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Study Reveals Which Alcoholic Drink Is Best At Preventing Covid

( life / health / food / covid )
"Underlining that heavy drinking is not healthy with any category of alcoholic beverage, the scientists specified that "consumption of red wine above or double above the guidelines," "low-frequency of consumption of fortified wine (1-2 glasses/week) within guidelines," and "high frequency of consumption ... read more

EPA Bans All Food Uses Of Neurotoxic Pesticide Chlorpyrifos

( life / health / food )
Public health experts and labor rights advocates celebrated Wednesday after the Biden administration announced that it will stop the use of the pesticide chlorpyrifos on all food to better protect human health, particularly that of children and farmworkers,... ... read more

Breakthrough Tech To Store Food Unrefrigerated For Weeks

( education / tech / food / storage )
Wow, this is huge! "The solution has emerged in Farther Farms, a food tech startup co-founded by Saran (MPS '17) and Mike Annunziata ('11, MBA '17), with technology developed at Cornell. Its innovative sterilization technology produces shelf-stable foods that don't need freezing or refrigeratio... read more

Azure: Good, Wholesome Food... Delivered

( life / health / food )
"We specialize in delivering quality bulk and natural foods across the country. Get your food delivered by Parcel Carrier (UPS or USPS), or through our unique delivery system of Drop Points. (See maps.) Either way, you'll have access to the highest quality foods at affordable prices. Your he ... read more

Permaculture & Decentralization With Penny Livingston

( life / health / food / garden )
The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Activation Episode 3: Permaculture & Decentralization with Penny Livingston In the 3rd episode of The Activation, Derrick Broze talks with Penny Livingston, a permaculture teacher, activist, and public speaker. Derrick and Penny... ... read more

Initial Research Finds That Eating Chili Peppers Could Lengthen Your Life

( life / health / food )
Spice-lovers can celebrate! Early results from a study show some promising developments for people that enjoy eating hot and spicy chili peppers. A fairly recent study conducted by the American...Initial Research Finds That Eating Chili Peppers Could... ... read more

NYC Restaurants To Ban Cuomo From Dining

( life / health / food / politics )
Serves him right! No pun intended. Cuomo banned"Struggling restaurant owners city-wide are permanently banning New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo from setting foot into their establishments. Effective immediately..."... read more

Pancakes By Greg

( life / health / food / recipes )
I grate about half an apple in the pancake mix (Arrowhead Mills Organic Gluten Free). Plus, add cinnamon spice. To my almond milk, I add about a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and set aside. It adds flavor. Also I put about a ½ cup of chopped walnuts. Yummy!... read more

Organic Diets Drastically Lower Glyphosate Levels In Body

( life / health / food )
Krissy Waite -We all have the right to food that is free of toxic... Go to read more

The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

( life / health / food )
"Fluoride is found everywhere today, from antibiotics to drinking water, no stick pans to toothpaste, making exposure inevitable. All the more reason why research proving this common spice can..." Go to the-spice-that-prevents-fluoride-from-destroying-your-brainHere's a good article (with... read more

Farm To Fork: The Open Database That Lets People Buy Food Direct From Source

( life / health / food )
Go to the-open-database-that-lets-people-buy-food-direct-from-source/ Set up by food activists during lockdown, Farms to Feed Us connects people with farmers and growers across the country Farm to fork: the open database that lets people buy food direct from source...... read more

Two Best Friends Are Making Homemade Dog Treats To Raise Money For A Food Pantry

( life / health / food / pets )
Go to Homemade-Dog-Treats... read more

Former Monsanto Genetic Engineer Warns About Potential Health Risks Of GMO Potatoes

( life / health / food )
According to many, there are multiple health concerns that arise from the genetic engineering of our food. On top of this are multiple massive marketing campaigns to convince the human population that genetically modified food is not only completely safe, but also... Go to ex-monsanto-genetic-engi... read more

The PPP Is Letting Our Small Restaurants And Businesses Die

( life / health / food / restaurants )
Go to The PPP was supposed to save our small restaurants and businesses. But where's the money?...... read more

Carrot Ginger Turmeric Drink

( life / health / food )
I just got back from Kroger where I found a new flavor of smoothie drink from Bolthouse Farms. It's called Carrot Ginger Turmeric, and I gotta tell ya, after cracking one open - not in the store, I'm not one of those people - I took a swig and said, Wow, that is... terrible! I'll drink them beca... read more


