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Cowboy Poetry

( culture / humor / poetry )
I ain't much for shopping,Or for goin' into townExcept at cattle-shipping time,I ain't too easily found.But the day came when I had to go -I... read more

Feeding Horses In The Rain

( culture / writing / poetry )
Feeding horses in the rain is such a painThe horses trot by and splash mud in my eyeI toss all the flakesmissing puddles and small lakesThe wind picks up fast as blankets go on lastI make my way back Put away random tackTake off my muddy clothesWarm up my cold toesWatch them eat from the housePlan a... read more

Requiem For A Pigeon

( culture / writing / poetry )
by BillWe witnessed a pigeon's demiseRight here on the dock o' the BayThere was nothing we could doNothing we could sayIt just wasn't the pigeon's dayWe tried mouth-to-beakAnd the Heimlich techniqueBut the pigeon had croakedDid you know pigeons float?Well, this one sure did today!... read more

Poetry By Friendsnews Members

( culture / writing / poetry )
A Prince in Disguise A Saga of Seven Hats People you'll be missing and why THE RUN... read more


( culture / writing / poetry )
by Jeannie Womack Joseph wore many hats in his life,the first one was of son,next an officer, a Dutch Marine,that to him was fun; In Maastricht, in '49,he married his childhood love,now he was Tina's devoted spouse,and together they set up a nice, clean house; 8 years went by, his son, John, was bor ... read more

People You'll Be Missing And Why

( culture / writing / poetry )
by Jeannie WomackThe time has come for you to move on,but I'm sure you'll be missing us while you are gone;No more conversation with boss Catherine to really make you think,You'll miss your adventures with supervisor Stella who is always in the pink;The daily reports from Lala about her bodily funct ... read more

A Prince In Disguise

( culture / writing / poetry )
by Jeannie Womack We met on the race track in '72I couldn't resist his eyes, so blueWe soon fell in love and started a lifeIn '76 he made me his wife A teacher, leader, rebel and yesA son, brother, father, the bestBoss man, biker, hero and moreLoving, caring, cheerful, no bore He meant what he saidH ... read more

The Run

( culture / writing / poetry )
by Jeannie Womack Running in the rain isn't the paina non-runner might think it would beI put on my jacket that has a hood,lace up my shoes, and stretching is goodI open the door, expecting moreas the rain comes sprinkling downMy course is not planned yet,I'll try not to get my shoes wetI start out ... read more

A Saga Of Seven

( culture / writing / poetry )
This is a story in the style called rapthat'll surely encourage an afternoon napof a family of seven, their kids and their wivesand something regarding their travels and lives. Now first there was Greg, a Brooklyn-born lad;and then it was Lucy that Mom and Dad had.She was born at Sing Sing (no, not ... read more

A Girl Named Lucy

( culture / writing / poetry )
from 1990 This is a story 'bout a girl named LucyOtherwise known as The Rappin' WatusiShe lays down a beat that gets your toes tappin'If your toes get tired, let your fingers do the snappin'She says Hey buddy, don't you be no squareIf you can't find a partner, use a wooden chairOkay, so you'v ... read more

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