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An Entire Week With Elizabeth

by bill - 2010-01-08 04:34:25 ( in family, holmes, elizabeth) [php version] rebuild

You will not believe what I've been through! :) Okay, maybe it's not been that bad. You single parents out there are laughing at me, I'm sure. But I went an entire week taking care of Elizabeth, our 4 year old, while Tara not only had to work all week, but also came down with a cold. So, I've had to start her baths - Elizabeth's not Tara's - and read her bedtime stories! Oh, the horror! I'm normally the one who prepares her breakfast in the morning, anyway, so that was nothing new this week.

We've been to the library several times, a great source of free entertainment for any kid. And we've been to the "indoor playground" at Christ Church up the street. I normally avoid church and churches, especially behemoth small city type of churches with the word "Christ" in it like this one on Old Hickory near Nipper's Corner. But they've got this - again, free - great indoor playground available from 2 to 4 Monday through Friday for Elizabeth to burn off some energy. There's free wi-fi, too. This being winter, the indoor playgrounds such as this one and those at McDonald's and Chick Fil-A are great to have around.

We're at a McDonald's right now, with Elizabeth playing in the playground. If I ever start my own business other than the current computer consulting, I think I'll probably find a way to have a playground in it for both the kids to play in and the parents to chill out for a while.

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