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Good News in History, October 4

  15 years ago today, SpaceShipOne, funded by Microsoft's Paul Allen, became the first private manned-spacecraft to fly into sub-orbital space. That same year, its innovative design won the US$10 million Ansari X Prize. Piloted and ... read more

5th Graders Hear Senior Couple's Story of Racial Injustice and Take Action 60 Years Later

  These fifth graders were moved to tears by the Caldwells' story which is why they then banded together to right the wrongs from 60 years ago.The post 5th Graders Hear Senior Couple's Story of Racial Injustice and Take Action... read more

Choices Have Consequences: Astrology Forecast October 13th — 20th, 2019

  October 14th, 2019 By Lorna Bevan Contributing Writer for Wake Up World On Sunday 13th The week starts with one of the most powerful Full Moons of 2019 whose seismic ripples will last through to at least Wednesday 16th. There is an ex... read more

Hawaii family's 5.6-pound avocado certified as world's largest

  A Hawaiian family said they received an official certificate from Guinness World Records confirming their 5.6 pound avocado is the heaviest on record.... read more

Monkey Sharpens Rock and Uses It To Smash Through Glass Enclosure At Zoo

  John Vibes - Footage taken at a zoo in China shows a monkey using a rock to smash through a glass enclosure in an attempted escape.... read more

Boy, 8, may have broken record with 692-pound tiger shark

  An Australian 8-year-old may have set a new world record when he reeled in a 692-pound tiger shark off the country's coast.... read more

Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israel

  Since the apparent death by suicide of Jeffrey Epstein in a Manhattan prison, much has come to light about his depraved activities and methods used to sexually abuse underage girls and entrap the rich and powerful for the purposes of ... read more

4 Ways to Consciously Gather

  October 15th, 2019 By Paul Lenda Staff writer for Wake Up World At a cacao ceremony I went to recently, I felt a deep communion with the dozen or so people I was with that felt like an ancient feeling of gathering and being in tribes.... read more

Brain Vitamins: The Top Vitamins and Minerals for Your Mind

  October 15th, 2019 By Dr. Edward F. Group You may have heard that taking extra vitamins can improve your memory, protect against Alzheimer's disease, or help you ace that test. Are "brain vitamins” really a thing? In r... read more

Targeted Individuals All Around The Globe Are Starting To Mobilize

  If you attended or have researched into the Global Targeted Individuals Rallies that ran concurrently in 21 cities worldwide on August 29th, 2019, you would at the very least come to realize that this phenomenon is very real, and not ... read more

The Basics of a Staged Bioterror Attack

  Jon Rappoport - There are future scenarios which, with enough exposure before they're staged, can be stopped—or at least analyzed correctly when they occur.... read more

Bravery Ahead of Darkness: The Aries Full Moon on October 13th

  October 11th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World The Full Moon on October 13th will be visible all night long, across the world. It will rise around sunset which may give it an orange tinge ranging from subtle to inte... read more

Personality Typing Summit — FREE Online Event

  Are you intrigued by self-inquiry and self-discovery? Perhaps you've studied different personality systems and uncovered some of the patterns and proclivities that make you, you. When you're most in touch with your natural tal... read more

'Part wild' exotic cat escapes home in England

  An England woman is asking members of the public to keep an eye out for her "part wild" Savannah cat, a hybrid of an African serval and a domestic cat.... read more

Good News in History, October 2

  60 years ago today, Rod Serling's Twilight Zone premiered on American TV. On CBS for five years, the anthology series featured a wide variety of talented actors portraying paranormal or disturbing events, often with a surprise end... read more

Good News in History, October 3

  Happy 70th Birthday to Lindsey Buckingham, the American singer-songwriter and musician best known as the lead guitarist and vocalist in Fleetwood Mac. In addition to his 30-year tenure and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... read more

Economic Hitmen and Neoliberalism — The Truth About What's Happening in Ecuador

  Dylan Charles - the people of Ecuador are being duped by a crooked government who will do anything to survive a revolution.... read more

Is the New World Order a Jewish Conspiracy? No, it's a Satanic Conspiracy

  Makia Freeman - NWO is not a Jewish conspiracy. Jewishness has been hijacked by Zionism which in turn is ruled by an inner core of Sabbatean-Frankism, a Satanic cult.... read more

12,000 Doctors Urge the FDA to Put Cancer Warnings on Cheese

  What do doctors learn about nutrition in medical school? Shockingly and unfortunately, nothing. Why? Because nutrition does not bring in profit, and treating people with nutrition hasn't seemed to be an option at all ever since th... read more

Full Moon In Aries: Change & Renewal

  We are having a Full Moon in Aries which will be exact on October 13th at 9:08pm Universal Time. It will appear the fullest that night for the majority of the world, and on the night of the 12th for those in Hawaii. This is the peak o... read more

Fort Worth Police Fatally Shoot Black Woman In Her Home — Time For A Change?

  Race is important to the point being made in this article which is the only reason it's mentioned in the headline. A woman was shot and killed by police inside her own home early Saturday morning in Fort Worth, Texas. Police respo... read more

The Mental Health Morass: Good for Pharma, Bad for Youth

  When several hundred Colorado high school students walked out of a post-school-shooting vigil last May to protest the event's politicization, their departing chant was, "mental health, mental health." While this response... read more

Tennessee city chasing Guinness record with 4,000 scarecrows

  A Tennessee city is putting 4,000 scarecrows on display in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record in time for Halloween.... read more

Firefighters rescue dog with head stuck in wall

  An Arizona fire crew was summoned to a resident's home where a dog had found a hole in a wall and managed to get its head stuck in it.... read more

Maryland woman scores her third major win from lottery's Racetrax game

  A Maryland woman said the $14,919.80 jackpot she scored from the state lottery's Racetrax virtual horse racing game was her third major prize from the game.... read more

Delaware couple win North American Wife Carrying Championship

  A Delaware couple won six cases of beer and five times the wife's weight in cash when they came out on top in the North American Wife Carrying Championship in Maine.... read more

Lottery first-timer's $551,575 winner nearly ended up in trash

  An Ireland man who bought his first-ever lottery ticket said the $551,575 winner nearly ended up in the trash at his local store.... read more

Bear enters Florida home through sliding glass door

  A Florida man said a bear came inside his home through a sliding glass door while he was upstairs, and he didn't realize his home had been visited until later.... read more

World's largest serving of scrambled eggs cooked up in Colombia

  A Guinness World Record was broken in Colombia when a team of hundreds cooked up a batch of scrambled eggs that weighed 6,860.8 pounds.... read more

Sled dog team leads Montana police on slow-speed chase

  A sled dog team out for a training session in Montana bucked its owner and ended up leading police on a low-speed chase.... read more

Man wins $100,000 less than four months after $200,000 jackpot

  A Virginia man who won $200,000 in a lottery drawing scored a $100,000 jackpot from the same drawing just four months later.... read more

School's giant 3D printer racks up three Guinness World Records

  The new 3D printer at the University of Maine has already racked up three Guinness World Records, including one for the world's largest 3D printer.... read more

Loose alligator rescued from Maryland pond

  A young alligator spotted swimming loose in a Maryland pond was captured in a trap by local authorities and will be kept warm for the winter at a local zoo.... read more

Pope accidentally tweets support for New Orleans Saints

  The New Orleans Saints are giving thanks for some help from above after Pope Francis accidentally tweeted in support of the team.... read more

Man finishes half-marathon while skipping to break Guinness record

  An Idaho man with more than 100 Guinness World Records to his name captured his latest title by finishing a half-marathon in 2 hours, 13 minutes and 41.8 seconds -- while skipping.... read more

Why Buying Less is Better Than Buying Green

  October 14th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World We all know that we all buy too much stuff. Consumer culture, particularly in the developed world, has never been more heavily promoted, with advertising bombarding us ... read more

Parables For The New Conversation (Chapter 8: The Apple Tree)

  The following is a chapter from my book 'Parables For The New Conversation.' One chapter will be published every Sunday for 36 weeks here on Collective Evolution. (I would recommend you start with Chapter 1 if you haven't ... read more

Ex VP of Microsoft Canada Explains How 5G Wireless Radiation Could Be A Huge Health Hazard

  There are more than 10,000 peer reviewed scientific publications that clearly outline the dangers of electromagnetic radiation of all kinds. The amount of radiation present in our environment does not at all compare to the radiation, ... read more

Unlock the 4 Dimensions of Medical Qigong: Lifelong Practices for Self-Healing, Empowerment and Vita

  Imagine if you had the capacity to self-heal and to transform your health challenges at their root cause. Well, you have – because the most profoundly healing medicine is your own energy, produced within your own body, for no co... read more

Lost dog reunited with owner 12 years later, 1,000 miles away in Pittsburgh

  A 14-year-old toy fox terrier was reunited with its Florida owner in Pittsburgh after being missing for 12 years,... read more

7 Ways to Prevent and Even Reverse Heart Disease with Nutrition

  Considering that heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the developed world, anything that can prevent or reduce cardiac mortality, or slow or even reverse the cardiovascular disease process, should be of great interest to health p... read more

City combating dog poop problem with flags reading 'Is this your turd?

