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Headlines that I felt needed a comment

DTP Vaccine From Bill Gates Killed 10x More African Girls Than Disease Itself

... Bill Gates needs to go back to whatever hell he slithered out of.

The CDC Keeps Overstepping Its Charter

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Ever Wonder How Bill Gates Spends His Free Time?

... Bill Gates needs to go back to whatever hell he slithered out of.

All You Need To Know About The Covid Shot And Who Is Responsible

... Bill Gates needs to crawl back into his hole.

Desantis Sues CDC Over Their Power Grab

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Separate Yourselves From Those Lacking Courage, Group Yourself With The Courageous

... I disagree. Tearing us apart is exactly what the bad guys want. And, those lacking courage need the more courageous around them as a good influence. Also, separating into like-minded groups makes your group an easier target.

Rogue Street Art Appears In D.C. That Mocks The Biden-Fauci Covid Regime Uncanceled News

... This is great!

Covid Positive Hamsters Lead To Slaughter Of Small Animals In Hong Kong

... Illustrating that those humans are no smarter than their hamsters

Boris Johnson Scraps Covid Mandates In England: We Will Trust The Judgment Of The British People'

... Great news! I need to book a flight to the UK while sanity prevails!

It's A Race Specific Bioweapon. Can You Guess Which Race Is Immune?

... They say it's Amish and Ashkenazi Jews, which are groups/cultures, not races. That means it's more likely diet related.

Just A Moment...

... This study apparently assumes a larger brain makes someone smarter, but there are other studies saying that is not a legitimate assumption. As always, you decide.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Asks Residents To Begin Voluntary Rationing Of Food At Grocery Stores - The Last Refuge

... Officials saying things like that usually has the opposite effect.

"Scientists" Paid To Lie For Government

... Scientists lie routinely, especially when well-paid.

'How Do You Even Trust Them?': Aaron Rodgers Fires Back At Biden After He Orders QB To Get Vaccinated

... Go, Aaron!

NBA Icon John Stockton Links Vax To Deaths Of 100 Pro Athletes Despite Being Canceled By Alma Mater

... I always liked him. :)

Oppressive Covid Rules For Unvaccinated Were Based On Software Error Claims German Minister

... More faulty "computer modeling" powered by artificial intelligence (which isn't)

Iowa Set To Pass Legislation Making Questioning The Holocaust Illegal

... Disgusting, and a violation of the 1st Amendment. Next, they'll outlaw questioning the covid narrative.

Man Killed In Hail Of Police Bullets Fired By Nine Cops On Nashville Interstate

... None of these cops knows how to safely disarm a man with a box-cutter? Send them all to hand-to-hand combat training.

Potato Head Stelter Says Joe Rogan Doesn't Have The Credibility That CNN Does

... Luckily, for Rogan's sake

70% Of Americans Say It's Time To Accept Covid And Move On

... Just as we accepted the flu (which is all that covid is, just renamed)

Are The Globalists Intentionally Destroying The Food Supply Chain To Create A Crisis Of Hunger And Starvation?

... Yes, they are

Weve Got Covid - Towing Companies In Canada Turn Down Requests From Police And Mayor To Haul Away Trucks

... Yes!

Isis Leader Dies After Blowing Up His Family During US Special Operations Raid

... Are they sure it wasn't their second in command? It's almost always the "second in command" that they kill.

Teammate Of Lia Thomas Says UPenn's Trans Swimmer Doesn't Cover Up Her P*nis While In Locker Room With Girls

... It doesn't get much weirder than this, but penis is a perfectly valid term and does not need to be asterisked out like the original headline does.

UK Military Warns Of Nuclear Attack From Space

... Despots Rule #1: Keep the people in constant fear.

After Two Years Of Covid Restrictions, Trudeau Accuses Trucker Convoy Of Interfering With Daily Life

... The hypocrisy is laughable

Fauci: U.S. Heading Out Of Full-Blown Pandemic Phase

... There never was a full-blown pandemic outside of the media and bureaucrats' head space.

Retiring Democrat In Tennessee Says Party Is Facing Extinction In State

... Good! Ninety-nine percent of us are Republicans or Libertarians, anyway.

City Of Santa Monica Tweets Alert Of U.S. Air Force Flyover For Super Bowl With Image If Iranian Mig-29

... Agents provocateur

Amnesty International Smears Peaceful Freedom Protesters As Violent Racists Conservative Firing Line

... How can a protest against unsafe medical treatments be equated to racism?

Washington Has Been Predicting A Russian Invasion Of Ukraine For 8 Years By Paul Craig Roberts

... Kinda like Israel predicting Iran's nuclear weapons for decades. Probably the same people are behind both.

This Is The Start Of The De-Personing

... This post gives these moronic tyrants too much credit

Corporations Working Hand-In-Glove To Enforce Illegal Government Mandates News With Views

... That's how fascism/corporatocracy works

Somebody Must Really Want A War In Ukraine, And We Should Remember That Both Previous World Wars Were Sparked In Eastern Europe

... "They" want a war anywhere they can get it

Bill Gates Says MRNA Vaccines Will Eliminate Colds And The Flu

... 'cuz when you're dead, you don't get sick! Brilliant! But, seriously, I am unvaccinated and haven't had a cold or flu in two years, so living my life as close to normal as possible must work!

Il Governor Pritzker Fighting Tooth And Nail To Continue Masking Kids PJ Media

... ... because it's all about ruining the NEXT generation, you see.

Creepy Bill Gates Says Misinformation Enhanced Vaccine Hesitation And Led To Deaths - Claims Wearing Masks Is Like Wearing Pants

... Bill Gates is not as smart as he and others want you to think

Bill Gates Is Ready To Capitalize On The Next Pandemic - 21st Century Wire

... Bill Gates is a piece of sh-t

Cruz: Biden Limiting SCOTUS Pick To A Black Woman Is Discriminating Based On Race'

... Yep. Liberals just don't get it, can't see what should be obvious.

Australia Urged To Stop Maliciously Spreading Disinfo

... As almost everywhere else, it's their government and media who are spreading the disinformation

Bill Gates: Sadly Omicron Has Done A Better Job Than The Vaccines

... Sad for those invested in dangerous "vaccines," sure.

Dark Day For Canada: Mps Side With Trudeau, Vote In Favor Of Police State...Puppet Masters...SOTT.Net

... What is it with the former British colonies turning Fascist? First Australia and New Zealand, and now Canada?

UK And US Are The Masterminds Behind Kazakhstans January Unrest? New Eastern Outlook

... I guess to pester Russia from both flanks?

Scientists Create Device That Wraps Around Hot Surfaces And Turns Wasted Heat Into Electricity

... Cool! No pun intended.

There Are Only 21 Full Democracies In The World (And USA Is Not One Of Them)

... Need to remove New Zealand from this list, thanks to their tyrant PM

Tyrant Trudeau: Let's Remember, We're Fighting A Virus, Not Each Other... Now Is The Time To Be There For One Another

... We're fighting tyranny, not each other

How Crimea Became Part Of Russia And Why It Was Gifted To Ukraine

... This is a good article for a very brief history of the region. Russia is not the bad guy here.

Florida Defunds Schools That Forced Masking Despite Ban And Seeks Compensation For Hurt Students

... Good!

It Is Time To Recover Our Freedom: Dominican Republic Drops All Covid Mandates, Restrictions

... That's it! I'm moving to Dominican Republic! :)

Reddit The Nation: Ukraine's Official Twitter Account Calls For Russia To Be Deplatformed

... Ooh, that'll show 'em!

Iceland Drops Remaining Covid Restrictions, Says Natural Immunity Necessary To End Pandemic

... That's it! I'm moving to Iceland! :)

62 Percent Of Voters Say Putin Wouldn't Have Invaded Ukraine If Trump Was Still President

... Putin was simply retaliating for Ukraine's years-long bombing of Donbass. And Trump is only slightly smarter than Biden.

Official Government Data: Twice As Many Deaths Following Covid Shots In 1 Year As Deaths Following All Vaccines For The Previous 30 Years

... Good News: You have "only" a 6% chance of being killed or permanently disabled by that "vaccine" you got. Bad News: That's TWICE what all other vaccines, combined, did to people over the past 30 years.

Oh No! Bill Gates Sad That Omicron Was A Better Vaccine

... Why does anyone care anymore what Bill Gates says?

US Nuclear Attack Against Ussr Planned During World War II - Global Researchglobal Research - Centre For Research On Globalization

... Stupid headline. Of COURSE there were contingency plans back then!

Biden Nominates Ketanji Jackson To Supreme Court, Keeps Vow To Base Choice On Race And Sex

... So, he admits to being racist and sexist, but his 2,345 actually verified voters will be too stupid to see that.

Moonbattery Bill Gates Wants To Emulate Australia's Covid Response - Moonbattery

... Let him move there, then. Even better, he would love New Zealand's PM.

Dem Rep. Suggests Kicking Out Every Russian Student In The U.S.

... Because what their homeland's government does is "clearly" the students' fault?

Is Putin Crazy? Russian President Rumored To Be Exhibiting Paranoia, Erratic Behavior

... Well, he did just basically ENSURE Ukraine's inclusion into NATO with this war, supposedly his greatest fear, so maybe he has gone crazy.

Court Strikes Down New Zealand Vaccine Mandate

... Good news!

Putin Hopes To Expose Biden's Crime Wave In Ukraine

... Let's hope!

Putin Stripped Of Honorary Taekwondo Black Belt

... I thought for sure this was from BabylonBee, but no.

German City Diverts Goods From Landfills, Repairs Them, Then Sells In Department Store For Reuse

... I love it.

Double-Vaccinated 20-Year-Old Model Suffers Heart Attack And Both Legs Amputated News With Views

... Disgusting! Is nobody -- these "scientists" we hear about -- out there trying to find a correlation between certain pre-existing conditions and this vax that's causing this? At least give people a heads-up!

Czech Republic, Slovakia And Latvia Threaten To Jail Citizens Who Voice Support For Russia

... No freedom of speech there? Good to know... and avoid/boycott as a tourist, which Czechia especially depends on.

Ukraine Wants Its Foreign Debt Written Off

... I want MY debt written off, too!

Never Forget: The Same Politicians Calling For Freedom Now Are The Ones Who Took Yours Away Months Ago

... Good point

There Was A Strange Moment At The End - Andrea Mitchell Can't Figure Out Why Biden Ended Sotu Address With Go Get Em!

... It's because he's senile

Has Biden Unknowingly Begun World War III In Financial Markets?

... Everything Biden does is unknowingly

Desantis Asks Students To Take Off Their Masks We Ve Got To Stop With This Covid Theater

... Yes!

'Beyond Humanity ... Damn Them': Russian Attack On Holocaust Memorial Slammed

... It wasn't hit. Every article I've read says missiles struck CLOSE TO or NEARBY. See Babi Yar Unscathed

Russia Declares War On The Straussians...Secret History...SOTT.Net

... Good article

Desantis Tells Students Standing Behind Him To Take Off Ridiculous Masks

... Yes!

Surgeon General Demands Tech Companies Hand Over Data On Covid Misinformation

... Including their own?

Rt America Ceases Productions And Lays Off Most Of Its Staff

... That's one way to kill off one of the better news sites.

