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fbi.webpFBI Searches Long Island Home of Former Staffer to N.Y. Gov. Kathy Hochul

Jennifer Aniston Slams JD Vance Over 'Childless Cat Ladies' Comment from Resurfaced Interview

Here's What the NBA's New Media Deal Means for Hoops Fans

food-prices.webpBalancing a Fixed Income with Inflation, a Georgia Retiree Feels Stuck

Trumps New VP Pick JD Vance

Hundreds of Thousands of Millionaires to Quit Britain Under Tax-Hiking Leftist Government

Muslims Surround Police Station After Attack on Woman Officer Ends in Rough Arrest

Operation Whitewash: The Democrats Desperate Push to Protect Kamala

A Dream Deferred? An Olympic Hopeful Shares His Scrape with Deportation

vaccination-clipart.webpChildhood Vaccine Injury: 12 Years Old Died Hours After HPV Vaccine

forest-fire.webpOur Worst Nightmare: Raging Wildfire Hits Western Canada Town of Jasper

Neil Getnick on Corporate Cultures of Integrity

funny-cat-sniper.webpUS Representatives Jim Jordan and James Comer Must Undertake a Congressional Investigation of the Assassination Attempt on Trump

3 Major Bombshells Just Dropped that Everybody Should Be Talking About Right Now

orwell.webpGeorge Orwell Is Being Cancelled

gavel-3.webpCall It Censorship: A Court Rules Against Former "Disinformation Czar" Nina Jankowicz

southwest-jet-taking-off.webpSouthwest to Get Rid of Open Seating, Offer Extra Legroom in Biggest Shift in Its History

U.S. Economy Grew at a 2.8% Pace in the Second Quarter, Much Faster than Expected

Hoda Kotb Shares a Peek Inside the Team USA Welcome Center

Gwen Stefani, Anderson .Paak Team Up for a Song for the Olympics

bangladesh-in-monsoon-season-1.webpBangladesh Curfew Eases: What's Opened, What's Still Shut

Egypt Raises Fuel Prices to Lock in IMF Loan Tranche

Blood Test that Detects Sepsis in 10 Minutes by Squeezing Blood Cells -- Hailed as 'The Holy Grail'

olympic-rings.webpThousands Evicted in Paris Ahead of Olympics

meme-trump-shadow.webpIs Kamala Harris the Black Swan of Donald Trump?

Secret Service Director Confirms Shooter Given 16 Seconds to Fire Off Rounds at Trump

Kamala, Heir to the Neoliberal Throne, Promotes Depopulation for "Climate Change"

More than 100 Flights Canceled in Germany as Environmental Activists Target Airports Across Europe

olympic-rings.webpParis Olympics Buzz Builds as Early Competition Gets Underway

kamala-harris.webpMeet the 'veeps: Kamala Harris's Running Mate Shortlist

caitlin-johnstone.webpThe July Issue of Johnstone Is Ready to Order

Kamala Harris Weighs Potential VP Picks as 2024 Race Heats Up

kamala-harris.webpCorporate Media Continues Scrubbing Negative Stories About Kamala Harris

starbucks.pngCity Experiments with Reusable Cups at Starbucks, Taco Bell and 30 Other Restaurants--With Return Bins All Over Town

French Populists and Far Left Will Unite to Reverse Macron's Attack on Social Security

Typhoon Gaemi Barrels Towards China's Fujian After Sinking Ship Off Taiwan

25th-anniversary-balloon.webpNorth Korean Trash Balloons Cause Flights to Be Suspended in South Korea

Philippines Races to Contain Oil Spill After Tanker Capsizes in Manila Bay

Hong Kong Media Tycoon Jimmy lai to Testify in His Own Defense at Trial

Good News in History, July 25

State Terror, the Role of Prisons in Maintaining Social Hierarchy

vaccination-clipart.webp'It's a Disaster' -- Top Japanese Medical Professor Slams Health Officials Over mRNA Jab


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Taiwan Holds War Games Amid Tensions and Typhoon: What You Need to Know

gavel-1.webpCourt Allows Gina Carano's Free Speech Lawsuit Against Disney to Proceed

Malaysia-Philippines Diverge on China in South China Sea

Zelensky Close to "Political Suicide" -- Kiev Politician

Azbej: Hungary to Step Up Chad Mission

Yellowstone Closes Biscuit Basin for the Season After Hydrothermal Explosion

Two More Troopers Tied to Karen Read Case are Under Internal Investigation, Authorities Say

whitney-webb.webpWhitney Webb: 'This Is What Blackrock Is Hiding from You' (This Is Exactly What Is Planned)

Canadian Woman with Cerebral Palsy Bullied by Doctors for Refusing Euthanasia, Called 'selfish'

Dr. Peter Hotez About Using Homeland Security and NATO to Fight Anti-Vaccine Aggression, Anti-Science Aggression:

DNC Moves to Hold 'Virtual' Nomination of Kamala Before August Convention, Blocks Delegates from Nominating New Candidate

riot-police.webpChaos at Union Station After U.S. Park Police Moved in to Prevent Anti-Israel Protesters from Taking Down a U.S. Flag. Arrests Have Been Ma...

