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How Trump's Latest Indictment Could Signal The End Of Free Speech

by jeff dornik - 2023-08-18 22:08:15 ( in education, news, politics, legal) [php version] rebuild

The America First Movement is up in arms over the latest Trump indictments, and rightly so. We’ve seen the Deep State and the Swamp Creatures of the Uniparty throw everything they have at him to ensure he does not get into office. They’ve impeached him twice, smeared him in the media, held show trials over January 6th (which was also a setup) and are now throwing dozens of indictments at him, just praying (hoping, not praying… they don’t believe in God) that something sticks.

The latest indictments involving both Trump and his attorneys are an entirely new beast, altogether. This has far-reaching implications well beyond just whether Donald Trump can become president or not. If this results in a guilty verdict, we are witnessing the end of the First Amendment altogether.

Read the rest here: how-trumps-latest-indictment-could-signal-the-end-of-free-speech

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