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One Conspiracy Theory Can Be Believed But Not Another Basically Similar Theory?

by bill - 2021-12-24 13:21:07 ( in education, research, conspiracies, vaccines) [php version] rebuild

It's funny how you can say the following to an intelligent, politically astute person and a majority of them will believe it: "[U.S. intelligence services] will ruthlessly exploit people, eliminating those standing in the way of achieving their aims. Nations refusing to go along are targeted for regime change. Washington stops at nothing to achieve its diabolical aims. Tactics include bullying, intimidation, punishing sanctions, assassinations, coups, aggression, and virtually every other dirty trick in the book imaginable... [and] media propaganda supports [it]."

See honduras-chile-si-yanquis-no

If you theorize that the same tactics are behind this current scam called "covid-19", however, those otherwise-intelligent people will refuse to believe it.

Same people, same tactics, and yet one conspiracy is deemed possible, if not downright probable, while the other is scoffed at. Truly amazing.

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