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A Tale of 3 Marshmallows

Reject Triumphalist Christianity

The Sabbath and the Law of Continuance

Christmas Warm and Fuzzy? It's Actually About Conflict

Just a Distraction

Who Will Be More Surprised: The Church or the World?

The Pyramid of Power Season 3 (Full)

SATIRE: Biden Decides to Read 'Art of the DEAl' After Getting Ripped Off in Griner Trade

SATIRE: Uh-Oh: Someone Let Aiden Hold a Candle for 'silent Night'

Elton John Quits Twitter, Cites 'misinformation.' Elon Musk Responds with One Question.

Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey Clash Over Twitter's Record on Child Porn

Karine Jean-Pierre Lost It and Stormed Out of Briefing Because of Question from African Journalist

Federal Court Blocks Biden Mandate Forcing Religious Hospitals to Facilitate Gender Transitions

'A Nation that Spits on Its Heroes': Russian Media Laughs at Our Wokeness in Swapping for Brittney Griner and Leaving Paul Whelan to Rot

Newest Twitter Files Drop Exposes the "Removal of Donald Trump"

Adam Schiff Attempts Censorship by Proxy, 'Demanding Action' to Suppress 'Hate Speech' on Twitter

Elon Musk Confirms Political Candidates Were Subject to 'shadow-Banning' by Twitter

EU Parliament VP, Greek MEP Eva Kaili Arrested for Corruption

There's a CIA Connection to the 'merchant of Death' Involved in that Russian Hostage Swap

Arizona Divests from Blackrock Over ESG Principles

Southwest Airlines Unrepentant, Vows to Appeal Judgment in Free-Speech Case

White House Claims It Was 'Not Involved' in Twitter Censorship

Election Integrity Update

Seven House Republicans List Demands for Next Speaker as McCarthy Battles for Every Vote

Here's Why Paul Whelan Was Not Freed with Brittney Griner

Megyn Kelly Goes on the Offense as Biden 'Gender-Fluid' Official Accused of Second Luggage Heist

Feds Investigating Threat by 'Demented Leftist' to Kill Kids

Chinese President, Saudi King Sign Strategic Partnership Treaty

Germany's Massive Right-Wing Extremist Raid: Is It More Show than Substance?

What to Do About Kanye West?, by Ted Rall

SATIRE: Jack Dorsey Defiantly States He Has Never Heard of Twitter

California Girl Issued an Official License to Keep a Pet Unicorn

Vintage Hate Hoax: Rashawn Smith

Sinema Exits Democratic Party to Become Independent, Citing "Extreme Voices" in Both Parties

North Korea to Convene a Rubber-Stamp Parliament in Mid-January

Fighting Back Against the Great Reset and Agenda 2030

Cops are Fleeing NYC for Better Pay

GoFundMe Campaign Raises Nearly $18,000 in Response to Vandalism of Jewish Menorah at University in NY

Study: India's 2021 Covid Shot Campaign Caused Approximately 3.7 Million Deaths

FBI's 4-Acre Geofence Dragnet at The US Capitol on Jan. 6 Violated Fourth Amendment, Defense Attorneys Contend

Bernie Sanders Will Take a 'Hard Look' at Running for President If Biden Doesn't, Adviser Says

Adam Schiff's Demands Action from Elon Musk, Argues Hate Speech Grew on Twitter. Musk Fires Back.

Pentagon Sounds the Alarm on Terrorist Biden Released to Resume Operations: 'Grave Threat' to 'National Security'

SATIRE: Early Church Leaders Excited for Letter from Paul that Probably Says How Good They're Doing

Alberta Sovereignty Act: Is Justin Trudeau Destroying Canada? by Brad Salzberg

White Hat Military Installations Destroy Vaccine-Contaminated Blood Stockpiles

Elon Musk to Remove 1.5 Billion Twitter Accounts

Watch as 'Guards' State-Nap Baby from Parents Over Issue of Covid Vax

In the Tech War, Apple Is Siding with China

SATIRE: Jordan Peterson Cautions Chick-Fil-A Employee About Excessive Agreeableness

'We Need to Stand Up': Professor Encourages Others to Speak Out After Pushing Back Against Child Sex Changes

Doctor Under Investigation After Performing Abortion on 10-Year-Old Drops Lawsuit Against Ag

'Total Dishonesty': Fox News Hosts Hammer Homeland Security Over Misreported Data Revealed by DCNF

Rich Powell: Conservatives are Cutting a Clear Path to Solving Climate Change. Here's How

Premier Smith Demolishes Ndp in Debate on Amended Sovereignty Act in a United Canada --Here are Her Exact Words as Spoken in the Legislature, by Brian Peckford

Ed Dowd: Chinese Lockdowns About Collapsing Economy & Controlling Chinese Population, Not Covid

Assisted Suicide Is What It Means to Be 'Woke' in Canada: Sheila Gunn Reid with Laura Ingraham

'miniboat' Built by Rhode Island Students Makes It to England

Children's Hospital Coached Local School District on "Affirming" Trans Students

New State Bill Would Ban Social Media for Children Over Concerns About Mental Health

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Set Up to Challenge Texas Abortion Law

First Gen Z Congresscritter Maxwell Alejandro Frost

Biden's "Non-Binary" Nuke Waste Chief Charged in Second Luggage Theft

Vax Completely Exposed by Top Experts on Capitol Hill Part 2

Why American 'Conservatives', So Craven and Cowardly Before the Tridolatry of Jewish-Black-Homo Power, Have Opted for Yellow Peril as the Bogeyman to Bark At, by Jung-Freud

Clever Dog Collects Hundreds of Plastic Bottles During Walks...To Recycle Litter and Clean His Town

Covid Policies Led to Brand-New Maltreated Social Underclass, Study Shows

Suburban School in Illinois Calls Police on Child with Autism Over Missing Vaccination Records

Karine Jean-Pierre Denies Biden Regime Was in Contact with James Baker in Effort to Censor Conservatives on Twitter

EU Court Orders Google to Remove "Manifestly Inaccurate" Information

Judge Fast-Tracks Rumble's Lawsuit Against NY's Online Censorship Law

FDA Authorized Covid "Vaccines" for Children as Young as 6 Months

Adam Schiff Picks a Fight with Elon Musk ... that Was a Mistake

"Mama Has a Mustache"

Chinese Digital Currency Comes with an Expiry Date...Spend It or It Will Vanish

Climate Change Lockdowns

School's Leadership Program Created to Combat Systemic Racism Is Racist, Parents Say

Vandals Smash Ancient Church's Nativity, Decapitate Joseph Figure in 'Barbaric' Attack

Who Was the 1st Department-Store Santa?

Guest Orchestra Conductor Goes Viral for Energetic 'sleigh Ride' Performance

Indiana Republican Censured Over Same-Sex Marriage Vote: 'sense of Betrayal'

SATIRE: Canadian Dentist Now Offering Euthanasia as Alternative to Cavity Filling

Our Materials in Telegram (03.12...09.12)

Democratic Congressmen Demand Twitter Cuts Down on "Hate Speech"

And a Player to Be Named Later...

Who Is Brittney Griner?by Jon Rappoport

The Daily Brief ; Smith's Sovereignty Act Officially Passes

Nz: Baby Removed from Parents and Underwent Surgery After Parents Refused 'Vaccinated Blood'

Google, Oracle, Amazon and Microsoft to Work for Pentagon in $9 Billion Deal

Visualizing the World's Largest Hydroelectric Dams

Widespead Scientific Censorship at Twitter Exposed by Former Global Head of Trust and Safety

What are Geofencing Warrants and How They are a Threat to Privacy

Pfizer CEO Refuses to Testify Before EU Covid Panel

Crypto-Sponsored Democrats to Lobby Against Crypto Regulation

More than 900 Santas Participate in 13th Annual Run in Germany

China's Zero-Covid Policy Has Largely Failed

Twitter Blacklist Operation Exposed in Second Dump of "Twitter Files"

Day 1: We Were Warned About Technocracy

Washington Family with 6 Sons Erupts in Excitement During Gender Reveal of 7th Child

Poll Shows More than 40% of Small Business Owners Give Biden Failing Grade

State Treasurer Calls on ESG-Loving Blackrock CEO to Walk Away

Key Inflation Number Shows Prices Will Continue Surging Under Biden's Economy

Colorado City Forced to Reverse Its 'Cancellation' of Pro-Life Speakers

Merkel Spills Beans on How U.S. and NATO Partners Planned War in Ukraine Against Russia

The 2023 Economic Outlook...Thanks, Joe

'Twitter Files 2' Reveals Twitter Did Shadowban and Blacklist Conservatives...Here's the 411

What are They Distracting Us From?

