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Not Pulled Over

by bill - 2013-05-17 ( life / health / mental / dreams )

Had a very brief, mundane, realistic dream the night before last in which I was pulled over by a traffic cop. I didn't think much about it until the next morning when I was going down Antioch Pike to a client's office. That particular stretch (as you pass the sports fields) is infamous as a speed trap. The speed limit is 35, but there's really no reason you can't safely go 45 as long as there are no kids, which there weren't.

Anyway, I was going about 45 when some Bubba coming the other way in a work truck flashed his headlights at me, the universal warning for "speed trap ahead." I slowed down to exactly 35 mph and, sure enough, there were two cops, each with his own radar gun, stepping out into traffic and pulling people over. They were far enough away that I hadn't noticed them at all. Thank you, Bubba!

As I came up to them, one of the cops on foot quickly walked down the driveway toward me. He was looking beyond me, though, so I kept driving ... exactly 35 mph. Right after I passed, he stepped into the street and pulled over the guy behind me.

I just found it interesting to have had that realistic dream the night before, only to experience such a "close call" the next day. Psychic premonition? Maybe, but not enough to hang out a shingle as a fortune teller.

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