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Klaus Schwab Investigation

by doug - 2021-03-14 05:10:58 ( in education, news, emails, conspiracies) [php version] rebuild (10196)

Klaus Schwab, the comic book evil character who created the World Economic Forum

" McKibben of Leader Technologies and his group of researchers have done a DEEP dive into the history and the lineage of the World Economic Forum's Klaus Schwab. He shares their shocking discoveries in this audio, with AIM4Truth's Gabriel.

"Klaus Schwab was born in Nazi Germany in 1938. His Jewish mother fled the country, forced to aban her year-old son with Klaus' father, whose family businesses were Nazi collaborators.

"Over the course of Schwab's life, he has ingratiated himself to the royal houses of the Holy Roman Empire, with the goal of consolidating Europe -- and now the world -- under the control of their Swiss bankers, aka "the Gnomes of Basel".

"Excellent background information on those who would enslave you and the entire planet -- do not miss this!"

Running Time: 60 mins

(It is just audio)

I just started listening and I think it will be excellent.

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