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Dear Brother

by jeannie - 2023-07-08 23:37:44 ( in culture, writing, poetry) [php version] rebuild


Number 4 of 7

The middle child was he

In his final months of life

We rushed to him to see

He helped me with my music

Keyboard and guitar

The thought of him not being here

Is really quite bizarre

He always was a thinker

Debating was his thing

He wrote so many good songs

I loved to hear him sing

He gave to me a wedding gift

A song for me and John

A beautiful sound of life and love

And now my big brother is gone

Some say he's gone to heaven

I feel we will meet again

The bond between us siblings

Can never completely end

We will scatter his ashes

Where the road meets the sky

So very hard for all of us

To say a final good-bye

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