( life / health / food / recipes )
Markowitz palacsintas recipe. (pronounced pah-lah-CHIN-tuhz). Makes 4 or 5.beat well 2 eggsAdd a pinch of salt½ teaspoon sugarbeat/mix in blender until has a loose consistency.Add ½ cup water and some flour while mixing, until thick enoughAs a test, dip spoon into mix and let the mixture d... read more

California State Fair Tacos

( life / health / food / recipes )
1 potato (about 4 inches long)¼ head lettuce3 cloves garlic6 green onions1 pound lean ground beef1 cup water½ small can green chiliesSalt and pepper12 - 14 white corn tortillasVegetable oil... read more

Bill's Salsa Chicken & Rice

( life / health / food / recipes )
Bill's Salsa Chicken & Rice I've been making this for years, and thought I'd share it, finally. Here's my recipe and the quantity I usually make:Six chicken breasts with skin, baked in plastic cooking bags at 400°F for about an hour (depending on your oven).Six servings of r... read more

Don's "Orange Julius"

( life / health / food / recipes )
Place ½ cup orange juice concentrate in blenderFill 2 cup container ½ full with ice cubesAdd water to make 2 cups and pour into blenderAdd 1 teaspoon vanilla extractAdd 8 teaspoons sugarBlend on LOW speed until ice thoroughly crushed... read more

Easy Deviled Eggs

( life / health / food / recipes )
Put cooked egg yolks in a zip lock bag. Seal, mash till they are all broken up. Add remainder of ingredients, resealkeep mashing it up mixing thoroughlycut the tip of the baggy, squeeze mixture into egg.... read more

Ronica's Oregano Chicken

( life / health / food / recipes )
This is fast and easy. It is good over rice or noodles.¼ cup butter¼ cup lemon juice2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce2 tablespoon soy sauce1 ½ teaspoon dried oregano1 large clove garlic, crushedCombine all ingredients and pour over chicken in 13 x 9 baking dish. Bake covered at 375 fo... read more

Ronica's Maple Roasted Chicken

( culture / food / recipes )
4 large skinless chicken thighs or breasts3 potatoes cut into chunks1 medium onion cut into small pieces1 bag baby carrots¼ cup maple syrup1 teaspoon salt½ teaspoon pepperCombine all ingredients in roasting pan and toss to coat. Cook 40-45 minutes covered at 450 degrees. Stir once about ha ... read more

Winter Oranges In Nebraska

( life / health / food )
Amazing. "Nebraska retiree uses Earth's heat to grow oranges in snow... See Winter temperatures in Alliance, Nebraska can drop to -20°F (the record low is -40°F/C), but retired mailman Russ Finch grows oranges in his backyard greenhouse without paying ... read more

Atlanta Food Forest

( life / health / food )
Such a great idea!"Atlanta's City Council just voted in favor of transforming over 7 acres of vacant property into the state of Georgia's first food forest. The measure, which paves the way for the largest food forest in the country according to Councilwoman Carla Smith, was approved last Monda... read more

Cayenne Supplements

( life / health / food )
I'd like to report that if anyone has prostate issues, the best treatment I know of is cayenne pepper capsules. Some time ago I bought size 00 gelatin capsules and a capsule machine, and make my own. I take a couple every morning and I can feel it working on the prostate. Cayenne is known for fighti... read more

Turmeric, Cinnamon & Ginger Tea

( life / health / food )
from My Persian KitchenPrep time: 1 min Cook time: 30 mins Total time: 31 minsServes: 1 cupIngredients1 tsp grated fresh turmeric½ tsp grated fresh ginger1 tick cinnamon1 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice½ slice of lemon1-1/2 cups waterInstructionsPlace turmeric, ginger, cinnamon in a sauce ... read more

Marijuana, Hemp, CBD: What's Legal And Where

( life / health / food / plants )
For those "asking for a friend," see marijuana-hemp-cbd-whats-legal-and-where:"As the legalized cannabis industry in the United States grows with nearly every election, consumers interested in these products have more and more options. But they might also have more questions, given th... read more

27 Pound Bucket Of Mac And Cheese

( life / health / food )
We should just go ahead and get this for our 13yo daughter.... read more

Panera Favorites

( life / health / food / restaurants )
Insider favorites at Panera Bread. Via panera-bread-employee-favorites... read more

Ordering A Sandwich

( life / health / food / restaurants )
Man behind the counter: What kind of meat? Me: Tuna. Man: Ham? Me: If by "ham" you mean "tuna," then yes. ... read more

