WaPo: Kamala as VP Was 'most Consequential Mistake' of Biden's Life

Sc's Color of Law Carry Fiasco Continues -- Interview with Talbert Black from Palmetto Liberty

Nikki Haley Says 'Trump Will Not Win the General Election' Ahead of South Carolina Primary

Washington GOP Chair Calls Declaring Party on Outside of Ballot Questionable Design as Voters Raise Concerns

Fargo Loses Challenge to North Dakota's Crackdown on Local Gun Control Laws

Pennsylvania Man Convicted of Using Drone to Help Hunters Find Deer Carcasses

Judge Rejects Chicago Measure to Raise Luxury Property Tax, Fund Homeless Services

College DEI Crackdown Passes Alabama Senate

Mexican President Defends Sharing NYT Reporter's Number; Says Privacy Laws Don't Apply to Him

Blind Grey Seal Gives Birth at Illinois' Brookfield Zoo: 'very Attentive Mother'

Utah's Ubiquitous Fry Sauce Is the Regional King of Condiments: 'I Love It'

UAE, Other Countries Removed from International Money Laundering Watchlist

An Uptick in State Personhood Bills Fuels Growing Fears Over IVF Restrictions

US Monitoring High-Altitude Balloon Over the West

George Simion: Conservatism Rising in Romania -- and in Europe

Are Wine Aerators Worth It? Experts Weigh In

An Exonerated Idaho Man Was Finally Freed. What Came Next Was Incomprehensible

Supreme Court Remains Silent on Trump Immunity and Colorado Ballot Cases

Astronomers Spot New Tiny Moons Around Neptune and Uranus

Calls to Fight and Echoes of Jan. 6 Embraced by CPAC Attendees

Meet the Magician Who Says He's Behind the Fake Biden Robocall: From the Politics Desk

Jury Finds NRA and Wayne Lapierre Liable in Civil Corruption Trial

Utah Advances Bill to Criminalize Ritual Abuse of a Child, in Echo of 1980s Satanic Panic

Three Reasons Lab-Grown "Meat" Must Be Stopped

SATIRE: Mankind Lands on Moon for First Time Since Wallace and Gromit in 1989

"Mystics Making Monsters from Incantations"

Was Wendy Williams Dementia Caused by Alcoholism? Experts Share Insights

Colombia to Send Deep-Water Expedition to Explore 300-Year-Old Shipwreck Thought to Hold Treasure

NRA Found Liable for Money Mismanagement by Manhattan Jury, Says Former CEO Wayne Lapierre Violated Duties

3 New Moons Discovered Orbiting Uranus, Neptune

Biden Uses Notecards, Scripted Q&As in Closed-Door Fundraisers

Trump Admin Traitors Claim They Might Flee the Country If He Is Reelected

Harvard Crimson: Search Committee Did Not Vet Gay's Scholarship Before Hiring

Con-Con Suffers Defeat in Indiana

Dr. Meryl Nass: W.H.O. and the Great Reset

Does China Have America in a Cyber Checkmate?

Report from CPAC

SATIRE: Stay-At-Home Mom Lets Loose, Mixes Lights and Darks on Cold Wash Cycle

SATIRE: Get a Load of These Insane Christian Nationalists Who Believed Rights Come from God and Not the Government

Fox News Politics: A Very Special Prosecutor Indeed

White House Says Republicans are Obstacle to Border Security: We Did Our Job

Military Tracking High-Altitude Balloon Over Western US

Imprisoned Former Pakistani PM Imran Khan Addresses IMF in Election Audit Push

Trump Breaks Silence on Alabama Supreme Court IVF Ruling: Find an Immediate Solution

2/23/24: Cosmic Conundrum -- Alien Hybrid Warfare w/ Ryan Wood

Scientists Recreate Fingerprints from the Sound of Swiping on a Touchscreen

Judgment in Trump Civil Fraud Case Officially Entered at $464 Million

Indian American Student Died of Hypothermia on University of Illinois Campus, Coroner Says

Teamsters Union's $45,000 RNC Donation Exposes Divisions Among Members

Smithsonian Latino Museum Program Is Targeted by Conservative Legal Activist

UK Parliament to Decriminalize Abortion Up to Birth

Only 1 in 10 Europeans Believe Ukraine Can Win

Trump: I Will Be Your Peacemaker

Maricopa County Election Exposed. Fraud Unveiled, Officials Turn Blind Eye

Utah Enacts Law Creating Process for Nullifying Federal Acts

J6 Parents Tell Their Stories at CPAC

Another Harvard Diversity Officer Plagiarized Doctoral Thesis

Desantis Sending Florida National Guard to Texas Border

Pelosi's Husband Made Over $1.25 Million on Nvidia Stock Bet in Just Three Months

