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Slovakia PM Denounces W.H.O. Attempt To Usurp National Sovereignty

by admin - 2023-12-13 14:01:35 ( in education, news) [php version] rebuild

Great! Hope he isn't assassinated like those African and Caribbean presidents who questioned covid.

"Slovakian PM, Robert Fico, denounces the WHO's current attempt to usurp national sovereignty under the pretext of tackling so-called pandemics, citing the gross violation of human rights caused by covid policies, including vaccine mandates. Such nonsense could only be invented by greedy pharmaceutical companies [in response to] the opposition of some governments against mandatory vaccination...."

Read, listen or watch the rest here

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    Yes, it's great to see this.

- Imprison Fauci, 2023-12-17 09:08:51

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