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When Does a Trip Turn Into a Vacation -- Survey Reveals the Difference to Most Americans

News Roundup with Ry

Which Countries Citizens Ingest the Most Microplastics? The Answer Might Surprise You

WaPo Debunks NYT: Alito's Upside Down Flag Was Over 'Neighborhood Dispute, Not Politics.'

U.S. Screens Record 2.95 Million Airline Passengers in Single Day

Army Veteran Seriously Injured by Grizzly Bear Protecting Her Cub at Grand Teton National Park

Bear Meat Kebabs at a Family Reunion Lead to Rare Outbreak of Roundworm Disease

SATIRE: Here are 9 More Extremist Flags Spotted at Alito's Home

Rents are Plunging in These Major U.S. Cities

insects-cicada.webpPhotos: Up Close and Personal, Cicadas Display Nature's Artwork

julian-assange.webpJulian Assange's Brother Gives an Update on His Extradition Appeal

big-pharma.webpCasey Means on Big Pharma Big Food Big Health Care and Congress

The Science on CBD for Pets: Scientists Hope It Can Help 4-Legged Patients with Arthritis, Allergies and Anxiety

Musk: AI Will Take Over *all* Jobs

The 'Absolute Worst' of Times for Car Buying are Over

SATIRE: Terrorists Learn Harsh Lesson that If You Rape and Murder Women, the United Nations Will Give You Your Own Country and a Billion Do...

digital-coins.webpKentucky Rep. Thomas Massie on AIPAC, the Federal Reserve, & CBDC's

SATIRE: Major League Cricket Introduces Pitch Clock in Attempt to Reduce Average Game Time to Seven Days

Watching the Watchdogs: The US Media and Intergenerational Fault Lines

From Seinfeld to Butker, Commencement Speaker Appearances Invite Controversy

'Friend Dictionaries' on TikTok Show How Loved Ones Create Their Own Languages

A Brief History of the Traffic Light and Why We Need a New Colour

The First Pill for Postpartum Depression Is Finally Getting to Patients. Doctors Say It's Working

'A Great Sadness': Venezuela Is First Andean Country to Lose of All Its Glaciers

Modi's Media Marathon

'Down with Dictatorship': Tunisians Rally Against Gov't Crackdown on Media

riot-police.webpPunched, Choked, Kicked: German Police Crack Down on Student Protests

China Wraps Up 'Punishment' War Games Around Taiwan

Some 45,000 Rohingya Flee Amid Allegations of Beheading, Burning in Myanmar

caitlin-johnstone.webpLike So Much Else, the Fuss Over International Law Is Really About Narrative Control

Colombia's Ex-President Uribe Charged with Witness Tampering

Rescuers Search Rubble After Over 300 Buried in Papua New Guinea Landslide

Good News in History, May 25


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A Woman Took Her Sick Puppy to a Maryland Shelter to Be Euthanized. The Dog Is Up for Adoption Again

Hell Energy Inaugurates Huf 80 Billion Capacity Expansion

Stepping Out in Chiinu

Fleccas Talks Podcast Ep 173: Women Go Nuts at Anger Retreat in the Woods.

Defense Sec'y Lloyd Austin Resumes Duty After Undergoing Procedure at Walter Reed

Search for Primate on the Loose in South Carolina in Second Day

Uvalde Families Sue Meta and 'Call of Duty' Maker on 2nd Anniversary of School Attack

Ex-CIA Officer Accused of Spying for China Pleads Guilty in a Honolulu Courtroom

Top House Dem Penned Paper Demanding Alien Suffrage

Another Study Finds Association Between Water Fluoridation & Brain Health

surveillance-cameras.webpSurveillance Prison Taking Shape: Facial Recognition Is Turning US Into Walking ID Cards

Exposing the CIA's Secret Effort to Seize Control of Social Media

minnie-mickey-balloons.webpWoman Alleges Disney Waterslide Knocked Her Unconscious and Caused Brain Injury in Lawsuit

In Hindsight: Pandemic or Global Reset?

e-haircut-front.webpSATIRE: Wife Sure Cutting Own Bangs Will Solve All Problems -- Oh No

SATIRE: 9 Insults from the Bible You Should Start Using Right Away

Teens Embrace Foreigners Out. Anthem in Nightclubs

ralph-nader.webpStop the Worsening Undercount of Palestinian Casualties in Gaza. Ralph Nader

Kaja Kallas DA Estnia Admite O Objetivo DA Otan De Destruir a Federao Russa

pill-bottles.webpLouisiana Governor Signs Bill Classifying Abortion Pills as Controlled Dangerous Substances

