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The Breeders Cup At Gulfstream Park

... with a side trip to Miami from Ft. Lauderdale


... ...and anything else thought-provoking and/or inspirational

United Airlines To Allow Unvaccinated Employees Back To Work On March 28

... Good. I can take them off my boycott list.

82-Year-Old Pelosi Tests Positive For Covid - Was With Biden Yesterday

... Luckily, testing positive means nothing these days, if it ever did.

Pelosi Tests Positive For Covid

... Lucky for her, testing positive means nothing these days, if it ever did.

Deadly Fiona Strengthens Into A Monster Category 4 Hurricane As It Heads To Bermuda Before Slamming Canada

... Click bait headline. The storm MIGHT hit Bermuda, and MIGHT hit Canada... eventually.

Air Force Academy To Cadets: Drop "Mom And Dad," Use Words That "Include All Genders"

... So... Mom and Dad, then, because there are only two sexes/genders.

Judge Orders NYPD Members Reinstated If Fired Over Vaccine Mandate

... Great! This should apply to EVERYONE in every field who was fired.

The Unvaccinated Have Won

... Works for me!

Colorado Sheriff's Office With Drone Finds Dog Lost For Months

... Great story!

Critically Acclaimed New Book Warns About Vulnerability Of ALL "Smart" Technology

... Anything with the word "smart" in it... isn't

Syndichain Launches First Version Of Its Open, Censorship-resistant News Aggregator

... We've got your censorship-resistant news aggregator right here at https://friendsnews.com/news

Too Many Physicians Are Ignorant, Cowards Or Just Biased

... Yep

Pat Sajak Hints He May Be Ready To Leave 'Wheel Of Fortune'

... It's the end of the world as we know it...

Never Forget What The Covidictators Did... Because They WILL Try It Again

... A good collection of official or at least influential covid over-reactions

Biden Pardoning All Prior Federal Offenses Of Simple Marijuana Possession

... Probably to benefit his son Hunter, but still a good idea

Vaccine Symposium Declares Unvaccinated People A Danger To Public Health

... A danger to their crumbling narrative, maybe

Study Claims Air Pollution Causing Heart Failure & Sudden Death In Healthy Teenagers

... All of a sudden, even though it has not gotten any worse recently?

Trump Claims He Could "Easily" Be Israeli PM

... Trump is a moron

Bill Gates Strolls Through NYC With Bono And Huge Security Detail Ahead Of United Nations Appearance

... I used to like Bono

Boston U. Creates Deadly Covid Strain With 80% Mortality In Mice

... Mad scientists, run amok, who then bragged to their Wuhan Lab counterparts, "That's how it's done!"

Who's More In Lockstep, Republicans With Trump Or Democrats With Biden?

... Neither. Most of us realize our (mis)leaders are idiots.

Governor Claims God Is On The Side Of Abortion

... It depends who your God is.

Covidictators: CDC Votes Unanimously To Add 'The Jab' To Children Immunity Guidelines

... CDC has no power beyond "guidelines." Local health officials must step up and block this.

Kevin McCarthy: "We're Not Going To Impeach Joe Biden"

... If anyone has EVER deserved impeachment, it's Joe Biden

Governors Can Just Say No To CDC Vax Mandate

... Yep

42% Have Fallen Back In Love With A Partner After Going On Vacation Together

... So, 58% fell OUT of love on that same vacation?

Moderna CEO: Most People Under 60 Don't Need A Booster

... ... or any covid shot in the first place

Scott Ritter's Switcheroo On The War In Ukraine

... Russia was probably told not to win too quickly. The "elites" need perpetual war, and this one serves them nicely.

The "Authorities" Are Our Enemies

... They need to be reminded they work for the public, not the corporations or politicians.

Hunter Biden For President In 2024

... Good article!

How Can We Trust The CDC With Our Children's Health?

... We can't

Is The MRNA Vaccine-Induced Immunity Inheritable? A Preprint Study Shows It Is.

... There is no "vaccine"-induced immunity. People who get the shot and don't die from it, still get covid (formerly known as the flu).

Swedish Aquarium's Escaped Cobra Returns Home On Its Own

... It was probably too cold outside, so it went back where it was warm.

Stop Giving The Left/Right Paradigm Your Attention

... Yes, please!

Another Covid Strain Has Been Created In A Lab In London

... The same college at the heart of the original pandemic scam. Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

Senator Says Free Speech Doesn't Protect "Misinformation" That Downplays Political Violence

... You mean, like mainstream media calling left-wing rioters mostly peaceful?

CDC Says It's Sorry For Major Covid Oopsies; Still Wants Your Trust

... They realize, too late, they have lost all credibility

Why Are People Losing Confidence In Vaccines?

... Because they are neither safe nor effective

Survey: 42% Of Gen Z Diagnosed With Mental-health Condition

... EVERYONE has some sort of mental health condition

The TSA Has Assaulted Us For 20 Years With Nothing To Show For It

... It was never about security. It was to get us to accept government harassment as normal and necessary.

The Real Reason The U.S. Is Against The Entire World On Cuba

... Good article.


... Nothing to see here! :)

Groups Target Bill Gates On Farming, Tech: 'You Are Creating The Very Problem You Name'

... Yes!

Why Do Americans Hate Putin?

... The media tells them to

Presidents Trump And Biden Keep John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Secret

... That indicates to me that he was killed with the permission of his own government

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