Police in Riot Gear are Fighting with Thousands of Protestors Approaching U.S. Capitol

kamala-harris.webpKamala Harris on Bombing Refugee Camps and Mass Mrdering Innocents in Gaza: We are Not Telling Israel How to Conduct This War

Pentagon's New Arctic Strategy Aims to Counter China--Russia Partnership

kamala-harris.webpKamala Harris Criminal Justice Policies in California Angered Both Progressives and Police

Mrbeast Collaborator Ava Kris Tyson Leaves YouTube Channel After Online Users Accuse Her of Grooming

roboto.webpDraft of AI Order Waiting for Trump Presidency to Launch Manhattan Projects for Defense Department

The UN Will Sign the Pact of the Future in 60 Days -- Here's Why It Matters

nba.webpNBA Says Amazon Will Be Its New Media Partner, Rebuffing Warner Bros. Discovery

Media Denies Border Czar Kamala Was Ever in Charge of Border

UK Police Officer Filmed Kicking Man in the Face

forest-fire.webpCanadian Wildfires Prompt More Evacuation Orders, Air-Quality Warnings

SATIRE: Youth Pastor Retires from Ministry to Become Professional Foosball Player

pedo-joe-with-child.webpSATIRE: Biden Says He Is Stepping Away to Spend More Time Sniffing Family

Renewable Energy Demand Could Triple as Electricity Consumption Surges

instagram.webpInstagram Removed 63,000 Accounts Tied to Financial Sextortion Schemes, Meta Says

Why an Indicator that Has Foretold Almost Every Recession Doesn't Seem to Be Working Anymore

google.webpStock Market Sees Worst Day Since 2022 as Tesla, Google-Parent Alphabet Sink

Chipotle Is on a Hot Streak with Customers

Crowdstrike Losses May Be Biggest Test Yet of Cybersecurity Insurance Risk Warning from Warren Buffett

tourists.webpFrance Is No Longer France: Tourist Gang Raped by Five African-Type Men in Paris

SATIRE: 7-Pound Baby to Require Mere 3,290 Pounds of Luggage for Quick Overnight Stay

drone-in-flight.webpCanadian Women's Football Staff Sent Home from Olympics Over Drone Incident

Thin-Skinned Maine Governor Refers Social Media Criticism to Police

Democrats Urge OpenAI to Allow Government Access to Models Before They Go Public

surveillance-cameras.webpUK Covid Inquiry Calls for Deployment of Mass Surveillance System to Prepare for Future "Emergencies"

SATIRE: Democrats Flee Capitol in Terror as Jew Stands Up to Speak

SATIRE: Criminals in Congress Begin Helpfully Holding Signs to Identify Themselves

credit-card-blonde.webpCredit Card Delinquency Rates Hit a Nearly 12-Year High

Senate Passes Defiance Act, Which Could Allow Non-Consensual Deepfake Victims to Sue

escalator-1.webp9 Injured in Escalator Fire at JFK Airport in NYC, Hundreds Evacuated from Terminal

united-airlines.webpUnited Airlines Worker Resolves How to Turn Thousands of Expired Life Jackets Into Backpacks and Bags

meme-passport-right-here.webpCourt Ruling Permits Trudeau Government to Evade Accountability for Vaccine Passport Mandates

SATIRE: Kamala Unveils Campaign Slogan I'm with Hahaha

kamala-harris.webpHow Kamala Harris Is Going About Finding a VP Pick in Just 2 Weeks

Former Harvard Women's Hockey Coach Sues University for Gender Discrimination

food-prices.webpInflation, $2,000 Camps are Creating a Summer Crisis for Working Parents: It Is Complete Chaos

Retailers Shift Their Thinking on Delivery as Consumer Need for Speed Raises Costs

Egypt Through the Lens: Conflict

illegals-giving-finger.webpSATIRE: Border Czar Responsible for 11 Million Illegal Immigrants Entering Country Demands Promotion

SATIRE: Ten Obvious Signs of White Supremacy in 'The Lord of the Rings'

Techno-Tyranny of Gilliam's 'Brazil' Is '1984' for 2024

Biden Resigns: Speaks to Nation 8pm Et

google.webpGoogle's Cookie Reversal: What It Means for Privacy

All for Science: Science Learning Through Play in Tanzania

Drive to Eliminate Global Hunger by 2030 Has Stalled, UN Warns

girl-exiting-uber.webpUber Driver Picks Up Passenger and Realizes It's His Long-Lost Friend --

How Crooks Was Recruited as the Patsy?

Five Takeaways from Hungary and Slovakia's Russian Oil Dispute with Ukraine

kamala-harris.webpFuturo DA Guerra Por Procurao Com a Rssia Imprevisvel Sob Kamala Harris

Bank of Canada Cuts Interest Rates Once More, Trims Growth Prospects

The Qatar Plot: How a Covert Influence Campaign Helped Europe's Conservatives

EU Commissioner: State of Rule of Law Sliding in Certain Countries

voting-machines.webpGold Star Mom Tina Peters Faces 20 Years for Exposing Election Fraud

music-notes.webpMusic to My Ears

king-charles.webpBritish Monarchy Gets 45 Million Pound Pay Rise as U.K. Grapples with Cost of Living Crisis

minnie-mickey-balloons.webpDisneyland Workers Reach Tentative Deal with Company, Averting Strike

forest-fire.webpWildfires Across Western U.S. and Canada Force Thousands to Evacuate

map-palestine-vs-israel.webpUN Says 150,000 Palestinians Flee Israel's New Assault on Khan Younis

israel-doesnt-represent-jewry.webpIsrael Has Destroyed Remaining Buildings of Al-Azhar University in Gaza

Powerful Democrats Used Debate as Set-Up for Biden, Planned Palace Coup for Months

israeli-bulldozer.webpJapan Imposes Sanctions on Israeli Settlers in West Bank for 1st Time

Barricades Going Up at White House Ahead of Biden Address Tonight

kids-boarding-school-bus.webpOregon Public Schools Among Worst in the Nation: Study

fbi.webpFBI Arrests 17 Rabbis for Trafficking Human Organs, Baby Parts and Money Laundering

cartoon-computers-down.webpIn Historic Shift, British Newspapers Begin Warning of "Perils" of Cashless Society After Global I.T. Outage

caitlin-johnstone.webpNew Painting: Matthew "Count Smirkula" Miller

Politics, Realpolitik, Nihilism and Hope: It's Time to Make a Choice. Dr. Emanuel Garcia

monopoly-man.webpIs Donald Trump the "Elites" Wreck-It Ralph Who Will Pave the Way for an "Enlightened" International Governance

