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Harness Racing Legend, Billy Direct

by bill - 2020-10-08 ( culture / sports / horseracing )

I just learned that a harness racing legend, Billy Direct, was born near where I live. I just thought that was pretty cool. See HistoricMarkersTN/MarkerDetail?markerID=058-047. It says his time was "1:44" but in fact it was 1:55.

I don't know if it's a typo on that website or the marker itself, but I emailed the Tennessee Historical Commission notifying them of the correct time (just in case). I won't hold my breath. :)

The world record, even today, is "only" 1:46.

Here's a YouTube video about Billy Direct.

UPDATE: It is a typo on the web page. I finally stopped along the side of the road and read the sign. They have the correct time on there.

More info on him and his famous father/sire here and here

ANOTHER UPDATE: And now I have spotted another one in Spring Hill!. This one, Star Pointer, was born in 1898 and was the first harness horse to break the two-minute mile barrier. I had no idea this was such a hotbed of harness racing talent early in the 20th Century.

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