Slain Fort Campbell Latina Soldier's Mom Wants Answers as Group Offers Reward for Info

A Potentially Habitable Earth-Size Planet Was Discovered Just 40 Light-Years Away

google.webpGlue on Pizza? Two-Footed Elephants? Google's AI Faces Social Media Mockery

Takeru Kobayashi, 6-Time Nathan's Hot Dog Champ, Retires from Competitive Eating Over Health Concerns

Twitter Files Fuel Massie's Fight Against Government-Funded Censorship

surveillance-cameras.webpThe Future of Surveillance? Microsoft Introduces Always-Watching Feature for Every Pc

tulsi-gabbard.webpTulsi Gabbard Out of Veepstakes

Take a Trip to the Earth's Quietest Room Where You Can Hear Yourself Blink

Why Groceries are So Expensive -- and How Consumers May Start to See Relief

astronaut-floating-free.webpBoeing, NASA Say Starliner Astronaut Launch Will Move Forward Despite Spacecraft Helium Leak

Will Schools Finally Pay Student-Athletes? What a Historic Settlement Means for the NCAA and Players

chemtrails.webpA Trial of Cloud-Brightening Technology Sparks Controversy in a California City

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's Net Worth Swells from $3 Billion to $90 Billion in Five Years

Senator Schmitt Challenges Big Tech Collaboration with Feds

SATIRE: Go On, Git. Be Free. Get Outta Here. Cries Blubbering Red Lobster Chef Throwing Rocks at Lobster Scurrying Off Into the Woods

What Do African Countries Stand to Gain from William Ruto's US Visit?

SATIRE: Mrs. O'Leary's Third Grade Social Studies Class Passes Official Resolution Ordering Israel Out of Rafah

SATIRE: Polls Show Biden Still Has Sizable Lead Among Those Who Will Be Counting the Ballots

SATIRE: Shocking Video Reveals Scottie Scheffler Failed to Give Police Officer a Kiss for His Owie Boo-Boo

Advertisers Boost Spending at Retailers Such as Walmart and Amazon as TV Shrinks

Uc Academic Workers Union Calls for Strikes at UCLA and UC Davis Over Campus Protest Responses

TikTok Says It Disrupted 15 Influence Operations This Year -- Including One from China

Pennsylvania School Official Fulfills Dying Marine's Last Wish

SATIRE: Democrats Promise There's No Way a Person Who Entered the Country Illegally Would Ever Vote Illegally

Zelensky Lambasts His Generals Out of Fear They're Hiding the Truth from Him

lazy-exercise.webpExercise Protects Against Heart Disease by Lowering Stress

"Sedition Panda" Convicted of Assaulting Officer on Jan. 6 After Judge Calls Defense Absurd

Florida Is Using a Fraud-Hunting Tool to Look for Voters to Remove from the Rolls

Taylor Tourism: Swifties are Flocking to See Her in Europe

monopoly-man.webpHow Private Equity Rolled Red Lobster

Small Town Safe House: Gender-Based Violence in a South African Town

Fleccas Talks Bonusland: Fightn Irish

The Battlefield of Digital Addiction

Military Coup Planned If Trump Wins?

anthony-fauci.webpRand Paul: Fauci and NIH Emails "Sound Like the Mob Talking"

UN Security Council Passes Motion Denouncing Attacks on Aid Workers

Trilateral Anthony Blinken Does Not Commit to Submitting WHO Pandemic Treaty to Senate for Confirmation

Former J6 Prisoner Alex Sheppard Breaks Silence: What They Don't Want You to Know About January 6th

The Mastermind Behind Laura Ingraham and Newt Gingrich Reveals All

NHS Bosses Use a Four-Step Playbook to Eliminate Healthcare Whistleblowers Concerned About Patient Safety

China Is Practicing for an Apocalyptic War Against Taiwan, and the Western World Is Still Not Taking the Threat Seriously

vaccination-clipart.webpIs It Possible to Be Addicted to Covid Shot Injections?

State Repression and Palestine Solidarity

Fresh Del Monte Brings $400 Red Pineapples to North America

U.S. Tourist Facing Jail in Turks and Caicos for Possessing Ammunition Is Released

May 2024 Issue Gold Goats N Guns Newsletter -- Re-Righting History

signs-weather-forecast.webpStorms Will Rumble Into Memorial Day Weekend as Nearly 44 Million Travel for the Holiday

Memorial Day Weekend Weather: Which Regions Could See Rain?