Key NATO General Laments They've Awakened the Bear. Drago Bosnic

gavel-3.webpRep. Gaetz Moves to Protect Jan. 6 Defendants from Retaliation for Resentencing Requests

Talking to a Cop

meme-technocrats-zuck-bezos-gates.webpUnelected Technocrats are Now the Nation's Chief Executives

joke-strip-tease-eye-chart.webpOphthalmologists Now Ethically Obligated to Denounce Covid Shots, as 20,000 New Eye Disorders are Reported

The Trump Drama Eclipses the Rest of the World -- While This Very World Falls Apart

Monster 12-Inch-Long Oyster Harvested Off English Coast Weighs Over 5 Pounds

cartoon-computers-down.webpDelta Air Lines Delays, Cancellations Continue Wednesday But CEO Says Worst of I.T. Outage Impact Is Over

southwest-jet-taking-off.webpSouthwest Airlines Faces FAA Audit Over String of Near-Miss Incidents

Kenya's Ruto Adds Opposition Figures to Cabinet as Protests Rumble On

israeli-palestinian-conflict-2023.webpChina Brings Peace to the Middle East While Washington Bombs and Terrorizes

Kiev Mayor Klitschko Speculated that Zelensky Might Agree to Territorial Compromises with Russia

The Percentage of Americans Who Worry They Won't Be Able to Pay Their Bills Is Higher than It Was During the Great Recession

Georgia Probes Alleged Plot to Overthrow Government

Record-Breaking Heat: Monday Was World's Hottest Day

ancient-bldgs-angkor-wat.webpThe Battle for the Soul of Angkor Wat

Woman Pleads Guilty to Stealing $300K from Alabama Church to Buy Gifts for TikTok Creators

biden-falling-again.webpKamala Harris Holds 1st Campaign Rally, Biden Set to Address Nation

An Alaska Veteran Is Finally Getting His Benefits -- 78 Years After the 103-Year-Old Was Discharged

Stunning Tang Dynasty Mural Unearthed in China Portrays a Westerner with Blonde Hair

Another Lee Rigby? Masked, Black Male Arrested After Brutal Attack on Soldier Near Base

Labor Practices at Private-Equity-Owned Firms May Endanger Retirement Income for Teachers, Says Report

Kenya Is Not Asleep Anymore: Why Young Protesters are Not Backing Down

Typhoon Gaemi Brings Flood Chaos to Philippines Capital

corbett-report.webpWas WWI a Royal Affair? -- Questions for Corbett

Paramilitary RSF Agrees to US-Mediated Talks on Sudan War

Targeting of Indian Muslims Alleged in Row Over Naming Eateries by Religion

Streets Turn Into Rivers as Typhoon Gaemi Sweeps Over Philippines

Taiwan Braces for Typhoon Gaemi After Rains Create Chaos in Philippines

Good News in History, July 24

New Zealand Probe Finds 200,000 Children, Vulnerable Adults Abused in Care


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They're Going After Former Moldovan PM Iurie Rosca -- Video 124

Makia Freeman's Presentation, Chisinau Forum 2024 -- Video 125

25th-anniversary-balloon.webpNorth Korean Trash Balloon Lands on South Korea's Presidential Compound

Trump Beacon of Hope for Peace, Minister Says

US Senator Bob Menendez to Resign After Corruption Conviction

Tcr Live 136: International Adoption-Trafficking Network + Summit of the Future in 60 Days

Gen Z Voters Largely Optimistic About Harris But Say She Needs to Prove Herself on the Campaign Trail

Dramatic Video Shows Whale Capsizing Boat Off New Hampshire

fool-clipart.webpCalifornia's Sb 553, Which Would Make Stopping Shoplifters a Crime, Has Made Its Way to the Assembly Where It Is Under Consideration

Dating Divide Over Vaccination Status Splits Those Looking for a Partner

Israel-Gaza: 400,000 Residents Ordered to Leave Khan Younis

gavel-1.webpFederal Judge Rejects Challenge to Chicago Ban on Gun Laser-Sights

Western Democracy

Crazy Eruption and Aftermath Videos from a Geyser Located at Biscuit Basin in Yellowstone National Park

Dew Lasers Disguised as Ulez Cameras in the UK -- Video 123

map-palestine-vs-israel.webp'We Have More People Supporting the Rights of Palestinians to Life; It's Huge'

Tucker Carlson Reacts to Biden Dropping Out

Hydrothermal Explosion at Yellowstone Sends Up Geyser of Rock and Steam

Senate to Push Forward with Children Online Safety Bills This Week

SATIRE: We Applaud Caesar for Doing the Right Thing and Stepping Down, Says Senator Holding Bloody Knife

Fact-Check: Female Secret Service Applicants are Not Held to 'same Standards' as Men

olympic-rings.webp'Hamas' Threatens 'Rivers of Blood' at Paris Olympics

Sen. Bernie Sanders Says He'll Work Hard to Elect Harris -- But He Isn't Endorsing Her Just Yet

kamala-harris.webpWhy Kamala Harris May Have Just Two Weeks to Pick a VP Candidate

How Harris Candidacy Reshapes the Battle for Congress: From the Politics Desk

Pentagon Releases Strategy Calling for Increased Military Presence in the Arctic

What "Consent" Really Looks Like for the DEA and TSA

cartoon-computers-down.webpUS Regulators Investigate Delta as It Struggles to Recover from Outage

A Silicon Valley Exec Had $400,000 Stolen by Cybercriminals While Buying a Home. Here's Her Warning

Americans are Flocking to Texas: 9 of the 10 Fastest-Growing U.S. Cities are There