Extraditions Sought in Theft of $600K from South African President

Biden Allegedly Considered Joining Board of CCP-Linked Company, Witness Testifies from Prison

Former FBI Informant Accused of Lying About Bidens Business Dealings to Be Transferred to California

Trump Says It's 'Crazy' How Christians, People of Faith Can Vote for Democrats

Watch Melted in Hiroshima Blast Sells for Over $30K at Auction

Interest Growing in Less Well Known Areas of Portugal

SATIRE: To Calm Complaining Israelites, God Introduces New Flamin Hot Manna

Google Says Gemini AI Glitches Were Product of Effort to Address 'Traps'

Nikki Haley's Popularity Has Plummeted Among GOP Primary Voters

Judge Ordered Rearrest of FBI Informant Charged with Biden Lies Over Fears He Would Flee

Latino Patients with Respiratory Illnesses are 5 Times More Likely to Be Oversedated

Trump Calls on Alabama Legislature to Take Action to Protect IVF Services

White House Announces More than 500 New Sanctions Against Russia

Indian It Worker Designs New Eco-Friendly Sewage Treatment Method with the Sacred Cow as His Inspiration

Why You Should Always Use a Heat Protectant

Vice Media to Cease Publishing on Vice.Com, Lay Off Hundreds of Employees

Cell Phone Data Indicates Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Lied Over Relationship

SATIRE: Google Execs Promise to Do a Better Job of Hiding Their Ai's Racism

Former Train Station Turned Into Community Centre in Leitrim

First Annual Lovitall Health Event

Cheese Festival Returns

Do You Want a Radiant Smile? We Have the Solution for You.

Algarve Water Consumption Up 4.6%

Snow Causing Road Closures

Medical Societies Strengthen the Importance and Safety of Flu Vaccination

Hoteliers Looking for Drought Answers to Protect Tourism

Emergency Landing at Algarve Airport

Cn Hair Stylist -- Clara Fernandes and Natalina

Police Warn of Property Purchase Scams

Lisbon Car Caught Taking the Stairs

Shiba Inu (Shib) Holders Take Advantage of New 500x Cryptocurrency at $0.0091

Storm Louis Paints Portugal White

Irish Rom Com Featuring Lindsay Lohan

Plea for Blood Donors

Shiba Inu (Shib) Competitor Positioned to Overtake Minu (Minu)

Portuguese-American Wants to Be the "Cristiano of Rap"

Illegal Olive Oil Seized

Algarve Desalination Takes a Step Forward

The Controversies Surrounding Stem Cell Therapy for Autism

A School Is Changing the Way Portuguese Is Learnt

Landmark Exhibition for One of Belfast's Finest Exports

How to Make the Most Out of Your Leftovers

Lisbon Bridge Closing Again

Funeral Held for World Marathon Record Holder Kelvin Kiptum

Is the Red Sea Becoming Fully Militarised?

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz Found Guilty of Perjury

University of Georgia Police Questioning Person of Interest in Laken Riley Homicide

Activists Claim Alabama Embryo Ruling Violates Separation of Church-State

Biden Praises Newsom, Jokes About Californians Fleeing State as 2024 Speculation Swirls

Biden Approval Plummets to Near Carter Level: Gallup

The Collapse of a Gold Mine in Venezuela Underscores the Dangers of a Poorly Regulated Industry

Disney Cruise Worker Allegedly Watched Child Pornography While on Ship, Admits Bad for Religion

Alabama IVF Ruling Reignites Debate on Abortion, a Motivating Issue for Democrats Ahead of Election

Blinken Visits Argentina's President Milei in Sign of US Support: 'Extraordinary' Investment Opportunities

Indonesia and Australia Poised to Sign Security Agreement as Leaders Hold Defense Talks

Gasoline with Higher Blends of Ethanol to Be Sold in 8 Midwestern States Year-Round

Nathan Wade Visited Fani Willis Neighborhood Before Hiring, Cellphone Data Indicates

Hispanic House Dems Accuse Biden of Leaving Them in Dark on Possible Executive Action at Border

Kentucky Bill Would Foster Cutting-Edge Research Collaboration Between Universities

A Once Healthy Teen Is Destroyed by the HPV Vaccine and Now Lives a Daily Hell

Florida Sends Bill Forcing Release of Epstein Records to Governor

Fani Willis Sued Over Concealment of White House Meeting Records

Sean Hannity & Ex CPAC Staff Subpoenaed in Matt Schlapp Sex Assault Investigation

Professor Reinstated After Being Fired for Teaching Facts About Gender

Modest 2A Victory in California

Historian Brinkley: Jill Biden Seeks Revenge in Second Term, Trump Is No Spiro Agnew

No Borders, No Country, No Future

Pauses on Embryo Transfers Out of Alabama Leave IVF Patients There with Few Options

US Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Has 10-Year Backlog of Claims

Documentary: Grid Down/Power Up

Now It Can Be Told (Part 2)

Which Countries Have the Largest Gold Reserves?