  A Missouri city is taking an unusual approach to the problem of un-scooped dog droppings: planting little flags next to abandoned poop with slogans such as, "Is this your turd? 'Cuz that's absurd."... read more

Why Tulsi Gabbard May Boycott The Oct 15th Democratic Debate

  Tulsi Gabbard released a statement on her YouTube channel revealing that the 2020 election is being rigged by the DNC and corporate media just as the 2016 election was. As a result, Tulsi is beginning to consider boycotting the upcomi... read more

California Bans Pesticide Linked to Brain Damage in Children

  Jordan Davidson - A popular agricultural pesticide that has been linked to brain damage in children will no longer be sold in California.... read more

California's First Surgeon General: Screen Every Student For Childhood Trauma

  California's first surgeon general, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, has an ambitious goal to screen every student for childhood trauma before entering school. Dr. Harris has dedicated her career to changing the way society views and resp... read more

Weather to blame for swarms of crickets in San Antonio

  Experts said an influx of crickets that some San Antonio residents have called a "plague" resulted from "perfect" weather conditions that allowed the insects to thrive this year.... read more

Lioness escapes enclosure at Florida animal sanctuary

  A Florida wildlife sanctuary said a female lion was tranquilized after escaping her enclosure through a gate that had been left open by a volunteer.... read more

5 of the Best Ingredients for Homemade Cannabis Edibles

  October 11th, 2019 By Jack Greener Despite the ongoing legalization of cannabis, there can still be a stigma attached to the use of the drug. While this might not matter to some people, others do take the disapproval to heart. While ... read more

Chinese Citizens Will Have To Get Their Faces Scanned To Access The Internet

  John Vibes - Chinese citizens are currently forced to show their ID Card in order to get the internet installed in their house.... read more

The Secret Behind Fake Bipolar Disease in Children

  Jon Rappoport - All this bipolar fakery started in 1995 when kids on psychiatric speed showed up at Mass General Hospital.... read more

Vaccine-Injured Teen Heals From Severe Symptoms After Detox Diet & Herbal Formula

  If our Western medical authority was told that a teenager was physically and mentally injured after taking vaccines, and then was able to heal from her symptoms after going on a strict organic diet and taking a herbal formula that all... read more

Tulsi Gabbard: "DNC And Corporate Media Are Rigging The Election Again"

  Non-establishment candidates like Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson are important for the very reason that they help to reveal the corrupt processes of elections and who the players involved are. As we have said with ... read more

Ex Vice President of Microsoft Explains How 5G Wireless Radiation Could Be A Huge Health Hazard

  There are more than 10,000 peer reviewed scientific publications that clearly outline the dangers of electromagnetic radiation of all kinds. The amount of radiation present in our environment does not at all compare to the radiation, ... read more

Newly Discovered "Co-Orbital Objects" Could Be Extraterrestrial Probes Watching Us

  Are we alone in the universe? It's one of the most important questions of our time, a question whose answer has huge implications for the human race, and truly leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. The general scientific consens... read more

Fox with head stuck in tire rescued in Britain

  Animal rescuers in Britain came to the assistance of a fox that was found at a storage facility with its head stuck in the middle of an old tire.... read more

Chick-fil-A worker rescues customer's phone from storm drain

  A Chick-fil-A customer who dropped her phone down a storm drain outside the Virginia eatery thanked a dedicated employee who climbed down under the road to retrieve the device.... read more

Lisa Frank hotel room features colorful designs from '90s school supplies

  A Los Angeles developer is offering fans of 1990s-era pastel school supplies the chance to immerse themselves in nostalgia with a hotel suite inspired by designer Lisa Frank.... read more

MSNBC segment interrupted by correspondent's son

  An NBC News correspondent doing a live segment on MSNBC was interrupted when her 4-year-old son decided to join his mother on-camera.... read more

Watch Bulldozers Plow Protected Cacti for Trump's Border Wall

  Jordan Davidson - The video depicts the bulldozers running roughshod over the national monument and clearing saguaros in a rush to build a costly and unnecessary wall on the U.S. southern border.... read more

Spiritual Activism and the Power of 108

  October 10th, 2019 By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributing writer for Wake Up World The anti-war movement, anti-police violence, pro civil rights activism of the 1960's hippie era was the biggest cultural peaceful protest since Gandhi ... read more

The "Blob" Returns: Gigantic Heat Anomaly in Pacific Ocean to Wreak Havoc on Wildlife

  Elias Marat - Huge stretches of the Pacific are now engulfed in a massive heatwave and the effects could be devastating.... read more

United States Drinking Water Pollution Could Cause 100,000 Cancer Cases

  While the push for reducing carbon emissions is stronger than ever, there are plenty of environmental issues that deserve just as much, if not more, attention. One of those issues is the pollution of our water systems. This is a globa... read more

Phantom Performances — The Rise of the Spectacle

  Kingsley L. Dennis - Never before has it been so important to trust in the power of the human spirit, and to put forth, with honesty and integrity, the innate human power.... read more

Texas Inventor Brings Atmospheric Water Generators to Flint, Michigan and Other Communities in Need

  Cassius Kamarampi - Moses West brings ingenuity and selflessness to the problem of drinking water quality.... read more

Devonshire, UK Halts The Installation of 5G Over Serious Health Concerns

  Seeking real information and gaining critical awareness is now more important than ever. In a day and age where mainstream media promotes only corporate agendas and our federal health regulatory agencies are completely ignoring a numb... read more

Neuroscience Reveals How A 50-Year-Old Can Have The Brain Of A 25-Year-Old

  Science is revealing various mindfulness techniques that can literally change and restructure our brain. Neuroscientist Sara Lazar from Mass General and Harvard Medical School is one of the latest to illustrate this. After she sustain... read more

Gardasil Vaccine Found To Increase Cervical Cancer Risk By 44.6% In Women Already Exposed To HPV

  A not from Children's Health Defense: Several weeks ago our Chairman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., participated in a debate about vaccines with Dr. Robert Riewerts from Kaiser Permanente. Last week we published "Chickenpox: The Di... read more

Lost dog found 400 miles away four years after disappearance

  A dog that went missing from a Northern California home was found four years later -- and more than 400 miles away.... read more

Missouri bar charges customers by the hour instead of by the drink

  A Missouri bar is trying out an unusual business model -- charging customers by the hour instead of by the drink.... read more

Fireball in California sky caught on dashboard camera

  Forecasters said a fireball caught on camera streaking across the California night sky is likely the first of many as two meteor showers begin in the area.... read more

Emu that went running on highway captured on school tennis court

  Animal rescuers in Australia said an emu that went running across lanes of traffic on a highway in Western Australia was captured after a 12-hour chase and returned to its owner.... read more

Crime: The Hidden Cost of Air Pollution

  October 10th, 2019 By Amelia Harris Staff Writer for Wake Up World When someone says, 'air pollution' the first thing that comes to mind in terms of health concerns is typically not behavior modification. However, a research s... read more

4 of the Best Yoga Apps in 2019

  October 9th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Most of us are familiar with the many physical and psychological benefits of yoga, from reducing stress levels to toning up muscle and increasing flexibility, not... read more

Loose horse goes for late night run around suburb

  Police in New Zealand responded to an unusual late-night call and ended up rounding up a loose horse going for a run through suburban streets.... read more

Mystery elk on the loose in East Texas

  Authorities in East Texas are trying to determine how an elk ended up in the area -- and wildlife officials said the animal can be legally hunted.... read more

Brazilian Experts Warn in Open Letter to President Bolsonaro a 'Genocide Is Underway' Agains

  Jessica Corbett - The experts wrote that they are "extremely worried" about the firing of a top official at the agency that handles policies on Indigenous peoples.... read more

Is Big Pharma Really Co-operating With the FDA?

