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India Farm Bill Protest

by don - 2021-01-11 00:49:23 ( in education, research) [php version] rebuild

Found this (250million!):

Meanwhile, in another part of the world: (found on the D.I. website) No

mention of it here in the German media and I guess under-reported in

other countries as well, I did find several news reports about in on

youtube, from various TV stations from different parts of the world, but

they don't seem to show just how many Indian people and unions actually

support this strike because they understand those 3 s only look

beneficial at first glance.

"Censored: The largest people's uprising in history against the

globalist takeover of food

"The India Farmer's Protest should be making worldwide headlines. But it

isn't. Because everyone would be encouraged to imitate their courage" Dr

Julianne Romanello

Not my words. But the sentiment perfectly encapsulated.

National and international media have been heavily censoring what is now

being known as the largest peaceful protest in the history of humanity,

which took place on November 26, 2020 in India. A staggering 250,000,000

people from various industry sectors stood together in a united workers

strike, approximately 20% of India's population. To put that figure into

perspective, that's almost four times the population of the U.K. and 75%

of the U.S. population.

The strike action was in response to the nefarious farm s

surreptitiously passed on 23 September 2020, without debate, during

India's brutal lockdown, in an attempt to pressure the Modi government

to repeal the s. The superficially benevolent s threaten

domestic and global food sovereignty, the livelihood of farmers and

accelerate the globalist takeover of the food supply, inextricably

linked with Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Goals.

The one-day stand-off has snowballed into what is now the largest

people's uprising ever seen on our planet. Massive 'insta-city'

encampments have formed at Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur borders into

Delhi, the main protest sites, with an estimated 345,000 farmers and

protesters currently encamped – eating, sleeping, washing, praying – in

what is now the winter season with evening temperatures dipping to

around 0 degrees. With roads and highways completely blocked going into

the capital, farmers and cross-industry sector protesters are standing

in absolute unity and solidarity, from teachers unions to lawyers

unions, Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims alike, fighting for their lives and

their livelihood. And it's growing. Thousands more, each day, from all

over India, march towards the capital, in solidarity with the Farmers

Protests to force the Indian PM to repeal these nefarious Acts. The

farmers have vowed to stay for as long as it takes for the laws to be

repealed, several months, even years. Forty have lost their lives so

far, including counts of suicide."

I did a little digging into those farm s and found this in the Times

of India:

and a little further information from the same source:

Here's a video explaining the new s and showing the advantages and

disadvantages quite clearly:


UPDATE: Very informative video, explains the situation of farmers very

well, no wonder they are on strike blocking several of the main roads to



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