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by bill - 2007-12-04 13:00:00 ( in family, adoption, holmes, travel) [php version] rebuild

I set this blog so that you can now add your comments anonymously without logging in. So, comment away! I was afraid that the requirement for a login was keeping people from participating. Now you can go crazy because you're anonymous. Just watch your language! Elizabeth is reading this, too ... some day. :) Email me if you have a problem using the Comments section. Or leave a comment if you can't comment. Oh, sorry, the Russian bureaucracy is rubbing off on me.

It's 3:25am here. I went to bed around 9:30, so that's 6 hours. I would've stayed in bed just now, but that room is just disgustingly smoky. I wake up every morning feeling like I'd been smoking heavily the night before. I used to smoke, so I know what that feels like. They don't understand the concept of smoke-free rooms here. And, I KNOW it will really bother Elizabeth, once we have her. I get the impression she has sensitive skin and eyes. It would be nice to have a lower room, too, because the elevators are so flaky. We usually end up using the stairs. Being on the seventh floor makes for some good exercise, which I personally enjoy (and need), but I know Tara and I doubt Elizabeth will see it the same way.

Yesterday, to kill the time while we waited, Liena (the interpreter) gave me an "assignment." She's a teacher. That's what they do. :) Anyway, she asked me to write an essay on what comes to mind at the mention of the word "diversity." I said what? Was this some sort of secret adoption agency psychological test? Forgive my paranaoia, but it's hard to just relax and be yourself when you feel constantly scrutinized. Anyway, I answered that I enjoyed diversity because I'm a people watcher. The more variety, the better. I added some other politically-correct b.s., just in case. Something about people of all cultures living together in perfect harmony, holding hands and singing Koombayah (sp?). :)

Eventually, after much prodding, she was satisfied with my answer. It was then my turn to ask a question: What comes to mind when you think of the word "American." She wrote down "diversity and money." To make her work a little harder as she did to me, I asked, "That's all?" She added that America has "beautiful nature" and the people are positive. We eventually tired of that, as you probably did five minutes ago. So, we played "battleship." You know, both people make a square grid on a separate piece of paper, vertical side with letters, horizontal side with numbers, then call out various squares trying to "hit" their already-marked squares. Yeah, we got tired of that, too, but there was NOTHING else to do as we sat there waiting our turn at Immigration. Good times. :)

Our Court appearance is scheduled for 10a.m. this morning. For some reason, the theme of Rocky keeps running through my head. :) I feel like it's going to be a fight, or I at least need to expect a fight but hope for pleasant civility and a positive ruling. I could've been a lawyer. :)

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    O-kay - Here goes.... I had a dream last night (not the way you expected your first comment to start!!) that I found a note in the front seat of my car when I came out a store from shopping. It was in Tara's handwriting and all it said was, "We're back from Russia... 11/27" I started trying to call Tara and couldn't get an answer, I tried the house, email everything. I even went to your house, but for some reason couldn't find it in my dream. It was like your street had disappeared. I was starting to freak out... then Bear woke me up to go outside to go to the bathroom. So while I was standing on our deck at 1am I realized that I was having a weird dream about the Holmes b/c I HAD NOT HEARD FROM TARA!!! So, this morning, at 6:20 (Thomas' new wake-up time), I jumped on the computer and headed to the Blog. I thought Tara may be too tired or wound up to write anyting, but I knew the writer in Bill would come out! So thank you Bill!! Hopefully tonight I will dream about something better (not that I have any issues dreaming about you all... but let's face it, you don't want me to dream about you two either!) Anyways, sorry to hear about the paper thing. I hope that Tara takes some pics of you walking around with the new document stapled to your forehead (if that gets in the way of your sight, you can staple it to your ass!!) (that ought to get Tara laughing!!) Glad you got see Elizabeth. Hope everyting goes well for you tomorrow!!! We're thinking (and praying) for you guys! PS - So how was the McD's? Or did you pass on it?!

- Leslie, 2007-11-28 15:31:12


- Jeannie, 2007-11-28 15:50:40

    Thanks for the comments. It's okay that you dream about me, Leslie. I dream about you, too. Don't tell Tara or Chris! Just kidding, of course. We'll blog at you later! Maybe after court, Tara will be relaxed enough to blog, too.

- bill, 2007-11-28 17:40:58

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