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The Smoking Gun Evidence

by don - 2020-06-14 05:06:01 ( in education, research) [php version] rebuild

Dr Fauci should know more about covid-19 than anyone, since he helped

create it (with taxpayer money). Thanks, I'll dowload it.

On 6/13/20 2:17 PM:

I don't know whether you ran across this.

Ever heard of Dr. David Martin? Me neither. But you may want to

introduce him to everyone you know because once you listen to the

first 39 minutes of this Judicial Commission where he provides the

evidence and documentation of the crimes against humanity perpetrated

by Fauci and one of his partners in crime, you will be floored and


If you know anyone who has the ear of an elected leader at any level,

please make the effort to get this to them. If you can get it to Trump

or any president of any country, this will easily be enough to

convince them to stop this entire charade.

This is the proof, the smoking gun, that we have been waiting for.

While the first testimony by Dr. Martin is the main stuff, there are

many comments from him and others that are noteworthy later in the video.

Corona Emergency Hearing 5: Dr. David Martin & Pastor Dr. Aaron Lewis

On 7th May, 2020, the ITNJ heard the testimonies of Dr. David E.

Martin and Pastor Dr. Aaron Lewis. Dr. Martin blows the entire covid19

origins out of the wa...

Also, in case you didn't hear, the Recall Newsom petition is already

in progress. I have posted it to a place we have (which may be in many

places) called Nextdoor. It's a neighborhood watch / social platform

and is an excellent place to reach people who are not usually within

your circle. Already people have signed and sharing to thousands of

their own friends. I can give more details if you want.

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