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People You'll Be Missing And Why

by jeannie - 2008-04-20 12:58:11 ( in culture, writing, poetry) [php version] rebuild


The time has come for you to move on,
but I'm sure you'll be missing us while you are gone;
No more conversation with boss Catherine to really make you think,
You'll miss your adventures with supervisor Stella who is always in the pink;

The daily reports from Lala about her bodily functions will cease,
And without you here, Rose's appetite for report of deposit slips will surely increase;

Your detective skills will be missed you see,
For where, oh where could April's keys be?
Marsha's re-printing will continue to rise,
No more pulling Maria's leg she's gotten wise;

Oh, the fun you'll miss when it comes to Joan,
Your money tracing skills the best she has ever known;

Cheryl will have to learn how to speak and only use her mouth,
And Tony's movie trivia one liners will have gone south;

Gina will have to remember her password each and every day,
And Lila's whirlwind action in the control room well...we will all just have to pray;

Sandy will be lost without her "Young and Restless" buddy,
11:00 lunch hour will just be fuddy-duddy;

Jennifer's laughing we know you'll really miss that,
No more funny Rosalinda stories, "DRAT!"
And for me, the cash turn-ins just won't be the same,
Your sense of humor is borderline insane;

The phone calls from customers that never seem to end,
The pounds and pounds of plates to Sacramento you send;

I don't know how you will make it through a single day,
The boredom you'll experience I just have to say...

Make sure you never call us on Wednesday mornings before 9:00,
We'll all be busy learning and taking tests at that time;

You'll miss the lines for the bathroom stall,
And the end of the day check-out free for all;

I guess you have been officially sprung from your cage,
we had to do that so you wouldn't fly into a rage;

Rumor has it you'll be spoiling your granDChildren much more,
And Elvis memorabilia, it will drive you to the store;

Frogs in the control room will all be packed away,
I know, I know, you really want to stay;

We know you will really miss our DMV strife,
But try real hard to enjoy your retirement life.

Putsy is the name of my co-worker and she is the control cashier in our office, we turn in all our work and money to her. She collects frogs and Elvis stuff. I read the poem in front of a lot of important people and Putsy thought it was very funny. Some of the lines in the poem only Putsy would understand. I am known as the person who can write poems in our office now. I think I found a new calling.

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