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Illuminati Playbook

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Netflix is right in line with it:

There is evidence that the Illuminati group was formulated by the

Supreme Council. They are the ones that implemented the Principles,

policies, etc.

Everyone knows that Adam Weishaupt is the founder and the first gang

leader of the Illuminati:

In fact, he was just the leader at the front desk. The real boss is the

"Supreme Council". Like a company, "the highest "Committee" is the

company's board of directors. Weishaupt was the company's general

manager, concrete implementation of the board of directors' decisions.

It's members included five people:

1. Adam Weishaupt

2. French nobleman Marquis de Sade (Marquis de Sade),

3. Sir Francis Dashwood (founder of the 'Hellfire Club')

4. Kabbalistic scholar of Esotericism Jacob Frank (aka ' Sabbatai Zevi')

5. Mayer Rothschild, representative of the Bankers Group.

De Sade's books are pure filth and evil but they also have 'hints' about

how this group views humanity. Here are some excerpts from some of his

works. Some of them have already come to pass:


"The most outstanding service one could do to some young person would

then be to pluck out of him all the weeds of virtue Nature or education

might have sown in his soul."


"The embryo is to be considered the woman's exclusive property; as the

sole owner of this fruit rather jestingly called precious, she can

dispose of it as she likes. She can destroy it in the depths of her womb

if it proves a nuisance to her. Or after it ripens and is born, if she

is for any reason displeased with it or irked at having produced it, she

can destroy it then; whatever the circumstances, infanticide is her

sacred right."


"Forbid them marriage, authorize sodomy, prohibit them worship of any

sort, and you will soon have them reduced to the abjection your policy



"A vital chapter in the policy followed by all those at the head of any

government is to foment and promote the extremest degree of corruption

in the citizenry; so long as the subject wastes away body and soul in

the delights of gangrenous, enfeebling debauchery, he does not feel the

weight of his irons, and you can heap fresh ones upon him without his

even noticing.

The true essence of statecraft is thus to multiply a hundredfold every

possible means to debilitate and pervert the people. Lots of shows, much

pomp and display, cabarets, brothels without number, a general amnesty

for all crimes committed in debauchery: those are the expedients for

bringing the plebeians to heel. O you who ambition to rule over them,

beware of virtue within the frontiers of your empire, only let virtue

reign and your peoples will open their eyes, and your thrones, reposing

as they do upon nothing but vice, will be very speedily overthrown; the

free man's awakening will be cruel for the despots, and the day he

ceases to fritter his leisure away in vices he'll start to strive for

domination like yourselves."


"Instead of morality and religion, which will be stricken from the

curriculum, the pure and unadulterated principles of Nature (science)

will be taught in the public schools;"


"Christianity will be rigorously banished out of the land; none but

libertine rites and feasts will ever be celebrated in France. I'll be

rid of Christianity, I say: but not of religion, this I intend to

retain, for its chains are useful to the preservation of order as I

proved to you a moment ago. The object of worship doesn't matter in the

slightest, the thing that counts is clergy; but I'd rather see the

dagger of superstition wielded by the priests of Venus than by the

admirers of Mary."


"The common herd will be kept in a state of subservience, of prostrate

bondage, which will render them powerless even to strike for, let alone

to attain to, domination, or to encroach upon or debase the prerogatives

of the rich. Tied to the glebe as in olden days, the people will be held

like any other property, and, like it, will be subject to all the

various mutations of value and ownership. Only the people will be liable

to punishment at the hands of the law, and it will be inflicted for the

most trifling offenses.

The commoner's proprietor will have the right of life or death over him

and his family, and neither his complaints nor his recriminations will

ever receive hearing. Never will free schools be available to him:

tilling the soil does not require knowledge, the blindfold of ignorance

is made for the peasant's eyes, showing him the light is always a risky

business. The first individual, regardless of his class, who were to

think to stir up the people or to invite them to break their chains will

be thrown to wild beasts and eaten alive."


"In every town and city of the land there shall be opened public houses

containing specimens of both sexes, the number of these houses to be

proportional to the population of the district or agglomeration, there

being at least one male and one female establishment per every thousand

inhabitants; the personnel of each shall be three hundred individuals,

who will begin their internment at the age of twelve and not retire from

service before twenty-five. These establishments will be subsidized by

the government; only members of the free class will have the right of

entrance and they will of course be empowered to do in these places

whatever they please."


"Everything denominated crime of libertinage at present, to wit: murder

in debauch, incest, rape, sodomy, adultery, etc., will be reprehensible

only if committed by a member of the slave castes."


"Prizes shall be awarded to the most celebrated courtesans in the bawdy

houses, likewise to the young boys there who have got themselves a name

in the art of pleasing. Similarly, bonuses and stipends shall be granted

to each inventor of a new lubricity, to every author of cynical books,

to all libertines recognized as professed in their order."


"The slave class shall exist as did the Helots in ancient Lacedaemon.

There being no difference whatsoever between the human slave and the

brute beast, why should you punish the murderer of the one more than the

murderer of the other?"

- - -- from Juliette by Marquis De Sade:


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