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Hackers Have Access To Your Device

by bill - 2021-05-02 16:06:24 ( in culture, humor, internet, spam) [php version] rebuild

One of our favorite scams! Our comments are interspersed in brackets and [look like this.]

Hello there. Let me introduce myself first -- [Seems very polite!] I am a professional programmer, who specializes in hacking during my free time. [as most of us do]

This time you were unlucky to become my next victim and I have just hacked the Operating System and your device. [it almost sounds like he knows what he's talking about!]

I have been observing you for several months. [flattered, I'm sure, but it's taken you several months to hack me? not impressed.]

To put things in a simple way, I have infected your device with my virus while you were visiting your favorite adult website. [ okay...]

I will try to explain the situation in more details, if you are not really familiar with this kind of situations. Trojan virus grants me with full access as well as control of your device. Hence, I can see and access anything on your screen, switch on the camera [too bad I don't have a camera, but I'll be sure and install one now!] and microphone and do other stuff, while you don't even know that.

In addition, I also [you really don't need "also" here since it's preceded by "In addition," just FYI] accessed your whole contacts list at social networks and your device too.

You may be questioning yourself -- why didn't your antivirus detect any malicious software until now? Well, my spyware uses a special driver, ["special driver?" I guess in his case that'd be a screwdriver? Ha! I crack me up.] which has a signature that is updated on a frequent basis, hereby your antivirus simply cannot catch it.

I have created a videoclip exposing the way you are playing with yourself on the left screen section, while the right section shows the porn video that you were watching at that point of time. [the only "porn" I see online these days is "coronavirus fear porn"]

Few clicks of my mouse would be sufficient to forward this video to all your contacts list and social media friends. You will be surprised to discover that I can even upload it to online platforms for public access.

The good news is that you can still prevent this from happening: All you need to do is transfer $1300 (USD) [kind of a strange amount] of bitcoin equivalent to my BTC wallet (if you don't know how to get it done, do some search online -- there are plenty of articles describing the step-by-step process). [very helpful!]

My bitcoin wallet is (BTC Wallet): 1MZ6avTVhzxsyZvyNxFVWMutZwjQUhLpYo [I'm guessing this part is real. Can people not be investigated and prosecuted based on this? Guess not.]

Once I receive your payment, I will delete your kinky video right away [wait, don't delete it just yet, I wanna watch it again], and can promise that is the last time you hear from.

You have 48 hours (2 days exactly) to complete the payment. [this almost sounds like extortion!] The read notification will be automatically sent to me, once you open this email, so the timer will start automatically from that moment.

[blah, blah, threat, threat...] I have done my homework. If I discover that you have tried forwarding this email to anyone, I will right away share your kinky video to public.

Let's be reasonable [I do try to be reasonable] and don't make any stupid mistakes anymore. [crap, stupid mistakes are my favorite kind!] I have provided a clear step-by-step guide for you. [again, so helpful]

All you need to do is simply follow the steps and get rid of this uncomfortable situation once and for all. Best regards and good luck.

And good luck to you, sir! Such a refreshing conversation.

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