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Headlines that I felt needed a comment

The Breeders Cup At Gulfstream Park

... ...with a side trip to Miami from Ft. Lauderdale.


... ...and anything else thought-provoking and/or inspirational

United Airlines To Allow Unvaccinated Employees Back To Work On March 28

... Good. I can take them off my boycott list.

82-Year-Old Pelosi Tests Positive For Covid - Was With Biden Yesterday

... Luckily, testing positive means nothing these days, if it ever did.

Pelosi Tests Positive For Covid

... Lucky for her, testing positive means nothing these days, if it ever did.

Deadly Fiona Strengthens Into A Monster Category 4 Hurricane As It Heads To Bermuda Before Slamming Canada

... Click bait headline. The storm MIGHT hit Bermuda, and MIGHT hit Canada... eventually.

Air Force Academy To Cadets: Drop "Mom And Dad," Use Words That "Include All Genders"

... So... Mom and Dad, then, because there are only two sexes/genders.

Judge Orders NYPD Members Reinstated If Fired Over Vaccine Mandate

... Great! This should apply to EVERYONE in every field who was fired.

The Unvaccinated Have Won

... Works for me!

Colorado Sheriff's Office With Drone Finds Dog Lost For Months

... Great story!

Critically Acclaimed New Book Warns About Vulnerability Of ALL "Smart" Technology

... Anything with the word "smart" in it... isn't

Syndichain Launches First Version Of Its Open, Censorship-resistant News Aggregator

... We've got your censorship-resistant news aggregator right here at https://friendsnews.com/news

Too Many Physicians Are Ignorant, Cowards Or Just Biased

... Yep

Pat Sajak Hints He May Be Ready To Leave "Wheel Of Fortune'

... It's the end of the world as we know it...

Never Forget What The Covidictators Did... Because They WILL Try It Again

... A good collection of official or at least influential covid over-reactions

Biden Pardoning All Prior Federal Offenses Of Simple Marijuana Possession

... Probably to benefit his son Hunter, but still a good idea

Vaccine Symposium Declares Unvaccinated People A Danger To Public Health

... A danger to their crumbling narrative, maybe

Study Claims Air Pollution Causing Heart Failure & Sudden Death In Healthy Teenagers

... All of a sudden, even though it has not gotten any worse recently?

Trump Claims He Could "Easily" Be Israeli PM

... Trump is a moron

Bill Gates Strolls Through NYC With Bono And Huge Security Detail Ahead Of United Nations Appearance

... I used to like Bono

Boston U. Creates Deadly Covid Strain With 80% Mortality In Mice

... Mad scientists, run amok, who then bragged to their Wuhan Lab counterparts, "That's how it's done!"

Who's More In Lockstep, Republicans With Trump Or Democrats With Biden?

... Neither. Most of us realize our (mis)leaders are idiots.

Governor Claims God Is On The Side Of Abortion

... It depends who your God is.

Covidictators: CDC Votes Unanimously To Add "The Jab" To Children Immunity Guidelines

... CDC has no power beyond "guidelines." Local health officials must step up and block this.

Kevin McCarthy: "We're Not Going To Impeach Joe Biden"

... If anyone has EVER deserved impeachment, it's Joe Biden

Governors Can Just Say No To CDC Vax Mandate

... Yep

42% Have Fallen Back In Love With A Partner After Going On Vacation Together

... So, 58% fell OUT of love on that same vacation?

Moderna CEO: Most People Under 60 Don't Need A Booster

... ... or any covid shot in the first place

Scott Ritter's Switcheroo On The War In Ukraine

... Russia was probably told not to win too quickly. The "elites" need perpetual war, and this one serves them nicely.

The Authorities Are Our Enemies

... They need to be reminded they work for the public, not the corporations or politicians.

Hunter Biden For President In 2024

... Good article!

How Can We Trust The CDC With Our Children's Health?

... We can't

Is The MRNA Vaccine-Induced Immunity Inheritable? A Preprint Study Shows It Is.

... There is no "vaccine"-induced immunity. People who get the shot and don't die from it, still get covid (formerly known as the flu).

Swedish Aquarium's Escaped Cobra Returns Home On Its Own

... It was probably too cold outside, so it went back where it was warm.

Stop Giving The Left/Right Paradigm Your Attention

... Yes, please!

Another Covid Strain Has Been Created In A Lab In London

... The same college at the heart of the original pandemic scam. Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

Senator Says Free Speech Doesn't Protect "Misinformation" That Downplays Political Violence

... You mean, like mainstream media calling left-wing rioters mostly peaceful?

CDC Says It's Sorry For Major Covid Oopsies; Still Wants Your Trust

... They realize, too late, they have lost all credibility

Why Are People Losing Confidence In Vaccines?

... Because they are neither safe nor effective

Survey: 42% Of Gen Z Diagnosed With Mental-health Condition

... EVERYONE has some sort of mental health condition

The TSA Has Assaulted Us For 20 Years With Nothing To Show For It

... It was never about security. It was to get us to accept government harassment as normal and necessary.

