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Philadelphia Store Builds Pulley Machine To Sanitize Shopping Carts

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A Philadelphia store constructed a pulley machine outside of the building to keep shopping carts sanitized amid the COVID-19 pandemic. ... read more

Kroger Policy

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I think Kroger has a policy of periodically moving everything around in order to stimulate our hunter-gatherer instinct, never knowing which aisle our next meal is in. ... read more

Spend Time Instead Of Money

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Great idea! "... around the world, people are using a system of exchange that requires something everyone is, for the most part, given equally, every day: Time." via ... read more

Cash Back

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Don't you hate it when you tell the self-checkout register that you want cash back. Then by the time you're finished, because the $!?&@ machine has screwed up so many times, you've become distracted and forgotten all about the cash? Yep, if you want to get rich just follow behind me whenever I go to the grocery store. Luckily I'd only asked for $20 ... read more

Local Pick Up

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Just ordered a $10 item on eBay. They offered "Local pick up in Las Vegas, Nevada" versus delivering it. I live in Nashville. I need to decide if it's worth driving out there. Suggestions? ... read more

Alternatives To Amazon And Etsy

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If you're looking for an alternative to Amazon or Etsy ... read more

A Visit To Walmart

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I hate Walmart.  It's a company run by slimy executives who don't care about the mom-and-pop businesses they destroy, and its stores are frequented by the lowest class of people.  I always feel the need for a shower afterward.  But, this morning it made more sense to go there because t ... read more

Diary, 2010/07/25

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Just got back from an all day shopping excursion. I don't know how Tara does it every week. I told her that was harder work than going to the office all day. She said, So, you appreciate me more now? Of course, I said yes. First we went to Tara's Kroger, the one almost in Nolensville city limi ... read more

Another Reason Not To Shop At Walmart

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If you buy underwear at Walmart, they will be able to track wherever you go. If their sales are not hurt by this announcement, they will institute it in more products, probably eventually all products. According to CNBC, these tags are not removable, although ... read more

Doug Sells Power Tools!

( life / money / shopping ) "Used & New Hilti Tools and Accessories Hilti professional demolition / concrete tools SHIPPING WORLDWIDE" ... read more

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