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Holmes Family Newsletter Vol 5 No 5

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Vol. 5, No. 5, August 8, 1993

Bill moving to Nashville

Bill is moving to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his boyhood dream of being a country singing star! Oh wait, that's Don's boyhood dream. Bill's just moving there for the hell of it.

"What did you expect?" says Bill.

To celebrate the fact that Bill is moving two thousand miles away, Doug is planning a "Get Lost Party." It will be at Lucy's house on Lucy's birthday, August 15.

Once in Nashville, Bill will be staying with Don and Diane until they get sick of him and kick him out, which will probably happen within the first week.

Coyote Spayed

Lucy found a stray coyote in her backyard recently and promptly spayed it, right there on the spot. "It seemed like the thing to do," she explained. "Don't you ever get these urges that, no matter how illogical, you feel compelled to follow?" she asked this reporter. And that's when this reporter got on his bicycle and pedalled away as fast as he could.

A second reporter was then sent by this newsletter to Lucy's sprawling ranch high up in the hills of Livingston to verify the first reporter's story. And, as it turns out, it was Lucy's dog, "Coyote," who was spayed. And it was done by a veterinarian. In a hospital. Following the surgical procedure, Coyote reportedly moped around the house, missing meals, for a couple of days. "She missed her uterus," Lucy explained. "But she's okay now."


Lucy, Aug. 15


I offered this article [recently appearing in the Sacramento Bee] to Doug for his first Hungarian newsletter, but he didn't think it was appropriate. Your newsletter, however, never let bad taste stand in the way. - Dad

Snap, crackle and ...

General Mills thought it smelled a winner when it introduced a new cereal called Fingos on the East Coast last spring. The cereal is a snack food designed to be eaten with the fingers - hence the name. But the folks who came up with the Fingos moniker apparently didn't do all their homework. A caller to The Bee informed us that in Hungarian, Fingos is a rather impolite term meaning someone who expels gas from the lower intestinal tract. [A fart.]

Kathryn Newton, public relations manager for General Mills in Minneapolis, said the company did lengthy research on the name, including trademark infringement and foreign language definitions. But they never considered Hungarian.

There are some disturbing things going on in this country these days, and I just felt the need to share the following with you. The following three articles are by various authors and were downloaded from computer bulletin boards.

More on the "October Surprise"

The badly decomposed body of Paul David Wilcher, age 46, was found [recently] at his Washington DC apartment. Mr. Wilcher was an attorney and an investigative researcher who had been working with Gunther Russbacher, the "October Surprise" pilot, trying to prove that the Reagan 1980 campaign conspired to delay the release of the 52 American Embassy hostages held in Iran.

Mr. Wilcher recently had told friends and colleagues in Washington that he knew far more about October Surprise and all the related scandals such as Inslaw, BCCI, and other government scandals and coverups, than did Danny Casolaro, the reporter and writer who was "suicided" in Martinsburg, West Virginia in 1990. Even though Mr. Casolaro's death was ruled a suicide, there are still many unexplained questions which leave many people feeling that he was murdered to keep him from exposing a network of government corruption which he termed "The Octopus."

Mr. Wilcher's friend and colleague Marion Kindig said that he had expressed concern that he might be killed for "what he had in his head."

[3 paragraphs deleted]

Gunther Russbacher had recently arranged for a controversial video tape to be delivered to Mr. Wilcher. The video tape was the cockpit video of the flight back from Paris in an SR-71 spy plane. Mr. Russbacher has claimed that the reason he is in prison is to discredit him and keep him quiet about his role in the 1980 October Surprise scandal. According to Mr. Russbacher, the cockpit video tape will conclusively prove that he did fly George Bush back from a Paris meeting on October 20, 1980. This tape was supposed to have been delivered to Mr. Wilcher sometime between the 10th and the 19th of June 1993. No one, except government authorities, has been allowed inside Mr. Wilcher's apartment. No one has any idea if any of his data and research is still there. No one knows if the tape was delivered, and if it is still in the apartment.

