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Check-Out Time

by bill - 2007-10-05 20:06:30 ( in family, adoption, holmes, travel) [php version] rebuild

[Updated: 2022-08-18 06:47:40]

We check out in an hour.

We got a nice free breakfast this morning, then went back to that grocery store and managed to pay the right amount for the right kind of water (still, not sparkling, which is hard to find).

Security guard work is apparently a large part of the workforce here, because every single business establishment we've been to has had a security guard at every exit.

I figured out the word for "cashier" and I can type it here because it uses our usual characters, "KACCA," but it's pronounced "casa." They don't have lowercase and uppercase here. [That's wrong, they do.]

We ended up not having enough time to see any sights this morning because, even though we were both up by 4 a.m. local time and ready to go, there was nowhere to go. Then, after blogging and emailing a little bit, we went back to sleep and just barely got up in time for breakfast. The menus on the tables showed their usual breakfast prices, something like $10 for a glass of orange juice.

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