NFL Suspends All Covid Protocols - Drops All Masks And Testing Requirements Regardless Of Vaccination Status

... Great! The knee-bending obedient ones are finally coming around?

US Senate Passes Resolution To End Covid National State Of Emergency

... Of course, there never was an emergency, and this is merely a political ploy, but thank you for finally coming to your senses!

Zelenskyy Lies About Russia Shelling Nuclear Plant And Triggering Radiation Leak In Latest Bid To Con NATO Into War

... NATO's telling this clown what to say.

Dangerous Crossroads: A World War III Scenario At The Height Of The Corona Crisis

... It's not the height of the corona crisis, it's the end, and we've been in WWIII for two years now.

Did The Prophet Ezekiel Predict Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine?

... Prophets don't generally waste their prophecies on minor wars. Besides, the 'headlines with question marks' rule applies here.

Is Putin The New Coronavirus?

... Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yessss!!!!

Florida Department Of Health To Recommend Against Covid Vax For Healthy Children

... No wonder people are moving in droves to Florida.

'It's Such A Waste': Shop Owner Quitting Democrat-Run City

... That is a shame, but that town would soon be cancelling her, anyway, since she's apparently Russian.

Biden Rejected By Saudis, UAE As He Tries To Replace Banned Russian Oil - 21st Century Wire

... Misleading headline. Being squeezed is not the same as being rejected.

Redwood Forests Given To The Sinkyone Tribe To Protect Growth In Mendocino, California

... I never use this word, but this is AWESOME!

'No Effect': Austria Suspends National Vaccine Mandate

... They either came to their senses or realized they were sure to lose the next election

Biden Regime Bans Unvaccinated Tennis Ace Djokovic From Competing

... Yes, we must ban everyone with personal integrity and the courage to stand up for what's right

Duckduckgo CEO Announces Google-Style Censorship Scheme Of Content Deemed Russian Disinformation'

... Because they're suddenly experts on the veracity of all possible information? Another one bites the dust.

United Airlines To Allow Unvaccinated Employees Back To Work On March 28

... Good. I can take them off my boycott list.

Rand Paul's Fauci Amendment Eliminates Health Dictator In Chief'

... Good!

Megalomaniac Tony Fauci Fears GOP Will Target Him If They Take Control Of Congress Next Year

... They should!

U.K. Data Shows 9 In 10 Covid Deaths Are Among The Fully Vaccinated, But U.S. Data Is Vastly Different; Is The CDC Lying To The Public?

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

US Volunteer Fighter: Stop Coming To Ukraine, Its A Trap And Theyre Not Letting You Leave

... Wow

Will Russia, Along With China, Iran, And The Rest Of The World Outside Of NATO Have The Last Laugh In The New World Economy?

... Probably

University Gives Unexpected Bonus To All Employees Saying Thanks For Their Service During Covid

... Thank you for helping us reap the rewards of this fake pandemic

CDC Says It Accidentally Inflated Pediatric Covid Data Used In Media Scare Pieces, Cites Coding Logic Error'

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

'I Don't Think We Can Afford To Move On From Covid, Surgeon General Says

... I don't think we can afford this idiot in a position of power

CDC Removed 25% Of Pediatric Covid Deaths Overnight And Blamed It On A Coding Error

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

The Three Cs Preventing Total State Control Uncanceled News

... Maybe it's just me, and this might be a good article, but you can't promise a list in the title but not provide a clearly marked list. They also mention a list of five somethings but give no numbered list.

The End Of United States World Hegemony Looms Large New Eastern Outlook

... The question is, whose neck will the NWO be biting into next?

Engineered Destruction Of Civil Society

... I find it helpful, albeit infuriating, to keep this in mind: there is nothing random about today's chaos.

The UN Is Warning That We Are Heading Into The Worst Global Food Crisis Since World War 2

... They know because they helped plan it.

Being Vaccinated And Boosted Associated With Wanting To Risk WW3 Over Ukraine

... News flash: being an unthinking follower associated with stupidity.

Assad: What Is This Democratic West In Which Hundreds Of Millions Of People Live But Which Has Only One Opinion?'

... Good point

Fauci Now Says He Wants To Quit

... Having done all the damage he could possibly do, it's time to move on?

Psaki Tests Positive For Covid After Two Meetings With Biden

... Luckily, testing positive means nothing these days, if it ever did.

Lockdowns Are Unnecessary, Ineffective And Harmful And Must Never Happen Again The Daily Sceptic

... I'll second that!

Ukrainian Frontline Medic Claims Hes Ordered Castration Of All Russian Pows

... Ukrainian soldiers committing war crimes like the Nazis that they are.

Twitter Now Suspends Babylon Bee Editor Following Joke About Satire Site Being Suspended

... Why does anyone even use Twitter, Facebook or YouTube anymore when there are so many alternatives that don't shut down free speech?

NATO Chief Warns Putin: Russia Can Never Win A Nuclear War

... I get so tired of the fear porn, don't you?

Grim Milestone: US Coronavirus Deaths Pass One Million Mark - More Than 600,000 Deaths Under Biden

... Humans have been dying from coronaviruses for millennia.

Biden: Expect Real Food Shortages In Europe And The United States

... Only a crappy "leader" would tell his people to "expect" bad things. A good leader would warn of impending problems while maintaining an encouraging tone, and come up with good real-world solutions.

SATIRE: Bill Clinton Tests Positive For Covid, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Hiv, Herpes (Continued)

... Luckily, testing positive means nothing these days, if it ever did.

U.S. Navy Base At Gitmo Honors Madeleine Albright By Flying McDonald's Flag At Half-Mast

... Because she was a warrior for capitalism?

White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Tests Positive For Covid After Returning From Europe Trip Fox News

... Luckily, testing positive means nothing these days, if it ever did.

Denver BLM Protesters Awarded $14 Million By Jury For Injuries During Violent Riots

... That's one way to get paid for rioting.

Eight In Ten Americans Worried Bidens Bumbling Will Lead To Nuclear War

... I get so tired of the fear porn, don't you?

U.S. Calls BS On Bellingcat Report Claiming Roman Abramovich Was Poisoned With Chemical Weapons During Peace Talks'

... Bellingcat is NOT a reliable source.

The Exodus From US Cities Is Gaining Speed, New Census Data Show

... From "blue" states to "red," mostly.

NFL Demands Teams Hire Women Or Minorities As Coaches Next Season The Post Millennial

... What about left-handed transgenered farm animals? We can't exclude any demographic!

FDA Authorizes Second Pfizer And Moderna Booster Shot For People 50 And Older And Immunocompromised Individuals

... Everyone mentioned in the title, above, has lost all credibility with all but the most credulous.

Medicalizing Grief: Psychiatrists Suggest If You Grieve Over A Lost Loved One After One Year, You Could Be An Addict! And Theres A Drug To Treat It!

... Doctors' (especially psychiatrists) favorite thing is to over-diagnose their patients and put them on the never-ending "treatment" treadmill.

Worldwide Walkouts - Show Up Strong To Defeat The Mandates Children's Health Defense

... If you live anywhere near L.A., please attend this! I don't want my home state turning into Nazi Germany or the new Soviet Union.

Aphasia Can Be Caused By The Covid Shot

... Misleading article. Willis has been suffering privately from aphasia for years. Besides, he was anti-vax so was probably not "vaccinated."

Pennsylvania Judge Orders Five Democrat School Board Members Immediately Removed Over Mask Mandate

... Great!

Jon Stewart: America Has Always Prioritized White Comfort Over Black Survival - Whites Have A Very, Very Serious Problem'

... It's always been the Haves against the Have-Nots regardless of skin color.

$1m Reward For A CDC Or FDA Whistleblower

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Tests Positive For CCP Virus

... Luckily, testing positive means nothing these days, if it ever did.

W.H.O. Says New Covid Variant Xe Found In UK Could Be The Most Transmissible Variant Yet

... "Could be." I could be Batman, but I'm not. Besides, "transmissible" does NOT mean deadly.

SATIRE: CDC Recommends Isolating Yourself From All Other Human Beings By Going To See Morbius

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

We Need To Out These People... They're Everywhere: Dr. Malone Says It's Time To Start Doxing The World Economic Forum's Globalist Cabal - Let's Go Get Them -

... Great idea!

Fauci: Herd Immunity Is Most Likely Unattainable

... For Fauci, integrity and sanity are unattainable.

Report Shows Teachers Union Directed CDC On School Lockdowns

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Is The US Planning To Assassinate Pakistans Imran Khan? New Eastern Outlook

... They probably have plans to assassinate every world leader... just in case, you know.

Russian Soldiers Accused Of Setting Up Crematoria In New Auschwitz'

... It's apparently "From An 8-Year-Old YouTube Video"

The Next Big Reason To Give The CDC More Tax Dollars

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

The Global Fertilizer Shortage Means That Far Less Food Will Be Grown All Over The Planet In 2022

... I'm not buying this "fertilizer shortage." If you have farms and farm animals anywhere near you, there's your fertilizer.

FDA Wants To Move Covid Shots To Flu Like Model

... That makes sense in that covid is just another strain of flu... except that the "flu shot" never did anyone much good because it's NEVER from the latest strain.

82-Year-Old Nancy Pelosi Tests Positive For Covid - Was With Biden Yesterday

... Luckily, testing positive means nothing these days, if it ever did.

Wind Energy Company Fined $8 Million After Turbines Kill At Least 150 Eagles

... All windmills/turbines with blades, no matter what they're made of, need to be replaced by one of these: a new kind of windmill

Communist Subversion Teacher Says 20 Of 32 Fourth-Grade Students Have Come Out To Her As LGBTQia

... This simply illustrates just how malleable children are, and why they should be left alone to grow up naturally!

Capitol Hill Fox Euthanized, Tests Positive For Rabies

... Luckily, testing positive means nothing these days, if it ever did.

In Preparation For Nuclear War, Romania Issues Potassium Iodide Pills To Citizens

... I get so tired of the fear porn, don't you?

U.S. Wind Energy Company Pleads Guilty For Killing At Least 150 Eagles; Ordered To Pay $8m In Fines

... Serves them right. There's a new kind of "windmill" that has no blades, and therefore kills no birds. See a new kind of windmill

Only 28% Say Biden Better For America Than Trump

... Where were these 28%, at a home for the mentally-disabled?

French President Says He Is Opposed To Self-Defense After Farmer Shoots 1 Of 4 Burglars Who Broke Into Home

... Says the man with 24/7 armed security.

Nancy Pelosi Tests Positive For Covid

... Luckily, testing positive means nothing these days, if it ever did.

CDC Recently Released Data Showing The Most Vaccinated Counties Have The Most Covid Cases

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Lockdowns, Not The Pandemic, Created Havoc

... Yep, as I've been saying since Day 1.

The Zipcharge Go Allows Drivers To Plug Their Electric Cars ANYTime, Anywhere

... Cool, but if they can make this portable, can they make it recharge while driving? And if they can do that, then just make the main battery recharge while driving, as needed. Easier said than done, I know.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed To Supreme Court Despite Leniency For Child Porn

... The woman who can't define what a woman is? This can't be good.

Hospital Refuses To Give 9-Year-Old Boy Life Saving Kidney Transplant Because Father Is Unvaccinated

... This is against the law, plain and simple.

Marxist Reset: Federal Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force (Yes, Really) Announces The US Will Rename 660 Mountains, Rivers, And Landmarks To Remove Racist Language - More Surely To Come

... They should rename Zion National Park, then, because I find Zionism offensive.

