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Portfolio Manager From Stockholm, Sweden

by bill - 2022-03-02 13:25:03 ( in culture, humor, internet, spam) [php version] rebuild

My name is [doesn't matter], a portfolio manager from Stockholm, Sweden and a custodian of the Late David Holmes certificate of deposit (CD) valued fortune. [here we go] I sent you an initial email without a reply, Just curious if you received the email I sent ... on a matter concerning the death of David, your relative. [a very common firstname, good choice]

I have been unsuccessful in locating any family members in the past search until I located you as an extended family member. [news to me]

Furthermore, I will explain to you in more detail If you are the actual owner of this email address. I look forward to your mail.


[doesn't matter],

Portfolio Manager (CPM®) [since when are professional credentials registered trademarks?]

Stockholm, Sweden.

He'll be waiting a long time.

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