Is the Justice Department Even Following Its Own Policy in Cybercrime Prosecution of a Journalist?

Unafraid to Be America First: College Conservatives Go to CPAC

SATIRE: Excited Netflix Writers Turn to Google Gemini for New Show Ideas

L.A. Firefighters Rescue 1200-Pound Horse Named Lucky from Backyard Sinkhole

Belarusian Government Cracks Down on Dozens of Clergy Members Who Protested Authoritarian Leader

Maryland Property Tax Assessment Error Could Cost $250m

San Diego Man Charged for Threats to Arizona Election Worker: Run and Hide

Kenya Pays Tribute to Marathon World-Record Holder Kelvin Kiptum at State Funeral

Torrential Storms and a Rising Ocean are Eating Away at California

Florida Lawmakers Pass Ban on Social Media for Kids Under 16 Despite Constitutional Concerns

Biden Campaign Makes Big Black History Push to Re-Energize Black Voters

War Inside the Michigan GOP... Kristina Karamo Sets the Record Straight

The Insidious Cult of World Order Is Clearly Seen

History of Art, the Power Ballads: Don't Catch You Slippin' Up.

Covid Shots and Adverse Events of Special Interest: A Multinational Global Vaccine Data Network (Gvdn) Cohort Study of 99 Million Vaccinate...

Israel's War on Palestine. Escalation in the Middle East. Towards a World War III Scenario? The Future of Humanity

Will Russian Aerospace Forces Really "Go Extinct at This Ratio of Losses"? War Propaganda

The White House Is Discussing Possible Responses to Alabama Court Decision

5 Skin Care Routines Our Editors Swear By

CBS News Seizes Hunter Biden Laptop Research from Fired Reporter Catherine Herridge

NHS Whistleblower: Gov't Secretly Ordered Millions of Euthanasia Drugs Before Pandemic

$14 Billion U.S. Aid Package for Israel Crafted to Prepare for Multi-Front War, Not Just Gaza

Cyberattack Affects Ability of Some Pharmacies to Fill Prescriptions

After AT&T Customers Hit by Widespread Outage, Carrier Says Service Has Been Restored

The Latest Industry Upset with the USe of AI: Fashion

Mexico's Teachers Seek Relief from Pandemic-Era Spike in School Robberies

Crisis in Eastern DR Congo

Grandparents May Have Significant Impact on a Mom's Mental Health, Study Finds: 'Wisdom and Experience'

The Biden DOJ Continues Its War on Christian Americans

Virginia House, Senate and Gov. Youngkin to Spar Over State Budget

Haley Says US Will Have Female President -- Either Herself or Kamala Harris

Austria's Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz Faces Trial Over Alleged False Statements in Corruption Probe

WWII Bomb Found in UK City of Plymouth to Be Disposed of at Sea

Hunter Biden Goes Full Trump, Google's Gemini and More from Fox News Opinion

Remains of Teenager Found More than 50 Years Ago Identified as Missing Oregon High School Student

Reddit Strikes $60m Deal Allowing Google to Train AI Models on Its Posts, Unveils Ipo Plans

Nancy Mace: Kevin McCarthy Is 'Bored', 'A Complete Loser Who Needs a Job.'

Globalists to Start WWIII Over Russian Spy Navalny?

Biden Moving to Send Long-Range Ballistic Missiles to Ukraine

Carbon Dioxide Climate Hoax: The Big Reveal

Imperial Venality Defends Itself: Day Two of Julian Assange's High Court Appeal

The "Human Rights Industry" and Nicaragua

Zelensky Selects General Syrsky: The Untold Half of the Zaluzhny Story

The Biden Regime's Stupendous Willful Disconnect from Reality

Young People Part of Conservative Crowd at CPAC

Marc Lotter: Totalitarian Lawfare Against Donald Trump

NYT Says Intensive Parenting Is Best, But

Pony-Sized Dinosaurs Swam or Floated Across Hundreds of Miles of Ocean from America to Colonize Africa

UK Court Upholds Decision to Strip Woman of Citizenship After She Traveled to Syria to Join ISIS

Only One Nation Is Beating China for Illegal Entries Into America This Year

The Next Generation of Influencers are Here. and They're Less than 10 Years Old

L.A. Family Goes Back to Universal Studios, Using Voucher from 3 Decades Ago

A Teenager Was Hit by a Stray Bullet a Month Ago. It Is Still Lodged Near Her Spine

Odysseus Completes First US Moon Landing in 50 Years: How Did It Unfold?