Nuclear War Is On The Horizon

... I get so tired of the fear porn, don't you?

Outrage As Azov Nazi Addresses Greek Parliament

... Nazis! They're the new "freedom fighters!"

7-Foot Robot At Dallas Love Field Airport Watches For Unmasked Travelers, Will Notify Law Enforcement Of Potential Crimes

... Remind me never to use that airport.

Texas Starts Dispatching Charter Buses To The Southern Border To Transport Illegal Immigrants To Washington D.C.

... I love this.

How Donald Trump And The GOP Can Take Back America

... Forget Trump and the GOP and any other false savior. Real people, you and I, need to take back this country.

Voting In France Is On Sunday: No Mail-In Ballots, No Dirty Voting Machines, Only Paper Ballots And Everyone Must Show A Voter Id

... That's great, and all, but they still keep ending up with a complete asshat as their president.

Former CDC Director: Bird Flu Is The Real Pandemic C19 Was Just Practice

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Tests Positive For Covid After Attending Super Spreader Event In DC

... Luckily, testing positive means nothing these days, if it ever did.

CDC Warns Of Meningococcal Disease Outbreak In Florida Primarily Affecting Gay, Bi Men

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Actor Sean Penn's Charity Funded By Usaid, The Clintons, Rockefellers, Bill Gates And Jack Dorsey

... Bill Gates needs to go back to whatever hell he slithered out of.

Is Bird Flu The Next Pandemic?

... That's what the bad guys hope, at least.

Please Stop Seeing Doctors Who Require Masks

... I stopped seeing my old dentist because of their mask policy, and I told them so, not that they care... until everyone starts doing it.

Worst Megadrought In 1,200 Years Is About To Cause Unprecedented Water Crises In America

... I get so tired of the fear porn, don't you?

Dr. Mehmet Oz Needs To Lose To Remind Donald Trump That He Needs To Listen To His Base

... The base needs to just stop listening to Trump. We don't need him.

Covid Outbreak Hits DC Elites: 72 High-Profile Personalities Test Positive After Attending Gridiron Super-Spreader Dinner

... Luckily, testing "positive" means nothing these days, if it ever did.

We The People Will Not Comply! -- Thousands Join Defeat The Mandates Rally Against Covid Mandates In L.A. On Sunday

... Thank you to everyone who showed up!

Fistfight Breaks Out Between NASCAR Drivers At Martinsville Speedway

... Shocker! Not.

Dengue Detection Smartphone Tech Offers Hope For Low-Cost Testing On Par With Labs

... So, wildly innacurate, then?

Unvaccinated Aussies Can't Leave The Country Because Of Treaty With W.H.O.

... Canada, New Zealand and Australia (former British colonies) were apparently chosen to find out just how much the NWO can get away with.

Fauci Says Its Now Up To Americans To Assess Their Own Covid Risk

... Zero chance of covid, and normal % chance of flu or cold, then. How is this idiot still breathing?

Biden's Covid Czar Says Extension Of The Federal Mask Mandate On Airplanes Is Absolutely On The Table

... These a--holes need to be on the autopsy table

What Percentage Of Americans Believe That We Are Living In The End Times?

... It's not the end times, just the end of blissful ignorance.

California Looks To Let Illegals Become Police Officers

... This headline is meant to shock you, I'm sure, but I don't care if someone is illegal as long as they contribute to society, don't work for less than minimum wage, and pay taxes.

Biden Bypasses Congress, Issues New Gun Control Dictate With Complete Disregard For 2nd Amendment

... And Congress just lets him?

Trump's Approval Ratings Remain High In Battleground States, Biden's Continue To Decline

... I get so tired of this Trump fanboy crap, don't you?

'Arrest Bill Gates': Protesters Confront Billionaire At Speaking Venue

... Bill Gates needs to go back to whatever hell he slithered out of.

FOIA Request: 70% Of Covid Infections At The CDC Were Among The Vaccinated

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Dr. Oz Promoted Transgender Movement In Children

... He's a celebrity, and you have to assume they're perverts and idiots until proven otherwise.

If Production Stops Humanity Has Nothing To Eat In 90 Days

... No sh-t. If you stop breathing, you will die. What a stupid, fear porn headline.

BBC Guide Tells Parents To Examine Their Biases If Their Toddler Only Has White Friends

... Of course, if they only have black or brown friends, that's fine.

Bill Gates Said It's Kind Of Weird That Crazy People Are Protesting Vaccines Outside His Ted Talk When He Has Helped Save Millions Of Lives

... The man who openly wants to reduce the population is saving lives? I don't think so!

How Covid Shot Causes Alzheimers Like Brain Changes

... These "vaccines" attack the immune system, so, any issues you already had are made worse.

Tucker Carlson Dubs Musks Twitter Takeover As Direct Challenge To Elite

... Maybe, but he's still an idiot transhumanist who "stands with Ukraine."

Swedish Folk Band Cancelled Because They Play A Russian Musical Instrument

... It cannot get much stupider than this. Is the Beatles' song "Back in the USSR" going to be banned, too? The word "balalaika" is mentioned, after all.

Bill Gates Says Crazy Protests Against His Vaccines Are Kind Of Weird

... ...because he's clueless

South American Country Will Ration Water

... Another misleading headline. It's one "metropolitan region" in one country.

CDC To Extend Masks-On-Planes Requirement For 2 Weeks

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Boston Couple Plans To Build City's 1st Holocaust Museum

... I'm sure they'll be building Holodomor and Armenian genocide museums next to it, right?

SATIRE: Smart: Man Imports Chinese Version Of Films So He Doesn't Have To See All The LGBTQ Stuff

... Good idea, actually

Dementia Joes CDC Decides To Extend Draconian Mask Mandate

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Delta Airlines Will Treat Covid As Seasonal Virus - Drops $200 Surcharge For Unvaccinated Employees

... Finally, somebody pulled their head out of their a$$.

Stop Airing Misleading Naaptol & Sensodyne Ads, Gov't Tells Private TV Channels

... By this logic, they should also stop all promotion of the covid shot.

Oil India HQ Hit With Massive Cyberattack, Hackers Demands ₹60 Crore In Bitcoin

... I'm sure this has nothing to do with India buying Russian oil despite the US sanctions.

Pboc Pre-Announces More Easing Measures As Xi Pledges Lockdowns Will Continue Until Covid Defeated

... The beatings will continue until morale improves!

Democrats For Open Borders: Star Trek Crew Goes Back In Time To Beat Up Ice Agents, Hijack Bus, And Release More Illegals In US...Sponsored By Dell And Jc Penney

... Gateway Pundit keeps trying to trigger outrage with b.s. excuses to cry and complain about everything

Donald Trump Crushes Former US Attorney Who Did Nothing To Stop 2020 Election Fraud In Pennsylvania

... I get so tired of this Trump fanboy crap, don't you?

U.N./W.E.F. Call For New Global Social Contract With No One Left Behind'

... Translation: Social Contract = Social Credit Score; No One Left Behind = Forced Upon Us

Fauci Praises China, Says: You Use Lockdowns To Get People Vaccinated

... Anyone who praises China is a moron, a psychopath, or both.

Dianne Feinstein's Cognitive Decline Is So Bad That A Lawmaker Had To Reintroduce Themselves To Her Multiple Times During One Encounter

... Biden, Feinstein, et al., illustrate the need for term limits.

U.S. Air Force's Best Pilots Dazzle In Astounding Feats Of Flight

... Waste of fuel, if you ask me.

US Fed Warns Hackers Have Developed Tool Targeting Industrial Control Systems

... They know this because their handlers helped create it.

Constructive Feedback Is Surprisingly Welcome So Just Do It

... True. I have a hard time getting helpful criticism for my novels.

California Start-Up Sends Tiny Robots Deep Into Your Brain Using Magnets To Treat Disorders

... "Disorders" like thinking for yourself? What could possibly go wrong?

A Motivated Reader Asks: How Do I Start A Mask Free Airlines? Its Easier Than You Think

... Someone else tried this a couple years ago, but it apparently never got off the ground. No pun intended.

Is Covid Snake Venom In Municipal Water Story A Psy-Op?

... Yes. Venom in water quickly loses all power, virulence, whatever you want to call it.

Pink Floyd Reunites To Record First New Material In 28 Years A Protest Song Against The Ukraine War

... Politically correct after all these years. How about a protest song against the covid scam?

Biden Covid Czar: Little Kids Should Still Wear Masks Because CDC Says So

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Bill Gates Trashes Detractors At Ted Talk: Its Kind Of Weird That Crazy People Are Protesting Miracle Vaccines That Saved Millions Of Lives'

... Bill Gates needs to go back to whatever hell he slithered out of.

Telegraphing Mass Death From Bird Flu: Is It Only A Way To Hide The Impending Deaths Due To The Covid Bio-Weapon Injection?

... I'm sure the plan has always been tto blame vaccine deaths on this or some other virus.

Egypt Decides To Save Itself From Hunger On Its Own New Eastern Outlook

... Good for them, but it's not on their own, it's in cooperation/trade with Russia.

US Should Compensate France For Losses If EU Bans Russian Gas Says French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen

... If the EU is doing the banning, they need to be the ones compensating France.

Citizens In ShanghAI Rebel Against Chinas Zero Covid Policy

... Good! F-ck China.

More Than 1 Million Covid Shot Injuries, Nearly 27,000 Deaths Reported To VAERS, CDC Data Show Uncanceled News

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Stacey Abrams Increased Her Net Worth 3,000% In Less Than 4 Years - What Is The Real Source Of Her Income?

... Misleading headline. She's a best-selling author, which is probably the source of her income.

Does Our Universe Have A Twin That Runs Backward In Time?

... Probably. There's a yin for every yang.

Army Whistleblower Speaks Out Retaliatory Weaponization Of Psychiatry

... An old Soviet trick

Bill Gates Has Given $68 Million To Organization That Sells Abortion Pills Worldwide

... Bill Gates needs to go back to whatever hell he slithered out of.

H5n1 Bird Flu Hoax: "Authorities" Claim 50% Of Humans May Die

... Not again. Hopefully most people now are wise to these "authorities" and their claims.

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Appeal By Fired NYC Teachers Over Vaccine Dispute

... SCOTUS is bought and paid for

U.S. Federal Judge Overturns Biden's Mask Mandate On Public Transportation

... Great! If there were more judges with brains and integrity, this country might get back to some semblance of sanity.

Major Railroad Company Curtailing Shipments Of Fertilizer Ahead Of Crucial Spring Planting Season

... More "controlled demolition" of our economy. How many Union Pacific executives are WEF members?

Youtube Removes Tucker Carlson Interview With De-Transitioned Woman

... They remove this one, but leave all the porn and "how to build a bomb" videos?

This Video Of Dr. Oz On Covid Should Have Trump Rethinking His Endorsement

... The Trumps have been in on the covid scam all along.

White House Schedules A Second Global Covid Summit

... Because the first scam wasn't bad enough, try, try again.

Biden's DOJ Announces It Will Appeal Monday's Mask Mandate Ruling If CDC Decides To Keep Mandate...Just Hours After Biden Says It's Up To Individuals To Wear Them

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

G.E. Produces First 100% Recyclable Wind Turbine That Can Be Remade Even As It Ages

... All windmills/turbines with blades, no matter what they're made of, need to be replaced by one of these at a new kind of windmill.