GM Slows Its EV Plans Again Even as Sales Grow

SATIRE: Inspiring: This Man Became a Successful Writer Despite His Parents Naming Him Clive Staples

UN Yemen Envoy Warns of a Devastating Regional Escalation

nayib-bukele.webpGaetz Backs Bukele's Super Prison in El Salvador

aurora-borealis.webpNorthern Lights May Be Visible This Week Over Several States from NY to Idaho

Harris Candidacy Reshapes Strategies for Key House and Senate Races

Fire in Riverside, California, that Has Caused Millions in Damage Was Started by Fireworks, Officials Say

SATIRE: Best Ways to Embarrass Your Teenager

Anti-Corruption Protesters Forcefully Detained in Uganda

terrorist-sander-sammy-unsplash.webpNew Emails Reveal Big Tech-Biden Regime Collusion on Covid Narratives, Involving CDC and Twitter Censorship

Steve Kornacki: Harris Campaign Could Draw Undecided Voters Off the Fence -- in Both Directions

SATIRE: Suspicions Raised as White House Broadcasts Biden Press Conference that Appears to Have Been Shot in Minecraft

kamala-harris.webpJerry Nadler Urges GOP to Investigate X's Restrictions on Kamala Harris's Campaign Account

thumbs-up-clipart.webpPrimary Cause of Lupus Discovered--And a Possible Way to Reverse It

Nada, Alem De Pesquisas Duvidosas, Indica Uma Vitria DA Oposio Na Venezuela

Ethnics Votes Helped Pezeshkian to Win the Presidency in Iran

Treasury Department Attacks Florida's Law Against Social Credit and Debanking

netanyahu-red-line.webpSATIRE: Netanyahu Asks If He Can Talk to the Real President

riot-police.webpUganda Police Detain Dozens of People at Anti-Corruption Protests

digital-coins.webpCBDC Catastrophe: Tech Failures Expose a Fragile, Dystopian Future

forest-fire.webpThousands Flee Wildfires Near Canada's Jasper National Park

Egypt Through the Lens: Leaders

Musk Grieves for Trans Son Victim of the Woke Mind Virus

playground.webpSATIRE: Sight of Playground Miraculously Heals Sick Child

kamala-harris.webpKamala Harris Has a Lot of Good VP Options. She Should Choose Gov. Josh Shapiro

Labor Groups Begin to Unite Behind Harris's Campaign -- But Some Big Holdouts Remain

surveillance-cameras.webpFTC Launches Probe Into 'surveillance Pricing' that It Says Links Cost to Customer Data

Harris's Challenge Ahead: Winning Over Swing Voters

Schumer Endorses Harris for President: A Happy Day

trees-baobabs-2.webpThe Tree Whisperer: A Kenyan Artist Celebrates His Love of the Baobab

The Truth About Detoxification -- Supporting Your Body's Natural Processes

meme-trump-shadow.webpSATIRE: Donald Trump Will Destroy Democracy, Says Party Nominating Candidate No One Voted For

Inside the Two-Year Fight to Bring Charges Against School Librarians in Granbury, Texas

olympic-rings.webpSnoop Dogg Will Carry the Olympic Torch on Its Final Leg to Paris

Bangladesh Is a Mess

james-corbett.webpPoisoning Your Datajames Corbett Solutions Watch

Secret Service Director Resigns After Congressional Hearing

South Korea's BuMcHun in Eur 21 Billion Expansion

What Does the Pentagon Really Say About Russian Air Defenses? Drago Bosnic

Bombshells in the 2024 Elections -- Past and Future

The Secret Service's Failure to Protect Blamed on Operational Failure

meme-technocrats-zuck-bezos-gates.webpTechnocracy's Final Assault? When Technocrats Came for the White House

for-sale-sold.webpJune Home Sales Slump as Median Sales Price Rises to $426,900

With the Olympics Just Days Away, France Prepares for Biggest Security Operation in the Country's History

nigel-farage.webpFarage Delivers 1st Speech in UK Parliament, Calls for New Referendum.

Photos: Sierra Leone Rangers Face a Tough Fight Against Deforestation

UK to Stop Using Bibby Stockholm Barge to House Asylum Seekers

Baby Bird Rescued in Texas Panhandle Wrapped in a Warm Tortilla Until Wildlife Experts Arrived

funny-cat-sniper.webpSecret Service Says There are No Recordings of Attempted Trump Assassination

ancreport.pngKim Cheatle Resigns

Cook County Court Tries to Jail Woman for Allegedly Purchasing a Plane Ticket for Her Mom

The Donald Strikes Back

Harris Campaign Requests Vetting Materials from Several Possible Running Mates

funny-cat-sniper.webpSATIRE: Secret Service Director Resigns in Disgrace for Failing to Assassinate Trump

Australian Ministers Urge Stricter Online Censorship of "Misogynistic" Speech

UK Sports Commentator Faces Court for "Malicious Communications" Charges Over Social Media Posts

marine-le-pen.webpDenial of Democracy -- Le Pen Party Shut Out of All Key Parliament Positions

Fleccas Talks Bonusland: Biological Processes

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle Resigns

Harris Heads to Battleground State of Wisconsin as Campaign Picks Up

Violence Against Women, Girls at Epidemic Levels: UK Police

israeli-mascot.webpAmerican Surgeon Who Volunteered in Gaza Says IDF Snipers Shoot Toddlers

Kamala Says It Out Loud

J.D. Vance's Hindu Wife Usha Is an Evident Handler of J.D. Vance for the British Pilgrims Society

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle Confirmed that Rep. Shiela Jackson Was Involved in the Oversight of the Secret Service. Rep. Jack...

delta-airlines.webpDelta Air Lines Cancels Hundreds More Flights as D.O.T. Opens Probe