The Real Reason The U.S. Is Against The Entire World On Cuba

... Good article.


... Nothing to see here! :)

Groups Target Bill Gates On Farming, Tech: 'You Are Creating The Very Problem You Name'

... Yes!

Why Do Americans Hate Putin?

... The media tells them to

Presidents Trump And Biden Keep JFK Assassination Records Secret

... That indicates to me that he was killed with the permission of his own government

Is Spreading Medical Misinformation A Doctor's Free Speech Right?

... Only the government is allowed to spread misinformation. Everyone knows that!

Biden Regime Won't Say If They Will Try To Shut Twitter Down For Posts It Doesn't Like

... They'll ask China what THEY would do.

US Federal Government Funds $5M Software To Turn Citizens Into Online "misinformation" Responders

... Contrary information is not always misinformation

Legislators Enact Unconstitutional Laws To Enrich Donors, Not The People

... Politicians, in a nutshell

Emu On The Loose In North Carolina

... When isn't there an emu on the loose somewhere, especially in North Carolina?

W.H.O. Meets To Plot Censorship Of "misinformation" Under International Pandemic Treaty

... Contrary information is not always misinformation

Philadelphia Transit To Treat Every Commuter Like A Potential Terrorist

... Like the TSA has been doing since 2001?

Global Warming A Back Door To Socialism And Now Even The UN Admits It

... "The really good model is communist China," she says. The same China with terrible air and water pollution?

Evangelical Christian Dr. Francis Collins And Advisor To "President" Biden Says "300,000 People" Have Died Due To Covid Shot Misinformation

... Contrary information is not always misinformation

Vaccine Mandate For Military Defeated, New Bill Restores Basic Rights

... Great! Now do that for the rest of the country.

Family Of Ex-Marine Left Behind In Russia Devastated After High-Level Prisoner Swap

... Griner's a black lesbian celebrity, so she's triple-protected (in politics and the media).

They Are Trying To Put Us In Chains, Criminalized, Dehumanized By Unfolding Fascism

... Contrary information is not always misinformation

International Pandemic Treaty: W.H.O. Meets To Impose Censorship Of Misinformation

... Contrary information is not always misinformation, but that is what our misleaders want you to think.

Ari Emanuel: Blacks Must Reject Divisive Politics And Unite With Jews Against Whites

... That'd just be MORE divisive politics.

Airlines Want To Solve Pilot Shortage By Flying With Just One Pilot

... The unvaccinated are the only ones we can trust to NOT have a heart-attack mid-flight.

Humans Could Become Ageless Bionic Hybrids With Downloadable Brains By 2100

... Time to find a new planet for my next life

Report Showing Exercise Reduces Covid Risk Criticized For "Confirming The Obvious"

... Some people are too "educated" to see the obvious, so it has to be pointed out.

Does Woke Corporate Policy Violate America's Antitrust Laws?

... Good question! This might give us leverage against the corporatocracy.

Five Countries Where Terrorists, Terror-Related Groups Flourished In 2022

... U.S. should be #1 with the entire Biden administration being a terrorist group

Jimmy John's Founder GOES OFF On Democrats And Criminal Deep State Attacks On Trump

... Jimmy John's founder used to kill elephants for fun.

Eight Conservatives Claim House Requires Radical Departure From Status Quo

... If McCarthy was Paul Ryan's pick, he definitely should NOT be the next speaker.

Military Arrests Former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn

... Literally too good to be true.

Billionaires Are Seeking A Cure For Old Age

... What they need is a cure for arrogance.

California Will Punish Doctors For Not Agreeing With The Official Covid Narrative

... Miss the old Soviet Union? Fear not, you can move to California!

W.H.O. Says Online Anti-vaccine Activism Is Deadlier Than Global Terrorism

... Nice try.

San Francisco Just Had The Wettest 10-Day Period Since 1871

... SOMEBODY had to clean those streets. Nature stepped up!

Western Democracies Ditched Pandemic Plans To Embrace Chinese-Style Lockdowns. Was It All A Lie?

... Yes, it was.

Congressman Byron Donalds Reveals Impeaching Biden Is On The Table

... Here's hoping!

How Nonexistent Imaginary Doctors Pushed Covid Lockdowns

... More fakery regarding covid exposed.

Bill Gates Vows To Pump MRNA Into Food Supply To 'Force-Jab' The Unvaccinated

... No problem. We find out who his customers are and boycott them.

USC School Of Social Work Bans "Field" Because It Invokes Images Of Slavery

... Even long-dead slaves think this is ridiculous.

Is Document-Gate A Democrat Effort To Kneecap Biden's Re-Election Plans?

... Even they are tired of this bumbling fool.

Grad Students Push 'Plantifa,' An 'Eco-Justice' Plan To Promote 'Guerrilla Gardening'

... I actually like the idea of guerrilla gardening and subversion of power structures.