Washington State Buckles To Parental Pressure, Drops Covid Vax Requirement For School

... Good! Keep it up, parents!

The CDC Removes All Countries From Its Highest Level Of Travel Warnings - Still Pushes Vaccines

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Leaked Memo: Bernie Sanders Hasn't Ruled Out A Third Presidential Run

... All political and judicial positions need a mandatory retirement age of 75, if not younger.

How Russia India China Axis Is Defeating Western Sanctions Over Ukraine

... I'm not a huge fan of any of those three countries, but at least they're serving as a counter-balance to the now-crazy West.

CDC Tells DOJ To Reimplement Mask Mandate

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

80 Year Old Bernie Sanders Open To Running Again If Biden Doesn't Run In 2024

... All political and judicial positions need a mandatory retirement age of 75, if not younger.

Multiple Large Food Processing & Distribution Plants In US Have Recently Exploded Or Burned Down

... All part of the controlled demolition of society that is currently under way.

CNN Will Shut Down At End Of April...Just One Month After Launch

... Hardly anyone watches the free version anymore. Why did they think anyone would PAY for it?

Mom Who Opened Fire On Son's Tormentors Last Year Says Horrific Bullying Is Continuing

... Too bad she missed when she opened fire.

This Is A CDC Issue, It Should Not Have Been A Court Issue - Fauci Insists The CDC Should Be Above Federal Courts And Law

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Netflix Loses $40 Billion After Russia Exit

... Cancel culture cuts both ways. Just ask Ethan Klein.

Delta Allows Passengers Banned Over Mask Violations To Return To Flights

... That's nice. Of course, the airlines are desperate for ANY passengers, thanks to this covid scam.

UK Government Document Admits 19 Million People Have Rejected Covid Jabs

... It's good to know there are at least 19 million Brits who think for themselves, have a backbone, and value their health.

Plane Crashes Near General Mills Food Plant Amid Outbreak Of Fires In Food Processing Facilities Across The Nation

... All part of the controlled demolition of society that is currently under way.

Fauci Decrees That CDC Should Be Above Authority Of Courts

... The CDC has no power other than the power of suggestion.

Macron Claims Banning Islamic Veil Would Spark Civil War In France

... I'm guessing the same people who have a problem with those veils are okay with these stupid covid masks.

Psaki Doubles Down, Declares Teachers Should Be Talking To Five-Year-Olds About Gender Identity

... Nobody needs to be talking to 5-year-olds about any aspect of sex other than, maybe, explaining that babies are carried by females. If they don't know their own sex, tell them to look between their legs.

Random Spree Of Food Processing Plants Burning Down Is Part Of The Food Shortage And Depopulation Plan

... All part of the controlled demolition of society that is currently under way.

Stephen Colbert Tests Positive For Covid, Says He's Grateful To Be Vaccinated And Boosted'

... Moron

Tucker Reports On Odd Coincidence Of Multiple Food Processing Plants Burning Down What S Going On

... All part of the controlled demolition of society that is currently under way.

Louisiana House Passes Bill To Ban State And Local Government Covid Shot Mandates

... Hallelujah. Louisiana has been one of the worst.

BLM's Hawk Newsome Blames Mayor Eric Adams For NYC War Zone'

... FYI, Mayor Adams is black.

Zelenskiy Says Ukraine Needs $7 Billion Per Month To Make Up For Losses Caused By Invasion

... Good luck with that!

Fauci: I Corrected Trump On Covid Ivermectin 'To Maintain My Integrity'

... The Trumps have been in on the covid scam all along.

Tucker Carlson Discusses Food Processing Plants Across The Country Catching Fire, Over A Dozen Factories Destroyed

... All part of the controlled demolition of society that is currently under way.

The Death Throes Of The Public Health Expert

... And it couldn't happen to a creepier bunch of people.

Something Strange Happening To Us Food Processing Plants

... All part of the controlled demolition of society that is currently under way.

Are Russian Oligarchs Being Assassinated?

... It' hard to feel sorry for oligarchs.

Charges Dropped Against Memphis BLM Founder Convicted Of Illegal Voter Registration, Will Not Have To Serve Her Six Year Sentence

... ALL lives matter (as long as they're not destructive)

Elon Musk Destroys Bill Gates: Tweets Photo Captioned "In Case You Need To Lose A B*Ner Fast" After Confirming Leaked Texts Where He Turns Down "Philanthropy Possibilities"

... Bill Gates needs to go back to whatever hell he slithered out of.

City Official Sues Because Criticism Caused Him Emotional Distress

... Poor baby

Two Russian Oligarchs Linked To Gazprom Found Dead This Week

... It' hard to feel sorry for oligarchs.

FBI Warns Of Cyber Attacks On Food Plants Following Mysterious Rash Of Fires

... All part of the controlled demolition of society that is currently under way.

Blue State Governor S Craving For Control It S Time To Let Go Of Emergency Powers

... Amen to that! And it's not just "blue" states. Every single one of them (other than, maybe, South Dakota) completely over-reacted.

Fbi Warns Of Targeted Cyber Attacks On Food Plants After Mysterious Rash Of Fires

... All part of the controlled demolition of society that is currently under way.

Breaking Emmanuel Macron Projected To Win Reelection As France S President

... Another rigged election, I'm sure

Florida Sheriff Says He Prefers People Shoot Home Invaders

... My kinda sheriff!

The Next Staged Supply Chain Shockwave Food Processing Plants Targeted By Fires

... All part of the controlled demolition of society that is currently under way.

Macron Re Elected French President Le Pen Concedes Defeat

... Another rigged election, I'm sure

Cop Pulls Over Car, Realizes Reason For Shocking Behavior When He Finally Looks Inside

... Such a click-bait headline. smh

Macron Wins Reelection After Banning Opposition Having Eu Launch Fraud Investigation Into Le Pen

... Another rigged election, I'm sure

Mysterious Fires At Food Plants And Fbi Warns Of Attacks On Agriculture May Cause Food Shortages

... All part of the controlled demolition of society that is currently under way.

Macron Reelected The Old Fashioned Way

... Another rigged election, I'm sure

While JPMorgan Chase Was Getting Trillions Of Dollars In Loans At Almost 0% Interest, It Was Charging 17% To Americans Hit By The 'Pandemic'

... This is not news. The big banks/credit card companies have been scumbags since their inception.

Why Are So Many Mysterious Fires Happening At Food Processing Facilities All Across The United States

... All part of the controlled demolition of society that is currently under way.

Facebook Google Stripe Shopify Investing A Billion Dollars In Pre Orders For Captured Carbon

... FYI, dumbasses, the planet needs carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Plenty of studies have shown that CO2 increases AFTER a warming period, not the other way around. Luckily, this is probably just a do-nothing money-making scheme.

You Need To Be Thinking Now About Bartering

... Yep

Biden Accepts Invitation To Visit Israel In Coming Months

... I won't be surprised if the Deep State takes him out and blames it on Muslim terrorists.

Breaking It S Official Twitter Is Sold Twitter Shares Halted Pending News Of Sale Company Sold To Elon Musk For 44 Billion

... Hopefully, their free-speech-hating CEO will be the first to be fired.

The French Center Holds In A World Coming Apart

... Another rigged election, I'm sure

The Food Shortage Writing On The Wall Is Crystal Clear So Why Are So Few Taking It Seriously?

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Major Riots Against Macron Throughout France Over Questionable Election

... Another rigged election, I'm sure

Are Covid Vaccines Causing Liver Failure?

... These "vaccines" attack the immune system, so, any issues you already had are made worse.

Fully Vaccinated And Double Boosted Kamala Harris Tests Positive For Covid 19 Goes Into Isolation

... Let's hope she stays in isolation for the rest of her term.

Fertilizer Giant CF Industries Begs Biden To Allow Shipments For Spring Planting, To Prevent Food Shortages

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Why Depopulationist Villain Bill Gates Wants Africa To Adopt Failed Industrial Farming Practices

... Bill Gates needs to go back to whatever hell he slithered out of.

What Happens If New Physics Theory Rules That Time Does Not Exist?

... Time DOESN'T exist, per se. THINGS exist. Measurements (which is all that time is) only exist within our minds.

Doesn T Pass The Smell Test Twitter Offers Cagey Explanation For Mysterious Conservative Surge

... I see nothing cagey. I've been tempted to rejoin since Musk bought it and, obviously, thousands of others feel the same way.

Hispanic Journalist: "White Privilege" Is Myth... "Brown Privilege" Is Real

... What about Jewish privilege? Most people would agree that idea is offensive. Same with Whites.

Top 7 Causes Of The Coming Food Shortages In America

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

New Zealand High Court Finds That P.M. Jacinda Ardern's Quarantine Lottery Violated Citizens' Rights

... Serves that Nazi right. We can only hope the madness ends soon.

Dr Anthony Fauci Admits Pandemic Phase Of Covid Is Over

... He of course failed to mention that there never really WAS a pandemic.

Madrid S Deputy Minister For Public Health Claims Cases Of Hepatitis On Young Kids Might Be Related To Covid 19 Vaccine

... Skimming through the article, it looks like he is saying the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the headline wants us to believe.

Union Of The Unwanted #46: Food Shortages & Sustainability

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Biden Regime Announces Creation Of "Disinformation Governance Board" Under The Authority Of Homeland Security With A Lunatic In Charge

... ... because only THEY can be allowed to spew disinformation

Germans React To Energy Shortages And Ukraine Aid

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Black Lives Matter Sued For Refusing To Reveal Financial Details

... ALL lives matter (as long as they're not destructive)

CDC Mask Mandate Over

... The only power the CDC has is the power of suggestion.

W.H.O. "Too Many Variants" Circulating Could Be A "Cause For Concern"

... It's the WHO itself that is the cause for concern.

Covid From 2020 To '21: Billions Spent, Little Accomplished

... Other than pissing off the entire world, absolutely nothing was accomplished.

Food Shortages In Six Months... The Globalists Are Telling Us What Happens Next

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Has The World Forgotten About Malaria?

... It's called covid now.

Biden's Disinformation Chief: 'There Are Many Non-Binary People Who Give Birth'

... There are many WOMEN of various sexual PREFERENCE who give birth, sure.

Workers' Rights Champion Warnock Took Thousands From CEO Who Called His Employees 'Dumb Dolphins'

... Shocking! Not. BTW, dolphins are not stupid.

They're Causing Food Shortages

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

One Part Of Boston School System That's Producing High Student Test Scores

... Spoiler Alert: It's the Charter Schools

Bill Gates Wants To Build A New Global Team Called "GERM"

... Bill Gates needs to go back to whatever hell he slithered out of.

Midwives Trained To Deliver Men's Babies

... Those will be some bored midwives.

Pelosi Secretly Flies To Ukraine To Meet With Zelenskyy... Was She Grifting For A New Multi-Million Dollar Energy Deal For Her Son?

... Probably

Russia Is Now Openly Discussing NUKING London, Berlin And Paris

... Well, nobody is afraid of covid anymore, so Russia is doing its part in keeping the worldwide fear of (something, anything) going.

"Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste"... Samantha Power Celebrates Fertilizer Shortages That Will Force Farmers To Transition To "Natural Solutions"

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Sweden's Prime Minister Says Integration Of Migrants Has 'Failed'

... Send them back, then. You showed intelligence throughout the fake pandemic, show some intelligence on this.

Oprah To Keep Covering Face After Year-Long Isolation In $40M Mansion, Opposes Ending Mask Mandate

... Frightened old woman who probably only wears a mask on camera, but makes her staff where them, no matter what

Bill Gates Calls For Global Fake Pandemic Task Force

... Bill Gates needs to go back to whatever hell he slithered out of.

Dr. Birx Says US Must Prepare For Summer Covid Virus Surge Just Prior To 2022 Election

... The same "Dr." Birx who was run out of town.

Bill Gates Calls For Global Surveillance Pact With W.H.O.

... Bill Gates needs to go back to whatever hell he slithered out of.

Biden Claims Oil Production At 'historic' Levels Even As Output Plunges

... Historically low, yes.

Israel Hits Out After Russia's Sergei Lavrov Claimed Hitler Had Jewish Roots

... I thought everyone knew that by now. From trove.nla.gov.au: "Hitler's grandmother was a servant maid in the Rothschild mansion in Vienna, and his mother was the illegitimate daughter of a Rothschild. That is the psychological explanation of Hitler's fanatical hatred of the Jews..."

Bill Gates Helps Create A Vaccine That Will Help Prevent Polio Caused By Vaccines

... Bill Gates needs to crawl back into his hole.

'End-of-days Food Shortage': 25 Mysterious Fires At Food Plants Across U.S.

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Bill Gates Wants Global Surveillance Pact With W.H.O. To Forestall 'Even More Fatal' Coronavirus Variants

... Bill Gates needs to crawl back into his hole. Besides, he has openly said he wants a massive world population reduction, so why is he pretending to want to save lives? Does he really think anyone believes a word he says?

NYC Raises Covid Alert Level To "Medium" Due To Rising China Virus Cases

... Like George W's bogus terrorism threat levels! Awesome! Good times ahead!

Biden Official Puts Positive Spin On Food Shortages: 'Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste'

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Orwellian Fellows: Hitler, Stalin, Putin And Biden

... Hitler arguably DID have Jewish blood on his mother's side

Bill Gates Is Building A Fake Pandemic Response Team... GERM

... Bill Gates needs to crawl back into his hole.

How Elon Musk Stacks Up Against Klaus Schwab And The WEF

... Does NOT look good for Musk fans. At least he has the sense to be concerned about AI.

Bill Gates Thinks He Can Stop Nature But Couldn't Even Stop Hackers

... Bill Gates needs to crawl back into his hole.

From Seawater To Drinking Water, With The Push Of A Button

... This is great! Truly wonderful news. Let's hope it actually progresses to full-scale production and doesn't get buried in bureaucracy.

Walgreens Publishes Data Proving That Covid Jabs Don't Prevent Covid

... Someone joked, "Six months to the November election to flatten the stupidity,"

The "Experts" Predict Another Covid Surge

... Hopefully, nobody trust the "experts" anymore.

Food Shortages Surge To Record High, Food Price Inflation 2nd Highest Ever

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Massive Chinese Fleet Seen Barreling Toward U.S. Naval Base

... "Barreling?" Fear-monger much? smh

Bill Gates' Dream To Control The Planet Through The W.H.O. Is Becoming Closer To Reality

... Bill Gates needs to crawl back into his hole.

Here's Why Intel CEO Believes Chip Shortage To Last Until 2024

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

CDC Restates Recommendation For Masks On Planes Despite Court Ruling That Struck Down Biden's Mandate

... The only power the CDC has is the power of suggestion.

China Is Stockpiling Food In Preparation Of Looming Food Shortages While U.S. Increases Exports

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Canada Hides The Outlawing Of "Holocaust Denial" In Budget Bill, Criminalizing Free Speech

... Only those with something to hide are afraid of an honest examination of facts.

It's Not Over: Bill Gates Warns Of "Even More Fatal" Variant Of Covid Coming

... He hopes/plans.

Globalists Want To Depopulate Not Just Humans But Also Animals And Plant Life

... So, this war is basically organic versus synthetic.

First Human Trials Starts For Brain Computer Interface

... Joe Biden has volunteered to have this procedure, figuring he has nothing to lose since his brain is already on its way out.

University Of California System Weighs Ending Letter Grades Due To 'bias And Inequities'

... Don't want to insult the lazy and stupid among us.

Stock Up Now: Food Shortages Are Becoming Noticeable

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

The FDA Finally Admits We Should Treat Covid Like The Flu

... Finally, somebody pulled their head out of their a$$

My Wife Still Wears A Face Mask! What Do I Do?

... Tell her she's an idiot. Masks do NOT block viruses.

Mandatory Mask Theater Returns, CDC Announces Long Term Extension For Biden Transporation Mask Mandate, No Expiration Date, Planes, Trains And Buses

... They want us all to be germophobes, and they want a two-tier society: masked and maskless.

Dr Robert Malone: Time To Flush Out All WEF Members From Our Governments

... Good point. The countries with WEF fan-boys and -girls at the top have been the most totalitarian the past couple years.

Escalation In Ukraine: The Nuclear War Danger Is Real

... More fear-mongering.

Swedish Prime Minister Says Integration Has Failed After Migrant Riots

... Send them back, then. You showed intelligence throughout the fake pandemic, show some intelligence on this.

Nobody Can Be Forced To Get Vaccinated, Indian Supreme Court Rules

... If only the US Supreme Court had the same sense/backbone.

Nancy Pelosi Demands U.S. Go To Full War With Russia, Even If It Leads To Nuclear War: 'We Should Not Be Deterred By The Threats From Russia'

... Sure, what does she care? She's on death's door, anyway.

Kissing Is Coming To The Metaverse. What's Next?

... What usually follows kissing?

Trump Would Beat Biden By Double Digits If Election Were Held Today

... He beat him by double digits in 2020, but look where that got him.

Police Wrangle Loose Goat Running Through Lanes Of Busy Highway

... what's with all the loose animals?

Stop Waiting For The New World Order To Arrive. It's Already Here!

... True. How else could they have pulled off this worldwide scam known as covid?

Whoopi Goldberg On Who Makes A Decision To Have An Abortion: "My Doctor, Myself And My Child!"

... But, of course, the child is outvoted two to one.

Biden's Climate Czar Declares War On Kitchen Appliances

... Yes, God forbid we have the ability to cook our own meals and not depend on government-provided MREs.

Dark Origins Of Biden's New "Ministry Of Truth"

... Biden REALLY wishes people would stop reading and quoting Orwell's 1984)

"World War III Is Closer Than Ever": US War Machine To Increase Lethal Military Aid By Sending "Suicide Drones" To Ukraine

... More fear-mongering.

India Bans Forced Vaccinations And The Vaccine Mandate

... That's it! I'm moving to India! They speak English, I love Indian food, and now this. What's not to like!

A Few Choice Quotes From Bill Gates's New Book

... Bill Gates needs to crawl back into his hole.

Connecticut State House Approves Legislative Pay Raise

... There needs to be a law against public employees/servants voting themselves a pay raise.

Veterans' Lives Matter

... ALL lives matter (as long as they're not destructive)

Biden Announces Food Shortages Then Makes It Happen

... Yep

Bill Gates Wants GERM Team To Conduct Global Surveillance And Set Policy To Stave Off 'Even More Fatal' Covid Variants

... Bill Gates needs to crawl back into his hole.

UK Train Worker Sues After Being Fired For Questioning "White Privilege" Training

... Good for him/her. Racism is racism, no matter which direction it's pointing.

Trump Says 'They Have Destroyed This Country In One-and-a-Half Years'

... That was the plan

Embarrassing: George W. Bush Calls President Zelenskyy The "Winston Churchill Of Our Time"

... W never was known for his brains.

Putin Apologizes To Israel Following Lavrov's Hitler Remarks

... Hitler arguably DID have Jewish blood on his mother's side

Live With Dr. Jane Ruby: Trump's 2019 Executive Order Enabled Rushed Development Of Covid Vaccines

... The Trumps have been in on the covid scam all along.

W.H.O. Now Says Three Times More People Died From "covid" Than Previously Reported, But Clearly It Was The Jabs

... That was the plan, all along, blame vaccine deaths on covid.

Mental Health Crisis Made Worse By Shortage Of School Staff Members

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Queen Bans Harry, Meghan Markle And Andrew From Appearing In Palace Balcony For Platinum Jubilee Celebration

... Still waiting on my invitation

How To Prepare For Food Shortages, Hard Times On A Shoestring Budget: Preppers' Advice

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

SD Gov. Kristi Noem Purging Conservatives In Legislature

... Is TGP trying to undermine Noem's 2024 chances for the sake of Trump or DeSantis? She's not purging anyone, simply showing preference for some over others. And those executive orders from 2020 all say "should." They are not mandates. I would need to hear from actual SD residents to be convinced otherwise.

Getaway Car Belonging To Alabama Corrections Officer Wanted For Helping Murder Suspect Escape Prison Found In Tennessee

... Found disturbingly close to where I live.

Polish President Declared "Erasure Of Borders" With Ukraine, Preparing For War With Russia

... Luckily for the Polish population, their president does not have the power to erase borders.

Desperate Parents Cannot Get Hold Of Baby Formula Amid A National Shortage

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Bird Flu Outbreak Nears Worst Ever In U.S. With 37 Million Animals Dead

... How convenient for those creating a food shortage. Pure coincidence, I'm sure.

We Must Find A Way To Prevent Bill Gates From Preventing The Next Fake Pandemic

... Bill Gates needs to crawl back into his hole.

Parents Panic As Baby Formula Shortage Hits Stores Nationwide

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Creepy Bill Gates Plans To Hire A 3,000-Person Social Media Team To Push Vaccines And Suppress Any Differing Information

... Bill Gates needs to crawl back into his hole.

Donald Trump Jr. Warns About Next Covid "Variant"

... The Trumps have been in on the covid scam all along.

Longshot Gallops To Unbelievable Kentucky Derby Upset Against 80-1 Odds

... Cost me a big payoff! :(

Who Are America's Enemies?...Part 3

... Politicians and billionaires, mostly Democrats

Ignored By The Fake News Media: Crowd Of Thousands Cheer And Roar For President Donald Trump At Kentucky Derby

... NBC Sports did mention that he got a warm welcome from the crowd, but they didn't kiss his ass like TGP does.

FBI And Democrat Leaders Ignore Leftist Hooligans Protesting Outside Homes Of Conservative SCOTUS Justices...A Criminal Act With Up To 1 Year In Prison

... Simply protesting is NEVER a criminal act, but this is, according to 18 U.S. Code ยง 115. Either way,there are definitely double standards at play here.

Bill Gates Comments On Novak Djokovic Vaccine Stance

... Bill Gates needs to crawl back into his hole.

Kentucky Derby Winner Rich Strike At 80-1 Becomes Second Longest Longshot In History...Donald Trump Cheered At The Race

... Cost me a big payoff! :(

Kissinger Warns Of Putin Using Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine

... They must REALLY want us afraid if they've got Kissinger (scumbag) joining the chorus. How is this guy not dead yet? Oh right, evil never dies.

PHOTOS...Elon Musk's $50,000 House In Rural Texas

... Actually, $62K. Don't these writers read their own articles?