56-Year-Old Hiker 5th Person (At Least) to Die in Utah Parks Due to Heat

olympic-rings.webpTwo-Time Gold Medalist Andy Murray to Retire from Tennis After Paris Olympics

CNN Refers to Viewers as Our Voters in Cringeworthy Kamala Segment

biden-puppet.webpPuppet Realisations: Biden Stands Aside

iron-man-canoe-competition.webpMan Traveling the Width of Scotland in a Bicycle Canoe Entirely Made by Hand

The Deceptive Mainstream Media Is Ignoring Trump's True Vision for America

Russia and India Agree on De-Dollarisation Trade and Investment

The National Pulse Survey Shows Nearly Ninety Percent of Voters Think Government Lies at Least Some of the Time

Only 90 percent, and only sometimes?

caitlin-johnstone.webpVote for Six-Headed Zombie Hitler to Stop Seven-Headed Zombie Hitler

Bangladesh, Protests are No Longer About the Quota System

gavel-1.webpJudge Rules Accuser of Tate Brothers Guilty of Defamation

4,000-Year-Old Tablet Details Ancient Lunchables of Cheese and Meat Carried in a Box

US Secret Service Chief Faces Angry Questions and Calls to Resign

Bangladesh Curfews, Internet Blackout Batter Economy Amid Quota Protests

vaccination-clipart.webpJapanese Doctors Confirm Rare Heart Condition After Covid Shot

As the State "Withers Away", Multinationals Go on a Rampage. Lithium Mining

Harris Heads to Milwaukee for First Rally Since Launching Her Presidential Campaign

kamala-harris.webpKamala Harris "Earns" Enough Delegates for Democratic Nomination

Rep. Steube Files Articles of Impeachment Against Secret Service Director Cheatle

olympic-rings.webpAll to Know About the Paris Olympics 2024: Schedule, Sports, Venues, Dates

Inside the Secret Service Director's Disastrous House Testimony

signs-apolitical.webpVoting in 2024

james-corbett.webpPoisoning Your Data -- Solutionswatch

With Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex Ruling, Biden's Drop Out Is of Little Importance

Founder of South Korea's Kakao Arrested Over Alleged Stock Price Rigging

Good News in History, July 23

Miel Osudovski O NATO Samitu U Vaingtonu: Pentagonov Rat Protiv Saveznika


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funny-cat-sniper.webpScott Ritter, Trump Assassination Plot

kamala-harris.webpHow Kamala Harris Became Part of Charli XCX's 'Brat' Summer

Man Convicted of Kidnapping Michigan Store Manager to Steal Guns Gets 15 Years in Prison

Anant Ambani's Glitzy Wedding Highlights India's 'missing Middle Class'

bee-butterfly.webp"Where are All the Bees & Insects?"

briefcase-full-of-cash.webpDear US Tax Payers: Just to Let You Know, the Pentagon "Accidentally" Paid Zelensky an Extra $6.2 Billion of Your Money

map-palestine-vs-israel.webpIsrael Gives 400,000 Palestinians Minutes to Flee Khan Yunis Before Fresh Blitz

Interest Payments on US National Debt Will Shatter $1,140,000,000,000 This Year -- Eating 76% of All Income Taxes Collected

U.S. Surgeon in Gaza Details Atrocities Committed by the IDF Against Children

mike-johnson-capitol-hill.webpSpeaker Johnson: Supporting Israel Is One of America's 'Founding Principles'

Epstein "They Took Me to a Party & Tried to Blackmail Me." -- Jake Shields -- the IDF Tried to Run an Epstein-Style Entrapment S...

Lack of It-Skilled Human Workers Is Leading to a Cyber Pandemic -- 500,000 Cybersecurity Jobs Unfilled in the U.S

kamala-harris.webpWhat a Kamala Harris Presidency Would Mean for Health Care in America

Kamala Harris Record on Business: Fighting Banks, Backing Unions

The Internet Has Entered Its Kamala Harris Coconut Tree Era

Kassam, Kash and Matt Taylor Talk Gov't Gangsters Live

gavel-1.webpDefamation Suit Against Fox News by Head of Dismantled Disinformation Board Tossed by Federal Judge

Exposing the Adoption Truth & Supporting Those in Need

kamala-harris.webpSATIRE: Top VP Picks for Kamala Harris

SATIRE: Model of P-51 Mustang on Man's Desk Just Maybe Gonna Get Him Through Day

S&P 500 Climbs for Best Day Since Early June as Nvidia Shares Lead Tech Turnaround

Harris Kicks Off Campaign with Historic Fundraising Windfall

kamala-harris.webpPennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro Keeps the Door Open to Being Kamala Harris VP

Bissell Recalls 3.2 Million Handheld Steam Cleaners After Scores of Burn Injury Reports

whitney-webb.webp"This Is What Blackrock Is Hiding from You" -- Whitney Webb's Last Warning

Ucranianos Rejeitam Cada Vez Mais Uma Identidade Europeia

SATIRE: America Just Kinda Curious If President Alive

VP Harris Has Not Met Border Patrol Chief Since He Assumed OffICE a Year Ago

boeing-737-max.webpBoeing 'Disappointed' Customers But Is on the Path to 'Transformational Change,' CEO Says

Progressive Content Creators Gear Up for Kamala Harris

JD Vance Says He's Annoyed that He Won't Have the Chance to Debate Kamala Harris

Vacinas Moderna Covid Mais Mortais Que as DA Pfizer? Talvez, Anlise Mostra

Myanmar's Military Chief Named Acting President

wildlife-whale-humpback-megaptera-nova.webpProminent Anti-Whaling Activist Detained in Greenland at Japan's Request

SATIRE: 'sorry, No Refunds,' Says Hunter Biden to All the Foreign Governments that Sent Him Bribes