Good Food, Bad Packaging

( life / health / food )
Feedback I sent to Luvo:I love your frozen meals, but hate your packaging.Your microwave cooking instructions basically say "look elsewhere on package."Why not put the instructions right there where it says "instructions?"Opening the package afterward is painful, literally (becau... read more

Easiest Container-Friendly Food Plants

( life / health / food / garden )
"We've found 35 fruits and vegetables that you can grow in containers. These range from bananas and citrus fruits to tomatoes, cucumbers, and just about anything else that you would normally plant in a larger garden." Container-friendly food plants... read more

Horsetail Herb Said To Remove Aluminum

( life / health / food / plants )
According to the "Health Ranger," anyway."The Health Ranger reveals why Horsetail herb, which grows as a weed, allows your body to eliminate toxic ALUMINUM, a heavy metal linked to Alzheimer's and dementia. (It's also found in popular deodorant products.)"... read more

Drop The Diet Drinks

( life / health / food )
Go to Diet drinks TRIPLE risk stroke dementia"Diet drinks TRIPLE your risk of stroke and dementia, and are FAR more dangerous than drinks sweetened with sugar.Boston University researchers found aspartame, a low-calorie sweetener, wreaks havoc on the arteries, as opposed to sugar-sweetened dri... read more

Wild Lettuce To Help Pain

( life / health / food / food4.jpg )
This looks very familiar in my yard. Go here for more info: lettuce"I'm surprised I haven't come across wild lettuce as an alternative to toxic pain, migraine and anxiety pills, but a recent report by Ask a Prepper tipped me off to it and now I want to tell everyone! Out of everyone I know, pai... read more

Farm Of The Future?

( life / health / food )
Cool! But I also like one of the commenters' idea about forest gardens. Via forest gardens ... read more

Steroid Level So High In Beef It's Causing Players To Fail Drug Tests

( life / health / food / drugs )
I'm sure it's just a coincidence! :)Five months after Congress voted to remove country-of-origin labeling from pork and beef, the NFL is warning that meat produced in Mexico and China may contain a substance banned as a performance enhancing drug. ... read more

Russia Completely Bans GMOs In Food Production

( life / health / food )
That's it! We're moving to Russia! Just kidding (because it kinda sucks over there unless you're rich ... like almost everywhere else, actually). Still, this is good news for humans:"This is a bold move by the Russian government, and it sits in unison with the newly-ignited global debate on GMO... read more


( culture / humor / food )
I think I'm addicted to cereal, I said. Addicted? she asked. Yeah, I'm gonna hit the street looking for my latest fix.And by 'street,' you mean Aisle 3 at Kroger, right?Don't question my street cred!... read more

The Real Reason Wheat Is Toxic

( life / health / food )
"Standard wheat harvest protocol in the US is to drench the wheat fields with Roundup several days before the combine harvesters work through the fields because withered, dead wheat plants are less taxing on the farm equipment and allows for an earlier, easier and bigger harvest"Read the... read more

Mighty Broccoli Sprouts Rapidly Detox Pollutants

( life / health / food )
Broccoli sprouts, anyone?"The drink used in the China study was made with broccoli sprouts developed by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. They are sold under the brand name BroccoSprouts. They are widely available in supermarkets or you can sprout your own from seeds. Broccoli sprouts ca... read more

Nutty Grain And Oat Bars

( life / health / food / recipes )
I need to try this. Too bad I hate cooking so much. I eat way too many snacks at work, but at least these are healthy. The snack machine and I have had a falling out (it no longer recognizes my shopper's card), so now's a good time to try this."We can't stress it enough: Pack the mixture as t... read more

Farmers Use Social Media To Stop Food Waste

( life / health / food )
. So far, CropMobster has managed to distribute nearly half a million kilograms of food, which has brought in close to a million dollars in revenue for small producers.... read more

10 Ways To Survive Skyrocketing Food Prices

( life / health / food )
Good to know. from 10 Ways to Survive Skyrocketing Food Prices"Food prices are getting out of control. As meats, dairy, and eggs climb to record high prices and over 50 million Americans are now on public food assistance, family budgets are being stretched like never before just to survive.&qu... read more

Garden Thieves

( life / health / food / garden )
Just finished putting up chicken wire around my strawberries. Elizabeth picked one last night, turned it around to look at it, and discovered that it had been bitten into. We can only assume it was rabbits. How many were ruined? I asked. Four, she said. In my garden, that's a LOT. :) Anyway, ... read more