The "Bilderbergers"

How many heard about or read what David Rockefeller said to Katherine Graham during the June 1991 meeting of the Bilderberg Society in Baden Baden, Germany? David Rockefeller - chairman of multinational Chase Manhattan Bank; Czar of the Council on Foreign Relations; founder of the Trilateral Commission; Overseer of the worldwide Rockefeller financial and banking network established by Mayer A. Rothschild in the 18th century; labelled by Time Magazine "the prime mover in banking that controls the course of world economic affairs and world history" (Sept 7, 1962); and said by the Emperor of Japan and the Monarch of Thailand to "outrank royalty," began his opening address to the assembled elitists by saying:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and other publications whose directors have attended our meetings, and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years."

Following Rockefeller's welcoming address, the report stated, the Bilderbergers reviewed their agenda for the unity of Europe, including their plans for a common European currency and a central European bank to be modelled after the USA's Federal Reserve Bank.

Also discussed at the meeting was how they wanted the 1992 elections to proceed. There it was determined that the Democratic Party regulars in all 50 states controlled by the Bilderbergers would get in step and line up behind presidential candidate Bill Clinton. Oh, and by the way: Bush, Quayle and Clinton were all present at the meeting, as were Henry Kissinger, The Prince of Wales, Helmut Shmidt, Wilhelm Christians, and Mikhail Gorbachev, and a few others whose names escape me at the moment.

There was a time when I believed that being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations wasn't necessarily an indictment. Not anymore. This isn't to say that the "new world order" views of Rockefeller, Kissinger, and Breczinski [sp?] and others in the CFR/TC (Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission) "inner circle" are shared by all members. Any "conservatives" present are probably invited there for "window dressing." My opinion is that all members have had ample opportunity to observe the disastrous results of nearly 50 years of CFR-managed intelligence, military, and foreign policy by now.

Ever heard of Wackenhut?

Wackenhut World Technologies, Inc. handles all intelligence-related and "Ultra" classification security work for U.S. interests in the world. They received this assignment from the Reagan Administration when they "privatized" the protection of our nuclear arsenal and took it away from the jurisdiction of the U.S. Marine Corps. The Wackenhut Group is headquartered in Florida. They also have a branch in Las Vegas that handles Security at Groom [Lake] and Area 51, etc.

They are privately owned and operated. Their board of directors is made up of former (and current) CIA, FBI, Div. 5, NSA, ISA, NRO officials. They are funded by the "Russell Trust" which is a "black fund" organization. The Russell Trust also funds the "Skull and Bones Society." Wackenhut is extensively involved in the activities of the Drug and Arms Operations with a group of government operatives known as the "Black Rose" which runs these operations in both S.E. Asia (the Golden Triangle) and the Middle East (Iran & Iraq border and Iran & Afghanistan border (the Golden Crescent)).

The current chairman and co-founder of the Black Rose is an individual who is known as the "White Rose" or "G.H.W.B." [George Bush] who developed the Heroin Ring while acting as Ambassador, as well as in his activities in the intelligence community and his oil businesses. The Black Rose also run cocaine through Panama to the off-shore oil rigs owned by Zapata Oil [owned by Bush].

Dr. Earl Brian (who worked extensively with the intelligence community) was involved with "Mind-Control Operations" for Naval Intelligence ("Project Bluebird/Artichoke/Dancer). Dr. E.B. was also the person who, with formal U.S. diplomatic immunity, carried the proceeds from the Golden Triangle out of Thailand (computer codes) and took the funds to Australia. It was Dr. Brian that assisted Dr. Nichols in setting up the Cabazon Indian Reservation Underground Base, with the Black Rose and Wackenhut. It was Dr. Brian that "oversaw" Michael Riconisciuto's creation of the software program that was stolen from William and Nancy Hamilton that owned and founded INSLAW. This was done at the Cabazon Facility. The building of this underground base was facilitated through HUD grants. Wackenhut and the Nichols family also have partnership in the large power plant off of Hwy. 111 near Palm Springs. Dr. Nichols is in jail for the murder for hire of Fred Alvarez and two associates, but his son is still running operations at the reservation. The hit team has never been uncovered. The bag man for the team is currently in hiding (James Jimmy Hughes), as is an intelligence operative who helped him. The intelligence operative that took him into hiding is closely connected to the downfall of Sid Shaw and Centennial Savings.

Dr. Nichols also had a business partner by the name of G. Wayne Reader who is also a "black world" operative (CIA). He is a business partner of Neal Bush and is connected to the downfall of Silverado Savings and Loan and San Marino S&L.

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