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Just Another Sunday

by bill - 2013-07-17 ( culture / writing / blog / shopping )

Wife and kid are off at this thing called "church." Maybe you've heard of it. I'm not familiar. Not sure what to make of it. :)

I'm basically just hanging out waiting for the new mattress to be delivered. We told the delivery guy, "Anytime!" He sounded foreign. I hope he shows up before 10pm! Never know with "these dang ferners!" Anyway, we went ahead and spent the money on a much-needed new mattress, along with that "under" part that used to be called the "box spring," though that's not what it's called anymore. Anyway, it's a Sealy king size, and we got it last night at Big Lots during their "20% off everything" sale. With that and all the other stuff we bought, we saved over $200! And it was all stuff we needed. Really!

Also waiting on a few people to call, email or stop by and give me a bid on being my regular yard maintenance guy (or gal, but I've never seen a female doing this). Oh, and I picked some fruit out back.

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