52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat

( life / health / food / plants )
You should NEVER eat unripe elderberries.An important comment, above. That caution aside, this is good to know if you're ever starving or just have the munchies while wandering through your back yard! :) 52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat.... read more

Why Your Brain Craves Junk Food And What You Can Do About It

( life / health / food )
The good news is that the research shows the less junk food you eat, the less you crave it. In other words, self-control! What a concept! Why Your Brain Craves Junk Food (and What You Can Do About It). "Most of us know that junk food is unhealthy. We know poor nutrition is rel ... read more

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie To Heal You From The Inside Out

( life / health / food )
I think I'll try this."If you are battling an aliment or just want to feel good - this smoothie rocks. The addition of cranberries helps reduce water weight too - a little aesthetically pleasing benefit that makes you look good too."... read more

Kids Hate Broccoli

( life / health / food )
Elizabeth (at the dinner table being forced to eat her broccoli): Ugh, can I throw up?Her mom: Um, no. Me: trying not to laugh out loudMom: You're not helping!... read more

Dinner And A Show

( life / health / food / restaurants )
After stopping at Tara's sister Stephanie's house in Smyrna to pick up a newly-refurbished Kindle Fire that Todd had put together, we had dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant, Mi Tierra. Now Chago's Elizabeth was dying for refried beans! Whatever. She's eight. Mi Tierra is usually good, as it... read more

Some Non-Organic Foods Contain Upwards Of 180 Times Fluoride Level Of Tap Water

( life / health / food )
Some non-organic foods contain upwards of 180 times the fluoride level of tap water, says expert."... the average person's cumulative exposure to fluoride from food, beverages, personal care products, and water is up to seven times the recommended maximum level, according to... read more

Struggle In The Vegetable Garden

( life / health / food / garden )
No, not just me and my pathetic crop management. While that's definitely been a struggle, there have apparently been physical altercations going on in the garden, specifically on top of the onions. The tops of those plants - once so proud and erect - are all now bent over. I hope they're not broke... read more

Food Matters Film

( life / health / food / movies-tv-video )
I finally watched this Food Matters movie last night. It was great. MD's and pharmaceutical execs will hate it, of course. Anyway, I highly recommend it.... read more

Benefits Of Turmeric

( life / health / food / plants )
Turmeric's cardiovascular benefits found Just an FYI, above. And now this, below: turmeric and black pepper together ... read more

Cinco De Mayo

( life / health / food )
It was Cinco De Mayo, so we tried Moe's Southwest Grill. After ten minutes with very little movement (the line was so long), we left. Next we tried Las Palmas, a very good local chain. Same problem there. We didn't even bother standing in line. Now we're at Taco Bell. No lines! ... and apparently, ... read more

Garden Improvements

( life / health / food / garden )
I finished up my little rain barrel project yesterday. My three rain barrels used to be underneath the downspout coming off the roof. And that's great for catching the most rain, but the problem was that it is downhill from and not close enough to the garden where it's needed. I've looked into pumps... read more

I Lost My Tomato Plants

( life / health / food / garden )
We had a freeze TUESDAY night, so I lost my tomato plants and probably my cucumbers. :( I replaced those original tomato plants, adding cherry tomatoes, and might have lost those too because even though I hadn't planted them yet I screwed up and left them outside one night when it got below fre... read more

This Year's (2013) Vegetable Garden

( life / health / food / plants )
My checklist for this year's vegetable garden:Soil tilled? Check!Top soil added? Check!Plants bought? Check!Seeds for plants not available for purchase? Check!Plants planted? Check!Now the watering ... and waiting begins! Oh, you're wondering what I planted?Lettuceroom for cabbageStrawberriesCucumbe... read more

Do We Really Need Industrial Agriculture To Feed The World?

( life / health / food )
In a word, no. via Anna Lappé & Food MythBusters, Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world?... read more

Major Food Companies Consider Lobbying For GMO Labeling

( life / health / food / politics )
Maybe there is hope for mankind, after all? Thanks to the boycotts, and more people refusing to remain ignorant? Whatever the reason, this looks promising. Activist Post."... there is talk of Walmart, Pepsi, ConAgra and at least 20 major food companies possibly switching sid... read more

Cincinnati Passes Resolution Requiring GE Food Labeling

( life / health / food )
Cincinnati passes resolution requiring GE food labeling. Good!And that's where Kroger is headquartered, which might make it more interesting.... read more

Monsanto Funded Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign

( life / health / food / politics )
Activist Post: Monsanto Funded Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign Gets Away with Impersonating Govt. Agencies. Corporate scum at their worst, or is this merely typical?"Misuse of a United States government seal can lead to a $250,000 fine, twenty years in prison, and three years of supervised release ... read more