SATIRE: Man Welcomed to Hell with an IceBreaker Game

How Saving Our Sisters Supports Families Impacted by the Adoption Industry

map-palestine-vs-israel.webpThe Media's Fabricated Cognitive Dissonance and Palestine Genocide Denial

Instagram Restricts Paralympian Shooter Over Gun Content

CRISPR Identifies Commonly Available Drug that Works as Cobra Venom Antidote

Engineering a Crisis: How Political Theater Helps the Deep State Stay in Power

2024 Is the Craziest Election in American History... and We've Barely Begun

LSU Cornerback Javien Toviano Accused of Video Voyeurism

kamala-harris.webpHow Kamala Harris Presidential Campaign Is Rapidly Taking Shape

Top Editor Resigns After Meidastouch Owner Refuses to Pay Staff

UK Planned to Spend 10bn Pounds on Rwanda Deportation Scheme: Home Minister

Based Mace Tells Secret Service Director: 'You're Full of Sh*t.'

nasa.webpNASA Stunned by Discovery After Mars Rover Breaks Open a Rock

Police are Lying About Alleged Rooftop Confrontation with Sniper

aubrey-plaza.webpAubrey Plaza Tears ACL Playing Basketball During WNBA All-Star Weekend

SATIRE: In Most Popular Move of Presidency, Biden Quits

SATIRE: Biden to Make Statement Via Ouija Board

McDonald's to Extend $5 Value Meal in Most U.S. Markets as Diners Return to Chain

delta-airlines.webpDelta Cancels Hundreds More Flights as Recovery from Global Crowdstrike-Microsoft Outage Lags

vaccination-clipart.webpChildhood Vaccine Injury: 10 Years Old Died 10 Weeks After First Dose of Gardasil (HPV Vaccine)

lazy-exercise.webpThe Importance of Exercise and Biological Youth for Longevity

lightning-windmills.webpMan Builds an Electricity-Generating Windmill in His Own Garden

Kassam Predicted Snap Candidate Just 2 Weeks Ago

Marcos Says Philippines 'Cannot Yield' in South China Sea Dispute

gavel-3.webpIndia Court Rules Against Dividing Eateries by Religion in BJP-Ruled States

Podcast Episode 184 -- David Bradshaw and the True Cost of Mal-Education

monopoly-man.webpBillionaire Technocrats Pile on the Trump Train, Led by Peter Thiel and J.D. Vance

Digital Rights Groups Rally Against UN Convention that Threatens Free Speech and Privacy

roboto.webpDemocrats Push Google to Promote "Authoritative" Sources, Collaborate with Gov't

Israeli School Principal on How He Teaches Jewish Children to Hate

Kamala's Coronation as the De Facto Democrat Nominee Dispelled Illusions About Democracy

Kamala's Greatest Hits

In Ireland, Politicians Can't Walk the Streets Without Getting Lynched by Members of the Public

About Project 2025

whitney-webb.webpU.S. Gov't Has a List of Americans to Round Up in Case of War. -- w/ Whitney Webb

Searching for Gaza's Missing Children

Yemen Orders Israelis to Evacuate Unsafe Zones, Promises No Red Lines in Response to Bombings

bella-hadid.webpCandace Owens: Bella Hadid's Family Let Jewish Refugees Into Their Home in Palestine Who Then Changed the Locks

giorgia-meloni.webpAnti-Free Speech Laws Hit New Heights in Italy: Reporter Fined for Body-Shaming Meloni

Things to Know About Kamala Harris

Paris: Game Changers -- Defying the Hijab Ban on French Athletes

Pakistan Police Raid Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan's Party HQ

UAE Hands 57 Bangladeshis Long-Term Jail Terms for Protests

wildlife-humpback-whale-breaching.webpAnti-Whaling Campaigner Arrested in Greenland and Police Say He May Be Extradited to Japan

kamala-harris.webpSpotlight on Kamala Harris: What to Know About Her Political Career

biden-puppet.webpAdam Schiff: Biden Put Country First by Dropping Out of Race

Biden put the country first... for the first time in his career.

Bangladesh Protesters Issue Demands Amid Shaky Calm

Bangladesh Calm After Top Court Scraps Job Quotas

roboto.webpThe WEF's Obsession with AI and Brain Chipping

Tragedy and Irony in America's Presidential Politics

funny-cat-sniper.webpAcoustic Evidence Proves Beyond All Doubt More than One Shooter

israeli-bulldozer.webpConventional Wisdom: The ICJ Ruling on Israeli Settlements

dead-people-morgue-covid-mrna-injections.webpOttawa Police Detective Helen Grus Was Suspended for Investigating Nine Babies Who Died After Their Mothers Received Covid Vaccinations

Poland's Anti-Russian Witch Hunt Is About to Ensnare Its Former Defense Minister

caitlin-johnstone.webpWe Need Both Outer Work and Inner Work to Truly Free Ourselves

kamala-harris.webpVP Harris Says She Intends to Earn and Win Party Nomination

salmon-in-hatchery.webpSalmon Return to the Heart of UK for First Time in 100 Years After Dam Removal: 'It's Very Rewarding'

Security Forces Lock Down Ugandan Opposition's HQ Ahead of Protest

Bangladesh Orders Internet Blackout Amid Student Protests

'Catastrophic Toll' as Sudan's Warring Sides Refuse to Budge: Msf

World Bank Advisor Praises Pakistan's Digital ID Push

catalonia-protest.webpThousands Protest Over-Tourism in Spain's Mallorca

Good News in History, July 22

Artist Switches Out Coin for a Fake in the British Museum


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caitlin-johnstone.webpGenocide Monster Drops Out, Endorses Fellow Genocide Monster

animated-smashing-pc.webpOne Single Computer Glitch Could Cost Tens of $Billions of Losses, Showing How Frail Technology Has Become

ai-generated-daenerys-targaryen.webpMore AI-Generated Child Sex Abuse Material Is Being Posted Online

facial-distancing.webpFacial Recognition and AI Monitoring Deployed in India's Largest Railway Network

erdogan.webpErdogan Says Turkey Ready to Build CyprUS Naval Base If Necessary

map-palestine-vs-israel.webpAfter the ICJ Rules Israeli Settlements are Illegal, Settlers Attack Palestinians with Baseball Bats

kamala-harris.webpBiden Withdraws from 2024 Presidential Race, Endorses Kamala Harris

meme-war-for-israel.webpIf You Still Don't Understand Why Jews are Spitting on Christians

