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Good Friday

by bill - 2008-03-24 ( family / holmes / elizabeth )

It WAS a good Friday. There was nothing religious about it. If you know me at all, that wouldn't surprise you.

I was just reading my previous post and wanted to have something more positive this time. We're all still adjusting to each other and getting better at it every day. That last post was three weeks ago and feels like months ago. She almost never makes me mad now. Don't get me wrong, she still irritates me sometimes, as I probably do to her. But that's rare now. We generally get along very well.

Tara, Elizabeth, the pugs and I just got back from the park where we had pizza for an early dinner followed by at least an hour at the playground with slides and swings. It was great fun, but Tara and I had to tag-team being the one to play with Elizabeth while the other held the dogs.

This morning, all three of us humans went to "Music With Mommy." Usually, that's just Tara and Elizabeth, but since I was off today, I went, too. It's a lot of fun. Elizabeth loves it.

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Hang in there Bill. All kids "play" their parents and act better for others than at home. Both of my kids did that. At least I knew they knew how to behave if they wanted to. - Jeannie, 2008-03-29 09:42:12
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