Eat Your Tomato Harvest All Year

( life / health / food / recipes )
Five Tasty Ways to Eat Your Tomato Harvest All Year"Hello tomato harvest time. If your garden (or farmer's market, or neighbor's garden) is suddenly overwhelming you with fresh tomatoes, don't be intimidated, start filling the pantry."... read more

Research Shows Local Honey May Halt Allergies

( life / health / food )
For those with allergies, this might help. Research Shows Local Honey may Halt Allergies."Honey has been considered an alternative allergy treatment for many years, with many allergy sufferers swearing by its anti-allergenic properties. Until recently, however, there had not been much research... read more

Our First Ever Ethiopian Restaurant

( life / health / food / restaurants )
With Elizabeth taken for the night by her wonderful Auntie, Tara and I took the opportunity last night to use a Groupon and go to an Ethiopian restaurant, Mesob. It was our first time trying Ethiopian food. The appetizer, sambusa, was very good. When the entree arrived, the injera bread on its ow... read more

Millions Against Monsanto, The Food Fight Of Our Lives

( life / health / food )
"If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it. - Norman Braksick, president of Asgrow Seed Co., a subsidiary of Monsanto, quoted in the Kansas City Star, March 7, 1994Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food. Our ... read more

British Town Grows All Of Its Own Vegetables, Improved Civic Life

( life / health / food / plants )
British town grows all of its own vegetables, witnesses improved civic life and reduced crime as a result."When the small British mill town of Todmorden, tucked in between Yorkshire and Lancashire, first began installing fruit and vegetable gardens all around the area as part of the Incredible ... read more

Naturally Reduce Your Risk Of Allergies

( life / health / food )
Yet again, the solutions for most of the ailments that plague modern society are to be found in the natural world, not the synthetic world of establishment medicine and Big Pharma. Activist Post: 3 Ways to Naturally Reduce Your Risk of Allergies and to Reverse Symptoms.... read more

Thanks To The FDA, You Really Have No Idea What's In Your Food

( life / health / food / safety )
"It's been stuck this way since the early 1990s, when the FDA hired former Monsanto lawyer Michael Taylor to write the regulations, or lack thereof." Go to Thanks to the FDA, You Really Have No Idea Whats In Your Food.... read more

Clean 15

( life / health / food )
Clean 15: The 15 Lowest Pesticide-Prone Forms of Produce."If you don't buy organic, health experts like David Suzuki suggest avoiding toxic pesticides linked to health issues including cancer, hormone disruption, and brain toxicity, by buying from the Clean Fifteen, a list of least-contaminated... read more

Candwich, Sandwich In A Can Goes On Sale

( life / health / food )
Not a bad idea!Candwich: Sandwich in a can goes on sale"The American makers of the Candwich, a sandwich in a can which can be dispensed by vending machines and is opened like a can of Coke, say it's the best thing since sliced bread."... read more

Emergency Preparedness Food Storage

( life / health / food )
Emergency Essentials - Be Prepared Emergency Preparedness Food Storage. That's the Boy Scout motto, isn't it? Never hurts." is the world's largest dedicated online marketplace for survival food, water, and gear. They're a complete one-stop shop for everything you need to prepare ... read more

1 In 4 Supermarket Meat Samples Tainted With Drugs

( life / health / food / shopping )
Another reason to go vegetarian, although their math isn't right. Forty-seven percent is much worse than 1 in 4. Maybe we should actually read the article? :) 1 In 4 Supermarket Meat Samples Tainted With Drug-Resistant Bacteria."They took samples of meat and poultry aroun... read more

Which Food Additives Make Children Behave Badly

( life / health / food )
" additives used in hundreds of children's foods and drinks can cause temper tantrums and disruptive behavior..." Go to Which Food Additives Make Children Behave Badly.... read more

Pick Your Own Fruit And Vegetable Farms

( life / health / food / plants )
This could prove useful as food (and gas) prices soar this coming year: Where to Find Pick-Your-Own Fruit and Vegetable Farms / Orchards for Local, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Pumpkins, Along With Canning, Freezing & Preserving Instructions! See also: pickyourownfruitsandvegetables ... read more

Dems Pull Fast One With Food Safety Bill

( life / health / food / politics )
Go to"It didn't take long for Democrats in the House to figure a way around the constitutional roadblock that halted the advance of S. 510: The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, following its approval by the Senate last week."... read more

