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The Run

by jeannie - 2008-04-20 12:54:31 ( in culture, writing, poetry) [php version] rebuild

by Jeannie

Running in the rain isn't the pain
a non-runner might think it would be
I put on my jacket that has a hood,
lace up my shoes, and stretching is good
I open the door, expecting more
as the rain comes sprinkling down
My course is not planned yet,
I'll try not to get my shoes wet
I start out running a ten-minute pace
as I feel the rain caressing my face
There's that big house that has a mean dog
I don't see him yet
He doesn't like to get wet
That driver doesn't see me
he's gotten me all wet
I trip over my shoe lace,
fall flat on my face
My jacket's no good,
I'm soaked from my feet to my hood
I've lost the key, oh woe is me
I can see my house now, I think I'll walk
After all, I've already run 3/4 of a block
I crawl through the window,
get dry and warm
It feels good to get out of the storm
Well, another day has come,
I'll check to see what kind of day it'll be
I think it will rain, I don't see the sun
But I don't mind
Running in the rain is such fun

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