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Clever Power Idea

by steve - 2023-08-09 09:30:02 ( in education, research) [php version] rebuild

I like and invested in Flower wind turbines. I'd like to get them, instead of solar cells. They're made in Texas. (they're also pretty so they'd kind of look like an art object on your house)

On Monday, August 7, 2023 at 09:36:59 PM


Lots of things mentioned here. One is using the PTO of a tractor with something you can buy to serve as a generator in case of a blackout.

Another topic is a man in Brazil named Pedro Magalhaes discovered the CBDC government software has the ability to turn off your bank account. This already happened in several countries in the past.

Since we are all being warned about power shortages, don't be caught unprepared when you need a generator and some asshole decided to ban them.

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