  October 9th, 2019 By Jackson Stonewall Guest writer for Wake Up World It's no news that almost every drug carries a certain degree of side-effects in the long-term. Many consider them simply a slow poison. The more drugs one takes... read more

Ecology and the Human Heart

  The Dalia Lama - According to Buddhist teaching, there is a very close interdependence between the natural environment and the sentient beings living in it.... read more

Multiple Studies Show MMR & Pertussis Vaccine Failure — They're Not Even Working

  We are living in a day and age where there is a tremendous divide occurring among the populace on multiple subjects, one of them being vaccination. We are heavily marketed with the idea that vaccines are completely safe for everybody,... read more

New England Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off won by 2,295-pound gourd

  The New England Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off announced this year's winner, which tipped the scales at 2,294.5 pounds, is a new record for the competition.... read more

Wheel dropped by helicopter crashes through roof of Illinois home

  An Illinois family said they returned home to find a wheel that had been dropped by a helicopter in midair crashed through the roof of their home.... read more

4 Techniques to Expand Your Consciousness

  October 8th, 2019 By Paul Lenda Guest writer for Wake Up World Evolution is a process of ebbs and flows. Contraction and expansion are a normal part of the process and both have their place. However, when we expand our perspective to ... read more

Heartburn Relief at Home: 11 Easy, Effective Remedies and Tips

  October 8th, 2019 By Dr. Edward F. Group You recognize that feeling, a slight burp followed by a chestful of fire. Heartburn. It can be so uncomfortable that many people have even confused it for a heart attack. Also known as acid re... read more

Scientists Zap False Memories Into Birds to Teach Them Songs They've Never Heard

  Elias Marat - Neuroscientists have managed to implant "false memories" into the brain of a bird.... read more

John Lennon vs. the Deep State: One Man Against the 'Monster'

  John W. Whitehead - Years after Lennon's assassination it would be revealed that the FBI had collected 281 pages of files on him.... read more

Ocean Cleaning Device Succeeds in Removing Plastic for the First Time

  Jordan Davidson - An enormous floating device designed by Dutch scientists for the non-profit Ocean Cleanup successfully captured and removed plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.... read more

Turmeric Extract May Prevent, Even Reverse Diabetes (Type 1 and 2)

  “Leave your drugs in the chemist's pot if you can cure the patient with food.” -Hippocrates, 420 BC Slowly but surely the world is waking up to the reality that diabetes is not only a preventable but a reversible condi... read more

Harvard Medical School Professors Uncover A Hard To Swallow Truth About Vaccines

  We are constantly told that vaccines are safe and effective and that there's nothing to worry about. This simply isn't the case, and it's a hard-to-swallow truth that many people refuse to acknowledge. Mass marketing campa... read more

This Company Is Building Hemp Houses Using 3D Printing

  John Vibes - More architects and builders are turning to hemp as a sustainable material to use when building homes, and with 3D-printing technology.... read more

Hurricane Dorian Relief Worker Captures Multiple 'UFOs' On Video & Posts It On Youtube

  Somebody posting a video on youtube is not meant to 'prove' the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The existence of UFOs is already well documented in the form of high ranking military whistleblower testimony, ac... read more

Confused baby koala takes ride on dog's back

  A South Australia man captured video when a confused baby koala hitched a ride on the back of his equally confused dog.... read more

Deer crashes through window of New York state salon

  Security cameras at a New York state hair salon captured the moment a deer crashed through the window of the business and ran loose inside.... read more

Political Fatigue? How to Stay Engaged with Politics Without Losing Your Soul

  October 7th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Contributing Writer for Wake Up World We live in highly uncertain geopolitical times. Across the western world, the political onslaught can feel relentless. From the never-ending psychodrama of Brexit... read more

Parables For The New Conversation (Chapter 7: The Two Tribes (Part 1))

  The following is a chapter from my book 'Parables For The New Conversation.' One chapter will be published every Sunday for 36 weeks here on Collective Evolution. (I would recommend you start with Chapter 1 if you haven't ... read more

Website offers $500 for 'NBA Food Tester' dream job

  A betting tips website is seeking an "NBA Food Tester" to get paid $500 to review the stadium food offerings at various NBA venues.... read more

The Implosion Of Building 7 Remains The Irrefutable "Smoking Gun" Of A 9/11 Inside Job

  The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth began their public awareness campaign into the inconsistencies of the official 9/11 narrative, not long after the sanctioned three-year scientific and technical coverup (oops I mean investig... read more

Ship Carrying Over 12.3 Million Illegally Caught Seahorses Intercepted Off Coast of Peru

  Elias Marat - Authorities in Peru have captured a ship that was carrying over 12.3 million illegally caught seahorses.... read more

Shell Oil Corporation Burning Gas For Months Because They Can't Sell It

  John Vibes - The Shell oil corporation is burning off large volumes of ethane because they can't sell it to their regular customer.... read more

Activating the New Currency: Discover Your Relationship With the Generous, Loving Energy of Money &#

  Are you struggling financially? Does there always seem to be a limited supply of money in your life? Perhaps you feel that wanting money is not “spiritual”? Join leading money consciousness teacher Sarah McCrum to learn ho... read more

Entire High School Wears Yellow to Welcome New Student and Honor Her Late Friend On 1-Year Anniversa

  When Megan Baldwin's drill team learned about the loss she endured one year ago, they rallied the entire school to comfort her.... read more

Teen swimmers use CPR to revive drowning prairie dog

  A pair of young Colorado swimmers came to the rescue of a drowning prairie dog and saved its life with CPR techniques.... read more

Holographic 'Ghost Ship' on display in Philadelphia river

  A public art installation in Philadelphia gives new meaning to the phrase "Ghost Ship" by featuring a hologram of an 18th century ship floating in the water.... read more

Moose rescued from backyard pool in New Hampshire

  Animal rescuers in New Hampshire were summoned to a home where a bull moose found itself unable to climb out of a resident's swimming pool.... read more

Maryland woman's love for the number 9 wins her $30,030

  A Maryland woman's affection for the number nine paid off in a big way when she scored a $30,030 Keno prize from the Maryland Lottery.... read more

Ocean Cleanup Makes History by Successfully Collecting First Plastic From Great Pacific Garbage Patc

  For the first time in history, activists have cleaned up some of the trash from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—and they will quickly collect much more.... read more

TripAdvisor Has Just Cut Ties With Attractions That Breed Whales and Dolphins in Captivity

  The company says that their new initiative is an expansion of the animal welfare policy which they launched back in 2016.... read more

Kids Are Hailed as 'Junior Detectives' After They Successfully Track Down Missing 97-Year-ol

  These five children spent their Monday evening searching for a missing person—and adults were surprised and impressed by the youngsters' success.... read more

First Study of Its Kind Shows Aspirin May Reduce the Harms of Air Pollution By Half

  Though the study showed that aspirin was the best at reducing the harmful effects of particulate matter on the lungs, other NSAIDS showed the same benefits.... read more

Tourist Photo of Cloudy Belgian Sky Holds Stunning Similarity to Van Gogh's 'Starry Night

  A Canadian tourist is being hailed for capturing the magical moment that the cloudy skies of Bruges held a surprising similarity to "The Starry Night".The post Tourist Photo of Cloudy Belgian Sky Holds Stunning Similarity to... read more

9 Prenatal Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

  October 4th, 2019 By Vivek Roy Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for a woman. It leads to an entirely new phase of life called motherhood. It is a very exciting, wonderful, scary and different kind... read more

Study Finds That Access To Green Spaces Decreases Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

  October 4th, 2019 By Amelia Harris Staff Writer for Wake Up World A study by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, known as ISGlobal, has found a correlation between residing near green spaces and lower risk for metabolic syndrom... read more

'Bored' With Baiting Fish, Man Takes Up Magnet Fishing to Collect Scrap Metal and Sell It to

  A dedicated gang of fishermen has been cleaning up the Spokane River so they can sell the metal scrap to benefit children with autism.... read more

Bar Employees Spend a Month Taking Down Dollar Bill Decor to Collect $15,000 for Hurricane Dorian Re

  Though it has taken a lot of hard work to remove all the staples from the wall, the staff has managed to collect more than $15,000 for the Bahamas.... read more

Coastal Living is Linked With Better Mental Health, Particularly for Poorer Homeowners

  Households across the coast of England—regardless of their income bracket—were shown to have better mental health than those living inland.... read more

Trader Joe's Got Rid of Plastic Packaging And Produce Prices Fell By Up To 25%

  John Vibes - A vast amount of the produce that can be found at Trader Joe's is needlessly covered in plastic, but that is about to change.... read more

South America's Second-Largest Forest is Also Burning — and 'Environmentally Friendly&

  Joel E. Correia - South America's second-largest forest, the Gran Chaco, is disappearing in plain sight.... read more

High School Football Team With No Band Invites High School Band With No Football Team to Play at The

  Despite how high school sports might cause rivalries between two schools, these two Michigan clubs are now a match made in heaven.... read more

These New Bionic Legs Allow Amputees to Feel and Use Prosthetic as If It Were Their Real Leg

  Since three different amputees have been fitted with the bionic legs, the developers are confident that the prosthetics will soon be commercially available.... read more

41% of UK Wildlife Species Have Declined Since 1970, Major Report Finds

  Olivia Rosane - Another crisis is underway in the UK: One in seven of its wildlife species face extinction, and 41 percent have declined since 1970.... read more

Are You Feeling Lost In Life?