Border Patrol Union Chief Open to Amnesty for 'Dreamers'

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Doctor Who Purposefully Broke Texas Abortion Laws

Children's Hospital Coached Local School District on 'Affirming' Trans Students

Over 40% of Small Business Owners Give Biden Failing Grade on Helping Main Street: Poll

School's Leadership Program Created to Combat Systemic Racism Is Racist, Parents Say

Elon Musk Confirms Twitter 'shadowbanned' Political Candidates During Elections

State Treasurer Calls on Blackrock CEO to Resign Over Woke Investing Decisions

A Lot of Baggage: Meet the Biden Regime's Genderfluid Spanking Enthusiast Who Allegedly Can't Stop Stealing Luggage

Heartbreaking Video Shows Moment New Zealand "Authorities" "Medically Kidnapped" a Baby After Parents Refuse Vaccinated Blood for Heart Surgery

Biden Mulling Transfer of Internationally Banned Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

Type 2 Diabetes Cases Among Young People Skyrocketing Due to Rising Obesity Rates

Expert Explains Why People Hate Brittney Griner Deal

Winter Hillarity Continues in Annual Us Name-A-Snowplow Contests Begin: Join 'snowbi Wan Kenobi' with Your Submissions

Live Free, Think Free Neuralink, Blackrock, + Farm Theft in the Netherlands

Iran Plans Trudeau Tactics to Freeze Bank Accounts of Women Who Refuse to Wear Hijab

SATIRE: IRS Agents Slide Down Chimneys Looking for Gifts of $600 or More

Escaped Cow Runs Into Virginia Doctor's Office

The Cost of Hegemon USA's Forever Wars on Invented Enemies

Americans Get the Best Fantasy Democracy and Propaganda that Money Can Buy

Hertz to Pay $168 Million After Falsely Accusing Customers of Theft Which Led to Jailings

Around 450,000 Homebuyers are Now Underwater as "Early" Fha Delinquencies Hit 2009 Levels

SATIRE: Five Reasons There's Never Anything You Fancy in the Fridge for Dinner

SATIRE: Happily Married Man Unaware Wife Has Settled for Him

SATIRE: The Pros and Pros of Not Going Ice Skating

SATIRE: A Historian's Guide to Hating the French

SATIRE: Harry Styles and Other Pop Stars that Get Away with a Lot Because They're Fit

SATIRE: We Will Pay You £100 Right Now to F**k Off, Parents Tell PTA

Outrageous Heartbreaking Video Shows Moment New Zealand "Authorities" "Medically Kidnapped" a Baby After Parents Refuse Vaccinated Blood for Heart Surgery

Apple: Most iCloud Data Will Now Be End-To-End Encrypted

Freedom Caucus Lists Key Changes for Next Congress

Biden's Genderfluid Appointee Charged for Stealing More Luggage

'massive Blow for Biden,' as Sinema Leaves Democrat Party

Black Conservative Activists Comment on Griner Trade, Hope She Is Very Pro-America

Cartels Ramping Up Attacks Near Border with Attempts to Kidnap Migrants

Jonathan Williams and Lee Schalk: Here's One Barely Discussed Story to Emerge from the Midterms

U.S. to Support Taiwan's Air Force with $428 Million in Spare Parts

The Covid Jab Is a Bioweapon... So Why Isn't Anyone Doing Anything to Stop It?

Here Comes Another Plot Twist in Story of Biden's Creepy Nuke Disposal Guy

Germany's Massive Right-Wing Extremist Raid: Is It More Show than Substance?

US Internationalises Iran's Unrest

The West Must Stop Blocking Negotiations Between Ukraine and Russia

Four Minutes of Undiluted Truth on Mainstream TV

Florida Governor Desantis Promises to Hold Pfizer, Moderna Accountable for Covid Jab Side Effects

Sam Brinton Accused in Another Luggage Heist

Biden Regime to Issue Volley of Human Rights Sanctions on China and Russia

Middle School Art Teacher Arrested for Possessing Child Pornography

Key Inflation Metric Shows High Prices Aren't Going Anywhere Just Yet

NYC Students Occupy Campus Building to Support Striking Faculty

Putin Threatens to Slash Oil Production, Starve European Countries of Fuel

Gov't Pushing Vaccines This Winter + Zelensky's 'man of the Year' Act

Who Isn't Included in Cop and Biodiversity Conference Concerns? 5G, Wireless and War

Dr. Bhakdi Facts Expose Massive Deaths

Australia Concerned as People Dying at 'Incredibly High' Pace and It Can't Tell Why

Five Electricity Substations in Oregon and Washington are Attacked Just Days After Two in North Carolina Were Shot Up Causing Widespread Power Outages

It's Not Them, It's You: Potatoes Don't Deserve Their Bad Reputation

Xi's Visit and the Future of the Middle East: What Does China Want from the Arabs

Former Chinese President Reappears After "Mysterious Exit" from Party Congress

Top French Central Banker Steps Down After Being Ensnared in Corruption Probe

NFL Lineman Sidelined After Doctors Find Blood Clots in Lung, Leg

Judge Blocks Depositions of 3 High-Ranking Biden Regime Officials in Big Tech--Government Collusion Case

Merkel Acknowledges that 2014 Minsk Accord Was a Deception

The Rise of Nazism and Terrorist Groups in Interwar Germany

We Need a Smaller Pentagon

Christmas Comes Early for Hawks as Congress Considers Giant Defense Bill

The Third Opium War: The Agenda Behind the Covid Assault on China

We Must Not Forget the U.S. War on Afghanistan

FDA Plans to Ban Homeopathic Medicines

TSA Plans Nationwide Rollout of Biometric Machines for Airport Travelers

Secret Santa Gifts Idaho Piano Teacher $15K Credit to Buy Piano: 'Unbelievable'

Twitter Used "Technicalities" to Censor Popular Accounts Like Libs of TikTok, Even When It Hadn't Broken the Rules

Chinese Students Invent Invisibility Cloak

Biden Economy: Blackrock Warns of a Recession Like No Other Impacting The Whole World

The Covid "Vaccinated" are a Health Threat to the Unvaccinated, Warns Dr. McCullough

Musk Reacts After Biden Swaps Russian Arms Dealer for WNBA Star Brittney Griner

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Leaves Democratic Party, Registers as Independent

White House Denies Saudi Arabia Helped Mediate Brittney Griner's Release

Felony Arrest Warrant Issued for Biden Official Sam Brinton for Another Alleged Theft, Report Says

Strangers Join Together to Rent 15-Passenger Van After Flight Was Canceled--Take 10-Hour Road Trip Instead

Zaynab Bintabdul-Hadijakien Makes Hate Hoax List

SATIRE: Five Bullshit Reasons You Should Text Your Ex

Documents Show How Twitter Shadow Banned Users

Meet the Celebrity-Endorsed Extremist Movement Experts Call the 'Greatest Threat to Black Americans' Today

Biden's Genderfluid Nuclear Waste Official Charged...Again...With Stealing Someone's Luggage

Maid in Canada..."New World Next Week" with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato

Pathologists Studied Autopsy Results of Post-Jab Heart Attack Deaths...Here's What They Found

'Bold Agenda': House Freedom Caucus Members Lay Out Key Changes for Next GOP Speaker to Adopt

