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Biden's Vaccine Mandate" Lie

by bill - 2021-10-17 07:31:32 ( in life, health, covid, vaccines) [php version]

Article I, Section 1, Clause 1 of the Constitution states: "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives."
In other words, NOT the president and his or her "executive orders" and "mandates." See the-supremacy-clause-tenth-amendment-v-mandates

On 10/14/21, Steve wrote:

I think Biden just made a speech and corporations are complying. The Democrats' idea of democracy.

On Thursday, October 14, 2021, Bill wrote:

Yes, idiots and assholes think mandates, executive orders -- and now, mere suggestions -- are law. Welcome to the "second world." Next stop, "third world."

On 10/14/21 1:25 PM, Steve wrote:

yeah, that happens because liberals go on "feelings" instead of using their brains (facts). So sad, especially when the media keeps [them] all ignorant of the truth. The FCC ought to fine them for all their lies/half-truths.

From: anonymous, sent Thursday, October 14

mostly what they FEEL is they want to be part of the TRIBE.

Some people are individuals ("vertically conscious") and most are tribe ("horizontally conscious" -- more aware of the tribe's feelings than their own).

Bill: Here's more on that last subject: Why Smart People Are Stupid

The objective for those who are outside of this mass hypnosis is to find a way ... to survive outside the system "for a few years." At some point, the masses will wake up. Then what?

"Then they kill their leaders."

I think they will also want to kill those who, all along, have been telling them that the narrative is bogus -- that they lived a deadly lie. They won't want to be reminded of this, and ... even if you never say "I told you so" you will be a reminder to them of this.

Sounds like fun times ahead.

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