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Epstein And The Intel Agencies

by bill - 2022-11-13 22:16:42 ( in education, research, conspiracies) [php version] rebuild

I just finished watching this video. Wow, this woman is so spot-on about everything. Epstein is just the "sexy" stuff that grabs interest, but she goes into how the world really works. Great video. I like her definition of God, too, i.e., not necessarily anything to do with religion so much as it is the creative force within life itself.

"Whitney Webb is an independent journalist who explains how the neo-feudalists operate"

See Glenn Beck interviews Whitney Webb

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    yes, very interesting. Of course, those who fell for the vax aren't likely to be able to handle this info.

- steve, 2022-11-12 14:43:00

    I'm glad someone is talking about the destruction of the environment that electric vehicles cause. Compared to gasoline engines, it's basically a trade-off between air pollution and soil and water pollution. Pick your poison.

- bill, 2022-11-13 05:28:00

    that's probably why they're pushing electric vehicles -- remote controllable.

- anonymous, 2022-11-13 06:38:00

    I believe the massive environmental damage caused by making lithium batteries is far and away worse than oil drilling.

- doug, 2022-11-13 11:36:00

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