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Stupid Online Chat With Sprint Support

by bill - 2010-05-11 19:51:04 ( in education, tech, phones) [php version] rebuild

  • 12:32:39 PM : Bill: Initial Question/Comment: Your online form won't let me change my contact info. It keeps saying "Oops, something's broken" or whatever, never telling me what I've done wrong. I filled out all the required fields.
  • 12:34:14 PM : Vicki: Hi Bill. I am sorry for the inconvenience you have faced during creating a online account.
  • 12:34:43 PM : Bill: I'm not creating an online account. I'm trying to update that info. I'm getting this error: Oops....
  • 12:35:32 PM : Vicki: May I have your account PIN please?
  • 12:36:08 PM : Bill: ******
  • 12:36:30 PM : Vicki: I understand you want to set up a new username and password for your online account access. I will assist you with this.
  • 12:36:55 PM : Bill: No, that's not what I want. I'm trying to UPDATE the existing info.
  • 12:37:10 PM : Vicki: Ok. Please let me know what changes you want to make.
  • 12:37:31 PM : Bill: I want to change first name from "William" to "Bill"
  • 12:37:55 PM : Vicki: Please provide the account PIN.
  • 12:38:07 PM : Bill: I already have.
  • 12:38:35 PM : Vicki: Thank you. The name on the account is William Holmes.
  • 12:39:59 PM : Bill: Yes, I know. And I want to change that to Bill.
  • 12:40:15 PM : Vicki: Let me explain this. The first name on the account is associated with the account owner. This means that William Holmes is liable for the account.
  • 12:42:12 PM : Bill: I am the account owner. "Bill" is a nickname for "William" in this country.
  • 12:42:45 PM : Vicki: The last name can be changed. However, changing the first name means transferring the ownership of account to other person. Do you want to change the ownership of the account?
  • 12:44:52 PM : Bill: No. Goodbye.
I kept from insulting her. That never does any good, as much as you might want to. And, it's apparently no problem to change the last name on an account but not the first name? Go figure.

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