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CA Floods Hit Food Chain

by steve - 2023-03-23 04:12:57 ( in education, news, emails, conspiracies) [php version] rebuild

since I lived in Porterville 1979 to 1984 or so, I tried to recognize where the flooding was or where it could be. I didn't recognize anything in the video.All that valley land is flat.I think it was last year that Porterville was undergoing a lack of water. They have "Lake Success" up toward the foothills and I vaguely remember some sort of creek bed from there to Porterville, but don't ever remember any significant amount of water in it.Still, there's floods frequently north of Sacramento from Dry Creek and it's just a way of life in some places.

On Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at 12:07:21 AM


I was not living in Sacramento when the last flooding happened in 1986 from a levee break.

I bet that's in the back (maybe now front) of people's minds. That's the fear these demons live on.

Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2023 11:59 PM

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CA floods hit food chain= I remember the Yolo bypass being flooded every year.Maybe somebody is just trying to throw more FEAR at us!

On Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 11:30:23 PM


The globalists controlling the weather are doing a great job knocking out many agricultural areas of southern San Joaquin valley. Porterville and Tulare county, Monterey and Fresno counties, maybe more.

Today I saw lots of water in the Yolo bypass (between Sacramento and Woodland on 5).

The attack focused on food keeps rolling along.

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