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Online Radio stations


from Don (ca. 2010)

As broadcast radio continues to drive itself into self-extinction with their worship of mediocrity (the new American disease), there's a new type of radio called satellite radio. You can buy a satellite radio for your car and subscribe. Not sure about availability for your area. But you can go to and listen to some good programming, free on your computer. All their programmers are supposed to be really into whatever type of music they program, so it's music by and for music lovers, apparently, rather than music haters ... I mean businessmen.


from Don (ca. 2010)

I finally broke down and got XM Radio for the car. Read, listen or watch the rest here: and listen to what kind of stations they have. Only $200 for a Delphi setup at Best Buy, plus $10 a month. The Loft and XM Cafe are probably my favorite stations. Deep Tracks has the lesser-known oldies. Quite a few hard and alternative type rock. Also there are the various decade channels, which are all hits from that decade. There are comedy channels and talk also, but I haven't checked them out yet. Good jazz, blues and classical. Haven't heard a commercial yet, but some stations supposedly have some. There's no going back to FM! I don't even consider FM to be MUSIC anymore - it's just advertising and noise. Anybody who drives a lot (lives in So. Cal) NEEDS this. The Delphi receiver's the way to go because you can move the receiver around from car to home or to another car.

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