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15-Minute Cities Coming To California

by steve - 2023-09-15 06:04:06 ( in education, research) [php version] rebuild (229790)

what? not enough WATER?Not a problem for LIBERAL mayors because they're wacko (or more likely, those who elect them are wacko, proving again that liberals aren't adult enough for real societal matters). Since with each development, they collect ENORMOUS FEES and for 20 years the development won't need any fixing, they get FREE MONEY for 20 years!

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This example comes from the small town of Sebastopol north of San Francisco. An architect describes what amounts to globalists creating high density places full of renters.

Just as mentioned in this video, I noticed in 2020 construction north of Sacramento (in Natomas) that never stopped even though the economy was crashing down all around. I suspected it was one of these globalist buildings to create their dystopian renter system.

The building laws in CA have gone bonkers with not enough parking spaces, outlawed use of natural gas for cooking and heating, pushing for electric vehicles that are insane traps for so many reasons, etc.


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Subject: Christine Epperly - 47 min= SB 35 units - forced "affordable housing" - renter society

Brutalism in California - high density housing - 15 min cities

Sebastopol= example

State-Mandated Housing Coming to Your TownChristine Epperly

Siyamak sits down with Christine Epperly, a licensed civil engineer and building designer with over 30 years in business. She discovered a state-run plan called the "15 Minute city", that is changing the landscape of California.

"What's happening in California is we're building these high-density communities in the middle of the towns and suburbs. I looked at them and they're basically all the same. It's brutalism."

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