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Holmes Family Newsletter Vol 1 No 1

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The Holmes Family Newsletter

Vol. 1, No. 1, Since 1989

May 25, 1989

[Editor's Note: This may be the only issue, so pay attention!]


Well, the big news, of course, is Steve and Denise's engagement. The wedding is set for the weekend before Thanksgiving, I think, so be sure and make plans accordingly.

Lost & Found

Yes, Doug is still part of the family, but no one has seen him lately. Well, he called the paper just last evening, and he's doing fine. He was in Washington, D.C. when we went to press, and will be flying in from wherever he may be at the time to take pictures at Steve's wedding.


Mike, Lucy's eldest son, has landed a job as a disc jockey. Yes, that's right. Now there is a certified celebrity in the family. He'll be working the coveted "drive-time" slot of Stanislaus State's campus radio station. Congrats, Mike!

Of course, Don used to be a celebrity, being half of that popular song-writing team of House & Holmes. Don has retired from show business, but you still might catch him on the talk show circuit.

His ex-partner, James House, has a new album out. It's country music, but you might like it anyway.

A rare, uncut version of the well-known 1978 -directed silent film "Prize Catch" starring Steve and Doug was unearthed in our film vaults recently and is now available on video cassette. For your very own copy of this priceless gem, send $99.95 to this newspaper c/o the editor.


Steve and Denise ran in and apparently finished last weekend's "Bay-to-Breakers" in San Francisco (a race both Jeannie and Lucy have run in previous years).


Bill has finally settled in one spot for the moment since emigrating from Los Angeles. His new address is: ___ Orchard Ave., #__, Hayward, CA 945__.


Since the house-warming gala at her luxurious new home high up in the hills of Livingston, Lucy has made many home improvements - most notably, a fence circling the entire estate. When asked about the fence, Lucy stated, "I wanted to have the best fence possible, so naturally I hired Bill and Mike to build it."


The Brouns family's Rottweiler, Chance, is giving every indication of being pregnant. Jeannie is quoted as saying, "I don't know how it happened!"

Lucy's dogs, Diane's cats and Tiffany's horse, Galaxy, are all doing fine, thanks.

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