Star-Studded Lawsuit Fizzles in Fight Over Covid "Misinformation" Censorship

astronaut-floating-free.webpAstronaut Training Pays Off at 90: Ed Dwight Finally Reaches Space, Making History as Oldest to Ever Do It

Why are Gen Z Broke?

Comedian Jesus Trejo Looks at the Family Stories Behind the Jokes in New Series

Oil Prices Hit Three-Month Lows, Head for Weekly Loss as Summer Driving Season Kicks Off

The Income a Family Needs to Live Comfortably in Every US State

California Approves Online Digital ID Rules for Social Media Use

Podcast Episode 175: Kris Sims and the Trouble with Tax Tribbles

missile-launch.webpChina Stages Mock Missile Strikes on Taiwan After Island's New President Takes Office

pope-francis.webpPope Clears Sainthood for Millennial Known as 'God's Influencer'

sunset-birds.webpTiny Indian Ocean Island Shows How Quickly Seabirds Recover When Invasive Predators are Removed

Healthcare in Syria Is at Risk of Collapse

map-azerbaijan.webpArmenia Returns Four Border Villages to Azerbaijan as Part of Deal

Pour Decisions

israel-doesnt-represent-jewry.webpIndeed, There Is No Comparison. Israel's Crimes are Far Worse than Hamas'

Washington Digs in Deeper on Its Support for Israel

Against All Odds, Iran and Saudi Ties Remain Strong

What Really Makes You Ill? with Dawn Lester

gavel-1.webpSydney Judge Says U.S. Ex-Fighter Pilot Accused of Training Chinese Aviators Can Be Extradited to U.S

The Rise of Covid 2.0? Beware The WHO's Pandemic Industrial Complex

Chad's Deby Sworn in as President as Allamaye Halina Named New PM

bangladesh-in-monsoon-season-2.webpIndia's River Islanders Return Home in Between Floods

Good News in History, May 24

map-turks-and-caicos.webpAmericans Arrested in Turks and Caicos on Ammunition Charges Form Close Bond While Awaiting Sentencing


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marina-bay-singapore.webpRobe-Wearing Dj Newjeansnim Draws Complaints from Singapore Buddhists

'God's Influencer': Pope Recognises Carlo Acutis as First Millennial Saint

caitlin-johnstone.webpMeanwhile, We're Still Way Too Close to Nuclear Armageddon

This City Is the Ultimate Veteran Haven

No Go Continent. U.S. State Dept. Declares Most of Western Europe Unsafe

US Restricts Visas for Georgia Over Foreign Agent Bill

China Says War Games Around Taiwan to Test Ability to 'seize Power'

TikTok Curbs State-Affiliated Media Amid Foreign Influence Fears

Why are Thousands of People Protesting in Taiwan?

Hundreds Walk Out of Harvard College Graduation; UCLA Contends with New Protest

Palestinian Resistance Denounces U.S. Floating Pier in Gaza

The Conflict in Ukraine: How Do Matters Stand?

gavin-newsom.webpGov. Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Arizona Doctors to Perform Abortions in California

e-palestine-train-derailment.webp$310m Settlement for East Palestine

CNN Primetime Ratings Hit Three-Decade Low

james-corbett.webpGlobalist Succession Crisis -- "New World Next Week" with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato

anthony-fauci.webpTop Fauci Adviser Subpoenaed Amid New Whistleblower Allegations of Covid Origins Cover-Up

The HPV Vaccine Prevents Head and Neck Cancers in Men, Study Suggests

Auto Insurance Rates are Jumping the Most Since the 1970s, But There Could Be Relief Soon

Palm Beach Housekeepers are Making $150,000 a Year Due to Massive Demand from the Wealthy

What the Ticketmaster-Live Nation Lawsuit Could Mean for Fans of Live Music

FDA Panel Recommends Approval of a Blood Test for Colon Cancer

frontier-airlines.webpFrontier CEO Urges Crackdown on Rampant Abuse of Airport Wheelchair Service

elvis-presley.webpEntity Seeking to Sell Graceland Didn't File Any Required Documents with the County

rfk-jr.webpInside the Fringe Worldview of RFK Jr.'s VP Pick

boeing-737-max.webpBoeing Expects a 2024 Cash Burn, Slow Recovery of Airplane Deliveries Amid Crisis, CFO Says

elon-musk.webpTesla CEO Elon Musk Says He Favors No Tariffs on Chinese EVs

corbett-report.webpInterview 1882 -- Globalist Succession Crisis (Nwnw 555)

SATIRE: 10 Jobs Being Eliminated at Pixar

SATIRE: What Luck. Biden Finds Prewritten Answer to a Completely Spontaneous Press Question Right on His Note Card

gavin-newsom.webpSATIRE: Newsom Issues Ban on Legal-Citizen Voting

The Banking Crisis Is Accelerating in Big Tech Banks: 10 Million Americans Cannot Withdraw Their Funds on One Fintech App.