  In conversations I've had and in comments I have seen around social media, I am consistently observing that people claim they are feeling out of touch with themselves, others, society, their world… almost everything. Lonelin... read more

Girl Scouts trapped in Texas courthouse elevator for three hours

  A group of Texas Girl Scouts delivering stuffed animals to family courts ended up trapped for more than three hours in a courthouse elevator.... read more

Colorado father and son make their own Lamborghini with 3D printer

  A Colorado physicist is putting his scientific expertise to a practical purpose -- using a 3D printer to build a Lamborghini with his 11-year-old son.... read more

Horses, ponies run loose on Dallas highways

  Drivers on a Dallas highway were surprised to encounter a group of unusual traffic hazards -- horses and ponies running loose in the roadway.... read more

Deer rescued from inside clothing store in Italian resort town

  Veterinarians were summoned to a clothing store in Italy to sedate and remove a deer that barged into the shop and became trapped inside.... read more

"Blinking White Guy" Uses His Fame To Raise Money For MS Research

  Drew Scanlon, better known as the guy from the “blinking white guy” meme, has used his accidental platform to raise money for MS research and treatment. The meme/GIF he became famous for is the type you'd see after a c... read more

Study Suggests Hemp Batteries Are More Powerful Than Lithium and Graphene

  Mandy Froelich - New research suggests hemp batteries are even more powerful than lithium and graphene.... read more

Prozac Mass Murders: The Truth Comes to Light

  Jon Rappoport - This is the story of a medical drug, a famous drug company, trust, betrayal, and mass murder.... read more

Javelina rescued by troopers after running into highway traffic

  Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers had to halt rush hour traffic on a busy highway when a pair of javelinas ran out into the road.... read more

Screens outside Asics store in New Zealand play porn for hours

  Sportswear brand Asics apologized after promotional screens outside its New Zealand store played a pornographic video for at least two hours.... read more

Boy, 9, takes wrong turn during 5k, ends up winning 10k

  A Minnesota 9-year-old took a wrong turn during a 5k race and ended up winning a 10k, coming out ahead of a field that was otherwise all adults.... read more

Cougar recaptured after escape from Kansas zoo

  A cougar escaped from a zoo in southeast Kansas and officials warned members of the public to be cautious until the animal was recaptured a short time later.... read more

What Science Tells Us About How Much Protein Human Beings Really Need

  Protein is an extremely important and necessary component of every single cell in our bodies. Our bodies use protein for a number of things, from building muscle to repairing tissue, making enzymes, hormones and various other body che... read more

Big Pharma CEO: "My Primary Responsibility is to Shareholders"

  The truth, as explained by Dr. Marcia Angell, a physician and longtime Editor-in-Chief of the New England Medical Journal (NEMJ), one of the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the world alongside The Lancet, is that &q... read more

We're About to Find Life on Mars but the World is "Not Prepared," NASA Scientist Warns

  Elias Marat - "It will start a whole new line of thinking. I don't think we're prepared for the results."... read more

Conservation Group Plans To Buy World's Largest Sequoia Forest For $15.6 Million

  John Vibes - A conservation group from San Francisco named "Save the Redwoods League" recently agreed on a deal.... read more

On 95th Birthday, Jimmy Carter is Still Proving Age is No Obstacle as He Builds Homes for Humanity

  Not only is the 39th US president now the oldest in history, he is also celebrating his 95th birthday by building houses for those in need.... read more

Watch 'Superhero' Woman Rescue Trapped Deer From Not One, But Two Different Fences in a Matt

  This woman says that she now feels like a superhero after she rescued a distressed deer from not one, but two different metal fences.... read more

EU Approves Groundbreaking New 'Right to Repair' Laws Requiring Appliances to Be Easier to F

  The new laws will require common household products to be manufactured with sustainability and repair in mind for the consumer.... read more

Stranger Who Taught Grieving Man to Tie a Tie for Dad's Funeral Attends the Service to Pay His R

  A grieving man has found new friendship and support in an older Walmart shopper who helped teach him to tie a tie in the aisles of the store.The post Stranger Who Taught Grieving Man to Tie a Tie for Dad's Funeral Attends the Serv... read more

Kroger Donates $500,000 Facility to Rival Grocery Store So Community Won't Be Left Without a Sup

  Rather than leaving this Memphis community in a food desert, Kroger is donating their closed $500,000 facility to another grocery store chain.The post Kroger Donates $500,000 Facility to Rival Grocery Store So Community Won't Be L... read more

After Recovering From Suicide Attempt, Man Now Finds Joy in Erasing Hateful Graffiti

  This Ohio businessman is finding peace and healing by powerwashing away hateful graffiti on his city streets—and he's doing it free of charge.... read more

New Blood Test Can Detect Dozens of Different Cancers With 99.4% Accuracy

  The exciting new research says that millions of people with undiagnosed cancer could get treatment for the disease before it even starts to show symptoms.... read more

Girl Left Heartbroken By Toy's Disappearance is Stunned When It Reappears in the Woods 14 Years

  It has been 14 years since a little girl was left heartbroken by the disappearance of her stuffed cat—and it has suddenly reappeared.The post Girl Left Heartbroken By Toy's Disappearance is Stunned When It Reappears in the W... read more

These Simple, Wearable Devices Use a Laser to Prevent 'Freezing' Symptoms of Parkinson's

  These simple, wearable lasers have been shown to prevent "freezing of gait"—and its creators have just been given the money to bring the devices to the US.The post These Simple, Wearable Devices Use a Laser to Prevent ... read more

Police Officer Captures Breathtaking Video of Homeless Woman Singing Opera in the Los Angeles Subway

  This 52-year-old Russian woman now hopes that her newfound internet fame will help her to get off of the streets and into permanent housing.... read more

Largest Purchase of Electric Vehicles in History: Amazon Orders 100,000 EV Delivery Vans

  Amazon has just placed an order for 100,000 electric delivery vans—a purchase that is now going down in history as the largest for electric vehicles in the world. The first of the vans are set to hit the roads in 2021 with 10,00... read more

Wife Quits Her Job As Couple Spends 57 Tireless Days Searching for Their Dog in Mountain Town

  Against all odds, a beloved border collie has miraculously been reunited with her owners who spent 57 days searching for her in a rural region of Montana. Carole King and her husband Verne had traveled all the way to Kalispell from th... read more

Little Girl Abandons Her Birthday Party So She Can Help Rescue a Stranded Motorcyclist 3 Hours Away

  Rather than spend her sixth birthday at an amusement park, this little girl abandoned her pre-planned birthday party so her and her father could assist a motorcyclist in need. Sammy Flynn and her father Richard had been celebrating he... read more

Plastic Bag Sales Have Fallen by 90% in England Since They Introduced 5-Pence Charge in 2015

  Sales of plastic bags at the seven biggest retail chains in England have fallen by 90% since the nation's 5-pence charge was introduced in 2015. Just in the last year, Asda, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, The Co-op... read more

Video Takes You On a Tour of Some of the Most Magnificent Libraries in the World

  You don't have to be a book lover to have an appreciation for libraries—the calm, nurturing venues where all the greatest ideas in the world lie in waiting. Great Big Story has strung together a video reel of some of their f... read more

The Top 10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration in Earth's 5D Shift

  October 2nd, 2019 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World You often hear about the need to 'raise your vibration' in the ongoing consciousness shift that is sweeping across our planet. Further on I share Openhand's t... read more

Maca and Watermelon Seeds: 2019 Superfoods You May Have Missed

  October 2nd, 2019 By Nikki Harper Contributing Writer for Wake Up World New superfood trends and ideas come and go each year, but two you may have missed in 2019 are maca powder and watermelon seeds. The health-giving properties of bo... read more

Digital billboard plays graphic porn video on Michigan highway

  Authorities in Michigan are investigating after a digital billboard at the side of a busy highway played a pornographic video for about 20 minutes.... read more

