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Atlanta Trip

by bill - 1999-05-08 ( life / travel / usa )

Tara and I just got back from a long weekend in Atlanta. Itwas nice to see the town. I'd passed through before, but had never stopped tolook. The first touristy thing we did after eventually finding our hotel - thedowntown Courtyard-by-Marriott, picked out by Tara, which was much better than the Motel 6I would've gotten us! - was to ride the MARTA subway down to Turner Field for theBraves game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It was the highlight of the trip for me. It's a nice new ballpark madeto look old-fashioned, like Baltimore's Camden Yard, I guess, though I've never actuallybeen to that one. Best of all, the Braves lost the game! It should have been areal pitcher's duel, given that it was Cy Young Award winner Tom Glavine versus perennialall-star Randy Johnson, but the final score was a relatively high 8-3.

Matt Williams, formerly of the San Francisco Giants and one of myfavorite players, is now on the Diamondbacks. For some reason, the guy in the rowbehind us kept mentioning to his friends that Matt Williams is bald. Yes, he isbald, but it seemed an odd thing to keep bringing up.

We saw the Coca-Cola Museum, which was a waste of time and money. It's basically just one long 3-D Coke commercial, including a 15-minute Cokecommercial that is billed as a movie. As we were leaving the little theater, the guy infront of us felt the same way and joked, "I'm a better person now." Iguess I was hoping for a real live bottling plant tour, which this isn't. The freeCoke-made drinks at the end was nice, though.

They had this thing where you put your cup in the right spot and pushthe button and your drink comes shooting out in a giant arc and into the dispenser thatthen pours it into your cup. A little later on, they have a tasting booth withvarious Coke products from around the world. Rex, a friend from work, had warned mein advance about this one called "Beverly" (yes, that's the name of the drink). It's sold in Italy. Everyone in line in front of me was making facestasting it ("Tasting Beverly", how's that for a movie title?!), but when Itasted it I realized it's just carbonated water with no real "taste" at all. Still, I can't imagine anyone actually paying for such a drink.

Next stop, this thing they call "The Underground." It's just a below-ground-level shopping mall! Nothing special at all. I hateto be so negative, it's just that people had built these sights up as something worthseeing, which they really weren't.

I liked the Margaret Mitchell ("Gone With The Wind")House. I normally wouldn't have included it on my itinerary, but Tara wanted to seeit, and I'm glad we went. It's been completely rebuilt twice due to arson, though,so it's not the "real thing." Oops, my Coke brainwashing is showing! We took the tour through the house in which she wrote her famous book. Thetour guide was good.

The Jimmy Carter Library was interesting, too, for a while. But, like politicians in general, it didn't hold my interest long.

In the Mid-Town area that we drove circles through several times aswe went looking for things, we couldn't help but notice the large gay population. Idecided that Atlanta's city motto should be: "Atlanta: A great place to begay!" But, as Jerry Seinfeld would say, "Not that there's anything wrongwith that!"

We visited the CNN building, but after walking around a bit gawkingthrough the glass at the CNN/SI and CNN-Interactive staffers who, in turn, were generallygawking at computer monitors, we decided that a full-fledged tour wasn't really necessary.

In the end, we both enjoyed the trip. We left town Mondaymorning, apparently right before that construction worker on the crane had to be rescuedby a helicopter from above the warehouse fire that's been on the news.

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