White House Says 20 Internet Companies Will Provide Effectively Free Internet To Millions Of Americans

... The only catch is that politically-incorrect facts and opinions will be filtered out.

18 Signs That Food Shortages Will Get A Lot Worse As We Head Into The Second Half Of 2022

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Bill Gates: Covid 'Disease Of Elderly,' 'Low Fatality Rate'...'Kind Of Like The Flu'

... Just like a LOT of us having been saying for two years, dumb-ass.

Is Chief Justice John Roberts The SCOTUS Leaker?

... Wouldn't be surprised. He's been a crap-weasel since George W. appointed him.

Missouri Senate Passes Election Integrity Bill...Bans Drop Boxes, Ballot Harvesting And Zuckerbucks...Requires Photo ID For Voting

... No brainer, should be implemented by all 50 states.

MRNA Vaccines Increase Risk Of Death From Other Causes

... That was the goal all along

"I Can't Feed My Son!" Baby Formula Shortage Reaches Critical Stage In US As Desperate Parents Search For Rationed Supplies

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Oops! Bill Gates Admits: 'We Didn't Understand Covid Had A Fairly Low Fatality Rate'

... He meant to say his fellow eugenicists were disappointed with its low mortality.

Baby Formula Shortage Affects New Parents With Increasing Prices And Lack Of Availability

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Bill Gates Wants To Create A 3,000-person Social Media Unit To Quash "vaccine Misinformation"

... And their first target will be the CDC, right?

Fauci Raises "Concerns" Over "Anti-Science Attitude"

... Sane people are concerned with his anti-science megalomania

Why Is The Media Reluctant To Cover The American Baby Formula Shortage?

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Black-coached NCAA Teams Penalized More Than Those Led By Whites

... Could be racism, could be these particular black coaches just aren't as good. Too many studies (and polls) are sloppy and/or purposely misleading.

Power Grid Operators Warn Of Looming Energy Shortages Thanks To Biden's "clean Energy" Policies

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Millions Could Die From Impending Global Famine, Warns German Development Minister

... Interesting how these people always telegraph their punches, isn't it?

Bidenomics: Gas Prices Reach ANOTHER All-Time High As Congress Votes To Send $40 Billion To Ukraine And Baby Formula Shortage Worsens

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Chief Depopulationist And Vaccine-Pushing Prince Of Darkness Bill Gates Has Symptomatic Covid

... Bill Gates needs to crawl back into his hole.

Sexism Row Erupts Over Not Enough Parasitic Worms Being Named After Female Scientists

... That does keep me up at night, personally.

Racist Hiring Manager At Dropbox Admits She Dislikes White People And Makes Employment Decisions Based On Race

... She (assuming she identifies as "she") won't be hiring manager much longer.

Koch Network Cheers Biden's Extending Work Permits For Illegal Aliens As 12M Americans Are Jobless

... The Biden regime WANTS Americans jobless and dependent upon the gov't, and they want illegals for their cheap labor.

NY Judge Agrees To Lift Contempt Charge Against Trump If He Pays $110,000 Fine

... Sounds like a shake-down.

Washington Post Op-ed: Change 'racist' Name Of George Washington University

... By that logic, they need to change the name of the city and their own paper.

Food Crisis: Canada Faces Cooking Oil Shortage

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Pro-Abortion House Democrats March On Senate Chanting "My Body, My Decision!"

... These are the same people who wanted to force everyone to get the covid shot.

Biden Spox Karine Jean-Pierre Laughs When Asked Who's "Running Point" On Baby Formula Shortage

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Suddenly Bill Gates Confirms What We've Been Saying All Along: Covid Is "kind Of Like The Flu" With A "low Fatality Rate"

... No sh-t. Rats jumping the sinking Covid ship.

Canada Will Pay To Euthanize Those Who Are "Too Poor To Continue Living With Dignity"

... I have no problem with this, so long as it's consensual.

Taco Bell Drag Brunch

... Time to boycott Taco Bell

Biden's Economy Is A Colossal Failure When Compared To Donald Trump's

... Compared to almost ANY president

Payouts Paused After Host Calls Wrong Mega Millions Mega Ball Number

... Now former host.

Alligator Captured Outside School

... It's South Carolina. They're used to it there.

Broadway Star Angrily Lectures Audience Member For Not Wearing A Mask While Not Wearing A Mask

... Rules for thee, not for me?

China Lockdowns Leading To Total Control Of Population As Health "Authorities" Decide Who Can Participate In Society While Others Are Locked Up In Quarantine Camps

... Always glad to NOT live in China!

How Did We End Up Having A Baby Formula Shortage?

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

'Remember To Turn Off The Light'...embrace The Carter Era Redux!

... Nothing wrong with conserving energy

Congressman Eric (Honey Pot) Swalwell Says Apple And Google Should Decide What's Allowed On People's Phones

... Moron. And I suppose Microsoft should decide what's allowed on our PCs?

Giraffe Calf At San Diego Zoo Can Stand, Walk After Leg Brace Treatment

... Awww!

SATIRE: Biden Relieved To Hear There's No Shortage Of Adult Diapers

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

NY Parents Demand Eric Adams Drop Toddler Mask Mandate

... Good for them! Mask mandates are proven useless, if not destructive.

W.H.O. Prepares To Amend International Health Regulations

... The W.H.O. doesn't make regulations, they (and the CDC) make non-binding suggestions.

Low-income Families Hit Hardest By Baby Formula Shortage

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Family Sues TikTok After 10-Year-Old Dies From 'Blackout Challenge'

... Good. F-ck Tiktok and all those IQ-lowering sites.

West Hollywood Drops LGBTQ Requirement For $1,000 A Month 'Guaranteed Income' Program Over Lawsuit Concerns

... Even idiots can sometimes see when they're taking things too far

Sixth Russian Oligarch Dies Mysteriously After Toad Poisoning

... It' hard to feel sorry for oligarchs.

Gas Prices Hit 4th Straight All-Time Record High On Friday...As Biden Cancels Oil-Gas Leases In Gulf Of Mexico And Alaska

... His puppeteers must be squealing with delight at the destruction wrought by this idiot president.

Melania Trump Speaks Out About Baby Formula Shortage, Blames Poor 'Leadership'

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

The EPA Scored $7 Million In Covid Relief Funds To Swap Diesel School Buses With Electric

... Because they knew the engineered diesel shortage was coming?

Twitter Users, Others Criticize Bette Midler Over Her 'Cruel And Insensitive' Take On Baby Formula Shortage

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Russia Accuses US And Ukraine Of Conducting Secret Bioweapons Experiments

... Probably true, given the North Carolina-Wuhan connection on gain-of-function research

The Coming Food Shortage Is Government-Engineered, Part 1

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Apple, Google, And Microsoft Want To Kill The Password With Passkey Standard

... It's hard to argue with this. I hate passwords.

Biden's America: Mother Charged With Manslaughter After She Steals Baby Items And Her Baby And Boyfriend Are Killed During Pursuit

... Partisan overreach. You can't blame Biden (as destructive as he is) for this couple's crimes.

Two Military Moms Take A Break From Training To Help Tackle Baby-formula Shortage In Incredible Way

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Bill Gates Says Adults Over 50 Will Probably Have To Get Covid Boosters Every 6 Months... Until We Get Better Vaccines

... Why does anyone care what Gates says?

Bernie Refuses To Rule Out 2024 Presidential Bid After Blasting Pro-Life Dems, Manchin, Sinema

... So he can lose yet again? He's too old, anyway.

Now We Are Being Told To Expect Food And Diesel Shortages For The Foreseeable Future

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Fauci Says He'd Probably Resign Rather Than Work In Another Trump Administration

... Getting Fauci to resign is one good reason to have Trump as president again.

Audio Leaked Of Chinese Military Discussing Invasion Of Taiwan And Defeat Of Regional US Forces

... Don't expect their buddy Biden to do anything about it.

Processed Foods, Panacea, Or Poison?

... Better than nothing.

FDA Commissioner Claims There Is No Baby Formula Shortage, It's Just A "Distribution Problem"

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Canadian Pastors Who Refused To Close Church During Covid Lockdown Win In Court

... Good!

The US Can't Make Enough Fuel And There's No Fix In Sight

... Stoking the fires of panic with this headline

Biden Faces Criticism For Visiting Buffalo Having Skipped Visit To Waukesha

... Corrupt politicians only visit false-flag sites.

Italy's Salvini Warns Food Shortages Could Cause 20 Million African Migrants To Enter Europe

... Intentional, manufactured shortage

Vernon Coleman On Sanctions, Food Shortages And The Vaccine Disaster

... Like everything else lately, this is a manufactured shortage, an intentional limitation on or obstruction of production and/or distribution.

Non-Doctor Know-Nothing Bill Gates Says Adults Over 50 Will Probably Have To Get Covid Boosters Every 6 Months...Until There Are Better Vaccines

... I like that: 'Non-doctor know-nothing'

FDA Relaxing Import Rules For Baby Formula

... Don't buy any from China.

Elon Musk Slams Dummy Biden: The Real President Is Whoever Controls The Teleprompter

... Yes!

Bio-Engineered Breast Milk Titans: Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Branson

... Nerds have always been obsessed with boobs.

Here We Go Again: NYC Enters 'High' Covid Alert Level, Health Chief Warns Public To 'Cover Nose And Mouth'

... I may never visit NYC again with this never-ending insanity.

Missouri Lawmakers Pass Bill Prohibiting Pharmacists From Questioning Effectiveness Of Ivermectin And Hydroxychloroquine

... Let them question it all they want, just don't let them deny its use.

New Jersey Is "Looking At" How To "Respond" To Covid Surge

... Remember, when 'covid' and 'surge' are mentioned together, they're referring only to 'cases,' which simply means people with a cold or flu.

Did Pfizer Commit Huge Fraud In Its Covid Shot Research?

... Probably. They have a history of it.

Europe Wants To Replace Russia With Israel For Natural Gas

... That must be one of the reasons behind the Russia-Ukraine war. There's always more than one.

All-Time Record High Gas Prices! Price At Pump Hits $4.56 Per Gallon...Fake News Media Silent!

... It's bad, but the mainstream media are not silent.

Pro-Abortion Leftists In Phoenix Scream At Pro-Lifers, Hold Signs Saying "FETUS = GOOD SNACK"

... Some of these people have lost touch with their own humanity

Is Google's DeepMind AI Close To 'Human-Level' Intelligence?

... Stupid human, maybe, like someone who can't define what a woman is.

Scottish Ruling Class Is Investigating "Mystery Surge" In Deaths Of Newborns

... Look no further than the covid shots.

Court OKs Puberty Blockers: Medical Con For The Ages

... Covid was the medical con for the ages.

Can Trained Dogs Sniff Out Covid-Positive Travelers?

... People with colds and flu? Probably.

Intel Community Chiefs Have Made 'diversity' A Top Priority

... Um, shouldn't intel be their top priority?

Biden Appointee Calls Washington, D.C. 'ancestral Homelands' For 2 Tribes

... They can have it!

Here We Go Again: Biden Officials Warn Covid Cases Rising

... Hopefully by now everyone knows cases don't mean jack sh-t.

Michele Bachmann Urges, 'Melt The Phone Lines' Over W.H.O. Power Grab

... Abuse of emergency powers seems to be the megalomaniacs' m.o. these days. The removal of those powers is the obvious solution.