Trump Issues Warning to Hamas to Release the Hostages

How about demanding that Israel stop bombing civilians, too, you hypocrite?

israeli-mascot.webpAll States Have a Responsibility Under International Law to Stop Genocide. Yemen, One of the Poorest Countries in the World, Upheld that R...

kamala-harris-laughing.webpSATIRE: Dems Pull Off Successful Insurrection

map-palestine-vs-israel.webp"Greater Israel": The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

beauty-pageant.webpMy Abuser Is Here Today: New Miss Kansas Opened Up About Toxic Relationship on Stage Before Getting Crowned

e-palestine-train-derailment.webpThe Toxic Aftermath of a Train Derailment

corbett-report.webpA Brief History of Political Assassinations

google.webpFinally, the Search Engine Better than Google

map-palestine-vs-israel.webpICJ Says Israel's Occupation of Palestinian Territory Is Illegal and Must End

joke-need-heart-and-brain.webpYour Intellect and Thoughts Originate in Your Heart, Not Your Brain

vaccination-clipart.webpAgenda to Depopulate the Planet Through Covid Shots, Revealed by Government Reports and Pfizer Documents

25th-anniversary-balloon.webpSouth Korea Responds to North's Trash Balloons with Loudspeaker Broadcasts

tourists.webpBarcelona Will Raise Tourist Tax for Cruise Passengers, Mayor Says

5g-pole.webp5G Danger: 13 Reasons 5G Wireless Technology Will Be a Catastrophe for Humanity

map-palestine-vs-israel.webpA "False Flag" Operation to Justify the Israel-U.S. Genocide Against the People of Palestine

kamala-harris.webpLudicroUS: Donors Leave Call with Kamala Harris Frustrated and Annoyed

funny-cat-sniper.webpMld and Ry on the Trump Assassination Attempt

waves-curl-big-makena-beach-maui.webpBest Friends Battle 40ft Waves in Fastest Row Across the Pacific by a Duo--Beating Men's Record by 2 Days

nasa.webpCosmic Penguin and Egg Honoring Space Telescope's Second Anniversary, Helping NASA Solve Longstanding Mysteries

cartoon-computers-down.webpCompanies, Airlines Scramble to Recover After Global I.T. Outage Disrupts Business Worldwide

animated-smashing-pc.webpCrowdstrike Update that Caused Global Outage Likely Skipped Checks, Experts Say

erdogan.webpCyprus and Turkey Presidents See Different Paths for Divided Island

money-bills-dollars-in-hand.webpHousehold Savings are Thinning. Here's How to Put Money Back in Your Pocket

caitlin-johnstone.webpHe Called the Dog Habibi

secret-service-agents-on-tarmac.webpThe Secret Service Failed to Protect Trump -- Incompetence or Sinister

french-fries.webpFrench RiNOs Hand Parliament Presidency Back to Macron

cartoon-computers-down.webpSlow Recovery After Crowdstrike Update Sparks Global I.T. Outage

federal-reserve-bank-chicago-unsplash.webpHistory: The Federal Reserve Cartel: Freemasons and the House of Rothschild

jfk-in-motorcade-before-shooting-jim-altgens-ap.webpPresident John F. Kennedy: His Life and Public Assassination by the CIA

meme-covid-mice.webpGerman Government Admits There Was No Pandemic

minnie-mickey-balloons.webpThousands of Disneyland Employees Vote to Strike

howling-dog-drawing.webpBarking Dog Saves Life of Owner with Dementia After Days in Utah Heat

elvis-presley.webpGraceland Questions Authenticity of Elvis Memorabilia Sold by Auction House with Ties to Priscilla Presley

illegal-immigrants-loading-bus.webpRemember the Illegal Who Encouraged Squatting in US Homes? Turns Out, He's a (Former) Sergeant in Venezuela's Military Intelligence...

riot-with-dogs.webpRioters Overturn Police Car with Several Arrested in Latest Ethnic Violence in UK

funny-cat-sniper.webpSecret Service Under Suspicion Amid Contradictions in Trump's Attempted Assassination

microsoft-nostalgia-landscape.webpMicrosoft Outage Takes Down Starbucks Mobile Ordering, Causing Chaos for Baristas

firefox.webpFirefox Faces Backlash Over New Data Collection for Advertisers

turtle-clipart.webp500 Giant Tortoises Reintroduced to Four Galapagos Islands in 2023

rumble.webpRumble CEO Discusses Ad Center as Free Speech Solution to Pro-Censorship Ad Cartels

harvey-weinstein-without-makeup.webpHarvey Weinstein Retrial on NY Rape Charges Set for November

cartoon-computers-down.webpChaos as Airlines Around the World Hit by I.T. Outage

marina-bay-singapore.webpOil Tankers on Fire After Colliding Close to Singapore, Crew Rescued

lobsters-in-tank.webpRed Lobster Dishwasher Rescues One-In-30 Million Orange Lobster

red-dragon-clipart.webpWhen Sheeple are Devoured by Red and Blue Dragons

gold-coins.webpEco-Friendly Sponges Made of Dairy Byproduct Can Extract Gold from Old Computer Parts

james-corbett.webpAre You Not Entertained??? "New World Next Week" with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato

cartoon-computers-down.webpWorldwide I.T. Outage Reveals Fragility of a Global Commerce Web that Depends on a Single Operating System

gaza-starvation.webpWashington Abandons Aid to Gaza Via Floating Pier, as Famine Intensifies

fbi.webpThe Woman in This Video Behind Donald Trump, Where Many Viewers Accused Her of Giving the Shooter Instructions Has Allegedly Been Identifie...