Robots With Consciousness Will Eclipse Humanity, Warns Experts

... Um, no, they won't.

FDA No Longer Needs To Require Animal Tests Before Human Drug Trials

... The animals are happy. The humans, not so much.

Who Planted The Biden Documents?

... It was his butler, in the conservatory, with the candlestick!

Secret Vatican Plot To Force Pope Francis To Resign

... The answer to "Is the Pope Catholic?" is no longer "Yes." He should be removed.

Lara Trump: Looks Like Somebody At Top Said 'We're Done With Biden'

... Great, but they'll just find a younger idiot to take his place.

Soros And Bezos Back Initiative To Raise $3 Trillion Annually To Fight Climate Change

... But their recommendations will only apply to those without a private jet.

Judge Strikes Down NY Vaccine Mandate, Rules State Overstepped Its Authority

... Good news! Governments from national to local have been overstepping their authority.

Severe Savior Complex

... He admits he and his fellow "elites" are delusional and manipulated by aliens?

Billing Codes Used By Gov't And Private Insurance Track Your Covid Shot Status

... No big deal. I'm proud to say I never fell for this scam and never got the shot.

World Economic Forum Declares A "planetary" And "justice" Crisis

... ... of their own making.

New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern Quits As Leader, Citing Burnout

... Ding, dong, the witch is... gone!

China Proposes Making "dissemination Of False Information" A Crime In U.N. Treaty

... That would put them, Big Pharma and the U.S. gov't 1-2-3 on the Most Wanted list.

Major News Outlets Say They're Ditching Objectivity In The Name Of 'Diversity'

... They've been doing that for years, which is why most intelligent people are ditching them.

We Are Victims Of Medical And Environmental Terrorism

... We are not victims, but we are under attack.

They're Not Worried About 'Russian Influence', They're Worried About Dissent

... Yep

Google Says Their A.I. Hallucinates, Gives Convincing But Completely Made-Up Answers

... Hilarious. In other words, they've created a politician!

Charges Dropped Against Reporter Arrested In Ohio

... Good! That reporter needs to sue for false arrest.

Regulator Hid Vaccine Deaths From Public, Concerned It Would Undermine Confidence

... It only undermines confidence for those capable of independent thought.

Bill Gates Wants To Use Artificial Intelligence To Combat Conspiracy Theories

... How about we use human intelligence to combat actual conspiracies?

Is Washington Sowing The Seeds Of A Coup Against Hungary's Orban?

... Probably. That's pretty much all they do anymore.

Archbishop Vigano Says It's Time To Hold Globalists Accountable For Their Crimes

... It's long PAST time, but NOW is always the next best time to start.

Woody Harrelson Blasts The Plandemic And Big Pharma On SNL

... Great to see!

Ford's Electric 'Car Of The Future' Relies On Refinery Accused Of Poisoning The Amazon

... Poisoning the environment is what electric car battery manufacturers do.

Jeb Bush Wants DeSantis To Run In 2024

... Desantis shouldn't want endorsement from anyone named Bush.

The Best Way To Remove Spike Protein From Your Body

... The answer is nattokinase.

Trump's Call For 'Freedom Cities' Plays Right Into Globalists' Plan For Control Grid

... Trump's a useful idiot. And, if there's a catch phrase like "freedom cities," you know it's b.s.

Bill Gates Is Trying To Force The Vaccines Into The Food We Eat


Not condoning violence, but I think of the movie Kill Bill now every time I hear his name.

CNN Lost A F-ckload Of Credibility Over Covid Propaganda: Joe Rogan

... Everyone who pushed it lost credibility.

More Than 75% Of Americans Aged 17-24 Aren't Fit For Military Service: DOD

... 99% of military leaders are not fit to lead, so...

Eric Adams Moves To Fill Jobs In NYC With Illegal Immigrants

... Does the Texas governor get a finder's fee?

Their "Cure" Killed More Than Covid Itself

... That's malpractice.

U.S. Special Forces Want To Use Deepfakes For Psy-Ops

... That means they've been doing it already.

It Seems Putin Is Unwilling Or Unable To Quickly End The Conflict Before The West Can Re-Arm And Train Ukraine

... He's doing his part in the charade to keep the war going for its profiteers.

Mother Sues Doctor Who Administered Covid Shots To Children Without Consent

... Good! That doctor should lose their license.

Def. Sec. Former Member Of Raytheon Board Has Awarded Over $30 Billion In Contracts To Raytheon

... It's called corruption.

The Covid Scam And Lockdown: Does It Qualify As A Crime Against Humanity?

... Yes, it does.

Stranded In Snow With No Reception, He Tied His IPhone To A Drone To Get Above Trees To Send SOS

... Brilliant! I love this!

Creating Job Opportunities For People With Disabilities

... Great article!

Kellogg's Donated $91 Million After BLM Harassed Them For Having Three White Boys On Their Cereal Box

... Now THAT's a successful shake-down!

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