When Words Fail, We Must Turn to the Law

Hungary, Sweden Sign Fighter Jet Deal Before NATO Membership Vote

What Black History Month Means for Those on the Front Lines of Activism

Dr. Robert Malone: International Crisis Summit vs. Globalism and Psywars

The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

What Is Colorectal Cancer? Signs, Symptoms, Risks and More of the Global Health Concern

European Union to Decide Next Week If It Will Release $148 Billion to Poland, Official Says

Discover the Universe's Oldest Black Hole, Defying the Mysteries of Space

5 Amazon Pillows that Can Help You Sleep Like a Baby

Kentucky House Votes to Change Child Labor Laws, Food Stamp Recipient Requirements

Kristi Noem Offers 5 Requirements to Serve as Trump's VP

NYPD Transit Officers and Straphanger Save Man Who Fell onto Subway Tracks

Florida Passes Bill to Ban Left Lane Driving with Few Exceptions

Outside of China, Pandas are Only Found in These 5 Zoos Around the World

German Lawmakers to Vote on Decriminalizing Limited Amounts of Marijuana, Allowing Recreational Use

Trump's Lawyers Push for Dismissal of Classified Documents Case, Arguing 'Presidential Immunity'

7 of the Most Beautiful Libraries to Explore In The US

Critics of Georgia Religious Rights Protection Bill Say It Would Be Used for Discrimination

Bradley-Farrell's Book on Hungarian Politics Presented at Hungarian US Embassy

Hungarian Students Win Record Number of Medals at 2023 Student Science Olympiad

Hungarian 3D Brain Imaging Tech Handed Over to Canada's McGill University

Varga: Government to Reduce Public Debt Further, Keep It Below EU Average

Parliament to Elect New Head of State on Monday

Hungary to Expand Gripen Fleet with Four New Fighter Jets

January Jobless Rate 4.5 Percent

Orban: No Pardon for Child Abusers

Was America Just Attacked? We Have Now Been Put on Notice that Our Communication Infrastructure Is Extremely Vulnerable

Even Exercising Just Once a Week Can Help You Lose Weight, Says New Study

Biden Ripped Over Student Loan Debt Plan, Indictment Resolves Fury Over Hunter's Laptop and More Top Headlines

US Regulators Grant Native American Tribes Authority to Block Unwanted Hydopower Projects

Pittsburgh Bridge Collapse Caused by Years of Neglect and Oversight Failures, Investigators Say

Wisconsin Assembly Approves Bill to Hike Hunting and Fishing License Fees for Out-Of-State Residents

Hundreds of Mourners Attend Funeral for Marathon Star Kiptum in Kenya

Shamima Begum Loses Appeal Against Removal of British Citizenship

The U.S. Military Depends on a Unique Aircraft Called the Osprey. Why are So Many of Them Crashing?

100-Car Pile-Up Snarls Traffic in China as Cold Snap Disrupts Travel Across Country

Ohio GOP Senate Candidates Pitch Federal Abortion Bans Even After Voters Protected Reproductive Rights

Nancy Mace Stays Close to Trump Ahead of Tough Primary Fight

Pakistan's Election Chaos Casts Shadow on Next IMF Deal

Cholera: An Overlooked Outcome of "Climate Change"

Republicans Losing Faith in Johnson to Score Wins on Conservative Priorities During Government Shutdown Fight

Chinese Police are Working in Kiribati, Hawaii's Pacific Neighbor

Two Children Die in Hillside Collapse Near California Dam

Georgia Board Upholds Firing of Teacher for Reading Book About Gender Identity to Fifth Graders

Senegal's Sall Vows to Exit Office in April But Election Date Still Unknown

The UK's Grooming Gangs and the Lessons Never Learned

The Dark Force that Caused WW1 and WW2 ... and Is Aiming for WW3 -- Part 1 -- Video 75

Future of Sport Lies in Emerging Countries

Ballot Harvesting, Poll Watchers and More: Lara Trump Reveals Her Plan to Turbocharge RNC

Meet the American Who Mended Defective Infant Hearts, Vivien Thomas, High-School Educated Cardiac Surgeon

Good News in History, February 23

Debate on Ditching Cfa Begins as Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger Forge New Path

Vice Media to Close Flagship Site, Slash Hundreds of Staff

Vice Media Plans to Cut Hundreds of Jobs, Stop Publishing on Flagship Website

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We're lied to with headlines like "US counts record 4,000 COVID deaths in a day as virus continues to wreak havoc." These deaths, if accurate in number, were from seasonal flu/influenza -- perhaps pneumonia, and/or related illnesses -- not covid. Individuals succumbing are largely elderly, infirm, likely with other health issues, and weakened immune systems. -- Stephen Lendman

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