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Bill Maher Slams Fellow Liberals For Covid Ignorance

by bill - 2021-04-20 ( life / health / covid )

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"Citing a recent Gallup poll, Maher noted that Democrats are far and away the most ill-informed when it comes to the facts about the Chinese virus. While only 20 percent of people who test positive for the Wuhan flu end up having to be hospitalized, the average Democrat believes that figure to be over 50 percent.

"So, almost 70 percent of Democrats are wildly off on this key question, and also have a greatly exaggerated view of the danger of Covid and the mortality rate among children -- all of which explains why today the states with the highest share of schools that are still closed are all blue states," he added.

'"Shouldn't the liberal media have to answer for, 'How did your audience end up believing such a bunch of crap about Covid?"' he asked during the segment.

Maher also blasted the media and his liberal colleagues for fear-mongering about outdoor transmission of the virus, including at beaches where some leftists have demanded that people wear a mask."

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