School Board Director Plans 'Queer Night' For Children Hosted Inside Sex Shop

... What is wrong with these people?

Biological Man Powers To Victory In WOMEN's Surfing Event

... Instead of men's and women's events, they need to be more specific: penises and vaginas.

BIDEN'S AMERICA: Mother Caught Hoarding Baby Formula To Feed Her Infants

... Hoarding or stocking up? If you're a human, it's called hoarding; for companies it's called planning ahead.

Google's DeepMind Achieves Human Level A.I.

... STUPID human, maybe

Hillary Clinton Personally Approved Of Dissemination Of Bogus Trump-Russia Alfa Bank Accusations To Media

... It was probably her idea in the first place

Klaus Schwab: Davos 2022 Ready To Save The World

... ... from the mess that THEY created!

CDC Urges 1/3 Of Population To Mask Up Again In Public Indoor Settings, Based On Their Covid Risk

... In other words, the one-third of us who refuse this shot should just go ahead and get the shot. Um, yeah, we'll get right on that.

It's Time To Walk Away From A Hopelessly Corrupt Federal Government That Facilitates Biden's Destruction Of America

... Don't walk away. It's our country. Send THEM packing!

It's Time That U.S. Taxpayers Defund The Davos Sponsor...World Economic Forum

... Good idea!

Is The Coming Food Shortage Government Engineered?, Part 2

... Bad actors (like Biden) within the gov't, yes.

We Are Literally Experimenting On Children...there's Going To Be Problems...Bill Maher Takes On The Radical Trans Movement

... I'm glad someone on The Left has finally snapped out of their trance.

Australia Votes For Leftism; Center-Right Party Loses Control After 9 Years In Power

... Whoever was in power the past 2.5 years NEEDED to go

US And Israel Are To Blame For A Real Risk Of A Catastrophic War In The Middle East

... As usual

Gene Editing Experiment Unexpectedly Turns Hamsters Into Hyper-aggressive Bullies

... Mad scientists, run amok

Lagarde Calls For Crypto Crackdown, Says They're "Based On Nothing"

... You mean like all fiat currency?

The Fallen Warrior To Whom I Dedicated My 'Missing In Action' Films

... This one had me in tears.

The Great George Carlin On Germs, Viruses, Immune System And Infections

... This is great!

WashPo: "On May 25, 2020, George Floyd Was Shot And Killed In Police Custody"

... No, he was suffocated.

The Monkeypox Outbreak--Is It Real?

... Doubtful

LIBERAL MEDIA FREAKOUT After El Salvador President's Tweet On "Enemy From Within" Destroying America And Pushing Country To Civil War

... It was supposed to be a secret

CIA/ISIS Plotting To Assassinate George W. Bush In Dallas

... Revenge is a dish best served cold?

"Civilization May Not Survive"...George Soros Tells Davos Crowd, Defeat Putin (And Xi) Or Else

... Civilization may not survive George Soros and the Davos crowd

Backlash Prompts State Farm To Stop Donating Trans Books For 5-year-olds

... Ya think? Their community outreach (or whatever) person needs to be fired.

Out-of-touch Globalists ... Is Their Influence Waning?

... Let's hope so

Coronavirus Has Reached North Korea

... It's always been there, like everywhere else in the world, for eternity

Davos Elites Warn Nations Not To Resist 'painful Global Transition'

... You WILL be assimilated! Bwa-ha-ha!

Research Funded By Fauci And Gates Could See Bird Flu Become The Next Deadly Pandemic

... These guys should be in prison for criminal negligence, if not outright crimes against humanity

Moderna CEO Says They Are Forced To Throw Away 30 Million Vaccines In The Garbage Because Nobody Wants Them

... Good! People are wising up.

One Billion People At Risk Of Power Blackouts As Global Grids Stretched

... Why would grids be any more stretched now versus normal?

All-Black Climbing Team Makes History Reaching Top Of Everest, Inspiring Diverse Adventurers

... That's great, but who cares what color they are?

Monkeypox Is Another Simulation SCAM Brought To Us By The Same Psychopaths Who Unleashed Covid

... Yep

Canada Ordered 500,000 Smallpox Vaccines Just Weeks Before Monkeypox Outbreak

... That's not suspicious at all!

Is Bill Gates A Psychopath In The Guise Of A Philanthropist?

... Apparently

Ruling Class: More Covid Is Coming This Fall

... It was so much fun the first time, they're doing it again... just in time for the elections

DEFUND The W.H.O. ???

... Yes!

Have Authoritarians Used '1984' As A Handbook?

... Probably. And that's why I don't give readers any bad ideas in my novels without also clearly showing the solution.

Father Of Uvalde Shooter: 'I Don't Want Them Calling Him A Monster... They Don't Know Nothing'

... Does the father know the kid was just a patsy, as intimated here?

North Korea Accused Of Lying About Its Low Covid Death Rate While Urging Public To Treat Symptoms With Tea, Salt Water And Ibuprofen

... Governments lie about everything, but that's not a bad cold/flu/covid remedy.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro: "I Hope Biden Will Keep The Agreements I Signed With Trump"

... You seriously expect him to keep any promise, let alone his predecessor's?

Semi Overturns, Spilling 7 Tons Of Hotdogs Across Interstate

... At least it wasn't something edible like eggs or beer this time

Former Japan PM: If Zelenskyy Refused To Join NATO, Gave Donbass Autonomy, There Would Be No Hostilities

... Yep. Too bad politicians only makes sense AFTER they're out of power.

Bird-Watcher Wrongly Accused In Central Park Lands A Nat Geo TV Show About Birding

... That is a happy ending

Because Of The War In Ukraine, We Are Heading For A Global Food Catastrophe

... B.s. Ukraine is not the world's only provider of food.

Culture Ministry To Study 'Racial Purity' Of Indians

... There's no such thing as racial purity

"I'm Watching": Image Of Father Standing Guard Outside Daughter's Elementary School Goes Viral

... Thank you!

US Medical Company Sues Chinese Manufacturer Over 100,000+ Defective Covid Tests With False Positive Results

... We need to ban all things from China, not Russia.

"We Need Your Guidance"...Biden Praises Authoritarian New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

... Of course he does

W.H.O. International Health Regulation Amendments Defeated In Geneva

... Thanks to Russia, Iran, several African nations, etc.


... FYI, in case you fell for it

Pilots Move To Sue Major Airlines, US Government Over Covid Shot Mandates

... Every company and government that coerced people into taking this pseudo-vaccine needs to be sued.

Johnny Depp Wins $15M Defamation Claim; Amber Heard Partial $2M Win In Counterclaim

... Still don't care. Just glad it's over.

Two Thinkers Who Can Give Us A Better World

... No one but YOU will ever give you a better world

Fauci Openly Admits Biden Mask Mandate Is About Preserving "Authority"

... In other words, it's bullsh-t, and always has been

Tucker Carlson Warns "Disarming You Is The Point" Of Biden Gun Control Push

... Duh

First JPMorgan's Dimon, Now Goldman Sachs' Waldron: The World Is About To Get Hit With An Economic "hurricane"

... Trying to cause a panic, apparently

Abbott Restarts Baby Formula Plant: Crisis-Inducing Shutdown Was Likely Needless

... And by needless, they mean planned, as in it's part of our socio-economic dismantling

Overturned Truck Loses 7,700 Pounds Of Frozen Pies On Illinois Highway

... Not pies! When will the madness end?!

Union Pacific Rail To Cut Fuel Shipments By Pilot Flying J Truck Stops And Gas Stations

... It's starting to look like Union Pacific is a big part of the controlled demolition of our economy. Earlier, they severely limited the largest fertilizer producer's shipments, and now this.

Biden's CDC: Put The Masks Back On For Monkeypox

... Even Fauci admits masks don't block viruses

Norwegian Feminist Investigated Under Hate Crime Charges For Saying 'Men Can't Be Lesbians'

... Investigated for stating the obvious?

4 Big Names Warning That Major Economic Disaster Is Ahead

... Trying to create a panic

World Bank Signals Global Recession, Saying 'No Rebound,' Several Years Of 'Above-Average Inflation' Ahead

... Don't blame us, it's because of the shutdowns! Oh, wait, we're the ones behind the shutdowns. Be very afraid, though.

Mexican President Calls For American Superstate, Open Borders

... OK, but only if Mexicans run everything. US and Canadian politicians have proven worthless.

Biden Trips While Boarding Air Force One

... TGP is juvenile sometimes with their headlines

Fifth Jab Considered As Covid Possibly On Rise In Israel Again

... Didn't Einstein say something about trying the same thing over and over, expecting a different result?

NFL Coach Forced To Apologize For Telling The Truth

... BLM rioting was MUCH worse

Let's Apply Covid Scepticism To Climate Change

... Apply it to EVERYTHING the powers-that-be say!

U.S. Terrorism Bulletin Warns Of Domestic Extremist Violence Against Minorities To Stem Immigration

... I think we can all agree the real terrorists are the politicians and bureaucrats currently in charge

Trudeau's Handgun Ban Fails Spectacularly And Leads To Skyrocketing Sales

... Huzzah! And I never say huzzah! :)

W.H.O. Warns: There's A "Real Risk" Monkeypox Will Become "Established" Outside Africa

... Nobody cares anymore what the WHO or CDC say

Monkeypox Is Following The Covid Playbook Step By Step

... With a gay twist

US To End Covid Test Requirement For Incoming International Air Travelers

... Good!

Church Offering Up To $200 For Each Assault Rifle Turned In

... That will be one well-armed church! And I'd pay twice that! Oh wait, that's probably not the point.

Biden Threatens To Uphold Abortion With 'Executive Orders' If Roe V. Wade Is Overturned

... He can try, but Supreme Court rulings and Congressional acts supersede Presidential memos

Ex-president Handed Jail Time For 'coup'

... Biden is doing the same thing here, violating the Constitution, and dereliction of duty

White House Earmarks $10 Billion For More Covid Shots As CDC Says 82 Million Doses Wasted Since Rollout

... It's not considered waste when it's worthless

Explosion Shuts Down Freeport Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal For Three Weeks

... Another one bites the dust

Is Monkeypox A Cover Up For Vaccine Damages Like Shingles?

... Probably, like this SADS they just made up

Science Confirms Turmeric As Effective As 14 Drugs

... Wow! Good thing I take it every day.

Now There's A Shortage Of Sriracha Sauce

... No!!!!!

Nancy Pelosi Appears Again On RuPaul's Drag Race, Saying 'This Is What America Is All About'

... For her, maybe, being from San Francisco

Another British Mercenary Was Killed While Fighting With Kiev Forces

... Are we supposed to feel sorry for mercenaries now?

The World Runs On Lithium, And Researchers Develop Clean Method To Get It From Water

... Cool, but hopefully it's from SALT water. We need all the fresh water we can get.


... And the Dems' message will be, remember we're the ones who let you and your family members across the border illegally. Vote for us!


... He practically said as much, himself.

Globalist Elites Beg For 'Trust' Despite An 'Unending Stream' Of Covid Lies And 'Massive' Censorship

... Sure, we lie, cheat and steal with abandon, but you trust us, right?

Alarm Over Poll That Reveals Large Numbers Of Canadians Believe In "Conspiracy Theories"

... As Dobie Pokorny says, if you're not a conspiracy theorist these days, you're just not paying attention.

