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Selling Insurance

by bill - 2010-04-25 18:24:11 ( in life, money, employment, insurance) [php version] rebuild

I got a call today about a job with American Income. They said they found my résumé on Careerbuilder. When I get emails like that, I instantly recognize them and mark them as spam and block them from sending any more. But getting a phone call is apparently more effective on me.

I agreed to an interview (because she never mentioned anything about selling anything). I figured I might just be doing some sort of generic office / customer service work, but now I think I'll just blow off that interview I'd scheduled for next week.

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    Yeah, I never thought I would encourage you to blow off a job interview, but I think this one is a good one blow off.

- Tara's Faves, 2010-04-21 09:20:55

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