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Trump Promises To 'act Under My Authority' If Congress Won't Pass Economic Stimulus Bill

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US President Donald Trump has vowed to use his executive powers to get an economic stimulus bill into legislation if congressional Democrats and Republicans fail to reach an agreement in the near future. Speaking from Bedminster, New Jersey, on Friday, Trump ... read more

Elon Musk Laughs Off Bernie Sanders' Proposed $27.5 Billion Tax Bill By Suggesting A Drinking Game

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A bill introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) would force billionaires like Elon Musk to pay massive sums of money in tax, but the SpaceX founders response shows he isnt taking the socialist all that seriously. Read Full Article at ... read more

'We Will Not Back Down': Canada Hits Back At US' Aluminum Tariff With $3.6 Billion In Countermeasures

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Canadas Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has announced retaliatory tariffs on $3.6 billion worth of US aluminum, to be put in place in September after industry consultations. Read Full Article at RT.com ... read more

Why We Must #ExposeBillGates

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Why We Must #ExposeBillGates ... read more

Mark Zuckerberg Making A Killing During Pandemic As His Fortune Tops $100 BILLION

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerbergs personal net worth surpassed $100 billion for first time on Thursday, after his social media company stock hit a record high on optimism about the release of its TikTok competitor Reels. Read Full Article at ... read more

Study: Billionaires That Donated To Gates-Buffet Giving Pledge Now Richer Than Ever

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As the assets of the billionaire class in the US swell to $3.5 trillion amid the pandemic, a new study of philanthropic giving reveals that many of America's wealthiest are using charitable donations to stay rich and get richer. Study: Billionaires That ... read more

Microbes Beneath The Seafloor Found Living On Fifty-billion-billion Times Less Energy Than A Human'

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An international team of researchers led by Queen Mary University of London used data from the sub-seafloor to create a new global picture of the ocean ... read more

Bill Clinton Implicated In Unsealed Ghislaine Maxwell Documents

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Former President Bill Clinton was a guest on Jeffrey Epstein&#'s Island, according to testimony made public in document&#'s that were recently unsealed in the Ghislaine Maxwell Case. As Epsteins right hand person, Maxwell sexually abused ... read more

Bill Nye Warns 'the Planet's On F***ing Fire' As He Calls On Viewers To Address Climate Change

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In a profanity-laden tirade from one of TV's most famous liaisons of science and learning, viewers were dealt a stark warning about the disastrous effects of climate ... read more

Extra-terrestrial Impacts May Have Shaped Earth 3.2 Billion Years Ago, Study Finds

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A study found that plate tectonics were triggered by intense bombardment of meteors 3.2 billion years ago -transforming the hot, primordial mushy surface into the present rugged ... read more

California Bernie Delegates To Nancy Pelosi: Pass The Damn Single Payer Bill

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In the run up to the Democratic National Convention, 116 California delegates for Bernie Sanders have signed an open letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, urging her to hold an up or down vote now on HR 1384, the Medicare for All Bill that would establish a ... read more

Interview 1566 — Derrick Broze Announces #ExposeBillGates Day Of Action 2

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audio mp3http://www.corbettreport.com/mp3/2020-07-28DerrickBroze.mp3/audioOn June 13, 2020, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world participated in the first ever #ExposeBillGates Day of Action. The event was a success with ... read more

Why Are Liberal Media Outlets Completely Ignoring Epstein Revelations Involving Bill Clinton?

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Left-wing media has failed to cover the Jeffrey Epstein court documents, alleging former President Bill Clinton of visiting the deceased child sex trafficker's pedophile island with two young girls present. Ground News, a bias-checker that tracks partisanship ... read more

Derrick Broze Announces #ExposeBillGates Day Of Action 2

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On June 13, 2020, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world participated in the first ever #ExposeBillGates Day of Action. The event was a success with #ExposeBillGates trending all day on Twitter, information about Bill Gates agenda being ... read more

Senate Passes Bill To Protect Sea Turtles, Whales, Dolphins And More From Drift Gillnets

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... read more

Family Members Survive The Middle East

( life / holmes / bill / travel )
The headline is purposely misleading (a la my old newsletter), just because I can. My brother and his wife just returned from our 16-day trip to Dubai, Egypt and Jordan. It was a great trip and at no time did we feel unsafe (except in the crazy traffic). In Egypt, we had a tour guide ... read more

My YouTube Videos

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Elizabeth doing The Cup Song (with Marley) (Aug 30, 2013) Cracking up over Lottery President (Jun 28, 2013) Elizabeth's End of Year Speech (May 24, 2013) ... read more

Tara's Favorites

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Tara's got a new blog! It's called Tara's Favorites, available at tarasfaves.com or tarasfavorites.com. Check it out!Please do not reprint this article/post... read more


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Reception images Still photos Eleanor, June, Greg, Linda, Frank Jayson, Ronica Ronica, Sandie, Tara, Stephanie Becky, Tara, Bill Crowd 1 Crowd 2 Crowd 3 Short videos (thanks to Jayson) Crowd shot Cutting cake (sideways) Feeding cake 1 Feeding cake 2 The toast Bill & Tar ... read more


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Wedding photosNew ones Coming down the aisle At the altar At the altar With preacher Bill & Tara on bench Bill & Tara gazing into future (or something) Bill & Tara at gazebo Kissing The Girls Tara & Siblings Tara & Destiny Tara, siblings & parents Diane, Bill & Don Tara & Mom Tara ... read more


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Engaged! . . . finally Tara and I are finally getting married. We've "felt married," but now we're making it official, just for the sake of making it official. :) The actual wedding will be August 22, which we've always celebrated as our "anniversary," anyway, because that was the day of our first date. It'll be a ... read more

An Email Exchange

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From: Bill Holmes Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001, 2:59 PM To: Tara McKinney Subject: rescheduled again Better not bring any boyfriends home tonight.  I'll be here, after all.  It's been rescheduled for tomorrow. Got a call from TekSystems-Huntsville.  They've got a contract-to-perm job possib ... read more

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