Police capture pony with braided mane running loose on highway

  Police in California shared a photo of a pony they were able to wrangle when the runaway equine decided to take a trot on a busy stretch of highway.... read more

Dog's close call with swooping hawk caught on camera in Philadelphia

  A Philadelphia dog's close call with a swooping hawk in a public park was caught on camera by the canine's relieved owner.... read more

How To Shift Your Perception Of The World

  A look at our current world might bring about emotions or observations linked to feelings of chaos. With the incredible divide happening in the US due to the upcoming presidential elections, the manufactured gender, race and sexual or... read more

Infant and Child Mortality in the U.S.—Nothing to Brag About

  The United States spends over $230 billion annually on children's personal health care, representing about 8.4% of total U.S. health care spending. Spending jumped by 56% between 1996 and 2013—with some of the increase likel... read more

The Push For Mandatory Vaccines Is Galvanizing A Resistance Movement

  The push for mandatory vaccines seems to be gaining momentum in the United States. To be more precise, states are beginning to look more at removing exemptions which currently allow non-vaccinated children to attend school. As per the... read more

"They're Murdering My Son" — The Father of Julian Assange Tells Us What's Re

  The last article we published regarding Julian Assange was about an article written by retired USAF lieutenant colonel Karen Kwiatkowski posted on Lew Rockwell's website stating that Julian Assange is receiving the same treatment ... read more

Study Links Autism to Chemical in Processed Foods

  John Vibes - A study published by researchers at the University of Central Florida (UCF), suggests a possible connection between autism and processed foods.... read more

Opioid Drug Crisis: Could the Whole US Congress be Impeached?

  Jon Rappoport - Millions of people are facing the devastating effects of the pharma drugs called opioids.... read more

The Introvert's Guide To Traveling The World On Your Own

  October 1st, 2019 By Tom Crawshaw It's likely that, at some point in your life, you have come to the conclusion that you're either an introvert or an extrovert, and you're reading this post precisely because you have iden... read more

Magnesium for Sleep: How This Mineral Helps You Get More Zzzs

  October 1st, 2019 By Dr. Edward F. Group If you're searching for deep, restful sleep, you may have overlooked one of the simplest solutions: magnesium. An essential mineral, magnesium plays a role in sleep because it promotes the... read more

Self-Compassion Research: 4 Ways Studies Show That Being Kind to Yourself Matters

  September 30th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Contributing Writer for Wake Up World When you fail at something, or behave in a less than ideal way, how do you treat yourself? Most of us inwardly berate ourselves, creating feelings of guilt and... read more

Parables For The New Conversation (Chapter 6: The Masseur)

  The following is a chapter from my book 'Parables For The New Conversation.' One chapter will be published every Sunday for 36 weeks here on Collective Evolution. (I would recommend you start with Chapter 1 if you haven't ... read more

Swiss Protests Against 5G Tech: Health Dangers

  Jon Rappoport - A few of the many corporations involved include Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE. This is a global operation, and many governments are backing the push.... read more

Trickster-Hero: The Art of Having Nothing to Lose

  Gary Z McGee - When a person dons the mask of the trickster they become the personification of a trickster God in training.... read more

Oregon police round up big tortoise wandering in traffic

  Police responding to reports of a traffic hazard in an Oregon neighborhood identified the cause -- an enormous tortoise that escaped from its owner's home.... read more

Deer jumps over woman at gas station, kicks her head

  A customer at a Georgia gas station received a shock when a deer jumped over her, kicking her in the head in the process.... read more

Opening to the Higher Mind of Your Enneagram Type — FREE Online Workshop

  As you know, uncovering your Enneagram type can be life-changing. Yet, your Enneagram type is perhaps most defined by its mental patterns — the fixations of your "monkey mind." And until you can see how your mental fix... read more

Escape artist owl gives Washington state rescuers the slip

  An injured owl rescued by a Washington state police officer proved it has some escape artistry skills when it got loose inside the car before later escaping custody entirely.... read more

Domino's job posting seeks 'Chief Garlic Bread Taster'

  The Australian wing of Domino's Pizza posted a job opening for a $20 an hour position that might be worth the trip Down Under: Chief Garlic Bread Tester.... read more

Australian Capital Territory requires owners to take dogs for walks

  New rules taking effect in the Australian Capital Territory state dog owners could face fines of up to $2,700 if they fail to take their pets for daily walks.... read more

6 Natural Ibuprofen Alternatives Backed by Clinical Research

  Sayer Ji - People are becoming aware of the deadly side effects associated with the regular use of synthetic painkillers like ibuprofen.... read more

From Tomb to Table: Cumin's Health Benefits Rediscovered

  September 27th, 2019 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World Traded along spice routes separating ancient cultures by vast distances, spices like cumin were once worth their weight in gold. Has modern science now revealed wh... read more

Mainstream Media Dishonest About What Trump's 'Favor' From Ukraine President Actually Wa

  I've said it before and I will say it again, if you continue to take what the mainstream media says with any seriousness you will be misled into a delusion of a world that simply is not accurate. Before we go on, note that this is... read more

Ex-Vice President of Disney Convicted For Sexually Abusing A Seven Year Old Girl

  A document obtained from the Multnomah Country District Attorney showed that on May 7th of this year, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Benjamin Souede found 73-year-old Michael Laney guilty of four counts of sexual abuse in the fi... read more

Dr. Bronner's Donates $150K To Magic Mushroom Legalization Efforts In Oregon

  John Vibes - CEO David Bronner made the announcement at an event in Portland last week.... read more

Man with metal detector finds stash of 1,000-year-old coins

  A British auctioneer is preparing to sell off a cache of 99 coins that were minted about 1,000 years ago and were recently discovered by a man with a metal detector.... read more

Koala recovering after getting stuck in front grill of car

  Animal rescuers in Australia said a koala was hit by a car and was stuck in the front grill of the vehicle for about 6 miles at speeds of up to 70 mph.... read more

Mystery man drives motorized suitcase down Australian road

  A driver on a Sydney road has become a viral star thanks to another traveler's video of him rolling down the street on an unusual vehicle: a motorized suitcase.... read more

Preschool's Vegetable Stand Shut Down by Gov't Officials for 'Zoning Violations'

  Matt Agorist - Children in a poor part of Georgia were growing and selling organic fruits and vegetables to improve their situation, but the city shut them down.... read more

Why There is No Such Thing as 'Safe' Tap Water

  Sayer Ji - The United States has a poor track record for delivering uncontaminated drinking water to the public.... read more

Coyote chases Illinois 5-year-old through front yard

  An Illinois family's home security camera captured their 5-year-old daughter's close encounter with a coyote that chased her through the yard.... read more

Overdue library book returned 25 years later in Australia

  An Australian library shared an apology note from a patron who returned a book this week -- 25 years after its original due date.... read more

Jogger rescues same deer from metal bars twice within moments

  A jogger in Georgia paused her morning run twice in a popular park to rescue a deer that got itself stuck between the bars of a metal fence.... read more

Deer rescued from lacrosse net in New York state back yard

  Animal rescuers in New York state came to the assistance of a deer that ended up stuck in a lacrosse net in a resident's back yard.... read more

It's Just An Illusion — The Management of Perception

  Kingsley L. Dennis - An epidemic of information can just as easily turn into a pandemic of misinformation.... read more

Soul Searching: 7 Steps For Lost Souls

  September 26th, 2019 By Aletheia Luna Guest writer for Wake Up World You feel lost in life. You're sick of your job, your relationships are mediocre at best, your friendships are bland and unsupportive, you feel empty inside, and ... read more

Metal detector hobbyist finds long-lost class ring in Vermont field

  A Vermont retiree who passes time using his metal detector to scan a popular park reunited a woman with the class ring she lost 26 years ago.... read more

Lost iPhone still works after 15 months at bottom of river

  An iPhone lost in a South Carolina river was found underwater 15 months later and still functions thanks to a waterproof case.... read more

Billionaire Who Promised To Pay Off College Students' Debt Is Tackling Their Parents' Debt,

  Mandy Froelich - Multi-billionaire and philanthropist Robert F. Smith. pledged to pay off the student loan debt of an entire graduating class.... read more

Hawaii Becomes 26th US State To Decriminalize Marijuana

  Mandy Froelich - Mid-2019, Hawaii became the 26th state to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.... read more

Other Countries Have Banned or Restricted Cell and WiFi Radiation to Protect Children and Pregnant W

  Phillip Schneider - Many countries around the world have taken steps to mitigate the dangers of EMF. Why hasn't the US?... read more

Ex Air Force Officer Describes Four Types of Extraterrestrial Beings The Government Knows About