Review: Jews and Crime in Medieval Europe, by Andrew Joyce

Documents Show Twitter Lied When It Said It Didn't Shadow Ban Users

SATIRE: Six Legendary Songs with Bollocks Lyrics

Eric Adams Won't Pay Fine for Rat Infestation

Kyrsten Sinema Leaves the Democratic Party

SATIRE: Banks Free to Bollocks Everything Up Again

Elon Musk Releases Twitter Files Exposing Secret Blacklists

Seven More Republicans Vow to Oppose Kevin McCarthy

Here's a Thought: Let's Not Hand Democrats Exactly What They Want

SATIRE: Perhaps Both Sides Could Shut the F**k Up, Britain Suggests to Royals

Beware of Longwars

Rishi Sunak's Bali Fiasco and Then His Bland Banquet Babble

Republican Mayra Flores: Border Patrol Agents Feel Abandoned by the Biden Regime

SATIRE: Shopping Centre Santa Mostly Using Job to Hook Up with Single Mums

Good News in History, December 9

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The Future of the 1st Amendment Hinges on SCOTUS Case

Balenciaga and the Revolt in China

2nd Wave of Twitter Docs Reveal 'Blacklists' and 'shadow Bans'

Masks May Return Despite Science Showing They Don't Work

Biden Set to Sign Bill Enshrining Same-Sex Marriage in Law

FDA Approves Covid Booster for Babies with No Trial Data

Criminal FDA Authorizes Pfizer and Moderna Bivalent Booster Covid Injections for Babies 6 Months Old to 4 Years

Here's Something You Might Not Know About FTX

The W.H.O. Nears Legally-Binding Pandemic Treaty, by Keean Bexte

Former Senior Advisor on Drug Safety at The US FDA Calls for the Covid Shot Product Update

Desantis Promises to Hold Pfizer, Moderna Accountable for Covid Jab Side Effects

Merkel Confirms Ukraine Peace Deal Was a Ploy

Roosevelt's Infamy

America's Insolvency Is Mandatory

The Monopoly...Labor 'Let It Rot' Death Spiral

Why Flavonoids are the Key to a Sharp Mind

Why the Left Must Destroy Free Speech...Or Be Destroyed

Capable of the Worst, the Union of Certain Rulers Makes World War Possible

Towards a Global Food Disaster, Engineered Through Acts of Political Sabotage

The Bear Is Uncaged ... Again

The Season Finale of the Hit Show 'Proxywar'

John Bolton Claims Trump Turned Down Viktor Bout, Paul Whelan Prisoner Swap

Elon Musk's Second Installment of 'Twitter Files' Reveals 'secret Blacklists,' Bari Weiss Reports

Body Language Expert Weighs in on Harry and Meghan's 'Tells' in Netflix Doc

New Photos Reveal Brittney Griner's Life Inside the Russian Prison

Jim Jordan Pokes Holes in Dem's Star Witness' Testimony During Heated SCOTUS Hearing: 'Lie in a Book'

Doocy Confronts Jean-Pierre on Russia Getting a 'Better Deal' Regarding Griner Release

Security Risks in the Senate

Thank God for Elon Musk: Are the Rocks Crying Out

The Downward Spiral of Disgraceful Misconduct

Cleaning Up the Right

The Future of the First Amendment Hinges on the 303 Creative SCOTUS Case

Why Does the GOP Elite Hate Its Own Base?

How Republicans Can Regain the Initiative

A Broken Trade Litigation Forum Threatens Important Technologies for Seniors

A Credible Conservative Warrior Emerges to Lead the RNC

Biden Policies are Endangering Maine Lobstermen and Right Whales

W.H.O. Member States Agree to Develop Legally Binding Pandemic Treaty

Beyond the Hype: How Neuralink Advances the Transhumanist Agenda and Harms Innocent Animals

Dept of Telecommunications Asks Telecoms to Not Install 5G Towers Near Airports Due to Aviation Safety Concerns

EU Better Be More Independent from Us to Overcome Crisis

Peace or War: To Be Optimistic or Pessimistic About the Future of Humanity

Human Rights Day 2022 Must Be Recommitment to the Black Radical Human Rights and Peace Traditions

Mark Sleboda: Russia-Ukraine Sitrep, Missiles & What Comes Next

Can Germany's Plan for Confrontation with Russia Work? Is the Bundeswehr Preparing for War?

Twitter Execs Who Claimed There's No 'shadow-Banning' Have Been Caught in a 'Lie,' Reporter Tells Tucker Carlson

'secret' Twitter Committee 'Acknowledged' Libs of TikTok Didn't Violate 'Hateful Conduct Policy' After Multiple Suspensions, Memo Shows

Andy Biggs Says GOP Needs to 'make a Change' and Drop Kevin McCarthy as Speaker Nominee

Twitter Had Secret 'Blacklists' that Suppressed Stanford Doctor, Top Conservatives, Docs Show

'Lie in a Book': Jim Jordan Pokes Holes in Dem's Star Witness' Testimony During Heated SCOTUS Hearing

Official in Crime-Ridden City Pushes for Its Police to Have Documentary Series

Biden's Doe "Pup Handler" Charged with Felony Theft for Stealing Suitcase in Minnesota...Now Accused of Stealing Luggage from Las Vegas Airport

Qatar in the Grip of Washington

The World Cup Thankfully Keeps Politics in Football

Defending Farmers Against the Agenda 2030 Land Steal ; Beyond the Cover

Jane Fonda: "If There Were No Racism, There'D Be No Climate Crisis"

Verified Hate: Take the Mf'Ers Out, by Gregory Hood

U.S. Investigating Elon Musk's Neuralink for Animal-Welfare Violations Due to Reports It's "Causing Needless Suffering and Deaths"

Invitation to Dinner with Donald Trump and the American Freedom Tour at Mar-A-Lago

America's Media, Fanning the Flames of Crime

Two Years Too Late Jack Dorsey Wants Twitter Files Released

'Doing Bad Deals': GOP Rep Who Served in Elite Army Unit Rips Biden Over Trading 'merchant of Death' for Griner

Gun Sales Jump in Oregon with 36,000 People Waiting on Delayed Background Checks

Media Sounds Alarm Over Sabotage of Power Substation, Says Nothing About Gov't Sabotage of Food, Farms, Fertilizer and Fuel

At Least Three Illegal Alien Amnesty Bills Active in Lame Duck Congress

John Kerry Says "It Would Be Great If There Were Some" U.S. Taxpayer Money to Pay Other Countries Climate Reparations.

Her Dad Is a Travel Agent for Guilt Trips

The Cultural Petri Dish

Old Saint Twit

Should States that Can't Hold Trustworthy Elections Be Punished?

Brittney Griner Prisoner Swap Endangers Lives

Does the First Amendment Protect Hate Speech?

The 'save the World' Racket Is a Scam: Stop Falling for It

Balenciaga's Side of the Story

House Passes Bill to Codify Same-Sex Marriage...Measure Heads to Biden's Desk

Neighbor of Killed Idaho Students Says Front Door Left Wide Open Morning After Horror

House Democrats Abruptly Cancel Big Oil Hearing Where Elon Musk Was Scheduled to Appear

As the Pentagon Fails Another Audit, Congress Wants to Spend Even More on "Defense"

Will the Tragic Fate of World Stars Like Celine Dion and Justin Bieber Open the Eyes of Their Fans? Impacts of Covid Shot

Nato's Iraqi Oil for Food Program Targets Russia

I.C.E. Apologizes for Illegal Immigrant Data After DCNF Exposes Major Errors

SATIRE: Restraining Order Issued Against Reporter Who Asked Karine Jean-Pierre a Question

Biden Climate Czar John Kerry Says American Taxpayer Money Should Be Used to Pay Other Countries Climate Reparations

Global Central Banks Racing to Implement Digital Currencies as Cities Convert to 'smart' Infrastructure: Track and Control Grid Being Erected Right Under Our Noses

To Hell with Iran, China & Hunter: Americans are Suffering, by Ilana Mercer

West Must "Acknowledge Responsibility" & Pay for "Climate Crisis," Says Lawyer at UN Summit

Forget Iran, China & Hunter: Americans are Suffering

Organization Pushes for New State Amid 'Fiscal Catastrophe'

Biden Regime's Latest Offshore Wind Lease Sales Mostly Went to Foreign Energy Companies

Texas Republicans Release Their Own Border Security Strategy

Analysis Reveals 'marriage' Bill Opens Path to Reversal of Obergefell

Vintage Hate Hoax: Jerome Kevin Jackson

California Dog Falls Through Sinkhole Into Abandoned Septic Tank

SATIRE: Brittney Griner Flees Back to Russia in Terror After Seeing American Flag

SATIRE: Library Kids Excited to Hear Story Read by Mysterious New Drag Queen Kirkdazzle Glameroni

Corruption: Biden Bailing Out Central States Pension Fund After Government Told Them Not to Cut Benefits

DNC Colluded with Big Tech to Interfere with 2020, What's Next?

