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Tennessee Safari Park

by bill - 2019-08-31 ( life / health / environment / wildlife )

Drove past this place a month ago on my way to New Madrid (just because). It looked interesting and is apparently getting great reviews.

UPDATE: And now we've been there. We went last week (7/31/2020). It was great! You can buy feed buckets to feed the animals as you make your way through the park. Of the four buckets, we had two "stolen": one by a zebra, the other by a huge old camel. Next time, we'll buy more buckets so we have enough for the entire drive. As it was, we ran out of food half way through. Other animals there are giraffes, llamas, alpacas, deer, bison, wildebeasts, water buffalo, ostriches and more.
Click images for larger version: bison, alpaca, alpaca, ostrich, zebra

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UPDATE: Just got some clarification from one of the owners of the park as to llamas versus alpacas: "We have 96 llamas in section 2 of the safari. Section 4 has 16 alpacas."
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