  Richard Doty is a retired Air Force Special investigations officer (AFSIO), and his job was to spread disinformation about the UFO subject during his time with the Air Force. Spreading disinformation about the reality of UFOs is no se... read more

Polio Vaccination—Still Causing Polio After All These Years

  It is exceedingly rare for the public health community to admit to any problems with vaccination. Every so often, however, circumstances force officials into making just such an acknowledgement. The current debacle seeping out into th... read more

"It's Degrading" — Mothers of Vaccine-Injured Children Speak Out

  It's no secret that vaccines are not completely safe for everyone, it's clearly not a 'one size fits all' product, and that's evident by the fact that nearly $4 billion has been paid out to families of vaccine inju... read more

Yes, Your Cat Loves & Sees You As A Parent, Here's The Study To Prove It

  I have had cats my whole life, currently 3 cats live in my house, and throughout the years I have always told people that cats are often misunderstood. I'd say this because so often people would say they didn't like cats becau... read more

Shocker: Comparing Deaths From Medical Treatment, Vitamins and all US Wars

  Jon Rappoport - Extraordinary numbers of people are dying, and are severely maimed.... read more

5 of the Best Mindfulness Apps in 2019

  September 25th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Contributing Writer for Wake Up World There is a growing body of evidence that mindfulness has positive psychological and physical benefits, helping to promote mental wellbeing and promoting calmne... read more

Change Unhealthy Patterns — How the Quantum Qualities of Consciousness Can Help Us

  September 25th, 2019 By Althea S. Hawk Patterns of consciousness govern every aspect of our lives and are at the core of what we see, think, feel and do. They are the filters through which we perceive the reality we experience. Our a... read more

Benefits of Nootropics: 7 Ways These Supplements Help Your Brain

  September 24th, 2019 By Dr. Edward F. Group Are you looking for something that boosts your brain — giving you more mental energy, motivation, memory, or focus? Then you're looking for a nootropic. Whether you're a hard ... read more

Study Identifies Connections Between Pesticides and Declining Farmland Bird Populations

  September 24th, 2019 By Amelia Harris Staff Writer for Wake Up World In recent years, bees have rightly garnered a lot of attention for their declining numbers due to pesticides and other environmental factors. But another population ... read more

First Responders Urge Congress to Reopen 9/11 Investigation

  If 9/11 was a controlled demolition, it would have huge implications. We've seen many 'false flag' terrorist attacks, especially over the past few decades. The chemical gas attacks in Syria were a great example. Never befo... read more

Sun aligns with streets for 'Chicagohenge' phenomenon

  Monday marks the beginning of a twice-annual phenomenon known as "Chicagohenge," when the sun aligns photogenically with the grid of Chicago's streets.... read more

Couple expecting dress get package full of ecstasy instead

  An Austrian couple expecting a dress in the mail opened a large package that arrived at their home and instead found nearly 25,000 ecstasy tablets.... read more

Black panther stolen from zoo after capture in French town

  The black panther captured while walking the rooftops of a French town has gone missing from the zoo to which it was taken and is believed to have been stolen.... read more

Long-lost 13th-century painting found hanging in woman's kitchen

  A long-lost painting by pre-Renaissance painter Cimabue is headed to auction after being found hanging in an elderly French woman's kitchen.... read more

Class ring lost 27 years ago found in sewer under Louisiana school

  A man who found a class ring in a sewer under a university was able to contact the owner, who dropped it down a drain 27 years ago.... read more

Today's Front Pages

Cool website for news junkies: newseum/todaysfrontpages... read more

World Football

worldfootball... read more

Russia-gate, explained

Barney Fife lives!

Can you say over-reaction? 87-year-Georgia-woman Related good-to-know ... read more

Remove dog-fight-supporting politician, Steve king

What a pinhead. "King supports dog fighting [because] "... humans are allowed to fight, so dogs should be, too." The difference, obviously, is that humans can choose whether or not to fight, and dogs cannot. Also, ... read more

Your cell phone might detect a credit card skimmer

"When you're next to the pump, try connecting to Bluetooth, and if you see "a long string of numbers trying to connect... then that's probably not good," says Sid Miller." via ... read more

Grim [false] depiction of Russian life

"As a top propaganda outlet pushing the New Cold War, The New York Times paints life in Russia in the darkest hues, but this one-sided depiction misses the reality of the increasingly vibrant country that Gilbert Doct... read more

Phone scam to make you say yes

Another phone scam to be aware of ... "After the introduction comes the questions: 'can you hear me?' "All of us, our natural response is to say, yes, or sure, or yes I can," said Hughes, but she says thi... read more

Who should be in his administration

This is cool. We can vote on who should be in his administration. Too bad he's so evil, though. ... read more

Steroid level so high in beef it's causing players to fail drug tests

I'm sure it's just a coincidence! :) Five months after Congress voted to remove country-of-orig... read more

Police arrest politician for distributing voting rights leaflets

"I asked [the policeman] for the ordinance number [being violated], because they can't put hanDCuffs on you if they cannot tell you why they're detaining you." via ... read more

Let us vote whether money is speech

Let us vote whether money is speech ... read more

Possible 2016 presidential candidates

Everyone even remotely publicly thinking about running for President in 2016, in the link below. 2016 Presidential Candidat... read more

Another entry in the eternal "third party candidates can't win" debate

The world according to Time magazine

The World According to TIME Magazine. For those who still read TIME magazin... read more

US is an oligarchy not a democracy, says scientific study

Why I am burning my last bridge with Obama

S.C. state senate nullifies hemp ban

Subsidizing the corporate one percent

Subsidizing the Corporate One Percent | Good Jobs First. Apparently, those bastions of capitalism... read more

The architects of free trade really did want a world government of corporations

Putin-style politics could be what saves U.S.

I used to think Putin was a thug/autocrat [I should say I assume he must be. See * below.], but that's what it takes sometimes.That being said, he does seem to have Russia's (and his own) interests at heart.I like what... read more

Washington state bill would turn off resources to NSA facility

Cool! But I suppose the city of Yakima might in this case have veto power?"... Washington "to refuse material support, participation, or assistance to any federal agency which claims the power, or with any federal... read more

We stopped sopa, let's stop the tpp

Icelanders overthrow government and rewrite Constitution after banking fraud

via guardianlv/2013/12/icelanders-overthrow-government-and-rewrite-constit... read more

The fallacy of lesser evil choice

"... the main issue here is that it is delusional if not moronic for persons who describe themselves as "progressive" to insist upon copping out to the "Lesser-Evil" candidate for fear of "losing" an election, rather ... read more

RFK Jr. on JFK's attempts to end the cold war

Don't fall for the 90# telephone scam

I'd never fall for this (I hope) because our only "wired" number is through the Internet, not AT&T or any major provider.Here's a link to the FCC's page: ... read more

9-11 explained in 5 minutes

For those who still believe the official story. via 9-11 explained in 5 minutes.... read more

Simple reform could save America from Wall Street

Shocked to realize affordable health care another Obama fairy tale

60 percent say fire every member of Congress

NBC/WSJ poll: 60 percent say fire every member of Congress — First Read. ... read more

Why war with Russia is unavoidable, unless...

"Both "conservative" Republican voters and "liberal" Democrat voters wash their consciences by blaming the other party for the evils of American politics. But they are the only ones to blame, because they keep electin... read more

WTF?? Constitution banned on Constitution day

"Prevented from passing out free copies of the Constitution to his fellow students. Free copies. Of the Constitution. On Constitution Day." via ... read more

A politician's worst nightmare

Be every politician's (and their henchmen's) worst nightmare, an informed citizen! Someone else has probably already said this, and said it better. Oh well, it's still true.... read more

Spot the psycho before they spot you

Activist Post: Spot the Psycho Before They Spot You. "We hang the petty thieves, and appoint the great ones to public office." ... read more

Ruling elite destroying our economies

If called to jury duty, be informed

Click below for more info: fija "FIJA works to: Inform potential jurors of their traditional, legal authority to refuse to enforce unjust laws Info... read more


Obama himself says, "The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than they are of dying in a car accident." And he's right, for a change. Yet he/they want us all to be constantly afraid of this bogeyman, these nebulous "te... read more

Lawmakers who upheld NSA phone spying received double the cash

"... those 217 "no" voters received twice as much campaign financing from the defense and intelligence industry as the 205 "yes" voters." via Lawmakers Who Upheld NSA Phone Spying Received Double th... read more

Wouldn't it just be easier to change our foreign policy?

via Wouldn't It Just Be Easier to Change Our Foreign Policy?. "... it would lessen the supposed need to spy on Americans, which is unacc... read more

Conspiracy theorists sane; government dupes hostile

Told ya! :) via New studies: 'Conspiracy theorists' sane; government dupes crazy, hostile. "... read more

How to know if your co-worker is a threat to national security

"Essentially, pretend the Soviets won the Cold War and then conquered the United States — that's how the government is operating." via ... read more

Lies lies lies

12 real patriots brave enough to fight for truth and justice

How inbred elites are tearing America apart

Ed Snowden, NSA, and fairy tales a child could see through

Gardasil and Cervarix don't work, are dangerous and weren't tested

"Dr. Diane Harper was the lead researcher in the development of the human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix. She is the latest to come forward and question the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.... read more

Taibbi reveals smoking gun at moody's and s&p

Vaccine scandal exposes government lies

"... most of the people in America who are diagnosed by doctors with the flu have no flu virus in their bodies. So they don't have the flu." via ... read more

Thousands of companies handing over your data to NSA

"We have become a "surveillance society", and this is exactly the sort of thing that the Fourth Amendment was supposed to protect us against. The government is only supposed to invade our privacy and investigate us wh... read more

Has the us war on terror just had its cronkite moment?