Dr. Mike Yeadon and Pharma Insider Hedley Rees Bring New Evidence on Vaccines

Iguana Wanders Into Florida Substation, Causes 'Large Scale Outage'

Chicago School Defends Dean Who Bragged About Giving Sex Toys to Kids

'In the Shadows': DCNF Reporter Describes How Ice Massively Underreported Illegal Immigration Data

Organization Pushes for New State Amid Illinois' 'Fiscal Catastrophe'

The Biden Regime's Latest Offshore Wind Lease Sales Mostly Went to Foreign Energy Companies

Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti Gets 14 Years for Robbing Clients, Stiffing IRS

Oath Keepers J6 Convictions Expose Deep State's War on America and the Rule of Law

House Judiciary Democrats Advance Voluntary Gun-Purchase Ban

Hong Kong Threat to Adjourn Jimmy lai Case to China Stokes Worries

Nigeria Limits ATM Withdrawals to Force Slaves to Use Controlled Digital Payments

The Great Reset in Action: Dutch Gov't Plan to Shutter 3,000 Farms HeraLDS a New Era for Corporate Control.

FBI Is Continuing Strategy to Have People Sign Away Their 2nd Amendment Rights

FBI Agent Details Information Suppression Scheme Used During 2020 Election

Stuck Kitten Rescued from Pipe in California

Large Buck Rescued After Calling Through Ice in Minnesota River

New American Girl 'Body Image' Book Teaches Young Girls About Radical Gender Theory

House Passes National Defense Funding Bill that Rescinds US Military's Covid Shot Mandate

SATIRE: Sigourney Weaver Thanks Jennifer Lawrence for Paving the Way for Female Action Heroes

US Marine Vet Left in Russian Prison Responds After Brittney Griner SwAP: 'I Don't Understand'

Pennsylvania Bans Discrimination Based on 'Hairstyles,' 'Gender Identity or Expression'

Biden Regulator Sues Microsoft Over Video Game Acquisition

'We Will Not Stand By': Dozens of GOP Texas Reps Unveil Border Security Agenda

Robbing the Global South, Then Scorning Its Poverty

Trump Is Toast

France Bans Short-Haul Domestic Flights ... Because 'Climate Change'

Saudi Leader Brokered Griner Swap After U.S. Ended Khashoggi Suit

Nigeria Limits ATM Withdrawals to $45 Per Day to Force Government-Controlled Digital Payments

Biden Trades Merchant of Death for Brittney Griner

After Debut Author's Lonely Book Launch, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood Swoop in with Support

Florida Woman's Message in a Bottle Discovery Reveals Surprising Connection

Karine Jean-Pierre Reads Wrong Scripted Answer During Press Briefing

Dem-Controlled House Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill. 39 Republicans Support.

SATIRE: Biden Calls for $50 Billion to Help Ukraine Track Down Notorious Russian Arms Dealer

SATIRE: Man Cleverly Avoids Persecution by Making Sure No One Finds Out He's a Christian

New Autopsy Report Reveals Those Who Died Suddenly Were Likely Killed by the Covid Shot

Trudeau Government Consider Euthanasia for Canadian Children, by Brad Salzberg

Jon Herold-Strategically Planned from the Beginning,Only at the Precipice Will People Demand Change

Cracks in the Big Gov and Big Tech Media Wall: Mass Layoffs, TikTok, the Pentagon and Journalistic "Extinction"

State Law Blocks Fentanyl Testing Strips from Inclusion in Harm Reduction Boxes

Police Officer Arrested for Urinating in Ice Machine at Hotel Bar

Project Veritas Exposes What's Taught During Pride Week at Elite Private School

Homeless Man Found Sleeping in K-8 School

Professor Cites the Real Reason for Numerous Mass Company Layoffs

Janitors' Union Called a Strike Outside Twitter, Elon Musk Didn't React the Way They Expected

New Drug Worsening Blue City's Already Out-Of-Control Drug Problem

4 Minutes of Undiluted Truth on Mainstream TV, by Mike Whitney

What's at Stake Here Is Death

There Is Forced Anal Swabbing for Covid Going on in China

The Spike Protein, Literally Causes the Lymphocytes to Chew a Hole in the Aorta

Untold Political Campaign Tools of the US

FTX's Bankman-Fried Hires Ghislaine Maxwell's Defense Attorney

Russia Erects New Missile Base on Island Near Japan for "Round-The-Clock Watch"

The Pfizer Vaccine Killed Derek McIntosh

Elon Musk Fires Twitter's FBI Russiagate Lawyer James Baker

Snowden Receives Russian Passport After Taking Citizenship Pledge

Illinois Displays Satanic Temple Alongside Nativity Scene in Their State Capitol Building

Investigation Launches Into Possible State Department Funding of Third Parties to Censor Online Speech

Vax Completely Exposed by Top Experts on Capitol Hill Part 1

Goblin Mode...1000000000000066600000000000001 w/Ryan Gable

Former Teacher Warns of Dangerous Tech that Could Blow Up Education System

World's No. 2 Asset Manager Quits 'ESG' Collective

The Big Rip-Off: Congress Packs Military Spending Bill to Insane Level

Payoff? Biden Set to Announce $36 Billion "Bailout" for Union Pension Funds

SATIRE: Disinformation Down 92% as NYT Writers Go on Strike

Proof that Everything Is Broken...Chris Warkentin MP

Elon Musk Targeted Women in Mass Twitter Layoffs, Class Action Lawsuit Alleges

Just One Doctor Wrote Key Medical Org's Guidance on Child Transitions with 'Contributions' from Trans Activists

Tomi Lahren Asks 'If Brittney Griner Will Stand for National Anthem' After U.S 'Compromised National Security to Free Her'

Iran Holds First Execution Over Anti-Regime Protests

Congress Passes Law Punishing Religious Liberty

Chinese Manufacturing Is Quickly Collapsing

Woke 'Feminist' Melts Down Over Diapers Locked Up in Drug Stores and I Have Thoughts

Democrats Who See Life as a Problem See Death as Its Solution

FDA Authorizes Updated Covid Shots for Babies, Toddlers

CDC Had Direct Access to Big Tech Censorship Tools to Control Covid Narrative

The Dark Truth of America's Federation of State Medical Boards

Sen. Ron Johnson Hosts Historic Round Table Discussion on Covid Shots with Prominent Doctors Including Drs. McCullough, Malone, Cole, Risch and Others

Biden Expected to Sign Tyrannical W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty (This Will Overrule the Constitution & All Elected Officials)

Public Servants are the New Slave Masters

Are You Done with the GOP?

