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Knives - Pretty Funny

by doug - 2021-06-01 03:05:01 ( in education, news, emails, conspiracies) [php version] rebuild (10197)

Yea, they killed many before. Probably all SIDS cases are from vaccines (real vaccines - not the fake covid gene therapy).

The study by an Oregon doctor, Paul something, in December was amazing to see the effects of vaxing on those who lived. But the 1986 act signed by Reagan that gave complete liability protection to vaccine makers is what really started off this incredible business model of poisoning the public without a care in the world. The deaths and injuries were paid for by tax payers through the "Vaccine Court" that has paid billions over the years.

They make it nearly impossible to win in vax court, so most never get a dime from it. But the proof of death and mayhem from vaxing lies in the billions the government was practically forced pay out.

Watch Vaxed (the original) for more details.

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I'd never heard of any vaccine killing anyone till the covid ones came out

On 5/31/21 3:22 AM:

I think maybe people have become numb to "information" and wonder if anyone noticed this on Fox:



Covid 'Vaccines' Have Killed More In 4 Months Than All Other Vaccines In 15 Years COMBINED

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Good one!

A mask might be appropriate if you're actively sneezing, coughing and infected but, otherwise, no. See W.H.O. Recommends against wearing a mask, or this, this, this, this or this for more.

OK, you're probably thinking [it] doesn't make much sense to vaccinate the entire species against a relatively standard respiratory virus, but that's just because you are still thinking critically.


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What Health Authorities Are Like in 2021

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