"PRISM looks like that Cronkite moment: The moment when even the staunchest Obama supporter admits they've been taken for a ride." via ... read more

The next American revolution has already begun

The Next American Revolution Has Already Begun: An Interview With Gar Alperovitz.... read more

Priority issues survey from Nancy Pelosi

Got a "2013 Priority Issues Survey" from Nancy Pelosi today! First of all, I'm not a Democrat (nor a Republican). Second of all, why are they sending me actual physical mail? This is 2013, it says so right there on the survey! Direct ... read more

The biggest Obama scandals are proven and ignored

Why is Boston 'terrorism' but not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson and Columbine?

Anger builds in Illinois at Bain's latest outsourcing plan

'I'm sick to my stomach': anger builds in Illinois at Bain's latest outsourcing plan"The Sensata plant i... read more

Bitcoin vs. big government

Nice! via Bitcoin vs. Big Government "Interest in Bitcoin has surged along with its valuation. Last week saw its excha... read more

The psychology of the powerful

Why is socialism doing so darn well in deep red North Dakota?

In case you thought he was your president...

via rt/usa/monsanto-bill-blunt-agriculture-006/ "Obama signs ... read more

The confiscation scheme planned for US and UK depositors

"Although few depositors realize it, legally the bank owns the depositor's funds as soon as they are put in the bank. Our money becomes the bank's, and we become unsecured creditors holding IOUs or promises to... read more

What happens when the banks stay closed, Cyprus edition

[anonymous] says: I'm sure the "powers that be" are busy buying up properties and companies in Cyprus right now, as happened here with the real estate collapse. Prices will be fixed beyond the reach of the middle class, impoverishing ... read more

George Orwell's 1984 happening before us

Never heard of this guy before, but I'm glad people are speaking out ... at least occasionally. via Jeff Monson: US a police state, George Orwell... read more

Liberty versus security

Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world?

via Anna Lappé & Food MythBusters, Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world? In a word, no.... read more

Bob woodward criticizes Obama

If Bob Woodward criticizes Obama, that's actually points in Obama's favor in my book, Woodward's so slimy. And I'm no fan of Obama, either. ... read more

We need a new Sherman Antitrust Act

America should have a national popular vote

The Post-Election Project: Should America Have a National Popular Vote? Seems like a good idea, ... read more

Fooling themselves

The "elites" are adept at fooling themselves into thinking they know best.This "superiority" that they bestow upon themselves is a convenient justification for keeping "us commoners" in the dark, and keeping themselves in power.... read more

Russia ousts US NGOs, fake protests peter out

"Reuters states ... Putin ... has pushed through laws which critics say can be used to stifle dissent - tightening controls of the Internet ... and broadening the definition of treason." via ... read more

AP's dangerous Iran hoax demands an accounting and explanation

AP's dangerous Iran hoax demands an accounting and explanation | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free |&nbs... read more

You are the solution you've been looking for

Instead of joining one more group, walking on [one] more march, giving to one more money bomb, sending one more breathless email about how important this issue is, do me a favor, go to the mirror and say to yourself... via ... read more

Stop calling them leaders

What happened to the green new deal?

Strike debt! debt resistance for the 99%

Rolling jubilee

People are not really awake yet to the two-party dictatorship

Free & equal, fighting for a more equal election process

The virtual recovery

Romney's lax regulation may have fueled meningitis outbreak

Romney's lax regulation may have fueled meningitis outbreak — Salon."The fatal meningitis ... read more

Monsanto funded anti GMO labeling campaign

Activist Post: Monsanto Funded Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign Gets Away with Impersonating Govt. Agencies. Corporate scum at... read more

Obama, Romney = same police state, third party debate up close

Obama, Romney = same police state: Third party debate up-close (FULL VIDEO)858... read more

Media, electoral system leave Americans voiceless

Media, electoral system leave Americans voiceless - third-party candidates talk to RT85... read more

Here's your sign, mr. ryan

"I think Gov. Romney maybe hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military works. You mentioned the Navy, for example. And that we have fewer ships that we had in 1916. Well, governor, we also have fewer hors... read more

Free and equal, presidential debate

Free and Equal - Presidential Debate. These candidates might discuss ACTUAL issues, not corporate-sponsored "issues."... read more


"When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing more to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader."... read more

Comedian Richard Jeni, why the left and right suck

Hacking democracy on YouTube

Hacking Democracy on YouTube. "The disturbingly shocking HBO documentary HACKING DEMOCRACY bravely tangles with our nation's ills at the heart ... read more

Putin thanks Romney for reckless remarks

Putin Thanks Romney For Reckless Remarks. Further proof of Romney's stupidity."I'm grateful to [Romney] for formul... read more

Mitt Romney, Monsanto man

Introduced in the Bain years with Bain boosting, Roundup's supposedly "biodegradable" and "nontoxic" claims have led to false advertising findings in France and by the Attorney General of New York. Studies are also now beginning t... read more

It's official, Romney is clueless

Greed and debt, the true story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

In light of Mitt Romney's resurfacing, a reminder: If you don't read it, it explains vulture capitalism and how Romney is the poster child for that. Basically, Romney borrowed millions (with little of his own money) from others to bu... read more

Coal miners stand with Mitt because they're forced to

via Coal Miners Stand with Mitt Because Theyre Forced To | Common Dreams."Coal miners in Ohio - who work for a company that's given a... read more

The Bain legacy

... the GOP presidential hopeful was a key architect of what has become known as the "Bain model." And as president, it can be expected that he would govern the country using the values that governed Bain Capital. see ... read more

Hey banksters, we are fully awake

Good, short video about the banking system. via Hey Banksters: We Are Fully Awake... read more

White House removes petition with over 22,000 signatures

Activist Post: White House removes petition with over 22,000 signatures calling for the TSA to follow the law.&q... read more

Obamacare same as Romneycare

ObamaCare same as RomneyCare.And to know who it benefits most, simply look at the fact that hospital ... read more

Lawmakers got inside information during 2008 financial crisis

34 lawmakers — including Speaker of the House John Boehner — got inside information during the 20... read more

Roseanne Barr: two major parties are prostitutes for big money

via Roseanne Barr on Presidential Run: T... read more

Senator chairing investigation of JP Morgan Chase receives contributions from same

JP Morgan Chase Is Biggest Campaign Contributor to the Senator Who's Chairing the Investigation of JP Mor... read more

US Senators who voted to let drones shoot Americans in the streets

Maybe. Or, this might just be another purposely "shocking" headline. "Both" sides tend to blow things out of proportion, unfortunately. via ... read more

Bush found guilty of war crimes

Bush Found Guilty Of War Crimes Too bad nothing will come of it, but it's nice to see, anyway."In what is the first eve... read more


Great video ... and idea.Thrive! " Stay informed, subscribe... read more

Unplugging Americans from the matrix

... political elites represent only the powerful special interests that write the country's laws in exchange for funding the political campaigns of "lawmakers." via ... read more

Mitt Romney is Goldman Sachs

To call Mitt Romney a "Goldman" Boy is an understatement. via Paul Drockton. Mitt Romney IS Goldman Sachs"Goldman Sachs is quite the player in politics. In fact, it would be fair to say that Goldman and politi... read more

Part 1 | hungry for change

"This inspiring film has the power to transform your health!" — Anthony Robbins, World Renowned Peak Performance Expert. via Hungry For Change — Part 1 |&nb... read more

Hackers elect cartoon character thanks to electronic voting

"... a cartoon character was written in and won by a landslide, thanks to the hard work of hackers ..." via Activist Pos... read more

What if democracy is bunk?