I'm Fired Up After Dark Aftershow

Motion Is Filed Against California's Medical "Misinformation" Law

Chinese Students Invent Coat that Makes People Invisible to AI Security Cameras

Couples Who Share Bank Account Have Stronger Relationships, Study Says

Economist Warns Under Biden's Leadership, the 'recession Sky Is Darkening'

Boy Tries to Run Away from Home, Then Tells Cop to Look Inside His Bedroom

Ap's War on Plain English: Don't Use Term 'Late-Term Abortion'

Satanists Put Up Holiday Display Alongside Nativity

Eu's Oil Price Cap Creates a Price Cap... on Stupidity

Police Disciplinary Hearing Decisions...Police on Guard for Thee

Perpetual War on Russia and the Bout...Griner Exchange

Undercounting Homeless Students

Biden Regime Trades 'merchant of Death' Arms Dealer to Russia for WNBA Player Brittney Griner in 1-For-1 Deal

Gregg Jarrett: Bannon Has 'strong Legal Grounds' to Get Conviction Tossed

True "River Monster" of the Amazon Recovers Thanks to Sustainable Fishing Laws

Congress Battles with the Army for Gender-Neutral Fitness Standards

ACLU Sues Missouri School District Over Book-Banning Policy

Major University to Stock Tampons in Men's Bathrooms...At Students' Expense

John Hewlett: Prosecute Now

Ultra Processed Food Linked to Cognitive Decline

Huge Investment Firm Leaves Climate Alliance After Republican Officials Call for Government Inquiry

Iran Holds First Public Execution Since Mass Demonstrations Rocked Country

Oregon Judge Refuses to Let Restrictive Gun Control Law Take Effect

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Protect the Speech We Hate

John Stossel: A New Movement Is Emerging in America...Black Guns Matter

School Board Member Sues Board Over 'Person with a Vulva' Sex Ed Curriculum, Alleges Board Broke Open Meeting Laws

Proton Drive Brings Private File Storage to iOS and Android

Judge Orders Southwest Flight Attendant, Fired for Pro-Life Emails and Social Media Posts, to Be Reinstated

"Pro-Choice" Struck from Newspeak Dictionary

Biden Spending $36 Billion to Bail Out Union Pension Plans

Revealing He Too Had Manning Leaks, Ellsberg Dares DOJ to Prosecute Him Like Assange

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Republican Florida State Representative

Escaped Puppy Crosses Hudson River from NY to New Jersey

Elections in India: What Explains Three Different Outcomes--Delhi to Gujarat to Himachal? Modi's BJP Is "Vulnerable"?

Olaf Scholz's "Manifesto" Confirms Germany's Hegemonic Ambitions. "Zeitenwende", Turning Point in History.

International Pandemic Treaty: W.H.O. Meets to Impose Censorship of Misinformation

^Conflicting information is not necessarily misinformation, but that is what our misleaders want you to think.

What Happens If You Refuse "Vaccinated" Blood?

Judge Orders Flight Attendant Who Was Fired for Pro-Life Views to Be Reinstated

Celine Dion Reveals Rare and Tragic Medical Diagnosis

EU and G7 Decide on Russian Oil Price Cap...Western Arrogance and Ridiculous Interference in the "Free Market"

Putin: Risk of Nuclear War "Rising", Ukraine Operation to Be "Long Process"

Why America Aims to Deindustrialize Europe

Isolation Camps in NY State: Tyrants Plan to Appeal

What Is Truth, What Is Lie? How to Reach Fellow Human Beings Intellectually and Emotionally?

They are Trying to Put Us in Chains, Criminalizing Misinformation, Dehumanized by Unfolding Fascism

^Conflicting information is not necessarily misinformation, but that is what our misleaders want you to think.

Ghana to Buy Oil with Gold Instead of USD. Next for US-Led Coup?

China's "Third Opium War". Covid and the Opium Wars. the Alliance of Global Finance and the It Tyranny

Batteries and the Flying Horse

Teacher Caught Bragging About Introducing Students to Sex Toys in Class

China Pressures Google to Alter Its Search Results for the Hong Kong National Anthem

5G/EHS/RF Health & Safety Research, What We Know from Herd Dogs, Part 1

Vitamin D Supplements May Provide Powerful Brain Boost that Prevents Dementia

Five More Men to Face Trial Over Whitmer Kidnapping Debacle

Biden Regime to Appeal Judge's Decision to End Major Trump-Era Border Policy

Biden to Spend Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Bailing Out Union

George Soros Preps for 2024 Election with Massive Donations to Dem Super Pac

Brittney Griner Freed from Russia in Exchange for Merchant of Death, Ex-Marine Left Behind

Family of Ex-Marine Left Behind in Russia Devastated After Brittney Griner Released in High-Level Prisoner Swap

^Well, she's a celebrity, black and lesbian, so she's triple-protected.

University Pays Christian Students $90K to Settle Free Speech Lawsuit

Oregon Supreme Court Leaves in Place Order Blocking Strict New Gun Law

Biden Energy Department Touts $200m Grant to Battery Company Primarily Operating in China

NdAA 2023 Contains 'safe Storage of Personally Owned Firearms' Experiment

Nigeria Limits ATM Withdrawals to $45 Per Day to Force Gov't-Controlled Digital Payments

Health Officials are Eager to Reinstate Face Masks This Winter

Elon Musk Hints Censorship Docs May Have Been Hidden or Deleted

Donald Trump Must Continue to Stand Strong Amid an Intensifying Storm

Adding 15 Minutes of Yoga to Your Exercise Routine Can Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Expect More Widening of the Ukraine Conflict, by Paul Craig Roberts

Shoplifting Drives Up Prices at Walmart

Pearl Harbor Survivors Make Trek to Hawaii for Ceremony on 81st Anniversary of Attack

Revoltin' Bolton Threatens to Run for President

The White House Gets Fact-Checked on Twitter Over Claim About Unemployment

U.S., Australia Invite Japan to Increase Troop Rotations to Counter China

Musk Reveals Important Twitter Data Possibly 'Deleted'

Dems Line Up Hearing for Witness Supremes Called 'Not Credible'

On International Human Rights Day, Canada Must Remember the Palestinians

Sen. Ted Cruz on Twitter Files Revelations Regarding 2020 Elections: "This Was All About Weaponizing Big Tech"

Wikileaks Editor-In-Chief Warns Assange May Be Extradited "Within Weeks"

The US Imperium Garrisons Australia

Germany Coup Attempt? a False Flag Par Excellence

Four Takeaways from Sen. Johnson's Panel on Covid Shots

"The Whole West Is at War Against Russia".

"Disaster Capitalism" in the Netherlands: Template for Ecomodernism's "Brave New World"?

Digital Currency "Goes Live" in Africa? Nigeria Limits ATM Withdrawals to Promote Digital Currency

British PM Flip-Flops on Windmills: Bring 'Em On

Putin: Risk of Nuclear War "Rising", Will Defend Russia "By All Available Means"

Woman's Name and Tiny Sketches Found in 1,300-Year-Old Medieval Text Was Hidden for 12 Centuries

There Won't Be a Border Crisis Much Longer

Peru's Socialist President Kicked Out of Office and Arrested for Staging Attempted Coup, Report Says

Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Being Under Congressional Investigation

Celine Dion Reveals Incurable Neurological Disorder Diagnosis in Emotional Video

Brittney Griner Freed in Swap for Arms Dealer Viktor Bout

Dems' Star Witness in SCOTUS Hearing Deemed Not Credible

Major Economic Contraction Coming in 2023...Followed by Even More Inflation

Second General Strike by Truck Drivers in Rok

Oops: Teacher Makes Important Admission About the Real Root of Critical Race Theory

Did Republicans Finally Learn Their Lesson About Striking Bad Deals with Schumer?


SATIRE: Lbc Show, Bad Investments, Breakdown, Captain Hook in Panto: Matt Hancock's Next Five Years

SATIRE: York Does Not Belong in Yorkshire, Northerners Confirm

Liberal Media Outlets are Laying Off Staff and Shutting Down Operations...How You Like Biden's Economy Now?

Apple Commits to Encrypting iCloud, Drops Phone-Scanning Plans

Vaccine Mandate for Military Defeated, New Bill Restores Basic Rights

^Great! Now do that for the rest of the country.

SATIRE: One Last Miners' Strike, Nostalgic Tories Decide

Join Our Campaigns, Become a Member of Global Research

SATIRE: Royal Family Explodes in Flames

Abortion Pill Reversal Has Saved 4,000 Babies from Abortions

SATIRE: Eight Unhelpful Comments to Make When Someone Is Ill This Winter

The 12 Days of Christmas in the Ukraine

SATIRE: Lord Davros of Fraggle Rock: How to Make Up Your Corrupt Tory Peer Name

Good News in History, December 8

Networks Ignore Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Under Congressional Ethics Investigation

Karine Jean-Pierre Reads Wrong Answer During Press Briefing

Great News, Liberal Men Getting Vasectomies Has Skyrocketed

Thomas Massie: Next Step Is Eliminate 'All Covid Vax Mandates'

World Economic Forum: Hydrogen Boron Nuclear Fusion Anticipated by 2030

The Coming Crash of the Climate Cult

Amazon to Fire 20,000 Employees...The Largest Staff Reduction in Company's History

The Parallel Universe of the CCP and the World Economic Forum

Ukraine: Three Tragedies...Putin 1, Biden 2

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Day of Infamy: Pearl Harbor Lessons for Today

The 2023 Worldwide Economic Collapse Is Becoming More Likely

Top-5 Threats to Liberty

Government Considers Limiting And/Or Banning Electric Vehicle Use to Avoid Power Blackouts

How Will You Prepare for the Climate Lockdowns, Digital IDs and Travel Restrictions?