Canada Makes 3 Jabs The New 'Fully Vaccinated' Standard, Saying 'Two Doses Doesn't Work Anymore'

... It never did

Elon Musk On 2024 POTUS Election, Says He'll Back Ron Desantis Because He "Has A Better Chance Of Winning"

... I prefer Desantis over Trump, too, but Desantis says he won't run if Trump does.

CRISPR Fried Chicken: Genetically Engineered Hens Made To Kill Their Male Chicks

... Mad scientists, run amok

Biden Refers To "L-G-B-T-Q-L" Community In Yet Another Verbal Gaffe

... In his defense, nobody can keep up with that ever-expanding acronym

Hundreds Of Millions Of MRNA Doses Headed For The Landfill

... I'm glad they're dumping them, but landfills are not where DNA-altering chemicals belong.

US-Led Coalition Captures Senior ISIS Leader In Syria

... Was he second in command? They always get the second highest. Did they at least catch his CIA handler?

"180 Misdemeanors," Judge Joe Brown On Jan 6 Show Trial

... Pelosi and friends need to be charged with malicious prosecution.

Biden Says He Is Unpopular Because Americans Are Mentally Unwell

... The old I know you are, but what am I? angle, eh?

Court Rules For The First Time That An Insured Business Can Seek Damages Over Covid Shutdown Losses

... Great! I hope this starts a tidal wave against all the tinpot dictators (governors and mayors) across the land who abused their "emergency" powers!

Fauci: When You're In An Indoor Setting, You Should Wear A Mask

... Even though he has admitted that these masks do NOT block viruses

Covid Exposed The Medical-Pharmaceutical-Government Complex

... Don't forget the media and Big Tech

Scientists Creating Vaccines That Spread Like A Disease

... That's the thinking behind Bill Gates's release of vaccinated mosquitoes in Florida.

Silicon Valley's Transhuman Philosophy Is Fundamentally Wrong

... Yep

BBC Staff Told There Are More Than 150 Genders And Urged To Develop 'Trans Brand'

... BBC leaders are clearly morons

Green Day Singer Billie Joe Armstrong Says He's Renouncing U.s Citizenship During London Concert In Wake Of SCOTUS Overruling Roe

... The Dixie Chicks did much less than that years ago, and the backlash almost ruined their careers. I don't expect the same to happen to Green Day.

W.H.O.: Monkeypox Is NOT A Global Public Health Emergency

... We know you're onto us, so we're not gonna lie like we did with covid

NY State Supreme Court Tosses NYC Law That Allows Non-Citizens To Vote

... Good! That should've been a no-brainer, but it's NYC, so...

Unvaccinated North Korean Soldiers Told To Use Saltwater

... The "unvaccinated" are much better off

Nature Therapy: Time In Nature Can Now Be Prescribed As A Healthcare Treatment In Canada

... That's great! Makes sense.

Covid Is The Largest Psychological Operation In Human History

... ...so far

Looming Food Shortage? Did The Rockefeller Foundation Predict The Future?

... The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Biden Claims Americans Must Pay More At The Pump Until Russian War Ends

... Bush falsely linked 9/11 to the Iraq war, now Biden is falsely linking the Ukraine war and U.S. fuel prices.

Imperial College Professor Claims Covid Is Still Wreaking Havoc

... Imperial College has lost all credibility

Gab Extends Disappearing Posts To All Users

... Nice feature!

Vanderbilt Agrees To Heart Transplant For Baby Following Negative Press, Petitions

... Good!

Biden Job Approval Hits New Low

... A more honest poll would show 10% approval, at best. And now, there's this: 90% say country on wrong track

Biden's Massive Failures Would Not Have Occurred Under Trump Presidency

... ...which is why the election was thrown in Biden's favor

OnlyFans Star Claims She Was Fired From Teaching For Having A Porn Account

... Only gay and trans porn is allowed

The Biggest Temper Tantrum In U.S. History Has Begun

... The tantrum began in 2016 when Trump won

How Would You Change The Constitution?

... Disallow consecutive terms of office. No more career politicians.

"I'm Done With The Left-Right Divide... Now It's Humans Vs The Robotic Corporate State!"

... Yep

China Wants Five More Years Of Covid Lockdowns

... Thus proving it's an insane, totalitarian regime

Excess Deaths On The Rise But NOT Because Of Covid..."Experts" Call For Investigation

... Not covid, but the covid shots

Be Sociable, Not Socialist

... Good idea

EU Records 34% Drop In Emissions, The Lowest Since 1990, Smashing Their 2020 Climate Target

... And all it took was a fake pandemic and destroyed economy!

BLACKMAIL: Canada May Be Withholding Nord Stream Gas Turbine Until Germany Signs LNG Contract

... Blackmail a.k.a. corporate/government business as usual

Comedian Jim Breuer...Somebody Had To Say It

... It's good to see a notable celebrity making fun of it all.

Grid Experts Warn: The Lights Are About To GO OUT

... They keep saying this, while I keep asking why this year would be any worse than previous years, other than due to the controlled demolition of everything.

Uruguayan Judge Suspends Covid Vaccination For Children Under 13 Until Certain "Conditions" Are Met

... ...such as tell us what's in it, and prove that the risk is worth the reward

BoJo Resigns, U.K. Searches For Next Globalist Puppet

... Preferably one with a comb. Or, how about a trans, black, non-binary, peg-legged, AI-generated hologram!

A Small Short? The Coming Collapse Of The Air Travel Industry

... "Coincidence theorists," he says. My favorite new phrase!

Holland: Document Reveals Government Plans To Confiscate Farms For Migrant Asylum Seekers

... It's a war of governments and corporations versus self-reliant and productive individuals

NY Times: Biden's Age An 'Uncomfortable Issue' For Democrats, White House

... It's not so much his age as it is his stupidity, arrogance and senility

Majority Of Europeans Unwilling To 'Pay The Price' To Defend 'Democracy' In Ukraine

... Like most countries, it's a false democracy, anyway

Texas Grid Operator Warns Of Blackouts

... If we can turn wind and sun into energy, why not heat? How is that not already something we do?

Now Even Democrats Want Biden To Step Down In 2024

... Unfortunately, the powers-that-be don't care what the voters want

Canada's Heritage Minister Panel: Unregulated Speech "erodes The Foundations Of Democracy"

... Politicians erode the foundations of democracy

Biden Threatens To Strip Medicare Status From Hospitals That Fail To Perform Abortions In Emergency Situations Even If Their State Has Ban On Procedure

... There actually should be exceptions for emergency situations

Come Home, Slavic Man: Putin Offers Full Russian Citizenship To All "Ukrainians",

... Brilliant!

CRISPR 2.0 Used To Change Patient's DNA For First Time

... What could go wrong?

Fauci: We Can't Just "Put This Pandemic Behind Us"

... He's right. First, we have to hold people like him and Gates accountable for crimes against humanity.

Bring Back Mask Mandates Because Pandemic "Nowhere Near Over", W.H.O. Tells Governments

... We miss our ill-gotten power

Ambulances Queue For Hours At Hospitals To Hand Over Patients...But It's Not Covid

... At the very bottom they admit the problem is likely staffing shortages

LinkedIn Bans Geologist For Posting Government CO2 Graphs, Saying They Are "False" And "Not Allowed"

... Another AI algorithm gone wrong

US Touts Killing Of Previously Unknown "Leader Of ISIS" As Biden's Mideast Trip Kicks Off

... They probably just make up names on-the-fly

Trump-Musk War Of Words Escalates

... Two egomaniacs arguing. Shocking!

California Doctor Fundraises To Put Abortion Boat In Federal Waters

... Why? California will always allow abortions.

The Number Of Monkeypox Cases In NYC Has Doubled AGAIN

... What, from 3 to 6? Just stop.

French Opposition Votes To End Covid Pass

... Maybe I'll visit France, after all

Macron's Minority Government Defeated Over Vaccine Passports

... Good!

California Once Again Experiencing Massive Port Congestion

... Shippers will use alternate ports up and down the coast, if not detouring through the Panama Canal to the Gulf coast

Heated Debate In US Senate Erupts Over Abortion Rights For Men

... Hopefully, someone was pointing out that men can't get pregnant.

Former White House Physician Says "Biden Won't Finish His Term"

... We all hope

Court Blocks Biden Regime From Punishing Unvaccinated Air Force Members

... Good!

House Democrats Pass Measure To Identify 'neo-Nazis' In Military And Law Enforcement

... So they can send them to fight with their brothers in Ukraine?

Fauci Wants To Put Covid Behind Him

... We all want to put Fauci behind us

No Prosecution For Stephen Colbert's People Arrested For Breaching U.S. Capitol

... ...because they're Democrats, so it's OK

Big Pharma Wants To Put An End To Vitamins And Supplements

... They've wanted that for decades

China Locking Down 1 Million People Due To FOUR Asymptomatic Covid Cases!

... China, crazier than ever

Lawmakers Should Read Their Own Constitution Before Passing Election Laws

... ANY law

Democrats Work To Set Term Limits For Supreme Court Justices

... We need much shorter term limits for ALL elected positions

The West's Number One Threat Is American Corruption.

... Probably true

China Threatens To Shoot Down Pelosi's Plane If She Makes A Stop In Taiwan

... Here's hoping...

Should Christians Always Obey Government?

... Nobody should ALWAYS obey anything other than their own best judgment

When Will Someone Apologize For The Administration's Overreaction To Covid?

... When hell freezes over, probably

Young Voters Are Abandoning Biden As Fast As They Can. Here's Why

... Because he's clearly a dumb-ass?

Why Are There So Many Idiots In Politics?

... Because they, like prostitutes, can't find real jobs

San Francisco Real Estate Magnate Robbed At Gunpoint

... Getting a taste of his own medicine?

'Pay It Forward' Is For Commies

... Some people fear anything remotely resembling communal, giving gestures

Why We Lost Trust In The Expert Class

... Because they're regularly proven wrong?

If Dem D.A. Gets Elected, 'Memphis Looks Like San Francisco'

... Memphis already has public housing projects every three or four blocks

DeSantis Downplays Monkeypox, Says Politicians Trying To Scare Citizens

... Yep

NYT: 'There's Deep Mistrust' Between US And Zelensky

... Two countries with idiots posing as president. Of COURSE they don't trust each other.

FBI Agent Responsible For Botched Whitmer Case Given Promotion

... Of course

Appeals Court Weighs If Biden HHS Can Force Doctors To Perform Transgender Surgeries

... Morally, you cannot force anyone to do anything against their conscience/religion

Vernon Coleman: 'The Person Most Likely To Kill You Is Your Doctor'

... Unfortunately true

The World Has Gone Crazy

... Yep

'Emergency' Loophole Used To OK Highly Toxic Pesticide For Tenth Straight Year

... Just like with covid. What a coincidence!

CDC Claims Link Between Heart Inflammation And Covid Shots Wasn't Known For Most Of 2021

... The CDC and FDA have lost all credibility

As The Covid Myths Explode, Delusions Are Shattering: Our Exit From Subservience Leads To Nuremberg 2.0

... I'm not holding my breath

ACLU Chapter Launches Project To Investigate Potential Rights Violations From Algorithms And Other A.I. Tech

... Good! It's about time.

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