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I Trust My Immune System, Thanks

by bill - 2020-12-12 01:37:57 ( in life, health, covid) [php version] rebuild

covid ""vaccine"?" No thanks. I trust my immune system more than I trust Big Pharma "science."

As I said in my novel, Another Way: Beyond the Status Quo, "Question everything! That's the scientific method, although too many scientists are not very scientific. They'll come to whichever conclusion their bosses want, like the corporate accountant or election pollster who asks ahead of time what the result should be before they perform their algorithmic sleight-of-hand."

Or, as someone on Twitter said, "covid science is tobacco science. It's asbestos science. It's DDT science. You must understand that doctors and scientists are just as easy to buyoff as politicians."

There has never been a man-made cure for the common cold or flu, but we're supposed to believe there is now all of a sudden? I call bullsh*t. I've never had a flu shot, and never will, thank you.

See also, covid-19-vaccine-bombshell-fda-documents-reveal-death-21-serious-conditions-possi1, tested-positive-for-covid-19-be-sure-to-ask-this-question and 218-million-paid-out-for-vaccine-injuries-and-deaths-in-2020-for-fda-approved-vaccine"s-not-fast-tracked

And, unfortunately it's now time to stop supporting the Red Cross (unless and until they fire their dimwit CEO who apparently hates free speech). See red-cross-president-demands-govt-media-silence-those-who-question-safety-of-covid-vax-assembly-line"

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"We now have hundreds of thousands of so-called 'cases', 'infections' and 'positive tests' but hardly any sick people. Recall that four fifths (80%) of 'infections' are asymptomatic (1) Covid wards have been by and large empty throughout June, July, August and September 2020. Most importantly covid deaths are at an all-time low. It is clear that these 'cases' are in fact not 'cases' but rather they are normal healthy people."

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