Senator Antic Is Right to Raise the Alarm Over the WEF Smart Cities Initiative

US to Increase Military Presence in Australia in Buildup Aimed at China

You Think Inflation Is Bad Now? Wait Until Next Year

Top Biden Officials to Appear at Conference Endorsing Covid Zoonotic Origin Theory as 'science'

The Hypocrisy of Marijuana Crusaders

One Step at a Time

Gene Editing mRNA Tech Deadly Premeditated Military-Grade Bioweapon Cause Cancer & Disease

As the Pentagon Fails Another Audit, Congress Wants to Spend Even More on 'Defense'

Irreparable Vaccine-Induced Harm

How Debt Policies are Provoking an Unavoidable Crash

Struggle Between the Powerful Forces of Centralization and Decentralization

Here's One Firing We Should All Cheer

The Evolution of Economics

Sir Christopher Chope: Addressing Covid Vax Damage in the UK

Swiss Plan Exposes Folly of Relying on Electric Vehicles

Desantis Vows to Hold Vaccine Manufacturers Accountable Over 'mRNA' Shots: 'They Said There Were No Side Effects'

Biden Has a Special List of Reporters for Christmas Press Party. Here's Who Didn't Make the Cut.

Candace Owens Scores Legal Victory as Court Dismisses One-Time House Candidate Klacik's Defamation Suit

Biden Regime Responds to DC Judge's Order Striking Down Title 42 at Border

Jean-Pierre Silent When Asked If the Biden Campaign Communicated with Twitter About Hunter Biden's Laptop

Oregon Judge Freezes Gun Control Law Over Questions About 'Fundamental Constitutional Rights'

Von Der Leyen's Special Tribunal as Fascist Theatre

The Enmity Between China and the Usa...What Will Happen Next?

Lessons Republicans Should Learn from the Election Losses (But Probably Won't)

Biden's Bribe of Americans

How's the Weather in China

Twitter Files: The Real News Is that the Left/Dems/Media Do Not Care

'save the World' Is a Racket; Stop Falling for It

Selecting the House Speaker Should Not Be that Hard

Does Trump Really Want to Be President Again?

Republicans Need to Retool the Party Platform, Prioritize Kitchen Table Issues for Support of Americans

America the Amazing

December Is No Time to Ignore Congress

National Science Foundation Grants are Subverting the Integrity of Journalism and Election Offices

The NY Post and Real Journalism

Do Some Climate Alarmists Wish Us All Dead?

Gaetz Smacks Down Huckabee "Democrat Speaker" Scare Tactics

'military Vaccine Mandates are Dangerous and Deadly': Lt. Col. Theresa Long, MD

NBA Commentator Convulses Live on Air

Oregon Education Association Loses Teachers Due to Union's Policies

Beware Twitter Revelations Will Not Automatically Fix Everything

What Americans Must Do to Stop the Great Reset

Project Veritas Exposes Dean of Students at Prestigious Private School Bragging About Having Kids "Passing Around Dildos and Butt Plugs"

AOC Under Investigation by House Ethics Committee

Bombshell Autopsy Study Confirms Deaths Likely Caused by "Vaccines" But Corporate Media Is Suppressing It

Medical Expert Blames China for National Drug Shortage, Tells Tucker Carlson the FDA Is 'sitting Limply By'

Dem Rep Says Biden Regime Is 'Tying' Up Homeland Security, Only Listening to 'Immigration Activists'

Former Executive at Theranos Receives Harsher Prison Sentence than Elizabeth Holmes

Treazine Sedition #5 Is Available Now

Rebuild the America First Movement or Die Trying

New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Your DNA

French Turn in Their Guns

Music Legend Shocks Fans by Performing at Broadway Opening Years After Retiring

The Tops in Domestic Bedding Products are Here

How Can Republicans Win? Gingrich Has 'Leftist' Advice

Peru's President Ousted by Congress in Political Crisis

'I Couldn't Pretend Any More': Former Christians on Why They Left Faith

Twitter Files: The Real News Is the Left Doesn't Care

'It's Unimaginable': Mom of 5 Dies After Pouring Gasoline on Firepit in Backyard Tragedy

America Becoming an Old Nation, a Lost Nation, Bereft of Identity

The Far Left Death Cult

A Legislative Onslaught Against Freedom

Shocking Video Shows 28-Year-Old Woman Drops Dead While Working Out at a Gym

Don't Let Your Mortgage Servicer "Blackrock" You with Verint's Scary ESG Survey + Blackrock Under Fire

Jennifer Lawrence Seems to Think She Was the First Female Action Lead for Her Role in 'Hunger Games'

'Wordle' Tops Google's Most Searched List for 2022

SATIRE: Tragedies that Could Have Been Prevented with Better Gun Control

SATIRE: Delilah Tempts Samson to Break Keto by Baking Delicious Sourdough Bread

That Old Trump Magic

Secret Service Caught Changing Story About Hunter Biden Documents

Lucifuge Rofocale...No One Expects a Roman Inquisition w/ Leo Zagami

Roger Stone Reinstated on Twitter, Notes Old Posts Were from "Before My Faith Walk"

Trump-Hired Lawyers Finds More Classified Material in Florida Storage Unit, According to Reports

Barstool Star Caught on Hot Mic Bashing Fox News Hosts, Audience Days After Appearing on Network

Six Changes Could Be Coming Once Republicans Take Over the House

Climate Change Lockdowns? Yup, They are Actually Going There...

The One Thing Each of Us Must Do Between Now and 2024

Leftist Coup Fails in Peru

How Will You Prepare for the Climate Lockdowns, Digital ID's and Travel Restrictions?

When 'Children of Men' Gets Real: Infertility Crisis Threatens Future of Human Race

Timeline: Euromaidan, the Original "Ukraine Crisis"

December 7, 1941: The Bombing of Pearl Harbor and Japan's Early Conquests 81 Years Ago

81 Years Ago: Pearl Harbor and the Wars of Corporate America

Bottoms Up 79-Year-Old Man Gets Beer Bottle Stuck Up His Rump

Celebrated Super Technology Can't Handle Question: 'What Is a Woman?'

Unvaccinated 14-Year-Old Rejected by Top Hospital for Lifesaving Surgery

Jack Dorsey Urges Elon Musk After James Baker Ouster, 'Just Release Everything Without Filter'

SATIRE: Husband Scientists Confirm Minimum of 35 Pieces of Tape Required to Wrap a Gift

Dog Accidentally Sent Through X-Ray Tunnel at Wisconsin Airport

Entangled Mule Deer Rescued from Wire Fencing in Oregon

Book Returned to Australian School Library Was Nearly 120 Years Overdue

Karine Jean-Pierre Refuses to Say If the Biden Campaign Communicated with Twitter to Suppress Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Reminder: Corrupt James Comey Praised His FBI Attorney James Baker, the Same Guy Fired Yesterday for Withholding Information at Twitter on Hunter Biden Laptop

Elon Musk Says 'Important' Twitter Data Was 'Hidden,' May Have Been 'Deleted'

Peter Roff: Here are Some Key Lessons Republicans Should Learn from Georgia's Runoff

Vintage Hate Hoax: Bubba Wallace

Desantis Vows to Hold Big Pharma Accountable for Adverse Reactions to mRNA Shots

Abolitionists Understand True Freedom: It's Time for the Rest of Us to Understand It Too

Parents Livid: Surgeon Made 'Guardian' of Baby So Vaccinated Blood Can Be Used During Surgery

