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More On Masks And Chlorine Dioxide

by doug - 2021-08-23 10:22:11 ( in life, health, alternative, masks) [php version] rebuild (2216)

This video discusses how masks will cause cancer, which has never been mentioned by anyone else that I know about:

Proof that facemasks cause cancer

Plus, I am hearing rave results from people lately regarding chlorine dioxide, I believe it's called. You may have heard about the American church and founders now in prison because they refused to stop offering this to people. It [supposedly] helps put a super charge of oxygen into the blood and wipes out viruses and is [supposedly] also a detox. I met a man today who picked up his food order from Azure (we had our monthly drop yesterday) who knows how to make this himself. He says it's very cheap and he's been making it for a couple years already, but you must know the correct process. What he described is very simple and it creates a solution you can just add to water if you feel anything coming on ... knocks it out within a day. Mike Adams (Health Ranger) recently discussed it on his daily podcasts. I only heard about it last year. He says it should be part of any personal medical survival kit.

I'll get more details soon. The guy I talked to this evening said they ban it if anyone tries to tie the ingredients to health, but it's available in other forms all over and is cheap. I think in Mexico there are clinics that offer it with rave successes. Worth checking out.

But so far, we have found the very best thing is extremely simple: a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Also fantastic for heartburn or indigestion. You won't believe how great that simple thing is. Just another example of the lost art of home remedies that the medical cartel wants stamped out of existence. We can't have the wisdom of our ancestors curing things when big pharma will lose potential customers, can we?

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