All I wanted to do was vote

Indiana OfficialWorried About Voter Fraud Is Convicted of Voter Fraud "Irony Still Not Dead Dept: Indiana's ousted top elections of... read more

Judge Napolitano: how to get fired from Fox Business in under 5 mins

Judge Napolitano — How to get fired from Fox Business in under 5 mins.... read more

Result not even close to the actual vote

RP Supporter Chairman of Belfast Maine Caucus Calls State GOP to Confirm Vote Tally, result "not even close" to the actual vote! "It's not the votes that count, it's who counts the votes." — JosefStalin... read more

1930s Chicago Plan vs. American monetary policy

from The 1930?s Chicago Plan Vs. The American Monetary Act. "If the purpose of money and credit were t... read more

Taxpayers lose $1.3 billion as gov't exits chrysler

Tennessee begins to push back against NDAA tyranny

Voters' idea, replace Congress

Voters' Idea: Replace Congress — Washington Wire — WSJ."Finally, there's ... read more

McCain 2008 campaign's dossier on Romney

whatreallyhappened/WRHARTICLES/McCain-2008-Oppo-File-on-Romney.pdf... read more

Newt Gingrich promises Palin a presidential appointment

Newt Gingrich Promises Palin a Presidential Appointment and Commit... read more

Internet censorship

We were protesting SOPA and PIPA. The latest attempt is CISPA. Click here for more info: ... read more

Romney's Bain Capital made billions while bankrupting companies it invested in

via Romney's Bain Capital Made Billions While Bankrupting Nearly One-Quarter Of The Companies It Invested In | ... read more

Could you pass a US citizenship test?

Applicants must get 6 answers out of 10 in an oral exam to pass the test. via Could you pass a US citizenship te... read more

Don't mute Newt

Congress is repealing the Constitution

Paul Craig Roberts: Congress is Repealing the Constitution : Information Clearing House."There is a bill in the Senate that is a... read more

Down the path of increasingly repressive measures

"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to a... read more

Link between earthquakes and hydraulic fracturing

Finally, a judge stands up to Wall Street

"... everybody had to be on board in order for a lot of these fraud schemes to work." via ... read more

How the US government secretly reads your email

via How the US Government Secretly Reads Your Email "Somewhere, a US government official is reading through a list of those who sent or rec... read more

Times sues government for refusing to reveal its interpretation of Patriot Act

What sort of democracy are we living in when the government can refuse to even say how it's interpreting its own law? That's not democracy at all. "We've been covering for a while now how Senators Ron Wyden and Mark ... read more

Foreign policy hypocrisy

Is this the sanest man running for president?

Gary Johnson, Republican Presidential Candidate: Politics: GQ... read more

Brzezinski opens up

veteranstoday/2011/09/19/brzezinski-opens-up-the-last-american-cowboy/ "He goes two steps furthe... read more

Rick Perry's Gardasil problem

... his former chief of staff was a lobbyist for Merck and ... his chief of staff's mother-in-law ... was the state director of an advocacy group bankrolled by ... read more

Super committee members super corrupt

rawstory/rs/2011/08/18/wall-street-firms-donated-11-2-million-to-me... read more

Great anti-Obama, anti-stupidity article

Why borrow when you can print your own money?

Why is the US Government borrowing money at interest from a private bank (the Fed) when Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution allows the US Government to create its own money, interest-free?... read more

Welfare for the rich

dailybail/home/matt-taibbi-the-real-housewives-of-wall-street-how-morgan-st.html... read more

Mayors of America unite

Life behind bars for Bernanke

James Grant: Life Behind Bars For Bernanke — Home — The Daily Bail."Ben S. Bernanke doesn't know how l... read more

Ellsberg: all the crimes Nixon committed against me are now legal

Ellsberg: All the crimes Nixon committed against me are now legal"Pentagon Papers l... read more

Leaderless resistance

via Leaderless Resistance — Nationalist Coalition Blog. "... there will, no doubt, be mentally handicapped people out there who, while standing at a podium with an American flag draped in the background, an... read more

Mitt Romney and 'Citizens United'

Savor the irony that the same legislators who demand photo I.D.s from private citizens are giving corporations a free pass to conceal their own identities, and contributions to political campaigns. via ... read more

Top 10 corrupt politicians of 2010

via Top 10 Corrupt Politicians of 2010 | Economy Watch. "Judicial Watch released its 2010 list o... read more

Nancy Pelosi posts questionable chart on debt

"Debt vs. debt as a percentage of GDP: Some economists will tell you that it's not the size of the debt per se, but rather the size of the debt relative to the nation's gross domestic product. This helps m... read more

Battling the corporate elite

... one major role of the US government in the corporatocracy is to serve as a scapegoat to deflect rebellion against the corporate elite. via ... read more

Florida cuts unemployment benefits to pay for corporate tax cut

Corporatist America

This can be our moment

"... we need to go on offense and make Wall Street pay for the trillions it stole from us." via This... read more

So that's what they mean by the "war on poverty"

The skeleton closet

US foreclosures in new legal trouble

Senate bill 5... first they came for the trade unionists

Our only political party has two right wings

dailybail/home/gore-vidal-our-only-political-party-has-two-right-wings-one.html"Our only pol... read more

U.S. officials pushed products deemed uNSAfe by China

U.S. officials pushed products deemed unsafe by China"When it comes to protecting consumers,... read more

What a liberal media might look like

Homeland Security claims the right to take your valuables

Gov. kills immigration laws in name of economic growth

Taxpayers finance Pelosi's lavish Hawaiian farewell

Decision to seize control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

New house watchdog lets Obama slide on "criminal event"

via judicialwatch/blog/2011/01/new-house-watchdog-lets-obama-slide-on-%e2%80%9ccriminal-e... read more

Committee will not punish Sen Dodd for corrupt real estate deal

from Senate Ethics Committee Will Not Punish Se... read more

Feds blow off recovering $643 mil in fraudulent payments

via judicialwatch/blog/2011/01/feds-blow-off-recovering-643-mil-in-fraudulent-payments/ ... read more

TSA persecutes critics, ignores security threats

via judicialwatch/blog/2010/12/tsa-persecutes-critics-ignores-security-threats/ "While the ... read more

TSA misses guns, bombs in tests

TSA misses luggage that explodes after flight

Quantitative easing explained

GOP taps 'Prince of Pork' to lead spending committee

A sordid, unethical tale

City creates alternate banking system for illegal aliens

Stronger magnifying glass needed

Previous argument/post, continued: FIRST POINT OF VIEW: Yes, it's an excellent justification for not paying attention to what is going on in politics right now.I think W. proved very nicely that they are NOT all alike, and no... read more

Third world America, here we come?

ONE POINT OF VIEW: Thanks to the Tea Party, and to all of you who voted to "throw the bums out".We have far worse bums now. nytimes... read more

Is this not treason?

We are ruled by huge corporate monopolies

from Chris Hedges on TruthDig: We are ruled by huge corporate monopolies that replicate th... read more

In new Orleans debate, sen. vitter admits to serious sins

via thehill/blogs/ballot-box/senate-races/126193-sen-vitter-admits-t... read more

Political compass test

Election guide for election haters

Never re-elect anyone

Blue dog Democrats

The nickname is an insult to dogs.Vote out anyone of these people who voted for doctors while at the same time voting against the unemployed. ... read more

Vote out anyone who supports these bogus wars

These aren't wars for "freedom." They're wars for resources, drugs and profit. It's war for the sake of war. I feel sorry for the troops, who are just political and corporate pawns.... read more

Rep alan grayson introduces the war is making you poor act

Rep Alan Grayson Introduces the War Is Making You Poor Act May 21, 2010 - Uploaded by Alan Grayson Grayson v. Broun on the Constitution ... Watch the Speech the Republicans Don't Want You to See ... read more

McCain's anti-supplement bill

McCain, Washington's funniest sociopath, is going after supplements, trying to make it so you can't buy them without a prescription. He pretends to be a patriot but he's promoting the agenda of big pharma, who have already succeeded i... read more

Obama's sell out

A Bill Moyers show from a few months ago, but still worth watching. pbs/moyers/journal/12182009/watch.html... read more

Identity theft protection

Attorney's Advice - No Charge Read this and make a copy for your files in case you need to refer to it someday. Maybe we should all take some of his advice! A corporate attorney sent the following out to the employees in... read more


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