Biden Banning All Use of Fossil Fuels in New Federal Buildings

S&P 500 Notches 5th Day of Losses as Traders Consider Recession Odds, YieLDS Fall

SPLC & Courts Team Up to Destroy Jewish Ministry

Musk Fires Former FBI Attorney Who Vetted Twitter Files, Helped Suppress Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Triple Citizenship Holder Liberal MP Salma Zahid Works with Racists, by Brad Salzberg

Empower Hour: Chapter Leader Testimonies

Gov. Desantis Seeks to Hold Covid Shot Makers 'Accountable for Misleading the Public About the Vaccine's Safety

SATIRE: In Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Address, Kamala Harris Urges Nation Not to Forget January 6

SATIRE: Man Caught in Endless Loop of Going Upstairs, Forgetting Why He Went Upstairs, Going Back Down

Animals Versus Humans

Biden Regime Will Ban Fossil Fuel Use in New Federal Buildings by 2030

China's Xi, Saudiarabia Celebrate Relationship 'milestone' Months After Crown Prince Snubs Biden

Peruvian Embassy Has 'No Idea' Who Its President Is Following Attempted Coup

CDC and Census Bureau Had Direct Access to Twitter Portal Where They Could Flag Speech for Censorship

GOP House Members Launch Probe Into ESG Investment Schemes

Argentina Sentences Leftist Vice President and Former President to Prison

School Principal Who Killed Himself at Disneyland Wanted to End 'Toxic' Marriage

Ocasio-Cortez Under Investigation, Ethics Committee Says

Sex Trafficking Victim Speaks About Balenciaga's Sickening Ad Campaign

Boom AOC Under Investigation by U.S. House Ethics Committee

Bill Gates Gets Stern Warning He's on Wrong Side of Paramount Issue

Global Warming a Back Door to Socialism and Now Even the UN Admits It

^"The really good model is communist China," she says. The same China with terrible air and water pollution?

'A Wake-Up Call for the Republican Party': Former Trump Advisor Reacts to Walker Loss

I.C.E. Quietly Fixes Misleading Data After DCNF Exposed Massive Flaws in Illegal Immigrant Stats

Teachers Flee Unions as Membership Plummets by Astronomical Number

Katie Hobbs' Office Defends Asking Twitter to Kill Posts Criticizing Her

University Forks Over Serious Cash After Pouncing on Students' Marriage Stance

Sen. Ron Johnson Hosts Live Covid Forum December 7

Australian Doctor Finds Chips, Self-Assembling Structures Forming in Pfizer Vaccine Contents

You Legally Have the Option to Not Have Your Face Scanned at an Airport. But the Pressure to Comply Is Growing.

Filmmakers Demand Isp Customer Data Is Linked to "Pirating" Reddit Users

Climate Lockdowns: The '15 Minute City' Is a Quarantine Program for Neighborhoods

Bill 36 in BC Proposes Jail Time for Healthcare Whistleblowers

Black Widow Spider Stirs Riots at University, by Jon Rappoport

Congress Unveils $858 Billion NDAa

Wanna Fly? TSA Now Wants to Scan Your Face at Security

SATIRE: Trump Brags He's First President Ever to Lose the Senate Even After Being President

Pay Gap Between U.S. CEOs and Typical Workers

Of Course Trust in the Military Has Declined

Is History Repeating Itself? and Who Will Be Today's Ted Hall? an Interview with the Principals of 'A Compassionate Spy'

Filmmakers Demand Isp Customer Data Is Liked to "Pirating" Reddit Users

Congressman Ro Khanna Is a Lone Democratic Voice Who Pushed Back Against Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship

Gavin Newsom Wants New Tax on Gasoline

Covid Man-Made, Former Wuhan-Based Scientist Says

Bill Gates Will Join Fauci This Week to Dictate U.S. Government Health 'Priorities for the Future'

White House Backs White-Collar Replacement Bill

Let the Best Trash Man Win

Dem Rep Demands Investigation Into FTX 'regulatory Failings' After Raking in Donations from Its Disgraced Ex-Ceo

Katie Hobbs' Office Defends Asking Twitter to Take Down Posts Criticizing Them

Elon Musk Fires Back at San Francisco Mayor After City Opens Investigation Into Twitter Headquarters

Mitch McConnell Snubbed by Family of Capitol Cop Brian Sicknick at Award Ceremony

Ruling Classes Intend to Force Everyone to Use an International Vaccine Passport

Hospital Medically Kidnaps Baby Because Parents Wanted Unvaccinated Blood Supplied by Their Donors

First in the Nation: Philadelphia Transit to Treat Every Commuter Like a Potential Terrorist

Sister of Iranian Supreme Leader Condemns Regime's Crackdown on Protesters

Desantis Fires Warning Shot at Big Pharma Over the mRNA Covid Shots that 'Ended Up Killing People'

Lee Zeldin Won't Run for RNC Chair, But Calls on Ronna McDaniel to Step Aside

Stagflation Risk More Concerning than an Outright Recession, Investors Believe

Germany Orders Farmers to Slash Fertilizer Use to Comply with Green Agenda

The Latest GOP Betrayal

Walker's Failure to Unseat Incumbent Warnock Spells Disastrous Consequences for America

Cops: Black Student Vandalized Black Cultural Center at U.Va.

CDC Used This Secret Backchannel with Twitter to Control the Covid Narrative

'Inclusive' Virginia Restaurant Cancels a Christian Group's Private Event...Isn't that Religious Discrimination?

FBI Met Weekly with Big Tech Ahead of the 2020 Election, Agent Testifies

CNN Coverage of Zeroeyes' A.I. Gun Detection Solution

State Judge Places Hold on Oregon's Gun Law, State to Appeal

Judge Puts Hold on Oregon Gun-Control Law

'Obsolete, Misguided': Critics Call Out Pfizer's Plan for Bivalent Booster for Kids Under 5

3D Printed Violins Could Deliver Music Into Many More Classrooms with Cheap Price Point

World's First Solar Car Goes Into Production...A 4 Passenger EV that Can Run on the Sun

Emails Reveal Fauci 'Covertly Contributed' to Covid Article He Later Quoted

Harsh News for Thousands of U.S. Troops Booted for Refusing Covid Vax

Foraging with "Wildman" Steve Brill in Central Park

No Consequences for Vicious Racist Brittney Cooper

Will Trump Actually Cancel the Constitution?

Chinese Cities Ease Covid Restrictions; Disparate Measures Anger Public

Governments, Big Corporations and Major Foundations Working to Destroy Agriculture in Montana

Chinese People Rejoice After Xi Backs Down, Eases Covid Lockdowns

Biden Regime, Allies Offer Billions to Stop Asian Country from Using Coal

Teachers Flee Unions as Membership Plummets by Almost 60,000

Blackrock CEO Pressured to Resign by Investor for Not Being Green Enough

Kanye West Allegedly Owes California $600,000 in Taxes for Yeezy Clothing Company

SATIRE: James Cameron Releases Testosterone-Free Cut of 'T2' Where Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Replaced by Kip from Napoleon Dynamite

Anthony Fauci, the Father of American Lysenkoism

Duke University Hospital Denies Life Saving Kidney Transplant to Dying 14-Year-Old Girl for Being Unvaccinated

Beware the Prophets of Doom...Organic Food, Fertilisers and Fossil Fuels

Towards a Global Food Disaster, Engineered Through Acts of Political Sabotage: F. William Engdahl

China Operates Over 100 Police Stations Worldwide, Some with Assistance from Host Nations: Updated Report

Canada Is Now Euthanizing 10,000 of Its Citizens a Year

Reporter Claims to Have Uncovered 'smoking-Gun Proof' Linking Oswald to the CIA

Blood Damage Explains Many Harmful Impacts of Covid "Vaccines"

'Tremendous Loss': ATV Accident Marks Border "Authorities"' Second Line-Of-Duty Death in Three Weeks

'Ugly Asterisk': House Democrats Take a Victory Lap After Helping Kill Manchin's Energy Bill

Gay-Lovin' Libraries Can't Stomach Kirk Cameron, Cancel Popular Author

New Zealand Health Officials Gain Guardianship of a Baby Whose Parents Refuse to Use Vaccinated Blood for Their Son's Surgery

Robert Kiyosaki: There are 3 Things Threating a Global Economic Collapse

Reality Check on Battered and Beaten Ukraine

Dead Man Walking

The Covid Crisis, Justin Trudeau, the Freedom Convoy and "The Emergency Act" Fiasco

Polestar Charges $17.50 Per Horsepower for Boost Package as Microtransactions Invade Car Industry

Documentary: "Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor"

Philadelphia Transit to Treat Every Commuter Like a Potential Terrorist

^You mean like the TSA has been doing since 2001?