What Do China's Latest Military Drills Around Taiwan Mean for the Region?

Singer Sean Kingston's Mother Taken Into Custody During a Raid at His Rented Florida Mansion

elvis-presley.webpCompany that Tried to Force Sale of Elvis's Graceland Being Investigated by TN Atty Gen'l

TikTok Limits State-Affiliated Media

High School Valedictorian Delivers Poignant Graduation Speech Hours After Father's Funeral

Estaria O Ocidente Preparando Uma Operao De Bandeira Falsa Para Militarizar a Sua Agenda Woke?

job-fair-line.webpMedia Matters Layoffs: Far-Left Staff Blame Elon Musk While Using His Platform

Now They're Rushing to Automatically Register Non-Citizens to Vote

minnie-mickey-balloons.webpYouTuber Investigates Why Disney World's Expensive Star Wars Hotel Closed After 18 Months

Tesla Owner Says Car's 'self-Driving' Tech Failed to Detect Train Before Crash Caught on Camera

surveillance-cameras.webp"Upload Moderation" -- the EU's Latest Name for Messaging Surveillance

European Council Approves the AI Act -- a Law Accused of Legalizing Biometric Mass Surveillance

UN Approves Resolution to Commemorate 1995 Srebrenica Genocide

joke-aoc-interview.webpSATIRE: AOC Demands to Know Where Alito Bought an Upside-Down U.S. Flag

Insanity Tops Insanity

Louisiana Legislature Approves Bill Classifying Abortion Pills as Controlled Dangerous Substances

Dow Slides 500 Points, S&P 500 Retreats from Record While NASDAQ Hits New Heights

Flabby Feline Has Taken to Swimming Lessons for Losing Weight--And It's Working

delta-airlines.webpVideo Shows Delta Workers Hurling College Golf Team's Clubs onto Concrete Tarmac

javier-milei.webpJavier Milei, the Hard Rocker in Argentina's Highest Office, Turns His Book Talk Into Wild Show

A Vintage Find: Man Discovers Mammoth Bones in Wine Cellar

SATIRE: Sad: Laid-Off Pixar Lamp Gets Job Warming Fries at McDonald's

justice-alito.webpSATIRE: Democrats Release Damning Photo of Justice Alito Reading the Constitution

Lawmakers Push for the Censorship of "Harmful Content," "Disinformation" in Latest Section 230 Reform Push

Gaza Girlie Got a Cop Suspended for Racism -- It Turns Out He Was Joking About Her Instagram Posts

boeing-737-max.webpHundreds of Boeings Have Explosive Jet Engine Fault

map-new-caledonia-wikipedia.webpFrance's Macron Delays New Caledonia Voting Reform After Protests

Germany's AfD Expelled from Far-Right EU Parliament Group

The ICC Is Not in the Business of Peacemaking, But It Can Deliver Justice

US Sues Ticketmaster, Live Nation Over Illegal Monopoly

clean-room-scientists-at-microscope-4.webpScientists Grow Micro-Diamonds from Scratch in 15 Minutes Thanks to Groundbreaking New Process

She Trails the Ruling Party's Candidate to Be Mexico's President. Visiting Her Hometown Helps Show Why

chatgpt.webpArizona Lawmaker Uses ChatGPT to Help Craft Legislation to Combat Deepfakes

Warner Bros. Discovery's NBA Rights Offer Could Put It in Competition with Amazon, Not NBC

e-palestine-train-derailment.webpNorfolk Southern Will Pay Modest $15 Million Fine as Part of Federal Settlement Over Ohio Train Derailment

gavel-3.webpBaltimore's Former Top Prosecutor to Be Sentenced for Mortgage Fraud and Perjury

Siemens Energy Investments of Special Significance, Minister Says

Academic Validation: "Covid," Psychological Operations and the War for Technocracy

