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Dave Ramsey Gives Public Support To The Medical Non-discrimination Business And Consumer Act

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FRANKLIN, TN -- March 4, 2021 -- Seven-time bestselling author, renowned financial expert, and radio host Dave Ramsey is publicly endorsing a groundbreaking bill produced by local, grassroots organization Tennessee Stands, sponsored by Senator Joey Hensley and Representative Susan Lynn. An employer of nearly 1000 Tennesseans, Ramsey decided to publicly endorse the Medical Non-Discrimination Business and Consumer Act because it protects employers and employees alike. Title III of the ADA and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, both federal statutes, were designed to protect citizens from discrimination -- the exact kind of discrimination that the government has demanded that employers like Ramsey practice, unfairly placing them in the middle of a heated and contentious debate.

Ramsey states: "I've owned my business for over 30 years. Last year, the government called on business owners to act as law enforcement agents and healthcare experts, and it's out of bounds. Many business owners in Tennessee are much more afraid of over-reaching officials sanctioning them, fining them, or arbitrarily shutting them down for not acting as enforcers than they are of the actual covid-19 virus. I started and run my company to help people, just like every other entrepreneur I know. Let's pass the Medical Non-Discrimination Business and Consumer Act here in Tennessee so business owners can get back to doing what they to do best: Serving their customers."

Title III of the ADA applies to discrimination in any public accommodation, including privately owned property, office buildings, doctor's offices, and schools. Not allowing employees with asthma to work and breathe freely, preventing a child with a learning disability from attending school because they cannot wear a mask, or kicking a customer out of your store because they have PTSD and cannot tolerate a mask, are all very clear violations of the law.

Ever since elected officials introduced mask mandates in America, a tremendous amount of friction has arisen between businesses, consumers, and those that have medical disabilities, mental disabilities, or just plain common sense. Aside from the violations of current federal law, the science does not support the practice.

The bill would protect consumers from discrimination based on the use of a medical device or having received any sort of medical treatment. Additionally, businesses would receive protection from causes of action and any liability stemming from the spreading of an airborne, communicable disease. Lastly, this bill would prevent the state or any state agency from passing an ordinance requiring a business to act as law enforcement or issue mandates that would be construed as discriminatory.

In short, passing this bill returns Tennessee to the good 'ole days, circa 2019, before local governments in America used its force to spread propaganda about masking, coerce business activity under compulsory threats, and turn citizen against citizen in efforts to enforce a policy that it had no authority to do on its own."

Tennessee Stands says enough is enough, and it is time to restore our constitutional rights and follow the law. Hundreds of other business owners have also signed on in support of the Medical Non-Discrimination Business and Consumer Act SB 0320 / HB 0794.

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