WEF Thinks of Ways to Regulate Digital ID in the Metaverse

Another Diversity Embarrassment, by Gregory Hood

Covid Restrictions on Outdoor Activity Have Wrecked Children's Ability to Balance

Missouri Bills Would Legalize Retail Sale of Raw Milk

Historically Black College and University Bomb Threats

We are Being Put in Chains, by Paul Craig Roberts

Here's How the CDC Used a Backchannel with Twitter to Control the Covid Narrative

Iowa ACLU Chapter Pushes Schools to Drop School Resource Officers Because Black Kids are Arrested at Higher Rate

Congress Won't Reinstate the Thousands of Troops Discharged for Violating the Covid Shot Mandate

UK PM Rishi Sunak Calls for New Police Powers to Stop "Illegal Protests"

2022 Sound Money Scholarship Winners Announced

You're Fired Superintendent Caught in School-Rape Scandal

Congress Set to Rescind Covid Vaccine Mandate for Troops

Biden Will Likely Announce 2024 Bid After Holidays, Klain Says

Oregon Gun Control Measure Already Backfiring

Hybrid Vehicles Make Sense Nowadays ... Oversized Mansions for Tiny Families? Not So Much ...

Libs Celebrate Guilty Verdict Against Trump Org in Tax Fraud Case But Miss One Key Detail...

China Is the Pied Piper of Global Technocracy

Once Devastated Pacific Reefs See Amazing Rebirth, Recovering with 'shocking Speed'

Bombshell. India's "Shock" and Sudden Excess Mortality (April-July 2021), Caused by Covid Shot Rollout in Its Early Stages?

Eu's Desire to Become a 'Debt Community' to Pay for Ukraine Will Ruin Europe for Generations, Warns Hungarian PM Viktor Orban

Minister 'misled Parliament' on Foreign Office Role in Secret Assange Operation

US Secretly Altered Rocket Launchers to Keep Ukraine from Firing Missiles Into Russia

These are the World's Richest Billionaires Over the Past 10 Years

Donkey Rescued from Abandoned Mine in Nevada

Democrat in Congress Says Biden 'Doesn't Need to Visit the Border'

Xi Honors Deceased Former Leader Jiang Zemin Amid Challenges to His Rule

Tommy Robinson: The Stolen 2020 Election Must Be Fixed If We Want Any Chance of Stopping the Globalist Elite

Corruption and Desertion Became Commonplace Among Ukrainian Troops: British Mercenary

Real ID Requirement for Travelers Delayed Until May 2025

UK Government Prepares "Emergency Powers" to Smash Strikes

Merchants of Poison. How Monsanto Sold the World on a Toxic Pesticide

Ukraine, De Facto NATO Partner: To End the War, Peace Champions Must "Win the War of Ideas"

New Zealand Court Takes Away Custody of Sick Infant from Parents After They Refuse 'Vaccinated' Blood

$1 Billion Worth of Unused Covid Shots in Canada Will Expire by Year's End, Says Auditor General

Interview...The Freedom Convoy Commission with the Jccf

Time to Rid the World of China's Trojan Horse Communications Gear

An Overview of the Situation in Pakistan

Britain and the Revenge of the Technocrats

Despite War, Ukraine Is Diving Headlong Into Technocracy

The Real Reason Behind China's "Zero Covid" Policy

January 6 Trials Remind Us Why We Must Abolish Seditious Conspiracy Laws

5 CIA Chiefs Meddled in 2020 US Election

Elon Musk Faces Federal Probe Over Neuralink Monkey Tests

Putin Drives Across Crimea Bridge in a Mercedes

The Grinch

Herschel Walker Gives Speech Following Loss in Senate Race

Human Rights Org Reveals 48 More Secret Chinese 'Police Stations' Worldwide, Including in L.A., NYC

Teen at Sen. Ted Cruz's Home Hospitalized After 'self-Inflicted Cutting' Emergency Call

Tom Cotton Twists the Knife as Woke Corporation 'Effs Around and Finds Out'

Twitter: Scumbag Comey-Connected Lawyer Fired for 'vetting' Elon's Document Dump

Candace Owens Apologizes for 'Botoxgate' After Facing Backlash for Asking Men Their Opinion on Lip Fillers

Twitter Ablaze as Elon Musk Fires Lawyer Involved in Suppressing Laptop Story

New Clinical Guidance Offers Therapeutic Alternative to 'Affirming' Gender Dysphoric Youth

Anonymous Donor Again Gives $3K to Bless Children with Disabilities: 'A Ray of Sunshine'

Emails Show Trudeau Staffers Were Shocked the Freedom Convoy Had Large Military Member Support

Uniparty: Congress Likely to Deliver Tens of Billions More to Ukraine in Coming Days

Lawsuit Filed in Iraq Against Trump, Aides for Assassination of Qassem Soleimani and Al-Muhandis

Iraq's 'Theft of the Century': Plotters Targeted Chinese and Russian Oil Companies

Now Fashion Retailer Simons Promotes Euthanasia. "Freedom to End Your Own Life"

The Russian Oil Price Cap Won't Work

Pro-Lifers Still Hearing Crickets from FBI After Being Firebombed

Canadian Official Offers to Euthanize Disabled Veteran Asking for Home Wheelchair Lift

Does the GOP Enjoy Losing?

E-Cargo Bikes as the Future of Transport

Georgia Runoff Race: Here's Who Won and What that Means for the Senate

Musk Fires Twitter Lawyer Jim Baker, Former FBI Lawyer Involved in Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story (And the Trump-Russia Investigation)

Jason Snead: The Left Is Melting Down Over an Election Case About to Be Heard by the Supreme Court

SATIRE: Alcohol-Free Gin and Other Drinks that Should Make You Get a Grip and Have a Diet Coke

SATIRE: How Is Your Family Pathetically Competing for Warmth?

Pearl Harbor: Hawaii Was Surprised; FDR Was Not

SATIRE: Five Things Men Never Take for Granted

It's Worse than You Think: Social Media Censorship Is Mass Social Engineering for the One World Government

SATIRE: Rishi Sunak's Guide to Pretending None of This Is Happening

Fauci Said 'I Don't Recall' 174 Times During Big Tech Collusion Deposition, Transcript Shows

Republican Congressman Claims Democrats Agree to Repeal Draconian Military Vaccine Mandates

Why Everyone Must Get Sicker for the Good of Pfizer

Transparency, Tracking Issues Mar Ga Senate Runoff in Fulton County as Observers Cite Limited Access

Italy's Politicized Constitutional Court Upholds Covid Shot Mandate as Fines Kick In

House Unveils Military Defense Funding Bill that Would End Covid "Vaccine" Mandate

SATIRE: Six Bands Stoned Enough to Use Flutes and Other Horribly Pretentious Instruments

The Kazakhstan Gas Situation: A Key Indicator of Things to Come

SATIRE: What to Do If the Paramedics are on Strike, According to Films and TV

Vaxing Your Brain: Google Trying to "Immunize" Users Against Misinformation with New "Info Interventions" Propaganda Scheme

^Conflicting information is not necessarily misinformation, but that is what our misleaders want you to think.

Good News in History, December 7

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We're lied to with headlines like "US counts record 4,000 COVID deaths in a day as virus continues to wreak havoc." These deaths, if accurate in number, were from seasonal flu/influenza -- perhaps pneumonia, and/or related illnesses -- not covid. Individuals succumbing are largely elderly, infirm, likely with other health issues, and weakened immune systems. -- Stephen Lendman | | | | | | | hepya on blogspot | | | | | | | | | | |