censored.webpYouTube Tightens Stranglehold on Firearms Content -- Blocks All Gun-Related Sponsors

feral-cats.webp700 Cats Rescued After TikTok User Finds a Texas Tabby and Rescues a Sanctuary in Trouble

cartoon-computers-down.webpWhat We Know About the Global Microsoft Outage

Worldwide Computer Outage Impacts Business, Airports

Meet Crowdstrike, the Company at the Heart of the Global Tech Outage

airport-luggage-carousel-3.webpAirports Fill with Long Lines and Broken Blue Screens Following Cancellations and Delays Due to Global I.T. Outage

missile-launch.webpSecond Cold War in Full Swing as Europe, Becomes 80s-Style Continent of Missiles. Drago Bosnic

vaccination-clipart.webpU.S. Gov't Saddled with Covid Vax Injury Mess While Vaccine Makers Avoid Liability

uh-oh-crocodiles.webpA Record Hatch for Near-Extinct Siamese Crocodiles Signals a Croc Comeback

signs-smoke.webpJapan Women's Gymnastics Captain Out of Paris Games for Smoking

zelensky-not-so-badass.webpA Jewish-Russian Proxy President: Zelensky Transformed Into a Neo-Nazi

cartoon-computers-down.webpMass I.T. Outage Hits Airports, Businesses and Broadcasters Around the World

funny-cat-sniper.webpThe Magic Bullet Theory Returns: Staged Trump Assassination -- Video 121

elon-musk.webpElon Musk: World's Biggest Con Man, or Just a Fool? Big Tech in Panic Mode.

map-palestine-vs-israel.webpKanye West Explains Why Celebrities Can't Speak Against Israel and Stand with Palestine

netflix.webpWith Corners of the Media Industry in Upheaval, Netflix Makes Clear It's Staying Out of the Fray

corbett-report.webpInterview 1893 -- are You Not Entertained??? (Nwnw 562)

olympic-rings.webpParis Olympics 2024: Event Facts -- Surfing, Breaking, Mascots, Eiffel Tower

crypto-currency.webpBye-Bye Bitcoin, Hello AI: Texas Miners Leave Crypto for Next New Wave

riot-police.webpKenya Court Suspends Police Ban on Protests in Nairobi

funny-cat-sniper.webpHow Secret Service Defines the Word "Threat" Almost Got Trump Assassinated

municipal-water-filtration-plant.webpHundreds of Failing Water Systems in California Need Funding for New Infrastructure

ocean-trash-pickup-boats.webpMr Beast's Team Seas Project Removed 34 Million Pounds of Ocean Trash by Harnessing Social Media Influencers

funny-cat-sniper.webpSecret Service's Explanations for Security Failures Ahead of Trump Assassination Attempt Aren't Adding Up

trucks-factory.webpFord to Spend $3 Billion to Expand Large Truck Production to a Plant Previously Set for EVs

25th-anniversary-balloon.webpMassive Helium Reservoir in Minnesota Is Even More Mind-Boggling than Thought

roboto.webp1000s of Marylanders Furious About Eminent Domain Risk for New Transmission Line Powering AI Data Centers

ancreport.pngNumec in Arabic

food-prices.webpFood Inflation Has Caused Some of the Best Grass-Fed Beef in the World to Be Less Expensive than Medicated Beef Raised in Feedlots

map-palestine-vs-israel.webpPalestine Red Crescent Teams Retrieved Six Martyrs and Three Injured Individuals Following the Israeli Occupation Targeting a Prayer Room i...

funny-cat-sniper.webpZionists Win Again, Iran Blamed for Trump Assassination

Secret Service Flagged Would-Be Assassin as 'Threat' 10 Minutes Before Trump Went on Stage

ursula-von-der-leyen.webpUrsula Von Der Leyen Is Married to the Director of Orgenesis, Owned by Pfizer, with Whom Ursula Signed a 71 Billion Euro Contract

secret-service-sniper-bw.webpVideo Footage from 1963 Shows Secret Service Agents Being Given Stand Down Orders Moments Before JFK Was Assassinated

biden-puppet.webpBiden Randomly Started Screaming About Guns Again During His Speech at the NAACP

round-up-cans.webpCongress Must Reject Monsanto-Bayer Plan to Avoid Liability for Poisoning Humans, Environment

olympic-rings.webpParis Mayor Takes Dip in 'safe to Swim Seine' Ahead of Olympics

gay-pride-1.webpJohn Deere to Abandon Pride Festival Sponsorships Following Online Right-Wing Pressure Campaign

tucker-carlson.webpTop Republican Says His Goal Is to Keep the GOP's Tucker Carlson-Wing Out of Power

It's time, way past time, to vote for third-party candidates.

Trump's VP Pick Vance Says Iran Needs to Be Punched Hard

Maybe this jackass needs to be punched hard.

meme-cthulu-for-president.webpSATIRE: Republicans Concerned as RNC Opens with Incantation to CThulhu

riot-police.webpPolice Fire Tear Gas as Bangladesh Protests Against Job Quotas Rage

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We're lied to with headlines like "US counts record 4,000 COVID deaths in a day as virus continues to wreak havoc." These deaths, if accurate in number, were from seasonal flu/influenza -- perhaps pneumonia, and/or related illnesses -- not covid. Individuals succumbing are largely elderly, infirm, likely with other health issues, and weakened immune systems. -- Stephen Lendman

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