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Our Portuguese Table

by bill - 2019-01-29 13:00:00 ( in family, genealogy, holmes) [php version] rebuild

My brother Doug talking about Portuguese genealogy on their January 22, 2019 podcast.

In today's episode of Our Portuguese Table, we chat with Doug Holmes, one of the Portuguese community's premiere genealogists. One of today's big trends is genealogy testing and learning more about our roots. Doug first began studying genealogy in the 80's when he wanted to learn about his mom's family tree. He began to research more about his dad's side, and the rest is history. ;) Doug has done a lot of research in the Azores, especially on the islands of Terceira and Pico. His program has a list of about 300,000 names thus far. He's your go-to guy! Doug has connected with others through social media and is currently conducting additional testing, as well. We also discuss Angela and Maria's possible connections to William the Conquer and other nobility.

For more information about Doug's services or to begin your ancestral journey, visit his website: or send him a message at: d

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