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Happy Halloween

by bill - 2008-11-05 17:00:00 ( in culture, holidays, halloween) [php version] rebuild

Or, as they piously call it around here, Fall Festival, because Halloween is "the work of Satan," you know. :)

We just returned from trick-or-treating, which Elizabeth absolutely loved. She kept saying, "Halloween is so much fun!" And now we're all recovering from the hike around the neighborhood. Well, that plus our activities earlier today.

For me and Elizabeth, that involved going down to Franklin for Pumpkin Fest where we spent three full hours playing street games and playing on the many "jumpy-jumps." Technically Elizabeth was the one doing that, but I had to keep up with her.

Tara spent most of the day helping her great aunt pack up and move, so she's spent, too.

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    That has to be the cutest Minnie Mouse ever!

- Dawn, 2008-11-07 16:49:40

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