Aden 1986: Anatomy of an Assassination

The Incoming Commercial Real Estate Crisis No One Seems Prepared For

target.webpWalmart, Target Unleash Price-Cut Tsunami as Working-Poor Hit Brick-Wall

rfk-jr.webpThis Is Why RFK Jr. Should Be Allowed at the Presidential Debates

voting-machines.webpNew Maricopa County 73 Voting Machines Have Ballot Counts that Don't Match the Voting Results

What Is the Appeal to Heaven Flag that Libs are Freaking Out About

supreme-court.webpSupreme Court Rules for GOP in South Carolina Redistricting Case

NOAA Issues Highest-Ever May Forecast for the Coming Hurricane Season

It Is Time to Break Up Live Nation: DOJ Sues Ticketmaster Parent Over Alleged Monopoly

'significant Milestone': Toronto Getting First WNBA Team Outside US

ukrainian-girl-playing-soccer.webpNew Coach Emma Hayes Seeking to Restore U.S. Women's Soccer Glory

Cassie Says I Will Always Be Recovering from My Past Following Release of Diddy Hotel Video

China Rehearses Attack on Taiwan as Punishment for New Leader

Poverty in Lebanon More than Tripled in Past Decade: World Bank

Executions Video Raises New Questions Over DR Congo Coup Attempt

thumbs-up-clipart.webpCharges Dropped Against New Jersey Gym Owner Who Defied Strict Covid Lockdown Rules

vaccination-clipart.webpAustralian Doctor Got Turbo Brain Cancer After Two Covid mRNA Vaccines

Grandson Surprises Grandpa by Restoring 1954 Pickup: I Never Thought ID Live to See That

Weed Usage Surpasses Booze in Historic First

Fire in the Soul: Nick Lyons: "Fire in the Straw, Notes on Inventing a Life". Edward Curtin

klaus-schwab.webpWEF's Klaus Schwab Steps Back. What Does It Mean? Peter Koenig

Western Arms Supplies to Ukraine Prevent Peaceful Solutions. Margaret Kimberley's Presentation at the UN Security Council

caitlin-clark-hans-pennink-ap.webpCaitlin Clark Is Only Popular Because She's White & Straight, Says Unpopular Black Lady

lightning-tornadoes.webpTornado Causes Havoc in Texas as Record-Breaking Heat Wave Looms

NJ Transit Says Expect Delays, Cancellations After Downed Power Lines Suspended Service

Violent Tornadoes Cause Concert Stage in Mexico to Collapse

US to Designate Kenya as 'Non-NATO Ally' During Ruto's State Visit

Thai Court to Hear Ethics Case Calling for Removal of PM

Pennsylvania Directive May Let Noncitizens Vote

France Celebrates Baguette on Scratch-And-Sniff Stamp, Honoring the World Heritage-Declared Food

UN General Assembly Ignores a Real Genocide in Jasenovac to Highlight a Phony One in Srebrenica

thumbs-up-clipart.webpNorway, Ireland, Spain to Recognise Palestinian State

How to End the Ukraine-Russia War?

Can Japan's New Child Custody Laws Reunite Parents with Children?

marina-bay-singapore.webpTwenty People from Singapore Airlines Flight in Intensive Care: Hospital

NBC News Is Measuring How Hard It Is to Buy a Home in the U.S

Four Things We Learned from the First Home Buyer Index Report

German Populist Leader Resigns After Idiotic Nazi Comments

find-the-bridesmaids.webpHow Do You Find a Bride? The New Struggle in Crisis-Hit Rural India

Ivorian Cocoa Farmers Barely Survive While Chocolate Company Profits Soar

girl-exiting-uber.webpFeds Scrutinize Self-Driving Ubers After Spate of Accidents

The Most Popular Pill to Treat Women's Acne Is a Blood Pressure Drug

GOP Officials Frustrated by the Secret Service's Refusal to Move Protesters Away from the RNC Convention Hall

Doncic Leads Strong Close by Mavericks for 108-105 Win Over Wolves in Game 1 of West Finals

In Darfur, Justice Will Be Key to Sustainable Peace

Colombia's Petro Orders Opening of Embassy in West Bank's Ramallah

Good News in History, May 23

yoga.webpThree Little Piggies at a Yoga Class = Maximum Happiness

South Korea Unveils Record $19bn Package to Support Chip Industry

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We're lied to with headlines like "US counts record 4,000 COVID deaths in a day as virus continues to wreak havoc." These deaths, if accurate in number, were from seasonal flu/influenza -- perhaps pneumonia, and/or related illnesses -- not covid. Individuals succumbing are largely elderly, infirm, likely with other health issues, and weakened immune systems. -- Stephen Lendman

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