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Deslide That Website

( education / tech / computers / internet )
To remove that annoying slideshow so popular on click-bait sites, try one of the following: cluster fake desli.de print-friendly print what you like ... read more

The Quest For A Facebook Replacement Continues

( education / tech / computers / internet )
I keep joining these other social networking sites, only to be disappointed. The main problem is that they insist that I upload my contact list, which I refuse to do. Maybe this one -- Parler -- will work out. Here are a few other places you might find me currently (or soon): Flote - Instagram... read more

AltCensored Video Streaming

( education / tech / computers / internet )
Here's an article about them. AltCensored is at https://www.altcensored.com/ Other articles on censorship: whoishostingthis.com securethoughts.com ... read more

Alternatives To YouTube

( education / tech / computers / movies-tv )
I just thought I would remind you there are alternatives to YouTube. See below: Limited State YouTube Videos banned.video bit chute brand new tube brighteon And, search for more, below: alternatives to bing search rsults duck duck go search results ... read more

What Is That Port On My PC?

( education / tech / computers )
Very helpful website with images and explanations here. A computer port is an interface or point of connection between the computer and its peripheral devices. Some common peripherals are the mouse, keyboard, monitor (display), printer, speakers, flash drive, etc.... read more

Cluttered Web Pages

( education / tech / computers / internet )
This, below, is what happens when you let greed (or desperation) rule over your sense of aesthetics. All I wanted to do was click the link and read the article. smh Good luck finding the actual article! :) -- -- ... read more

This Monetization Service Looks Promising

( education / tech / computers / internet )
This looks promising: SubscribeStar.com. Their tagline is "Create. Monetize. Prosper." I created a page for myself there... UPDATE: Denied! Never mind. You have to already be well-established before they waste their time with you. Bast... I mean, bless their hearts! They were oh ... read more

My YouTube Channel

( education / tech / computers / internet )
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. It's free, and maybe someday I will reach their new 1,000 subscribers minimum before I can monetize it and make a few bucks. Just 999 to go! Thanks! On the other hand, I DO have the distinction of being the LEAST LIKED channel on Earth! And, that's sayin... read more

Building Your Own Website

( education / tech / computers / internet )
Question: I need my own domain name and monetization, plus things like ability to pay and schedule and stuff. Answer: Any Wordpress installation should allow plug-ins for polling, scheduling and other types of forms, in addition to blogging. Go here to create a Google Ads account (for monetiza ... read more

Computer Screen Cleaner

( education / tech / computers / humor )
No computer can do without this: screen cleaner. Converted free by cloudconvert.com ... read more

Converting Colors

( education / tech / computers / internet )
via https://convertingcolors.com/Another useful site for HTML tips, etc. See convertingcolors.com/... read more

Netgear R6120 Router Scheduled On-Off Not Working

( education / tech / computers )
Well, after going round and round with firmware updates, rebooting and factory resetting, the Scheduled Off feature on the R6120 Router (Firmware Version V1.0.0.66) simply DOES NOT work. And that was the only reason we bought this rather than use the WiFi function that came with our AT&T router. ... read more

Computer Users Create World's Fastest Supercomputer By Donating Processing Power

( education / tech / computers )
via Computer-users-create-worlds-fastest-supercomputer-donating-processing-power.html Known as Folding@Home, the technology uses thousands of computers around the world to work through large sets of numbers and complicated problems....... read more

&Quot;E-Waste&Quot; Collection Of Computers, TVs, Other Electronics

( life / health / environment / computers )
There will be an E-Waste (computers, TV's, other electronics) collection held Saturday May 8 at the Walmart Supercenter located on Nolensville Pike a quarter mile south of Old Hickory Blvd. from 8 a.m. - 12 noon. Other sites will be announced as soon as possible. Please visit nashville.gov/pw/ f... read more

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