Another Reason To Avoid Monsanto Products

( life / health / food )
A very technical article. from GMO-Free-Europe-2010"It is important to note that the bulk of the data provided during the evaluation stages of GBH/GMO safety were provided by the industry... This is particularly important when significant economic interests are concerned."... read more

Wine Review

( culture / food )
Yes, we do it all here at FriendsNews! If I said to you Bohemian Highway, California Merlot 2007, what would you think? Crap? Just this side of Thunderbird? Well, you'd be wrong. At the amazingly low price of $6 for the small bottle, it's just as good as the Woodbridge California Merlot at twice t... read more

Buy Local Food

( life / health / food / shopping )
"Okay, you're awake, back among the human tribe. Now what? You are not alone in wondering what is the best way to fight the globalists. There is a vastly growing human tribe that understands your frustration of feeling like a helpless fly caught in an inescapable spider web. It can seem defeat... read more

Genetically-Engineered Food Right To Know Act

( life / health / food / politics )
Ask Your Congresspersons to Cosponsor HR 5577, Representative Kucinich's Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act"10. Almost all non-organic processed food or animal products in the U.S. today contain ingredients that come from genetically engineered crops or from animals given genetically ... read more

Saved A Blackberry Bush

( life / health / food / plants )
A couple of them, actually. I was going to post this to, but there is no such site. Wait, maybe I should check. You never know. Guess what? There IS such a site, but it has to do with the ubiquitous electronic device. Anyway, on a couple of recent dog walks through the fields o... read more

Vegetable Garden 2010

( life / health / food / garden )
Hopefully, this third time is the charm!It has begun. See pictures, below. Click to zoom in (twice to zoom in 100%): The white fence in bed #1 is for the peas to cling to once they start growing. The real fence in the background of the first picture is what I eventually finished last year but h... read more

Decent Breakfast Place?

( life / health / food / restaurants )
Calling all breakfast eaters: Does anyone know of a decent place for breakfast near Nashville's (BNA) airport? My sister is passing through town next weekend and wants to have breakfast with Elizabeth (everyone else is secondary). We have a short time frame ( or 3 hours) for breakfast before her fli... read more

Has The FDA Lost Its Mind... Again?

( life / health / food )
cherries and walnuts are not drugs"In the latest volley of the US Food and Drug Administration's bizarre war on scientific freedom of speech, the FDA has sent a Warning Letter to the president and CEO of Diamond Foods stating that the firm's packages of shelled walnuts are in violation of the ... read more

Make Your Own Sports Drink

( life / health / food )
... for a fraction of the cost. This is the one thing that kills our food budget, but we keep buying it because my back muscles seem to need the electrolytes to keep from spasming. At least, that's what I've convinced myself of. I've been battling back problems since 1996, and this is just part of ... read more

Cake Mixes And Toxins

( life / health / food / safety )
PLEASE remember to check your cupboards when you get home tonight!!!Throw away ALL OUTDATED pancake mix, brownie mixes, Bisquick, cake and cookie mixes, etc., you have in your home. A high school student had pancakes and it almost became fatal. His mom, a registered nurse, made him pancakes, droppe... read more

GMO Foods

( life / health / food )
Genetically-modified cotton is poisoning people in India. In this country, non-organic soybeans, corn and canola (most non-organic of these are GMO) are poisoning people. It's in corn chips and other products. They are making soybeans and corn that are Round-up ready, which means, they have pestic... read more

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World

( life / health / food )
Very cool talk given here. He talks fast, so you have to pay close attention. 6 ways mushrooms can save the world... read more

Benefits Of Turmeric (2009)

( life / health / food )
Turmeric, a spice which they eat loads of in India, essentially shuts down cancer switches in the body. Especially effective for breast and prostate cancer, but really all cancers. I add turmeric to at least one meal a day, as well as cayenne which is great for the cardiovascular system and inflamma... read more

What To Plant Now (Middle Of September)

( life / health / food / garden )
Just FYI if you were wondering, 'cuz I was."Broccoli. If you live in a warmer climate and can find a quick growing Broccoli variety, you can harvest well into November."Source: What to Plant Now... read more


( life / health / food / recipes )
This just in: turmeric and black pepper together Kind Earth Recipes by AnastasiaCheap, healthy :Divine CarolineCheap Healthy GoodFast Cheap Healthy Cheaper, easier to find supersRound-Up-resistant weedsMake your own Gatorade for a fraction of the costHow long can you keep things on the shelf?Monsa... read more

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