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Back In Atlanta

by bill - 2007-10-12 10:46:51 ( in family, adoption, holmes, travel) [php version] rebuild

We're in the Atlanta airport now! Good to be on US soil, except that they keep mentioning George Bush (... as in the Houston Airport). :) It's 1:45a.m. Moscow time right now (5:45p.m. EDT), but I'm not tired. I'm anxious to catch the flight to Nashville. Customs and "security" here in Atlanta is sooo much smoother than Russia, though they did tick me off at the end when you have to quickly remove your shoes and belt, etc., open up everything, prove that this is an actual laptop, etc.

I swear this whole "security" thing has more to do with harassment than anything else. In the Moscow SVO airport, I added up the number of "checks" they put us through from the street to the plane. There were five. Six, if you count the additional frisking in between two other checks. I'm considering suing the US and Russian governments for harassment bordering on torture. I'll let you know how that goes. :)

They showed "Ocean's 13," among others that I've already forgotten, on the flight home. It was good, but the first one is still the best.

I kept thinking about Elizabeth on the flight home. She's such a great little girl.

I forgot to mention, before leaving Astrakhan I went for a walk down along the riverfront while Tara emailed several of you. As per Tara's instructions, I had our leftover sandwich meat and cheese ready to "donate" to the first stray dog or cat I saw. I didn't see any until I got to the very end of the walkway. There were two smallish dogs, a white female and a black and white male, I'm guessing. I didn't check. The male trotted away, before seeing that his mate was getting fed, so he came back over. Maybe they'll survive another few extra days thanks to me (and Tara).

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